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tell me and i forget, teach me and i may remember, involve me and i learn you f i s a n r Lea ive were to ler. forev


The only source owledge is of knPROEF erience expEXEMPLAAR Live as if you

were to die tomorrow Learn as if

you were to live forever





Korte berichten lezen en schrijven Een afspraak maken voor een bepaalde dag of tijd Een eenvoudig telefoongesprek voeren


Het gebruik van ‘to be going to’ en ‘have got’ De woorden voor de dagen en maanden De bezittelijke voornaamwoorden Woorden bij het thema ‘muziek’

music UNIT 2




Hit the decks TIM ‘I chatted about this DJ camp with my Dutch cousin Koen. He is a big fan of all the famous Dutch DJ’s. Koen is going to the DJ camp because he wants to be a DJ. I think DJ’s have a great life. All those parties! All that money! And they travel all over the world. Would you like to be a DJ? Or would you hate to be away from home so much?’


n sound w o r u o y to in ic s mu Turn your love of Are you looking for something fun to do in the holidays? Come to our DJ Boot Camp!

d between The DJ Boot Camp is for young DJ’s age DJ in a to n 13 and 18. At the boot camp, you lear choose 2 creative and fun way. Each day you ps you can workshops. Examples of the worksho choose are:

equipment set-up

For 3 days each year Europe’s best DJ’s , come to Digital Stud in London to share ios their DJ’ing skills . Do you want to be a DJ? Come to London !


Good equipment is very important to a DJ. Have you got the right equipment? Can you use it? Come to this workshop and learn how.

Introduction to DJ’ing An introduction to DJ’ing for beginners.

Radio DJ’ing Learn what it’s like to be a radio DJ. Make a demo mix and send it to a radio station.

DJ’ing techniques Learn how to scratch and mix in this workshop on techniques.

This year the Digital Studios DJ Boot Camp is going to be in London from Monday 24th August to Wednesday 26th August. For more information and to sign up, email:


GLOSSARY equipment career excited skills

apparatuur carrière opgewonden, enthousiast vaardigheden

r DJ’ing Our camps have helped many young DJ’s star t thei ps: careers. This is what people say about our cam “I did the DJ Boot Camp last year when I was just 13. I loved it. Yo u can learn a lot and make new friend s. I am going to do it again this year.” Rachid (also known as DJ Rah) aged 14

r I sent my “After the boot camp last yea ions. I now demo mix to some radio stat Boot Camp DJ w! have my own radio sho is great!” Dan aged 15

to “The DJ camp is so much fun. It’s nice h muc as meet people who enjoy music as I do.” Claire aged 14

“I am looking forward to going to my fourth Camp this year. Last year I talked to Armin van Buuren. I am excited to find out who the guest DJ’s are going to be this year.” Sally aged 17

“The Digital Studios DJ Boot Camp is awesome. Why wasn’t there a camp like that when I was young?” DJ Iriss aged 28

Master classes DJ Nick Ramado DJ DizzyDazzle DJ Iriss

DIGITAL STUDIOS • DJ Boot camp • Camp Information Time

Monday 24/08

Tuesday 25/08

Wednesday 26/08

10.00- 12.00

Introduction to DJ’ing

DJ’ing Techniques

Radio Dj’ing

Equipment set-up

Music production






13.00- 14.00

Master Class by guest DJ

Master Class by guest DJ

Master Class by guest DJ

14.00- 17.00

Battle DJ’ing


Final DJ Battle for all students

Mixing techniques

Basic scratching techniques

Choose 2 workshops to follow each day


Price: 200 euros Date: Monday 24th August to Wednesday 26th August Venue: Digital Studios London





Do you want to go to the concert? LEE ‘I play in a rock band and we sometimes have gigs at the weekend. It is a lot of fun but we are not famous. The really big stars can ask for crazy things at gigs. Like a hundred blue M&M’s. Or a dressing room where everything is white. Wouldn’t that be great? I would ask for something crazy, like a gold toilet. What would you ask for?’

From: Nora To: Jules Hi Jules! How are you? I hope you’re OK. Remember that Australian band called The Red Bananas? They are my absolute favourite band. Well, guess what ... they are going to do a European tour! Their first concert is going to be in London! And the best part is: I’ve got tickets!!! They’re a birthday present from my brother.

Follow The Red Bananas on social media

THE RED BANANAS The European Tour


There’s more good news, because I’ve got two tickets. So I can take a friend with me to the concert, and it isn’t going to be my brother! Would you like to come with me? They are going to play at The Windmill on Tuesday the 8th of September. I hope you haven’t got any plans then. Can you come? It starts at eight o’clock. I can’t wait! Write back soon, OK? Love, Nora



From: Jules To: Nora

From: Nora To: Jules

Hi Nora!

Hi Jules,

Wow, you’re so lucky! I wanted to get tickets myself, but they were already sold out. Thank you for inviting me. I’d love to go to the gig with you! I’m not allowed to take the train by myself at night. But my dad wants to take us there and pick us up after the gig. We can be at your house at seven o’clock. Is that OK?

I am so happy that you can come and that your dad can take us. I will be ready at seven on Tuesday! I am so excited! Kim’s party is at half past six, so I can come to your house at six. Then we can go to Kim’s house together. Love, Nora

By the way, when are you going to pick me up for Kim’s party tomorrow? GLOSSARY Love, Jules guess what to be allowed to by the way



weet je / moet je horen mogen / toestemming hebben trouwens


The winner takes it all KAZEEM ‘I listen to the radio a lot to improve my English. Last year, the DJ’s were giving away tickets to my favourite band. I didn’t know it cost money to send a text message, so I texted more than a hundred times. My dad was so angry! And I didn’t even win the tickets! If you could win tickets to a gig of any artist (dead or alive), who would it be?’

GLOSSARY available crew front row on the air review to be over the moon

beschikbaar werknemers / team eerste rij live op de radio recensie heel erg blij zijn




Are you going to the festival? CHLOE ‘Summer is my favourite time of the year. Not just because it’s warm and sunny, but because of all the festivals! I go to two or three festivals every summer and they are so much fun! I always go with a group of friends who all love music as much as I do. We love it so much that we don’t even go on holiday, that’s too expensive! Would you ever skip your holiday for something else?’


Hi Gaz! How are you doing?

GAZ Hi Dan, I’m ok, thanks. Hey, have you heard about the Lazy Summer Festival in Nottingham? DAN


No, I haven’t. What is it?


That’s ok then! What time does it start?

GAZ The first band is on at 5 and it goes on until 11. DAN How are we going to get there? Are there buses from here to Nottingham?

GAZ It’s a reggae festival. I think it’s going to be awesome. Would you like to come with me?


DAN Sure, but when is it? I’m going to visit my uncle in August.

DAN What about Charlie? He likes music festivals.



It’s in Nottingham on Saturday July 6th.

Yes there are, so we can go by bus.

Good idea! I can phone him tonight.



Hello? John Watson speaking.


Oh, hello Mr Watson. This is Gaz Jones. Could I speak to Charlie, please?


Yes, hang on one moment! (pause) Here’s Charlie!

CHARLIE Hi Gaz! How’s it going? GAZ Great, thanks Charlie. Listen, would you like to go to the Lazy Summer festival with Dan and me? CHARLIE Wow, I’d love to thanks! When is it? GAZ It’s on July 6th, from 5 to 11. We’re going there by bus.


CHARLIE Great! I am going to ask my parents if I can go this evening. Have you already got your tickets?

Hello, this is 86959342175.

GAZ Hey Dan, it’s Gaz. The tickets for the festival are £50 each. What do you think? Have you got enough money?

GAZ I’m going to buy them on Friday, is that ok with you? I think they are quite expensive...


Oh! Well, I have got some birthday money. Have you got enough?

CHARLIE Ok, can you let me know how much they are first? I haven’t got much cash to spend.


I do, but Charlie hasn’t got enough money. He doesn’t want to go anymore.

GAZ Sure, I can check on the website. We’re not going to buy them if they are too expensive. Bye, Charlie!


Oh, that’s a shame!


I am going to buy our tickets online later.

CHARLIE Bye Gaz. Thanks for calling.


Cool! I am really looking forward to July!


Me too! Bye!


Bye! I’ll talk to you soon!

GLOSSARY that’s a shame

dat is jammer 7



Find your perfect DJ name AMITA ‘My little sister has an amazing memory. When she hears a song one time, she remembers the words for ever. So she can sing along with every song she hears. It’s the same with names, she always remembers people’s names, even if they are really strange! It’s really annoying, because I can never sing along with songs, and I always forget people’s names! To which song do you love to sing along?’

Every DJ needs a good name, but they aren’t always easy to find. To find a DJ name that isn’t taken, here are some tips and techniques.

Steps: 1 Think of a name that is catchy and easy to remember. A lot of people think that words with hard sounds, such as g’s, k’s, z’s, and t’s don’t sound nice. On the other hand, words with many l’s, w’s, long o’s, y’s, and s’s, sound soft and beautiful to many people. Of course, a DJ might not want a soft, beautiful name, so choose your sounds carefully to make the name suit who you are. If you want ‘DJ’ to be part of your name, make sure it sounds ok with the rest of the name. Think about making a long name shorter so that it’s easier to remember and quick to say. If you choose the name DJ Quadrilateral, for example, you may want to be called DJ Quad most of the time. 2 Look for interesting names around you. Look for interesting street names as you ride around on your bike. Borrow the name of a famous building or a distant planet. When you watch a movie, watch the movie credits to the end to find interesting names from different countries. You might even look through the phonebook, a baby-name book, or a music book from the library.


Lots of names from history, for example, have special meanings that could be good for your image as a DJ. 3 Build a name from things you know and like. If you like dogs, you might think about a name like Pitbull or Hound. If you are interested in history, try something like ‘Revolution’. Think of numbers that mean something to you and see how they sound in your DJ name. If 7 is your lucky number, then add that to your DJ name. Or if you were born in 1999, you could try a name like ‘DJ 99.’ Use Google translate to translate useful words (for example music, song, noise) into other languages and see if you get any interesting hits. 4 Change names you know. You can mix common names together. For example, if your friends are called Saskia and Astrid, you might choose the name DJ Sastrid or DJ Askia. Use a different spelling (for example Mykael instead of Michael), or mix-up your own name (so Leaha Stone could become Sheala Tone).



5 Invent a new name. Play with letter magnets, cut letters out of a magazine and throw them into the air. Or you can use a random word generator like wordconstructor. com or To make your name musically-inspired, write a few lyrics from your favourite song without spaces and see if it makes any interesting letter combinations. For example wellimstandingnexttoamountainandichopitdownwiththeedgeofmyhand has the words Gnext, Nandi, Tainan, Geof, and Myhan in it. 6 Make sure that people like your name. Ask your friends, family, neighbours and classmates what they think of the name you choose. This will let you know if your name is a good choice. In fact, they might come up with a great variation or something that you hadn’t

thought of – and what could be better than a DJ name that was chosen by the people that are closest to you? 7 Make sure the name is still free. Search for your name on Google (with quotation marks, so for example, ‘DJ Myhan’ and without them: DJ Myhan) to see if anyone else has the same name. Look around major DJ’ing communities to see if it hasn’t been taken by someone who isn’t on the web. Make sure you sign up with your chosen name on sites like YouTube and Facebook so people get used to seeing your name. Keep making a list of ideas. It can take weeks, months, or even years to come up with a name you like, and that others like.

GLOSSARY on the other hand credits to translate to invent random musically-inspired lyrics

aan de andere kant aftiteling vertalen uitvinden willekeurig geïnspireerd door iets wat met muziek te maken heeft de tekst van een liedje 9



Illegal downloading: good or bad? CAITLIN ‘I take photos and place them on my website. People can download my photos and use them for free. I do want them to put my name with the photo, though. As an artist, I understand how annoying it is when people just take your work. So, what do you do? Do you download music or movies? Or do you pay for them?’

COPYRIGHT AND PIRACY COPYRIGHT Whenever you write a paper for class, or make a drawing, you automatically own the copyright to it. Copyright is a form of protection for a person who makes something. It means that there is only one person who has the right to sell the work or to make copies of it. You can have copyright on things like books, music and paintings. There are websites that put copyrighted work, such as books or movies, online. People can then download that work for free. That is called piracy.


IS PIRACY STEALING? So is piracy the same as stealing? Is it wrong? Or should works of art such as music and movies be available for free? Read what these people have to say. Who do you agree with?

STATEMENT: PIRACY SHOULD BE LEGAL Maya: I believe piracy should be legal. People used to share music and other sorts of media even before the internet. The internet has just made it easier.






Dorcas: I think pop stars and movie stars make too much money. But I also think that people should get paid for their art. Should piracy be legal? I just don’t know!

Mahmoud: I believe that piracy is wrong. Even making copies from a book and using the pages for yourself is stealing. Someone worked really hard to write those words.

Vera: I think that stealing music from a musician is the same as stealing clothes from a shop. The people who make things deserve to get paid for their work.

Fred: In my opinion piracy should be legal. I really love listening to music, but I think it is too expensive to buy CD’s. They are old-fashioned. Downloading is the future!



Ray: I feel that piracy is stealing and cannot be justified! When someone writes a song or makes a movie it is protected by copyright law. I’m afraid that artists will stop making beautiful things if they can’t make any money from it. Then there will be no more new music!



I am a painter myself and I would love to get paid for my art. I don’t want piracy to be legal, because then anybody can just use my work without my permission. I’m proud of my art and I want people to know it’s mine.

I love watching movies, I watch a different movie every day. I don’t want to buy them all, so I download all of them. It’s quick and it’s easy and I can do it at home. I love piracy and in my opinion it should be legal!

GLOSSARY protection works of art piracy to have the right to legal

bescherming kunstwerken piraterij het recht hebben om legaal

to deserve old-fashioned to justify permission

verdienen ouderwets goedpraten toestemming





Working on the e-zine AMITA ‘In this lesson you are going to write articles or make pictures for the e-zine again. The theme of this unit is music, so the projects are also about music. You or your teacher chooses which of the three projects you are going to do. Read the information about the projects. Look in your Workbook for more instructions.’





You are going to write an interview with a famous star. The form is a chat session with short questions and answers. One half of your group writes the questions and the other half writes the answers of the star. It can be a pop star, a classical musician, a DJ or a tv personality.

You are going to write an e-mail to the editorial board of the e-zine to win a meet & greet with your favourite celebrity. You explain why you want to win this prize and why they should pick you for the meet & greet.

2 MAKE A POSTER FOR A FESTIVAL Look at the example. You are going to make a poster like this yourself. You need to put a lot of information on it: what kind of festival is it, which bands are playing, where is the festival, what time does it start, et cetera. The poster needs to be written in correct English and has to look attractive.




Grammar 2.1 VAN PLAN ZIJN: TO BE GOING TO Je gebruikt een vorm van to be (am / are / is) + going to + hele werkwoord om aan te geven wat iemand van plan is, of wat zeker wel gebeuren zal.



I am (’m) going to put the poster on the board. You are (’re) going to put the poster on the board. He / She is (’s) going to put the poster on the board. We are (’re) going to put the poster on the board. You are (’re) going to put the poster on the board. They are (’re) going to put the poster on the board.

I am (’m) not going to put the poster on the board. You are not (aren’t) going to put the poster on the board. He / She is not (isn’t) going to put the poster on the board. We are not (aren’t) going to put the poster on the board. You are not (aren’t) going to put the poster on the board. They are not (aren’t) going to put the poster on the board.

2.2 HAVE GOT bevestigend



I have got (’ve got) a stick. You have got (’ve got) a stick. He / She has got (’s got) a stick. We have got (’ve got) a stick. You have got (’ve got) a stick. They have got (’ve got) a stick.

I have not got (haven’t got) a stick. You have not got (haven’t got) a stick He / She has not got (hasn’t got) a stick We have not got (haven’t got) a stick. You have not got (haven’t got) a stick. They have not got (haven’t got) a stick.

Have I got a stick? Have you got a stick? Has he / she got a stick? Have we got a stick? Have you got a stick? Have they got a stick?

2.3 KLOKKIJKEN: THE TIME op het hele uur om drie uur over (at) five past three (at a) quarter past three (at) twenty past three (at) half past three

o’clock at three o’clock voor (at) twenty-five to four (at) twenty to four (at a) quarter to four (at) five to four

2.4 DAGEN, MAANDEN, DATA: DAYS, MONTHS, DATES De dagen van de week schrijf je altijd met een hoofdletter. Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday De maanden van het jaar schrijf je altijd met een hoofdletter. January May February June March July April August


September October November December

Data: Dates 9 juni 5 mei

June the ninth (June 9th) of the ninth of June (9th June) May the fifth (May 5th) of the fifth of May (5th May)

2.5 GETALLEN 0 zero 1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten

11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen 16 sixteen 17 seventeen 18 eighteen 19 nineteen 20 twenty 21 twenty-one

30 thirty 40 forty 50 fifty 60 sixty 70 seventy 80 eighty 90 ninety 100 a / one hundred

2.6 MEERVOUD: PLURAL De meeste meervouden in het Engels eindigen op een -s. week – weeks (uitspraak: /s/) parent – parents (uitspraak: /s/) star – stars (uitspraak: /z/) friend – friends (uitspraak: /z/) fingernail – fingernails (uitspraak: /z/) Maar er zijn ook andere (onregelmatige) meervouden: child – children foot – feet tooth – teeth scarf – scarves lady – ladies story – stories Let op: in het Engels krijgen meervouden nooit ’s (apostrof -s): photo – photos




Phrases Je noemt een datum It’s Monday, September 9th. I’m going to be fourteen on October 7th, remember?

Het is maandag 9 september. Op 7 oktober word ik veertien, weet je nog?

Je praat over tijd What’s the time? It’s time for school.

Hoe laat is het? Het is tijd om naar school te gaan.

Je maakt een afspraak Let’s meet at the cinema! What time can you make it? I can make any time tomorrow. What time do the guided tours take place? Can I book four tickets?

Laten we elkaar ontmoeten in de bioscoop. Hoe laat kun je? Ik kan morgen de hele dag. Hoe laat vinden de rondleidingen plaats? Kan ik vier tickets boeken?

Je voert een telefoongesprek. Hi, Erin. It’s Kelly here. This is Peter speaking. Are you still there? Can you call back later? Brenda speaking, how can I help? Could I speak to Jethro, please? Sorry, Jethro is not available right now. Can I take a message? Can I have a phone number, please? Yes, it’s 0776 1376229.

Hoi Erin, met Kelly. U spreekt met Peter. Ben je daar nog? Kun je later terugbellen? Met Brenda, hoe kan ik u van dienst zijn? Kan ik Jethro spreken, alstublieft? Sorry, Jethro is nu niet beschikbaar. Kan ik een boodschap aannemen? Mag ik een telefoonnummer, alsjeblieft? Ja, het is 0776 1376229.

Je gaat iets kopen How much does it cost? How much are these bracelets? They’re £3 each. That’s £5. We’ll take it, please.

Wat kost het? Wat kosten deze armbanden? Ze zijn £3 per stuk. Dat is £5. We nemen hem.

Je maakt een plan Amy’s going to do features. I’m going to put the poster on the board.


Amy gaat de hoofdverhalen schrijven. Ik ga de poster op het bord hangen.



Vocabulary LESSON 1


choose kiezen creative creatief dance (to) dansen enjoy (to) genieten example voorbeeld famous beroemd guest gast holidays vakantie important belangrijk instrument muziekinstrument last vorig(e) learn (to) leren meet (to) ontmoeten pop music popmuziek radio station radio zender rock music rockmuziek share (to) delen show optreden sound geluid way manier

after favourite gig glad great guitar invite (to) pick up (to) plans play (to) present remember (to) sold out sometimes strange tickets to be lucky together tomorrow wait (to)



awesome bad luck believe (to) call (to) hard language last listen (to) message more phone call ready silence sing (to) song text message which

geweldig pech geloven bellen moeilijk taal laatste luisteren bericht meer telefoontje klaar stilte zingen liedje sms / berichtje welke

already anymore ask (to) buy (to) cheap conversation drums each enough expensive lazy look forward to (to) money much musician record (to) saxophone tonight until visit (to)

na favoriet(e) concert blij geweldig gitaar uitnodigen ophalen plannen spelen / optreden cadeau herinneren uitverkocht soms vreemd kaartjes geluk hebben samen morgen wachten

al niet ‌ meer vragen kopen goedkoop gesprek drumstel per stuk genoeg, voldoende duur lui uitkijken naar geld veel muzikant opnemen saxofoon vanavond tot bezoeken 17

New Interface 3rd edition