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Commercial Production At iQuarius Media Commercials target your prospects when they’re doing something they already like, such as streaming music online or watching TV. We’ll help you keep their attention for that precious few seconds with gorgeous visual and audio content, so that you can spread your message. We start you from concept to polished product, handling your commercials content with mastery and artistry — whether your commercials are for radio, TV, or streaming on the Internet. We can do all of these in-house. Tell us what you need for your commercials from this list: 1. A Script We write persuasive copy We keep tone and audience utmost in our minds as we write We play to the “theater of the mind” We’re concise 2. Voice Talent We have experienced radio, ad, and theater voices — male and female Our voices are clear and trustworthy We speak English, Spanish, and Japanese fluently 3. Video Content We provide full-featured, high-definition video We can go on-location if you need Our content will be sharp and creative We know what looks best for the distribution, audience, and message you have in mind Our motion graphics artists are multiple-award winners 4. Audio Content and Audio Post-Production We write electronic and piano music We have experience with major labels including Sony and Warner Brothers Orlando Post Production will be overseen by Grammy-nominated talent

We can do backgrounds, sound effects, ADR, custom sound design — so your commercials will textured, comfortable ‌However, none of us can sing Call us to produce your commercials. Or, if you have existing material, call us to help you get it out to the world through Internet Marketing and web distribution. For more information visit iQuarius Media.

Commercial Production At Iquarius Media