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simplifying TRAVEL

Innovative pre-check in luggage weighing systems

reduce stress save time increase revenue

Improving the airport environment, customer satisfaction ...and generating partner revenues

Weigh-ahead... Forward thinking solutions The market leader in precheck in weigh machines and innovative hand luggage solutions. Weigh-ahead is an innovation focused company. Our aim is to improve travel experience by reducing stress, cost and embarrassment associated with excess baggage. We offer a range of proven precheck in solutions, designed to educate and empower the traveller while providing commercial benefits to airport operators and related services. Our systems are unique, providing tailored and airline specific information, calculating excess charges, educating travellers and dispensing innovative excess luggage solutions.

Shared returns As well as delivering meaningful benefits to customers, our services are a great opportunity for organisations choosing to partner with us. Weigh-ahead is an associate member of the Airport Operators Association. We develop practical working relationships with airports, service agents and airline operators.

Why Weigh-ahead? Our smart systems represent the solution to a host of difficulties encountered in airports today. We can help you offer dedicated, up to date precheck in facilities to travellers, educating them about luggage weight restrictions and even providing practical solutions for carrying excess baggage. Resolving a growing problem When you’re at the front of the check in queue... your options are limited. Weight restrictions are ever changing and becoming diverse between operators. Research findings highlighted a range of problems associated with excess luggage: • Stressed and angry passengers • Passenger re-packing at check in desks • Slow check in processes • Long security lines • Abandoned luggage • Reduced job satisfaction amongst check in staff

Independent research found that 52% of travellers were interested in purchasing a smart bag

Products designed to meet your needs We have developed a family of solutions based on an IPR Portfolio with new, advanced technology. The Weigh-ahead range is designed to locate in a variety of situations, considering practical demands of the modern airport. Carefully considered user friendly design • Optimal use of floorspace • Robust technology with minimal components • Rugged exterior • Easy maintenance Simple cashing procedures • Secure cashing and receipt functions • System security and remote monitoring • Automatic update function for weight limit data Smart and intuitive touch screen interface

Touch screen innovation

Smart Bags... clever details

Our user interface is designed to provide an informative and engaging experience. They are simple to understand, multilingual and use visual story aids with easy to read content.

Obtained from our customised vending system, or sold over the counter, the smart bag provides a hand luggage solution that completes the service.

Our systems have been designed with input from research with travellers and airport operators and tested with large audiences in full airport trials.

Fully certified Our systems are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are certified by the National Weights and Measures Laboratory.

• Stowable compact design • Compliant with Civil Aviation Authority hand-luggage guidelines

• Multi-lingual display

Advertising and promotion opportunities • Screensaver advertising function • Screen content advertising function • Campaign advertising via remote updates • Full machine decal service

Special features include: • Durable yet lightweight

• Picture based story navigation process • Printed information for user convenience

They are high quality, purpose built bags, providing a simple practical solution for transferring excess luggage into hand luggage. Elements have been incorporated to aid security processes for passengers and airport staff.

They are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with accuracy reports available onscreen for trading standards officials.

• Clearview panels for contents inspection Smart bags are offered in a range of colours and are brandable to support your corporate promotions. Our family of products consists of three systems. Each offers a unique mix of benefits and features designed to suit different situations.




A complete solution for forward thinking airport developers who want to provide dedicated space for re-packing and re-weighing.

A compact system designed for higher footfall.

An ultra compact system designed for corporate promotion.

Increasingly, contemporary airports are setting aside dedicated space for travellers to remove liquids, aerosols and other materials to re-pack and re-weigh luggage.

Designed to optimise function while providing a practical footprint of less than one metre square, Best-weigh offers full weigh and re-weigh functionality.

Total-weigh is designed to provide a complete solution to this scenario; a fully integrated user amenity.

If you want to offer more amenity and promote your airline or airport service at the same time, then the Quickweigh system is ideal. A low cost solution, the system provides high profile branded scales in a well designed yet practical form. Special features include: • Simple digital scale interface

Special features include:

• Small system footprint

• A built-in convenience area for re-packing

• Optional coin function

• A separate re-weigh scale to avoid user congestion

• Built-in promotional facilities

• An integrated smart bag dispenser for decanting luggage

• Curved stylised design

In addition it can be integrated with a bag dispenser and provides opportunity for multi system installation. Special features include:


• A compact design minimising floorspace requirements • Intuitive weigh and re-weigh process • Unique design providing for multiple system installation

• Full machine branding options

Multi-lingual intuitive touch

Tailored solutions

screen technology

Simple mechanical coin

At Weigh-ahead, we recognise our customers need bespoke solutions. Our systems, bag vending units and even our bags can all be finished in your corporate colours and graphics.

operation for easy collection of revenues Printed hard copy results for the

Further, we provide a range of opportunities to promote your business and your offers. You can incorporate stills, video and animations on our touch screen system. Our Quick-weigh system can be supplied with either a poster insert feature, or flat screen display driven by a simple usb media device.

customers reference and convenience

Clear concise graphics attract and instruct your customers

Our machines calculate the

For your convenience, campaign advertising can, if required, be controlled remotely to all installed machines.

excess each passenger is likely to be charged

Accurate and compliant digital readout Promotional opportunities with integral media display

Fully brand our machines to attract interest Incorporates Weigh-ahead proven scale technology

No risks... no costs, only potential ‘Weigh-ahead is an innovative business that truly understands the needs of the airport services and staff’ Airport Operators Association

‘We’re delighted to have Weigh-ahead systems installed at our airport. They provide clear benefit to travellers and help reduce problems and delays at check-in’ Bristol International Airport

‘Travellers are increasingly confused and frustrated with excess charges. With Weigh-ahead, our customers are happier, and we gain additional revenues’ Bagport

A partnership approach

Working with your agents

We work with commercial partners in a number of ways to suit varying needs. Our services are a great opportunity for organisations choosing to partner with us and we are always seeking new opportunities to collaborate.

We recognise that many of our clients have existing vending agent relations, and airport service partners. We are always happy to discuss how we can best work with your existing providers to ensure quality service and support.

• We work with airport operators and service agents to share costs and rewards of introducing services.

Financing your investment

• If you are an airport operator, we can install amenities for free providing full maintenance and support at no charge. • We also offer aspects of our range for purchase to service agents and airline operators, along with associated services such as system branding, maintenance and support.

Weigh service & advertising

We offer a range of alternative methods for working together, including system sales, lease and lease purchase options with financial support.

Sharing costs and revenue We have a proven formula for revenue and risk sharing partnerships. In some circumstances we can assist with site capitalisation.

Increase revenue through enhanced services

Smart bag vending

Independent research found 77% of travellers expected to pay to use the service

Moving forward… We very much hope we can work together. We can help you: • Select a mix of systems and vending solutions best suited to your needs • Consider vending system locations on-site • Consider branding and advertising options • Organise cash handling • Finalise a practical installation schedule

Select systems and locations

Contact us

Site meeting and demonstration

Installation proposal (buy, lease or partner)

Contract and arrange delivery date

The next step… To find out more about how we can work together, or to arrange a system demonstration, please call us on +44 (0) 845 643 5519

reduce stress save time increase revenue

Weigh ahead Weigh-ahead UKENA Ltd. Unit 2, Evans Business Centre Orion Business Park North Shields Tyne and Wear NE29 7SN +44 (0) 0845 643 5519 Š 2009 Weigh - ahead UKENA Ltd.

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Inovative pre-check in luggage weighing systems designed to reduce stress, save time for people traveling through airports and give increase...

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