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What a team! Think Money have made the notion of wealth through property more possible and more achievable for us than we thought. Being a FIFO family, our time is precious and limited; every one of the team are flexible and fit in with our schedule. We have bought, sold and held investment properties and thought we knew a fair bit. However! Think Money quickly gave us more insight and suggestions about how to do things differently and why. We especially like that we get to speak with the bosses directly and can have in-depth discussions about anything and everything as Chris and Jack have been there, done that. Their down-to-earth, no-nonsense, black and white and proven approach is easy to understand and gets results. Wahoo! Onwards and upwards. Our path to retirement is in sight and achievable.”


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If someone had come in when we were in school and told you how to manage money, how to get ahead, how to avoid credit card debt, how to create a property portfolio and how to pay out your loans very quickly, we would have got a lot more benefit out of that than learning trigonometry!

We meet a lot of FIFO workers who are ready to hang up theIR hatS, but are not sure how they can adapt to a lower income lifestyle. Unfortunately most of left school with little or no education about money, apart from what our parents told us. What I have learned is that money can make more money. In fact my favourite money is what I call “OPM’, or other people’s money (namely the banks). I love using a bit of my money and a lot more of theirs to create even more wealth. So we teach you what the banks don’t. We teach you how to pay off your loans fast, create equity and then borrow the right way to create wealth through a property portfolio. And why it is so valuable for FIFO families is that I see so many who are earning good money now, but feel trapped to a long future life style dependent on their current job. And I like to help people create a financial position where they have choices. The choice to work or retire? The choice to work where they want? The choice to make their future easier!

Chris Childs

Meet Chris Childs Chris was a financial planner for 10 years prior to becoming a mortgage broker specialising in debt reduction. Jack and Chris began to plan their retirement and built their own property portfolio. Chris’s clients wanted to follow her lead and learn how they too could build a property portfolio, thus Think Money Wealth Through Property was born. Chris’s passions are property, people and business. She has had the privilege of transforming peoples’ lives on a daily basis by teaching them to change the way they manage their finances. Chris says “The look of amazement when people realise what they can actually achieve is priceless”.

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Levitt Meet Think Money Wealth Coach, Lynn

To be or not to be fifo Follow Lynn’s blog at

FIFO life (Fly in, Fly out) can be very rewarding and also very challenging. It takes a strong mindset to be able to navigate through the many hurdles of this life plan, many of them emotional. At Think Money we have many FIFO families, and single FIFO’s. They are driven into our offices to search for how they can make their income work, and in their words, “not waste it all on toys”.

Because we focus mainly on reducing your debt i.e. reducing mortgages and getting control of your finances, this then leads to something we honour highly here at Think Money, which is separation between your personal finances and your investment finances. Property in a Self Managed Super Fund is also one of the favourite strategies for many of our FIFO’s as this stands in it’s own column with it’s own set of rules.

I love the first meeting It is very easy when with our FIFO’s when we One of the key areas working hard to get show them how they can into the mindset we focus on is that do property investment that you deserve to on what I call “normal” you do not have to be spend all the money income. This tends to earning hundreds of you want. We are give them a great sense of thousands of dollars all for that at Think relief knowing that they Money, we love to create a property don’t have to stay away toys and we believe portfolio. This is often from their families for everyone should lead years on end just to try a sensational abundant a common misconception and create wealth. that people without life…but you need a plan. You need a plan It’s about having a plan, investment property for two reasons. One often make. a great strategy and the reason is most FIFO’s expertise and guidance live in fear that the from people like Chris high income they are earning is going to Childs who have been doing this now run out, or that the mine will close. This for nearly 30 years. can sometimes be a reality for some so is why it is even more important to have Read some of our FIFO stories for yourself and if you would like to have a a plan. chat but can’t get to us personally, we We teach our FIFO families to get are more than happy to Skype/call or control of their finances whilst setting chat via email anytime. up a strong strategy for creating wealth through property. Lynn Levitt

With Think Money’s help and guidance, FIFO working seems to have become easier and less stressful” Kerri and Wade

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We have boug ht 2 investment properties



Pay off your home in 5 to 7 years

My husband and I decided while we are young for him to work FIFO; to work hard now to set ourselves up for retirement later. However after five years working away from home we didn’t seem to be getting anywhere financially. Our dream was to live closer to the beach to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle for us and our two children. Little did we know that in only four months our dream would come true. It gets better because we have also changed the way we do our banking and purchased two investment properties. I didn’t think that would ever be possible in such a short space of time. With Think Money’s help and guidance, FIFO working seems to have become easier and less stressful as we can now see that we are finally getting somewhere in achieving our retirement goals. We are now living in our beach house, feeling less stressed, having control of our money, hoping to buy another investment and we have even saved enough for a jet ski.

Kerri and Wade


How to create

wealth through property When you start investing and you buy a safe, conservative property, it usually starts off negatively geared. This just means it costs more than it earns. A common mistake people make is to think they need more rental income to help with the holding costs so they buy a positively geared property. Unfortunately, when you choose properties based on high income, they are usually also high in risk and high incomes usually don’t last. High rents are usually based on supply and demand, which can change, just look at the mining industry. This means there can be a lot of volatility. Buying properties in conservative areas with the normal growth patterns means less volatility. The value of the property goes up and so does the rent and eventually over time the property turns from negatively to positively geared. That’s where your income comes from in retirement. Remember debt is money. As well as money devaluing over time, debt devalues over time as well, which is really important. Once the rent is higher than the costs it can start reducing the debt, as the debt reduces you have more income, which means you have more income to live on in retirement.

The three phases to retirement on a property portfolio 1. ACCUMULATION PHASE We start with the accumulation phase. The accumulation phase is when we use your income and equity in your home to buy a property. As property values increase and your income increases you can buy again and you are on the way to building a property portfolio.

2. ACCELERATION PHASE The acceleration phase is great because as the values of your investment properties increase, you are actually using the investment property income and equity to get the bank to say yes. Bottom line, if your income is positive in the property investment side and your properties have increased in equity, you can borrow to buy more.

3. MATURITY PHASE Then we get to the maturity phase. And this is the great phase when you just sit back, kick back and wait. Because if you hold property long term, the value is going to go up, the rent is going to go up and eventually, you are actually going to be living off your property investment.









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However, you retire, two things are happening. Your wealth is COSTuntil OF LIVING increasing and your debt is being paid off without any effort from you. RENT This is what I call ‘NPI’, non perspiration income. Don’t be afraid of debt. And don’t be afraid of using equity. It’s these fears that hold us back and why some people retire poor. We teach people how to break out of their current situation and set themselves up for a comfortable retirement



how do you get control of debt

Spend less than you earn! One of the biggest mistakes people make is to look at their current bank account balance to decide what they can afford. From ‘I can afford that new jacket’ to ‘YES! I can afford a week at that luxury resort!’. The decision on where to spend those extra dollars shouldn’t be decided from your current bank balance.

Everyone has heard of a budget and most people think they have used one. Most of us really think a ‘budget’ is a list of expenses, which is then totalled and deducted from our expected income and voila – we have completed a budget and have a surplus or deficit amount.

If it is the latter, we go back and tweak this list until we have a surplus and then Fortunately, in some cases it is true, you we proudly put down our pen and pat can afford it. ourselves on the back However, it is more for having done such a often good luck than One of the biggest great job. good management. mistakes people make Best case – we even For example, have watch our spending for is to look at their you ever had a big bill the next week or two current bank account come in, like rates or with consideration to our balance to decide what new list. car registration, that has caused you to they can afford. So now we have a list – it have a very tight week shows us our income and or month financially? outgoings – nothing more. This is caused by lack of planning. Less A true budget, or Cash Management than 10% of people actually use a Cash System takes this a “big” step further. Management System to know exactly what they can and can’t afford. It sounds a little complicated, and time consuming (and without the right tools When I say “Cash Management System” it it can be). However, having a Cash is because I didn’t want to use that awful, Management System or spreadsheet can scary and much hated word ‘Budget!’ make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

WE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN JUST 35 MINUTES! Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but that is exactly what our clients tell us we can do. We look at things differently than you do and we can do that in one meeting, be it in person or via phone call.

“Shane worked a FIFO roster and we wanted to improve our financial security for our children and retirement while he was still on the FIFO. I knew property was the way to go but we were stuck on how to take the next step. We have been with Think Money for 12 months and have saved $35,000.00 on our home loan, purchased one investment property and looking at purchasing our second.” e theresa and shan

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Raising a family and trying to get ahead is difficult, there is always something that comes up that eats away at any progress you have made. It always seemed that no matter how hard we worked it was never enough. After Sue and I met with Think Money we realised it didn’t need to be difficult. In fact, it is surprisingly simple. Chris showed us how to do our banking and prevent those little hurdles from derailing our goals. In a few months we have got control of our money and already bought two investment properties. We finally feel that we are getting ahead and we don’t get stressed about the little things. Every time we have been in to see Think, everyone is so positive and focused on helping us. If only we had started doing this earlier.”

Stuart AND Sue

Happy F IFO Clients


Thor and I made the easy decision to engage Think Money back in October 2015. While we were achieving our goals, we knew we had to act quickly to accelerate our retirement plan. Think Money have been amazing! They have taken all the hard work and stress out the whole process from the beginning. We have since purchased two properties we feel so excited about. It is like having a personal assistant!

Having run my own business for over 13 years and with Thor being away on a four-weekon one-week-off roster, I was ready to hand the reins over to someone else, so I could focus on what was important, our family! Their professionalism, attention to detail and old fashion customer service has been such a comfort. We look forward to the journey ahead with Think Money by our side.”


FIFO EDITION We joined Think Money in November 2015. We’d moved from NZ four years ago hoping to break into the property market but had sat on our deposit for three years because we weren’t sure the right way to go. In NZ we owned, even tried to invest, but it was all too hard so we sold and moved on. We didn’t want to get it wrong again. After speaking to Think Money I was confident there was light at the end of the tunnel. “I know it can be seen as unfair pressure on Janet’s behalf, with me away every 4-6 weeks and only able to share just the full week to help keep everything in order. But then, that’s where Think Money have come in to their own for us”, said Ross.

Think Money makes personal contact when and where necessary so that my own worries from across the continent can be averted. I hear fellow FIFO workers talking of pressures at home and I share everything I know about Think Money, in a hope they are able to get involved in the positive, rewarding relationship that we have, to make the time away from home, when partners are having to make major financial or legal decisions, of major assistance, with the best advice that is available THINK MONEY advice. Think Money means ‘THINK SUCCESS’ to us, and we’re in for the long haul.

JAnet and ross

Happy F IFO Clients

To have Melissa meet with Janet each month has an enormous part to play in our ultimate success.


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