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WWW.allstarsuccess.BIZ Why You Should Never Be Self Employed: The dream of being our own boss, self employment, going it alone is what so many of us are striving for that American Dream. But like so many business owners who may appear lucky or privileged on the surface in some way, in not having to work a job, can easily find themselves isolated in the day to day requirements in running and building a successful home based business. If you were to ask the question: Who else is accountable to you in terms of making money in a home business? Well when you begin to measure the level of venerability added to all of the other business challenges that many face. It is no wonder the high failure rate continues to exist. Statistics seem more to be a measurement of those who own a brick and mortar type business, more so than the vast number of those operating home businesses. Let's face it starting any business can be complicated, there is much to consider: The one challenge often in stating one, is putting in all of that effort in working harder then ever before, only to avoid operating at or below the poverty level. This can happen just because of the willingness to take on in doing everything yourself. There are other factors of course that contribute to any business failure.

WWW.allstarsuccess.BIZ But Big failures have small beginnings, and one of the culprits believe it or not is selfdetermination. It comes in many forms, and sometimes what we fail to realize is that we can be determined, in not knowing when we are making business decisions based off of wrong information, bad planning or that wrong marketing idea that lost money etc. Case in point many entrepreneurs end up working with fierce determination IN their business instead of ON their business. That is usually due to the lack of a business mentor or a support system to help them. But it is not always that simple: When doing business the conventional way. People, resources, tools and support systems all cost money. Having proper strategic planning does have a price!! So why would owning a Network Marketing home business, be any different??

WWW.allstarsuccess.BIZ Well for starters: one question that you need to ask yourself before starting any home business or at least in looking at all of the options is: How can I work for myself but not by myself for a very small investment? (How can I really achieve that 1% off of one hundred plus peoples efforts working for me, instead of doing 100% of the effort all on my own?) How do you excel off of the right leadership in choosing the right TEAM.? How do you operate from only a small desk with a computer in a back bedroom, giving you the ability to operate in growing as big of an enterprise as you desire all from home? How do you get properly aligned with well trained experienced like minded professionals, who are accountable to you and your success, without you having to break the bank, just for them to help you and your business grow?

WWW.allstarsuccess.BIZ Network marketing provides you with some of the most amazing and powerful business connections, readily available and accessible to you 24 hours a day all for FREE. Giving you numerous options in business relationship building, working along side leaders within the industry. (They are no longer just considered your sponsor your up-line or down-line) These are actually business partners that have a vested interest in your success. Your business success should never be predicated on just you and your own efforts and your performance but: Together Everyone Accomplishes More. This TEAM concept alone is one of many reasons that makes network marketing so attractive. Consider also the fact: If you look at search engine stats in researching specific key words within the home based business opportunities niche. No matter the amount of negative noise that this industry attracts. Why is it that you will always continue to find, tens of thousands of new people or more a month, who are on-line as we speak, typing in Network Marketing into Google?! Because Network Marketing, is still and will always provide you with the most leveraging power that money can buy, in owning a home business, for the least amount of dollars invested!

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Why You Should Never Be Self Employed  
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