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Spring 2010

Transforming our Cities One Life at a Time!

One by one, people are coming to faith in Jesus Christ! The tagline at the top of our newsletter really defines the heart and soul of what Church Planting BC is really all about. It just “so happens” that planting new churches is one of the best ways to fan the flames of lifetransformation. As our planters move into their neighborhoods, enroll their kids in school, get involved in community events, begin to build friendships, and pray like they have never prayed before, God is opening some amazing doors of opportunity! One-by-one people are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, stepping forward in baptism, and getting their roots down through discipleship. And ultimately it really is all about discipleship! Jesus didn’t command us to make “converts” but to call people to fullon, life transformation! As individual lives are changed by the power of the gospel, we will eventually see families changed,

neighborhoods changed, schools changed, cities changed and the kingdom of God take root! Some people are quick to point out the challenges and difficulties of starting new churches; the hard work, the prayer, the long hours, the hard soil. Finances, facilities, and a healthy “core” team are all issues that every planter grapples with. But we are also reminded of Jesus’ words in John 4: “…would you stop saying ‘4 more months!...the harvest is white!” As you scan the pages of this “planters directory” you are challenged to join us in prayer that God would open our eyes to see those He has ALREADY prepared for the Gospel. If His Word is true (and we believe it is!) then there are people READY for this move of God! Would you stand with us in this great venture!?

To find out more about Church Planting BC, or to subscribe to our electronic newsletter, visit our web site at

Dave & Bev Ellis Planting in South Surrey, BC Church Name: Emmaus Our Mission:“Helping people discover a personal, passionate devotion to the person of Jesus Christ, and His mission in this world”. Emmaus meets on Sunday mornings at Pacific Heights Elementary School 17148 26th ave. Surrey @ 10am

Matt & Melissa Menzel Apprenticing in Kelowna, BC Matt & Melissa are in our apprenticeship program. Matt is working part time at Metro Church, a campus of Willow Park Church in the downtown area of Kelowna. Matt also works part time at SunRidge Community Church in Kelowna. Matt is also immersed in studies to complete his theological education in preparation for Church Planting.

Mike & Jana Roth Planting in Surrey, BC Church Name: Real Life Community Church Our Mission: “Inviting people to experience real life through Jesus Christ”. Real Life Community Church meets Sunday mornings at 10:30am in William Watson Elementary School, located at 16450 80th Avenue in Surrey.

Nelson & Terri Boschman Planting in Vancouver, BC Church Name: Artisan Our Mission: “To participate as 'co-artisans' in God's mission of renewing downtown Vancouver by creatively living among and loving people, inviting them to be embraced by and center their lives on the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. Artisan's Sunday evening worship gatherings will begin monthly in the Alice MacKay Room, lower level of Vancouver Public Library in Downtown Vancouver. 2

Glenn & Janice Davies Planting in Squamish, BC Church Name: The Rock Church Our Mission: “Is all about making Jesus known!” At The Rock Church we wish to live for Jesus in community—knowing the culture, loving the people, and seeing lives transformed to live for Jesus. The Rock is launching on Sept 20th 2009.


Bindu & Trish Sidhu Planting in Abbotsford, BC

Church name: The Life Centre Our Mission: “Loving God … Reflecting Community” The Life Centre meets weekly on Sunday Mornings at 11:00 am at Rick Hansen Secondary School. 31150 Blueridge Drive, Abbotsford, BC.

Adam & Sandi Wiggins Planting in Vancouver, BC Church Name: Pacific Church Our Mission: “Pacific Church is a Christian church committed to leading people into an authentic relationship with Jesus. “ Pacific worship gatherings are on Sunday at 11:00 am at Elsie Roy Elementary School at 150 Drake Street.

Andrew & Rebecca Stanley Planting in Vancouver, BC Church Name: Urban Journey Vision of Our Community… “People, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”Micah 6:8 (NLT) Urban Journey meets on Sundays at 5pm at 4000 West 11th Ave.

Paul & Naomi Wicki Planting in Port Alberni, BC Church Name: Gateway Community Church Our Mission: “Helping people transform into Jesus worshippers” The church meets in their own building on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am at 4295 8th Ave, Port Alberni.

Nick Suen Planting in Vancouver, BC Church Name: Fathwerks Our Mission: “Encountering God together in everyday life.” Faithwerks meet on Sundays at 10 am, at 990 West 59th Ave. (at Oak Street), Vancouver: Second Floor Auditorium.

Reda & Tahany Hanna Planting in Surrey, BC Church Name: Arabic Church We meet in Surrey BC Canada every Sunday at 4:30 pm to worship God and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Arabic Speaking People (ASP) in Vancouver. We try to reach the Arabic speaking new immigrants especially the Muslims by helping them to settle up their new life in Canada (culture and language wise).

David & Sue Park Planting in Burnaby, BC Church Name: House for All Nations Korean David and Sue Park are working in partnership with Church Planting BC and the House for All Nations Church Group. They meet on Sunday mornings at Metrotown Theaters

Stephen & Amy Cheung Planting in North Vancouver, BC Church Name: North Shore Pacific Grace Mandarin Stephen’s church plant is meeting in North Vancouver, and is having an impact by working with Mandarin speaking students in the college, and the Mandarin speaking families in the community.

Joey & Eden Umali Planting in North Vancouver, BC

Joey is also working with the House for all Nation group of churches. Their fellowship meets at St. Andrews United Church at 1044. St. Georges Ave in North Vancouver.

Bob Cui & Vida Song Planting in Surrey, BC Church Name: Surrey Pacific Grace Mandarin Church Pastor Bob Cui and Vida Song are the church planters at Surrey PGMC. They both went to seminary in Hong Kong.  Upon returning to Vancouver in the summer of 2009, they quickly discovered the needs of the many Mandarin speaking people in Surrey.  Four more information, visit our web site at

Norm & Nicole Funk Planting in Vancouver, BC Church Name: Westside Church Everything we do at Westside is centered on making Jesus known. Christ’s great commission is for His disciples to go out and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-19). In other words, it is inconsistent at best, disobedient at worst, to be a disciple of Jesus and not be a disciple-maker. In Jesus’ parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14), He tells us to go out and compel as many people as possible to come to His Father’s banqueting table so that His house may be full. There is no denying that our clear calling as the global church is to make Jesus known to those who don’t know Him.

Phillip & Trang Nguyen Planting in Vancouver BC Church Name: Vancouver Vietnamese MB Church Phillip is working with the Vietnamese immigrants in the east Vancouver area. Phillip is seeing fruit as he continues to lead Vietnamese brothers and sisters to the Lord. Baptisms happen frequently in Phillip’s group, and on many Sundays, there are more non christians, than christians in his gatherings.

Ruben & Celina Zuniga Planting in Chilliwack Church Name: Ministerio Cristiano Broadway Ruben pastors our Abbotsford Hispanic Ministry half-time (Iglesia Hispana Menonita) and works in our Broadway Church in Chilliwack half-time to reach the migrant Hispanic workers in the Fraser Valley.

Kris & Susie Martens Planting in Vancouver, BC Church Name: Reality Vancouver Our Mission: “To bring glory to God through lives transformed by the reality of Jesus.” On Sunday mornings, we gather at 10:30 am at Charles Dickens School in East Van. (E 17th & Windsor - 1 block north of Kingsway). 1010 E 17th Ave, Vancouver.

Lance & Aimee Odegard Planting in Vancouver, BC Lance is currently enrolled in our Church Planters Apprenticeship Program. Lance and Aimee have a heart for the city of Vancouver, and are currently apprenticing with Nelson Boschman at Artisan Church in Vancouver. Lance is also a student at Regent College. (Incidentally, all Church Planters who join us must complete and apprentice in an existing church plant.)

Gary & Denise Swabey Planting in Kelowna, BC Church Name: The Abbey Gary has planted a church in Kelowna in partnership with Willow Park Church and Church Planting BC. Their team has taken over the Garden Valley Building. They are a community of faith in Glenmore seeking to follow the ancient ways of Jesus in a modern context. We seek to be compelled by the love of Christ, led by the Spirit and guided by the scriptures.

James & Nikki Bonney Planting in Vancouver, BC James and Nikki are called to the city of Vancouver. James has been in our Apprenticeship Program in Abbotsford with Vintage 242, and has moved this summer with his wife and new baby into the city of Vancouver. They are continuing their apprenticeship with Norm at Westside, with plans to plant in the city of Vancouver.

Matt & Emily Shantz Planting in Vancouver, BC Matt and Emily are in our Apprenticeship Program. They are currently working with Bindu at the Life Centre, and will be moving to Vancouver when their house sells. Matt and Emily feel called to plant a church in the city of Vancouver. When they move to the city, they will be apprenticing with Kris at Reality Vancouver.

Dennis & Mistin Wilkinson Planting in Vancouver, BC Dennis and Mistin are the newest addition to our Church Planting Team. They are in the process of moving from Minnesota to Vancouver, with the intention to plant a church in the downtown Vancouver West End in conjunction with their local church and with Church Planting BC.

Canada’s “None” Zone According to the book “Religion and Public life in the Pacific Northwest” BC is the least evangelized region on the North American continent. When people check the “no religion” box on their census cards, they do so in the highest numbers here in BC. While the Canadian average of “no-religious-affiliation” (the “Nones”) stands at 16%, BC boasts a whopping 35% of “Nones.” In Vancouver Proper, that number is 42%! It is into this post-Christian reality that Church Planting BC is stepping. Through prayer, careful discerning by the Spirit, and strategic support structures, we are trying to equip a new generation of church planters for this challenging mission field.

Just like we commission, support, and send missionaries to faraway lands in the hopes of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, CPBC sees each of its planters as “home missionaries.” When the statistics are compared to other parts of the world, our Canadian urban centers are just as “secular” as most major cities worldwide. It is our time to reach our cities for the glory of God! Please pray for us as we work here in BC and together with our Canadian partners from seato-sea, seeking to understand urban strategies of impact. At the end of the day, we cling to Jesus’ promise: “I WILL build my church!” (Matthew 16:18) Thank you for joining us in prayer support, financial partnership, and faithful encouragement!

Mark & Karolyn Burch Our Associate Director of Church Planting! Mark was the Lead Pastor at our Williow Park Church in Kelowna, but sensed the Lord calling him to the City of Vancouver to work with our church planters. Mark’s focus is our urban strategies. Mark also assists in mentoring, coaching and giving leadership to our church plants.

Gord & Marcy Fleming Director of Church Planting BC Gord is our Church Planting Director, and oversees the ministries of Church Planting BC. He also serves on the Executive of Church Planting Canada, an interdenominational team of national leaders, committed to seeing churches planted across Canada. Gord’s home church is North Langley Community Church.

BC Conference of MB Churches Church Planting BC. 101-32310 South Fraser Way Abbotsford BC V2T 1X1

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