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By Douglas S. Files, M.D. & LauraLynn Jansen, MHEd., CPCC, e-RYT

A whole year (almost)! theYoke’s first was both challenging and invigorating, as we grew from LauraLynn’s (LL) dream into a coherent reality. I, LauraLynn, could not have done it without Doug with me every step of the way as we laid the foundational business pieces of writing by-laws, incorporating, and forming the first Yoke board. Our attractive (Doug’s words) website – www.theYoke.Yoga - took form after many months of intensive work and years of gathering resources by LL. In the autumn, a diverse group of volunteers formed the Yoke Advisory Council (YAC). This body brainstorms and advises the executive director on content-related activities and program development. Meanwhile, theYoke sponsored a wide variety of events, during 2015, available to folks across the globe. A web-based book club* met monthly during the spring and summer, improving members’ understanding of key yogic concepts. Pop-up Yoga events in Florida and Hawaii drew interested parties and brought in needed donations, while also offering reduced rate/ complimentary Yoga offerings to folks with less means for this added life luxury. An active social media presence is now established, we Tweet, Pin, FaceBook, tumble, Instagram and lay down tracks (see links below). Multiple contributors are adding their wisdom and contemplations to Ripples, theYoke blog,** and our monthly memos, SoulShine. Heading into 2016 with the anticipation of a successful March retreat on the tropical isle of Oahu being hosted by LL and Helen Ames at Kahumana Farm. We are well-poised to increase outreach to underserved populations. The mentor program, Pay it Forward is ready to invite folks to participate. We hope you will join us on some level of this rollicking adventure to unite, serve and maintain the global yoga community! Warmly, Douglas (pushin’) & LauraLynn (rollin’) *Find out more about this/join us at: www.theYoke/Yoga/yogis-tea-room/yogi-book-club/ ** Read about it here: tumblr/theYokeOm www.theYoke.Yoga


theYoke’s website is a hub developed from a couple years of research and continues to evolve each month. It contains exhaustive resources for Yoga teachers, students and program directors. When my teacher said the word “bhakti” I had no idea what she meant. I put the word in theYoke search box and BAM I had a bunch of descriptions, images and links to what it is. There is so much information I discover something new every time I go on. This site is so beautiful and inviting.

…offered monthly donation based classes on the beaches and in the parks of Oahu… plus a couple on the mainland over our first six months as an organization. This provided over $600 worth of asana and meditation instruction to members of various communities.

popUP Oahu

the Root of the Lotus We piloted this fivemonth course of in-depth investigation into the Yoga Sutras last year with five individuals from across the US participating. This form of selfstudy (swadyaya) provided folks with an opportunity to deepen their integration of Yoga’s multiple paths into their daily lives. This course will be offered yearly. We are also in the planning stages of offering similar courses related to other Yogic texts as part of the Royal Road/Raja Yoga path. Students experiences: “… engaging in the material brought me to a deeper understanding of Yoga.” “I had a deep shift in both my personal and professional perspectives of life.” Y O G i B O O K Club

A review written by a participant of last summer’s book club. On June 24, 2015 I participated in theYoke sponsored on-the-line book club. Six enthusiasts from across the US read an excellent book The Wisdom of Yoga. For an hour we discussed people’ reactions to this intriguing book had participants discussing Yogic based ideas. One reader noted that every paragraph nearly exploded with meaning for them. Experienced yoga instructor LauraLynn Jansen facilitated the discussion, keenly attuned to what the participants said. I am excited for next summer!

If you feel inspired by our mission we invite you to assist us… …through any of these Seva (service) offerings.

SHARE the Yoga hub of WWW.THEYOKE.YOGA as a resource to your students, friends, family, community and beyond. ☺ !

! share with us your fav Yoga resources by emailing the link to us. !

If you are a teacher of 5 plus years of teaching, or a program director, please consider offering to be a mentor to another teacher or program director. Contact us here for more information. We appreciate your consideration of Pay It Forward: a mentor program.

! provide a benefit Yoga class to raise funds and keep viable the ever evolving hub, ! courses, and other resources.

! show support of theYoke mission to unite, serve, and create sustainable awareness among the Yoga world by becoming a Yoke

kula member. ! sign up for SoulShine, our monthly memos on everything Yoga.

! …and of course donations/sponsorship are always welcome.

Poṣaka पोषक Circle Poṣaka means to nourish, feed, support, and keep (in Sanskrit). We are very grateful for the gifts of individuals who supported theYoke in its first year. Their contributions allowed theYoke to build a foundation to jump into 2016 and interface with the Yoga world even more deeply. We are grateful to all who nourished theYoke in 2015. Kip Buck Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Files Mr. & Mrs. Donald Files Dr. Douglas Files Lisa Good Faith Jansen LauraLynn Jansen Steven Kleindedler Alfred & Lena Lamore

Jarrod Lamore Karen Lamore Kristalena Lamore Jane LeVault Shannon Phares Marlene Sandhu Courtney & Peter Snyder Grace Taylor

Yoke Advisor Council (YAC) An extra special thank you goes out to the folks who have assisted theYoke in forming various aspects of the programming, being available for input, and getting the word out about theYoke. We value you more than words can say.

Helen Ames – AR Shannon Hensley – NC Kendal Troutman – CA Celina Granato – FL Kirsten Holmson - WI

we asked ….

“Why Yoga?”

Yoke Advisory Council (YAC) It makes me come It is a daily teacher. I alive! am a more peaceful Helen Ames (AR) person now in life; yoga has been a most Celina Granato (FL) helpful companion on the journey. Shannon Hensley (NC) Kirsten Holmson (WI) Kendal Troutman (CA) It is the vehicle that reconciles me back to God, community and self.

Board of Directors I just can’t imagine my life without it.

Gives me a different perspective on the world and helps me face things more calmly. Doug Files (OH) LauraLynn Jansen (HI) helps me get back to my center. During Kristalena Lamore (HI) the day I tend to stray away from my body, mind and spirit connection. Yoga pulls me back to my inner Goddess. Courtney Snyder (FL)