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Harnessing the True Power of Story in Your Business & Marketing Almost everybody who does business knows how important it is to get testimonials. These are incredibly powerful forms of social proof. Human nature has not changed, and people still like knowing they are not alone even with a buying decision. We also like to know what other people think about something before we make the purchase ourselves. Since you are a business owner, you need to understand that you have the ability to create more effective and more powerful testimonials when you know more things about them.

Just about all people who engage in optimization think only in terms of the keyword phrases used in the content, the headline, page title and maybe the file name. One thing you may not know is that the whole page is scanned and your keywords counted no matter where they are. So keep that in mind, but just be sure you do not decide to do keyword stuffing. But you do not want to limit yourself to only your primary page phrase, and this can bring in more traffic as well. This is an important point about secondary phrases, but bear in mind that you should only have one major phrase per page.

What makes testimonials particularly interesting is the powerful effect they have on buyers--it is just as powerful as your copy. For instance, people always respond better to specifics in anything. General information is better than no information. Generalities can't produce things like emotional responses though. So always try to get as much as you can in the way of specific information in your testimonials. You can ask very specific questions, or ask questions and request that people offer specific information. You simply need to be as careful as you can be about the way in which you word your questions.

No matter what you are attempting to market, or presell, you can take your time and weave an expertly crafted story around it. If you want more credibility, then you can look for true stories but related to your product. One important aspect of your story is to really show people what you want them to know about why they need to have your product. Plus, there are many ways to put supporting information such as statistics, etc. What this can do is completely change the way you view content generation; plus it's fun.

You have to be careful when you are dealing with people and testimonials. The US Legal system and the FTC have made this particularly true. A lot of people are too lazy to take care

of themselves and this, thank goodness, gives you a way to take care of things for them. The truth is that a responsible consumer needs to know everything he or she possibly can whenever they want to buy something. So, as long as you work within the confines of the law, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. rapid seo results

Harnessing the True Power of Story in Your Business & Marketing  
Harnessing the True Power of Story in Your Business & Marketing  

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