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service cards: testing with users prototyping co-design future scenarios research language

developed products that were tested by frontline staff helping improve awareness around diabetic care

finding what works testing with users

hold a ‘crash test’ workshop where a variety of different users have an opportunity to use and experience your service or product • release your service or product early in its development as a prototype to select individuals. allow them time to use it and encourage them to feedback. • take on feedback and make improvements to your original idea this offers users an opportunity to be involved in the design of the outcome. It also ensures you see the experiences users have of using your application or service firsthand.

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produced paper prototypes to help organisations quickly share ideas and realise their products and services

making it real prototype in paper

quickly draw and sketch concepts for your product or service. don’t be precious, they should be fast and flexible. • what will people see when they encounter your service for the first time? • what are the different ways in which they will interact with it? • how will they find the information they’re looking for? this is an inexpensive and quick way of exploring concepts that allow everyone to participate with.

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designed tools and techniques that enabled patients and staff to work together to improve their health services

getting everyone involved co-design

form a design team made up of a variety of stakeholders, including customers, to address the challenge. Use creative techniques to engage them and encourage participation. • who will use your service or product? • who is critical to the successful implementation? • what challenges will they have in participating in the design process? this is a good way of engaging users in design and development of a product or service. it ensures that you spot opportunities or issues early in the design process.

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worked with with map of medicine to map out scenarios for how users would interact with their system in the future

stepping into the future imagine future scenarios

imagine yourself in the year 2018 and describe how successful your service or product has become. • how do people use it? how often? how does it help them in their day to day activities? • Which challenges have you overcome to reach this future state? • who needed to be involved in successfully implementing your new idea? describing future scenarios is a good way for people to creatively explore what is possible in the future and to become engaged in the development of ideas.

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spent a day in the life of a district nurse, as part of a designing the strategy for a healthcare improvement project

getting to know your users ethnographic research

spend a day with your potential users to learn about their routines and motivations. • how will the potential users discover your service or product? • how will it fit into their lives and what benefits will it offer them? • what will they tell their friends about it? firsthand experience of your users will ensure that whatever you design will have a place in their lives.

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designed a lesson plan aimed at 14-19 year olds to teach them about emergency health care services

learning the lingo write good copy

when writing, know what you want to say and keep it short and simple. • what does your reader want to know? • know what you want to say. avoid complicating your message with unnecessary information • most copywriting on the web is confusing because it’s written for the writer, not for the reader. this is a good way to ensure your concepts are communicated clearly and appropriately to your readers.

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