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A look at one of the world’s largest computer expo


Gigabyte tour Digit visits Gigabyte’s factory, and shows you how your motherboards are made



Computex 2010

 Congratulations on the 9th anniversary of Digit. I have been reading Digit since 2007, especially the Fast Tracks. I have a small request, please provide us with the PDFs of Fast Tracks, so that we can save them on our PC and read them at our leisure. I want to request you to publish an article on “Radiation exposures & its hazards”. Many of our friends are unaware about the destructive effect of radiation exposures through the use of mobile phones & setting up of mobile towers in wrong places, such as near houses, over buildings etc. Do write about the prevention measures taken up by our governments and laws relating to it. Abhishek K.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of Digit. We provide PDFs of our magazine and Fast Tracks in the special issues. You will find the PDFs in June 2010 issue for instance. The topic you have suggested is quite interesting and we will discuss it in our future editorial meets. Nimish

not interest me. But I decided to start reading again after a gap of a year. Seeing the variety of technology content on the DVD and in the magazine has made me very happy. The latest trends, TED talks and technology videos have made the magazine very attractive. I would like to contribute to the green initiative as well as present innovative ideas for improving the quality of life on the planet. Kindly let me know if you can publish them in Digit. I am sure you will find them worthwhile. G D Sahai

We’d love to hear your ideas, and share them with the community. Thanks for being a long term reader, we really appreciate your faith in us. Feel free to write in with your thoughts. Also, join our community on Facebook at facebook. co/ithinkgreen and spread awareness on energy conservation and spreading green cover around us. Robert


 I am very much influenced by you. You are my “tech idol” after Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Your articles have greatly influenced me. My all-time favourite is “If Yan Cook”. I have one request; please start a photo caption contest on “Planet ke Rakhwale” campaign. Ask Digit readers to post their photos with their planted trees. Ashish Badoni

June 2010

Thanks a lot for the appreciation. You can see the photos of the plants growing on our facebook page Since there are so many readers, and the growing of plants is an on- going process it is not possible to include those photographs in the magazine. But you can upload the photographs of your plant on the I Think Green page. Robert

 I am one of your old readers. I had discontinued Digit thinking that after retirement and moving to my home town Agra, hardware and software may

6 Digit | July 2010 |

 I have been reading Digit since the last 8 to 9 years and am a huge fan of the magazine. Digit has helped me increase my interest in technology and to stay above all in technology news. My feedback is negative this time. I am disappointed by the quality of content and software you have provided

in your anniversary issue. Check out the following. • Some classic old black and white movies and music are pushed into the DVDs to fill them up. • The white papers and PDF stuff is just junk. Somebody has just Googled the topic and saved all related PDF docs and dumped into the DVDs. • The CDs are not compatible with Mac machines. • The magazine contents are boring. Your competitors are better. This is crucial improvement you need. • Each page has an advertisement • The price of the magazine is too high. I enjoyed reading each and every article in Digit in earlier days. I own a big collection of “Mindware” and “Playware” CDs which are collectables after around 10 years. Please, I have high expectations from the magazine. Do not screw up like this. I hope this feedback gives some values. This may not be published but should be recognized as letters to be worked upon. The new generation has a lot of options to choose from. Please do not confuse them further. I have a big list of suggestion which I would be posting as and when I get time. Hoping for a better Digit. Pratik Trivedi We appreciate your frank feedback and we are open to constructive criticism from

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Digit July 2010 Issue  

In this issue, we focus on Open Source and also test over 100 products, including graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, gaming peripherals, and mor...

Digit July 2010 Issue  

In this issue, we focus on Open Source and also test over 100 products, including graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, gaming peripherals, and mor...