Page 1 This is like being in your own space craft. You can blast off into the stratosphere, through the solar system, out to the stars and even beyond the Milky Way galaxy with this terrific astronomical software called

Realistic "Breathtaking." Easy to use. Realistic, real-time, images. Ability to Select objects in space, go-to object, follow object, rotate about your own position, or the selected object, follow selected object while viewing another..CLICK the LINK above to learn MORE!

planet and moon Excellent Simulation of Stars, Planets and Moons" It is extremely detailed with smooth fluid animation. You can go to any planet and moon in the solar system including newly discovered planets. You can even visit the American and Russian space stations and the Hubble. CLICK the LINK above to learn MORE!

Encyclopedia of space An encyclopedia of space. It's a keeper. You can go here, there and everywhere with a click or two. The background stars can be identified with one click, just get them in the target and click. I also liked the click and grab feature which let one scan the entire view, 360 degrees. I must have spent an hour playing with all the menu bar options just to see what they'd do. This program is very very easy to navigate and configure and the data it will show is unbelievable! CLICK the LINK above to learn MORE! You ever looked up into the night sky and really wondered about where we fit into it all? Asked yourself what's out there? How far does it go? What do the other planets and stars look like close up? What exactly do the space stations look like? How

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