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Turnstiles Secure Strozier PHOTOGRAPHY BY Vincent Dale

Jennifer Kane STAFF WRITER Turnstiles with cardswipe access installed in Strozier and Dirac in spring 2010 have tracked an increase in library usage and aided ramped up security. The new turnstiles require all current faculty and students to swipe their FSU ID as they enter and exit the two libraries and for members of the community to provide their license number at the front entrance security desk. This extra step is largely viewed as necessary for its deterrent and informational uses. “The turnstiles make students feel comfortable, but also they are a huge inconvenience, especially when you have to swipe it repeatedly before it works.” said Alexander Kaplan, an FSU senior. Hunter Glassie, an FSU Finance major who works as a card access team member for University LIbraries, said that the installation of turnstiles has reduced searching time by FSU PD. They are able to look at swipe time and compare people in the library at the time in which an incident occurs. According to Nick O’Brien, facilities and security specialist for University Libraries, the turnstiles help identify people FSU PD lists as property trespassers, and increase catch rates. “The turnstiles make it harder, but there will always be a way for people to get through,” said A.J. Deasy, a sophomore at FSU who works at the concierge station in Strozier. O’Brien acknowledges students’ unfamiliarity with the new system. “There was some initial discomfort with the system, but I think people are adjusting,”


Students pass through turnstiles Strozier library, November 17, 2010.


said O’Brien. “They understand the security changes are for them.” Not all students, however, are convinced that the turnstiles are effective security measures. “I feel the turnstiles do not have a huge effect on safety, but I support the good intention behind them,” said Katie Boué, an English major at FSU. O’Brien says statistical information about library use will be gathered from the turnstiles in the near future. He believes the information will give the libraries a better idea of how to accommodate students’ needs. In an effort to protect patrons’ privacy, information made available will not include names. Besides the information and crime prevention, the turnstiles will allow Florida State,

An FSU student swipes Florida A&M, her ID as she enters and TallahasStrozier library. see Community College libraries to share access. Students will be able to go to any of the three institutions and swipe their card and be able to access information the libraries have to offer. O’Brien said that the three schools are currently collaborating on the project.

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