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  April  12,  2011    

BECOME A  THINK&EATGREEN  SCHOOL     REQUEST  FOR  PROPOSALS     The  Think&EatGreen@School  Project  is  a  Community-­‐University  Research  Alliance  promoting   change  in  what  public  school  students  eat,  learn  and  do  at  school  in  relation  to  food,  health  and   the  environment.  The  project  aims  to  engage  students  with  the  sources  of  their  food  through   growing,  preparing,  sharing  and  managing  food  waste  at  school.  Think&EatGreen@School  aims   to  foster  food  citizenship  by  providing  the  entire  community  of  learners—from  students  to   professors,  teachers  to  chefs,  farmers,  gardeners,  restaurateurs,  and  nutrition  and  health   professionals—  with  opportunities  to  participate  in  the  development  of  healthy  and  sustainable   school  food  systems.  Your  school  can  participate  by  becoming  a  “Think&EatGreen  School”  and   receive  a  grant  of  up  to  $2,000  and  other  support  to  implement  food  initiatives  at  your  school.     The  Public  Health  Association  of  BC  (PHABC),  a  key  community  partner  in  the  Think&EatGreen@School   Project,  has  also  secured  funds  from  Vancity  enviroFund  to  support  Farm  to  School  programs.  The  goal   of  PHABC’s  Farm  to  School  initiative  is  to  increase  access  to  fresh,  nutritious,  locally-­‐grown  foods  on   school  premises  and  to  build  the  local  food  economy.    First,  a  relationship  is  developed  between  a   school  and  local  farmers.    The  farmers  then  grow  and  harvest  food  to  sell  to  the  school  where  it  is   prepared  and  dished  up  to  students.  Additional  opportunities  for  farmers  to  share  their  knowledge  of   food  and  agriculture  with  students,  staff  and  volunteers  are  created.  PHABC  seeks  to  bring  the  

“Farm” into  Think&EatGreen  Schools.  We  are  asking  applicants  demonstrate  an  appreciation  of   local  farms,  local  foods  and  local  food  systems  by  integrating  these  concepts  into  their   proposed  Think&EatGreen@School  program.  Minimally  applicants  must  commit  to  providing   local  and  sustainably  produced  foods  in  a  school  lunch  program.    PHABC  will  provide  an   additional  $1,500  and  other  supports  for  this  purpose.     This  application  has  several  opportunities  for  interested  schools:   1. Application  to  be  a  Think&EatGreen  School  and  receive  a  grant  of  up  to  $2000     2. Additional  application  to  bring  the  “farm”  into  your  Think&EatGreen  School  to  receive   an  additional  $1500  Farm  to  School  grant   3. Enrolment  in  the  Think&EatGreen@School  Summer  Institute  on  July  4-­‐6,  2011          

1. Application  to  be  a  Think&EatGreen  School     Benefits  of  Participation   ü Ability  to  receive  up  to  $3500  for  food  system  projects  (through   Think&EatGreen@School  Small  Grants  and  Farm  to  School  funds)   ü Participation  in  a  cohort  /  community  of  learners  aiming  at  creating  a  healthy  and   sustainable  food  system  within  the  Vancouver  School  Board     ü Participation  in  professional  development  opportunities  including  the   Think&EatGreen@School  Summer  Institute   ü Access  to  community  and  UBC  expertise   ü Support  of  UBC  students  to  implement  your  projects     Criteria  to  be  a  Think&EatGreen  School   Preference  will  be  given  to  schools  that  can  demonstrate  the  following:   ü A  working  team  of  3  or  more,  composed  of  teachers  and  staff  committed  to   strengthening  the  connections  within  the  food  system  at  their  school  (teachers,   administration,  support  staff,  food  service  staff,  maintenance  staff,    students  and   parents  may  be  included)   ü A  commitment  to  initiatives  that  ‘close  the  food  loop’  by  seeking  to  make  connections   between  different  aspects  of  the  food  system  (i.e.  growing,  preparing,  sharing  and   managing  waste)  at  school   ü Participation  of  a  team  in  the  Think&EatGreen@School  Summer  Institute  in  July   ü Partnerships  (with  community-­‐based  organizations  and/or  other  schools)   ü Willingness  to  involve  UBC  students  and  facilitate  their  involvement  in  the  development   of  food  system  activities  and  projects  at  your  school   ü Willingness  to  participate  in  research  aimed  at  developing  a  healthy  and  sustainable   school  food  system   ü Commitment  to  participate  in  the  project  for  2  years       It  is  understood  that  no  one  school  may  meet  all  of  the  criteria;  however,  applications  that   demonstrate  that  they  are  able  to  satisfy  as  many  of  the  above  points  as  possible  will  be  given   priority.  Applications  with  large  teams  and  projects  that  emphasize  integration  within  the  food   system  will  be  eligible  for  larger  grants  (up  to  $2000).  Applications  that  are  smaller  in  scope  will   be  eligible  for  smaller  grants.     Eligible  for  Think&EatGreen@School  Small  Grants  (up  to  $2000)   Think&EatGreen@School  has  set  aside  $20000  from  the  Social  Sciences  &  Humanities  Research   Council  of  Canada  (SSHRCC)  for  supporting  small  projects  in  Vancouver  schools  in  the  2011-­‐ 2012  school  year.  If  you  are  eligible,  these  small  grants  are  available  to  help  you  start-­‐up,   expand,  or  improve  school  projects  in  the  areas  of  food  production,  waste  management,  food   preparation,  and  teaching  and  learning  activities.   Some  possible  projects  could  include:   ü Food  production  including  gardens  and  orchards   ü Composting  and  other  waste  management  projects  

ü Cooking and  other  culinary  /  food  preparation  activities  involving  students   ü Teaching  and  learning  that  connect  food,  health,  and  the  environment  across  the   curriculum   ü Projects  that  establish  links  between  growing,  preparing  and  eating  food  at  school  with   new  curriculum  and  ways  of  teaching  and  learning   ü Programs  that  provide  healthy  and  sustainable  foods  for  students   ü Projects  that  establish  links  between  schools  and  farms  for  healthier  school  meal   programs  and  cafeteria  menus  and  learning  opportunities     ü Release  time  for  teachers  and  staff  to  collaborate,  develop  and  implement  proposed   activities   ü Celebrations  around  food  (e.g.  a  food  day  or  food  week  at  school)   ü Artistic  projects  related  to  food  systems  issues  (including  videos,  multi-­‐media,  painting,   music,  theatres)  

To  apply     Please  send  an  email  to  to  let  us  know  that  you  are  planning  to  apply.     When  the  following  application  form  is  complete,  email  or  mail  it  to:   Mailing  Address:     Application:  Think&EatGreen@School             MCML  179  -­‐  2357  Main  Mall           Vancouver,  B.C.,  V6T  1Z4   Email:     All  applications  must  be  received  no  later  than  May  13.    Schools  will  be  notified  about  their   application  by  the  end  of  May.     Further  questions  or  inquiries  can  be  directed  to    

2. Additional  Application  to  Bring  the  “Farm”  into  your  Think&EatGreen  School  

Additional  Benefits  of  Participation  in  Farm  to  School     ü Additional  $1500  grant   ü Support  from  a  farm  liaison  to  provide  connections  for  purchases  of  foods  from  local   farms  and  farm  field  trips   ü Spring  training  session  with  farmers,  chefs,  evaluation  consultants,  etc  to  help  start  the   program     ü Registration  at  a  Farm-­‐to-­‐You  conference  in  November   ü Program  evaluation  and  support     ü Education  materials  and  tools  for  teachers  and  farmers   ü Membership  and  participation  in  a  supportive  Farm  to  School  network  with  links  to   others  Farm  to  School  leads      

Additional Criteria  for  Participation  in  Farm  to  School   Preference  will  be  given  to  schools  that  can  demonstrate  the  following:   ü Increases  the  amount  of  local  food  served  in  schools  by  15%  or  more   ü Ability  to  integrate  connections  to  farms  and  the  food  system  into  the  classroom  and   school  environment     ü Supports  at  least  one  local  farm   ü Ensures  the  lunch  is  offered  minimally  24  times  before  the  end  of  the  2011/12  school   year;  and  40  times  in  2012/13   ü Is  environmentally  friendly  (eg.  reuse  of  materials,  waste  reduction,  recycling,     composting)   ü Ensures  equitable  access  to  all  children  in  the  school,  regardless  of  means     Eligible  For  Farm  to  School  Grant   Funding  has  been  received  through  Vancity  enviroFund  to  support  programs  in  Vancouver,   Richmond  and  West  Vancouver  and  3  enthusiastic  schools  in  Vancouver  are  now  being  sought   to  participate.       ü Kitchen  equipment  (eg.  food  processors,  soup  pots,  dishes,    serving  spoons,  knives,  soap   and  towel  dispensers,  etc.)   ü Honorariums  for  coordination  and/or  costs  related  to  volunteer  appreciation   ü Educational   Resources   or   costs,   including   farm   field   trips   +/-­‐   farm   honoraria,   teaching   resources,  etc.   ü Food  costs  for  the  initial  start  up  week  or  food  for  taste  tests   ü Training,  including  Food  Safe  training   The  funds  cannot  be  used  for:   ü Ongoing   food   costs.   Experience   has   demonstrated   that   Farm   to   School   lunches   can   generate  funds!     ü Ongoing  coordination  costs     To  apply     Please  ensure  the  following  application  form  is  complete  and  then  email  it  or  mail  it  to:   Mailing  Address:     Application:  Think&EatGreen@School             MCML  179  -­‐  2357  Main  Mall           Vancouver,  B.C.,  V6T  1Z4   Email:     All  applications  must  be  received  no  later  than  May  13.    Schools  will  be  notified  about  their   application  by  the  end  of  May.     Please  note  that  an  offer  of  participation  in  this  Farm  to  School  initiative  will  be  contingent  upon   a  site  visit  by  the  Selection  Committee.         Further   questions   or   inquiries   specifically   related   to   Farm   to   School   can   be   directed   to  

3. Participation  in  the  Summer  Institute     The  Think&EatGreen@School  Summer  Institute  will  focus  on  food  security  and  sustainability  issues  in   collaboration  and  partnership  with  teachers,  administrators,  staff  and  students  from  Vancouver  School   Board  schools.  The  Institute  is  aimed  at  finding  collaborative  solutions  to  increase  the  knowledge  and   understanding  of  the  connections  between  food,  health  and  the  environment  across  the  food  system  in   the  schools.  A  combination  of  plenaries  and  streamed  workshops  and  activities  will  be  relevant  to  both   elementary  and  secondary  schools  and  curriculums.  Workshops  and  activities  will  focus  on  different   components  of  the  school  food  system:  including  food  gardens  and  orchards;  composting  and  waste   management;  food  procurement,  preparation  and  consumption;  curriculum  and  pedagogical   innovations;  and  school  food  policies.         The  Summer  Institute  will  be  held  at  the  first  week  of  July,  from  Monday,  July  4th  to  Wednesday,  July  6th.   Workshops  and  hands-­‐on,  experiential  activities  over  three  days  at  UBC  will  follow  the  different   components  of  the  food  cycle  at  school,  including  making  connections  to  curriculum  and  pedagogy  as   well  as  school  food  policy.  Participants  will  rotate  through  different  themes  including:   Hands  in  the  Soil:  Food  production  and  composting     Cooking  and  Eating  Together:  Food  preparation  and  consumption     Connections  to  the  Classroom:  Integration  of  the  food  cycle  into  curriculum  and  action  plans    

To apply    

The registration  form  can  be  found  on  the  Vancouver  School  Board  website,  under  ‘Sustainability’  on  the   Professional  Development  Current  Opportunities  page,  or  directly  at:            



Public Health Association of BC

Application To  Be  A  Think&EatGreen  School     (Additional  application  for  option  to  apply  for  Farm  to  School  is  below)   Only  one  application  per  school,  all  applications  must  have  approval  of  the  school’s  principal   School  Name:  ______________________________   Info  for  Primary  contact     Name:  ________________________________        Job  Title: _________________________________   Email  Address:  ____________________________      Phone  Number:  __________________________   Grade  Level/Courses  Taught:  _______________________________   Other  Team  Members  Applying  (please  include  full  names,  job  titles,  grade  levels,  and  subjects  taught   for  all  team  members).    For  Farm  to  School  teams,  consider  farmers,  parents,  students,  community,   public  health,  etc.                       What’s  already  in  place  at  your  school?  (Check  the  following  and  elaborate  as  needed)   A  school  garden     _________________________________________________________________     A  school  composting  system   _________________________________________________________________ A  school  cooking  program   _________________________________________________________________ A  classroom  component  that  integrates  gardens,  lunchrooms  and  connections  to  local  farms   _________________________________________________________________ A  school  lunch  program       _________________________________________________________________     Other  (please  specify)   _________________________________________________________________

Briefly describe  ways  in  which  your  school  integrates  or  hopes  to  integrate  academic  curricula  with   school  gardens,  lunchrooms,  classroom  culinary  experiences,  connections  to  local  farms  and   environmentally  sustainable  practices.  (Preference  will  be  given  to  applications  that  are  interested  in   connecting  the  garden  and  kitchen  to  multiple  subject  areas;  creating  a  school-­‐wide  compost  system;   teaching  and  learning  that  connects  food,  health  and  the  environment  across  the  curriculum;  programs   that  provide  healthy  and  sustainable  food  for  students,  etc.)                             Please  describe  how  your  team  will  use  the  budget  for  the  amount  of  grant  funds  you  are  applying  for   (including  any  grants  requested  for  both  Think&EatGreen  and  Farm  to  School).                             Number  of  children  in  the  school:  _____________   Estimated  number  of  children  who  will  benefit  from  the  initiatives  described:  _____________  

Principal’s Signature            ____________________________________         Please  check  off  the  grants/  programs  you  are  applying  for:    

Think&EatGreen  à  complete  Part  2    Farm  to  School  à  complete  Part  3  

Part 2  Additional  Information  if  you  are  applying  for  the  Think&EatGreen@School  Grant:   Grant  amount  requested:  ___________   What  do  you  hope  to  gain  by  participating  in  this  project?                     Please  describe  how  your  team  will  be  able  to  involve  teams  of  UBC  students  into  your  project  plans   (For  example,  designing,  building  and  /  or  expanding  a  garden  or  compost  system;  nutritional  and   sustainability  assessment  of  school  menus;  assessment  of  school  food  environment;  delivery  of  food   related  demonstrations  to  classes)                             If  you  have  any  other  comments,  please  let  us  know  here                              

Part 3  Additional  Information  if  you  are  applying  for  the  Farm  to  School  Grant       Name   Email   Phone  #   Co-­‐Applicant  *           School  Based         Coordinator   Evaluation  Lead         Farm  lead         Name  of  farm(s),         garden,  or  other   local  food  source   that  will  produce   foods  for  the   lunch     *   The   co-­‐applicant   is   usually   a   farmer   or   food   producer,   or   may   be   a   champion   of   food   security   or   sustainable   food   system   activity   in   the   community   (i.e.   community   food   security   leads,   community   nutritionists,  health  promoters,  community  food  organizations/  non-­‐profits,  etc.).       Please  outline  your  plan  to  incorporate  more  local  foods  in  your  lunch  program.    (Attach  a  separate  sheet  if  necessary.)                                     Dates  the  Farm  to  School  lunch  will  commence  and  end  in:     2011/12  _____________________     2012/13  _____________________     How  many  times  per  week  will  the  Farm  to  School  lunch  be  served?  ________

Request For Proposal  
Request For Proposal  

RFP Final April 12th