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Contents summer concert


03. Warped Tour 2012

06. marianas trench

14. top 5 go-to albums


14. concert preperation

Features All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Emily’s Army, We the Kings, and Blood on the Dance Floor

04. 2012 summer highlights

Features Pride Parade, Just For Kids summer day camp, 3OH!3 show, and crusing with my family.

Marianas Trench’s Face the Music Tour concert recap and review YTF Legacy show recap and review

10. All time low & yellowcard

All Time Low’s and Yellowcard’s coheadlined Canadian tour concert recap and review

12. wake up and be awesome

The Summer Set’s, Go Radio’s, and For the Foxes’ Wake Up and Be Awesome Tour concert recap and reciew

Personal favourite music albums that never seem to tire

5 tips for concert preperation!

reflection 15. thoughts and ramblings

A relection on the process of creating this magazine




Just For Kids Summer Day Camp




Marianas Trench is a four-piece Pop-Rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Having loved this band from their first studio album, Fix Me, in 2006, I was very excited to see a Marianas Trench headlining tour for the first time. Although, I had seen them one other time as an opening act on Simple Plan’s Get Your Heart On Tour. Marianas Trench’s sophomore album was Masterpiece Theatre released in 2009, and their most recent album, Ever After, was released in 2011.

the band perform their earliest studio album -the album that I related to the most. However, that did not stop the band from putting on an awesome show. The show was truly Ever After brought to life. Ever After is a concept album, and has a storyline apparent throughout it. The show stayed true to that narrative, playing a video clip every few songs. The videos featured band members and actors acting out the parts of the story they wanted to tell. The story itself is other-worldly, and that magical theme was apparent throughout the band’s set. More so than most rock concerts I have gone to, this was one of the more theatrical ones. Usually I am use to lights and lasers, loud music, vulgar swearing, and crude jokes when a band takes a stage. My favourite part of going to concerts is the great energy that they carry. Most of the concerts I go on thrive of the energy and the extra stuff are just that –extra.

“... a very live and entertaining concert -didn’t want it to end” -Masfique Selim A.K.A. Concert Bud (This was his first concert,)

This particular tour, Face the Music Tour, was promoting their latest effort. Opening for Marianas Trench was the band Down with Webster, who is a good mix of genres, living in rap-pop-rock territory. They brought so much energy, and had such a commanding presence on the stage, making watching them a real treat. Although I was only familiar with two of their songs going into the concert, I was thoroughly entertained throughout. Taking the stage after was headliners Marianas Trench. I had high hopes for the band to play songs from their first (and my personal favourite) album, the concert was prominently made up of their two latest albums. Shake Tramp was the single song they played from Fix Me. I definitely wasn’t surprised, but I was slightly disappointed. I feel like I missed the window of opportunity for watching

Marianas Trench had focused more on the spectacle aspect. Josh Ramsay’s entrance is a perfect example of this. A life-size jack-in-a-box was brought onto stage, bringing Ramsay along with it. The music began to play as the box opened with Ramsay slowly rising inside of it. He rose all the way up to the ceiling (was harnessed) and then was lowered back onto stage. It was really cool –just not quite what I was expecting. The lead singer also went through a number of costume changes, and sprinkled glitter across the stage throughout the night. I t was a different kind of experience, and I do that the added effects took away from the more raw and organic elements of concerts I have become use to. At the same time, I respected the fact that it was truly the band’s vision of what this album meant and represented across a number of medians. Acting, singing, video, and props –they brought their vision out in every way they knew how. And I appreciated that. Josh Ramsay’s vocals were amazing, and his vocal range is incredible, and was among the highlights of the night. I really enjoyed this concert- it was a good time! I would give this concert a 8/10.


This is no secret: I love YouTube. YouTube is easily my main source for entertainment, and I spend at least a couple hours on the website every day. A handful of YouTubers, who are also close friends, toured together across the States (and Canada!) under the name YTF. YouTubers include Chester See, D-Trix, Ryan Higa, Andrew Garcia, JR Aquino and Victor Kim. One of my best friends got me us tickets to this concert for my birthday: it was pretty cool. All the concerts I have gone to prior to YTF has been within the same pop-rock genre. YTF was first concert I had been to that did not quite fit that category. But YTF had a category of its own: it was not your standard pop concert, it was not quite a dance show, nor was it a typical comedy show. Somehow, it was all these things combined, but none of them at all. Calling it a concert even feels like a bit of a stretch. The people featured in this concert were a number of internet personalities who were known to film their various singing, music, and dancing talents. Having watched a number of their videos, I was familiar with their talents, their content, and their style. However, something was definitely lost in the transition between them filming something in their room, editing it, and posting it on the internet, and preforming it live in front of an audience. Perhaps it was because they weren’t able to edit to be the best version of themselves. Perhaps it was the audience not quite knowing how to respond to the acts, having been use seeing them through their computer screens. It was probably a combination of the two, but it was just a

very strange atmosphere. My favourite part of concerts is the atmosphere. The personal excitement in seeing an artist that you love, combined with the energy of an excited crowd, combined with the enthusiastic energy of the band: it just creates the best energy exchange. It takes me to another place –my favourite place to be. YTF did not have this atmosphere. It was clear that acts lacked the stage experience. They lacked charismas, and did not quite know how to “pump the crowd.” The audience, in return, stayed seated the entire time. Shouting and cheering were only apparent at the end of each performance. The chants that were heard were only the occasional “you’re so cool!” coming from the 12 year old boy sitting behind me. YTF itself felt cheesy at times. I choose to forget that YTF actually stands for Yesterday Tomorrow Forever (Yesterday is in the past. Today you have a choice. Forever is up to you), and may have felt some second-hand embarrassment towards their “motivational speech” at the end of the show. Maybe I just felt a bit too old for the audience, most of it being made up of 14 year old girls. The show was far from awful –it was just a strange experience. Overall, I give the concert a 6/10. My friend and I had fun mocking the little things that they seemed to take so seriously. The musical performances were good, if mediocre. And the dance routines were a lot of fun. The commentary between the acts did manage to make me laugh. I would not trade in the experience, and would probably go again if they came back!

All Time Low. Yellowcard. Fireworks. TORONTO SOUND ACADEMY JANUARY 17, 2013


AITING in -4 degrees weather for three hours in mid-January never felt so exciting. Each hour passing was only an hour closer to seeing one of the bands that I anticipated the most. Sure, I had seen them twice prior, but both were shorter sets. It was different this time, Baltimore’s pop-punk quartet, All Time Low, were going to be headlining this tour- which meant a full length set. And as if I wasn’t already sold, they were co-headlining with Florida’s punk-rock band Yellowcard. Plus Fireworks, punk-pop band from Michigan, were opening the night. The three hours went by easily, knowing what was going to happen that night.

After getting through delayed, chaotic door security, my two friends and I were brought into the venue. I ran straight towards the stage, wanting to secure my spot for the night. After waiting what seemed another hour, the house lights finally went down. Fireworks took the stage. “What’s up, Toronto?” the lead singer yelled into the microphone. Cue a room full of cheers from the audience. Before getting into the actual concert, I have to get this off my chest: The crowd was awful. Not in a quiet, awkward, non-supportive way, but rather in an obnoxious, inconsiderate way. I’m all for a rowdy crowd. I understand that pushing is inevitable in concerts. But this, this was just ridiculous. Every part of my body was squished against another person’s body. Never have I been so intimate to a person so quick! (Haha?) I could not even face the stage as my body was turned sideways. Keeping balance was the biggest challenge, as there was not enough room for your two feet to keep you stable. Nope, everyone was keeping themselves up through using the people around them as support. As if that were not rough enough, people were pushing in every direction. Not just one person pushing, it felt like a wall or a wave of people pushing. I was beyond frustrated. Even jumping up and down was a challenge, since there was no place for my feet to land. Once you put your hand up to cheer and wave, there was no way of bring said hand back down. Absolutely insane. Crowd aside; it was a solid concert. Admittedly, the crowd did put a damper on my mood, as well as losing one of my friends in the process. Fireworks put on a good show. Aside from them emphasizing the age difference between the crowd and the band (“Don’t cheer for that! We’re old enough to be your dads!” One member said, when the crowd cheered for the lead singers’ struggle in keeping his pants up. I guess fourteen year old girls were not their ideal demographic),

they opened the show with great energy and a lively performance. Their set included “Arrows” and “The Wild Bunch” off their latest album Gospel –although they did not play personal favourite “Detroit.” The crowd response was okay. It was clear that most of the people there were just waiting for Yellowcard and All Time Low to take the stage. “Everyone put your hands up!” the frontman yelled. They had about a 10% participation rate from the crowd. Granted, putting up your hand in such a tight space proved to be a challenge. They kept engaging with the crowd to a minimal. But crowd engagement is only the cherry to a sundae. They played a good, though not a very memorable, set. I would definitely watch them preform again. They left the stage, and Yellowcard proceeded to get on stage. After nearly falling twice from all the falling, my friend and I decided to move to the side of the stage instead. People were much more respectful there, and I was able to enjoy Yellowcard much better from that spot, even if the view was not quite as good. Yellowcard have been in the business for over a decade, and were great at performing their songs. The crowd was responding well, and I sang my heart out for every track. I even had space to jump around. There was a much better response to Yellowcard, and the energy definitely picked up. They opened with “Awakening” and closed with “Ocean Avenue”, playing crowd favourites “Breathing”, “Only one” and “Lights and Sounds” in between. After wrapping up their fifteen song set, All Time Low took the stage. I could feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. They opened with “Somewhere in Neverland,” and predominantly played songs off their newest release Don’t Panic. Along with that, they also played crod favourites, including “Damned if I Do Ya”, “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” and “Weightless”. All Time Low have such infectious energy on stage. It is so obvious that they love playing on stage as much as we love watching them. Plus they quite an immature brand of humor, filled innuendo and swear words. (Quite similar to the 15 year old boys in my school, actually.) It’s silly and fantastic. I will never tire of seeing All Time Low live. They closed with “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” as they always do. Leaving the concert, it felt bitter-sweet. While I enjoyed the bands and their performances, I couldn’t help but think how much better it could have been if the crowd just a had a little more respect for one another. The crowd was not mean –I talked to many, and they all seemed pleasant. They were just passionate about the band, but at the expense of others. I’ll admit, I was seriously upset midway through the concert, but it feels like a story I can laugh at now. I would rate my overall concert experience as a 7/10.


he Wake Up and Be Awesome Tour was, well, pretty awesome. The crowd was amongst the friendliest that I have ever experienced. My partner-in-crime, Jade, and I made our way downtown hours in advance. We arrived at the venue around two hours before the doors opened, wanting to secure a good spot in the

crowd. And a good spot is we got! The concert was held at the Toronto Virgin Mobile Mod Club. The venue was fairly small, holding maybe 1,000 – 2,000 people in total. Making the performance feel more intimate, and closer to the artist. For the Foxes broke the ice, starting the show with an upbeat pop-ditty. Having

never heard of For the Foxes, and was not entirely sure what to expect, but they surprised me in the best way possible. The carried themselves which such energy and charisma, starting the night off with a bang. The lead singer danced around the stage, pumping his fist up in the air. It was clear that most of the crowd had not heard of the band, but that didn’t keep the crowd from responding to the music. Everyone was dancing, jumping and cheering on the band. They really sold their performance, and I’ve since liked them on Facebook! (Nothing says approval like liking it on Facebook!. Following up such a high energy performance, the band Go Radio took the stage. I went to this concert for Go Radio, so I was beyond enthused when they came on. While For the Foxes was more on the indie-pop spectrum of music, Go Radio was on the pop-rock side. The energy level only continued staying high. Jason Lancaster, the lead vocalist, sang with such passion and feeling. His voice is already among my favourites, but hearing it live really

took me to the next level. He took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, singing songs of anger, love, and hope. The rest of the band owned the stage, jumping up and down, singing along, and hyping the crowd. They had not been too -Jade Clements far into their set that I decided that Go Radio was the best band that I have ever seen live. Ending the night, the headliners The Summer Set came out to play. Again, they brought such a fun and bright energy to the stage. The lead singer danced through all his songs, and the crowd was dancing along with him. While The Summer Set doesn’t have the most complex songs (lyrically and musically) they do have talent in creating ridiculously fun and catchy tracks. The whole set was such a treat to watch. It was a perfect way to end such a great show. On top of that, my friend and I were able to meet a few members of the different bands on our way out!

“It was so much fun such a great concert! We even bet them!

9.5/10 - only because there is alway room for improvement!


I love listening to music, and these are the five albums that I find myself always in the mood for -constantly falling back on. I never tire of listening to these following albums.


“CLOSE THE DISTANCE” Knew it was a winner within the first listen. Songs are filled with beautiful meodies, vocals have feeling and passion, and lyrics tell stories of farewells, heartbreak and hope. Love. Love. Love.



An album that never tires. Between the distorted guitar, and the bitter and honest lyrics; I always seem to be in the mood for Mansions. Best played when alone, deep in thought.

Soundtrack to my preteen life and, admittedly, still applicable to myteen life. Album is full of catchy and honeest songs about growing up and trying to find yourself. Avril’s best work.



Pop-rock at it’s best. A Lesson in Romantic never gets old. It has a good mix of catchy, up beat tracks, as well as it’s share of slower ballads. Lyrics are honest, and vocals are fantastic. One of my favourites.

Firecracker from start to finish. High in energry throughout the whole album. All Time Low’s most cohesive album to date. Each song is fun and catchy. Best album to date.







BRING WATER Not all venues allow this, but find out. If they don’t allow water, bring an empty bottle or HOW TO PREPARE FOR A CONCERT cannister and fill it up right when you get in. It’s easy to get dehydrated in a concert, so ensure that your body I have a bit of (what I like to call) Pre-Concert Anxiety. stays hydrated! I want my concert experiences to be perfect, and will do everything in my power to ensure that they will. 3. PEE FIRST Concerts are long, so make sure you get that The following are tips that I’ve picked up from my out of your system before the show starts. I reccomend experiences: going while waiting in line if you don’t have set seats. Peeing in the middle of the show may mean you losing 1. PACK LIGHT Less is more. Keep in mind that the more your spot! you pack, the more you will have to carry around during 4. ARRIVE EARLY If you don’t have set seating (floor), then the concert. Take only what you need -even if that is just arrive early to ensure you have a good spot. Remember, the ticket and your phone. the longer you wait, the closer to the stage you are.

Thoughts & Ramblings When originally deciding to tackle this project, I was not entirely clear in the direction that I wanted to go. I have been subscribed to Alternative Press magazine for nearly a year, receiving monthly magazine in my mailbox. Although the content was the reason I subscribed, I was intrigued by the layout designs. I became interested in creating my own, and curious if I could pull it off. Knowing that I had a lot of control over my portfolio course, I thought it would give me the push and the opportunity to try something like this out. Once I knew that I was going to create a magazine, the next step was figuring out the theme or topic of it. I knew that the theme I chose would dictate the type of articles I would have to write, and so I needed to choose a topic that I would enjoy writing a number of pieces about. Then it hit me – I would write just that. I would write whatever I wanted –how I felt, my interests, my experiences; anything and everything. It didn’t even have to be about real experiences, or real people –just whatever my mood called for. The common theme? It would be about me, hence the title of my magazine: WHO? However, as I got further in creating process, I found myself designing and wanting to write about my concert experiences. Perhaps it was the Alternative Press influence, but slowly, more and more pages of my magazine featured the many shows that I had attended throughout the year. Honestly speaking, I have more of a theme now finishing the magazine, than I did when originally visualizing what it would become. The reason I wanted to share my concert experiences is because concerts are literally my favourite place to be. Live music itself is already such a treat for me. I love watching musicians share their art -their hearts and their souls to anyone who listens. To me, a good concert is determined by how great the energy is. When a crowd is extremely passionate, excited, and friendly, it gives off such an infectious energy. That energy just amplifies the excitement I’m already feeling. Then the band feeds off the crowd energy. They’re charismatic and animated, and look so happy to be on the stage. The crowd can feel how genuinely happy they are in that moment. And the crowd feeds off of that. And everybody is feeding off everyone else, and it creates the greatest energy exchange. And when the energy is high, it just takes me to another place entirely. I know it sounds cheesy, but that place that it takes me to is my favourite place in the world to be. Concerts have become very important to me. This year alone, I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of concerts. While some shows were better than others, each one gave me an entirely different experience. Concerts are one of those topics that I never get tired of talking about or hearing about. It was exciting being able to relive my concert experiences through designing and writing the magazine pages. One of challenges I faced or on the photography side of it. Three out of the four concerts happened before I took on this project, so taking quality pictures were not something that I was concerned about. Having to make layouts around average pictures was a challenger, the All Time Low one and YTF one in particular. But I think I managed to take the focus of those pictures themselves, and onto the interesting shapes and designs that I put them on. Overall, I am very proud of the product. It has definitely been successful in capturing my special moments throughout the year, which is one of the goals I had in mind. I think that I learned a lot more about InDesign through this, and have become more comfortable with using it. The amount of control I had over this magazine was really great. The content, the pictures I decided to use, the way I edited the pictures, the way I used the pictures, the text, the article, the layouts, the style –everything was done by me (except for physically taking some of the pictures), and to my own personal standard, towards my own personal goal. The experience was oddly liberating, and the product is among my favourite things that I was able to accomplish this year. I often find myself with a number of ideas, but rarely do I even act on them. I am infinitely appreciative to have had the opportunity to truly bring one of these ideas to life. Yay!



WHO? Magazine  
WHO? Magazine  

A magazine dedicated to Ashley and her wonderful musical tastes