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tell me and i forget, teach me and i may remember, involve me and i learn


The only source of knowledge is experience Live as if you

were to die tomorrow Learn as if



you were to live forever

vmbo - KGT


Korte berichten lezen en schrijven Eenvoudige informatie in teksten begrijpen Specifieke informatie uit teksten halen Een afspraak maken voor een bepaalde dag of tijd Een eenvoudig telefoongesprek voeren Informatie over jezelf of anderen geven Je mening geven en vertellen hoe het met je gaat Een voorstel doen



Hoe je ‘can’ en ‘can’t’ gebruikt Hoe je ‘much’ en ‘many’ gebruikt Hoe je over klokkijken en tijden praat in het Engels Hoe je om kunt gaan met onbekende woorden in een tekst


De woorden voor de dagen en maanden De rangtelwoorden Woorden bij het thema ‘muziek

music unit 2


unit 2


Basic lesson 1

DJ Camp TIM ‘My Dutch cousin Koen wants to be a DJ so he is going to DJ camp. He is a big fan of all the famous Dutch DJ’s. I think DJ’s have a great life. All those parties! All that money! And they fly all over the world. Would you like to be a DJ? Or do you miss your friends and family when you are not at home?’


e holidays? th in n fu g in th do some Do you want to Come to our DJ Camp! ng DJs aged 13 to 18. At the The Digital Studios DJ Camp is for you ative way. Each day you DJ Camp, you learn to DJ in a fun, cre of these workshops are: can choose two workshops. Examples

equipment set-up Good equipment is very important to a DJ. Have you got the right equipment? Can you use it? In this workshop you will learn all about it.

new to DJ’ing? This workshop is DJ’ing for beginners.


Radio DJ’ing Learn how to be a radio DJ. Make a demo mix for a radio station.

DJ’ing techniques Learn how to scratch and mix in this workshop on techniques.

This year the Digital Studios DJ Camp is going to be in London from Monday the 23rd of August to Wednesday the 25th of August. For more information email:


GLOSSARY equipment apparatuur last vorig(e) too bad jammer

This is what people say about our camps:

“The DJ Camp last year was great. I loved it. You can learn a lot and make good friends. Too bad I can’t go this year.” Rachid (DJ Rah) ag ed 14

de a “After the camp last year I ma tions. I demo mix for some radio sta show! DJ have now got my own radio 15 d age Camp is great!” Dan

“The Digital Studios DJ Cam p is awesome. Why wasn’t the re a camp like that when I was young?” DJ Max aged 30

Master classes

“The DJ Camp is great fun. People there love music as much as I do.” Fatima aged 16

year. “I am going to my fourth camp this e. ther Last year Armin van Buuren was 17 I can’t wait to go again!” Sally aged

DJ Nick Ramado DJ DizzyDazzle DJ Max

DIGITAL STUDIOS • DJ camp • Camp Information Time

Monday 23/08

Tuesday 24/08

Wednesday 25/08

10.00- 12.00

New to DJ’ing

DJ’ing Techniques

Radio DJ’ing

Equipment set-up

Music production






13.00- 14.00

Master Class by guest DJ

Master Class by guest DJ

Master Class by guest DJ

14.00- 17.00

Battle DJ’ing


Final DJ Battle for all students

Mixing techniques

Basic scratching techniques

Final DJ Battle for all students

Choose 2 workshops each day


Price: 200 Euros Date: Monday 23th August to Wednesday 25th August. Venue: Digital Studios London


unit 2


Basic lesson 2

Do you want to go to the concert? Lee ‘I play the drums in a rock band. We sometimes have gigs at the weekend. It is a lot of fun but we are not famous. The really big stars can ask for crazy things at gigs. Like a two hundred blue M&M’s. Or an aquarium with tropical fish. I would ask for something crazy, like a gold toilet. What would you ask for?’

A From: Nora To: Jules

Follow The Red Bananas on social media


Hi Jules! How are you? I hope you’re OK. Remember that Australian band called The Red Bananas? They are my favourite band. They are doing a European tour this month! Their first concert is in London on Thursday! And I have got two tickets!!! Would you like to come with me? They are going to play at The Windmill on Thursday March 1st at eight o’clock. I hope you haven’t got any plans then. Can you come?

The European Tour


Write back soon, OK? Love, Nora

B From: Jules To: Nora Hi Nora! Wow, you’re so lucky! I wanted to get tickets myself, but they were already sold out. Thank you for inviting me. I’d love to go to the gig with you! How are you going to get there? My parents have plans that evening, so they can’t take us. Let’s go by train. Love, Jules





From: Nora To: Jules

From: Jules To: Nora

Hi Jules,

Hi Nora,

It’s great that you can come! I’m not allowed to take the train by myself at night. Do you want to go by car? My dad wants to take us there and pick us up after the gig.

I’m happy that your dad can take us. I will be ready at seven on Thursday!

How about seven o’clock. Is that ok?

Love, Jules

I am so excited! See you soon, GLOSSARY Love, Nora

unit 2

allowed by myself be lucky sold out

mogen / toestemming hebben alleen geluk hebben uitverkocht


Basic lesson 3

The winner takes it all KAZEEM ‘My English is not very good yet. That is why I listen to the radio a lot. Last year, there was a competition to win tickets to see my favourite band. I didn’t know these text messages cost money, so I texted more than a hundred times. My dad was so angry! And I didn’t even win the tickets! If you could win tickets to a gig of any artist (dead or alive), who would it be?’


unit 2


BasiC lesson 4

Are you going to the festival? Chloe ‘Summer is my favourite time of the year. It’s warm and sunny, and there are lots of festivals in summer! I go to two or three festivals every year and they are so much fun! I always go with a group of friends. They all love music as much as I do. What is your favourite thing to do in summer?’


Hi Dan


Hi Gaz, how are you?


I’m ok, thanks. Hey, can you go to the Lazy Summer Festival in July?



That’s alright. How many bands are coming?


I think about twelve different bands.


I’d love to go. How can we get there?

I am not sure. What day is it?


How about going by bus?.


It is on Saturday July 6th in Nottingham.


Great idea! What about Charlie? He likes music festivals.


What time will it start? GAZ

Let’s ask him! I can call him tonight.



Is starts at five o’clock.


Hello? John Watson speaking.


Oh, hello Mr Watson. This is Gaz Jones. Could I speak to Charlie, please?


Yes, of course! Charlie telephone!

CHARLIE Hi Gaz! How are you? GAZ

Great, thanks Charlie. Would you like to go to the Lazy Summer Festival with Dan and me?

CHARLIE Wow, I’d love to. When is it? GAZ

On Saturday July 6th.We’re going there by bus.

CHARLIE What time? I play football on Saturdays. GAZ

It starts at five o’clock


CHARLIE That’s ok. Have you already got your tickets? DAN GAZ

No but I can buy them on Friday. I think they are quite expensive...

CHARLIE Ok, can you tell me how much they are? I haven’t got much money. GAZ

Sure, I can look on the website. We’re not going to buy them if they’re too expensive! Bye, Charlie!

CHARLIE Bye Gaz. Thanks for calling.


GAZ Hey Dan, this is Charlie. The tickets for the festival are £50 each. What do you think? Have you got enough money? DAN

I’ve got some birthday money. How about you?


It is OK for me, but Charlie hasn’t got enough money. He can’t come with us.


Oh, that’s a shame! But I am really looking forward to July!


Me too! Bye!


Bye! I’ll talk to you soon!

Glossary that’s a shame to look forward to

dat is jammer uitkijken naar 9


unit 2

EXTENSIVE lesson 5


That is a strange name! lee ‘Sometimes you really wonder where an artist’s name comes from. Some artists, like the singer Taylor Swift, use their own name. But what do you think of a band name like Tired Pony? Or DJ Catfood? I’m in a band and we are called The Rockies. It’s not a very original name for a rock band, but we like it! Do you know any artists with funny names? Or can you think of a funny DJ name for yourself?’

Every DJ needs a good name, but they are not easy to find. Here are some tips and techniques to help you find a good name.



1 Think of a name that is easy to remember.

19 20

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

A lot of people think that words with hard sounds, such as, k’s, z’s, and t’s don’t sound nice. Words with many l’s, w’s, y’s, and s’s, sound soft and beautiful to many people. But many DJ’s don’t want a soft, beautiful name. Choose your letters carefully so you are happy with how your name sounds. You can make a long name shorter. Then it’s easy to remember and easy to say. If you choose the name DJ Quadrilateral, people can call you DJ Quad.


14 15 16 17 18


2 Look for interesting names around you. Look for interesting street names. Use the name of your favourite city or another planet. When you watch a movie, watch the movie credits at the end. In this list of names of all the makers of the movie you can find cool names from different

countries. You can look for a good name in the phonebook, a baby-name book, or books from the library.


3 Build a name from things you know and like.


If you like dogs, you can think about a name like Pitbull or Hound. If you like history, try something like Revolution, Columbus or Viking. Think of numbers that mean something to you and see how they sound in your DJ name. If 7 is your lucky number, your name can be DJ7. Use Google Translate to translate words (for example, music, song) into other languages and see if you get any good hits.

24 25 26 27 28 29 30


31 32 33 34 35

4 Change names you know. You can mix names together. For example, if your friends are called Joshua and Madelyn, you can choose the name DJ Mad Josh or DJ Jadelyn.


37 38 39

You can use a different spelling. For example, Mykael for Michael. Or you can mix-up your own name. So Leaha Stone can be DJ Sheala Tone.

47 48 49 50


5 Invent a new name.

41 42 43 44 45 46

Cut letters out of a magazine and throw them into the air. Or write a few lyrics from your favourite song, without spaces. For example “well I’m standing next to a mountain” becomes wellimstandingnexttoamountain. It has the words Wellim, Gnext and Untain in it.

51 52 53 54 55 56

6 Make sure that people like your name. Ask your friends, family and classmates what they think of your DJ name. They can tell you if your name is a good choice. Or they can help you think of a new name. 7 Make sure the name you choose is still free. Search for your DJ name on Google to see if anyone else has the same name. months, or even years to come up with a name you like, and that others like.

Glossary to build bouwen to translate vertalen to invent uitvinden lyrics tekst van een liedje spaces spaties make sure zorg ervoor


unit 2



EXTENSIVE lesson 6

The Voice UK CAITLIN ‘The Voice UK is a talent show on British TV. The singers in the show perform in front of a jury. The show starts with blind auditions. In these auditions the jury can’t see the singers. If they like the singer, they turn their chairs. This talent show is on Dutch TV too. Do you know it? And do you like these talent shows? Would you like to perform in a show like this?’




Age 16 Hometown Edinburgh

Age 19 Hometown London

‘I’m not just a singer, I love playing music too. I play the piano and the clarsach, a Celtic harp. I love singing and playing an instrument at the same time. My family are very musical too.

‘I was in a group called The Wall. We recorded a cd together two years ago. Now, I want to be a solo artist and a famous singer-songwriter. I feel alive when I sing.’



YOUR COMMENTS Lily A: I just want to say to Christy that I think she’s got a brilliant voice and she’s such an inspiration. Xxx Thanks

Emmy Pears: It’s sooooooo difficult to find my favourite! I think they all rock.

Boy25: I totally agree with you Emmy. I can’t choose between them either. They’ve got so much talent! Good luck to everyone.

Daniel TT:

Age 16 Hometown York

Hello everyone at THE VOICE! I really like Jack. I want to listen to him all the time! Christy was great too. They are all so good! :) Go on Jack and Christy, I love you both! xxxx

‘This competition is a huge opportunity for me. Music, singing and performing is my life. The Voice can really help me and make my dream come true!’

Glossary perform optreden turn omdraaien hometown woonplaats

alive levend opportunity kans difficult moeilijk 13

unit 2


Project lesson 7

Working on the e-zine

Amita ‘In this lesson you are going to write articles for the e-zine again. The theme of this unit is music, so the projects are also about music. You or your teacher chooses which of the three projects you are going to do. I love to win things so I like to think up a competition for my friends!’



What to do after school?


You are going to make an overview of after-school activities. What do you like to do? Are you a sports fan or do you like to take photos? You can think up four different activities. Then you write an overview of the activities, what you are going to do with them and when they take place.

Every e-zine needs a competition. Sometimes you have to think of a slogan or make a crossword puzzle. Now you are going to make one about music for your classmates. Think what they have to do to win and how you pick the winner. And also think of a prize of course!

2 Interview with a star You are going to write an interview with a famous star. The form is a chat session with short questions and answers. You do this with a classmate. Think of who you want to interview and then write the text. One of you writes the questions and the other one writes the answers of the star.


unit 2

Basic LESSONs 1/2/3/4

Grammar 2.1 Rangtelwoorden Rangtelwoorden geven volgorde aan (eerste, tweede, derde etc.) first 1st eleventh 11th second 2nd twelfth 12th third 3rd thirteenth 13th fourth 4th fourteenth 14th fifth 5th fifteenth 15th sixth 6th sixteenth 16th seventh 7th seventeenth 17th eighth 8th eighteenth 18th ninth 9th nineteenth 19th tenth 10th twentieth 20th

twenty-first 21st twenty-second 22n twenty-third 23rd twenty-fourth 24th thirtieth 30th thirty-first 31st etc.

2.2 Dagen, maanden, data: days, months, dates De dagen van de week schrijf je altijd met een hoofdletter. Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday De maanden van het jaar schrijf je altijd met een hoofdletter. January May February June March July April August 9 juni 5 mei

September October November December

June the ninth (June 9th) of the ninth of June (9th June) May the fifth (May 5th) of the fifth of May (5th May)

2.3 Klokkijken: the time Hele uren geef je aan met o’clock. Bijvoorbeeld: three o’clock. Alle tijden tussen het hele uur en het volgende halve uur geef je aan met past. Alle tijden na het halve uur tot het volgende hele uur geef te aan met to.


óver (het hele uur) = past vóór (het hele uur) = to

op het hele uur: o’clock




(at) five past three (at a) quarter past three (at) twenty past three (at) half past three

(at) twenty-five (at) twenty (at a) quarter (at) five

to four to four to four to four

om drie uur – at three o’clock

2.4 Veel: much < > many much: veel + enkelvoud

many: veel + meervoud

much water much time much money much noise

many papers many shops many articles many girls

2.5 Kunnen: can + hele werkwoord bevestigend I can help. You can help. He / She / It can help. We can help. You can help. They can help.

Ik kan helpen Jij kunt helpen. Hij / Zij / Het kan helpen. Wij kunnen helpen. Jullie kunnen helpen. Zij kunnen helpen.

ontkennend I can’t help. You can’t help. He / She / It can’t help. We can’t help. You can’t help. They can’t help.

Ik kan niet helpen. Jij kunt niet helpen. Hij / Zij / Het kan niet helpen. Wij kunnen niet helpen. Jullie kunnen niet helpen. Zij kunnen niet helpen.

Als je can en not voluit schrijft, schrijf je cannot: I cannot help.

vragend Can I help? Can you help? Can he / she / it help? Can we help? Can you help? Can they help?

Kan ik helpen? Kun je helpen? Kan hij / zij / het helpen? Kunnen wij helpen? Kunnen jullie helpen? Kunnen zij helpen?


unit 2

Basic LESSONs 1/2/3/4



Lesson 1

Lesson 2

choose (to) kiezen drums drumstel example voorbeeld famous beroemd guest gast guitar gitaar holidays vakantie important belangrijk learn (to) leren (musical) instrument muziekinstrument play (to) spelen (instrument) practise (to) oefenen use (to) gebruiken way manier young jong

appointment afspraak be lucky (to) geluk hebben excited zin hebben in / opgewonden favourite favoriete gig concert invite (to) uitnodigen laugh (to) lachen month maand parents ouders pick up (to) ophalen remember (to) herinneren singer zanger soon snel / binnenkort strange vreemd together samen with met

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

answer antwoord believe (to) geloven call (to) bellen competition wedstrijd every iedere / elke everyone iedereen hard moeilijk meet (to) ontmoeten message bericht phone call telefoontje prize prijs (die je kunt winnen) special special text message sms / berichtje win (to) winnen winner winnaar

already al buy (to) kopen cheap goedkoop different verschillend(e) each per stuk enough genoeg / voldoende expensive duur lazy lui quite best / redelijk summer zomer tonight vanavond too te too ook

unit 2

Basic LESSONs 1/2/3/4

Phrases Je doet een suggestie Let’s go by train. Would you like to come with me? Do you want to go by car? Can you come?

Laten we met de trein gaan. Heb je zin om met me mee te gaan? Wil je met de auto gaan? Kun je komen?

Je maakt een afspraak How about seven o’clock? Thank you for inviting me. Is that ok?

Wat vind je van zeven uur? Bedankt voor de uitnodiging. Is dat goed?

Je zegt wat je van iets vindt I’d love to go to the gig with you. You’re so lucky. It’s great that you can come.

Ik ga heel graag met je mee naar het concert. Je hebt zoveel geluk. Het is fantastisch dat je kunt komen.

Je vraagt of geeft informatie How are you going to get there? My dad can take us there. The concert is in London. I’m happy. Can you go to the Festival in July? It starts at five o’clock. It’s tonight. What day is it? What time will it start? When is it? How can we get there?

Hoe ga je ernaartoe? Mijn vader kan ons brengen. Het concert is in Londen. Ik ben blij. Kun je naar het Festival in juli? Het begint om vijf uur. Het is vanavond. Welke dag is het? Hoe laat begint het? Wanneer is het? Hoe gaan we er naartoe?

Je vraagt hoe het met iemand is Hi Gaz, how are you? I’m ok, thanks. Great, thanks

Hoi Gaz, hoe is het met je? Het gaat goed, dank je. Fantastisch, bedankt.

Je voert een telefoongesprek Hello? John Watson speaking. Could I speak to Charlie, please? Thanks for calling. I’ll talk to you soon!

Met John Watson. Kan ik Charlie spreken, alstublieft? Bedankt voor het bellen. Ik spreek je snel weer.


New Interface 3rd edition