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Thieme Publishing medical and scientific information since 1886.

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1947 A new start in Stuttgart after World War II

Thieme Publishing Group – More than 120 years of scientific publishing Georg Thieme was just 26 years old when, in 1886, he founded what would become one of the world’s premier medical and scientific publishers. Today the Thieme Publishing Group is still privately-held and family-owned with more than 900 employees and offices in seven cities, including New York, Beijing, Delhi, Stuttgart and three other locations in Germany.

Launch of chemistry journal SYNLETT

1952 Dr. Günther Hauff joins Thieme after working in the United States

1999 1982


Dr. Albrecht Hauff joins Thieme; Introduction of electronic media

Dr. Bruno Hauff takes over following Georg Thieme’s death

Thieme promotes the latest developments and research in clinical practice through the systematic coverage of the entire scope of medical specialties, including complementary and alternative methods. In addition to advancing medical education, Thieme produces a wide range of outstanding publications covering chemistry and biology.

1964 Thieme publishes its first pocket-sized soft cover book, Nultsch’s “Allgemeine Botanik,” referred to as the “Flexibook” series


A leading STM publisher, Thieme produces superior products in every conceivable format, from professional journals, textbooks, atlases, monographs and reference books to online and offline electronic media and direct information forums such as congresses and seminars.

“La Medicina GermanoHispanoAmerican” – a Spanish medical magazine for Latin America – is published

With the Hauff family currently at the helm, the Thieme Publishing Group remains dedicated to a standard of excellence that sets it apart from its competitors and continues to honor Georg Thieme’s dedication to quality, reliability, accuracy and above all, the relevance of the content for the reader.

Establishment and expansion of the congress/ convention branch

1969 Launch of chemistry journal SYNTHESIS

2000 Publication of the first volume of Science of Synthesis

1979 US subsidiary Thieme New York founded; Increased international market presence

2001 Thieme offers a wide range of healthcare products and services

1909 First chemistry publications – launch of reference work Houben-Weyl

1974 First seminar journal published – “Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis”

Entrance into medical and legal health education

1896 First radiograph by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen published in DMW

Thieme works to keep pace with the tremendous strides made by modern science. It is more than ready to meet the growing challenges it faces because of the internationalization of teaching and research and the increasingly focused specialization of reader and user requirements. Inspired by the past and committed to an independent future, the Thieme Publishing Group continues to grow through the further development of its print and electronic offerings.

1887 Thieme Headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany

Today, the Thieme Publishing Group has become an appreciated business partner with more than 2,500 institutional customers in over 50 countries. In addition to more than 100 peer-reviewed journals and dozens of online products, Thieme publishes 500 book titles every year – that’s more than 125,000 printed pages. Our online products have more than 10 million sessions per year. Because Thieme recruits authors from all over the world, its publications have widespread appeal and a truly global perspective. Today the Thieme authors’ community consists of over 15,000 members.


Thieme acquires weekly trade journal DMW Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, today ranked among the older German medical publications

Thieme Literature – A Global Concern


2007 Founding of Thieme Publishers Delhi

1886 Georg Thieme founds publishing house bearing his name in Leipzig, Germany

What we stand for At the Thieme Publishing Group we strive for customer satisfaction, quality, creative innovation, competence, fairness and success. For further information on Thieme and our products please visit

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Thieme History  

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