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thurs oct 20, 2016 INSIDE Generations come together to mark legion’s 90th / 5


Expo Toronto bid boosters BabyAT THE brigade TORONTO ZOO release report ON THE

PHOTOS Shooting victim Jarryl Hagley remembered/ 6

DAVID NICKLE Supporters from business, the arts and government for a Toronto bid to host Expo in 2025 brought a new privately funded report to hard sell the idea at City Hall this month. “ We’ve c o m e t o g e t h e r because we want to share our passionate belief (in Expo 2025),” said Claire Hopkinson, CEO of the Toronto Arts Council and co-chair of the Expo 2025 volunteer bid committee. “We all know instinctively that it would be a tremendous oppor-

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tunity for our city.” The report was commissioned and funded by the volunteer group, and conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, Arup and Toronto-based Lord Cultural Resources, after Toronto Council voted this spring to ask for analysis on the bid. On Oct. 14, the report was unveiled by the volunteer group and their city hall champion, Toronto Centre-Rosedale Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam. The report suggests that the incremental cost for hosting >>>EXPO, page 7


Men’s shelter size reduced COUPONS-FLYERS-DEALS-TIPS

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FERTILITY PROBLEMS and reproduction issues aren’t limited to the human population. Read our feature to discover how Toronto Zoo staff like Heather Kalka (above with Juno the polar bear cub) are helping animals conceive and how their baby-making efforts are furthering species’ conservation. See it on page 3.


A controversial men’s shelter slated for Runnymede Road and St. Clair Avenue West has been reduced from 100 to 50 beds and will now include on-site counselling for those battling homelessness. The input of a resident-driven community liaison committee has resulted in changes to the men’s shelter report that was unanimously adopted by city council at its Oct. 5 meeting. The newly approved report recommends that a 24-hour,

Toronto: 61 Overlea Blvd. † Agincourt: 3306 Sheppard Ave. E Agincourt: 3850 Sheppard Ave. E (in Walmart) Downsview: 6000 Dufferin St. † North York: 1500 Finch Ave. E † North York: 1964 Victoria Park Ave. Scarborough: 1900 Eglinton Ave. E (in Walmart)† Scarborough: 2370 Lawrence Ave. E † Scarborough: 70 Grand Marshall Dr. † Thornhill: 7562 Yonge St. † Toronto: 793 Spadina Rd. †

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50-bed men’s shelter be developed at 731 Runnymede Rd., in what used to be the Goodwill store. The shelter would provide on-site counselling in housing and employment to address the needs of those in the community who are experiencing homelessness. The shelter is scheduled to open in late 2017. For fur ther details, visit news/731runnymede

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Procreation problem solvers get a little wild The reproductive physiology unit at the Toronto Zoo helps animals make babies Fannie sunshine For two years, the female patient suffered from irregular menstrual cycles. Doctors were about to explore assisted fertility options when she became pregnant on her own. In another case, fertility specialists were stumped as to why another female patient could not conceive - until a recording of rain shower sounds was enough to get her in the mood and get the job done naturally. Those treated by Dr. Gabriela Mastromonaco aren’t your typical patients seeking reproductive assistance. T h e y a re h o u s e d i n Scarborough’s Toronto Zoo, specifically selected for artificial insemination in hopes of producing offspring to keep the numbers of their species up and, if possible, releasing these animals back into their natural habitats. INVESTIGATING PROBLEMS According to the Toronto Zoo, it’s the only Canadian zoo with a reproductive physiologist on staff. Located within the Animal Health Centre, the reproductive physiology unit is made up of two laboratories, the endocrinology lab and gamete biology lab, where staff, students and visiting scientists work together to investigate fundamental problems related to reproduction in non-domestic species. The goal is to assist with the care and management of captive and free-ranging populations in an effort to maintain reproductive health and ensure the preservation of genetic diversity. Mastromonaco, curator of the Meadowvale Road and Old Finch Avenue zoo’s reproductive programs and research, said it’s always preferred for animals to breed on their own, but for a number of reasons - some known, some not - that might be easier said than done. There could be behavioural

or medical issues at play, or lack of a male paramour, in which case semen would have to be flown in. Very much similar to fertility testing humans go through, animal hormones are tested in a lab to look for abnormalities, cycles are monitored, and semen is collected to freeze for insemination, Mastromonaco said, adding she works with more than 50 species a year. And like humans, animals can go on birth control pills the same women would use - if the zoo isn’t trying to breed a particular species, she said, adding the gorillas are currently on contraception. The Toronto Zoo’s reproductive program, which began in 1988 (prior to this all breeding was done naturally), lends its support to other zoos, primarily within Canada, Mastromonaco said. And though she’s been at the program’s helm for a decade, she still has a lot to learn about the reproductive health of the animals treated. The zoo’s animals typically try to conceive on their own for two to three years before Mastromonaco and her team step in, who will then evaluate “why babies aren’t coming,” she said. Sometimes the issue isn’t physical. Sometimes it’s as simple as creating the right atmosphere - hence the rain shower music.

Ryan Pfieffer/METROLAND

THE LYNX They might not be the most popular draw at the Toronto Zoo, but the Canada lynx still claws in quite the crowd. Ember and her two female kittens, who were born sometime in April 2016 (the exact date is not known as Ember locked herself in a den for days before emerging with her new offspring), delight both national and international visitors who want to see animals native to Canada. The kittens, who have not been named, are playful and relaxed, and will stay with Ember until next spring, said Brad de Wolde of Enniskillen, Ontario, zoo keeper of the Canadian domain. The siblings spend their days climbing, exploring, and learning hunting skills from their mom, while feasting on a diet made up of ground and raw meat on bones. Bearing a close resemblance to a giant house c at , the Canada lynx has a very short body, small tail, and long legs. It can be found in the wild in boreal forests across Canada, from Newfoundland to the Yukon, along with Western Manitoba, Idaho, Washington, and Utah. But as easy as that may sound, pinpointing fertility treatment and what works and what doesn’t is still something Mastromonaco


Steve Somerville/METROLAND

The Toronto Zoo’s reproductive programs are led by Dr. Gabriela Mastromonaco.

is figuring out. An Indian rhino calf lost a pregnancy because she didn’t have enough progesterone to sustain it. Cheetahs have undergone treatment for five or six years without producing offspring. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), an international organization focused in the field of nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, has listed the Indian rhinoceros, polar bear, cheetah, and giant panda some of Toronto Zoo’s biggest draws - as vulnerable. Come next year, the reproductive program currently housed in two rooms inside a 40-year-old building will move into a state-of-theart facility, which will allow Mastromonaco and her staff

more research equipment and space to house and transfer animals more easily, she said, adding the old site will be used as a curatorial lab. Bison insemination is the next “big project” for Mastromonaco, adding the zoo has kept 35-year-old bison sperm frozen in the lab. “As long as the samples are frozen, we can bring them back,” she said. “We can breed across time and space.” The cost of artificially inseminating an animal is $500 to $600 a try, with invitro fertilization running $3,000 to $4,000 a pop. But, with certain species dangerously close to extinction, such as the Grevy’s zebra, “you can’t put a price” on reproduction, she said.

Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue act like typical twins: teasing each other, play fighting, and competing for mom’s attention. Except these twins walk on all fours, are black and white, and will eventually munch on bamboo, their food of choice. Born at the Toronto Zoo Oct. 13, 2015, the giant panda cubs are still very much a crowd favourite, with visitors lining up for hours to catch of glimpse of them and their mother, Er Shun. Da Mao, one of three potential fathers, is housed in a separate enclosure. The first giant panda cubs born in Canada, Jia Panpan (Canadian hope), and his sister, Jia Yueyue (Canadian joy), are still bottle fed, although they like to chew on bamboo, said giant panda zoo keeper Emily Noel of Mitchell’s Corners, Ontario. Weighing in at 20.5 pounds, Jia Panpan loves to play, knocking his sister off a wood plank as they roll on the ground. The smaller of the two, 16.5 pound Jia Yueyue is the more shy, independent twin, according to Noel.

VIEW VIDEOS See videos of the Toronto Zoo’s lynx kittens, the baby Indian rhino, white lion cubs, zebra, polar bear cubs and panda cubs online : w w w.

| YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016


YORK YORK GUARDIAN GUARDIAN || Thursday, Thursday, October October 20, 20, 2016 2016 ||



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Baby animals at the zoo signify reproductive win

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veryone loves baby animals. Visitors have flocked to see the brand new additions to the Toronto Zoo, which include Juno the polar bear cub, Rey the zebra filly, and arguably the most popular, the panda bear cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue who recently celebrated their first birthday. While seeing the cute baby animals are worth the price of admission, what’s equally impressive is the work that goes behind the scenes to bring these animals to life – literally. The special report this week explores the fascinating world of Dr. Gabriela Mastromonaco, curator of the Toronto Zoo’s reproductive programs and research. our view She along with her team and visiting scientists work together Work helps to investigate problems related reproduction in non-domestic to conserve to species. It’s always preferred for animals species to breed on their own, notes Mastromonaco, but sometimes there are behavioural or medical issues at play. Other times, it’s a lack of a suitable partner that prevent mating to occur, in which case semen that is collected to freeze for insemination might have to be flown in. The problem could also lie in not creating the right environment or mood for animals to procreate. Mastromonaco, who works with more than 50 species a year, admits though trying to figure out exactly which fertility treatments work and which ones don’t is still an ongoing challenge. But whatever the issue a particular species might have, the Toronto Zoo’s goal is to assist with the care and management of both captive and free-ranging populations in an effort to maintain reproductive health and ensure the preservation of genetic diversity. In other words, the zoo hopes to produce offspring to keep the numbers of endangered and vulnerable species up. That includes the polar bear, the Indian rhinoceros, cheetah and giant panda, to name a few, as listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, an international organization focused in the field of nature conservation.


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What to call the young Leafs line? I need your help loyal readers. The reason I’m reaching out is that I have a funny feeling that the Auston Matthews, William Nylander, Zach Hyman trio is going to end up getting dubbed “The Kid Line.” It’s not that it isn’t a catchy phrase. It is. Or isn’t a fitting phrase. It’s that, too. Very much so. The problem is, it’s not original. There already was a Kid Line. On your very own Maple Leafs, in fact. From 1929 1936. The line consisted of centre Joe Primeau, in between right winger Charlie Conacher and left winger Harvey “Busher” Jackson, all of whom are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. I remember that line like it was yesterday. No, not because I was around back then, smarty pants. That was way before my time. Yes, way. Very way. How way is besides the point. I only remember it like

jamie wayne BUT SERIOUSLY it was yesterday because it was yesterday that I made a point of going back and looking up The Kid Line’s bios again. What prompted me to do that was seeing all three grace the Top 100 Maple Leafs list of all time that was introduced during that special centennial celebration at the Air Canada Centre before the opening home game last Saturday night. I seemed to recall that they were even younger than the current young troika but I wanted to make absolutely sure. It turns out I was right. When it comes to kids being kids, they indeed were more junior than today’s group. Primeau was only 23, and Conacher and Jackson were both just 18 when they all first hit the ice together.

Meanwhile, left-winger Hyman is 24, right-winger Nylander is 20 and centre Matthews is 19. There have been a few more Kid Lines since then in the NHL, but the name only caught on with the fans of the teams they played on. There is only one real Kid Line. Primeau, Conacher and Jackson. So no Kid Line 2, OK? Or Kid Line II. Over to you. The ball is in your court. If you can say that when talking about hockey. But you better get the lead out. Or the ink out, if you’re using a pen instead of a pencil to come up with a name. There’s no way of knowing how long Matthews, Nylander and Hyman will remain a unit. Coaches typically like to experiment with different combinations in order to keep the players from getting complacent or having them get comfortable with a bunch of players, but also to give

the team different looks to keep the opposition off guard. They could each have two different linemates if you wait too long. A unique name is a must. Matthews, Nylander and Hyman deserve a handle created just for them. With that in mind, that means ixnay to the New Kids On The Block, which I fear is likely running a close second to Kid Line. Not just because it is also associated with another group, but more importantly the New Kids On The Block aren’t kids anymore. They’re all pushing 40-something. What’s more, it’s probably been a while since they’ve been anywhere near the block, let alone on it. They’re likely everywhere but on the block when you get right down to it. Jamie Wayne is a lifelong columnist, who takes writing very seriously. The topics? Not so much. Contact him at


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MARCHING ON: Royal Canadian Legion Br. 31 Mount Dennis Ladies’ Auxiliary Sgt.-at-Arms Maria Chabby (above, left) joins members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets Squadron 700-David Hornell VC in the colour guard Saturday for the rededication of the branch’s cenotaph. At left, Mario Fioroni (right), Ken Nicoll and Margaret Howatt get a look at some of the uniforms on display during the Legion branch’s 90th anniversary militaria exhibit on Saturday.

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YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016 |



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TRIBUTE: A memorial of candles and flowers grows at the corner of John Street and Weston Road Monday where Jarryl Hagley was shot and killed at the Pizza Pizza restaurant early Sunday. Police say the teen was eating with friends when gunmen entered the restaurant and began shooting in his direction around 1:30 a.m. It is unknown if he was the intended target. Investigators are appealing for witnesses. If you’ve got tips, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

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Expo would focus on Portlands >>>from page 1 the world’s fair in 2025 would be $1.91 billion – dramatically lower than other bids. In Dubai, the budget was set at 6.46 billion euros ($9.33 billion Cdn.) for the 2020 Expo. The Shanghai Expo in 2010 cost $5.8 billion. Milan’s 2015 World Expo was widely criticized for its budget of 13 billion Euros ($18 billion). Wong-Tam said that it was unfair to compare Toronto’s bid to Shanghai’s because of the scale to which China operates for international events. And she said that Milan’s bid was inflated because of the cost of land acquisition. The Toronto Expo bid, she said, would concentrate in Toronto’s Portlands, where the land is already in the city’s possession. The report also indicates that the event would operate with a surplus, with direct revenues from ticket sales, sponsorships and other revenue sources tallying to $1.64

Correction notice

The story ‘Give Blood - It’s the ultimate renewable resource’ which appeared in the Oct. 16 edition contained incorrect information. Potential donors who take prescription medication may be excluded from donating blood, but are asked to call Canadian Blood Services to inquire further. The Guardian regrets the error

billion. It would also provide 50,000 person-years of employment and draw nine million new visitors to Toronto, with a total of 30 million visiting the site over the course of the year. It’s unclear as to whether Mayor John Tory fully supports the bid-Wong-Tam noted that he’d been briefed on the report, but wanted to see that other levels of government would pitch in. But she argued the fair, that would showcase Toronto to the world and bring other nations in to showcase their own innovations, would be a major boost to not only the city but the country. “This is not corporate Canada’s Expo, this Expo belongs to the people of Canada, the citizens of Toronto and it’s a nation building exercise,” said Wong-Tam. A more detailed study will be made public on Oct. 19, prior to its debate at the Executive Committee Oct. 26.

Help ParticipACTION get Canadians active for Canada’s 150th birthday In celebration of Canada’s 150 anniversary of Confederation, ParticipACTION is creating the 150 Play List, and you’re invited to vote on your favourite and participate in all of them. From Quidditch to stone throwing, yoga to snowboarding, visit to help create the

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YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016 |


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TURNkEY ETOBICOkE MULTIPLEX! Rare Renovated Five Unit Investment Property with 2 Car Garage and Triple Private Drive. Newer Kitchens, Baths, Floors, Doors. Great $60K income. Fully Tenanted. Large Private Lot. Only $1,199,000!


Renovated 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath Detached Home in High Demand Family Neighbourhood Surrounded by Million Dollar Homes. Spacious Living Room with Fireplace. Large Master Retreat Addition, Chef’s Kitchen with Marble Island, S/S Appliances, and Family Room with Walk-Out to Private, Tranquil, English Garden. Steps to Great Schools, Shopping, and Restaurants. Only $899,800.


Fabulous Quiet Family Neighbourhood 4+1 Bedroom, Open Concept Living Room, Hardwood Floor, Formal Dining Room, Eat-in Kitchen, Finished Bsmt, Large Rec Room, Ideal for Entertaining, Walk-out to Deck, Overlooking Landscaped Yard, Double Garage, Amazing Opportunity! Must be seen!

Sold in 6 dayS For 115% oF aSKinG!


Gleaming Hardwood Floor, Picture Window, Open Concept Living Room, Family Size Kitchen, Walkout Deck Overlooking Landscaped Lot, 3+1 Bedroom, Finished Basement with Separate Entrance, Parking for 5 Cars, Steps to Transit, Amenities, Park + Fabulous Schools!


Bright And Spacious Detached Home In a High Demand Area! Beautifully Decorated, 4 Bedrooms plus Den, 4 Bathrooms. Living Room With Gleaming Hardwood Floors & Gas Fireplace, Modern Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances ,Professionally Finished Basement. Main Floor Laundry With Direct Access To 2 Car Garage. Fully Fenced Back Yard. Truly A Must See, Only $799,000!!




Beautiful & Spacious 4 Bedroom Home Located In High Demand Neighbourhood!! Well Maintained And Move-In Ready, Includes A Large Eat-In Kitchen, Open Concept Living/Dining, Large Master W/ Ensuite, Close To New Hospital, Canada’s Wonderland & Vaughan Mills. Amazing Value - Must Be Seen! Only $789,900!


Beautiful 1 ½ Storey Home Situated On A Huge Lot!! Updated From Top To Bottom With Stylish New Kitchen, Large Living/Family Room, Formal Dining Room, Hardwood Floors, Amazing Backyard Retreat W/ Huge Deck, Brand New Garage, Plus Much More! Quiet, Family Friendly Neighbourhood Close To All Amenities. Incredible Opportunity, Only $599,900!!!




Absolutely wonderful 5 bedroom home. Massive 59x150 lot! Beautifully tiered oasis backyard. Renovated family rm with heated floors, fireplace & walkout to yard. Large kitchen with breakfast bar. Hardwood floors. Spacious living and dinning. Crown mouldings. Many renos. Truly an amazing home! Only $774,900!

Exquisite 1,020 Sq Ft, 2 Bdrm at Marina Del Ray, Renovated Top to Bottom with the Finest Materials overlooking Lake and Marina, Quartz Kitchen, Spalike Baths, Coffered Ceilings, Niches, Built-ins, Sensational Crown Jewel! Truly must be seen! Only $719,000!

Large Character Filled Home with Thousands in Upgrades. Fabulous Location. Lovely Gumwood Trim. Bamboo Floors, Fireplace. Rare Lowered Basement. Spa-Like Bath with Jacuzzi. Newer oversized Garage, Super Value, Absolutely Must Be Seen! Sold in 6 dayS For 111% oF aSKinG!


DANFORTH AREA CONDO!! Bright & Spacious 2 Bedrm, 2 Bathrm Suite Located In High Demand Area Close To Vibrant Danforth Ave!! Amazing Open Concept Layout, Eat-In Kitchen, Master W/ Ensuite, Large Balcony. Recently updated and move-in ready. Must be seen only $569,900!!

Rare South Etobicoke end-unit! Spacious and bright with open concept layout, double garage, balcony, steps to the lake, transit, shops and all conveniences! Shows 10+! Only $549,900!

UNOBSTRUCTED SE VIEWS! Stunning Corner Unit With 2 Bdrm Split Layout And 2 Baths Built in 2011. Granite Counters, S/S Appliances, Laminate Throughout. Steps to Subway, Lake & 401. Super Value, Must Be Seen, Only $349,000!

Executive Condo Suite! Modern kitchen with Granite Counter tops and Stainless Steel Appliances, gleaming laminate floors. Huge balcony with beautiful North Exposure. Parking and Large locker included. Amazing location and opportunity. Must be seen, only $329,900!

Downtown Brampton Detached Brick 2 Storey on a Huge 40 x 158 Ft Lot on Busy Queen St W. Perfect for Business Owners, Developers, Renovators, Investors etc. Can divide into separate units, Ideal for Accountants, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Long Private Drive with 6 Car Parking, Steps to Gage Park! Only $599,000!



Luxurious 2 BR, 2 Bath soft loft with 17 ft. Ceilings located in most desirable neighbourhood. 2nd Storey master retreat with 4 pc ensuite and walk-in closet. Open concept living with large kitchen with island and s/s appliances. Too many amenities to list and only steps to Yonge st subway. Only $649,999!


2+1 Bdrm Corner Unit with Enormous Wrap Around Balcony in Newer Boutique Building, Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen with 10 Ft Quartz Island, 9 ft Ceilings, Huge Bdrms with 4pc Ensuites, $10K Custom Doors, Amazing Location in Norseman School District, Minutes to Downtown! Only $549,900!



Fabulous, Newly-Built 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Corner Unit!! Spacious Split Bedroom Layout, Modern Kitchen W/ Granite Counters And Stainless Steel Appliances, Master With W/I Closet And Ensuite Bath, Huge Wrap-Around Terrace W/ Bright WestFacing Exposure. Includes Parking Spot & Locker. Building Amenities Include Indoor Pool, Gym & 24Hr Security. Must Be Seen, Only $395,000!


Spacious Semi With Gorgeous hardwood floors through the living/dining rooms. Large kitchen with slate floors, walk-out to deck and backyard. Finished basement with 2pc bath, laundry room and extra storage room. Location close to transit and shopping. Incredible opportunity to own your own home in the city! Super value. Sold in 8 dayS For 112% oF aSKinG!


GORGEOUS UPDATED CONDO Huge open concept with modern kitchen and large L-shaped living/dining room. Bright sun filled eastfacing unit with private balcony overlooking treelined streets. TTC at front door, minutes to 401, shopping and subway. Great value at only $164,500!

SEE MORE PHOTOS: Call Today 416-917-LION (5466) and Start Packing! ****Certain Conditions may apply. Not intended to solicit persons under contract. ReMax West Realty Inc. does not guarantee the sale of your home. Exclusively offered by Frank Leo. Copyright© 2009 Frank Leo

| YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home SellinG SyStem


10 YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016 |



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$20 for 1 VIP Ticket to Skip-the-Line with Bonus Swag Bag AND Sunday Brunch Ticket at The Manor (a $49 Value) from The Warehouse Mall

Short trips being made by car: report A new report suggests 716,000 short car trips across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) could be made by bicycle instead. C o - a u t h o re d by t h e Toronto Centre for Active Transportation and Ryerson University the report analyzes current regional cycling trends. It finds of the 14 million trips taken every day in the GTHA, the vast majority are less than five kilometres, but only six per cent of such trips are made walking or cycling. The report argues that number can only improve with more infrastructure and improved options for “last mile” transportation to or from a transit station.

taxi drivers, teaching them about Toronto geography, customer service and other driver skills. With recent changes to taxi licensing regulations, resulting in the legalization of ride-sharing services like UberX, the multi-day training program at the city was scrapped to the chagrin of the taxi industry, which promised its own version. Taught through the college, the 25-hour weekly course also includes an emphasis on defensive driving.



Centennial College has launched a new training program for new Beck taxi drivers. The course was announced back in the summer as a replacement for a city-administered workshop which was mandatory for all new

rahul gupta TO in TRANSIT

TTC subway buskers will be a little more prominent in the stations thanks the establishment of designated performance zones. The zones have been established on a temporary basis at Bloor-Yonge, Finch and Spadina and Main Street

stations. The six-month pilot initiative allows the TTC’s subway musicians to perform on a branded vinyl stage intended to raise their profiles. It’s the first time according to the TTC any move has been made to spotlight its subway performers, and if it proves a success, the zones could appear at more stations. Se v e n t y- f i v e s u bw a y musicians are chosen from auditions held during the Canadian National Exhibition every three years. They rotate through 25 stations. STATION BUS BAY TO REOPEN wWOODBINE

The Woodbine station bus bay is about to open after several months of construction. While renovations continue at the station, the rebuilt bus loop will officially reopen Monday, Oct. 24, allowing buses to enter Woodbine for the first time since May. Rahul Gupta is The Guardian’s transit reporter. His column runs every Tuesday. Reach him on Twitter: @TOinTRANSIT


Consumer Feature

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Up to 45% off a Three-Course Dinner for 2 or 4 People at Toronto’s Premium Halal Steakhouse from Black Ox Bistro Inc. 2 options

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Brock Doors & Windows completes $25,000 home makeover for winner On Saturday Oct. 15, Brock Doors and Windows completed the $25,000 home transformation for their sweepstakes winners. Ilmars and Debra Krievins won the $25,000 Window Door and More contest via a random draw nearly one year ago. The couple was away on vacation when the draw took place, and returned home to a great surprise. Brock Doors and Windows installed brand new windows, alongside a beautiful front door system

and patio door for the lucky winning couple. “We have been transforming homes in the GTA for over 26 years, we only just began this draw two years ago; with the idea of giving back to the community that has kept us in business for so many years.” says Reputation Manager Steavi Potter. The next draw will take place in May 2017. You can enter the contest online at


YORK happening in

w Saturday, Oct. 22

Spadina Museum Visits Evelyn Gregory WHEN: 11 a.m. WHERE: Evelyn Gregory Library, 120 Trowell Ave. CONTACT: 416-394-1006 COST: Free Using objects from the collection, staff of Spadina Museum will go through an exploration of this interesting time in our history. Special FX Makeup Workshops WHEN: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre, 341 Oakwood Ave. CONTACT: 416-394-1041 COST: Free A special FX zombie makeup workshop.

w Monday, Oct. 24

Zoomba WHEN: 9 to 10 a.m. WHERE: York West Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Rd. CONTACT: Danna McBride, 416-245-4395 COST: $3 per class A Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that is tailored for active older adults. Choir WHEN: 2 to 4 p.m. WHERE: St. Matthew’s Bracondale House, 707 St. Clair Ave. W. CONTACT: 416-6562669, COST: Free Seniors’ choir. Hymns, musical soundtracks, and classic pop songs.

featured event

Managing Your Finances in Retirement WHEN: 2 p.m. WHERE: Mount Dennis Branch, 1123 Weston Rd. CONTACT: 416-394-1008 COST: Free How can you stretch your retirement resources? Presented by CPA.

w Saturday, Nov. 5

Bazaar WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. WHERE: Church of St. Mary and St. Martha, 1149 Weston Rd. CONTACT: Shirley, COST: Free A variety of baking and deli items, crafts, silent auction, box draw, treasures, gifts and collectibles, books, gently loved items, topped with a delicious lunch.

w Thursday, Oct. 27

CHECK OUT OUR complete online community calendar at Here you will find weeks of upcoming listings from your York neighbourhoods as well as events from across Toronto. Financial Ratios and Why They Matter for Your Business WHEN: 6:30 to 8 p.m. WHERE: Maria A. Shchuka Library, 1745 Eglinton Ave. W. CONTACT: 416-394-1000 COST: Free Learn how to calculate financial ratios for your business and understand their meaning and more.

w Tuesday, Oct. 25

Karaoke WHEN: 1 to 2:30 p.m. WHERE: York West Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Rd. CONTACT: 416-2454395 Ext. 223 COST: Free Sing or sit and watch. Hundreds of popular songs are available.

Employment Prep Workshop WHEN: 4 p.m. WHERE: Evelyn Gregory Library, 120 Trowell Ave. CONTACT: 416-394-1006 COST: Free Topics: resumes and cover letters, marketing yourself to employers, and the interview process.

w Wednesday, Oct. 26

Citizenship Education Circle WHEN: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. WHERE: Evelyn Gregory Library, 120 Trowell Ave. CONTACT: 416-3941006 COST: Free Assistance for landed immigrants, convention refugees, and live-in caregivers. Join the weekly group for help with your Citizenship Test.

Yarn Lovers Wanted WHEN: Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. WHERE: Maria A. Shchuka Library, 1745 Eglinton Ave. W. CONTACT: Arlene, COST: Free Knitting, crocheting, and company. Share or learn. Bring a project. Yarn or needles not provided.

w Friday, Oct. 28

Family Time WHEN: 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. WHERE: Evelyn Gregory Library, 120 Trowell Ave. CONTACT: Richard, 416394-1006, , COST: Free Stories, songs and rhymes for children 0-5 and their caregivers.

w Tuesday, Nov. 1

Common Mistakes Startups Make WHEN: 6:30 to 8 p.m. WHERE: Maria A. Shchuka Library, 1745 Eglinton Ave. W. CONTACT: 416-394-1000 COST: Free Learn how to avoid common mistakes startups make. Topics include developing a business plan, identify-

ing a business structure, including staffing and cash flow.

w Thursday, Nov. 3

Adult Colouring Club WHEN: 6 to 7 p.m. WHERE: Evelyn Gregory Library, 120 Trowell Ave. CONTACT: 416-394-1006 COST: Free All materials provided.

w Saturday, Nov. 5

Brain Injury and Advocacy WHEN: 9 a.m. to noon WHERE: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre, 1900 Davenport Rd. CONTACT: 416830-1485 COST: Free Presentations from a provincial advocate specialist and legal expert. Meditation Hour WHEN: 11 a.m. WHERE: Evelyn Gregory Library, 120 Trowell Ave. CONTACT: 416-394-1006 COST: Free Stretches, deep breathing and meditation session. Registration required.

get listed! The York Guardian wants your community listings. Sign up online at to submit your events (click the Sign Up link in the top right corner of the page). Check out our complete online community calendar by visiting

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LocALLy ownEd, PRoudLy cAnAdiAn

Toronto East – Leaside • 939 Eglinton Ave. East (at Brentcliffe Rd.) 416-646-2439

Toronto West – Etobicoke • 100 The East Mall (near 427 & Queensway) 416-491-1417

Get this coupon and more at *Coupons subject to availability.

| YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016

community calendar

home improvement | guardian electrical


Auburn Plumbing Inc.


Metro Lic# P1538

For all your plumbing needs


• New Work • Replacement, Repairs and Renovations - Faucets, Sinks & Toilets • High Pressure Flushing • Camera Inspection and Pipe Locating • Lead & Galvanized Piping • Plugged Drains & Backed-Up Sewers Quality and Service at Our Best

Call for a FREE estimate (416) 738-0274 Check us out on

(416) 234-9006


(DAVID) M.J. Yelavich & Sons, Etobicoke, Ontario



Metro Licence #: 7000356

heating & cooling









Air Con. From $1450 installed! BEST PRICES IN TOWN!!!

Tune-up & Clean Furnaces or A/C Plus 22pt. Check List Carbon Monoxide CO Levels $



*10 Year Warranty


CLOGGED DRAIN 24/7 PLUMBING & WATERPROOFING $3400 Toronto Rebate Reasonable Rates * Free Estimates 15% Seniors Discount




BaySprings Plumbing Small Job Specialists

Servicing All Your Plumbing Needs


Build/ Repair Fence & Deck Basement, Bathroom Reno. Flooring, Tiling , Pluming, Paining Indoor/ Outdoor Maintaining Big or Small, give us a Call! Tel: 647-894-2268

masonry & concrete

HAROUTUNIAN MASONRY • chimneys • tuckpointing

• parging • brick replacement

(416) 426-9549

Bricks & Chimneys


ALL TYPES OF ROOF REPAIRS 15% Senior’s Discount




Metro Lic. #P24654 - Fully Insured


24/7 No Extra Charges for Evenings, Weekends or Holidays


• licensed • honest • reliable • local • experienced • insured • quality workmanship • seniors discount • references


P e t e r: Check out our reviews on 9.5


Financing Available (Met Lic #P20579)





Low Cost Repairs $ Low Cost Repairs $ Low Cost Repairs



since 1990

EmErgEncy AnimAl rEpAir/lEAks EAVESTROUGH CLEANING FROM $20 All TYPeS of roof rePAirS • AnimAl DAmAge • AnimAl Proofing • gUTTer gUArD • TUCK PoinTing • CHimneYS • SKYligHTS • flAT roofS • VAlleY rePAirS • All VenTing WorK • eAVeSTroUgH rePAirS • SHingleS • SoffiT & fACiA • WinDoW CAUlKing • DoWnSPoUT DiSConneCTion • mAjor & minor rePAirS • liCenSeD AnD inSUreD 26 SENIORS SAME DAY SERVICE years of DISCOUNT Service




ROOFING LTD. Est. 1947 Licensed & Insured REPAIRS to Roofs, Chimney & Eaves FREE Estimates

4 1 6 - 2 4 1 - 6 9 5 3

home renovations


roofing $ Low Cost Repairs $ Low Cost Repairs $


Low Cost Repairs $ Low Cost Repairs $ Low Cost Repairs

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm Toll Free 1-855-945-8725

$ Low Cost Repairs $ Low Cost Repairs $

YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016 |


Turn off the lights, the computer and the TV when they are not in use. Using only highly efficient and money saving appliances can reduce the electricity consumption of an average household to one tenth of the average.

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm • Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 • Email • For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613

ADVERTISING COORDINATOR ABOUT US A subsidiary of Torstar Corporation, Metroland Media Group Ltd. is one of Canada’s premier media companies. Metroland delivers up-to-the-minute vital business and community information to millions of people across Ontario. We have grown significantly in recent years in terms of audience and advertisers and we’re continuing to invest heavily in developing best-in-class talent, products and technology to accelerate our growth in the media landscape and strengthen our connection to the community. For further information, please visit THE OPPORTUNITY We have an exciting, opportunity for an Advertising Coordinator. This is a 15-month, temporary full-time position, covering for maternity leave, in our Toronto Division. This position is responsible for supporting the sales team to provide the most efficient service for advertisers. Primary responsibilities will include coordinating all aspects of pre and post-sales including order fulfillment, reporting, customer service and other duties as required. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES • Provide administrative support to the Advertising department and liaise with customers and Sales Managers, Production and Editorial department. • Provide excellent customer service by responding to direct enquiries, address concerns in a timely manner in addition to building and maintaining positive relationships with customers. • Provide support for Account Managers utilizing MPE system. • Assist in organizing sales packages and coordinate with inside and outside sales. • Analyze and create sales reports and coordinate, implement and monitor success of sales promotional campaigns. • As part of this role, you may be required to handle credit card information. Metroland Media is a PCI compliant company and requires people in this role to take PCI training to handle cards in a safe and compliant manner. • Complete other duties as may be assigned. WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR • Diploma or Degree in Administration or in related field. • Minimum 2 years of experience in an office setting or related administrative role and previous experience in a sales environment. • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Word and Excel.

• Strong communication skills both written and verbal as well as a competent listener. Effective organizational skills, ability to manage time and prioritize tasks appropriately. • Ability to excel in a fast-paced, deadline driven and demanding environment. • Customer focused professional with strong interpersonal skills. • Ability to build and develop effective relationships with clients and team members. • Concurrently manage both sales assistance and administrative responsibilities.

If interested, please apply with resume, no later than October 28, 2016 to OUR AODA COMMITMENT Metroland is committed to accessibility in employment and to ensuring equal access to employment opportunities for candidates, including persons with disabilities. In compliance with AODA, Metroland will endeavour to provide accommodation to persons with disabilities in the recruitment process upon request. If you are selected for an interview and you require accommodation due to a disability during the recruitment process, please notify the hiring manager upon scheduling your interview.

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm • Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 • Email • For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613 Our North Etobicoke office is looking for a Part-time CDA


ready to start immediately. Schedule includes a full shift on Tuesdays and half shift on Wednesdays, Fridays and alternating Saturdays. Applicants with dental software packages are preferred. Please email your resume to: or fax to 416-746-0127

Great PT Job * AM & PM runs available * Have the rest of your day free

Routes Available: Mississauga - Brampton - Etobicoke and surrounding areas PT School Bus Routes:

Office Administrator

-Free professional training -Employee incentive program -Well maintained fleet -Friendly staff -Competitive wages

part time for busy office in Etobicoke. Experience necessary. Resume to: officestaffapplication

Extra work available: Charter Work; Motor Coach Driving; Shuttle Driving Call Attridge today to find a route in your area:


Steel Manufacturer Now Hiring FULL TIME DAY SHIFT

3940 Highway 7

Join us at

Vellore Village Community Centre 1 Villa Royale Ave., Woodbridge

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 1pm to 6pm

Notices (Public)

Resume to or call 416-742-6140 x 311


Notices (Public)

Applications to Provincial Parliament - Private Bills

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on behalf of Jeffrey Mason and Janice Mason that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario for an Act to revive 830442 Ontario Limited in order to deal with certain property that was held in the corporation’s name at the time of the dissolution. The application will be considered by the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills. Any person who has an interest in the application and who wishes to make submissions, for or against the application, to the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills should notify, in writing, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, M7A lA2. Dated this 20th day of October, 2016.

S. Steve Popoff, Solicitor for 830442 Ontario Limited

L A R G E , CLEAN room for rent. Available October 1st. Westin Road and Eglington. $500 /month includes utilities. Call 416-436-0206 for more information.

***Starting Wage $24 / Hour ***


Check Out:

GREAT 1 bed apartment in Forest Hill Community. 400 Walmer Road has all you could ask for in a rental - fantastic location, beautiful landscaping and steps from TTC subway, shopping and restaurants. $1,250 Per Month.

Rooms for Rent and Wanted


We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. If you are contacted by us regarding a job opportunity or interview, please advise if you require accommodation.

Notices (Public)

4 MAINTENANCE PERSON with good mechanical and general repair skills 4 PUNCH PRESS OPERATOR 4 ROLL FORMING MACHINE

Apartments for Rent


2911 Major Mackenzie Dr.

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 Email For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613

Window Assembler

Fax to: 416-670-1150

For the following locations: Major Mackenzie Highway 7 & Ansley

4 POSITIONS AVAILABLE Req’d for Established Company. FT/day shift $14+ benefits+bonus. Must have strong tool experience Training to be provided

Full time Food Mfgr. in Mississauga.Must have strong mechanical/ electrical skills. Email: tonyf@


PH 905-855-7771 1-888-749-1515 Email:


Maintenance Worker

Leave your car at home for a day, week or a month! Try walking or biking. If work is too far away to walk carpool.

For all your recruitment needs please call our Recruitment Specialists:

JELD-WEN in Woodbridge is seeking

CNC Operators

for day shift and afternoon shift for their door assembly line. Competitive wages & full benefits. May require lifting up to 50 lbs Please submit your application to: Fax: 905.265.5702 Or Email to with your contact information. Or contact Mohammad at 905-265-5700


required by international diamond merchant. Seeking ambitious and talented closers with a proven track record of telephone sales. Potential annual earnings of 100K to successful candidates. Ideal for experienced diamond and/or stock brokers. Leads provided. Starting salary commissions and bonuses. Fluent English. Downtown. In the industry? Call us, let’s talk! Confidentiality assured. Call David Martin (416) 927-8949


Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 Email For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613

HOLY SPIRIT, you who makes me see everything and shows me the way to reach my ideal, you who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget all the wrong that is done to me and you who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything, and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. Amen ~A. B. This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, your sincere wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish it on granting of your favour. The idea is to spread the wonder of the Holy Spirit

have you read all about it?

1-800-263-6480 or email: 1 - 8 0 0 -74 3 -3 3 5 3

| YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016



YORK GUARDIAN | Thursday, October 20, 2016 |


Domestic Help Available


Garage Sales

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm • Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 Email • For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613



Saturday, October 22 9:30 am - 1:00pm Royal York Road United Church 851 Royal York Road (3 blocks south of Bloor)

Flea Market, Silent Auction, Books, Jewellery, Crafts, Quilts, Knitting, Food Emporium, Cafe Etobicoke

Indoor Moving Sale Saturday, October 22nd 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 17 Burnhamthorpe Pk. Blvd.

Collectibles in excellent condition including large oval fruiting vine mirror, Oriental screens, Venetian pedestal dining table with antique chairs, Sklaar-Peppler bedroom set, wool rugs and runners, crystal, china, decorative glass, camping gear, luggage, etc. CASH ONLY

Massage Services

Legal Services

DO YOU HAVE A D I S A B I L ITY? Physical or mental. We can help you get up to $40,000 back Great from the Canadian GovShiatsu ernement. For details check out our website Massages w w w. d i s a b i l i t y g r o u p Insurance. $60/hr 2140 Kipling Ave, 3B., or call us (Kipling/ 401). Etobicoke today at 1-888-875-4787 647-430-7238. 824 The Queensway, (opposite Starbucks) Etobicoke 416-546-8437



CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBT HOME EQUITY LOANS FOR ANY PURPOSE!! Bank turn downs, Tax or Mortgage Arrears, Self Employed, Bad Credit, Bankruptcy. We are creative mortgage specialists! No proof of income 1st, 2nd, & 3rd’s up to 85%



HOME AND OFFICE cleaning services. Expect attention to detail and honesty. Will clean to your required area, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. References. Call Lana 647-964-1346 Domestic Help Wanted

North York

MASSIVE, PACKED ESTATE SALE Friday, October 21st 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Saturday, October 22nd 10:00 am - 3:00 pm 11 Altamont Rd.

West of Yonge, North of Finch. Complete house contents Etobicoke

GARAGE / YARD SALE Fri., Oct. 21st & Sat., Oct. 22nd 8 am - 2 pm 36 Hagersville Court New and Used articles, complete set of dinner ware for 12, decorations, lots of Christmas items.

Domestic Help Available

HAPPY MAIDS - C l e a n i n g Service: Offers complete cleaning of houses, apartments and condos. Call Jolanta 647-995-0639

BASEMENT LEAKING? Crack repairs. Filling inside and out. All work guaranteed. Free Estimates. 905-615-8349 or 416-666-2010

Articles for Sale

LIVE-IN CAREGIVER full time for an elderly woman in Etobicoke. Responsibilities include meal preparation, personal hygiene care, house cleaning. Individual must be compassionate, soft spoken and sensitive to physical condition. Must speak Ukrainian or Polish. Nursing experience an asset. Background check will be required. Salary $1200 per month. Please call Irene at 905-629-9969 or Liz at 905-301-0021 after 6 p.m.

Articles for Sale


Moving Sale Sat. October 22 9am-2pm 30 Boyd Ave

sofa, tables, pictures, kitchen supplies, house hold items, dinning room suite EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

Legal Notices

Legal Notices


Notice to creditors and others in the estate of Alessandro Orlando, late of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, who died on October 20th, 2015. Creditors and others having claims against the above estate are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned (executor of the estate) on or before the 30th day of October, 2016, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to claims that have then been received.


Cash Paid For Silver plate • sterling • coins • gold • jewellery • watches, etc. Teak • furniture • paintings • Doultons • fancy cups and saucers • medals • military • bronze • jade •Chinese • Japanese • fine art and quality smalls. 30 Years Experience

Professional and Courteous

David 416-231-9948

Articles Wanted

Articles Wanted

Dated at Toronto this 12th day of October,2016.

Helen Sawick PO Box 19504 Manulife PO Toronto, ON M4W 3T9



$25,000...............$105.40/mth $55,000...............$237.11/mth $100,000............$474.21/mth $200,000............$948.42/mth Based on 3% APR. OAC

(888) 307-7799

Ontario-Wide Financial (FSCO Licence #12456) ~ Let us HELP, ask for Lee ~

No income, Bad credit OK! #10969 Better Option Mortgage 1-800-282-1169

Articles Wanted


Central Stamp & Coin

5324 Dundas St West (Between Kipling & Hwy 427)


Your Local Store...actually PAYS YOU MORE!! Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking


Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking

Cash 4 Cars

Dead or alive Same day Fast FREE Towing 647-642-6187

Home Renovations

$150 - $6000 Cash on the Spot 4 Scrap Cars Free tow in 2 hrs. 647-403-8542

CARPET, HARDWOOD, Laminate/ Ceramic, Painting, Complete Basement; Drywall, Bathrooms, etc. Wholesale Prices, Free Pad with Installation, Mangal (416)879-8993

CEILINGS REPAIRED Spray textures, plaster designs, stucco, drywall, paint. We fix them all! • 416-242-8863

Repair and Service for Windows and Doors. Quality Work 20 Years Experience Call Tom 647-531-7570 Waste Removal


All Garbage Removal! Home/ Business. Fast Same day! Free Estimates! Seniors Discounts. We do all Loading & Clean-ups! Lowest Prices. Call John: 416-457-2154 Seven days

Furniture, appliances and construction waste. Professional service and fully insured. Free estimates. Frank @ Central


Waste Removal


From home or business, including furniture/ appliances, construction waste. Quick & careful! 416-677-3818 Rock Bottom Rates!




Clogged drain, renovations, camera inspection, leaky pipes. Reasonable price. 25 years experience. Licensed/Insured, Credit card accepted. Free estimate.

James Chen 647-519-9506

RAY PLUMBING SERVICE Repairs & Replacement, Faucets, Sinks, Toilets, Drains, Main Valve, Leaky Pipes, Drain Cleaning. Licensed & Insured. 24/7.

416-876-6679 Handy Person

Handy Person

A RELIABLE HANDYMAN Cabinetry, Plumbing, Electrical, Countertops, Painting, General Repairs. Honest, Reliable. Great Rates. 20 yrs. Exp.

Masonry & Concrete


Waste Removal

Waste Removal

Rick 416-707-4693

HOME RENOVATION. Plumbing repair, bathtub, vanity, faucet, toilet installation, tile/hardwood and laminate installation, drywall repair, framing and installation, painting, Senior discount. Call Best Reno: 416-997-4749


LARGER AMOUNTS AND COMMERCIAL FUNDS AVAILABLE Decrease monthly payments up to 75%!!

MONEY CONSOLIDATE Debts Mortgages to 90%

Articles Wanted

Landscaping, Lawn Care, Supplies FALL GARDEN clean-up and snow removal. One time or seasonal contract. Call Paul at 647-898-2461 GARDENING, CUTTING grass, weeding, gutter/leaf clean-up. Indoors cleaning floors & windows, also cleaning finish construction house and building, maintaining cleanliness commercial/ industrial buildings. 416-821-0359

Masonry & Concrete

Brick ~ Blocks ~ Stonework Chimney’s ~ Tuck pointing Porches ~ Flagstone Window Sills All Masonry Work. Insured & Licensed

For free estimates call Roman


Flooring & Carpeting

Flooring & Carpeting

NESO FLOORING Carpet installation starting from $1.19/ sq.ft. Hardwood, laminate at low prices. 27 yrs experience. Free Estimates. Best Price! 647-400-8198 HARDWOOD FLOOR SANDING. Specializing in stain/ refinishing. Call for Free Estimate! Reasonable rates. Paul 416-330-1340 pager.

Appliance Repairs/ Installation

Appliance Repairs/ Installation

ALL CITI APPLIANCES. Appliances repaired professionally. 35 years experience. Fridges, coolers, washers, dryers, stoves. Central Air Conditioning and Heating. (416) 281-3030

Professional Repairs

OF ALL BRANDS OF: Refrigeration, Stoves, Dishwashers, Washer, Dryers, Air Conditioning & Heating. Free Estimates. Warranty. Credit cards accepted. Seniors discount.



W O H S Y L I FAindM oors at the


Nest Wealth

A FUN FILLED DAY FREE witheverything for families


Entertainer Scott Dietrich

Admission &Parking

Snow Queen& SnowPrincess

WanttobookaboothattheFamilyShow? 905-842-6591 ext 740708 or 1-800-693-7986

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Pockets The Clown

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