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Stress Management Tips For A Healthy, Happier You When you deal with stress, you aren’t just combating a mental issue—stress can manifest itself in physical symptoms as well. Ever worried so much about your job at night that you ended up getting a cold the next morning? That could be because you’re stressed out. You could find that you’re gaining weight, that you have more headaches, and unable to sleep all because of stress. This type of stress makes it harder to complete everyday tasks and get the work you need to done without feeling like you’ve crammed an entire week into a few days. If you want to get rid of your anxiety, look better, and feel better about yourself follow these simple stress management tips and watch as your life slowly falls back into place. To help with stress go to:

Always Stay Positive When you’re stressed out this may be difficult to do, but stress management becomes a lot easier if you’re able to keep a smile on and keep your outlook positive. Some studies have revealed that during your times of depression if you start to act negatively, you will actually find it more difficult to manage your stress and you can actually lower your immune system. Putting a smile back on your face is key to stress management. To help with stress go to:

Get Organized When trying to find ways for proper stress management, one common thing that’s often overlooked is a person’s organization. If you are constantly getting lost in your own filing system and scheduling, you are likely to end up stressing yourself out. By organizing your tasks for the day ahead of time, you can greatly reduce the risk of being hit with surprises throughout your day, you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it, and you can focus on stress management instead of adding to your stress. To help with stress go to:

Eat Properly Just as our mental attitude and stress levels can affect us physically, the foods we eat can have a strong impact on our minds and be the cornerstone to stress management success. Foods high in caffeine and sugar can stretch us too thin while making us too fat. The next time you contemplate grabbing a coffee and a glazed donut have some fresh fruit and juice instead. The natural sugars in the fruit will get rid of any sweet-tooth cravings you have and you will find yourself feeling fuller longer (and a lot happier as a result). Eating properly as a form of stress management doesn’t end with snacks, though. Changing core areas of your diet need to be considered as well— these include reducing the number of times you eat fast food and how much high-fat content you are getting in your daily diet. To help with stress go to:

Understand Your Spending Habits A lot of stress comes from not having the money in the bank that we want (or need) to get from one day to the next. Oftentimes this has nothing to do with the amount of money we make, but how we spend it. If you can pinpoint where you are going wrong with your spending habits, you could effectively eliminate a lot of your stress. Try making one single ATM withdrawal and avoid using your credit card to pay for anything. Using cash allows you to visualize exactly how much you’re spending, where you’re spending it, and give you a deeper understanding of what your spending habits are really like. To help with stress go to:

Give Yourself A Break If it’s your daily routine that’s responsible for all the stress in your life, one stress management tip will matter more than the others: get some rest. Whether you simply take a day to sit at home all alone or if you take a miniature vacation, being able to “get away from it all” can be exactly what you need to clear your head, relax, and start to ease stress away from your body. To help with stress go to:

Put Your Focus On One Thing People often cause themselves more harm than good by trying to do too much at once. Stress management, especially in the workplace, is also focus management. If you train your body to start one task and not venture somewhere else until that task is done, you’ll do a few things: one, you don’t start getting that overwhelmed feeling that you can’t do all of the things you set out to do; two, you will give yourself the satisfaction of completing something, which is a great moral boost that will naturally keep you from stressing out so much. Living a happy, stress free life can often seem impossible at times. It’s important to understand, though, that by proactively seeking stress management solutions you can stop feeling so overwhelmed and start taking control of your life back. Whether it’s through diet, exercise, organization, or mental focus, take the time out of every day to focus on yourself and make sure you aren’t letting stress bring you down. To help with stress go to:


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