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it began around three months ago. We had been thinking about arranging an event for the Cardiff Design Festival. Something to do with sustainability and eco-design was going to be the agenda. Then we came across the work of Lloyd Davis and his Tuttle club and the excitingly entitled ‘open space technology’ way of working. So Wednesday night every week at 7pm in Buffalo Bar we began meeting to discuss what we wanted. How our event was to be and what we would do after it.

During our Wednesday meetings we invited friends and colleagues who we hoped would involve themselves in these questions and help us find out our values and goals for what had become slowly known as ARK. With ever meet we got a clearer idea of ARK and also what each other wanted from the project. It became clear that while the event was important we wanted to do more than just one event and so began to plan the start of an ongoing co-operative business. The business would in the future be owned by all involved.


the launch at atrium.

Summary of Launch event










Following ARK’s launch at the ATRiuM, Cardiff. We have now come up with the first few projects that we will be working on in the coming months.


Findings and ideas wall from launch night. With names from people who have shown interest in the individual projects.

Project 2: Frank, Laura, Rhodri, Roger, Luke, Jorge, Jenny, Julian

Project 3 & 6: Gisele, Angharad, Darragh, Melanie, Lynsey Project 5: ARK

Project 4: Mathilde, Simon, Andrew, Rhodri, Alison, Frank, Laura, Melanie, Wilco

Project 1: Carwyn, Tallulah, Roz

ark 8/9

project 1 - lost & found.

Project 1 - Lost & Found Centred around reuse and urban psychology, Lost & Found will investigate issues of ownership, sharing and the good old British weather. Lost & Found aims to bring awareness to the general public through fun one off events. If you are interested in this project please let us know. We will be looking at how to move this on next Wednesday.

found: bridge next to the Millennium Stadium. condition: shaft was bent but has been fixed brought to you by ARK


project 2 - cycling safety.

Project 2 - Cycling Safely During the launch Cycling was brought up repeatedly we are therefore going to investigate aspects of Cycling within the Cardiff area. The recent passage from Government figures seems to mean it for us. “Cycling deaths and serious injuries have soared by a fifth as more people have taken to two wheels during the recession, Government figures showed today. The number of cycle deaths and serious injuries in April-June 2009 totalled 820 - a 19per cent rise of the same period the previous year.� Source - Ray Massey, Daily Mail


project 3 - dead spaces.

Project 3 - Dead spaces Having personally been an avid user of public transport over the years I wanted to investigate the possibility of bringing back the age of when travelling was an experience, and seen as an adventure. If you would like to investigate concepts and ways forward along these lines then let us know.


project 4 - pop-up education.

Project 4 - Pop up Education Close to Simon’s and Lynsey’s heart the Pop up education project, will aim to encourage the development of opportunities to both transfer knowledge and develop ‘time banks’. We will also be looking at the unusual and different in how ‘education’ is delivered. If this sounds interesting let us know and we will be investigating this over the next few weeks.


project 5 - word hospital.

Project 5 - Word Hospital Central to ARK has always been heavily invested in inclusivity through the use of simple everyday language. We just needed a name for the project. Word Hospital coined by Mathilde Lopez will become this ongoing project. It will be involved through all of ARK’s projects to bring understanding to the language that is currently being used within the social and ecological design sector. Through the project it is hoped that words and the meanings of these words will be re-evaluated and lead to a better understanding for both ‘experts’ and the general public.

project 6 - happy spaces.

Project 6 - Happy Spaces “Did you know there are rabbits that live along Lloyd George Avenue?” “Are there?” “Yeah you can see the babies in the spring running about on the grass” The sixth project is a mixture of gaining peoples awareness of the wildlife around us in the urban environment and creating environments that will lends to greater wildlife to ultimately make “happy spaces”.


ARK first 6 projects  
ARK first 6 projects  

The first booklet for the ARK projects setup through the Cardiff Design Festival.