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Industry Trust Can you stop film piracy?

By Thilini Thewarapperuma and Diwani Ramakrishnan Folio sheets by Thilini Thewarapperuma

The Brief Create an inspiring and powerful idea that can be in the form of a: story, short film, play, installation, poster, website, series of debates, a tv show, online games. They must communicate a story that makes the audience understand the impact of copyright. In order for this to be successful it must be true and convincing. Your target audience is young males aged 16-25 years old. Ideas should be inspirational, original, and encouraging in a positive aspect. It is important to respect copyright legislations, as they are there to protect us as well as the industries that inspire us.


arch The advancement in the music industry have caused there to be a growing demand for new songs and albums. People are ‘dabbling’ copyright in order to get free music. This had cause there to be a consequence within the music industry. Record labels are more hesitant to sign new artists due to everyone being able to here their music for free. HVM is one of the music stores that have been affected by this lack of respect for copyright infringement. The challenging trading conditions have cause HMV to shut down over 40 stores and have been struggling to meet their targets. New technology is providing us with the opportunity to access everything online rather than having to purchase files from the stores. Although GAME store is a successful company, they too are in danger of being the victim of copyright and piracy. Gamers are able to access similar games online for free rather than purchasing them, causing their to be no need for game. This is a growing concern that may soon show the impact on the store when they make a great loss in sales. The are potentally at risk of also being force to shut down stores. Film piracy is one of the major worrying industries that are increasingly affected by copyright. Films are becoming more and more easy to access online and are believe to be decent quality and faster with better broadband. This is one of the biggest industry, however with the rate of illegal film viewings and downloading online, the film industry will soon feel the impact. Consequences of illegal film downloading can ultimately cause their to be no revenue for film companies and therefore cause their to be no need for the traditional movie theatres.

Concept Our idea originated from the proposal to make an App game similar to a HUD interface, with a first person shooter. However as we began to define the features we wanted to exist the element of HUD became less of a necessity. Instead we formed a standard game interface with the icons situated around the border s of the interface. The App would consist of a short animated scene demonstrating the aim of the game. The aim we intended to communicate is that you enter a level were you are monitored on how may legal downloads you make from your phone or computer, this is then reflected on the points you earn or lose and will also appear in the form of blocks that will eventually form a store such as HMV. During this the user will be exposed to speech bubble that communicate a fact or incentive. The fact will usually be on copyright and how we can determine a better ending if we continue to respect the law of copyright. The ultimate goal for this game will be to complete the levels and receive money towards the downloads you wish to purchase. Our aim is to not only convince the user that download legally is the best way to go but to also provide them with knowledge that will determine this without the game incentives in mind as well. We will provide a short animation using After Effects but will also provide a ‘pitch’ that will explore the possibilities of it once expanded into the real game.

IPhone App: Farm Villle- game that allows you to earn money to buy crops for your farm and to build it up to how you like.

Iphone App: City Story: game that allows you to build the buildings you wish to exist and you have control on your ultimate city.

Once we had formed our concept and conducted relevant research, we began developing ideas for the game. We allocated icons for each of us to design and sketched a few possibilities for each one. We then combined them to pick the final icons to develop further in Photoshop. Our inspiration for the icons came from our brief encounters with other app games and applied the simplicity factor into ours. We wanted the icons to provide a clear understanding and allow the user to associate it to the meaning without writing it.

We used our research into the existing games FarmVille and City Story to analyze and understand the positioning and structure of their games. I found that when analyzing these aspects and applying the consistency was essential to making the game both userfriendly and appealing. FarmVille is a game via App that is a similar concept in that you earn your money to buy and build your farm. Our aim however is to provide the user with an incentive to work towards by purchasing legal downloads. With this respect will come rewards and more importantly knowledge about copyright.

Icon Development

My contribution towards the Icon development was the sketching and designing process. I also contributed towards the decisions on structure, positioning and colour theme. Our decision to use bold colours and childlike graphics was to appeal to the target audience of young males. Standard app games often provide bold colours to attract their audience and simple graphics to make it look easy.

The final would potentially be an app game that ca through the web. The app will be synced to your p of your personal downloads. Each level of the gal w you are expected to download 4 liegal downloads The process of the store being built relys on your were you may download illegally, the game will beg and therefore you lose point. Along the game will the user of the consequences of copyright. It will win at random timed events to convince user to e

Final Outcome

an purchased via iphone App Store or phone in order to motior the activity will consit of a store such as hvm were to build the store and recieve points. downloads being legal. In the case gin to remove blocks from the store be a series of pop ups that infrom also inform you of bonus prizes to embrace and respect copyright laws.

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