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NEW | KARDEX Power Pick速 Global Software Innovation from KARDEX: The new solution to control KARDEX storage and retrieval systems with a modular structure.

NEW | KARDEX Power Pick® Global Six good reasons why you should use the new KARDEX software to control your KARDEX storage systems Power Pick® Global

Order Processor Package

Communicator Pro Package

Small Business Package

Warehouse Edition Package

Service & Care Package

Small Business Package

Communicator Pro Package

Service & Care Package

The Small Business Package is an easy-toimplement, practical and fast start into PCsupported warehouse management from Kardex. The package has been de­signed for stand-alone installations controlling 1 to 2 units.

Communicator Pro is the preferred storage solution for all businesses that already utilize an ERP- or WMS system and want to get even more performance from their Kardex dynamic storage system. Communicator Pro offers an extensive array of modules enabling host-controlled order putting, picking and inventory.

Your software is one of the key elements of your Kardex system solution – it is the interface between man and machine. Our Kardex software service takes care of you, offering you assistance and advice, ranging from telephone support and PC­remote diagnostics to on-site maintenance. Regular software updates performed via remote maintenance guarantee efficient and optimized management and storage of your goods.

Order Processor Package The Order Processor Package has been designed for medium-size warehouse applications controlling multiple devices and multiple workstations. The Order Processor Package includes a range of additional modules for order-controlled and optimized storage allowing you to reduce waiting times while supporting double access, urgent delivery requests (hot picks) and zone management.

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Warehouse Edition Package The Warehouse Edition Package is the modern, functional and user-friendly warehouse management solution from Kardex. It offers a variety of different functions and modules which are even more comprehensive and user-friendly than all other packages.

Your benefits from our Service & Care Package : • Full support for your Kardex Software system • Telephone support hotline, remote diagnostics and on-site visits • Efficient troubleshooting

NEW | KARDEX Power Pick® Global The best way to take global control of your KARDEX storage and retrieval solutions. Simplify your life.

Kardex Power Pick Global has been developed from a simple stock control application to a sophisticated userfriendly software system. All basic Power Pick Global software packages provide the same convenience typical of the Kardex world – from simple stock control appli­ cations to fully integrated warehouse ­management solutions. The new stock management software features a modular structure and innovative programming concept ­allowing you to remain optimally equipped for years to come while adjusting flexibly to the ever changing needs of the world of intralogistics.

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Businesses in many industries are successfully working with Kardex Power Pick Global, amongst them many enterprises involved in electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, medicine, commerce, logistics centers, and many more. The success of Power Pick Global is based on the dedicated and consistent further development continually enhanced by our software engineers and consultants enabling our logistics teams to further improve stock management and stock accuracy. This success is rounded off by our special applications and customtailored solutions. Our wide range of services provided includes consultation, installation, support, special programming and round-the-clock hotline support.

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Package SB | Small Business Easy-to-use, safe and compact – the software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises

The Small Business Package – the easy to handle, practical and fast entry into the PC-supported stock management environment provided by Kardex. The package for small and mediumsized enterprises has been designed for stand-alone installations controlling 1-2 units. Our standard starter package includes an extensive array of modules for the manage­ment of material, ­storage ­location and space, users and bins. In addition to ­reporting functionalities, barcode eva­luation and functions ­required for manual operation mode the package comprises easy-to-use ­s upplement management, ­d ynamic pick and put lists, as well as ­tracking and logging of all transactions inside your warehouse. All machines are linked via Ethernet or serial ports. Integration of an SQL-Express database is provided. Page 4

Material management Material management allows you to add, edit and delete material and material­relevant data. A material may have individual properties, or belong to a family of ­materials, thus allowing material-­specific pick and put-strategies (FIFO or LIFO). ­Material management allows allocation of different location types and material ­storage without specification of quantities. Bin management Storage locations are represented by bins. A bin can be imagined as a box or ­container having x/y and z dimensions thus ­defining the available space required for the material to be stored. Bins are available as standard bins, container bins or divisible bins. The layout of a bin can

be changed and adjusted any time. Manual operation Pick and put and return operations can also be performed without previous order placement. Power Pick Global contains a set of features to perform these un­planned transactions.

Package OP | Order Processor Safe, fast and optimized storage – The software for medium-sized warehouses

The Order Processor Package is de­ signed for the application in mediumsized warehouses featuring multiple units and multiple PC- workstations. In addition to the functions of the Small Business Package, the Order Processor Package provides the modules for ordercontrolled storage, optimized storage to reduce waiting times, double access, ­urgent delivery requests and the division of the warehouse into separate zones. It also offers cost center management, advanced reporting functions and report and label printing. Integration of dynamic user-definable data information fields for material and order data and an additional module featuring advanced administrative tasks.

Warehouse management functions Module offering extended administrative functions for warehouse managers. ­Whether to block materials, quantities or storagelocations – this module will give you full control over your warehouse. Order optimization Order optimization helps to optimize ­orders to enhance picking performance and storage space. In the wave picking mode, orders are picked concurrently throughout the entire warehouse. ­During pick and pass processing, on the other hand, an order is started in one picking group and then passed on to the next group.

Tray access optimization User-friendly method of reducing picking times by offering different tray presen­ tation options such as ‘Double access’ or ‘Double tray’*. (*available only in combination with Kardex Shuttle XP product series)

Double access: Tray presentation in the Kardex Shuttle access opening on two different levels. Double tray: The main tray remains on the extractor while the requested ­inner tray is unloaded from the main tray and brought into the access point. Once ­picking is ­finished, the tray is placed back into the dual tray and returned to its ­location in the Shuttle unit.

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Package CP | Communicator Pro For ERP- and Warehouse Management Systems – Increasing performance and efficiency in your warehouse

Host-controlled Location Management Communicator Pro is the storage ­solution for all enterprises that already utilize an ERP or WMS system while striving to get even more performance from their dynamic storage systems from Kardex. Communicator Pro modules offer hostcontrolled picking, putting and counting. Other functions are the elimination of duplicate inventories, simple host downloads and host-maintained inventory, stock levels and location management. Host locations can be mapped to Power Pick Global locations using a translation formula.

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The leading host system manages the actual storage locations for picking and putting operations. Material, inventories, strategies and all other storage activities in connection with location management are managed directly by the host system. During order processing, capacities are virtually activated in order to enable optimal access to shelves and storage locations and control the various storage devices in an optimized way. Other applications such as batching, optimized picking, pick/pack lights, task processing or asynchronous transactions can be utilized too.

Automatic Host Interface The automatic host interface is a general interface allowing the bidirectional transfer of material master data and order-related data with a host system. Data can be transferred by standard text files (ASCII text files), CSV or XML files, database tables (ODBC), or via specific host interfaces such as SAP IDOCs, BaaN - protocols or data loops. Online connection to host is possible. The following functions are available: Material master data synchronization with host, order synchronization with host, action result reporting (booking list export), inventory orders and kit list import.

Package WE | Warehouse Edition The modern, functional and easy to implement warehouse management solution – by KARDEX

The Warehouse Edition Package is a modern, functional and easy-toimplement warehouse management ­solution from Kardex. This package, with its wide range of modules and functionalities is even more extensive and easy to handle than all other packages.

packing, integration of weight scale and peripheral devices, weight management to prevent overloading of storage units, carriers/trays or shelves, creation and processing of explicit batches for optimized machine access and to reduce operator dwell times, slotting, SAPintegration and Hori Opt.

In addition to the functions included in the Small Business and Order Processor Packages, your Warehouse Edition ­Package offers client management, trans­ action management, height management as per shelf and support for oversized bins, data transfer (master data, order) with the customer’s host system, inventory counting, optimized and concurrent storage unit access from any workstation, processing of multiple orders at the same workstation to optimize storage unit ­access and reduce operator waiting time,

Client Management Client management regulates the allocation of clients, materials and users to clients. During the logon process, a ­client is specified with all follow-up actions performed from the client’s perspective. A client is considered the owner of materials in the warehouse. Clients can only see and use their own materials, all other materials are hidden to a given clients. A material can be allocated to one or more clients.

Batching Increases throughput and picking performance. Batches can be created manually or automatically. Batches may be created just in time for a limited duration or they may be created and remain valid until all picking is performed.

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Kardex Dynamic Storage Solutions

KARDEX Innovations – Success since 1873. You’ll find the correct solution quickly with KARDEX. If you require further information or assistance, you’re welcome to visit our website:

Many years of experience, a compelling drive to innovate and unrivalled commitment to service constitute the firm basis for Kardex’s ability to deliver in the face of any challenge. The record speaks for itself with over 75,000 successfully installed solutions and satisfied operators across the world – in trade, manufacturing and research and development applications. Today, the focus is on dynamic intralogistic solutions.

Worldwide competence in storing and retrieving – Kardex Group Australia Austria Belgium China Cyprus Czech Republic Finland France Germany Great Britain Hungary India Ireland

Italy Malaysia Netherlands Norway Poland Russia Singapore Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey USA The standard scope of delivery does not comprise all options and equipment mentioned in the brochure. We reserve the right to perform design and dimensional modifications and to correct errors or printing errors during the time of delivery without prior notice. Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks listed in this brochure are registered trademarks of the Kardex AG.


Save space, time and money. Besides utilising available space to its fullest potential, the dynamic storage and retrieval systems from Kardex significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of your company’s operations. Kardex’s highly efficient products and services create major laboursaving, cost-cutting opportunities.

KARDEX Power Pick Global  

The new solution to control KARDEX storage and retrieval systems with a modular structure.

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