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September 2018 Vol. 5

Welcome to T & S ff, a silly little monthly zine. Here you will find a bit of everything. Within these pages you will find a variety of illustrations, poems, reviews, recipes, and many other gaieties that will hopefully brighten your day. My wish is for this to become a place where everyone can find something for themselves. With the help of collaborators, artists, family, and friends, I’m looking forward to making this a project that includes many perspectives on all the things and stuff that make life worth living. I hope you join us every month and enjoy this project. Thanks in advance for reading this issue! Love, Paola F. About Me I am 23 years-old. I have a BA in Journalism from CSU Long Beach. I write a blog, of the same title, that inspired me to make this zine. My soul belongs to cats, movies, drag queens, and thrifty fashion.

Danielle Moeller Danielle is a Junior and Biology major at UC Santa Barbara. She enjoys watching anime and horror movies. She abuses her Spotify account and loves going to local punk shows instead of doing her homework. Adriana Apodaca Adriana considers herself bilingual-ish. She enjoys movies & tv shows. She also has a growing vinyl collection of movie and musical soundtracks. Anywhere you find her she’s bound to have nose buried in a book. Joe Moeller Joe is a Math grad student at UC Riverside and a Palm Springs native. He’s a vegetarian coffee addict who enjoys blasting various types of music. One second he could be listening to rap, and the next Russian folk music. Aremo Massa Aremo is a New York City born, Philadelphia based artist whose creations span from original independent comics of magic and fantasy, to zines of personal stories and everyday struggles, as well illustrations and paintings that often depict a love of bicycles, interwoven with other dreamlike themes.

September 16 Mexico’s Independence Day Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is not Mexico’s Independence Day. On September 16, we celebrate the beginning of the fight for independence from the Spanish rule in 1810. Here are a few fun facts about Mexico’s independence day: 1.

Spain originally conquered Mexico in 1500. They renamed it New Spain, and many of the Mayas and Aztecs were forced into slavery. 300 years later Father Hidalgo began the revolt that would eventually result in Mexico's independence.


On the eve of September 16th, Father Miguel Hidalgo de Costilla rang the church bell and gathered the people of Mexico after he discovered the Spanish had ordered his arrest for planning a revolt against them. He gave a speech known as the “Grito de Dolores”, which began the fight for independence.


The original date planned for the rebellion was October 2nd, but Father Hidalgo’s plan was discovered before and the date was moved up.


Mexican people won their independence from Spain in 1821, and the first presidential election took place in 1823.


On the eve of Mexican Independence Day, the current president gives an address and recreates Hidalgo’s “grito”.

By Joe Moeller

You’ve probably heard of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). It's firmly embedded in pop culture as a clear indicator that someone is a severe nerd. D&D is a roleplaying game (RPG). This means that the players assume the role of some character. It is usually played in groups of 3-5 players, though these bounds are very flexible. Each of the players creates a character that lives in a fantastic world, such as an Elven Wizard, or a Dwarven Warrior. One of the people playing takes the role of the Dungeon Master (DM). The DM is responsible for playing the part of the the world that the other players are in, including the environment, the enemies, and every non-player character. D&D was invented by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in the early 70’s. They were inspired by a lot of science fiction and fantasy, including most notably the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Many games and stories have been inspired by it: World of Warcraft, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, and many more.

My step-mom played second edition with her cousin. I remember looking through her books when I was younger. In middle school I read some Forgotten Realms novels she had. Now I’ve starting playing as the DM of a campaign using fifth edition. Wizards of the Coast released the 5th edition of D&D in 2014. This is the edition my friends and I started playing with. I have a friend who has been playing D&D for a few years. He loaned me the materials that come in the starter pack. So my friends and I got together and made our characters. There are free rules the official website. You can get pretty far with just this information that is freely available. There is also a starter set you can probably find in a bookstore for pretty cheap. One thing that a tabletop RPG like D&D has that a videogame could never have is an infinite potential for detail and variation. Together the players and the DM weave a collaborative story. If you want to learn more about D&D, I recommend the Web DM youtube channel.

Art by Aremo Massa Words by Alex Dill

Art by Aremo Massa Words by Alex Dill

Cool Board Games:

Mr. Toast Dan Goodsell Hasbro Games

By Danielle Moeller At first glance, Mr. Toast seems like a simple child’s game, but once you actually start playing, you realize it can actually be pretty brutal. The premise of the game is to ‘avoid chores and chillax with Mr. Toast.’ The game contains four different types of cards: green, red, purple, and blue. Green cards are the fun activities, such as whistle a tune or go to outer space, that count as points or counter red cards, which are the chores. Purple cards are buddy cards, like Clem Lemon, which you play with a green card to increase your points. Lastly, blue cards are action cards and these are what make the game brutal.

For example. there is one action card in the deck called ‘Embrace Change’, and what this card does is switch the points of the player who uses it with any other player of their choice. This can be a major game changer because the goal of the game is to get 15 points, so you can steal the win from an opponent. There are a variety of other action cards that can also be used to mess with opponents, thus keeping the game interesting. Though the game can be brutal, the mechanics are still easy enough for new players to join right in. I find the artwork of the game to be simple, yet cute, which perfectly matches the lighthearted premise. Every time I’ve played Mr. Toast with my friends, we’ve always had a great time and a few playful rivalries and alliances.

The longest Monopoly game ever went on for 70 straight days.

Things and Stuff Zine- Vol. 5- September 2018  

Welcome to Things & Stuff, a silly little monthly zine. Here you will find a bit of everything. Within these pages you will find a variety o...

Things and Stuff Zine- Vol. 5- September 2018  

Welcome to Things & Stuff, a silly little monthly zine. Here you will find a bit of everything. Within these pages you will find a variety o...