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A must-have study aid for anatomy PRO Helps your students gain a solid foundation in human anatomy ● Is an ideal supplement to course study and for exam preparation ● Includes all 1,870 illustrations from Gilroy et al.’s Atlas of Anatomy ● Builds on the highly practical scope of the book with clinical content ● Prepares students for the clinical setting ●

The main feature of PRO is a testing module which allows users to drag and drop labels onto the anatomical illustrations, CT scans and MRIs while being timed. PRO : Is an ideal companion to the Thieme E-Book library, the acclaimed collection of Thieme textbooks for learning, review and research ● Is a web-based product available through the Internet to institutions as a site-wide license ● Is ideal for increasing the attractiveness of your University’s portfolio ●

A license to PRO comes with the following advantages: Unlimited number of user accounts Campus-wide access ● Unlimited availability 24/7 ● Hassle-free authentication by an IP address range ● Informative account usage statistics ● ●

For licensing information please contact: The Americas Thieme Institutional Sales E-mail: Phone: +1-212-584-4695

Users may view test results instantly to measure their knowledge of the material …

Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia Thieme Institutional Sales E-mail: Phone: +49-711-8931-407 India Thieme Institutional Sales E-mail: Phone: +91-120-455-6600 System Requirements:

… and compare scores with other users.

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Mat.– Nr. 1019. III/2014. Printed in Germany.

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