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Live globally, act socially 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Project introduction 2. Job description 3. Benefits and requirements 4. Additional for potential interns


Enthusiasm Youth

750 chi Talent nhánh

20,000 vị trí lãnh đạo


Sympathy Social activities

111 quốc gia

iChange project 1,000,000 Cựu thành viên

111 • Duration: 7 weeks fromcountries October 1st to November 15th 2013

• Originated from the idea that Vietnamese students have not had many chances to discover and develop their potentials for future use, AIESEC FTU HCMC introduces the iChange Project. 90,000 iChange is expected to create opportunities for high school members students to exchange culture and knowledge with foreign friends, to develop their soft skills and to become a global citizen who is later on, creates positive impacts on the society. • iChange 2013 consists of a series of event including Global Village and workshops with global mindset and social responsibility. 3

• Department the intern will be working: iGCDP

JOB DESCRIPTIONS 1. Building detailed content for Global Village and Workshops base on basic framework. 2. Execute Global Village and Workshops at high school (Decorating booth, performing culture, presenting about global issues, etc.).

3. Designing presentation materials including power point based presentation, making clips, poster, etc.

4. Managing internal and external communication channels while executing plans.

5. Supporting Organizing Committee members in asking schools for permissions to organize workshops. 6. Support other projects and events in LC if needed. 4


- Ensure project duration. -Interested in culture understanding. -Able to work under high pressure and be active. - Willing to work and integrate with Vietnamese friends and teenager students. - Be active supportive, hard-working and helpful with local people.

BENEFITS Event management skills – from building from scratch till executing Understanding about Vietnamese working styles Working in a multicultural environment Negotiation/Teamwork/Customer Focus Skills


WORKING ATTITUDE Passion for presenting culture Deep understanding or knowledge about your own culture in Social Activities AdditionalInterest for potential candidates Proactive, enthusiastic and never give up Ability to perform in front of others Ability to design posters, make clips or perform arts, dance show (optional)



TN-In-VN-HF-2013-370 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-371 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-372 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-373 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-374 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-375 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-376 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-377 TN manager contact Organizing committee president Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thien An (An) Ms. Dao Thi Thao Phuong (Tapu) Skype: nguyenan02 Email: Email: Phone: (+84) 164968116 Facebook: annguyenngoc Phone: (+84) 1212 966 008


Ichange 2013 intern package  
Ichange 2013 intern package