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Winter 2011

Customer’s Corner: Ultra Purge Solves Clear PC and Acrylic Lens Problem Injection molders are aware that there are many hurdles in production when molding clear Polycarbonate (PC) and Acrylic lens. Thermo-sensitive resins, such as PC, can easily degrade in the machine resulting in carbon specks showing up in the clear part. In addition, switching between materials can also be problematic because of the remnants of the previous resin. Finally, molders of clear PC and Acrylic face the issue of residue from the commercial purging compound that is used to clean the machine. Thus, the accumulation of these factors can make molding clear PC and Acrylic parts very tricky. A large automotive molder of exterior lighting systems was having all the above mentioned problems while molding PC and Acrylic clear lens. They had tried using commercial purging compounds in the past but found that these products had high residue content. The residue was present in the parts as white/milky streaks and the contamination would sometimes be present for 1-2 hours resulting in many scraped pieces. Up until recently a decision was made to quit using commercial purging compounds since residue caused too big concern, resulting in the presses being only purged with resin. However, a recent increase in business prompted this automotive molder to reevaluate purging compounds in order to find a more efficient method to purge their machines. An Ultra Purge Representative evaluated the molder’s needs and determined that the 5060 grade would be the best match for the molder. The 5060 grade is a low residue grade that is specifically designed to purge clear PC and Acrylic applications and is effective at purging for color changes, material changes and carbon issues. Thus, using the Ultra Purge 5060 substantially reduced the downtime and scrap for each material change, color change and carbon removal. The injection molder found that there was virtually no residue from the Ultra Purge and that they were making good parts within 3-4 shots after the Ultra Purge was removed from the press. In the past with other purging compounds they would battle residue issues which prolonged the downtime; however, by approving the use of Ultra Purge on all presses this automotive molder expects to become much more competitive in the market by reducing the cost for each purge. Below you will find a cost analysis representing the savings per purge.

Spot Light on Ultra Purge The Ultra Purge 5050 grade is one of the most versat ile g rades that Mou lds Plus International offers its customers. The 5050 is an ideal grade for companies that process ma ny different varieties of resins. A wide spect rum of resins may be purged by the 5050, ranging from PVC to PC. The flexibility of the 5050 limit s the a mount of purg ing compound s a company ne eds to keep in inventor y resulting in a much more user friendly grade. The 5050 may be used for color changes, material cha nges, carbon removal and machine shutdowns/star tups.

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No 2

For Sample Request, Questions or Comments: US/Canada: 1.877.884.3129 Europe: +39 0131 836136

Winter 2011

Ultra Purge In The News Understanding the true cost of purging a plastic processing machine is very important when determining the proper commercial purging compound to use. Thus, one attribute that is overlooked many times by companies is the amount of commercial purging compound needed for each purge. In order to translate this information to our customers we have started a new advertising campaign pointing out the amount of Ultra Purge that is needed versus conventional purging compounds.

Ultra Purge Around the World Moulds Plus International is proud to announce that Ultra Purge will now be inventoried in Canada. Moulds Plus International has recently started working with a distributor in the Toronto area that will start selling and warehousing the Ultra Purge in Canada. This local representation will allow us to better serve our Canadian customers.

Purging Innovations

Tradeshows Moulds Plus International has had a busy year with tradeshow exhibitions all around the globe. During the summer Moulds Plus International attended their very first tradeshow in Canada, the Plast-Ex located in Toronto. The tradeshow was a great way to kick off our new working relationship with a Canadian distributor. Other foreign tradeshows Moulds Plus International attended were the China Plas, Plastimagen in Mexico, FIP in France and Fakuma in Germany. The domestic shows that Ultra Purge was represented at in 2011 were the Plastec West (Anaheim) and Plastec Midwest (Chicago). Moulds Plus International will be busy in 2012 with more tradeshow exhibitions around the world, including our first tradeshow in India.

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Color changes on high cavitation PET perform molds for the beverage industry can be a very challenging feat. In order to assist molders with reducing the downtime and scrap associated with PET color changes, Moulds Plus International teamed up with #1 maker of hot runners in the world, Husky Injection Molding Systems, to develop a grade specifically designed for the PET industry. The PET-E grade resulted from extensive research and development in order to assist the PET industry. The PET-E grade is food contact certified and safe to be used on hot runner systems. One unique aspect of the PET-E grade is that it is 100% moldable when it is mixed with the in-house PET. Thus, the ability to mold parts means a company can do “color changes on the fly” if they wish. Additionally, the PET-E grade is also available in a concentrated grade called the PET-C.

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