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The BeingWell Process Positive Lifestyle Management Programs

Working for the prevention of and protection from physical and mental illness

The Being Well Process

Why Lifestyle matters to business It seems only logical that the healthier and happier people are the better they will work. This is a theory supported by a raft of psychological, neurological and economic research. After working in health and wellbeing for over 15 years Clinical Director and Registered Health Psychologist Amberley Meredith noted that most physical and mental illness stems from poor coping strategies and poor lifestyle habits. The BeingWell Process (TBWP) has been created to help people learn more about how they function and how they make choices about their lifestyle. It’s simple when you don’t feel 100% you cannot give 100%, to anything! TBWP helps companies assist their employees into better health and wellbeing, and in return they increase their productivity, performance and quality, and reduce staff turnover. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Our Approach Human beings exist on 4 different levels, the physical




(Hinengaro) and spiritual (Wairua) and balance on all 4 is required to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Furthermore, global wellbeing is tightly interwoven with the way people find and maintain a harmonious state of being within their communities and families (whanau). TBWP utilises the latest cutting-edge, evidencebased research to inform and design services. As people








subconscious mind, where unhealthy behaviours are






programs that enable people to overcome this

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort F.D. Roosevelt

barrier to change and achieve sustainable adjustments to their lifestyles. 2

Positive Lifestyle Management

The Being Well Process

TheBeingWellProcess (TBWP) specialises in creating healthy and productive workplaces, offering consulting and training across New Zealand, Australia and internationally. We take the same approach to wellbeing as dealing with fires, prevention is the best strategy and protection is the next best strategy. We focus on helping people to be well and stay well, eliminating or reducing unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and promoting positive choices. TBWP covers the following five major areas: 

Leadership and Stress Management

Bullying and Harassment

Being Fit4Life - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Safety in the workplace

SERVICES  Organisation-wide review of current policies and procedures to manage wellbeing  Design and provision of wellbeing programs  The development of wellbeing policies and procedures  Leadership Programmes and Train the trainer  Retreats, team building and wellness packages for leaders  Education and skills training for employees  Annual Individual Wellbeing Packages  Assistance for individuals and families to address wellbeing issues

TRAINING TBWP training is delivered in interactive, skill-based workshops for groups of 10-25 participants and facilitated by either a psychologist or other appropriately credited professional. The training focuses on increasing awareness, knowledge and providing tools so individuals become better able to manage and improve their own and others’ wellbeing.

CUSTOMISATION All training and materials can be be customised to suit client, cultural and other relevant requirements.


Positive Lifestyle Management

The Being Well Process

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM TBWP utilizes qualified, registered and skilled EAP professionals. Our experience in physical and mental health means that our EAP services can assist with issues that can have a serious impact on employees’ performance, productivity and safety at work. We are culturally sensitive and our model incorporates working with whanau (family).

We help you respond not react. We use local team of specialists who are always nearby when you need them. They are experienced in delivering psychological first aid and help you ensure that you have an excellent and rapid response to a CI, and have the appropriate and necessary follow-up in place to ensure continuity of care and minimal disruption to your employees’ lives and the workplace.

PEER SUPPORT PROGRAMMES Peer support programmes are becoming commonplace in high-risk industries, but they can have relevance for any organisation as peer support creates an opportunity for bridging potential cultural gaps, resistance to external help and openness to change. Peer supporters are employees specially trained to assist colleagues cope with stressful situations. It is particularly useful following highly stressful and critical








• Obesity is suspected to affect productivity & obesity figures are nearly 1 in 2 people • Bullying is reported by nearly 20% of workers • 1 in 5 people experience mental illness • 1 in 20 adults are diagnosed with heart disease • 51 people are diagnosed with cancer daily • 22 people die from cancer daily, 12 people die from smoking daily • Every 90 minutes someone dies from heart disease

incidents. AND

• Workplace stress & workplace bullying prevalence is growing globally • Stress is thought to cause 80% of illnesses & absences





ANSWERS Fit4Life is a cost effective, quality, 24/7 global health and wellbeing online support program. It conveys messages about the value of healthy lifestyles, creates conversations and provides innovative ways to change behaviour. It includes online health checks, the latest research, lists of local specialists, exercise classes and health events, plus regular health and wellbeing webinars are sent out through our weekly health

• Diabetes has almost doubled in 10 years • 1 in 6 adults have a potentially hazardous drinking pattern • Drug use is rising daily as a coping mechanism • Poor health costs organisations thousands

e-mail update that provides motivation and helps keeping wellbeing a priority easy.


Positive Lifestyle Management

The Being Well Process



“I cannot recommend too highly the value of the work Amberley progressed with our staff and I would like to see her workshops being held throughout the country in a variety of different organisations.”

TBWP has a range of health and wellbeing programs that can be modified to suit need. The workshops are: • The Leadership Process - Available as a residential or nonresidential program. Develops practical and applicable leadership skills to create sustainability; provides tools and techniques to develop a positive and collaborative environment and helps leaders help themselves as well as staff.

Dianne Saunders, Service Manager, Barnardos Gisborne

• Positive Health through Active Awareness - How unhealthy habits get created and perpetuated, retraining the brain to develop and maintain positive lifestyle choices.


• Working Well with Stress - Causes and creators of stress, biology of stress, simple stress management techniques.

“I was surprised that this training offered me something new and useful after already knowing a lot.” “Today’s training was brilliant. I’m loving to learn new things and how to cope.” “It was a reminder I need to look after my Maori ora.” “Awesome to have a break from stressful work, very important and great spending time together.” “I’ll be applying a lot into my professional and personal life.” “It’s great our employer cares about our health and wellbeing, not just by having the workshops, but giving us the time away from our jobs to be able to attend.” “Very good content with many useful applications.” 5

Positive Lifestyle Management

• Back to Basics - Problems with sleep, diet, exercise and emotions, tools to improve each to maintain better balance. • Drugs...The Real Deal - why we take drugs, paths to addiction, impacts on behaviour and health, strategies to deal with drugs positively. • Handling Addictive Behaviours - How to identify addictive patterns, methods and skills for changing behaviour. • Eat4Life - why we eat, what’s in our food, reading food labels, meal planning, smart shopping, and positive eating habits. • Authentic Relationships and Clear Communication – Managing bullying, deescalating arguments, miscommunication, developing better relationship and communication skills. • Training 4 A Safe Brain - Neuroplasticity and Epi-genetic methods for reprogramming unsafe and unhealthy behaviours and helping staff to automatically adopt safety procedures.

DURATION TBWP programmes can all be designed and delivered to meet the specific needs of each organisation.

DELIVERY AND CONTENT Each program is interactive to ensure the activation of the area in the brain that will assimilate this new information thus increasing retention. The combination of spoken presentation, skill-based exercises, screen text and written materials allow for audio, tactile, 3D and visual learning so those with lower literacy skills are catered for and the chances of the adoption of new behaviours is improved.

Positive Lifestyle Management Relationships


Addictions & Drugs Stress Control Awareness & Positivity


Fatigue & Safety

The Being Well Process PO Box 21 Tiniroto 4044, Eastland New Zealand Tel.: + 64 (06) 863 7214

The Being Well Process  

Corporate brochure introducing The Being Well Process' range of services for businesses.

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