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Contents Energy Cybernetics (Pty) Ltd Energy Cybernetics at a glance 1. Company introduction 2. Services STEP 1: Measurement of energy, gas and water consumption STEP 2: Energy Assessments and Audits STEP 3: Energy Policies and Goals STEP 4: Energy Projects - Taking Action STEP 5: Energy Management - Closing the Loop STEP 6: Performance Evaluation/Measurement and Verification (M&V) 3. Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificates 4. Training 5. Conference Participation 6. Summary of Publications 7. Memberships and Associations

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22 February 2013

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Energy Cybernetics (Pty) Ltd Energy Cybernetics at a glance Energy Cybernetics is a South African company established in 1998. We have two offices, one in Pretoria and one in Potchefstroom. BEE status: We are BBBEE compliant with a level 4 status, in addition, we are a value added supplier – implying that 125% of what clients spend with us qualifies as BEE spend. Our slogan: WE EMPOWER YOU. Everything we do, we believe, empowers our clients to save energy and energy-related costs. Our core service: We take care of the peripheral activities pertaining to energy, gas, temperature, water and carbon whilst our clients focus on their core business. Our activities to deliver our service offerings: All our activities are energy, gas, carbon and water related - audits, strategies, company policies, plans, internationally and locally accredited training, Certification services for energy engineers to international requirements, standards compliance and gap analysis, energy management system compliance implementation, project management, consultation, bill verification, visualisation, metering, maximum demand control, monitoring, tracking, carbon reduction, carbon footprinting for financial reporting, benchmarking, data acquisition and analysis, energy condition alerts, energy dashboard solutions, financial analysis of energy management incentives and options, energy accounting and cost allocation, DSM funding facilitation and tax incentive conformance. Our internally developed products: PowerWatch, WaterWatch, Energy Barometer. Our workforce: Due to the nature of our work, Energy Cybernetics employs a multi-skilled and highly talented workforce totalling 34 people. This workforce includes 17 graduate professionals, 12 of whom are engineers, 2 technicians and 3 technologists—in addition this workforce also holds international Certification with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and we employ 10 Certified Energy Managers (CEM), 6 Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP), 2 Carbon Reduction Managers (CRM), 6 Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) and 2 Certified Co Generation specialists. Our professional experience: During the past 15 years we have undertaken and completed projects in South Africa, United States, Australia, Botswana, Kenya, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe where well over 200 industrial and commercial energy audits have been conducted and over 220 Measurement and Verification (M&V), as well as monitoring and evaluation projects, have been successfully concluded. Our past and current client portfolio: Anglo Coal, Avis, IIEC, Barloworld Power, Barloworld Logistics, Gautrain, Menlyn Shopping Centre, Afrisam, Old Mutual, AngloGold Ashanti, Anglo Platinum, City of Cape Town, De Beers, Foskor, Consol, Harmony, Exxaro, CSIR, BHP Billiton, BMW, Delta EMD, Debswana, Hulamin, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Gold Fields, Rand Water, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Rio Tinto, Johannesburg Municipality, Xstrata, Vodacom, Rode Property Consultants, Siemens, SAB, UNDP, Namakwa Sands, Net Group, Metalloys, Netcare, ACSA, East Africa Portland Cement, Samancor, PlanTech, Pioneer Foods, World Bank, NWK, The Roots Lifestyle Village, Aveng Grinaker, MTN, Hulamin, Construction Professionals, Three Cities Hotels, Nedbank, Hollard, SAP, Weir Minerals, Genrec, UTI, NCPC-SA, Black Mountain, Bamangwato Concessions Limited, Botswana Ash, Thrip, Safripol, TFMC, Debmarine, Tiger Brands, Senwes, Imperial, Engen, Letseng Diamonds, IDC, GIZ, North West Provincial Government, Avbob, Makro, Edcon, Ecosave, Birchwood Hotel, etc.


1. Company introduction Energy Cybernetics is a leading energy optimisation engineering company that delivers turnkey energy services and projects based on a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of an organisation and the industry it operates within. The company has developed a wealth of skills in applying a holistic approach to energy, gas and water resource management that virtually guarantees measureable and verifiable returns on investment and continuous reduction in the use of energy. For over 15 years Energy Cybernetics has assisted clients in realising continually optimised energy, water and gas use in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants within the aluminium, chemical, mining, food and beverage, hospital, shopping centre, hospitality, commercial building, cellular communications, and power generation industries. Energy optimisation goes beyond the installation of energy efficient technologies like energy efficient lights, or motion sensors, etc. Just like any other form of management, energy optimisation is an ongoing process — it needs continuous human support and attention. Energy Cybernetics is one of the leading companies in the country that understands this concept thoroughly. The benefits of a holistic approach to resource management could include lower energy bills, independently verified savings for tax incentives, compliance with environmental requirements and various national and international standards, improved production processes, reduced maintenance expenses, and ensuring that all investments made into new equipment and projects deliver the expected performance and savings. Energy Cybernetics makes energy management a simple matter by ensuring that its customers have only one contact that can deliver a holistic solution. Therefore the value proposition is: • One provider with the knowledge and the professional in-depth experience to resolve all energy management challenges; • One provider to contract with; • One provider results in consistency of approach across multiple sites and locations; • One provider to manage Eskom and other funding applications; • One provider with end-to-end control over technology for collection and management of energy data; and • One provider taking full responsibility for the energy management program and its outcomes.

2. Services Energy Cybernetics empowers its clients by providing service offerings that can either: • address individual needs, for instance pure metering or benchmarking, setting a baseline or verifying energy savings through M&V; or • address a comprehensive energy management need that involves managing an organisation’s total energy needs through project management, setting strategies and policies, monitoring and control, facilitating financing incentives, upskilling resources, amongst other things. The following steps leads to ultimate energy excellence for an organisation and is part of the comprehensive energy management services offered by Energy Cybernetics.


STEP 1: Measurement of energy, gas and water consumption Energy Cybernetics’ strong engineering workforce naturally inclines its value system towards basic principles, like cited in the Scottish Physicists popular 1883 lecture on Electrical Units of Measurements, “What gets measure gets managed.” This principle simply means that examining an activity changes the activity by forcing you to pay attention to it. It can also mean that producing measurements about the activity gives you a handle on it, a way to improve it. Energy costs are rapidly escalating and the historical norm of it being accounted for as a mere overhead is fast becoming an item that can exceed capital expenditure costs for some businesses. Today, and in the near future, energy costs represent a significant component of a business and measurements are required to get a ‘handle on it’ so that it can be managed. At Energy Cybernetics we believe organisations cannot run effectively without controlling and monitoring this critical cost component any longer. Energy Cybernetics does metering installation, configures and tests such to record consumption in real-time. This information is available on-line 24/7, via a secure web login. Once true and correct measurements are available further energy management and saving initiatives can be developed.

STEP 2: Energy Assessments and Audits An energy assessment (or audit) is an essential step in any project that aims to realise energy savings. An energy assessment reveals where, when, how and why energy is consumed in an organization and identifies ways to optimize this consumption. Energy Cybernetics provides the following types of energy assessments/audits for industrial, commercial and residential sectors: • Scoping Energy Audits; • Basic Energy Audits; • Detailed Feasibility Audits; • Investment Grade Audits; and • Baseline Audits.

STEP 3: Energy Policies and Goals Without a clear energy policy and associated goals, any attempt at energy management can be likened to a rambling road trip - there is no telling where your journey will lead. An energy policy is an essential tool, or road map, to help align the organisation with regard to energy usage. An effective energy policy drawn up in accordance with international best practice will ensure (amongst other things): • Commitment from all levels in the organisation to achieve energy goals; • Effective communication regarding energy objectives, policies and initiatives; • Benefits of energy projects are sustained irrespective of personnel movement; • Regular reviews of energy objectives and energy targets in the organisation; • Proper delegation of energy management responsibilities; and


• Primed position to receive ISO 50 001 certification for energy management if required. Energy Cybernetics assists with the development and implementation of energy policies and strategies.

STEP 4: Energy Projects - Taking Action Armed with the knowledge of: • Consumption measurements and data in Step 1; • An energy audit and assessment of the organisation’s consumption in Step 2; • A targeted energy plan and policy of the organisation’s goals in Step 3; provides a framework for an action plan to successfully implement energy efficiency projects and initiatives in order to realise the benefits. Energy Cybernetics delivers turnkey energy projects and through its professional project management service helps clients achieve energy excellence by being empowered. The Energy Cybernetics team of engineers will ensure smooth implementation and integration of energy projects, leaving clients to focus on their core business. Energy project management services include: • Assistance with technology selection and screening; • Tender evaluation; • Project risk assessment; • Project management; • Management and co-ordination of sub-contractors and service providers; • Configuration, testing and commissioning; and • Ensuring M&V is in place where appropriate. Energy Cybernetics is also a registered Energy Services Company (ESCO) with Eskom.

STEP 5: Energy Management - Closing the Loop Step 5—energy management—closes the loop to the measurements made, the audits and assessments done, the policy and strategy plan that is in place, and the projects that action the plans set out for optimal energy conservation. Energy management, like any other form of management, is an ongoing process. Placing your energy under management through a structured approach will maintain optimal energy performance for now and the future. Energy Cybernetics can assist clients by implementing a structured approach, or facilitating such implementation, to manage energy based on the basics as shown in the figure. This service is further enhanced through: • Training of employees and knowledge transfer; • Installation of operator assistance through decision support systems integrated into existing SCADA systems; • Installation of advanced and improved control systems, where necessary; • Monitoring and tracking of consumption for timeous intervention; • Energy barometer to benchmark progress; • Implementation and management of standards for the organisation – energy systems, environmental, emissions; • Management of the installation of energy efficient equipment; • Adherence to the current energy efficient operational practices; • Energy awareness programs; and many more.


STEP 6: Performance Evaluation/Measurement and Verification (M&V) The final step to ensure optimum energy performance is performance evaluation, and measuring and verifying the savings reported in accordance with international protocols. After the implementation of energy optimisation an organization should verify and track the impact achieved. Performance evaluation should be an ongoing activity to ensure that the way energy is used remains optimised despite changes in operational conditions and production schedules. Just like any other type of management, energy management cannot be considered a "fire and forget" activity - ongoing performance evaluation of energy consumption is paramount to successful energy optimisation. a) Measurement and Verification (M&V) Energy Cybernetics has been actively involved in the development of the methodologies to perform M&V on the various DSM projects in the industrial, mining, commercial, hotel and leisure, as well as the residential sectors to perform load control/shifting as well as energy efficiency projects, solar projects and heat pump upgrades. These methodologies form the backbone to ensure credible, acceptable and standardised practices in performing M&V. Energy Cybernetics is also represented on the technical committee of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) in the form of the chair person. International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol is an internationally accepted protocol to guide M&V activities for verifying results of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects in commercial and industrial facilities. South Africa is seen as world class leaders in the M&V industry. Energy Cybernetics can integrate M&V into its service offerings to clients that require internal monitoring, evaluation, measurement and verification. M&V for tax incentives has to be executed by a SANAS accredited body as the auditing of savings have to remain independent. b) PowerWatch™ Energy Cybernetics developed PowerWatch™, a performance evaluation and visualisation product to evaluate and manage the performance of energy systems in real-time. PowerWatch has evolved into WaterWatch and AirWatch to monitor and track water and air usage. This product offers superior data management and analysis capabilities. c) Energy Barometer The Energy Barometer scientifically compares buildings’ energy consumption on an ‘apples-to-apples’-basis taking into account factors such as climatic conditions, occupancy, floor area, etc. It has been successfully used by clients to benchmark the energy efficiency performance of a building to that of buildings in the same sector. Large and medium building portfolios can be benchmarked against each other by using the Energy Barometer, assisting clients in identifying the buildings that will deliver the maximum return on energy efficiency investments. The Energy Barometer has successfully been used for 3 years running as a National Benchmarking tool endorsed by the National Energy Efficiency Agency (NEEA) and support has grown from 20 buildings in the first year to almost 100 in the third year.


3. Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificates Due to the pressure on the electricity supply grid in South Africa it has become a requirement to submit an Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificate (EECC) for new connections (or extensions to existing connections) exceeding 1 MVA to the Distributor. An EECC must be provided by an ECSA Registered Professional Engineer or a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), or any other independent authorities that may from time to time be approved by the Distributor. Distributors will only connect and energise new supplies on receipt of an EECC. Minor refinements may be required by the Distributor to energy efficiency elements of the application. Energy Cybernetics is ideally positioned to help clients meet the requirements of EECC. Sites are evaluated to identify the steps needed so that Energy Cybernetics can issue an EECC for a client to obtain the supply.

4. Training The main challenge that seems to hinder the success of energy management is widely agreed upon as the human element. Therefore, Energy Cybernetics views training as the ultimate empowerment vehicle to ensure sufficient resource capacity for continued energy efficiency improvement. Energy Cybernetics’ training division, the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) is the approved training partner of the US-based Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the affiliated trainer of the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE). The AEE is 35 years old and its Certification programmes are recognised in 89 countries. AEE training courses presented in South Africa by EnTF: • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) course. • Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) course.


The EnTF has also developed an introductory course to energy management called ‘Fundamentals to Energy Management Training (FEMT) course’. This has been successfully introduced over the past two years and serves as a funnel for Certification training. Based on the ISO 50 001 Energy Management System standard, the Energy Management System Implementation (EnMSI) course was developed to understand how the standard can be integrated into organisations. All EnTF courses carry CPD credits for ECSA requirements. Over 1700 delegates have already undergone training during the past 10 years. Energy Cybernetics is also represented on the CMVP and CEM Certification Board in South Africa.

5. Conference Participation More than 180 Conference papers have been presented at: • Domestic Use of Energy (DUE) • Industrial & Commercial Use of Energy (ICUE) • Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) Conference • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) • World Energy Engineering Congress • Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (HEFAT) • Pan African Power Congress • International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications • Sustainable Buildings and Integrated Design • African Utility Week • Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) conference • FRIGAIR Conference • Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS) International Conference • Southern African Universities Power Engineering Conference (SAUPEC) • The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) - Management and Auditing of Electrical Energy Symposium • International Conference on IAQ, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings • Power Management Conference, AIC Conferences and SAIEE • Clean Business International


6. Summary of Publications More than 60 papers have been published to date in the following accredited journals, proceedings and magazines: • Energy Engineering • Strategic Planning for Energy and Environment • Energy and Buildings • Electricity & Control • Journal of Energy in Southern Africa • Energize • Energy Management News • The International Journal of Research, Development, Demonstration & Innovation • Energy Forecast • Sustainability Handbook • South African Measurement & Verification Handbook • Build • Simply Green • Shopping SA • Mechanical Technology • Mechanical Engineer • Green Business Guide • Green Times • Journal of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning • Building and Environment • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems • SA Journal of Industrial Engineering • SA Journal of Science • Municipal Engineer • Energy Efficiency Made Simple • Chemical Technology

7. Memberships and Associations Energy Cybernetics has representative memberships and associations with the following establishments: • Founding member of the South African Association for Energy Efficiency • Corporate member of the Association of Energy Engineers of the USA • Technical committee of the Efficiency Valuation Organisation for the IPMVP • CEM Certification Board • CMVP Certification Board • Engineering Council of South Africa • National Research Foundation of South Africa • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers • National Domestic Energy Efficiency (NADEE) • A representative of SA (SABS) at ISO TC 242 and a chairperson for TC 424 Working Group 3


Energy Cybernetics (Pty) Ltd  

Energy Cybernetics is a leading energy optimisation engineering company that delivers turnkey energy services and projects based on a thorou...

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