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Small color coated bags to keep you organized.

Things In Your Bag

This idea of the two cosmetic bags Have you ever switched bags and really makes life so much easier. realized you forgot something in Now your problem of forgetting your bag from the night before? things in your other bag is now Your answer is most likely yes. We fixed with the perfect have found the perfect solution for solution! you! First get two cosmetic bags. In one bag which will be your day time bag make sure you have Advil, hand sanitizer, a neutral color lipstick or gloss, gum or mints, a pen, a notepad, and an extra cellphone charger. In your second cosmetic bag have a toothbrush, gum or mints, lipstick/gloss, bronzer, masDaytime cara, and eyeliner. These two bags Bag will be your day and night life savers! By having these two cosmetic bags you have everything you need in one compartment. All you have to do is grab your cosmetic bag if it’s day time and drop it in your bag, same Night Bag goes for nighttime. We have taken this problem and tested it out.


things in bag

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