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1. Fast Food 2. Yoga 3. Gaga 4. Beyonce. 5. TelePhone 6. Dressing your best. 7. Money 8. Random Shuffle 9. The Den 10. Scopes

Fast food is very tempting to consumers because of its convenience. It’s so easy to swing through the drive thru on your way home from work, starving, and order a super size extra value meal for yourself, spouse, and kids. The food is fairly cheap and you usually won’t spend more than five minutes in line. If the food that fast food companies are serving were actually good for you this would be an ideal situation. However this is not the case. Instead, fast food companies are profiting off of clogging your arteries resulting in heart disease.

The first problem with fast food is that over the decades they have been increasing the serving size available. Now when you order a small fries, you actually get what would have been a medium just five years ago. The larger serving size you are served the harder it is for you to know when to stop. From the time we are children our parents teach us to clean our plates because there are those less fortunate who have no food.

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the ultimate aim of Yoga is to reach "Kaivalya" (emancipation or ultimate freedom). This is the experience of one's innermost being or "soul" (the Purusa). Then one becomes free of chains of cause and effect (Karma) which tie us to continual reincarnation. In Kaivalya one is said to exist in peace and tranquillity, having attained absolute knowledge of the difference between the spiritual which is timeless, unchanging and free of sorrows, and the material which is not. This is considered desirable as life is analysed as ultimately full of sorrows and pain- even pleasure and joy leave pain and loss when they have gone as nothing in the material world is permanent. Yoga is therefore a spiritual quest. However, along the path of yoga, the aspirant also gains health, happiness, tranquillity and knowledge which are indicators of progress and an encouragement to continue their practice. Buddhism and other Eastern spiritual traditions use many techniques derived from Yoga.

Lady Gaga has fired back at her exboyfriend and former business partner, Rob Fusari, who last week filed a $30.5m (£20m) royalties suit against the pop star. The 23-year-old singer is now countersuing Fusari, saying he tried to take advantage of "an inexperienced performing artist". According to court filings by Lady Gaga, the deal drawn up by Fusari "was structured in such a way as to mask its true purpose" – leeching a client's future earnings. Her lawyers called in an "unlawful" deal, "predatory and financially abusive". While Fusari is asking for a 20% share of songwriting royalties and merchandising sales, Lady Gaga's reps now seek damages against the producer and songwriter. Fusari met Lady Gaga, then just Stefani Germanotta, in March 2006. He was looking for a female singer "with garage band chops", according to his lawsuit. Fusari says he "radically reshaped her [career] approach" and even suggested she use the stage name Lady Gaga. Just a few years later, Lady Gaga is perhaps the fastest-rising pop star in the world, and although Fusari has received about $611,000 from her, he says he is entitled to more. In response, Lady Gaga's legal team say the 2006 contract is invalid because Fusari was not a licensed talent agent

As if Beyonce wasn’t enough to satisfy audiences, now the secret of “Sasha” is out. That’s the name Beyonce has given her stage persona, according to the November issue of Vanity Fair. “I always held back in Destiny’s Child, because I was comfortable in a group and felt that I didn’t have to do anything 100 percent, because there were other people onstage with me. I would not lose myself or go all the way,” she told the magazine. “The first step to (going all the way) was ‘Dangerously in Love.’ I just wanted people to really hear me, hear my voice and my tastes. For the first time, I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t feel limited. I wanted people to hear my range, because I can sing like a rapper, I can flow, I can sing soul songs, I can do rock, and I wanted people to hear that.”

Lady Gaga made history last week when her second single from The Fame Monster, “Telephone,” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, becoming the only artist to top the charts with six consecutive singles. She has also taken the fashion world by storm, donning everything from plastic bubbles to Muppets, and Gaga even held her own tickling the ivories in a duet with Sir Elton John at this year’s Grammys — a major accomplishment in my book. But it’s Gaga’s latest work that has me wondering if the pop sensation can do the unthinkable: breathe life back into a dying music video industry. The work I’m referring to is Lady Gaga’s latest music video for “Telephone,” which debuted online less than two weeks ago. For those of you who haven’t seen this rather salacious video, the highlights include a “Prison for Bitches” jam-packed with nudity and racy lesbian activity, iconic Gaga fashion — cigarette sunglasses, Diet Coke hair rollers and a telephone headpiece, to name a few — and the poison-induced murder of an entire diner orchestrated by Beyoncé and Gaga. Although reactions to the nearly 10-minute video have varied from glorious and groundbreaking to confusing and controversial, the fact is people are not only watching — the video is closing in on 22 million views — but also talking about music videos again. But is this a sign that there’s hope for the music video industry yet?

Used books. Pretty simple, right, but some people feel they need shiny new plastic-wrapped books. Sell them. Sell books from previous semesters to pay for current course books. • Custom style. Maybe your college has budding fashion designers who can make fashionable clothing on the cheap for you. • Make it yourself. Handy with a sewing machine? Make your own fashion statement. • Go vintage. Vintage clothing boutiques are all over the place. • Army surplus. Surplus stores sell discounted clothing, outerwear, boots and bags. Book bags. Canvas bags can and do last longer than leather cases, and cost less. Flea markets. Make vintage furnishings part of your style. Buy on sale. Obvious, right? Seasonal gifts cost less off-season. • Ditch the catalogs. Especially if there's stuff in them that you want but don't need. Ask for a discount. Places like Office Depot will sometimes give you a discount just for asking. Ask for a cash discount. Some places such as electronics stores will give you a cash discount if you ask nicely.

The Den of Hollywood is a place where any day you can come to, slide into a booth, belly up to the bar, or hang out on the patio and just be yourself. We want you to feel at home, in your den and enjoy. You want your chair, a cold one and maybe even a TV dinner. But, you know, a classy TV dinner. We can deliver. The Den of Hollywood is not your typical Sunset Strip hang. No velvet ropes, no lines and no reservations needed, but we take them of course, Just come on by. The Den of Hollywood is decorated with a stone-covered entrance-peaked ceilings, a fireplace, fire pit outside, totally casual-We want you to feel like it is your den, if you lived on the Sunset Strip ... and if the Sunset Strip were in Aspen. You almost want to take off your shoes. Almost.

In last weeks Viral Tuesday I featured the latest video from IamWhoIam. The virals originated from Sony and were initially distributed to music blogs and are believed to be part of a marketing campaign to promote an upcoming album. But the most interesting part is that the virals are not attributed to any artist. This has lead to wild speculation online that it could be anyone from Christina Aquiera to The Knife, Lady Gaga, Goldfrapp or even Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. Thats a wide palate of diverse musical backgrounds.

BUFFALO -- Syracuse will open its NCAA tournament run without Arinze Onuaku. The big man will not play when the No. 1 seed Orange meet Vermont in the first round on Friday evening, and coach Jim Boeheim labeled Onuaku "doubtful" should Syracuse advance to a second-round game on Sunday. Onuaku, who injured his right leg during Syracuse's loss to Georgetown in the Big East tournament quarterfinal, said he feels better but has not practiced, run or ridden a stationary bike since the injury a week ago.

In 2055 it is predicted that “Androids will be doing all the cooking, cleaning and order taking in most restaurants. In construction sites, androids will be pouring the concrete, laying brick, and building the home’s frame. At hospitals robots will be flying the planes, selling the tickets, moving the luggage and handle security as well as keeping the airport clean. They will be doing all the stocking in stores. On the roads robots will be driving the cars, trucks for companies like FedEx, UPS and at the post office large numbers of robots will sorting packages and making deliveries.”

SCOPES ARIES (Mar. 21- Apr. 20) To turn around things, you ensure that they does not leave to them. Do not be too prompt to give your opinion. To listen to the others attentively. The possibilities of voyages will be favorable in terms of connections moneymaking. Do not let the others limit you to say how you feel on the family questions. Your lucky events of this month will take place Monday. TAURUS (Apr. 21- August 21) Perhaps it is time to seek the means you can improve your health. Professional secrecy can only lead to circumstances devastators. Speak with your second on one about holidays and to discuss waitings your relation. Difficulties with your second August of leading to insulation. Your lucky events of this month will take place Thursday. GEMINI (August 22-June 21) It will be of as much around you. You will be emotional on the questions of money. You should take part in activities which can be exerted by the two young people and old man. You can receive a recognition for the work which you made. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Saturday. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Try not to spend time with your colleagues if you want to avoid problems later. You to benefit from August to do something for the musical entertainment. You August being more emotional than usually. Your second will do everything to make you things which you do not want to only make. Your lucky events of this month will take place Wednesday. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You must make more things than you like. You are better to channel your energy in the work world. Try to reduce your practices, or you could be in an embarrassing financial position. You to be emotional August on the way in which an organization you belong is the handling of its activities. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Friday. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Emotionally , the things August not so well. You could experiment of the unusual circumstances and to meet eccentric people. You ensure that you have all the relevant facts before taking measures. You will find it easy to learn and to excel. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Friday. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) make sure you to take the time life friends or parents, you do not have to see only often. If you are worried, being careful during the exploitation of a vehicle or any type of machines or equipment. Do not hesitate to express your opinion when they are relative questions to work. Your social competences with people August being more than one simple useful. Your lucky events of this month will take place Thursday. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Better still, take your second and to let them pay the invoice. You August were too in vain for a friend who wanted benefit from you. Made attention not sign your time or your money immediately. Bring changes which will improve your appearance. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Friday. can really allow yourselves. Your lucky events of this month will take place Monday. healthy food. The social activity should be with your day order. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Tuesday.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) August close relations annoyed being if they feel limited. Be careful if a friend asks you for councils. Information that you profit can be used in all the aspects of your life. Children August demanding being, of entertainment and could cost much more than you can really allow yourselves. Your lucky events of this month will take place Monday. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Your words will be taken except context if you are of avoidance with colleagues or employers. You will be August mixed in a kind of triangle. You should consider a healthy food. The social activity should be with your day order. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Tuesday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Not so much not to widen if you have your own company. You sit tight. You are better to avoid the litigations. this month is not the day to test people arriving in their giving ultimata. To do a little investigation if it ya somebody with work you made not confidence. Your lucky events of this month will take place it. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Supervise your tendency to live for the day and to pass too much from entertainment and the children, it could recall you. To make projects which will bring you to exotic destinations. To seek the means of better you by improving your dietary habits and of daily life. Be honest in your communication and not to lose its coolness if somebody supports you in a corner. Your lucky events of this month will take place Sunday.


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