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THE YEW TREE PIE NIGHT MENU It’s easy…………3 simple steps

Thursday 13th January

Choose a delicious homemade & hearty pie from column 1



Next……….introduce your pie to its new potato course friend in column 2 Finally, pick your desired veg dish in column 3 to complete the feast.

1. The definitive: Steak, ale & mushroom pie The classic: Chicken bacon & leek pie For the game lover: Venison, rabbit & pheasant pie No meat please: Broccoli & blue cheese pie Something Smokey: Smoked haddock & egg pie The real fisherman’s friend: Salmon, prawn, cod & cockle pie



Smoked & creamy mash Just creamy mash Simply roasted New & buttered Triple cooked chips More cream please…Dauphinoise

Panache of fresh vegetable Healthy iron filled wilted spinach Sweet red cabbage Butter Savoy cabbage Peas…..good ol’ honest peas! Roasted root vegetables

Things you should know: A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough shell that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients. Pies can be either "filled", where a dish is covered by pastry and the filling is placed on top of that, "top-crust," where the filling is placed in a dish and covered with a pastry/potato mash top before baking, or "two-crust," with the filling completely enclosed in the pastry shell. Pies can be a variety of sizes, ranging from bite-size to ones designed for multiple servings.

If it looks like a pie, is called a pie, smells like a pie, tastes like a pie, then it probably is…….. a pie! Guests are advised that some dishes may contain traces of nuts and fish bones

Pie Night menu  
Pie Night menu  

Menu for the upcoming event on Jan 13th