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My name is Unice Ernest Karmue, but I prefer to be called Ernest. I am currently entering my 5th Years at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I am acquiring Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, concentrating on going to Medical School. I was born in Bong County Liberia, but spent most of my time in Ivory Coast due to the civil war in Liberia. From traveling to numerous countries in Africa, and Central America, I strongly believe that Healthcare and Education are the two vital basic needs of developing countries. I am proud to see young Liberians like my colleagues doing so well, and hopefully we can all help with the improvement of Liberia.

Petheree Norman is a Registered Nurse and recent graduate of the University of Virginia. She was born in Monrovia, Liberia at Snapper Hill Clinic and moved to the United States in 1998. She currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Petheree will begin working as a Registered Nurse in August for the University of Virginia Medical Center. The connection she has always felt to Liberia was strengthened after her recent visit in December 2010, 14 years after leaving her home. She spent her 4 weeks in Liberia volunteering at the J.F.K. Medical Center’s Maternity Hospital. Petheree hopes to use her experience with this magazine to highlight life, culture, health and all things Liberian

My name is Patience Landford and i am a current graduate

My name is Winston Smith. I recently graduated

student at Clark University, I earned my B.A in sociology from

from Roger Williams University, Bristol Rhode

the University of Texas and I am currently pursuing a Masters

Island with bachelors in Legal Studies and

of Arts Degree in International Development & Social Change with a concentration in Sub-Saharan Africa and after that I am looking to attain a PhD in Conflict Resolution. I hope

Psychology and a minor in International Relations. I also studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I played four years of varsity soccer at Roger Williams University, while also serving

to one-day work for the United Nations as an Ambassador

as president for the university’s Student Athletes

or a foreign diplomat and help my country in any way that

Advisory Committee. My goal is to someday work

I can. I currently work as a Public Relations Specialist for

for the IMF or the World Bank. My participation

the Unforgotten Fund a non-profit organization that does

in this group is to unite young Liberians and

work in India and Zambia by helping villagers in the poorest

also enhance their knowledge on our culture

regions of the world gain access to Safe Drinking Water |&

and success. I don’t think I can live with my

Education. I am also the creator and founder of Positive Liberia a face book page and blog that highlights the current and latest news in and about Liberia. It is a positive outlet

accomplishments if I am not able to help someone else elevate their life. Our country needs to unite and I think the best way to accomplish that is through the youth. One day Liberia shall rise

that shines light on the human rights issues in Liberia and

again and it’s up to us to make that possible,

work along with those who are advocates of the cause.

we are the next generation of leaders. Marianne

My Philosophy is “We must be the change we want to see

Williamson’s said, our deepest fear is not that we

in the world.” In order to change the world one must be

are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are

able to elevate themselves and their outlook on life through

powerful beyond measure.

Education. Being a young Liberian in the U.S, i greatly understand the significance of Education and the impacts it has on an individual life and a country success. Education has been the core reason for social change, democracy, economic growth and political empowerment for many nations around the world. I strongly believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth of Liberia. To educate them is to emancipate them from mental slavery and various oppressions. Liberation and academic stimulation of the mind is the key to success.

My name is Maseta Dubar. I am 24 years old and

I am Jones M. Harris. I graduated from

reside in Maryland. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia,

Wentworth Institute of Technology in

lived in Cote D’Ivoire for 4 years and moved to the

2010 majoring in Architecture: Design and

United States at the age of 7. I graduated from

Culture. Currently I run an Architecture

the University of Maryland in 2010 with a Bachelor

& Design Services firm that focuses on

of Arts in Government and Politics and a Minor

Development in Liberia. My goal is to one

in International Development. I plan to start my


Masters in International Development in spring of

design and develop every county in Liberia.

2012. Currently, I intern as the Executive Assistant

I believe that what happens to us in

for UNESCO, United Nations Educational Scientific

this life is only a small part of our story;

and Cultural Organization and work part-time as a

how we react to it determines the rest.

Home Health Aid Nurse in Frederick, MD.

Unfortunately civil war is part of Liberia’s

story but the work that this generation of

I am an altruist, whose goal is to establish

a Non-profit or NGO, focusing on solutions to

Liberians is doing will determine the rest.

challenges of development, poverty alleviation

It is an honor to be among the generation

and gender inequality; primarily targeting issues

that will make Liberia’s story a great one.

that women and youths face within Liberia and

I currently reside in Providence, Rhode

neighboring African countries. I believe that “It is


important to nurture any new ideas and initiatives which can make a difference for Africa” - Wangari Maathai

My name is Sidney Richmond Divine. I was born in Liberia and migrated here because of the unfavorable conditions at the time. When things appeared to be better, my family and I went back and I was able to do some schooling in Liberia for a couple of years before returning to the States due to conditions worsening back home. Since the inception of those conditions, I’ve been here completing high school at Green Pastures Christian Academy where I won a state championship in basketball and became the school’s first McDonald’s All American nominee as well as Valedictorian of my graduating class of 2006 at the age of seventeen.

Upon graduating from high school, I enrolled in a

small local college (Atlanta Christian College, now Point University) before transferring to LaGrange College to complete my undergraduate degree in General Studies with a double minor in Business Management and Coaching. At LaGrange College, I held various leadership positions such as Resident Advisor, Social Council Member, Student Athlete Advisory Committee Member, and Captain of the Men’s Basketball Team. In addition, I was a member of the college’s French Club, Chess Club, and Black College Student Union.

Currently, I’m working on becoming a Financial

Advisor with a company that has been helping individuals, businesses, and families with their financial security for over 100 years. I’m in the process of getting licensed to be able to better serve my (prospective) clients. My focus, this early in my career, will be on business development (attracting and retaining clients). In 2 years I’d like to take my GMAT to get my MBA in Personal Financial Planning and eventually sit for my Certified Financial Planner exam and earn other designations that will enable me to better help people (most of whom will be Liberians) plan for retirement, sending their kids/grandkids to college, protecting assets in the event of an untimely death/ disability of a primary income earner and any other dreams they would like to realize.

Pamela Dehcontee Manneh is a senior student majoring in political science (Public Administration) minoring in international communications at Winston Salem State University. Despite the fact that Miss Manneh was born in the US she has profound love and devotion for Africa. In 2007at only 17, she developed her own nonprofit African Youth Empowerment, geared towards enhancing and bettering the lives of youth in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Other than running an international nonprofit, Pamela was selected to be the Youth Advocate for the Unity Party USA, a political party supporting Her Exellency Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her re-election. Mrs. Manneh as for seen her future and is confident that her calling is to aid and empower the voiceless people of Africa.

My name is Ellen Witherspoon. I am a senior

My name is Randell Dauda, and I recently

double majoring in Accounting and Finance at Pace

graduated from Northeastern University in

University in New York City. I am currently an audit

Boston, Massachusetts. While at Northeastern

intern at JP Morgan Chase. It is my goal to one-

University, I Majored in Psychology and

day work as a Financial Consultant/ Auditor for a

Anthropology. I am currently working full time as

500-fortune company on Wall St. I am also the Vice

an Injury Prevention Outreach Coordinator at the

President of the Pace University NABA chapter

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. It is

(National Association of Black Accountants). The goal

my intention to start my Masters in Education

of NABA is to uplift young African Americans and

this fall. I hope to one day become a professor in

prepare them for the professional world. I strongly

one of the social sciences. I am passionate about

believe in the model of “Lifting as we climb” as I feel

teaching and community outreach. In my current

that everyone eventually needs a helping hand. As

position I work with youths and give presentations

young Liberians who are bettering ourselves, we

on violence prevention, alcohol/drugs prevention

should not forget about our other brethrens out there

and try to promote safe and healthy lifestyles. I

who might need a push or some assistance in life.

strongly believe in Margaret Mead’s quote “never

As we learn and grow we should be eager to help

doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed

others so that they can in turn help someone else.

people can change the World”. I look forward to

Being able to add to the progression of my country

making great changes along with all these young,

and to help out young Liberians is definitely one of

energetic, thoughtful and committed Liberians.

my future goals and I hope this magazine will be a

God bless.

steppingstone in that direction.

Garmai- Korto Matthew is a young up

Lorece Shaw is the 25 years old daughter of

Roland and Loretta Shaw. Although born in the

and coming African inspired designer. Her line goes

United States, she had her first visit to Liberia

by the name of Guwala da Nele meaning “Beautiful

at the tender age of 3, and she has always felt

and Strong” in Kpelle, a Liberian language. This

great sense of pride in her Liberian heritage.

line includes African inspired garments to eccentric

She completed high school at Michael E.

pieces. Garmai- Korto Matthew is a 19 yr old

DeBakey High School for Health Professions in

innovator making her mark on the fashion industry

Houston, TX. She then matriculated to Xavier

and the world as a whole in a huge way. Her fashion

University of Louisiana where she studied pre-

journey all began at a very young age. In elementary

pharmacy. Lorece obtained her Bachelor of

Garmai- Korto drew thumbnails and sketches of

Science dual degree in Science and Pedagogy

phenomenal garments she would someday pursue

at Houston Baptist University. She holds teacher

to create. She always had an artistic gift and was

certifications in Composite Sciences 4-12.

motivated to achieve her goal of being a Fashion

Currently, she is finishing the requirements for the

Designer. Garmai- Korto was born in Cleveland,

Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Texas Southern

OH and was raised in a rich African Culture. Her

University. Ms. Shaw’s hobbies include writing

parents are from a country in West Africa by the

poetry, traveling, and social networking. She

name of Liberia. Her family always encouraged her

is an active member of the Fountain of Praise

to embrace her culture. Through this, Garmai- Korto

in Houston where she serves as a young adult

was inspired to create modern traditional wear that

ministry leader. Additionally, Lorece is a member

were more fitting and fashionable than temporary

of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

tradition attire. She is currently studying Public

and Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity,

Relations and Fashion Design and plans on making

Incorporated. She looks forward to her next visit

Liberia one of Africa’s fashion capitals and providing

to Liberia and making contributions to Liberia’s

jobs and services of philanthropy to her people.


My name is Natasha Kennedy, but people often call me Tasha. I am currently a Senior at Rhode Island College majoring in Communication: Speech, Language and the Hearing Sciences. Throughout my High School and College trek I’ve been privileged to work intimately with the Liberian Community Association of Rhode Island, even finding myself as Youth President in my early High School years. Working along with the community gave me an opportunity to exchange ideas with my elders as well as my peers. I learned while working with both people my Senior and equal that giving everyone a voice goes a long way. We as youth are not only able to help each other come up with creative ideas but we can also teach are elders. Currently working in the human services area with people who are physically and mentally incapable has taught me a lot about myself as well as the people around. I’m not only excited to work on this project, but even more enthralled to be in the company of so many talented and motivated young people.

My name is Grace Moore. I believe we live in an ever changing society and if one wants to facilitate change in this world one must have a transforming mind. Being able to adapt to surroundings, time and situation is the ultimate skill we need as humans. My name is Grace Moore, I aspire to bring about change to this world in the way I am able to using the skills I have naturally and the ones I am acquiring in my educational endeavors. I earned my BA in psychology and I am currently a student in a Non-profit management and Leadership Certificate program at Rhode Island College. I am going to be enrolling in my Master’s program in fall 2012. I have an innate passion for Africa, especially Liberia. My ultimate goal is to be able to service my fellow Africans in the near future. Another passion of mine is health, mental health that is, I believe that physical health and mental health are codependent but due to the stigmatization of the topic of mental health most people care only about the physical aspect of their health. Awareness is the key: and I want to help bring that to the communities that are in desperate need. My career path is to earn my Master’s in Social Work with concentration on mental health focusing on the refugee and immigrant populations. And later on in the future earn my PhD in Psychology and ultimately work with organizations like WHO or IHO.

They Say, I Say, We Say. Issue No.2  

They Say, I Say, We Say : A Liberian Magazine. Issue No.2

They Say, I Say, We Say. Issue No.2  

They Say, I Say, We Say : A Liberian Magazine. Issue No.2