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Issue 230 November 2017

Teamwork makes the retail dream work How empowering a team led to a decade of success

Providing news and views in the trade since 1999



The Unlimited Company

Thistle Help


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…from the editor As the year draws to a close, the industry has been left shocked by the departure of both The Mobility Roadshow and The Unlimited Company.

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hroughout October, the industry said goodbye to The Mobility Roadshow, described as an institution by many in the industry. The announcement, whilst disappointing for many, was not such a surprise, with the show experiencing a rather rocky five-year period leading up to the closure. The more unexpected announcement came from Simplyhealth deciding to shut its retail arm, The Unlimited Company, after recently declaring it would be doubling down on its professional advice and service offer in August. Many in the industry speculated that the proposition was unviable, with large investments made on bringing an ultra-modern retail experience to customers. We caught back up with the company’s chief commercial offer to find out what really led to the decision and what the future holds. On the flipside of the closure announcements, THIIS caught up with industry newcomer Style Mobility, a retailer looking to make waves on the East Coast, as well as Thistle Help, our front cover feature who explains how they turned a five-minute conversation into 10-years of retail success. In this issue, you can also see our Product Showcase, featuring the latest and greatest in wheelchairs and walking aids, as well as a special round-up of Trade Days, as Closerstill’s Show Manager Derek MacHale lets us know his thoughts on the 2017 show.

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64 The Unlimited Company reaches its limit

Features 26 Derek MacHale talks Trade Days 44 Thistle Help uses teamwork to make the dream work 50 Product Showcase – Walking aids and wheelchairs

10 New kids on the block

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Training Diary

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16 End of the road-show

6 Forensic benefit

38 OT’s perspective

INSURANCE SCHEME OFFERS INNOVATIVE FORENSIC BENEFIT Designed to give more benefits to the mobility retailers they collaborate with, Fish Insurance has unveiled a brand new Appointed Representative Scheme which includes a unique theft deterrent.


he innovative deterrent called DNA+ is one of the additional benefits available on the scheme. Exclusive within the disability sector to Fish Insurance and their Appointed Representatives (ARs), the deterrent aims to dramatically reduce the chance of retailers’ customers’ mobility vehicles being stolen. Designed to deter the theft of consumers’ mobility equipment, each DNA+ kit consists of a special pen containing the DNA+ solution, along with a sticker to mark the scooter as protected and an instruction leaflet. The pen allows customers to mark their scooter as their personal property, utilising forensic technology with uniquely-coded microdots registered exclusively to each individual customer. Dots of the solution are applied by the customer to various hidden places on their mobility scooter (such as joints, indents, slots, and grills), which appear white when applied to the device but dries clear, making it simple for customers to apply correctly. Andy Mellor, Head of Business

Partnerships & Operations at Fish Insurance, commented: “We understand how important your customers’ mobility is. That’s why we want to help keep their valuable purchases safe. “As part of our new AR Scheme, we want to give you the opportunity to protect your customers from the inconvenience, stress, and loss of independence that mobility scooter theft can cause.” If a scooter protected with DNA+ is stolen, police will identify the sticker and actively look for any sign of forensic coding. The uniquely-coded microdots that make up the DNA+ solution’s forensic coding means the mobility scooter is irrefutably connected to its owner. This makes it easy for the police to secure convictions and results in lost or stolen mobility scooters being more likely to be returned to their rightful owners. To find out more about the Appointed Representative Scheme, call 0333 331 3954

STOLEN SCOOTER STATISTICS... • An estimated 517 mobility scooters stolen • Estimated value of £615,730 • Only 22% recovered Figures based on available police statistics in England & Wales for 2015

“We want to give you the opportunity to protect your customers from the inconvenience, stress, and loss of independence that mobility scooter theft can cause.” ANDY MELLOR

6 |

Andy Mellor, Head of Business Partnerships & Operations

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loserStill Media, organisers of Trade Days, also acquired the Care Show from UBM in September, expanding the organisation’s extensive healthcare show portfolio. The Care Show, a leading dedicated exhibition for the residential and

domiciliary care sector, is now part of CloserStill’s stable of healthcare events which include Trade Days, The Pharmacy Show, Health+Care and the Therapy Expo. CloserStill Director Michael Westcott confirmed that Closerstill will invest in the show, stating that the organisation

is well placed to understand the dynamics of the sector and the challenges facing it. The next Care Show will take place on the 17th-18th October 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham.

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retailer spotlight

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Launching a new retail shop is never an easy challenge, especially with wellestablished competitors just around the corner. For Style Mobility’s Directors Dominic Goldsmith and Simon West however, it is a challenge the pair relishes. THIIS caught up with the East Coast’s latest mobility retailer to find out more about the new venture.


ritain’s East Coast is no stranger to mobility shops, so when directors Dominic and Simon West decided to launch Style Mobility in the town of Great Yarmouth, they did so with full knowledge of the competition surrounding them. This did not deter 30-year-old Dominic however, who aims to use a range of skills he has developed working in different sectors to deliver something special to the area. “I originally started in the hospitality industry, working as a restaurant manager, so I learned a great deal about customer service, but the hours were pretty unsociable and the pay wasn’t great,” explained Dominic. “Instead, I tried my hand at sales in the home improvement sector. Even though I really enjoyed sales, the industry was really high pressure and quite forceful which didn’t sit well with me at all.” It was then that he applied for a job at a local mobility shop on the East Coast and got his first taste of the industry, as well as meeting his future business partner Simon. “The mobility sector really agreed with me,” he continued. “I went to Rehacare and saw what was happening in the industry and realised there was a lot to be excited about.” After working for the retailer for 18 months, Dominic and Simon realised there were certain things they would do differently if they had their own shop and so decided to take the plunge and set one up, opening the doors to Style Mobility in September 2017. “The previous company I worked for are a great company but I found them to be costly and quite unreliable at times for their customers in certain respects,” said Dominic.

10 |

The store showcases a stylish adapted bathroom

“People buying these products need good customer service and they need reliability as the products play such a major role in their lives. So that’s why we went on our own. The idea that drives us is offering the right products at a fair price, combined with high-quality, hospitality-based customer service where nothing is too

much trouble.” Stocking mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs, profiling beds, rise & recline chairs and more, the new retail store features three showrooms; a main showroom at the front displaying scooters and two smaller ones. One of the showrooms is for furniture, whilst another contains

“We take a lot of our inspiration from car showrooms. They are clean, tidy, modern and always look professional.” DOMINIC GOLDSMITH



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retailer spotlight something rather unique to the company; a stylish, bespoke adapted bathroom. “We are lucky enough to have a company that fits bespoke bathrooms for us, including wetrooms, walk-in baths and more. Importantly, some adapted bathrooms with a walk-in bath or a wet room look very NHS and clinical. The idea behind our installations are that they look stylish,” Dominic told us. “Not everyone who wants or needs these bathrooms are elderly, some are in there 40s, 50s and sometimes younger, so they want a bathroom that they can be proud to see in their home.” As well as offering stylish bathroom installations, Style Mobility goes one step further for customers admitted to the hospital that are unable to visit the store but require an adaptation, as Dominic explained. “A lot of the time, if someone is in hospital, they won’t be allowed to leave until the house is ready for them to go home, which includes a bathroom adaption,” he said. “So we offer a service where we can visit customers in the hospital and

“We take a lot of our inspiration from car showrooms. They are clean, tidy, modern and always look professional. We wanted a space that reflected a more stylish approach to the industry, especially as many of the products seem to be focusing a lot more on style as well. Many of the scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs that are coming out now seem to be giving a lot more attention to how they look, as well as performance, with features like alloy wheels, different colourways and even three-wheeled machines with a Harley-Davidson look.

“I think a few of our competitors have had the market to themselves for quite a long time, so complacency may have crept in.” DOMINIC GOLDSMITH

bring everything they need to make decisions on their adaption, based on the style of their home furnishings, wallpaper, floorings and more. This way, they can ensure the bathroom is exactly as they want it for when they are discharged. That is something that we don’t think anyone else does locally.” This focus on style does not just extend to bathrooms, with the idea of looking good being integral to the company. “Really, we wanted to reinforce the idea that disabilities do not have to define lifestyle or personal style,” emphasised Dominic.

12 |

“It isn’t enough for something to be functional, people want them to look good as well. That is what inspires us,” he added. With well-established competitors based in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas, the new shop is aware of the need to offer customers something different to entice customers, however, by injecting his hospitality and sales experience, Dominic believes the new store can offer something that is lacking from the competitors. Discussing the competition, Dominic told THIIS: “There are quite a few mobility shops around but they

seem to fall quite short of what they should be doing. If you walk into an Audi garage, you are treated like a really valued customer. I think that same experience should be applied when someone is buying a scooter, especially as the price of some new scooter reflects that of a small car.” For the new kids on the block, paying attention to the details and ensuring customers leave with a smile is fundamental to their hospitalitybased method of retail. Dominic describes how customers entering the store are given a cup of coffee or tea and at Christmas, all customers will be sent personalised cards thanking them for their custom. “It’s the little thing that can make a big difference,” stressed Dominic. “What we want to do is create an environment where customers can feel they can come in and just have a chat with us, even if they are not buying. We really do not want a space that feels just completely focused on sales.” Style Mobility is keen to change what is seen as a typical mobility retailer and the company says the local community has already really taken to the store. Discussing why consumers are walking through the store’s shiny new doors, Dominic explained: “I think a few of our competitors have had the market to themselves for quite a long time, so complacency may have crept in. For us, everyone single customer is as important as the next, regardless if they buy a walking stick or a £5,000 scooter; they have to be looked after and that is the key to it.”

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retailer spotlight Dominic firmly believes that this approach of competitive pricing with first-rate customer service is the formula to success. “The key for us is to stay on the ball, offer better customer service and to keep our prices lower than our competitors. As long as we are as efficient as possible with how we operate, then we don’t have to charge what our competitors charge and most importantly for us, if we say we are going to be somewhere at a certain time or we say we are going to do something, then it happens.” With a couple months of promising trading under their belt, Style Mobility’s attention is now focused on promoting the fledgling company and raising awareness amongst the local community, however, Dominic also shared his thoughts for the future. “It would be nice to stock some exclusives that no one else has and I’m keen to head over to Rehacare next

year to see if we can find a unique car transportable scooter that we could have exclusivity to,” said Dominic. “Growth is important and we want to continuously improve our product offer, prices and service for customers, but we always have to remember why we started the business. When some companies

become too big, they become sloppy and whilst some talk a good talk and promise the world, they fail to deliver.” Dominic added: “We aren’t planning on taking over the world, we just want to make sure that we are doing a good job that people leave the store smiling.”

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CAR INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS APPLIED TO NEW SCOOTER A new launch that really grabbed attendees’ attention at this year’s Trade Days was the Vecta Sport from Electric Mobility. THIIS caught up with Managing Director Jonathan Hearth and Technical Director Richard Rudd to find out why the scooter was garnering so much interest.


aking place over the 8th and 9th of October at the NEC, Trade Days saw manufacturers and dealers from across the country coming together to find out about the latest and greatest products. Throughout the show, Electric Mobility’s stand continued to see a buzz of activity as retailers came to find out more about the Vecta Sport, a stylish new scoter with a number of unique features. Speaking with Jonathan, he explained what made the new scooter so special: “Firstly, it is super compact. It is 52 inches overall length and very narrow, making it agile and not requiring too much storage space. Despite its compact size, the scooter features a powerful, 600W thirdgeneration motor; around 25% more powerful than the typical motors used on scooters of this size. “That’s driving through a limited slip-differential transmission for the first time on a mobility scooter – apart

16 |

from our Liteway 8. We brought this transmission in a year ago and ran it on one model and now we are starting to progressively introduce it to all of our new road scooters.” This innovative ‘Max Grip’ transmission, featuring a limited slip differential gearbox, is the key to providing benefits to end-users, according to the company. “It provides more range and importantly, stops people being stuck in more challenging situations such as wet inclines or slippery surfaces” said Jonathan. “Rather than a scenario where one wheel loses grip and all power

transmits to that wheel, our limited slip-differential transmission transmits power to the wheel that has the best grip, so a user can drive through the difficult patch with relative ease. This transmission enhances safety, reliability and performance. What’s not to like?” Keen to utilise advanced engineering from other industries, the Vecta Sport’s gearbox is built by the same people that build gearboxes for electric car juggernaut, Tesla. “It is a great application of technology in our industry. We have a new, more powerful, more efficient motor driving a more efficient transmission and then when power

“We have worked hard on it and fortunately, the technology and the design have come together to result in something that works really well.” RICHARD RUDD

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hits the road through the tyres, we have got – again for the first-time on a mobility scooter – a low-profile, tubeless tyre,” added Jonathan. These ‘RunOn’, run-flat tyres allow a user to continue riding the scooter for at least a full charge in the event of a puncture, allowing a user to return the scooter home without having to call out for assistance. The new tyres are also set to benefit dealers and their service times, as Jonathan clarified: “Because the tyres are tubeless, if a user gets a puncture, a dealer can fix that puncture in fiveminutes with a special plug-kit that we have introduced, without having to take the wheel off the scooter. “Our aim was to ensure that all of the features introduced are innovations not seen in the industry before but also were included to give a direct customer benefit, rather than innovating for the sake of innovating.” So far, the Vecta Sport has seen considerable interest from dealers, with the company first unveiling the scooter at Rehacare in Dusseldorf, days before the UK launch at Trade Days. “We showed it to dealers in Germany and every single one of them said, ‘When can we have one?’ Jonathan told THIIS. “When the show [Trade Days] first opened, within 40 minutes, some of the bigger retailers immediately asked for units to be sent to them. It is on Motability from day-one of launch and Motability really like all the customer benefits.” With Electric Mobility’s stand opposite the THIIS stand, the demand from dealers did not seem to abate, with visitors continuing to take the Vecta for a spin and running it up a ramp with rollers on to test the new transmission. “The Vecta has been in development for about three-years, from concept to launch, with twoyears of heavy engineering and development,” said Jonathan. “The amazing thing is Richard, who headed up the development, hasn’t gone grey!” Richard told us more about the development of Vecta: “It was very

18 |

intensive. We’ve really tried to go above and beyond to make it the ideal choice for customers. It is not a cheap machine and it isn’t dramatically expensive; I would say it is a good all-rounder which oozes style and innovation.

have problems with the accuracy of digital speed readouts on scooters, leading to customer complaints. We also know digital dashes can be very difficult for many users to see in bright sunlight and the dash can be subject to water ingress, so we opted for a

“It is a great application of technology in our industry.” JONATHAN HEARTH

“We have worked hard on it and fortunately, the technology and the design have come together to result in something that works really well. Quite often, you find something that looks great but doesn’t perform too well, and vice-versa. We think the Vecta ticks all the boxes.” As well as the number of industryfirst innovations featured, the Vecta Sport also includes a waterproof-USB to charge devices such as phones and sat-navs, all-round adjustable suspension to accommodate all sizes and a simple easy to read and operate dash, rather than a digital dash. Jonathan explained why the company opted to move away from a digital dash: “We have found dealers

simple, reliable dash with waterproof switches, which both customers and dealers like.” “We wanted to raise our game and I think we did,” finished Richard. The Vecta Sport is available for dealers to purchase now.

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cyber security

HOW SECURE IS YOUR BUSINESS DIGITALLY? At a recent business networking event, Impression Marketing Owner, Angus Long, met with Michelle Pugh of communications and technology specialist Adept CTS, where he discovered just how vulnerable small and large businesses are to the crippling effects of modern cyber threats.


yber-crime can affect the smallest company to giant organisations, as recently demonstrated by the NHS, with destructive computer viruses and ransomware causing untold chaos, disruption and substantial costs. Michelle Pugh set up her first IT communications and technology business, Way-2-Communicate, in 2010. Speaking of the decision to set up the business, Michelle explained: “For quite some time, almost every organisation relies on some form of IT in the day-to-day running of their

ATTEMPTED ATTACK ON DRIVE DEVILBISS Just as recently as the end of October, Drive DeVilbiss announced it was investigating a serious ransomware attempt to breach its security systems, resulting in staff being unable to open email attachments, as well as being unable to send attachment. On the 26th October, the company stated: “We know that this will cause major disruption to our business today but we ask for your patience and understanding whilst we deal with this urgent situation.”

20 |

commercial activities and we saw a gap in the market for businesses, large and small, to access a range of IT solutions including connectivity, secure document storage and, of course, cyber security and disaster recovery planning.” The company grew rapidly and in 2013 they acquired rival Adept CTS, merging the businesses and ensuring they continued to go from strength to strength. THIIS readers may be familiar with Michelle’s husband, Phil Pugh, who is the Managing Director of Adventure Mobility, makers and suppliers a range of off-road wheelchairs. Michelle was keen to stress that key to the company’s success has been the quality and professionalism of its employees, such as Operations Manager Paul Reynolds, a former government cyber security expert. Paul discussed more about the threats of cyber-attacks: “As more and more of our everyday activity, both commercial and social, is

Richard Lloyd of NC Insurance and Michelle Pugh of Adept CTS

becoming technology based, so does the need to ensure that technology is protected from cyber-crime. Just as the level of IT technology improves and advances, so does the quality and sophistication of computer virus and malware. Indeed, the latest attack was seemingly the result of hackers releasing a US cyber weapon and in the case of BA, poor back up and a lack of a robust disaster recovery plan.” Paul continued: “Many people mistakenly think that cyber crooks, viruses and hackers tend to focus on attacking large organisations such as banks and big corporations. This is a common misconception as small businesses, often with nothing more than a PC and smartphone, are just as much at risk, if not more so. Many small businesses will often just use the free versions of the many antivirus protection products available, the trouble with these are they only scan and protect about 10% of a computers operating system, leaving

“Ask yourself this; what would be the impact upon your business and trading position if your entire IT system was hacked, erased, held to ransom or just crashed?” MICHELLE PUGH

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cyber security them vulnerable to more sophisticated cyber-attacks. According to the IT and communications’ experts, cyber-crime is real problem and is only going to get worse over time. Paul stated that last year alone, it was estimated cybercrime cost UK businesses £29 billion. Importantly, it’s not just about protecting the impact on a company’s IT system either, as insufficient protection against a computer virus or malware attack could render a business in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) he

billions of pounds, a year, businesses can be assured it will continue to pose a threat for the foreseeable future. So, what can individuals, companies and organisations do to help reduce the impact of cybercrime? Michelle provided some helpful tips: “Ask yourself this; what would be the impact upon your business and trading position if your entire IT system was hacked, erased, held to ransom or just crashed? For many businesses, it could be catastrophic and extremely commercially damaging. Just look at what happened to BA and the NHS.

“If a business does not have adequate protection and a cyber-attack results in theft of company or client data, they could be liable for fines of up to 4% of turnover” PAUL REYNOLDS

stressed. “If a business does not have adequate protection and a cyberattack results in theft of company or client data, they could be liable for fines of up to 4% of turnover, which for some businesses could be hundreds of thousands of pounds,” said Paul. Adept also claim that many also underestimate the risk their smartphones and tablets pose as well. With phones and tablets increasingly becoming more connected and synchronised to the Internet and other IT systems, the devices can contain large amounts of sensitive data that can be easily attacked or stolen. “For example, most mobile devices are fitted with Near Field Communication, a technology that allows devices to exchange information simply by placing them next to one another,” explained Paul. “Crooks will often walk slowly past a queue of people scanning mobile phones in pockets and hand bags, stealing data.” With cyber-crime netting crooks

22 |

“However, there are a number of things a business can do to minimise the threats posed by cyber-crime. The first is to undertake a review of the IT system and identify any areas of weakness and ensure these are adequately addressed. You won’t get

this from an online comparison site, it’s far better to get an expert to do it properly. Specialist IT communications and security companies, such as Adept, will generally provide a free comprehensive appraisal of the IT equipment and how it is used, they can then offer an appropriate level of protection based upon the overall operational needs of the business.” Michelle continued: “Other things to consider are understanding the ways in which cyber-crime works and ensure all staff are aware of any potential threats and how to avoid succumbing to them.” Michelle also raised the idea of cyber insurance as well. “It may also be worth considering investing in a cyber insurance policy too; cyber insurance is becoming more and more popular as most standard business insurance policies don’t cover any losses resulting from cybercrime.” Insurance organisations such as NC Insurance and ICB Group offer policies with cyber cover, addressing a range of issues should the worst happen, including rapid-response in the event of an attack, operational fees if personal information is stolen and legal liability costs. Lastly, Michelle pointed out that prevention is always a better than



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cyber security a cure after crippling damage has occurred. “Cyber-crime is probably one of the greatest threats to businesses today and it makes economic sense to be protected,” she emphasised. “Sadly, too much of our work is in helping people restructure their IT security and back up planning after the event rather than preventing it in the first place. Believe me, it is a far more economical to allocate a proportion of any IT budget to providing a robust and appropriate computer disaster recovery plan than not. Had BA and the NHS done this, then it is highly likely the problems they encountered would have been much quicker and easier to remedy.” Adept CTS has published a free guide on how to reduce the risk of cyber-crime. To get access to the guide, contact

WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Ransonware is a piece of malicious software that encrypts all of the data on a company’s or private user’s network. The network can only be decrypted after paying cyber criminals a fee, on average between £500 to £1000; essentially holding the victim at ransom. An IBM report of 600 surveyed companies that had been hit but such software found that half spent more than £8,000 while 20 percent paid over £32,000. Paying the fees demanded however does not guarantee that files will be decrypted, resulting in some business being unable to access vital systems and information. Recent attacks by Wannacry and Petya highlighted the issue, but it is not a new phenomenon. Businesses that reported being the victims of such attacks rose by 170 percent in 2015, according to reports from Intel Security. Importantly, some reports suggest that UK companies are some of the hardest hit and regularly targeted in Europe, with the UK receiving nearly 1 in 10 of all ransomwareinfected emails globally in 2015 according to Bitdefender.

New support surface unlike other ‘hybrid’ systems


elect Medical have unveiled an innovative crossover support surface aiming to bring together the best in alternating therapy with a static mattress. Using patented ‘Figure 8’ cell design as the starting point, the company says the new crossover Flexi system includes a number of features to set it apart from other ‘hybrid’ systems, ensuring all the benefits of an alternating surface are combined with high density CMHR foam. The system’s Axis technology works to provide a gentle alternating cycle, encouraging a natural body movement intended to assist with continual repositioning of the user. Additionally, the unique ‘Figure 8’ cell construction with ‘I’ beam ensures that no ballooning of the cells can occur. The new system also features a convex base contour, dedicated heel zone, three therapy modes and is the first crossover system to use a longitudinal cell design over the torso area. Select Medical will be launching the new support surface at the Wounds UK Annual Conference, taking place in Harrogate between 13-15th November.

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The Camberley

One of the most cost effective, British manufactured riser recliners available.

The Hudson range

Fabric Choices available




Just some of the standard features available: • • • • • •

20 Stone Weight Limit USB Charging Port Dual Motor Bespoke Lifting System Efficient Okin Motors Ergonomic LED Control System • Waterfall Backrest •

The Camberley in the Granite fabric




5 Year Warranty

Electronics and Mechanism

01869 324600

trade days


TRADE DAYS In October 2017, the industry came together for the Trade Days, with 2017’s exhibition promising the busiest, buzziest show yet. THIIS caught up with Show Manager Derek MacHale on the final day of the show to find out if he thought the show delivered.


n the 8th and 9th of October, manufacturers and retailers from across the country met at the NEC in Birmingham to showcase new products, meet existing clients and importantly, talk new business. “It has been a really good show. You can definitely feel there has been a buzz and excitement in the air,

26 |

which is exactly what we wanted,” Derek commented, with the sound of conversations still filling the air on a lively Monday afternoon. “We know that there are still improvements that can be made and changes do not happen overnight, but I really feel that this show has proven that we have learned from previous years and have made the right moves.” Initially launched in 2014, Trade Days remains the industry’s sole exhibition dedicated to the mobility

and independent living trade, setting itself apart by offering manufacturers, retailers and distributors a space where they could talk business. “It was important to us that we reinforced to the trade that Trade Days is still very much the must-do show if you operate within the industry and I hope people can see that the show is really heading in an exciting direction. “We understood that adjustments needed to be made and I think given the time, we have really made our

The new How-To Arena proved popular

intent clear. Given a full year cycle, I am extremely confident that we will be in a great place,” explained Derek. This year’s show introduced a number of new features to the show, including catering for attendees, a dedicated arena for practical advice and even a magician. “The reactions to the new features have been really positive and exhibitors and attendees alike have really appreciated that we have tried to do something different,” said Derek. “I think a big tick is the ‘how-to’ arena. In the past, the seminars have often been quite theoretical and very similar to what you find at other exhibitions. This year, the content has really been focused on practical advice that attendees can implement. That change in focus is subtle but important and the reception has been positive. Derek explained that some speakers that had given presentations in 2016 found they had three-times the number of people visiting their sessions in 2017, with THIIS Editor Calvin Barnett presenting a talk on how-to create good content garnering a large number of attendees. “People also found the Trade Topics

table useful. Getting a chance to sit down with an industry expert who is prepared to sit down, moderate a session, talk in-depth about a topic and give valuable advice is wonderful,” continued Derek. “I am a big believer in education at events, ensuring industries are sharing and learning new information, knowledge and best-practice, so those are the features I am proudest about. I would certainly say the ‘product demo’ area worked well as well and we already have ideas about how we can tweak it to make it even better next year. The funny thing is, some exhibitors told me that they were so busy on their stands, they didn’t even get the chance to use it.”

Discussing whether the numbers of attendees had seen a rise, Derek explained: “Numbers have been strong and I would be confident to say that we have seen growth around the 5% region, although we will have to wait until the official figures come out to confirm just how much.” “I think everything has been well received and we just need to continue to build on that for next year. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all our exhibitors and attendees for your continued support.” The next Trade Days event will take place on the 7th and 8th of October at the NEC in Birmingham.

“I really feel that this show has proven that we have learned from previous years and have made the right moves.” DEREK MACHALE

CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN Over the two-days at Trade Days, THIIS ran a competition to win a bottle of rather special bubbly with visitors to the stand. Congratulations Flexyfoot’s Kirsty Bonny for winning on the Sunday and to Pennington Mobility’s Tracy Matthews (pictured) for winning on the Monday. | 27

trade days


28 |

Photos by Aidan Synnott | 29

new to the team


Select Medical appoints Business Development Manager Select Medical have appointed James Hebblethwaite as Business Development Manager and is responsible for increase the profile of the business and push forward sales and support within care homes, hospices and specifically the NHS market. With a wealth of industry experience, James started his career with Blackpool Equipment Service before moving to Lisclare, where he spent four years holding the position of Business Development Manager.

Kevin Green has been appointed to Head of Orthotics for Ottobock UK, reporting to Andrew McLean, Sales and Marketing Director. With 10 years’ experience in the field of Orthotics, Kevin joined Ottobock in January 2009 as an Orthotist, servicing clinical contracts throughout the Midlands before developing his role as Business and Clinical Development Manager in 2015. Kevin will lead Ottobock’s Orthotic business unit, including clinical service and manufacture and product sales, including responsibility for the sales for group manufactured products.

INDUSTRY EXPERT TO HELP WITH DISABILITY SECTOR EXPANSION Fish Insurance has appointed Mike Holborn to its Business Partnership team, as the company expands its service to companies operating in the disability sector. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Mike will take on the role of Business Partnership Manager at the company. He joins Fish Insurance from First Senior Group, where he was group Sales and Compliance Manager. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Bison Bede Stairlifts, Tendercare and Eurocare Showers. He also sat on the board of Walker Greenbank PLC and ran the Care and Comfort Division of Fogarty PLC. At Fish, he will be responsible for the development of the Authorised Representative service offering and the rollout of planned new products.

30 |

Do you have a new team member? Why not let the industry know? Just send us a short news item and photo.

Agility is the real deal

Style, luxury and performance! K-Chair ‘Light and easy” CALL YOUR AREA SALES MANAGER NOW! Central – Patrick Bevan 07803 000017

South West – Martin Garrett 07850 501634

South East – Keir French 07515 282647

North – Brian McCarry 07714 739763

new to the team

SALES TEAM ADDITION TO BOLSTER DEALER NETWORK Following a successful recruitment campaign on THIIS online, rise recliner manufacturer AJ Way has welcomed Adrian Widger to its sales team in the southern half of the UK. Managing Director, Tony Mercer, told THIIS: “Adrian brings with him a wealth of experience when it comes to supporting dealers and helping them to grow their sales, which is a key focus of our business.” Adrian added: “I am really looking forward to working with dealers who I know of old and meeting new ones too.” Adrian has confirmed he will be contacting the AJ Way’s trade partners in his region over the coming weeks. To get in contact, call 07774 466797 or email adrianwidger@ajway.

Thomas Sergeant

New Business Development Managers for the East and Midlands Invacare has welcomed Thomas Sergeant to their Safe Patient Handling team as a Business Development Manager for the Eastern region. The role will see Thomas promoting the company’s community bed, moving and handling and hygiene equipment product ranges, as well as delivering dedicated support to Invacare’s extensive distribution and retail networks. Having previously worked for a number of stairlift manufacturers, including Minivator and OTO Lifts, Thomas has experience in supporting occupational therapists and healthcare professionals assess for both home adaptations and community equipment. Thomas’ appointment follows that of Tom Littley, who also recently joined the company as a Business Development Manager. Tom will cover the Midlands region, utilising his 11 years of healthcare industry experience. To contact Thomas Sergeant, email and for Tom Littley, email

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acare Linx strip ad THIIS Nov.indd 1

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16/10/2017 11:11:49

Bring a bit of colour and style into your showrooms this autumn with the all-new 2018 range soft launch this October

Travelux Tiempo

Excel GlobeTraveller

Excel Roadster

Excel Galaxy LCD

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trade deals

DealON! Looking for a deal? Then this is the place to come. Deal On features the best trade deals you will find this month. Just pick up the phone to take advantage... All offers are valid until November 30th 2017 unless otherwise stated.


Two Free Home Delivery Smartphone Apps (worth £750)*

UNIQUS® iRetailer. Stock & barcode management software specially designed for the VAT complexities of mobility retailers. Affordable subscription. No big initial outlay. Fully integrate your quotation, sales, purchasing and stock process on one platform. Cloud based and paperless, iRetailer CRM will help you gain efficiency, save time and increase sales opportunities. See our advertisement in this issue or visit *Requires Windows Smartphone. Order before end of November 2017 to qualify.

Free Haze smart charger... ...with your first order of four or more batteries (18Ah and bigger) Please call Easystart on 01536 203030 or email for more information

Van Os Medical GlobeTraveller All new to the Van Os Medical lightweight wheelchair range is the GlobeTraveller, available in both self-propel and transit with an incredible launch Special Offer of just £79.00 for transit and £110.00 for self-propel. Call today on 01977 681400 to liven up your showroom this Autumn

Repose Furniture’s November retailer promotion Half price 5-year all-inclusive warranty on selected products (terms and conditions apply). The warranty covers the customer for every aspect of the chair including accidental damage to the fabric. To qualify, retailers need to quote November2017 when placing an order between November 1st and 30th.

Installer Partner Programme Stiltz Home Lifts are looking to develop their new, exciting Installer Partner Programme. Signing up for both sales and installation will make the Stiltz business far more profitable that a straightforward sale. Full training will be provided. For more information, call/email Trade Sales Manager, Gino Farruggio on 07940 437 835 /

BetterLife – Hurrycane Sticks Red – Blue – Black Box of 10 £200 ex vat 33% GP margin RRP £29.99 ex vat Order today – Call us on 0330 311 6498 or email at

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customers can’t be wrong.

If you want to offer your customers a healthier life then contact THE adjustable bed company, Adjustamatic. With over 63 years of experience in building a brand you can now use its pulling power too. Contact us now to arrange a demonstration of the health and comfort benefits of Adjustamatic, the original Contour Bed manufacturer.

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mergers & acquisitions



ward-winning anti-slip product supplier Iasgi has been acquired by mobility sector distributor and manufacturer Able2, with the deal being finalised in August. Started by husband and wife team Andrew and Jayne Guilbert in 2007 from their kitchen table at their home in Chesham, the company was named as an acronym for the term It Seemed A Good Idea and rose to become one of the best-known suppliers of anti-slip materials and products. The company produces a range of anti-slip items such as bath and shower mats, trays and trivets and shelf liners, as well as products under its ‘StayPut’ brand. Mark Diaj, Managing Director of Able2, commented: “The StayPut products are a perfect complement to our business, both commercially and also with our production processes. We are looking forward to the continuing the development of this part of our business.” Able2 has been an Isagi customer over the last four years. “We have loved the journey and loved dealing with all our many customers who became good friends,” said Andrew. “However, the time felt right to move on and allow the Isagi brand to flourish under new ownership.” He added: “It seemed a good idea at the time – and history proves we were right!”

Mark Diaj and Andrew Guilbert

36 |

Lex de Moes, owner and MD at Acdeos; Bram van Roemburg, partner and Sales & Marketing Director at Acdeos; Wayne Harmer, Mobility Networks Group MD

Mobility Networks Group pursues international growth


pecialist accessible vehicle lift and ramp solutions provider Mobility Networks Group has completed the merger of Netherlands-based company Acdeos, a specialist in transport accessibility solutions. Completed at the end September, the merger marks a significant milestone in the development of the Mobility Networks Group as it continues its strategy of international growth. The two companies collaborated in design, development, sales and distribution over a two-year period before merging, with the management of both businesses seeing it as the next strategic step to support further growth. Wayne Harmer, Group Managing Director of Mobility Networks Holding, commented: “ The partnership will further strengthen the position of the Mobility Networks Group within the global market and strengthens our internal capabilities, enhancing the depth of our product range and scope of our international sales and distribution channels.”



ollowing the acquisition of Freedom Innovations in September, Ottobock has expanded its market share in the USA and closed a gap in its product portfolio. Ottobock, the number one in the field of prosthetics in the USA, acquired Freedom Innovations, the number three in the market, from private equity company Health Evolution Partners. Prof. Hans Georg Näder, President of Otto Bock HealthCare, said: “Together, Ottobock and Freedom

Innovations will benefit from their combined sales power and portfolios.” Employing over 150 people worldwide and with a European headquarters in the Netherlands, Freedom Innovations will continue to operate under its existing brand. Dave Reissfelder, who has headed the Ottobock subsidiary BionX in Boston to date, has been appointed as the new CEO.

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OT perspective


WHAT WE LOOK FOR WHEN RECOMMENDING WALKING AIDS Identifying the correct walking aid for a client is one of the most important things that an OT can do, so with that in mind, I have highlighted a few pointers that should hopefully help anyone selecting or manufacturing walking aids.


enerally speaking, when it comes to walking and movement aids, it usually falls into one of four categories: Equipment that Stuart Barrow provides additional of Promoting contact with the Independence floor, helping to stabilise the gait i.e. a walking stick Equipment that allows some weight bearing i.e. an offset cane. Equipment that allows substantial weight bearing i.e. a four-leg (quad cane), crutches or Zimmer frame. Equipment that aids movement for people who can’t bear any weight i.e. a wheelchair or scooter So, which equipment is right for your client, and how do you decide?

Well first, there’s the “Shop Test” Walk with the end-user holding onto their hand. If they can walk ok and need little support, an aid is required for stabilising the gait. If a bit of pressure is felt, an offset cane or aid required. If two hands or arm around the waist is required, a quad cane, crutches or Zimmer frame is required. If they’re unable to stand safely for 10 seconds, the chances are that the individual requires physiotherapy/ rehabilitation; a walking aid is not sufficient unless you are looking at a RoWalker 400 from Handicare or similar. You also need to consider environment… What environments does the end-user regularly find themselves in? Do they spend a lot of time at home, or in a

Handicare RoWalker 400 is often an overlooked piece of kit that could be good for retailers/distributors says Stuart

VITA 4 VALUE The UK’s leading range of mobility products since 1985

1702TGAad.newstripVitaOct17v2.indd 1

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Advanced suspension • Ergonomic controls LED lights • Cutting edge styling

01787 882244

school or college? Where do they work? What tasks do they need to complete most days? Do they travel to work? What activities/hobbies do they have? Asking yourself all of those questions and then considering how a walking aid will fit into each of them will help you work out how appropriate each solution is. Other factors to consider is the weight of an aid – larger aids are more stable, but also heavier to use. It’s also important to consider the home: for example, a small toilet or bathroom may mean that when home the aid does not fit within the bathroom and alternative solutions will be required. And then, you need to consider these factors: What is their level of cognition? How coordinated are they?

What’s their upper body strength and grip strength like? What level of physical endurance can they cope with? You also need to ensure how appropriate the aid is for the duration of its use… A patient may be fine in the morning but some conditions mean by afternoon, they are exhausted and the aid is not suitable. In this situation, there is no harm in adding different aids for different situations. For some conditions - for example, Parkinsonism - the client may be nonweight bearing prior to medication, then up and walking with a walking stick two hours later. Other key things to consider when choosing walking aids: VAT relief is available for disabled

clients, terminally ill clients and those with diagnosed long term conditions If choosing a walking cane, the length should be roughly the distance from the ground to the elbow crease If the client is using one walking aid, it should be used on the opposite side of the weak or painful leg. I hope you’ve found this useful! If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to fire them over to stuart@ Stuart Barrow of Promoting Independence is a member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and a recognised expert in the field of home adaptations. His experience is sought by manufacturers and service providers looking for an expert opinion. Stuart also runs the Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference (OTAC).

QR scan to watch 20/10/2017 10:48 | 39


Mayor’s uplifting visit to Stiltz


tiltz Lifts received a visit from the Mayor of Dudley this October as part of his pledge to visit 100 borough businesses during his first year in office. With around 100 staff, the company recorded total sales of £8.4 million in 2016 and was listed as seventh in the third annual Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 for 2017.

Stiltz welcomed the borough’s first citizen to its headquarters in Kingswinford in the West Midlands with a tour around its offices and factory. Mike Lord, Chairman of Stiltz Lifts, commented: “It was a great opportunity for us to show Cllr Tyler what a thriving business we have become in the borough.”

Cllr Tyler made the electoral pledge in order to celebrate the achievements of local businesses after being elected Mayor of Dudley in June. “We are growing at a phenomenal rate every year and creating more and more jobs in the area, which can only be a positive thing for the West Midlands,” added Mike.



ohn Preston Healthcare Group is bringing the Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair to mobility dealers throughout the UK and Ireland. The electric wheelchair folds automatically by pressing one button, providing a solution to users that struggle to fold other electric wheelchairs manually. Including a travel bag as standard, the portable wheelchair can fit into the boot of a car and is available for independent mobility businesses at great trade rates, according to the company. The seat width is 18”, the rear wheels are 12” and the range is 12 miles. Trade dealers can request trade rates by phone on 028 92 633 798 or by email at

40 |

Doing business around the world just got easier Global Healthcare Trader (GHT) is designed for companies looking to find distributors around the world. A simple search facility enables companies looking to import new products the ability to find businesses looking to sell into their own country in just a couple of clicks. If your company is looking to build business around the world, then it could well be the easiest, quickest and simplest way to do it.

Take a look at GHT today... To discuss the opportunity, call 01536 710050 today

END OF THE ROAD-SHOW After 34 years, the Mobility Roadshow, an event which has been providing opportunities for disabled and older people to find out about driving and other mobility options since 1983, has announced it is to close.


he last five-years have proved particularly rocky for the show, described as an institution by many in the industry. In 2013, the Mobility Roadshow decided to move to Telford in the North-West, with the location hoping to attract a wider audience of attendees. The new venue however proved ill-fated, as many remarked on the lack of a test track, forcing individuals to test drive on the road, as well as a failure to attract larger numbers. The board of the charity, Mobility Choice – which has run the event since 1998 – took the decision to pause the show and regroup in 2014, before returning to Castle Donington in the East Midlands with a encouraging show in 2015. An unsuccessful event plagued with various issues including visitor parking and access at Silverstone in 2016 resulted in many questioning if the Roadshow could survive another year, especially with the rise of rival shows in the industry. A promising show in 2017 at NAEC Stoneleigh in Warwickshire however left an air of optimism around the

42 |

show’s future. Despite this, in October, the organisers took the decision to close the show. Mobility Choice explained that falling exhibitor numbers over recent years led to the difficult decision. In particular, the organisers cited the growth of alternative events, such as the Motability One Big Day which

“We are immensely sad that we have to close the event.” ANN FRYE

many of the Mobility Roadshow’s exhibitors are able to attend for free of charge, as impacting significantly on the viability of the show. Ann Frye, Chair of Mobility Choice, commented: “Over the years, many thousands of disabled and older people have benefitted from the Mobility Roadshow, in particular from the ability to test drive a wide range of adapted vehicles in a safe off-road environment. For many, this has been the starting point on the road to

independent mobility.” Ann continued: “We are immensely sad that we have to close the event. We still believe that there are many disabled and older people, outside the remit of Motability, who need the unique opportunity we offered to find out if they are able to begin driving.” The Charity is now looking into possible collaborations with other organisations to deliver locally focused events. Ann explained: “We are in discussion with Driving Mobility, the charity representing the UK’s mobility centres, and with Disability Driving Instructors, about opportunities for them to organise local events under our “Get Going Live!” banner which focusses on driving opportunities for young and newly disabled people.” She finished: “We would like to say that we are enormously grateful to Motability for their generous sponsorship of the Mobility Roadshow and Get Going Live! events over the years, both in terms of financial support and the provision of vehicles for adapted test drives.”


Alerta Medical offer a comprehensive range of static foam pressure redistribution mattress and cushion systems covering all risk levels.


Static Foam Systems Welcome to our all-new static foam mattress and cushion range. The new Alerta foam range pushes the boundaries of pressure redistribution with the inclusion of unique and important features in each product. Alerta - quality is key, service and speed is unmatched, but user-comfort is everything. Work with Alerta Medical to enjoy; Large stocks for next day delivery Unparalleled distributor marketing support Attractive distributor pricing structure Buy at manufacturing prices without having to buy large quantities Add the Alerta foam systems to your product range.

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retailer spotlight

THISTLE HELP: TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK Scottish-based retailer Thistle Help has recently celebrated a special anniversary, reaching the impressive milestone of 10 years in business. THIIS caught up Laura Hays, Business Development Manager, to find out how a five-minute chat resulted in a decade of retail success.


ounded in 2007 by George Ruddick and Laura Hays, Thistle Help provides a comprehensive range of specialist mobility and assisted living products for elderly and disabled customers. Starting life in a small shop, the company has gone from strengthto-strength in the last 10 years and currently operates from a spacious showroom in Irvine, Ayrshire on Scotland’s West Coast. FIVE-MINUTE CHAT, 10 YEARS SUCCESS Laura has been with the company from the very beginning and told us what inspired Thistle Help to form. “With George, our Managing

44 |

Director, having Cerebral Palsy, he always required to use the services of other mobility dealers,” she explained. “He felt that with his first-hand experience, he would be able to provide a quality service that would really understand the needs of customers.” George originally had a print business which he ran for two

decades before deciding in 2007 to wind down his print operations and diversify into the mobility market. “The idea behind Thistle Help initially came from a five-minute conversation between George and I. Before we knew it, we had a name, logo and premises!” added Laura. The retailer now sells a wide range of mobility products, including hoists,

“Many of our suppliers have merged together, forming larger companies which are not always for the better.” LAURA HAYS

Genie + Electric Folding Scooter Available in red & blue – £1450 ex vat Quote ‘this GENIE’

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Chiltern High Back Chair Trade price – £169 Retail price – £229 Quote ‘this Chiltern’

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Georgia Riser Recliner Chair Trade price – £189 Retail price – £329 Quote ‘this Georgia’

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Dedicated account manager Order today – Call us on 0330 311 6498 or email at


Scooters that add ‘style’ to reliability, safety and performance Discover the all new Comet & Orion 01656 776222


retailer spotlight riser recliners, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, specialist seating and more, as well as offering hire and repair services. Laura told us: “I can remember our very first sale from our small shop on Bank Street – a £5 drinking cup from an elderly woman passing by with her shopping trolley. Who would have thought we would be here 10 years later, celebrating huge success.” EMPOWERING THE TEAM Interested to find out what the secret is to Thistle Help’s ongoing growth, Laura explained that the answer was really quite simple. “Our committed team of nine staff are the foundation of our success, as is our long list of suppliers providing us with the wide range of products in our showroom. Everything we do is centred around making our customers happy and ensuring they are satisfied with the service we provide,” said Laura. Thistle Help’s small but perfectly formed team has been a key element of the company’s growth, with many members of staff joining the Thistle family following participation in employability programmes. Gemma Cree, Assisted Living Advisor and also in the charge of Thistle’s accounts, joined in 2011 as a Modern Apprentice whilst the company’s Showroom Manager, Siobhan McKinnon, joined the organisation as a Skill Seeker in 2008 and has since become a key member of the management team. Another two members of staff joined through a council-led employability scheme, with both employees now playing pivotal roles in the retailer’s success story. For George and Laura, investing in their staff and making sure they have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop is the bedrock to ensuring the company is able to provide the service needed to keep customers smiling. “George and I are extremely lucky to have such a fantastic team around us,” explained Laura. “They have all been key to develop themselves and it’s thanks to this drive that we have such a skilled and specialised service to offer our customers.”

46 |

THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Having accomplished so much over a decade of successful trading, including multiple awards, there are a variety of standout moments that the company can look back on with pride. For Laura, however, it was Thistle Help’s first contract win that she most fondly remembers. “One of the best experiences was when we were awarded our first contract with North Ayrshire Council to service and repair the ASN equipment for the local authority’s schools. We were so proud to have secured it as it was one of the first

has changed over the years, with the consolidation of organisations being particularly prevalent. “Over the years, many of our suppliers have merged together, forming larger companies which are not always for the better,” she said. Looking ahead to the future however, Thistle Help seems set to continue to expand, with plans of expanding the geographical presence and service portfolio in the pipeline. “We are looking at obtaining further premises in order to expand our servicing workshop and stock area, as our current showroom is no longer large enough to accommodate all our extensive range. With this in mind, we

“With his first-hand experience, he would be able to provide a quality service that would really understand the needs of customers.” LAURA HAYS

tenders we applied for,” she told us. The company has further diversified, providing servicing and maintenance contracts to nursing homes for their moving & handling equipment, as well as supplying to the general public, residential care and the local authority. Differentiating into new areas and winning contracts has proven invaluable to the retailer, however, Laura highlighted that this will also add more pressure to compete against larger suppliers vying for the same contracts. “The main challenge we envisage in the coming years is being able to compete with some of our suppliers for contracts due to economies of scale.” Laura also noted how the industry

are hoping to attract more contracts due to having better facilities,” Laura explained. “We have recently gone into the stairlift installation market as well and we see this really becoming a major part of the business.” With ambitious plans on the horizon and a dedicated team at the helm, the future is certainly looking bright for Thistle Help. Laura finished: “Many small mobility dealers have come and gone over the years, so we really are proud to be one of the growing companies within the industry.”

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diary dates November 13-16 2017 Medica – Dusseldorf November 16 2017 Kidz to Adultz North – Manchester November 22-23 2017 The OT Show – NEC December 13 2017 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh or call Sally on 02921 900402 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) Belfry Hotel and Spa or call Sally on 02921 9004002 January 29 - 1 Feb 2018 Arab Health, Dubai January 31st – February 1st 2018 Moving & Handling People - Watford www. February 7 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) – The Queen Hotel, Chester or call Sally on 02921 900402 February 27-28 2017 Medtrade Spring - Las Vegas March 15 2018 Kidz to Adultz Middle – Coventry April 25-26 2018 Naidex NEC April 26 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Weetwood Hall Conference Centre, Leeds or call Sally on 02921 900402 May 17 2018 Kidz to Adultz South – Farnborough International Centre June 11- 13 2018 COT Annual Conference - Belfast Waterfront June 12-13 2018 NAEP Annual Conference – Kenilworth www. June 13 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Hallmark Hotel, Cambridge or call Sally on 02921 900402 June 27-28 2018 Health+Care – Excel London July 11 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) – Stradey Park Hotel, Llanelli or call Sally on 02921 900402 July 23-25 Posture & Mobility Group Conference Manchester Central September 12 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - La Mon Hotel, Belfast or call Sally on 02921 900402 September 26 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Imperial Hotel, Torquay or call Sally on 02921 900402 September 26-29 2018 Rehacare – Dusseldorf October 7-8 2018 Trade Days – NEC October 17-18 2018 The Care & Dementia Show – NEC November 7 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - The Spa Hotel, Kent or call Sally on 02921 900402 November 28 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Hilton Hotel, Newcastle or call Sally on 02921 900402 December 5 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Hilton Hotel, Southampton or call Sally on 02921 900402

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Retailers to bag half price warranty from Repose


s part of Repose Furniture’s ongoing retailer support programme, the specialist seating manufacturer is offering its retailers an all-inclusive warranty for halfprice on selected products in November. The warranty, one of the most comprehensive packages available on the market according to the company, covers customers for up to five-years for every aspect of the chair, including accidental damage to the fabric. Additionally, as part of the warranty, all chairs covered in a domestic fabric are treated with a specialist spray to add further protection against potential stains and also come with a complimentary Repose cleaning kit. To qualify for the special offer, retailers need to quote November2017 when placing an worder between November 1st and 30th. There will be examples from the range of bespoke seating solutions available from Repose on show on stand B19 at The OT Show.


Manufacturers of bespoke rise and recline chairs and handcrafted adjustable beds for the mobility and healthcare market

For furniture offering comfort, independence and a higher standard of care, contact;

Tel: 0115 913 3572



product showcase


WALKING AIDS AND WHEELCHAIRS Globetrotting with GlobeTraveller


he latest addition to the Van Os Medical lightweight wheelchair range is the GlobeTraveller, available in both self-propel and transit. Weighing just 10kg, the chair can be easily put in the boot of the car for a day at the coast or taken on a voyage around the seas. Described as an ideal chair for occasional use, the GlobeTraveller has been launched with a special offer of ÂŁ79.00 for transit and ÂŁ110.00 for self-propel.

GlobeTraveller Self-Propel

50 |


8th & 9th October 2017 / NEC Birmingham Mobility • living Aids • Assistive Technology

Add more cards to your deck with APEX and NEXUS Visit STAND Cl5 to see how APEX Medical's recent

acquisition of NEXUS can help you offer a better range of quality products, combining expertise in Pressure

Area Care with a pedigree in Profiling Beds of all sizes and specifications.

Find out more on Page 54! I


Care for a Healthy Life

Member at the APEX Group

product showcase



ncorporating a unique design which enables users to transform it from a rollator into a wheelchair and back again in one simple movement, the Rollz Motion 2 from Topro is now available in four new colours. The two for one rollator and wheelchair now comes in island blue, pebble white, matt black and dark purple and features a maximum user weight of 125kg / 19st 9lb, seat

dimensions of 42cm x 45cm x 55cm and a minimum and maximum user height of 1.60m to 1.90m / 5ft 3” to 6ft 3” Topro says the Rollz Motion 2 can accommodate most users and is ideal for anyone that requires the assistance of a rollator and wheelchair but does not wish to purchase both. “We are always looking to support our UK retailers with new products

and enhancement to current models and I believe this new range of attractive colours will help when they are talking to potential customers in their showrooms” commented Paul Briggs, Managing Director of Topro. Along with other models from the Topro portfolio, the Rollz Motion 2 will be on show on stand E34 at the OT Show.

Every Mattress Needs Protection 52 |

T: 01254 619000




The Walking Stick Specialists

CCF Mobility ltd (Wokingham) • Sale due to owner retiring from this successful well established business since 2006. • Retains a large customer database for both repeat sales and equipment servicing. • Shop with storage situated in a parade of shops with free customer parking. • Maintains a website for advertising- this could be expanded for e-commerce. • Wokingham has a high concentration of elderly residents and a fast expanding care home and retirement residences program. • Products sold include Mobility equipment, daily living aids, Cosyfeet footwear & incontinence products. Turnover in access of £220K Offers in the region of £95K Contact Sue on 01189773116 or email


the walking frame specialist


• Q U


Pretty, practical Christmas gifts Please contact us for a trade catalogue

If you want to offer your customers a walker from “probably” the worlds leading authority on walking frames why not call, email or view our full range on-line. Don’t delay, request your trade pack today.








• • • • • •








T: 01268 419288

product showcase



New level of European style rollator


esigned in conjunction with the company’s UK design team, the new Z-Tec UK Walker 2 features an ultralight, strong tubular frame, finished with an aesthetically pleasing matt anodised colour. Designed for optimum stability and style, according to the company, the rollator is fitted with 8” rugged wheels suitable for outdoor use and is easily adjustable to suit different heights. Weighing 7.9kg, the rollator can be folded with an easy lift motion for storage in a car or public transport and is able to support a maximum user weight of 136kg. Available in three colours, with grey fitted mouldings and a cane holder, as well as easy-to-use locking half-loop arthritic brakes for people with limited hand movement, Z-Tec says the product will not disappoint.

54 |

aving specialised in the production of walking sticks for over 35 years, Classic Canes produce a variety of different sizes and designs to suit a wide range of consumers. The company’s Managing Direction, Charlotte Gillan, gave some advice for retailers looking to stock the company’s unique, highquality models for this time of year. “Bright reds are always popular as Christmas gifts, especially the vivid polkadot designs. Equally, this is the time of year for glamorous canes with Swarovski Elements crystals set into them, sparkling glittery finishes and quirky handles such as ducks, lions and frogs.” Established in 1982 when there was a very limited selection of walking sticks available, especially for women who would have to make do with a man’s walking stick cut down to height, the company now produces over 700 products. These range from the very traditional to the highly avant garde, with the company ensuring there is a walking stick suitable for everyone as a present this Christmas.

Grow Your Business With Monarch WIDE










To join our Growing Network of Approved Monarch Dealers Call Ian or Chris on

0808 102 3006


Monarch Mobility Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are a credit broker not a lender and we offer credit facilities from a panel of lenders

product showcase

NEW RANGE OF WHEELCHAIR SHOWCASES ITALIAN FLAIR Italian wheelchair manufacturer Progeo launched three new wheelchairs – the Duke, the Noir 2.0 and the Joker Junior 2.0 – showcasing the new range at 2017’s Rehacare exhibition in Dusseldorf.

PROGEO DUKE Made up of two frames in carbon-fibre monocoque, with differentiated section shapes to ensure resistance and reactivity, the Duke displays the same design and characteristics of a made-to-measure wheelchair whilst still providing the opportunity for final adjustments, including guided rear height adjustment.

PROGEO NOIR 2.0 Progeo’s Noir 2.0 is the only made-to-measure carbon fibre wheelchair in the market, according to the company, with the new version providing a new look and improved performance. With an eye-catching, linear design, the Noir 2.0 has been carefully engineered to achieve minimum weight, maximum resistance and impressive manoeuvrability.

PROGEO JOKER JUNIOR 2.0 The company’s new Joker Junior 2.0 is a rigid frame manufacturer to meet the needs of children, including lightness, adaptability and personalisation. The 2.0 version also includes a redesigned frame shape with abduction and a new footplate system to allow for optimum posture.

To discuss the distribution opportunities, contact Marco Nosella on +39 347 6087405 or email

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The Titan AXS Powerchair Has Arrived The AXS mid wheel powerchair is the latest addition to the Titan family. It has been configured to provide maximum performance, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its drive wheel position and flexible front castor wheels. Max user weight - 21st (136kg) Max Speed - 4mph Max Range 19 mile

Interchangeable Colour Options:

Spirit Red

Electric Blue

Designed to manage inclines with ease Intelligent programmable controller with Bluetooth diagnostics for easy trouble shooting and service

Mid Wheel drive for optimum maneuverability, traction and stability


0845 0600 333 I

product showcase



he Expedition wheelchair is a feature-rich travel chair which provides practicality and comfort, with a host of features. The chair has a maximum user weight of 150kg and uses a lightweight, manoeuvrable aluminium frame with a silver finish. It features a 20� nylon seat & back offering comfortable support and are durable and easy to clean, as well as arthritic friendly cable brakes to allow for immediate access for an attendant to reduce speed or lock brakes for parking. Weighing 12.5kg, the Expedition also includes quick-release swing-away footrests to facilitate transfers and dual cross brace for added support and stability.

Suspension Rollator


he Suspension rollator combines modern design with a sophisticated, shock-absorbing suspension system and practical features and has been developed with comfort in mind according to the company Aiming to help to ease aches and pains caused by uneven or rough terrains by reducing vibrations transmitted through the rollator frame when in use, the Suspension Rollator lessens usage impact to provide a smoother journey. The Suspension Rollator is side folding for compact storage and transportation and includes a soft, flexible backrest seat, allowing users to rest comfortably when needed. The rollator also includes large, arthritic friendly, loop lock brakes, a removable zipped storage bag to carry essentials and a cane holder. 58 |

The answer is YES!

Now, what was the question?

Primacare manufacture in the UK an extensive range of bespoke Rise & Recline chairs including Bariatric chairs, Care chairs and Porter chairs.

Do you need your chair quickly? It could be made and delivered to you within days! Without comprimise on quality or options, choose from; 2 styles, 3 sizes, 4 fabrics and 3 different actions to make the chair you need now! Ask your Primacare Dealer for full details.

Seating Experts in Assistive Technology

Primacare ltd Unit 26, Heads of the Valleys Industrial Estate Rhymney, Tredegar. NP22 5RL

British made for comfort, quality and reliability.

telephone (01685) 845900

product showcase

BARIATRIC WALKER GLIDES INTO THE MARKET Designed to be both manoeuvrable and strong, Uniscan’s lightweight Grand Glider Plus is engineered to take a user weight of up to 40 stones and boasts a generous 29” width frame.


deal for the larger customer, the walker is part of Uniscan’s extensive range, with the company designing and manufacturing bespoke walkers in the UK since 1983. All models carry a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a parts/refurbishment service is available, as well as the company requiring no minimum order level and also able directly drop a walker to a retailer’s customer if needed.



he new TAiMA range, featuring four high end rollators from German manufacturer Dietz, is now available in the UK, exclusively through Electric Mobility’s Rascal product range. Rolled out at Trade Days 2017, the four stylish designs include the TAiMA M, TAiMA M-GT, TAiMA XC, AND TAiMA S-GT. Electric Mobility has partnered with the German brand to bring sturdy and sophisticated rollators to the UK and many of the Dietz rollators include polyurethane tyres, reflectors for night visibility, back rests and tilting aids*. There is also a wide selection of

60 |

additional accessories available. Jonathan Hearth, Managing Director explains: “We are excited to enter into this market, with the TAiMA range complementing our comprehensive portfolio of scooters and powerchairs. These rollators are durable, long lasting and comfortable and these are the key features consumers are looking for to improve their quality of life.” Call an Electric Mobility Area Dealer Manager to arrange a demonstration or for further information. *Features specific to individual products, not entire range.

Boost your business profits through bathroom adaptation referrals? Selling a bath lifter can temporarily solve mobility bathing issues. Why not double or triple your profits through referral commission, by offering your clients a bespoke bathroom adaptation?

What you get: • Referral commission on every bathroom sold • Trained AHM Surveyor in your area to assist you • Nationwide installation service established for 18 years • Refined ‘customer journey’ experience based on family values • Access to a full range of wetrooms, walk in baths and low level showers.

How to sign up: • Call us 0800 7316495 • You will receive FREE posters, banners and leaflets • FREE visit from a Surveyor to advise your staff on products.

How it works: • Call us with a new customer’s details • Our trained Surveyor will visit your customer and quote FREE of charge • After ordering the installation completes in approx. 3-4 weeks • You are paid referral commission on completion.

Give your shop the edge over competition and secure your bathing future by becoming a trading partner today.



NEW MANUFACTURER DOES NOT TAKE GRANTS FOR GRANTED Herida Healthcare, a manufacturer of specialised mattresses and cushions designed to help prevent pressure ulcers, is on course for £2 million turnover with a healthy EBITDA this financial year, after just 18-months of trading.


et up by entrepreneurs Neil Smith and John Kay, the company has used a number of grants to grow the business. Operations Director John Kay added: “Regardless of how well capitalised you are, managing cashflow, at the same time as investing in and growing a successful business, is always a challenge. So, the grants and other support we’ve received are always welcome.”

62 |

The company received grant support from the ERDF-funded AD:VENTURE programme of £6,675 (part of the LEP Growth Service) and a £5,000 grant from the Digital Enterprise programme. Herida invested the funds in new manufacturing equipment, including a complete IT install; barcoding & scanning items, specialised ‘bar tacking’ equipment, a decontamination unit, as well as

for consultancy costs involved in achieving ISO standards. Neil Smith, Managing Director, commented: “The support we’ve received has been fantastic and really helped us move the business forward. We expect to exceed the turnover target and, more importantly, profitability budgets that we originally set for this year.”

Walking Stick Bags

EXCLUSIVE Permit Holder Covers

Mini Hot Water Bottles


Wheat Warmers For Further Information Visit Or Please Contact Us: Head Office: Able2 UK Ltd. Moorgate Street, Blackburn, BB2 4PB Tel: 01254 619000 Email: Fax: 01254 619001 | 63

more about...


THE UNLIMITED COMPANY In August, THIIS spoke with Simplyhealth’s Chief Commercial Officer Raman Sankaran as he explained the organisation’s plans to refocus its retail proposition, The Unlimited Company. Four months on, the company has announced it is closing 10 of its retail stores. THIIS caught up with Raman to find what brought on the decision A RECAP OF THE LAST 18 MONTHS Having operated in the healthcare industry for over a century, Simplyhealth specialises in offering individuals and companies across the UK health cash plans, dental payment plans, pet health plans and care solutions.

In March 2016, the organisation rebranded its existing retail proposition into The Unlimited Company, focusing on bringing a unique, modern approach to mobility retail. Over the 16-month period that followed, The Unlimited Company opened a total of seven stores across the UK, garnering praise for its stylish,

MARCH 2016


Simplyhealth rebrands retail arm The Unlimited Company (TUC) & opens first store in Bristol

TUC store opens in Andover

64 |

contemporary store designs. Former Managing Director Matthew Main led the roll out of The Unlimited Company proposition, however, following a review of the market place and learnings from activity to date in July 2017, the organisation decided a further refinement of that proposition was required.



MARCH 2016

TUC stores open in Blackburn & Radstock

TUC store opens in Bicester

TUC store opens in Wrexham

THE SHIFT IN FOCUS Matthew stepped down as MD, with Raman Sankaran taking on a more hands-on role in the organisation’s retail operations in July 2017. Speaking with Raman in August, he told THIIS that after a review of the current mobility retail market conditions, the organisation decided to pause opening more stores and instead invest further in the professional advice aspect of their proposition. This included recruiting occupational therapists to deliver expert service and professional assessments to customers. “In the marketplace, we saw the entrance of more national brands like Argos, Amazon and Lloyds Pharmacy. Where we saw the potential gap in the market for us to add the most value was with our guidance and advice,” said Raman. “The idea was to use this professional resource and capability in the field to do home-assessments and further enable the right specification of products and solutions for customers. Equally, we wanted to use the OT expertise to open conversations with medical professionals as well, who

would often see and support people with these kinds of needs.” WHAT CHANGED? Despite these changes, Simplyhealth announced on the 17th of October that the company would be closing the current Unlimited Company proposition, along with its remaining Independent Living and Collins Care stores. Romana Abdin, Chief Executive of Simplyhealth, in a statement commented: “Unfortunately, it has become clear that physical shops are not a viable way forward for Simplyhealth and from a business viewpoint, we have to ensure we look at better ways of providing people with the support they need.” Raman went into more detail regarding Simplyhealth’s sudden exit from the retail market. “It was a really difficult decision. We put in place a detailed plan to test the revised proposition from July onwards and then we reviewed our position again over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we found that the proposition just was not giving the right mix to meet the changing

The latest store opened just five months previously in Leeds

Simplyhealth’s Chief Commercial Officer Raman Sankaran

requirements of customers into the future,” he clarified. THE IMPACT OF GENERAL NATIONAL AND ONLINE RETAILERS One of the main shifts in the market that led Simplyheath to question The Unlimited Company’s future sustainability was the wider availability of mobility products being provided by large general retailers and online providers. Raman shared his thoughts regarding whether there was a place for retailers such as Argos, LloydsPharmacy and Amazon in the industry. “When it comes to the larger retailers, there is a space for them in the marketplace, especially for customers who know what they want and what they are looking for,” said Raman. “For those consumers looking for an effective route to get what they need, both in terms of cost and delivery, the large general and online retailers have invested a lot of money in making sure

MAY 2017

JUNE 2017

JULY 2017



TUC launches flexible payment programme

TUC store opens in Leeds

Matthew Main steps down as MD for TUC

TUC announces focus on professional advice

Simplyhealth closes TUC operations | 65

more about...

TUC focused on providing professional advice in recent months

they have the best infrastructure to be able to supply that and do that very well. “There is also a place in the market for the smaller, dedicated mobility stores that operate on a more local level. However, I also believe that there is a growing unmet need for professional guidance and advice, as well as information and education on what is available to ensure that you, your loved ones or patients have the best solutions. We didn’t have our proposition quite right for the current market but we will continue to explore how we can add value in this area.” IN THE IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH The closure of the retail business affected a total of 85 employees across 10 retail outlets, with stores closing in Andover, Bristol, Bicester, Blackburn, Burnham, Droitwich, Leeds, Morton Park, Norwich and Radstock. Raman stressed that ensuring all the people affected were correctly supported was the highest priority in the short-term for Simplyhealth. “It is certainly not a case of ‘let’s shut the doors and walk away,’ as that is not the way we operate. What is really important is ensuring that we are supporting our people and our customers in the right ways,” he said. “We are absolutely committed to fulfilling all current customers orders, as well as supporting and servicing

66 |

our existing customer base for the next few months.” Raman continued: “From a people perspective, we have an in-depth integrated plan in terms of support, consulting with them and if necessary helping them make any transition into what they are going to be doing next or hopefully for further roles in Simplyhealth.” A FUTURE RETURN TO THE MARKETPLACE? Despite shutting down its current retail proposition, Simplyhealth still firmly believes there is a growing need for a heavily guidance and advice-led proposition in the market. “We have helped thousands of customers and have a wealth

of learnings to take forward. For example, during the final four-month period of The Unlimited Company, where we further enhanced the service element, we received a lot of good feedback from medical professionals and customers,” he told us. “So, whilst we are moving away from the current Unlimited Company proposition, we are keen to explore future propositions in health and care. We know there is definitely still that need from customers who require specific solutions but just aren’t aware of what is out there.” This could mean that rather than a ‘farewell’, it may well be ‘until we meet again’ for Simplyhealth, as they continue to watch the market and develop new propositions. “We know the general demographics of the population; we are all living longer and needing more support as we go through life, so customer need will certainly always be there,” continued Raman. “The real challenge is getting the mix of service and advice right but from the new year onwards, we will take all the learnings from our years of experience in the market and explore new propositions.”

Simplyhealth launches Care For Life A week previously to the announcement, Simplyhealth launched a new online guidance and advice tool as an employee benefit for businesses. “It is a navigation type tool, rather than a supply of physical products, to help people find the best way through their health and care journey. It highlights how we’re aiming to meet changing healthcare needs by being innovative and collaborative,” said Raman.

An online service providing practical advice on ageing and caring for ageing loved ones, Care for Life advises on all the different, sometimes complex, issues that carers and those being cared for face. The service provides access to experts, guidance on legal, financial, care at home and care home topics, as well as signposting where to find a trusted trader.


SIDHIL APPOINTS NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR IN IRELAND Following Drive DeVilbiss’ acquisition of Sidhil in January, Beechfield Healthcare has been appointed national distributor for Sidhil products in the Republic of Ireland


dding the full Sidhil range to its product portfolio, Beechfield Healthcare will now have one of the largest product ranges available in Ireland to access hospital and community care markets. The new partnership presents significant market growth opportunities for Beechfield Healthcare, with the company stating that it will be underpinned by further investment in its people and systems.

68 |

Beechfield Healthcare Commercial Director James Gargan & MD Trevor Flanagan

The essential learning event for moving and handling in healthcare Moving & Handling People brings its CPD-certified mix of practical workshops, best-practice seminars and peer-to-peer problem-solving to new audiences  Separate exhibition hall  Open Forum focus on homecare  All-new workshops and seminars for 2018  Tickets from £245 (+VAT) for groups of 3+

Moving & Handling People South Wednesday 31st January & Thursday 1st February 2018 Watford Hilton

Book now at Disabled Living Foundation Tel: 020 7432 8001 Email: DLF is part of Shaw Trust, a registered charity (England & Wales number 287785), (Scotland number SC039856)

WE DELIVER YOUR PROMISES We are a nationwide delivery company based in the heart of Yorkshire. We specialise in the delivery, installation, demonstration, handover and testing of all types of healthcare products.

Our services include: • • • • • • • •

Delivery and Installation of ALL Healthcare Products Engineering Call Outs Removal and Disposal of Old Products Honour Manufacturers Warranties Customer Service Management Full Annual Services Inbound Receipt and Warehousing LOLER / PUWER Testing


Visit us at @HDDltd


trusted recruiter Head of Mobility – London £30k-£40k basic salary plus bonus Our client is a London-based specialist mobility supplier. They offer a range of powerchairs and mobility scooters throughout the South East of England. Having been established for 10 years and become a market leader in the industry, an excellent and unique opportunity has arisen for the right person. They are now looking to grow their mobility offering by taking on a Head of Mobility to oversee the mobility division, including four field-based assessors, and take the lead for all prescriptive enquiries. You will take ownership of specialist mobility enquiries that are passed on from the customer service team and offer your expert knowledge to understand the customer’s needs, in turn allocating this to an assessor or OT for assessment. Following the assessment, you will guide the customer through the prescription process, including offering quotations from the office, finally liaising with the manufacturers to produce the equipment. You will also provide after-sales technical support as necessary, assisting the workshop with diagnostics and technical problem-solving. While the role is primarily office-based, there will be the requirement to visit clients when assessments require more technical knowledge, for example, when special controls are needed for a powerchair. You will also work closely with the MD to launch new products and services in the mobility field as the company continues to expand. This is a big role for our client and you will be a key player in the business and the face of the mobility division. The ideal candidate will have specialist technical experience of working with powerchairs, for example, from a technical role within Wheelchair Services or from a dealer or manufacturer. You must have excellent communication and customer service skills, as well as a full UK driving licence. A base salary of £30k-£40k plus bonuses, pension, 20-days holiday plus bank holidays, rising 1 day for each additional year’s service. For more information, please send your CV to including reference: Thiis453

70 |

Area Sales Manager - Patient Handling Equipment – South £28k basic salary with realistic £47k OTE Our new client offers a range of patient handling and lifting equipment to both NHS, Care home groups and supply chain. Big name in the industry and having been established for over 50 years with offices globally. This is a one-off excellent opportunity. The role involves generating new business and account managing exiting business within NHS Hospital Trusts, NHS University or Foundation Hospital Trusts and Large National Nursing home groups. Main points of contact will be Procurement Managers, Back Care Advisors, Estates/Facilities Managers, Senior Ward Staff, Care Home Managers etc. The products sold are a range of rehabilitation products mainly patient lifts and hoists. About 60% new business 50% existing. This is slow but rewarding sales role based on building pipeline. Ideally the candidate will have the ability to identify and grow relationships with influencers and clinicians. Anyone from a healthcare background will be considered. NHS experience is a plus but not essential. Must be used to carrying out assessments and demo’s. It is also a plus but not in any way essential for someone to have patient handling or a rehab background. Sales experience however is necessary. You need to be a good relationship builder. The client offers a salary of £28k with an exceptional realistic OTE of £19k, VW transporter with rear seats for personal use, phone, tablet and 25 days holiday. Please submit your CV confidentially to to discuss further including job reference Thiis452


Mobility Service Engineer Better Mobility is seeking a full time Mobility Service Engineer to join their busy team in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. We are a company that provides wheelchairs and other medical / mobility product sales and rentals to customers nationally, with London being the highest concentration. You will report to the Service Manager and Mobility Specialists. The ideal candidate will have experience in a mobility environment including technical knowledge, and mechanical aptitude, however training can be provided. Applicants must have a full, clean driving license, computer literacy skills and the ability to deliver excellent customer service. All employees are required to submit information for a DBS check. Duties Include: • Servicing and repairing mobility equipment including both manual and powered wheelchairs, scooters and all other related mobility products. This will include work performed on premise, as well as in customers’ homes. • Making deliveries in and around London (sometimes further). • Sourcing and Ordering Parts. • Maintenance of fleet rental equipment. • Build up of equipment going out on rental as well as tear down, clean and restock of returning rental equipment. • Maintaining a tidy workshop & parts store. • Potentially being responsible for completing servicing contracts at care homes/ hospitals, and providing full written reports of the servicing performed and subsequent parts required for repair. Working Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm Contract Type: Permanent • Salary From: £17,000 per year Please forward your CV for the attention of Natasha Warner-Mizon to

Location: Hours: Salary: Organisation: Closing Date:

Flexible 40 hours per week Dependent on experience Consolor Ltd 31/10/2017

As part of our continued expansion, Consolor Ltd is looking to recruit an experienced and dynamic


Consolor is an innovative, forward thinking and exciting company, committed to the assessment, manufacture and provision of specialist seating and mobility products and services to private clients and the NHS across the UK. The successful candidate’s main duties will include: •

Establishing new customers within the UK

Developing sales directly linked with Consolor products and Consolor distributed products

Providing product demonstrations and assessments

Ideal applicants should have previous experience of working with the NHS, social services and educational establishments and be able to demonstrate a proven track record of business development and associated sales. If you think you have something to offer Consolor Ltd, and are ready for a new challenge, then please contact us for further information.

Telephone: 07890 710323 Email:

Book your place... ...with the best in Britain’s Healthcare Industry at The British Healthcare Trades Awards Dinner 2017. To book your table or place, E-mail Nigel Woods at:

Thursday 30th November 2017 Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London SE1 7TJ



WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU NEXT YEAR ON th th 7 AND 8 OCTOBER! Join us at Europe’s sole TRADE ONLY business to business event for the mobility, living aids and assistive technology industry




Training Diary If you are providing training for the trade, then simply send us the details of the course, the date, any costs, the venue and the contact for booking places and we’ll include it in the Diary. Email with any details you have.

November 2017 Invacare - Manual Wheelchairs – November 1st 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Invacare – LiNX Training – November 2nd 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Thursday 2nd – Friday 3rd November 2017 Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire Invacare – LiNX Training – November 3rd 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th November 2017 - Benmor Medical, Market Harborough Electric Mobility - Servicing / Maintenance & Fault finding for Rascal Mobility Products – November 8th 2017 - Ilminster. FOC including Lunch.

JCM Seating Solutions Ltd Technical Training Workshop – 9th November 2017 - JCM Academy, Peterborough Invacare – Robin Overhead Hoist - November 9th 2017 – Pencoed FOC Invacare – Impetus - November 14th & 15th 2017 – Pencoed £149.00 + VAT Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 15th – Thursday 16th November 2017 Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire Invacare – Power Chair Controls November 22nd 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Invacare – Fault finding on Power Chairs - November 23rd 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Invacare – LiNX Training - November 24th 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Invacare – Servicing & Maintenance on Manual chairs - November 29th 2017 – Pencoed - FOC

Invacare – Servicing & Maintenance on Power chairs - November 30th 2017 – Pencoed - FOC

December 2017 Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 5th – Thursday 6th December 2017 Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire

January 2018 Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 10th – Thursday 11th January 2018 - Benmor Medical, Market Harborough Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 17th – Thursday 18th January 2018 - Benmor Medical, Houghton-leSpring, Tyne and Wear Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Tuesday 30th – Wednesday 31st January 2018 Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire

Contacts for bookings BHTA in partnership with Warrington Disability Partnership – Email sally. Benmor Medical – Contact Sophie Allen – 0333 800 9000 – sophie. Invacare – Call Joan James on 01656 776283 or email jjames@

74 |

Global Training by Silvalea - +44 (0) 1626 331655 or visit www. Pride Mobility – Call Dave on 01869 324600 or email JCM – Contact Rachel Davis on

Careflex – Call Julieanne Fewings on 01626 831 843 or email julieanne. Kymco - Dave Adams - After Sales Service Manager – Call 01656 641076 Electric Mobility – Call 01460 258158 or email marketing@









S T Y L E I N N O VAT I O N C H O I C E LEON POWERCHAIR The Leon is designed to exploit the advantages of a rear wheel drive chair for outdoor use. It is geared for speed without compromising on stability or control. The exceptionally narrow wheelbase allows for agile manoeuvrability. It is available in a range of colours that make the chair a real eye catcher. The Leon is a superior powerchair for even the most active users.

a Full suspension a 8 mph maximum speed a 450W 4 pole motors a Optional 75Ah batteries a 62cm overall width a Crash tested For further details please call 0845 630 3436

Karma Mobility Ltd Unit 6 Target Park, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 8YN T: 0845 630 3436 E:

The UK’s leading range of mobility products since 1985


01787 882244

Thiis November 2017  

The November issue features the latest news about the unexpected closures of the Mobility Roadshow and The Unlimited Company, as well as in-...