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At ThinkHealthy,™ we understand that being healthy is much more than fitness and nutrition—it’s the balance of mental, spiritual and financial health as well. ThinkHealthy™ is the resource to help promote your business to readers who are thinking about ways to improve their health. Complimentary issues are distributed at strategic locations throughout the Central Florida area where people are thinking healthy: • • • • • •

Physicians’ Offices Fitness Centers Hospitals Restaurants Hotels/Resorts And More!

ThinkHealthy™ will also be available online at


At ThinkHealthy,™ we believe in giving back to the community through promoting non-profit organizations and events that improve the Central Florida Community.

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Sections: Think Wellness

Think Motivation

Informing readers on the topics of how to stay well—be more educated on preventative health topics. Traditional and complimentary and natural medicine.

Inspiring readers to live life to its fullest in every aspect while staying healthy. Get coaching advice on ways to remain happy and positive towards all areas of life.

Think Fitness

Think Home

Informing readers on obtaining optimum physcial health. Everything from at-home fitness for beginners to advanced training techniques for seasoned athletes.

A healthy life begins at home. From ways to make sure your home is a safe place for your family to pet tips.

Think Nourishment

Think Beauty

Providing great meal ideas for the health-conscious eater. From interesting facts on familiar foods to expanding knowledge about exotic ingredients that provide great health benefits.

Informing readers on the definition of beauty—inside and out. From do-it-yourself home facials using ingredients from your pantry to the latest in skin care technology.

ALSO IN EVERY ISSUE: local highlights and topics that matter to you, along with photos from local events that improve the overall health of your community.

About the People Behind the Magazine: ThinkHealthy™ is proud to say that its staff is made up of extremely talented, award-winning individuals. Publisher/Editor in Chief, Sabrina Ciceri and Publisher/Creative Director, Christopher Nichols both were instrumental in the creation and success of a previous publication in Lake County, FL. From its inception, Sabrina and Christopher contributed to the growth of that publication, helping it to be named Florida’s “Best New Magazine” in 2009 by the Florida Magazine Association. In 2010, the two continued their work with that publication, helping it achieve the title of Florida’s “Best Overall Magazine” from the Florida Magazine Association, along with a host of other awards. Sabrina also brings with her over 18 years of nursing experience, and knows the value of good medicine. She received her certification in fitness training and opened Lake County’s first personal training studio, Fit-Ology. Sabrina has traveled the country expanding her knowledge of health. She’s excited to share her passion with readers of ThinkHealthy™, and plans to continue to touch peoples’ lives and lead them to living each day healthier and happier than the day before.

2011 MEDIA KIT • WHAT’S INSIDE? • Phone: 407-610-5239 • Fax: 407-674-2285

Contributing Professionals: TRACI BROSMAN


Traci Brosman has focused on how to create success and balance in people’s lives along with how positive and negative influences affect us. Traci is co-founder of World Wellness Education, owner of Coaching to Success, a professional speaker and an author. She is also a local television and radio host. Believing in the value of doing what it takes to improve her life and the lives of those she comes into contact with, Traci thoroughly enjoys her work.

Living Foods Enthusiast Health & Wellness Educator Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Health Minister­—Hallelujah Acres

DAVE RAMSEY Dave Ramsey is the host of ‘The Dave Ramsey Show,’ which is syndicated to more than 450 radio stations nationwide, with more than 4.5 million listeners weekly. Ramsey has also written three New York Times bestselling books: The Total Money Makeover, More Than Enough and Financial Peace Revisited.

Catherine (Cathy) is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and advocate of clean eating. She is the wife of Dr. Scott Brown and together they host many health and wellness workshops and events in the Volusia County area, including RAWsome Dinner Parties. Cathy is an accomplished author preparing and delivering education curriculum and online learning. She is a graduate of T. Collin Campbell Foundation and Cornell University’s Certification-Program in Plant-Based Nutrition.


Chase Kough has his B.A. in Exercise Science with emphasis as Exercise Specialist. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is one of a hundred Under Armour Combine 360 certified trainers worldwide. His coaching includes a variety of individuals that range from beginners to Olympic level athletes of which include 100m American record holder, Tyson Gay.

Kathleen Hawkins is an accomplished business consultant, international speaker, award-winning photographer and seven times published author. In addition, Kathleen is a three-time first place winner of PPA’s AN-NE Award for Marketing Excellence. In 2007, this busy career woman founded Women on a Mission to Earn a Commission (WOAMTEC), in Heathrow, FL. WOAMTEC, which has a philosophy of helping women promote and grow their businesses while maintaining their priorities of faith, family and career, has grown rapidly to include more than 70 chapters with over 1000 members in 15 states. By founding WOAMTEC, she has provided a networking opportunity for thousands of women who support each others’ businesses.



All-Natural Medicine for Health & Wellness Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Certified Nutritional Consultant | Health & Fitness Coach

Patti Pugliese is an author and speaker on topics of skin and healthy aging, with three decades of experience. She has served the industry as an educator, cosmetic chemist, and clinical laboratory research associate. Along with her father, Dr. Peter Pugliese, she is a founder of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese. In the 1980’s, Patti pioneered the field of industrial topical safety, educating occupational health nurses about hazards to skin in the workplace. She is a licensed esthetician and the publisher of the premier scientific reference for practitioners, Advanced Professional Skin Care, Medical Edition written by the esteemed skin physiologist Peter T. Pugliese, MD.


Dr. Brown is Board Certified in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy. He is a Diplomat of Acupuncture, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a certified practitioner of modern homotoxicology, holding advanced certifications in low level laser therapy and acu-point injection therapy. Because of his multiple specialties, he is especially qualified to treat “the whole patient,” helping active adults to optimize their health and wellness. Dr. Brown enjoys his work most when he is treating everyday patients who are focused on achieving a lifelong goal or simply seeking to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

DR. RICHARD BOSSHARDT, MD, FACS LARRY BLEVINS, PA-C, MHS Larry Blevins is a certified Plastic Surgery P.A. With extensive cosmetic and plastic surgery background starting in the United States Army, Mr. Blevins brings a diverse and unique skill set to Central Florida. Mr. Blevins is a master cosmetic injector and is renowned for his skill and expertise in laser skin resurfacing. Mr. Blevins’ company Mesos Cosmetic Surgery Laser Center has three locations to serve all of Central Florida.

Dr. Bosshardt is a plastic surgeon in full time practice in Tavares, Florida and has been a resident of Central Florida for 21 years. His passions include writing, teaching people how to live a healthy life, and his family. He writes a weekly column for the Orlando Sentinel.

Plus more!

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Why Choose


In a time when obesity is getting more and more nationwide awareness, diabetes is on the rise and most people can’t afford even the most basic health insurance, people need to take charge of their own health now more than ever! ThinkHealthy™ Magazine brings an overall balance of every aspect of health. We use local professionals to bring the message of health to the public in terms everyone can understand. ThinkHealthy™ puts a positive spin on topics that are often spoke of in a negative manner—providing a message of hope and inspiration.

Our goal is to provide people with the knowledge to be accountable for their own health and live each day better than the day before.

We provide readers with a 50:50 ad:edit ratio, creating an easy reading and interesting publication. In turn, this provides our advertisers a means of getting their messages across without overwhelming the reader. Our high-quality, full-color, fullsize publication allows advertisers to reach their target audience. As added value, ThinkHealthy™ is available online at for readers to flip through in its entirety. This not only creates added value for the reader to be able to view the magazine anywhere an internet connection is available, but also provides advertisers limitless exposure.

Two different editions allows for twice the marketing reach and exposure!

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Circulation: Orange/Seminole Edition ThinkHealthy™ distributes 20,000 copies directly into the Orange and Seminole County areas. Complimentary issues are distributed at strategic locations throughout the Orange and Seminole County areas where people are thinking healthy: • • • • • • • • • •

Hospitals Physicians’ Offices Fitness Centers Professional Offices Restaurants Hotels/Resorts Day Spas Salons Retail Locations And More!

Target Demographics: Female: 51% Male: 49% Average Age: 37 College Education: 75% Home Owners: 60% Average Home Value: $300,000 Average Househould Income: $170,000 Average Pass Along Rate: 7 Total Readership: 140,000


Circulation: Volusia Edition ThinkHealthy™ distributes 10,000 copies directly into the Volusia County area. Complimentary issues are distributed at strategic locations throughout the Volusia County area where people are thinking healthy: • • • • • • • • • •

Hospitals Physicians’ Offices Fitness Centers Professional Offices Restaurants Hotels/Resorts Day Spas Salons Retail Locations And More!

Target Demographics: Female: 51% Male: 49% Average Age: 37 College Education: 55% Home Owners: 75% Average Home Value: $250,000 Average Househould Income: $100,000 Average Pass Along Rate: 7 Total Readership: 70,000 • Phone: 407-610-5239 • Fax: 407-674-2285

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