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eaton bench : W764106, Juniper Ogee Embroidery in Coral and Stone, with Alabaster Lacquer premium finish. W e S t Woo D Sofa : AF10208, Rye in Natural, with Brushed Nickel #9 nail heads and Fieldstone premium finish. Wallpaper: T64104, Banyan in Fuschia and Coral. Pillows: W764104, Banyan Embroidery in Fuschia and Coral; F964129, Novia in Coral and Fuschia; W764106, and Juniper Ogee Embroidery in Coral and Stone.

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Quality & Construction Frames 21 Frame dimensions 21 Fire safety standards 22 Customized frames 22 Cushions 25 Spring Down cushions Feathersoft cushions Memory Down cushions Hypoallergenic cushions Loose Back cushions Fabrics & finishing 26 Cutting & pattern matching Deck fabric option Casters & ferrules 26 Leg alternatives 26 Glides & adjustable glides 26 Swivel & glider mechanisms 26 Pillows Standard Pillows 28 Additional Pillows 28 Special Designer Pillow Program 28 Design Options & Finishes Fabrics Fabric application: up-the-roll or railroaded 31 Stain repellent finish Using multiple fabrics on one frame 32 Using silk fabrics & quilted fabrics Leather (COL: Customer’s Own Leather) 32 Welting 32 Skirts 33 Banding, braid & trimmings 33 Banding & decorative braids Decorative trim or tape Brush fringe Tassel fringe & bell tassels Bullion fringe Decorative cord with lip Finishes 34 Standard wood finishes Premium painted finishes Benjamin Moore paint color finishes Nail head trim 37 Casters & ferrules 39 Ordering & Delivery Placing your order 41 Mailing Emailing Faxing Contacting us Order acknowledgement 42 Order cancellation 42 Yardage requirements & shipping fabrics 42 Freight & delivery 42 Freight claims 43 Returns 43 Terms 43 Warranties on frame & cushions 44 Advisories 44 Order Form 45 Pricing & Promotion Pricing policies & promotional programs 49
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GR aYS on c ha
: W73456, Trion in Royal Blue, with Dark Walnut standard finish. Pillows in W73516, Topsail Stripe in Royal and Green Apple.

More than a century of distinctive design and great service

Thibaut (pronounced tee-bo) is the oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm in America. Founded in 1886 by Richard Thibaut to retail and distribute fine wallpapers, the company grew to become the “world’s largest wallpaper company” as the signage on an old delivery truck attests. In the ‘50s, complementary print fabrics were added and, more recently, an ever-expanding line of multiple-purpose and upholstery grade wovens. Thibaut has evolved to become an upscale design house noted for its distinctive styling, pretty patterns in fresh colors and a new approach to traditional design. Thibaut still operates as a close knit, family-oriented company. In 1887, Richard Thibaut promised to offer “the choicest colorings and design which are unsurpassed.” That tradition continues with Thibaut Fine Furniture.

wAllpApeR FAbRIc FuRnITuRe

Building a solid frame to showcase a beautiful fabric

Thibaut Fine Furniture is an upholstered furniture program developed exclusively for designers and their clients. The quality of Thibaut Fine Furniture is comparable to the finest sofas, chairs and ottomans in the industry. From the thoughtful styling, to the heft of our hardwood frames, to placing nail heads with precision, this is true bench-made furniture built by American craftsmen with decades of experience.

Some RS et Sofa : F94907, Cayman in Cream & Aqua with Light Antique standard finish. Illustration to the left: Some RS et cha IR
Da RI en c ha IR : W735339,
Muira in Lemon & Smoke, with Alabaster Lacquer premium finish.

pleasing proportions and comfortable scale

There’s more to a fine frame than construction and quality components. Great furniture begins with great design: pleasing proportions, comfortable scale and the perfect pitch of a back or seat. Our designs are updated but not trendy, offering a fresh take on classic styling. clients will cherish their purchases and eventually pass them along to the next generation.

bRIG hton Sofa : W79238, Spring Velvet in Pink, with Sable premium finish.

A new approach to traditional design

Ken Da LL Sofa : W81173, Cabo Cotton in Pearl, with Bronze Renaissance #9 nail heads, spaced 1" on center. Dark Walnut standard finish with Antique Brass casters. Wallpaper: T7660, Mumford in Gold Pearl.
bR ent Woo D c ha IR : W72775, Starburst in
Pink, with Black Lacquer premium finish.
lITY & cOnSTRuc TIOn

This is heirloom quality furniture that will be reupholstered and loved over many lifetimes.

Some RS et c ha IR : W74919, Leon in Aqua, with Light Antique standard finish.
QUaLIt Y & conStRUctIon
W Y n D ham ottoman : W81180, Cabo Cotton in Glacier, with Brushed Nickel #9 nail heads.
11/2014 13
m ontc L a IR W I n G c ha IR : W7277, Helix Velvet in Grey, with Silver #9 nail heads and Fieldstone premium finish.

Built by American Craftsmen

with decades of experience

top Quality h ardwood frames are made from kiln-dried poplar and maple harvested from sustainable forests that are FSc- certified. Our frame factory cuts, turns and carves each piece rather than rely on others or importers. Our frames are so well built, they come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Double-cone coil Springs are tied eight ways and to the middle of the rail—not to the top—for a better “ride”. This is a more laborious way to craft furniture, and it creates a more comfortable seating experience.

Joints are double-doweled and glued with a ngled corner b locks at each corner to provide extra strength and stability. These are hallmarks of a sturdy, well-constructed frame.


f inishes are carefully applied in a 14-step process, hand-sanded and hand-rubbed to create a handsome patina and natural luster. we offer a variety of standard and premium wood stain finishes. You can also have your exposed wood pieces finished in any b enjamin Moore paint color, providing thousands of custom finishing options.

Spring Down Seat cushions, considered the finest in the industry, are standard on most pieces—with no upcharge. Feathersoft or Hypoallergenic cushions may be specified at no additional charge, and Memory Down cushions are available at an additional cost. All cushions are backed by a Five-Year warranty.

four-Way Pattern matching is our standard. Flow matching assures great looking furniture that matches top to bottom, side to back. Our beautifully tailored skirts are also cut to match on all four sides.

11/2014 TRue bencHMAD e F u R n IT u R e is not a lost art
piece is handcrafted
c a RLYL e D I n I n G c ha IR : AW1388, Spot On in Grey, with Black Matte standard finish.

bench Quality is assured because each piece is built on dedicated work stations by skilled craftsmen. Your furniture receives individual attention throughout—in frame construction, finishing and upholstering. each piece is handcrafted with care to last for generations.

our craftsmen are fanatical about quality

If anything isn’t quite up to standard, it’s fixed before it leaves the factory. each piece is inspected with meticulous care before packaging and shipping—even threads that no one will ever see are trimmed.

bRIG hton Sofa : W79238, Spring Velvet in Pink, with Sable premium finish.

Thibaut furniture is made to exacting standards

Blend down back cushion: Blend of down, feathers and premium fiberfill sewn into channels in a downproof ticking

reinforced webbing

no-sag sinuous steel back springs

Spring down seat cushion: Blend of down, feathers and fiber around a Marshall spring unit, all encased in a downproof ticking

arm protectors

flow-matched skirt, pattern matched to front, sides and back

steel banded base support

8-way hand-tied double cone coil spring base

heavy duty corner blocks on legs

kiln-dried double-doweled and glued hardwood frame

angled corner blocks at each corner

11/2014 QUaLIt Y & conStRUctIon

Frames & Construction

t hibaut fine furniture frames are equal to the best in the industry and are so strong that they carry a Lifetime Warranty each frame is constructed of kiln-dried hardwood, made by our factory in north carolina this means that we have control over the quality and timing of frame deliveries and should never be out of stock

• Frames are constructed of sustainable maple and poplar from U.S. forests , certified by the forest Stewardship council to have been harvested responsibly no plywood is used for structural or weight-bearing components t he hardwood used in t hibaut frames is kiln-dried for months before carving and construction a good quality frame has heft and weight—it’s not easily lifted with one hand Lightweight frames are usually made from lesser materials

• Joints are double-doweled, glued and strengthened with heavy duty angled corner blocks to assure years of wear

• Thibaut chairs and sofas are constructed with true eight-way hand-tied springs in the base of the frame no drop-in units are used e ach piece has its own unique spring system, with double cone coils individually calibrated and anchored to the base t hen using reinforced twine, the springs are tied in eight directions to the middle of the rail to provide an independent range of motion

t his age-old technique of eight-way hand tying is still the hallmark of the finest furniture because it provides optimum comfort and the best support It takes years to become skilled at the craft of tying springs by hand

• Dining chairs with slimmer profiles have a multi-layered seat cushion of premium fiberfill over urethane foam and interlaced nylon webbing for strong support

• Chairs, wing chairs and sofas with tight backs feature four-way hand-tied springs across the back to achieve maximum comfort along with the proper shape and crowning

• Arm chair backs also feature Marshall coil springs beneath a blanket of feather/down/fiberfill for resilient support frames with loose back cushions are supported along the back with sinuous steel springs, reinforced webbing and plenty of cushioning

Frame Dimensions

Dimensions are provided for all frames as follows:

oU tSIDe : width x depth x height

In SIDe : width (between arms) x depth (of seat) x height (from top of cushion to top of back)

Seat heIGht: from floor to top of seat or seat cushion

a R m heIGht: from floor to top of arm at the front

thibaut fine furniture is made to exacting standards; however, the frames may vary slightly from stated dimensions due to the fabric chosen as well as the handcrafted nature of upholstered furniture



Fire Safety Standards

All frames and cushions are made to California TB117 fire safety standards without an upcharge. Contract orders can be made to local standards as necessary.. A fire-resistant barrier cloth can be applied beneath the COM fabric, if specified, for an additional charge. Please see Price List for cost information.

Customized Frames

Special size frames can be constructed for most fully upholstered chairs and sofas (no exposed wood arms or backs). Please call to discuss your needs and for a cost estimate.

4/2022 22


four styles of high-quality seat cushions are available Unlike most manufacturers, our standard cushion is top-ofthe-line Spring Down, and there is no upcharge for specifying feathersoft or hypoallergenic cushions memory Down cushions are also available for an additional cost bench seat sofas and some two-cushion sofas include D-ring ties to anchor the cushions in place Seat and back cushions utilize down-proof cotton ticking to prevent feathers from coming through All cushions and back cushions carry a Five-Year Warranty

1 Spring Down cushions are standard on most frames t hese premium cushions are designed for deep-seated upholstery and will provide comfortable support for many years t hey feature a center core of marshall coil springs, surrounded by a dense foam casing, then wrapped in a blanket that is half feathers/down (90%/10%) and half polyester fiberfill

2 Feathersoft cushions offer a softer seat that is best suited for more casual, less formal use t his is achieved by using an Ultracell foam core and a thicker wrap of half feathers/down (90%/10%) and half polyester fiberfill a feathersoft cushion is closest to the look of an all-down cushion without the need for constant fluffing—and it’s also more comfortable than down because it won’t flatten as you sit on it

Note: Feathersoft cushions have comfort wrinkles because they do not fill out as completely as other cushion styles.

3 Memory Down cushions are super-comfortable and are well-suited for furniture that will receive heavy use t hese cushions quickly recover their proper shape and will maintain that shape over the years memory Down cushions have a center core of highly resilient dense foam covered in memory foam, then wrapped in a blanket that is half feathers/down (90%/10%) and half polyester fiberfill for proper crowning memory Down cushions offer firmer support than feathersoft or hypoallergenic cushions, and sits softer than Spring Down cushions

4 Hypoallergenic cushions are constructed of 100% man-made materials for a feather-free option: a center core of marshall spring coils encased in dense foam, then wrapped in premium fiber

5 Loose-back cushions are filled with Blend Down (a blend of feathers, down and premium fiberfill) sewn into channels to ensure it stays in just the right place t here is no upcharge for b lend Down back cushions which provide superior comfort and loft

QUaLIt Y & conStRUctIon 7/2019 25

Fabrics & Finishing

Your COM fabric will be individually hand-cut with patterns aligned to match four ways from front to sides to back. The pattern flows smoothly down the inside back, over the seat and boxing and meets the skirt without interruption. Flow-matching takes extra time and craftsmanship but makes all the difference in the look of the final piece.

Arm protectors are standard on most frames. They are cut with the same care as the entire piece and are not cut from remnant fabric.

COM fabrics will be inspected, and we will call if obvious flaws are identified. Designers specifying Thibaut or Anna French fabrics will receive a 20% discount on the fabric for both Thibaut Fine Furniture and for contrasting pillows (see page 28 for details).

Self-welting is straight-cut from fabric for the best pattern match, however, bias welting or contrast welting may be specified for an additional charge. Standard welting is 5/32".

Seat decks below the cushions are covered in a neutral-color tightly woven cotton fabric. Designers may specify COM fabric for the deck at an upcharge and additional yardage is required: 3 yards for a sofa, 2 yards for a loveseat or chaise, and 1 yard for a chair.

Casters & Ferrules

Casters and ferrules (metal caps on legs) are available in Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel or Polished Nickel Casters add 1.5" height to a frame and this is factored into the overall dimensions. Casters may be deleted, and the factory will substitute a longer leg of similar style. Ferrules without casters are not available as an option, unless shown that way. Skirted ottomans come with hidden rolling casters for ease of use.

Leg Alternatives

Designers may delete a caster, and a longer leg of similar style will be substituted.

Glides & Adjustable Glides

If there is no caster, legs have plastic glides on the bottom for easier furniture movement without scratching the floor. Skirted frames come with adjustable glides in case the overall height needs to be increased to allow for deep carpets or uneven floors.

Swivels & Gliders

Swivels are a great choice for chairs in family and media rooms. They enable the sitter to easily turn from conversation to on-screen action. Gliders are popular for use in nurseries, but may also add rocking comfort to family room seating. Swivels can be specifed only for skirted chairs. Please see Price List for additional charge.



Standard Pillows

Although our frames were photographed without pillows to better show the lines of the piece, most sofas and settees come with two feather/down pillows as standard (in the same fabric), without an extra charge. Some chairs come with one feather/down pillow. These pillows come with zipper closures, self-welting and feather/ down forms. Hypoallergenic fiberfill inserts may be substituted on request. Please refer to product pages under Standard Features for pillow details.

Additional & COM Pillows

Additional pillows can be ordered in 18", 20" and 22" square sizes. Lumbar pillows are 13" x 19", 12" x 25" and 13" x 30". All sizes are available in either knife-edge or boxed styles. Fiberfill pillow inserts can be substituted for feather/down forms without a charge. Charges for additional or contrasting pillows using COM fabrics other than Thibaut are detailed on the Price List.

4/2022 28

ton bench : F95740, Rinca in Coral, with Alabaster Lacquer premium finish. Pillows in Rinca: F95739 Aqua, F95742 Green, F95741 Blue, F95738 Plum, and F95743 Navy.

e S
W e S t
cha IR :
AW26128, Meander Velvet in Navy, with Silver #9 nail heads. Draperies: AF726131, Wild Floral in Navy, and AW26100, Tailored Diamond in White.

t he wide variety of design and finish options available for t hibaut fine furniture allows you to make each piece unique Please see Design o ptions on the cost Schedule for additional yardage requirements and prices


fabrics can be applied up the roll (running vertically) or railroaded (running horizontally) Yardage requirements are the same for both applications our standard application is up the roll unless we are instructed to railroad fabric

railroaded (running horizontally)

up the roll (running vertically)

• Fabric may be treated with a soil and stain repellent finish before upholstery. fabrics may also be knit backed or latex backed for additional stability and durability for a free quote, please call (800) 223-0704 option 6

De SIGn oPtIonS & fInIShe S

• Multiple fabrics may be specified for one frame Please use the diagram shown to provide cutting directions

pillow front pillow back back cushion front side seat cushion top seat cushion bottom decking

inside back

inside arm

outside back back cushion back side

outside arm

• Silk fabrics should be knit-backed to make them suitable for upholstery use

• Fabrics may be quilted Standard placement of quilted fabric is on inside arms, inside wings, seat and back cushions and front seat decks Quilted fabric is not placed on skirts, outside arms, outside wings and outside backs Designers need to send 10% more fabric for quilting and there is an upcharge detailed in the cost Schedule Note: Because of fabric take-up in quilting, flow matching may be affected.

Customer’s Own Leather (COL)

most t hibaut frames upholster handsomely in leather as well as fabric Some designers also like to mix fabric and leather on a frame or an ottoman for a custom application Please see cost Schedule for cost information regarding upholstering with leather additional questions about leather may be directed to t hibaut customer Service at (800) 223-0704 option 6


Self-welting with 5/32" cord is standard on most pieces, although saddle-stitching may be specified bias welting and contrast welting are available for an extra charge

boxing skirt welt arm


We are very proud of our exquisitely tailored skirts that are pattern-matched all the way around—front, sides and back a ll skirts are lined and interfaced to give them a sharp pleat and crisp appearance Dressmaker 10" Skirts and Waterfall Skirts are available on many styles (Note: Waterfall Skirts are best suited for medium-weight fabrics as the skirt will hang straighter with less wrinkling or sagging that may occur with heavy fabrics.)

Dressmaker 10" Skirts can usually be changed to a Shirred Skirt or a Skirt with corner Pleats for an additional charge—and extra fabric will be required Please see the cost Schedule for details

Banding, Braid & Trimmings

Dressmaker details and distinctive trimmings add personality to your client’s home a woven braid or band of contrasting fabric around the skirt creates a smart finish on a chair or sofa a n additional charge applies to these special trims, detailed in our cost Schedule

• Banding and decorative braids are usually applied 1" above the bottom of the skirt or may be specified at the hem

• Decorative trim or tape may be inset on the tops and backs of boxed cushions

• Brush fringe may be applied to throw pillows, seat cushions or back cushions only

• Tassel fringe and bell tassels may be applied to throw pillows

• Bullion fringe will be applied just above the skirt and should match the skirt length

• Decorative cord with lip may be applied in place of self-welting or above the skirt only


tufting adds dimensionality to furniture with deep tufts that accent a rounded seating surface Proper tufting features deep pleats of fabric between tufts, no gaps in the pleats and a tight button or stitch detail to anchor tufting is an art that our upholsterers have mastered Please note that the deep pleats will affect a large patterned fabric and that plaids and stripes will probably not align button-back detailing does not involve pleating the fabric and will not distort a patterned fabric

De SIGn oPtIonS & fInIShe S 11/2014 33
Dressmaker 10" Skirt Waterfall Skirt Skirt with Corner Pleats Box Border at base


Designers have a choice of Thibaut wood stain or painted finishes for exposed wood frames. Alabaster and Black colors are available as either Matte or Lacquered finishes. Wood stain finishes are meticulously applied in 14 steps for a satin surface, with hand-sanding, rubbing and polishing throughout. A subtle protective coating is applied as the last step in the process.

Painted finishes are applied in as many as 14 steps, hand-brushed, flyspecked, rubbed and detailed to create a color with depth and a beautiful patina. The final coat is an invisible protective sheen. You may also specify a slightly distressed Antique finish on any standard wood finish. Finishes on the piece may differ slightly from what is shown on the chart or fan deck due to subtle variations in wood and the hand application process. You may also choose any Benjamin Moore® paint color for a custom finish at an additional charge; these paint colors are available with either Matte, Lacquer or High Gloss final coats.

Standard Wood Finishes

Light Cherry Driftwood Satinwood English Heirloom Fruitwood Light Mahogany Mahogany Dark Antique Vintage Brown Dark Walnut Alabaster Matte Black Matte
3/2022 34
11/2014 thibautdesign com 800 223 0704 *An additional charge applies to Premium Painted Finishes and to any Benjamin Moore paint color finish. Benjamin Moore is a registered trademark of Benjamin Moore & Co.
Alabaster Lacquer Putty Sable Black Lacquer Ash French Blue Antique Gold Linen Fieldstone French Gray Silver Mist Dune
Smoke Cinnabar Painted Finishes* 11/2014 35

Designers may choose from a selection of 19 different finish and size options or provide com nail heads Please specify placement as well as spacing: “head to head” (touching), “every other one” (one space between nail heads), or exact spacing (such as 1/2" or 1" between nails) charges for hand-applied nail head trim are detailed on the cost Schedule

thibautdesign com 800 223 0704
Bronze Renaissance 52 7/8" Pewter 52 7/8" Acid Finish 37 7/8" Bronze Renaissance 501F 3/4" French Natural 52 7/8" Brushed Nickel 37 7/8" Old Gold 37 7/8" Silver 37 7/8" Flat Black 501F 3/4" Bronze Renaissance 9 1/2" Pewter 9 1/2" Acid Finish 9 1/2" Oxford 55 1/2" French Natural 45 5/8" French Natural 9 1/2" Brushed Nickel 9 1/2" Old Gold 9 1/2" Silver 9 1/2" Bronze Renaissance 54 3/4"
naIL heaD tRIm
All nail heads are shown at actual size.
atfo RD ottoman : W65428, Strathmore Linen in Straw, with Old Gold #9 nail heads. Dark Walnut standard finish with Antique Brass casters.

ca SteRS & feRRULe S

m ost casters and ferrules (metal caps on legs) are available in a ntique b rass, b rushed n ickel or Polished n ickel c asters add 1 5" height to a frame and this is factored into the overall dimensions c asters may be deleted, and the factory will substitute a longer leg of similar style ferrules without casters are not available as an option, unless shown this way Skirted ottomans come with hidden rolling casters for ease of use

thibautdesign com 800 223 0704
Polished Nickel caster Polished Nickel caster Polished Nickel ferrule Antique Brass caster Antique Brass caster Brushed Nickel ferrule Antique Brass ferrule Antique Brass caster Antique Brass caster Brushed Nickel caster Brushed Nickel caster
Brushed Nickel caster

: W79624, Pongo in Pink and White with Silver #9 nail heads. Vintage Brown standard finish and Polished Nickel casters. Wallpaper: T64144, Patara Ikat in Fuschia.

W e S tove R

Placing Your Order

An experienced and friendly customer service team is ready to provide the service you deserve our representatives are knowledgeable, friendly and know upholstered furniture inside and out t hey are happy to answer questions and will handle your orders from start to finish We look forward to receiving your orders or inquiries by any means you choose—phone, fax, email or regular mail

Enjoy fast delivery! Your finished furniture will be ready to ship in approximately 6 weeks after the fabric arrives Your clients will have a finished room more quickly

Any freight carrier you select can be accommodated, or we can arrange for freight for your order

Please include the Thibaut Fine Furniture Order Form shown in the catalog, cost Schedule, or found online with your Purchase o rder You’ll find this form at t hibautDesign com/furniture It’s essential that all materials be easily identified and properly sidemarked when received at the factory

Phone orders to:

t hibaut fine furniture customer Service

(800) 223-0704 option 2

Mail orders to:

t hibaut fine furniture 1095 morris avenue, Suite 450 Union, nJ 07083

Email orders to: info@t hibautfinefurniture com

Fax orders to: (866) 252-8622

Copies of previously transmitted orders must be marked CONFIRMATION


contact us at (800) 223-0704 option 2 or email us at info@t hibautfinefurniture com

2/2021 oRDeRInG & DeLIveRY 41

Order Acknowledgement

You will receive an Order Confirmation after placing your order with your TFF representative. Your approval of this Order Confirmation is required to proceed with the custom order. By approving this confirmation, you are agreeing that all details are to your specification. This Order Confirmation supersedes all prior verbal and written prices, terms and instructions. COM shipping instructions will be provided with this confirmation. If materials are mis-shipped, a handling charge of $75 will apply. If you are unsure which workroom to send your fabric, you are always welcome to reach out to your TFF representative for assistance. Lead times are subject to change based on workroom volume and availability of materials.

Order Cancellation

All Thibaut Fine Furniture orders are custom orders and are not subject to cancellation after a deposit has been received.

Yardage Requirements & Shipping Fabrics

Fabric yardage requirements are listed on the back of each product page, for plain 54" wide fabrics and three different size pattern repeats. For more narrow fabrics, larger repeat sizes, half-drop repeats or bordered patterns, please call Customer Service at (800) 223-0704 option 2 to review yardage needs. We are unable to return leftover fabric or scraps. COM shipping addresses and instructions will be provided along with your order confirmation. If materials are mis-shipped, a handling charge of $75 will apply. If you are unsure which workroom to send your fabric, you are always welcome to reach out to your TFF representative for assistance.

Freight & Delivery

Our shipping materials surpass trucking and railroad specifications to ensure safe delivery and are provided at no extra charge. All furniture is carefully wrapped and protected for damage-free transit. Special cartons are available for overseas shipping at an additional charge.

Accounts may specify their own carrier and ship FOB North Carolina to a business address with adequate receiving facilities. We are also happy to arrange freight services for your order, including home delivery. Home deliveries must include the recipient’s telephone numbers.

Furniture is shipped pre-paid with advance arrangements and invoiced unless the account specifies their own shipper. Shipping insurance is not included. Third party shippers are responsible for any damage or loss incurred in transit. Thibaut Fine Furniture is not responsible for delivery delays beyond our control.


Freight Claims

Damages and shortages should be noted on the freight bill before signing If damage is discovered after delivery, the purchaser should notify the carrier at once, requesting inspection and filing a claim with the trucking company

If freight is prepaid, please contact t hibaut fine furniture to arrange for repair or return Please retain all packing materials and cartons for use if a return is required t hibaut fine furniture cannot be responsible for damage which occurs in transit, storage or delivery


custom orders are not returnable unless there are defects in quality or construction Please provide a description and photo to help us determine the best solution Repairs must be authorized in advance in order for designers to be reimbursed Returns also require written authorization from our customer Service Department contact us at (800) 223-0704 option 2 or email us at info@t hibautfinefurniture com


furniture production will begin when we receive a 50% deposit for the frame(s), payable by check or via v isa, mastercard or a merican e xpress t hibaut fabric purchases will be billed pro forma or at the normal terms set up for the account for pro forma accounts, the 50% balance of the frame price will be due before shipping for other accounts, the remaining 50% balance is due 30 days after shipment for pro forma accounts, merchandise not paid for 90 days after the original invoice will be considered abandoned and deposits will be forfeited

checks for furniture purchases should be sent to:

t hibaut fine furniture, 1095 morris avenue, Suite 450, Union, nJ 07083

Prices do not include costs for freight, insurance, storage, handling, customs, duties or landing fees. If furniture is not for resale, payment of sales taxes is the responsibility of the account.


o ur furniture is made to exacting standards; however, pieces may vary slightly from stated dimensions due to the fabric chosen and the handcrafted nature of upholstered furniture

t hibaut will notify the designer of any obvious com flaws that are discovered, but will not be responsible for such flaws in any non-t hibaut/ a nna french com fabrics

oRDeRInG & DeLIveRY 2/2021 43

Lifetime Limited Warranty on Frames

Five-Year Limited Warranty on Cushions Satisfaction Guaranteed on Thibaut Fabrics

t hibaut fine furniture is so confident in the quality and strength of its frames that we offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all frames to the original purchaser. frames are warranted to be free of defects in material, construction or workmanship t his warranty does not apply to the fabric cover furnished by the designer

We offer a Five-Year Limited Warranty on back and seat cushions. o ur warranties apply only to conditions of normal residential use and do not cover defects resulting from pet damage, accidents, misuse, negligence or commercial use t his warranty is void if cushions are damaged by detergents, abrasives or harsh cleaning products furniture purchased for contract use carries a one-Year Limited Warranty these warranties give designers specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state During the time of these warranties, any claim should be filed with t hibaut fine furniture We will, at our sole discretion, refund, repair or replace the defective furniture or cushion If you need further information about the warranty, please write to:

t hibaut fine furniture, attention: customer Service, 1095 morris avenue, Suite 450, Union, nJ 07083

o r email: info@t hibautfinefurniture com

e xcept as specifically provided in this warranty, t hibaut fine furniture makes no warranty or representation of any kind with respect to the furniture purchased by you, and all implied warranties with respect to such furniture are specifically disclaimed (including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use) Under no circumstances shall t hibaut fine furniture be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages incurred by you or any other person

Grasscloth-Wrapped Occasional Furniture Warranty

t hibaut warrants products and parts against defects in workmanship and materials when put to “ordinary residential use” meaning use in a single-family dwelling t hibaut cannot be held responsible for normal wear and tear, or damage resulting from negligence; abuse; commercial or contract use; staining or discoloration caused by abrasive cleaning products or techniques; fading from direct sunlight; chipping, denting, scratching, and gouging that occur from handling after shipment of the product a ny clear glue can be used to secure paper to the surface

t he natural grasscloth wallcoverings approved for our occasional Wrapped furniture may slightly vary in color from roll to roll as these are 100% natural fibers, absorbing the dyes at different rates additionally, the hand finishing process provides involves numerous sanding and clear sealer steps followed by protective coats of clear varnish which may slightly darken the final color

t hibaut warrants the paper to be free from the following defects for two (2) years; excessive fading (excluding fading from direct sunlight exposure) or natural characteristics or coloration that are inherent to the natural fiber Not recommended for use in direct sunlight or high humidity environment.

In the event any issue was to arise, we would request photos for review to determine the next step We take pride in providing the best service and experience during the order process, as well as after your furniture has shipped

2/2021 44



Account Name Thibaut Account Number

Address City State Zip Fax Phone Cell Phone Email address


Frame Name & Style Number Quantity

Seat Cushion Option: Spring Down (standard on most items) Feathersoft Hypoallergenic Memory Down

Wood Finish Painted Finish

Caster & Ferrule Finish, if any: Antique Brass Brushed Nickel Polished Nickel Remove Standard Caster & Ferrule


Fabric Direction Up the Roll (vertical direction) Railroaded (horizontal direction)

Special Pattern Placement

No special application instructions included; factory is authorized to use discretion in fabric placement and construction.

Welting Standard Self Welt Contrast Fabric

Decorative Cord as Welt Placement

Nail Head Finish & Size Spacing Placement

Banding, Braid or Fringe Placement


Fabric Style or No. Color Yards Sent

Fabric Vendor Fabric Description

Trim Style or No. Color Yards Sent

Trim Vendor

Trim Description

Additional Pillows: Price Same fabric as on frame Contrasting Fabric Style or No.

Yards Needed



Local Receiver / Freight Forwarder:

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City State Zip

Recipient’s phone ......................................................................... Cell phone ..............................................................................................


Production will begin with the receipt of a 50% deposit via check or Visa, MasterCard or American Express

For pro forma accounts, the 50% balance of the frame charge will be due before shipping

Credit Card #




Security code

Purchaser’s signature

Please confirm workroom address prior to shipping fabrics/trim. All COM materials must be marked clearly with your TFF order number. Thibaut Fine Furniture is not responsible for delays related to mis-routed fabrics. Please consult your TFF representative for the correct shipping address.

Lead times are subject to change based on workroom volume and availability of materials.

All Thibaut Fine Furniture orders are custom orders and are not subject to cancellation after deposit has been received.

QUESTIONS? Please call Thibaut Fine Furniture at (800) 223-0704 option 2, or email us at info

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cha IRS : W80239, Aura in Ice Blue with Smoke premium finish and Brushed Nickel ferrules. Wallpaper: T13086, Open Spaces in Aqua and Coral.

: W65418, Strathmore Linen in Eggshell, with Smoke premium finish & Polished Nickel casters.

T1874, Prescott in Aqua.

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• Thibaut Fine Furniture will be sold exclusively to interior designers. We do not sell directly to consumers or through the internet.

• The program includes sofas and settees, lounge chairs, dining chairs and stools, ottomans and benches, wrapped occasional furniiture and beds and headboards to create seating arrangements perfectly tailored to the room.

• Many features are included “as standard” that others in the industry add as an upcharge: Spring Down seat cushions, Blend Down back cushions, optional Feathersoft or Hypoallergenic seat cushions, arm protectors and complimentary contrasting pillows if made with Thibaut fabrics.

• Direct trade net pricing is extended to Thibaut Fabric Plan subscribers.

• Reasonable frame cost and design option pricing makes it easy to create unique pieces for your client project. The Thibaut Fine Furniture Price List is clear and simple to use.

• Price Lists are available in digital form and may be sent by email. All pricing is subject to change without notice; please contact Thibaut Fine Furniture Customer Service if you require price confirmation. Prices will be noted on all order confirmations.

• 20% additional discount on any Thibaut or Anna French fabric used on Thibaut Fine Furniture and pillows.

• Payment by credit card is offered for your convenience.

• A special Confidence Piece discount is offered for any piece purchased for your showroom, so that you and others may experience the comfort and quality of Thibaut Fine Furniture. Please inquire with your TFF representative to confirm your eligibility.

• In the interest of fire safety, all Thibaut Fine Furniture is manufactured to the California TB117 Fire Safety Standard at no additional cost.


• Our website, , has all catalog pages and photos available for download or printing. Pages can be sent right to your client for review.

• Thibaut ads in leading magazines will include Thibaut Fine Furniture to create interest and client demand.

• Extensive public relations and social media programs will also build awareness and interest in Thibaut Fine Furniture.

• Thibaut and Anna French wallpaper and fabric sample books will feature Thibaut Fine Furniture in room photography.


WI th SKIR t: AF10167, Dyed Sack in Denim, for body of chair & Bleach in Neutral, AF10202 for contrast welting. Wallpaper: T35141, Cabrera in Navy.

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