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and their relationships

See all the things around us: who made it, how was it made, what materials were used, where was it made and what to do with things we don’t need any more.

/Martin Tõnts

We belive that Every single thing, every product has a unique story, and we plan to tell that story. Map every Thing?

Imagine something like Google Maps, but instead of streets, buildings, rivers and mountains there are things – objects made and used by humans. This is the essence of – to create a collaborative web platform where you can learn about the origin, usage, and recycling of man-made objects. Reusing the things we have reduces the need to produce new ones, as a result we use less water, less energy and other resources.

And it’s all presented with beautiful graphics to enhance your experience!

It’s personal!

It is also meant to be personal – you can create a catalogue of Your Things. Make some of them public - for example those you want to give away, lend out or sell. If you want to get rid of something, for example an old fridge, books etc. You will find the nearest places in your neighbourhood where you can bring these items, as well as the conditions for reusage or recycling.

It’s mobile!

We’re also planning a mobile app, which will be one of the main components enhancing the usability of The app lets you take simple, beautiful pictures of your things. Doesn’t matter if you are a collector of something or just want to share the things most important to you, our mobile app will help you do just that!

Any other practical value?

Lots of! You can also check out product information while shopping, thus having the opportunity to make more conscious decisions by choosing a product from an ethical production line, made in a specific area or from specific substances. It’s like your own personal little guarantee – having more information about a specific product will literally help you buy better products! For instance electronics that work longer than a few months…

We wish to build with you! So we’re always open to new ideas and feedback. We’re building it so we could all be more aware as consumers! So spread the word! Yours sincerely, Team


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