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REDUCE YOUR DEBT ... FAST! Read how to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes most people make when trying to reduce their debt PLUS Learn how to pay off your home loan in less than 10 years

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WELCOME to this Wealthy ‘n’ Wise magazine feature,

where property investment expert Chris Childs gives you her professional tips on debt reduction. Think Finance Solutions welcomes Yaseen Hull to the team. A mortgage broker and debt reduction specialist, Yaseen has 11 years experience in both industries. Experience. There is no substitute for it in any successful business. Just ask Chris Childs, founder of Think Money Wealth Through Property. With more than 20 years’ experience under her belt in the financial planning, mortgage broking and wealth creation through property industries, Chris has helped countless people take charge of their finances and turn their lives around. More importantly, Chris has achieved success from her own personal experience, creating her winning system not from theories but from years of experience creating wealth through property herself. Having been a financial planner and mortgage broker for many years, Chris and her husband, Jack, bought their first investment property in 2000. The dynamic duo went on to buy, sell and renovate several properties over the next three years, but it wasn’t until they bought and kept an investment property that they started to see the real value of capital growth. In addition to accumulating a large property portfolio, Chris also opened three mortgage companies in three years and began to teach her clients her top tips and strategies on accumulating wealth through property – hence Think Money was born in 2007. “My mortgage broking clients, having been diligently learning my debt reduction strategies, wanted to learn more about how we were accumulating properties. So I began to teach some of my clients what to do and more importantly what not to do.”

‘Most mortgages can be paid out in five to seven years, just by doing your banking differently.’ Passionate about helping others achieve the same financial freedom she and her family has achieved, Chris now employs a team of professionals to assist clients to achieve their goals while avoiding the pitfalls most of us suffer when we begin the daunting property investment journey with little knowledge and experience. Chris says reducing your debt and accumulating property doesn’t have to impede your lifestyle.

Yaseen has also been a financial planner, specialising in self-managed superannuation and property funding in superannuation. This specialty has enabled his clients to add an exciting dynamic to their retirement planning and options. Yaseen’s family relocated to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney for a better lifestyle. He and his wife, Imaan, and two sons recently welcomed baby Dean, the newest addition to their family a few months ago. With a firm belief in structuring his clients’ finance to suit their needs and not the banks, Yaseen focuses on a client’s specific goals and objectives. This enables him to design the right finance platform to create wealth and utilise his passion to help people aggressively reduce their debt. “I love helping people. The fact that I have seen personally the damage the big banks can have on individuals inspires me to help people beat the banks at their own game,” says Yaseen. Make a time to have a chat with Yaseen, and he can teach you to reduce your debt, and not your lifestyle! To contact Yaseen phone 07 5430 4777




If you don’t have a detailed plan for your money, life can get extremely stressful when big bills come in. With a bit of planning, having a buffer fund for the expected (and not so expected) bills, you can more easily avoid financial stress.



Setting up a CMP, a detailed budget for planning your income and expenses, is a vital part of reducing debt. Not only can you deal with your finances with ease, but the more organised you get with your money the more you seem to have. A CMP is vital to success.



Often family and friends, in their effort to protect you from making mistakes, can give you the wrong advice that can hold you back for years. Before you take someone’s advice, look at who they are and what they have and if that’s where you want to be, then take their advice. Banks make profits by setting things up to suit their plan, not yours!



Credit cards are a bit like guns. There is nothing wrong with a credit card if treated correctly. In the wrong hands, they can be a problem. Credit cards are actually a great tool in money management as long as you can pay them out each month and pay no interest. Just like with a gun – be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot.



Most people who have fallen for the interest-free credit marketing ploy, have done it for one of two reasons. Either they want the item now and can’t pay for it – not a great idea – or they think they should leave their money in their account and believe they will pay it off during the interest-free term – most don’t. The cost is added onto the item — pay less pay cash.



Debt consolidation is a bit like credit cards, if treated correctly it can be an awesome way to manage your debts and save a bucket load of interest. But if you just constantly consolidate and then get back into consumer debt, all you will be doing is continually eating your equity.



The biggest dilemma most people face is deciding what style of loan and whether to go fixed or variable. There is much to explain on this, but getting the right advice to suit your situation is vital. I normally choose variable, and I always choose interest-only – and pay extra, which seems to work effectively with debt reduction strategies.



1.5 million people in Australia invest in property, only .5% get to five properties or more. Why? They don’t keep their personal and invesment money separate. The key to successful investing and stress-free living is to keep these sides quite separate from each other.



Most people assume a home loan is a stone around your neck for 25 years. Best case, by paying weekly or fortnightly you might pay it out in 17. What most people don’t know is that handled correctly, a mortgage should be paid off in five to seven years just by doing your banking differently.



The biggest mistake of all is procrastination. If you look at where you are and what you have and don’t like it – do something about it. Think about your situation this time last year and this time the year before. Are you getting ahead, marking time or going backwards? The next step – you need a coach, a Wealth Coach. Can you name an Olympian who succeeded without a coach?

WEALTHY ‘N’ WISE Don’t believe what your parents told you. The biggest fallacy our parents taught us is to believe your home loan is a ‘long-term’ debt. Most of us saw our parents work hard all of their lives to pay off their mortgage, and then struggle to retire comfortably. It is nurture not nature that keeps most of us imprisoned on the debt mouse wheel. Our grandparents, god bless their little cotton socks, were taught by the banks how to do their banking. They passed this on to their children who passed it on to you. They had a lot to say about money …

RECOGNISE THESE SAYINGS? •• “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. •• “A penny saved is a penny earned”. •• “If you count your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves”. •• “If you can’t pay for it – don’t buy it”. Most of us believe that we should work hard, save to buy our home, spend the rest of our lives working to pay it off, and hopefully, save a bit to retire on. It doesn’t have to be that hard. By treating your money right in the first place, learning the benefits of how loans should work, and setting up the correct finance platform for both fast debt reduction and smart wealth creation, most of us can pay our homes in five to seven years instead of 25 and get 10 properties in 10 years without struggling with the holding costs. It’s just a matter of setting your loans up properly. Look at your current situation. Have you been paying your loan off for years and seem to be getting nowhere fast? Add up the amount you have paid into your loan to date. Your monthly payment is say $2k x 12 months x 5 years = $120k. Most loans have only reduced by $5k or so in that time. Now we have an OMG moment! Time to do things a bit differently. Change the way you are doing your banking … if you follow the next six steps you will be well on your way to making a huge difference and will get out of debt fast.

STEP 1 GET THE RIGHT LOAN I believe the most powerful way to take control of your money (and life) is to set your financial platform up properly and have a clear plan of how to achieve your goals. I use a line of credit as my preferred option for fast debt reduction. I also prefer to split the debt into two sections, a line of credit and a term loan – both interest only. This enables you to have a smaller chunk of debt to concentrate on paying off at first, therefore you can see a bigger result more quickly which will keep you focused and motivated to do more! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

STEP 2 SET UP YOUR MONEY PLAN – (CASH MANAGEMENT) The next vital step is to work out what money comes in and goes out. I use the term ‘money plan’ instead of budget, as unfortunately, the word budget is often associated with pain and restrictions. A money plan is just getting organised with your money, keeping track and making sure that your proposed spending is less than your income. It is also very important to track what you spend against what you planned to spend, otherwise your efforts of debt reduction will always be thrown off track by the ability to afford to respend these savings on ‘stuff’ and shoot your debt reduction plans in the foot!

Using a credit card for all of your spending, and then paying it out on the due date, means you are using the banks money free of charge for up to 55 days. Yes FREE. Now look at it in simple terms. Most people deposit their money into a bank account, and the banks pay little or no interest, and in fact, charge a monthly fee for the privilege of holding your cash. They are also usually sitting on a mortgage with the same bank and paying 6 or 7% interest on the money the bank has lent them. To top it off, they then borrow a few more thousand on a credit card and pay through the nose for the ‘short-term loan’. And worse still, continue to pay that money again and again and again making the item they purchased with the card five times more expensive than if they had paid cash! Let’s break the cycle! (Sorry, getting off the soap box now!)

STEP 4 BANK YOUR PAY INTO YOUR LOAN Let’s cut out the middle man, your bank account that earns you nothing but costs you to have it is like the middle man in a transaction. Banking your money straight into your home loan is like going straight to the wholesaler – saving you a fortune! Your line of credit is just like a bank account. You can bank money in, set up direct debits (but first check if the direct debit can be on the credit card for no extra cost), and you can use an Eftpos card to withdraw cash. All the while your cash is sitting on your loan, reducing the principal and you are paying much less interest. All of your normal spending is being done on your credit card, and you are paying no interest at all on the card. The credit card can be paid out in full on the due date from the line of credit. This can also be set up automatically so you don’t forget!

‘Banking your money straight into your home loan is like going straight to the wholesaler – saving you a fortune!’

STEP 5 STAY ORGANISED This method works so well. But … you need to stay organised. It is much less effective if you don’t actually do Step 2. Because your money is mixed, you can’t look at the available balance of the line of credit to determine what you can or can’t afford. This will often lead to a financial catastrophe, as you get a false sense of wealth. By constantly respending the amount you have reduced your debt by, you will never pay off your loan. This loan is like a loaded gun. In the right hands, it can be a safe and easy method of beating the banks at their debt game. In the wrong hands, or misused, it can shoot you in the foot.

STEP 6 NOW START REALLY GETTING AHEAD ... INVESTING By reducing debt, you are creating more and more equity in your home. Combine this with the natural growth in property and you can start to use this equity to create wealth with the purchase of investment properties and the like. Then the fun really begins. Ahhhh … but that is another good story. Think Money Wealth Through Property specialises in helping people just like you get off the wheel of debt, and start to accumulate wealth, without having to reduce your lifestyle. In fact, our clients usually find the added and unexpected benefit of achieving their goals and reducing their debt improves their lifestyle as well. We teach you the benefits of beating the banks at their own game by using a cash management program and the right loan structure to own your home sooner. Get rid of your credit cards and consumer debt and start living the life you only dreamed about.





STEP 7 KEEP PERSONAL AND INVESTMENT BANKING TOTALLY SEPARATE The main reason people struggle with their finances is because they do not separate personal and investment income and expenses. By mixing your money you will feel every hiccup of the investment journey in your hip pocket. This is a huge part of my clients’ success. Most of them are on a ‘10 properties in 10 years’ path. This is made easy and stress-free by following this simple rule. We then concentrate on reducing the debt on their own home, allowing for an improving lifestyle, while being able to easily create wealth for retirement by having a self-funding investment portfolio.


Think Money offers group seminars on debt reduction and one-on-one consultations with a debt reduction specialist to look at your personal circumstances. First session is FREE! DEBT REDUCTION GROUP WORKSHOP The Think Money Debt Reduction Workshop – learn the secret to fast home ownership.


This one-hour workshop covers:

Think Money would like to offer you the chance to start to dramatically reduce your debt – without sacrificing your lifestyle.

• Separating your personal and investment finances.

At your free two-hour consultation you will learn:

• How to set up your personal banking platform.

• Proven debt strategies.

• Do your banking to suit you – not the bank.

• The correct loan structure.

• Use credit cards to help, not hinder your plan.

• Financial advice you can trust.

• Comparing loan types.

• Budgeting and cash management.

• Cash management system.

• Record keeping for taxation.

• How to pay your loan out in five to seven years.

• Advanced cash flow planning.

To attend our next debt reduction workshop call 07 5430 4777 or book online at

• How tp set up your financial platform. To book your consultation with our debt reduction specialist call 07 5430 4777 or book online at

WEALTHY ‘N’ WISE Chris Childs is excited to welcome Lynn Levitt to the Think Money team. Introducing goal mapping as part of the ongoing education and mentoring system will certainly help accelerate Think Money’s clients’ results. It is also a great place for people to start to put together a road map of where they want to get to in the future, or to take their dreams, goals and plans to the next level. Goal mapping has proven to be an amazing way of achieving what you want in life. Lynn gently guides her clients through the stages of goal settting, and if her results are anything to go by, her new clients will certainly be achieving far more than they ever believed possible. By learning how to set your goals and focus on them effectively, and by getting both the right and left brains engaged, the sky is the limit to your success!

‘Lynn assists people from all walks of life to achieve a more successful and rewarding lifestyle.’


A goal mapping wizard, Lynn Levitt has been setting goals and (more importantly) achieving them for well over 20 years. Four years ago, she became one of just a handful of people in Australia to become a Certified Practitioner in Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping Success System. Lynn’s passion for business, property and wealth creation has now seen her become part of the Think Money success team. A full-time qualified trainer and coach, with diplomas in business and management, Lynn’s ability to motivate you to create and follow this very easy and successful goal mapping system will leave you wondering how you ever got through life without it! Lynn assists people from all walks of life to achieve a more successful and rewarding lifestyle. Having trained people in business, leadership and personal development, she recently re-entered the investment property market herself, and through her own use of the goal mapping system is now on her way to successfully creating the life of her dreams through property. The goal mapping system touches all areas of your life and takes a holistic view of your current lifestyle and what could possibly be holding you back from living the life you want! Lynn works with many successful and wealthy clients who understand the principles of success by goal setting who are now fast-tracking their goals through the goal mapping system. Think Money is excited to be hosting goal mapping events to help people reach their full potential. You can learn how easy it can be to set and acheive goals using this proven and fun program. Book your spot today. We have a number of upcoming one-day courses to choose from. Venue: Think Money House, 55 Sugar Road, Maroochydore. To book phone Think Money on 07 5430 4777 or go to our website to find out more and book your seat at




Think Money Wealthy n Wise Magazine Vol.2  

(Vol. 2). Features: 10 Biggest Debt Reduction Mistakes, It Doesn't Take 20 Years to Pay of Your Home Loan, Goal Mapping For Wealth.