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LSCU – 2010



12. If "Yes" to 11, what group(s)? _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Are you a member of a credit union(s)?



14. If "Yes," which credit union(s)? ____________________________________________________ 15. Have you or any family member ever been employed by a credit union or served as a volunteer? Yes No 16. If "Yes," to 15, what credit union(s) and what position(s)? ________________________________ 17. How would you rate your overall knowledge and understanding of credit unions and credit union issues? Very Strong 1 2


Very Weak 4 5

18. Credit unions are not-for-profit, financial cooperatives owned by their members. All money not needed to operate the credit union is returned to members in the form of lower rates on loans, higher rates on savings, lower fees, and dividends paid to members. Because of their unique structure and operation, credit unions are exempted from paying corporate income taxes, although they do pay other forms of state taxes including payroll and property tax. Because they are owned by their members, any new tax on credit unions would be a tax on the individual members. Banks argue that credit unions’ tax-exempt status provides for unfair competition and that some larger credit unions have outgrown their tax-exempt status. If elected, would you support maintaining the corporate income tax exemption for state chartered credit unions? Yes No Explain: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 19. The LSCU believes the state operating statute for credit unions should be as flexible as possible while insuring the “safety and soundness” of the credit union industry. If elected, would you support additional statutory changes to eliminate unnecessary regulation as well as allow credit unions to expand the products and services they can offer their members? Yes No Explain: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 20. Each year, credit unions and other financial institutions pay millions of dollars that are lost as a result of some merchants mishandling sensitive consumer information found on debit and credit cards. These losses are often caused by companies failing to follow required security measures, yet LSCU – 2010


it is the credit union and the consumer who end up paying for the problems. The LSCU supports legislation that would prohibit the storage of card data; PIN numbers; and security codes from credit or debit cards. Merchants could be required to reimburse financial institutions for the cancellation or reissuance of cards, closing of accounts, fraud losses and notification of cardholders. These proposals give retailers added incentive to protect consumers' information. If elected, would you support this common sense approach to data security by making those responsible for the breach be responsible for paying for costs associated with the breach? Yes No Explain: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 21. As local units of government look to minimize fees and increase their return on deposits and investments, credit unions are well positioned to offer competitive rates. However, under current sate law, the state, local units of government and school districts are prohibited from depositing funds in state chartered credit unions. However, they can deposit funds in federally chartered credit unions, which create a parity issue. If elected, would you support efforts to include state chartered credit unions as permissible depositories? Yes No Explain: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 22. Candidate Signature_________________________________________ Date________________ (Questionnaires submitted without a valid candidate signature will not be considered for endorsement and/or financial support.)

Please submit surveys to: League of Southeastern Credit Unions Attn: Governmental Affairs Alabama Candidates: 22 Inverness Center Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35242 Fax: 205Or Florida Candidates: 3773 Commonwealth Blvd. Tallahassee, FL 32303 Fax: 850-558-1013 LSCU – 2010


Questions? Please feel free to contact either: Alabama: Will McCarty, Vice President of Legislative Affairs & Staff Counsel Email: 866-231-0545, ext. 2137 Or Florida: Mark Landreth, Vice President of Legislative Affairs Email: 866-231-0545, ext. 1012

LSCU – 2010