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After Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source releases for the Mac

New update adds graphics hardware support for HD videos



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our readers. Let us try to make our case here. The BW films that are there on the DVD are old classics, which we feel are worth a watch. As for white papers, well since we cater to readers from across the country, everyone has varied interests, so we try to cover all aspects that we can. In fact, if you have any particular topic in mind regarding white papers, you can ask for it in the By Demand section of the Thinkdigit forum. Since most of the readers use a Windows-based system, that is why we use a Windows based interface for our DVDs. We are a magazine that has its presence across the country, so the pricing is dependent on expenses like paper cost, labour costs, transportation, etc. We are constantly working towards giving you a better product. Robert  Soon after I received your copy, my

 I am a DIGIT IDOL – Wow!!!

Wow I couldn’t believe myself when I came to know that I have been made DIGIT IDOL!!! It’s of greater value for me than Indian Idol or Miss (Mr.) India for that matter. It’s great to see my photo and short snippet about me featured in India’s most read Tech Magazine, Digit. I have been your loyal subscriber right from your birth. I have still preserved all the magazines and it is no less than a treasure for me. My father used to buy me Digit from shops earlier, but now I am a subscriber.

My interest in computers made my father enroll me into Computer Classes. In 3rd grade, I learnt basics like MS Office suite and Operating Systems. In 4th grade, I learned C language on a Linux system. That laid down the foundation for everything else to come and I became very interested in them.

try to cater to readers of all ages as our magazine targets anyone who is interested in technology, irrespective of their age. We have dedicated sections like Sci-Tech where we give in-depth analyses of latest technologies. However, we will try to cover more topics in that section. Agreed that there are reviews available online, but how many of those test in India, for India, taking your needs and experiences into consideration? Our test methodoligies are made specifically for Indians, and are 100 per cent unbiased. Rossi


daughter (almost 6 years old) repeatedly kept asking me to sow the seeds in a tub. After doing so, now she is asking me: Papa, when it will become a plant? Anyway, it is good gesture from Digit. My association with Digit goes back to 2004-2005 in which some articles on computer peripherals had triggered my interest in the technology behind computers. It is generally observed that you are keeping in mind of age group of 15 to 30 while making the issue. You generally do not taken in to account of age group of 6-13 and 35-50. Computers are part of everyone’s life now irrespective of the age and need of use. Therefore, I would suggest you to include all the other age groups as well so that Digit is targeting everyone. Provide software/articles for the said age group also regularly. Avoid too much coverage of mobile phones. Add some in-depth articles on the latest technology. Avoid too much on Bazaar and testing as now in internet age, everybody can get in depth reviews on tech products on the net. LONG LIVE DIGIT D K Borthakur Assam


Thank you for your appreciation. We are glad that you have planted the seeds we provided with our anniversary issue. We

 I am a student of class 10 and I have

been reading Digit for two years now. I started reading from the magazine from January 2008 but I’m still not a subscriber. This is because I never stick to one magazine every month. But since January 2008 every issue attracted me as it was showcased in the bookstall. So I ended up buying every issue of Digit! Now, I am a hardcore fan of Digit and I don’t miss a single issue. Digit got me so involved in computers that I almost lost track of my studies. My class 9 final term result was very disappointing and since then I reduced the time I spend with Digit.

It has been of very great value for the quizzes that I have participated. I was two times state finalist of TCS Rural IT Quiz. And I have my own blog, website and have even created a professional website for my father’s company. I owe to my Father and Digit a lot for fuelling my hunger for technology. Digit has truly navigated me in this technology world. I would go on further recommending everyone to buy and read Digit magazine. Thank You Digit!!!!! Devrath N D

Congratulations on winning the Digit Idol. This was one of our way of acknowledging our readers. It feels great to know that Digit has played a role in making you technology savvy. Nash

But again the 9th anniversary issue pulled me back. It was a superb issue. The magazine was fantastic, but both the “Mindware” and “Playware” DVDs were very disappointing. There were no movie or game trailers and the softwares were as boring as always. To be honest, I never liked the content of your DVDs specially the software section. You told that the DVD interface will change from this June but nevertheless it remained the same Why so? Coming back to the magazine it was flawless and as good as always. Can you please provide a fast track on Web Designing? It will be of great help. I will end my letter here. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Keep up the good work. Ayan Sarkar

It’s good to know that you love Digit, but studies always come first. We have done Fast Tracks on PHP, AJAX and Flash before. You might want to check them out at our store on www.thinkdigit.com/store. This month’s Playware DVD has over 40 games. You can also demand which game trailers and movie trailers you want in the By Demand section of Thinkdigit Forums. Nimish Digit | July 2010 | www.thinkdigit.com 7

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Digit July 2010 Issue  

In this issue, we focus on Open Source and also test over 100 products, including graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, gaming peripherals, and mor...

Digit July 2010 Issue  

In this issue, we focus on Open Source and also test over 100 products, including graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, gaming peripherals, and mor...


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