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Digital Cameras - Top 5 Point and Shoot Digital Cameras Digital cameras allow you to snap a picture of anything that goes on in the world around. You can capture any moment you see and when you transfer the photos to your computer, you can keep as many photos as you want. No more being afraid of wasting film. Snap away.

How To Choose A Digital Camera When you are shopping for a digital camera, many choices are presented to you. Which one do you choose? What features are necessary? Which one is the best?

The Five Top Rated Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras Of 2013 Amazon's rating of the five most popular digital cameras are as follows: 1. Panasonic Lumix ZS20 2. Canon PowerShot SX260 3. Sony DSC-RX100 4. Nikon Coolpix L810 5. Canon SX40 HS

When deciding which digital camera to get, consider your needs Do you want a camera that can also take video? Do you want to make large prints of your pictures? Megapixels Look at the number of megapixels the camera offers. The larger the megapixels the larger the prints you can make. A 7 megapixel camera allows you to make 8 x 10 prints.

Picture Modes Sports Mode Sports photos require a high speed camera. Some digital cameras come with a sports mode that lets you capture high speed action. Portrait Mode Portrait modes are good for taking photos of people. Landscape Mode Landscape modes are good for taking photos of skylines and nature shots. Night Mode Some come with a night mode for low light photography.

Memory Card: Expand Your Digital Camera's Memory Another thing to consider is the type of memory card the camera requires. If you have other electronics that use a certain type of memory card, then look for a camera that also uses that type of memory card. Also, look at what types of memory cards your computer or printer takes. Some printers let you stick a memory card into the printer itself from which you can choose pictures to print.

Zoom Take a look at what kind of zoom you get. Optical zoom is better than digital zoom as it produces clearer photos. The larger the zoom, the closer you can get to a far away object.

Desirable Features Extras that you might like to include are a swiveling LCD screen that you can rotate to take photos in tight corners or in unique angles. Some come with the ability to record videos, even hi-def videos.

Finally.... Make a list of what you need and want, then compare to the specifications of the camera you are looking at. Also, consider going to a store and handling it in real life to see how it feels in your hand and how it handles for you. Internet Superstore For Digital Photography Best Selection Lowest Prices Fast Shipping Digital SLR, Camcorders, telescopes, microscopes, optics, lenses, surveillance cameras, all major brands Visit us frequently, daily specials to save you money

Digital Cameras - Top 5 Point and Shoot Digital Cameras  
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