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A book by Craig D’mello

Technology Intel Cisco HP IBM Infosys PTC CG-VAK

Objective: Brand activation at Microsoft Tech ED 2013 The work: We created a Windows app that would run on the Ultrabook specially for the event. The app engaged the audience to a new and neverbefore test drive of the Ultrabook. The stall gained media coverage and the activity was replicated in multiple cities across India.

Posters- Internal Communication (Event/Direct/Perception) Objective: To create communication leading to Innovation Day at Intel ‘Life of i ‘ was the conceptual theme that was selected.

The Work: Services Xchange – A Web Based 12 month Incentive Program for Cisco Sales Teams. This was a points based reward program for the Sales Teams aligned with a program for the Partner which was based on their Sales Teams performance.

Digital Banner

Complete Event branding and communication - HP NETWORK UNIVERSITY 2013

Objective: Thematic Branding for IBM Club Annual Meet. The Work: Onederland aspired to change the monotonous celebrations with a carnival of life thus fostering a spirit of oneness among employees.

Talent branding - Print

Talent branding - Print

Infosys Leadership Institute- eDM

Objective: To create a viable corporate philosophy for CG-VAK Software Solutions.

Branding AIS Ecosense AIS Windshield Experts Festival of South India Dr. Sunny Coronation Kennels Wizcraft DirectActive Objective: To create a fun identity that the ethnic population in America could easily relate to. The brand is inspired by the concept of a personal ‘video bubble’.

Ecosense Objective: To create a brand of glass that would allow architects and builders to see more sense. The work: We created a visually appealing identity for AIS Ecosense, a brand inspired by nature. The tone of voice was humble, down to earth and honest, making possible a world filled with imagination and a future built with sense.

Windshield Experts Objective: To revitalize the brand with an identity that is more approachable, while still maintaining the core strengths of the brand. The work: The new strapline ‘Faster, Safer, Better’ along with the refreshed visual identity gave the brand a new 21st century persona. The tone of voice was warm, friendly and yet professional.

Branding – FOSI ( The typeface is inspired by one letter each from 4 different languages)

Objective: To create a visual identity for a clinic. The work: Based on the idea ‘Caring for those you love’ the visual identity was created as a symbol that would inspire warmth while still maintaining relevance to serious medical practice.

Objective: To craft an identify for the kennels named ‘coronation kennels’. The work: The idea that all dogs come from the royal ‘Kingdom of Wag’ inspired the visual identity which is symbolic of the three main motifs that the dog lover recognizes—the kennel, the bone and the dog.

The accessories store

Engage the mind. Talk to the heart.

Wizcraft DirectActive

Objective: To establish a working philosophy for the Direct Marketing division of Wizcraft. The work: The simple belief that the heart is the true decision maker was recognized and the philosophy—Engage the mind, Talk to the heart was born.



Our relationship with the consumer



Where relationships defy logic


AIS Glass TNT Delivery Coats

Allen Solly ‘Tunespotting’ Campaign – Brand Activation & Store Launch

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