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OCZ’s new Deneva

Sony announced their move to ship their err Move, the motion controller, navigation controller and Eye camera, these are to be sold individually and as part of a bundle

The Deneva range of SSDs has just been announced by OCZ, featuring SandForce’s 1500 controller, and claim enterprise-class reliability with throughputs of 285/275 MBps for reads/writes



PS Move soon

Samsung ML 1660 Fast and compact laser printer


printer which is compact and delivers high speed prints is always desirable. Samsung ML 1660 monochrome laser printer fulfills both these criteria effortlessly. The ultra compact form factor for the printer is quite impressive. Strategic glossy and matte

finished plastic makes the printer quite an eye candy. It has just two buttons : power and print, on the left-hand side above which are present two status indicators. Since it’s a monochrome laser printer it comes with a single toner which is easily installed. The paper feeder tray is located at the base and the output collection tray in on the top of the printer. The tray quality is strictly OK. Since it is a no frills monochrome printer, it does not feature any memory card or USB slots. Neither does it have a network printing option. It has air

vents on both the sides. Performance is not a dissapointment. The user interface of the printer software is very easy to use. It took only 8.2 seconds for a normal text print and the best quality text print took 8.7 secs. Printing a mixed document took 11.9 secs (Best quality) and 11.1 secs (normal quality). Continuous printing is also quite fast, and our 10 page print test took a mere 47 secs. Text print quality was quite good in both the modes, but mixed document tends to be printed lightly in the normal mode. Overall, quality is quite decent. At Rs. 5,499 we feel this is a good buy for home and small office users who deal with a lot of document printing.


Resolution: 1200 x 600 dpi; Weight: 4.2 kg; Manual Duplex; Interface: USB 2.0; Buffer Memory: 8 MB


Samsung India Phone: 0124-4881234 Email: Web site: Price: Rs. 5,499

6 10

Features ...............................5 Performance ..................6.5 Build Quality.......................7 Value for money............6.5

Intel Core i7 875K Overclockers rejoice


Clock Speed: 2.93 GHz; Max Turbo Frequency (1 Core): 3.6 GHz; Max TDP: 95W; 45 nm manufacturing process




ntel has come out with its new processor, the Core i7 875K which is a successor to the Core i7 870. Features-wise, its very similar to the i7 870 with the same core clock speed of 2.93 GHz, support for Turbo boost and four cores with hyperthreading enabled. The only difference being, that the i7 875K is comes with unlocked multiplier which will allow enthusiast users to unleash its overclocking prowess. The test rig comprised of a Gigabyte GA P55A UD7 motherboard running on Corsair Dominator 2x2GB DDR3 RAM at 1333 MHz. Sparkle GeForce GTX 285 was used with an HX 620W power supply.

Intel APAC Support Phone: +91 80 28542105 Email: apacsupport@ Web site: Price : Rs. 17,000 approx (US$342)

6 10

Features .............................. 6 Performance ......................7 Build Quality.......................7 Value for money ...........5.5

64 Digit | July 2010 |

Performance-wise it delivers the goods. The 3D Mark Vantage gave a score of 14476 marks. Cinebench R10 score of 15283 is marginally higher than the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T that we tested last month. Maya 8.0 rendering

took about 10 seconds with all cores and 34 seconds on single core. Real life tests also gave good scores. Crysis gave a frame rate of 71 fps at a resolution of 1024 x 768 at high settings without AA. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor gave 87 fps at 1280 x 1024 at low settings. It is priced at a hefty USD 342 (around Rs. 17,000). This processor is meant for enthusiasts who want an extreme edition performance but at a comparitively lower price as the price difference between the i7 875K and the i7 980X is quite high. Also the fact that it runs on an LGA1156 socket P55/H55 motherboards, cuts down on the cost of the relatively pricier X58 motherboards.

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Digit July 2010 Issue  

In this issue, we focus on Open Source and also test over 100 products, including graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, gaming peripherals, and mor...

Digit July 2010 Issue  

In this issue, we focus on Open Source and also test over 100 products, including graphics cards, Wi-Fi routers, gaming peripherals, and mor...