Thibaut de Roux 

London, GB

Thibaut de Roux is a French national currently living in Paris. Thibaut de Roux graduated from the Paris Dauphine University in 1988 with a degree in Economics; he continued his studies at Paris Dauphine, gaining his Master of Finance and Management in 1989. With 25 years of experience working in global Capital Markets management, Thibaut de Roux most recently worked for HSBC Bank plc as Global Head of Markets. Known for his ability to develop businesses and grow revenue, de Roux is a skilled manager who can work with large teams on a global scale to deliver products that are often complex. Amongst his many areas of expertise, Thibaut de Roux is particularly interested in risk management, new technology, blockchain and FX transactions. Outside his profession in the finance industry, de Roux enjoys skiing, climbing and cycling, and he has a keen interest in wine tasting and collecting.