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Helping hands The Red Cross – Cruz Roja in Spain – is reaching out to the eXpat community

Xpat Editor - Jack Troughton welcomes readers to the paper

Say hello, wave goodbye WELCOME TO the first issue of The Xpat, the newest paper in Spain with a fine pedigree – replacing the much-loved original RTN.

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THE RED Cross – Cruz Roja in Spain – is reaching out to the expat community with a new scheme to support British people living on the Costa Blanca. by JACK TROUGHTON THE CHARITY and the British Embassy launched the European Residents Project and the Red Cross will act as a coordinator and bridge between the many charities and associations. Pedro Dominguez is at the helm of scheme and is based at the Red Cross headquarters in Alicante;

his fi rst task is letting the community know what resources are available. “The goal is to let the British community know the Red Cross is here and we can help them with everything they need; we will try our best to help,” he said. “And something that is very important is we are trying to get English speakers to

join us as volunteers to make it to reach out to the British community. “We are also trying to build a network between the British organisations and the Red Cross.”

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POLICE HAVE slammed the brakes on a gang of fraudsters offering fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis to unsuspecting buyers on the Internet. by JACK TROUGHTON

Head Office

Fake Ferraris The criminals transformed medium-sized family cars into the high end sports cars using fibreglass body shells and stickers to resemble genuine dials and badges. The gang was traced to a workshop in Sils, near Girona, after one of the cars was offered for sale in Benidorm for 40,000 Euros. Three people were arrested by officers who found four fake Ferraris on the site ready to be sold on – another 14 vehicles were at different stages of being prepared for sale. Mechanics would take a second hand car and bolt on a body kit to make it appear genuine in photographs, police said in a statement.

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Chapter and verse THE SUCCESS of the U3A Vall del Pop’s Writing Group and its anthology ‘All in the Mix’ has literally helped a popular charity. by JACK TROUGHTON A blend of short stories and poems, sales of the book has allowed the authors to donate 533 Euros to Jalon Valley HELP. All those involved in the project pledged their royalties to HELP and are “delighted” to have beaten their own target – a promise of 500 Euros by the end of 2016. Pictured is Agnes Hall, leader of the writing group, handing the donation to HELP President Elaine Horton. Elaine thanked all the writers for their generosity and both hoped people who purchased ‘All in the Mix’ who made the donation possible. The book is available from and most major UK book and e-book retailers. Locally - over the counter – it can be bought at HELP Shops in Alcalali and Jalon and The Corner Shop in Orba. More information is available by emailing the or the ‘All in the Mix’ Facebook page.

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 3


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Say hello, wave goodbye WELCOME TO the fi rst issue of The Xpat, the newest paper in Spain with a fine pedigree – replacing the much-loved original RTN. THE PAPER is produced by the same team but with a new bright look for the 21st Century and the same commitment to its loyal readers and advertisers. The rebrand comes as a legal necessity. RTN, or Round Town News, was launched in 1999 and became one of the most popular English titles in Spain. Xpat will continue in the same tradition. In March 2015, Managing Director of the paper Daniel Wilkinson took over the helm and at 30-years-old wanted to develop it into a modern vibrant title. “After working for RTN for 12 years I wanted to take the paper to a new generation, while still catering for existing readers,” he said.

Xpat the

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“This included a 60 Second news round up, the first English newspaper in Spain to do this, which went out to over 10,000 followers on our Facebook page. “We registered the Xpat brand over a year ago with the potential to launch the new brand sometime in 2017.” However, fate was to take a hand. About three weeks ago, Daniel was approached by the owners of another newspaper, who claimed they owned the rights to the brand RTN and offered key staff a job with a new version of the original. “Because of the uncertainty over the ownership of the brand we had to urgently bring forward the plans for the Xpat,” he said. “Rather than have a David and Goliath legal battle, we decided to unveil the new title. “The whole episode has been rather unpleasant. It has been tarnished by the underhand and unprofessional manner in which it was carried out.” Editor Jack Troughton has found people positive about the change in the name and looking forward to reading the new redesigned paper. “In the year the UK will trigger Brexit, expats in Spain will find a paper keeping them in touch with the negotiations and changes that may affect their lives. The Xpat will champion expats,” he said. “Everyone on the team has been kept fully informed and is behind the product. We are confident the paper will continue to be a success and be as much in demand every Friday as it ever was.”

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Helping hands Pedro Dominguez

by JACK TROUGHTON THE RED Cross – Cruz Roja in Spain – is reaching out to the expat community with a new scheme to support British people living on the Costa Blanca. The charity and the British Embassy launched the European Residents Project and the Red Cross will act as a coordinator and bridge between the many charities and associations. Pedro Dominguez is at the helm of scheme and is based at the Red Cross headquarters in Alicante; his first task is letting the community know what resources are available. “The goal is to let the British community know the Red Cross is here and we can help them with everything they need; we will try our best to help,” he said. “And something that is very important is we are trying to get English speakers to join us as volunteers to make it to reach out to the British community. “We are also trying to build a network between the British organisations and the Red Cross.” The plan is to be able to help an aging British community and combat the danger of residents becoming alone and isolated as they get older. Pedro said the Red Cross was able to help after being called by HELP in Benidorm and after contacting Age Concern were able to provide an electronic bed for a stroke victim. And it has also led to a new action plan between the Red Cross and HELP Vega Baja which will be based in Guardamar. “And so far it looks like the networking is working very well,” added Pedro. “Sometimes individuals find it difficult to contact social services here in Spain and the resources they offer; again we can help.” “I am quite excited and happy because

I can already see the very positive response from the British community. I am holding meetings every week and the relationship between the Red Cross and the charity and associations is getting better and stronger. “It helps because of the very high profile of the Red Cross, everyone knows who we are.” Pedro said the British Consulate was keen to promote the Red Cross´ panic button service to older residents; which could help save lives in emergencies. “If you call an ambulance there are a lot of questions to be answered – and in Spanish,” he said. “If you press the button, the first thing that happens is you get a call from the call centre; they know your address, your health situation, age, everything. “The call comes and if you don’t answer, we call the next of kin, the police or an ambulance. Basically it means if you are at risk, everything happens quickly and it makes people feel more secure.” The Red Cross charges 25 Euros a month for a service offering peace of mind; however, they are also supplied free if recommended by social services. And there is even a mobile phone ‘app’ that allows people to use as a panic button; again helping them stay independent. “It can be used by victims of domestic violence, people who are pregnant and at risk of a miscarriage.” And there is also a proximity belt to be worn by people suffering dementia. Free for over 65s it is fitted by a carer each day and can worn if the wearer leaves the house, or local streets. In the coming weeks Pedro is hosting meetings at Red Cross buildings throughout Valencia to make sure the community knows what is on offer.

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 5


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Caprice celebrates international day ALL-LADIES CHOIR Caprice celebrates International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March with a concert in Moraira. by JACK TROUGHTON The show ‘Close to You’ is performed at Bar Enzo in Plaza de La Iglesia from 8pm and the programme includes The Carpenters’ classic song as well as ‘Yesterday Once More’. Also being performed are numbers like ‘Fascinating Rhythm’, ‘Someone to Watch over Me’, ‘Love Changes Everything’, and ‘Sunrise, Sunset’. The group is conducted by Aileen Lightfoot and the concert will feature solos by Kirsty Glen and Cath ReidMartin; the audience can expect an evening of songs

they know and love from this exciting new singing group. While no food will be available at Bar Enzo, the bar will be open for drinks from 6pm on the night and remain open after the performance. Tickets are priced at 5 Euros and can be reserved by calling 696 514 613 but seating is limited at the small but friendly venue. Caprice returns on Saturday 11th March with a concert at the Mas la Pau in Lliber at 3pm. It is a charity performance in aid of Jalon Valley HELP; tickets are 8 Euros and available by calling 696 514 613 or the charity’s number

Election time THE ANNUAL general Meeting of U3A Moraira-Teulada is being held on Monday 6th March when the 2017 committee will be elected. The venue is Salon de Banquettes, Avenida Mediterraneo, Teulada. Doors open at 9.30am, the first call is 10am and the formal proceedings start at 10.30am. Full details are available from the website


Safety first

635 873 133. And anyone interested in singing with the group or wishing

to find out more can call Aileen on 696 514 613 or email

CRIME IN the Marina Alta resort of Javea remained below the national average making the town one of the safest in the province of Alicante. In 2016, 1,490 crimes were reported to police, producing a rate of 37.7 per 1,000 residents - well below the provincial rate of 50 per 1,000, the autonomous community rate of 47, and a national average of 43. And the town hall said figures have remained low and stable, despite an increase of visitors to the year.

Terror threats SO-CALLED ISLAMIC State terrorists have made “direct threats” to target Spain’s tourist hotspots this summer, according to a government report. by Edward Graham Madrid said warnings were found on social media and comes when it was feared the terror group is also recruiting Spanish-speaking translators and jihadists. Spain has proved to be as popular as ever with holidaymakers – including millions of British tourists – hosting 75 million foreign visitors in 2016 and expecting another bumper summer. The report states ISIS has been publishing in Spanish and increased the risk of increasing its influence on radicals. Spain is currently on level four on the anti-terror alert; the same as the UK, and since 2015, 189 suspected jihadists

have been arrested. However, seen as a safe country, it has been mentioned on extremist websites as a possible target and in January last year there was a video threat from ISIS declaring “We will recover our land from the invaders”. The UK government’s advice for citizens travelling to Spain warns there was “a general threat from terrorism” and attacks could be indiscriminate and advises tourists to be “vigilant”. Last year the Spanish government stepped up security at airports and stations and tourist hotspots with armed police making a high profile presence.

ISIS fighters

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 7 LEARN TO PLAY BRIDGE at JAVEA SCHOOL OF BRIDGE & SOCIAL CLUB Arenal, Javea Tuesdays at 2.30 p.m. from 14th February 2017 Email: or Tel: 610 335 142

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 8

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 9

Home Secretary gives reassurance HOME SECRETARY Amber Rudd has reassured colleagues the Government “remains committed” to reassuring expats their rights will be secured post Brexit. by JACK TROUGHTON IN A letter sent to colleagues in the House of Commons headed ‘European citizens in the UK’ she writes that MPs were worried about the status of EU people living in the UK. And she states the government also wished to secure the rights of UK citizens living in European countries. “European citizens already resident in the UK make a vital contribution both to our economy and our society,” she explained in the letter leaked to Xpat. “There is absolutely no question of treating EU citizens with anything other than the utmost respect, recognising the contribution they make not just to our economy, but also in crucial public services like the NHS. Without them we would be poorer and our public services weaker. “That’s why we will be making securing their status, as well as that of British nationals in the EU, a priority as soon as we trigger Article 50 and the negotiations begin.” Mrs Rudd said several EU countries insisted there was ‘no negotiation before notification’, Article 50 starting the withdrawal process. She said Parliament would have an opportunity to debate and vote on the issue and said The Great

Repeal bill would not change the UK’s immigration system. And Mrs Rudd said there would be a separate Immigration bill and secondary legislation “so nothing will change for any EU citizen resident in the UK or moving from the EU, without Parliament’s approval.” She said the immigration system put in place would support the UK economy and protected public services, which would secure the rights of EU citizens already in Britain or arriving from Europe. “But this isn’t just about ensuring British businesses and our public sector have access to the right workers, we owe it to many European citizens who have contributed so much to this country to resolve this issue as soon as possible and give them the security they need to continue to contribute to this country.” Costa Blanca ECREU campaigner Margaret Hales MBE commented “Should we take this as good news or be suspicious. It only mentions us UK expats twice “We have to get more people to join groups like ECREU which lobbies for our future, lobbying and publicity work better with larger numbers involved.”





Amber Rudd


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Drones fight illicit fishing DRONE TECHNOLOGY is to patrol the coastline of a Costa Blanca town in the ongoing fight against illegal fishing. by JACK TROUGHTON Javea Town Hall has employed the services of the unmanned aircraft to carry out surveillance flights along 25km of coast, allowing police real-time images. It is hoped it will allow a quick response to people fishing illegally and can also be used in prosecution of offenders. And the town hall said it was hoped to stamp out the problem completely with police surveillance now available from land, sea and the air. Mayor Jose Chulvi said the council was committed to ending illegal fishing which threatened environmental, economic and social sustainability. “With this initiative we will use 21st Century technology to defend something as traditional to us as our fishing industry,” he said. The drone has already made its maiden flight and the technology has been tested and all necessary permissions to fly have been obtained.

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 11


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

TRANSLATOR & INTERPRETER. English/Spanish covering all your legal, Medical & business matters on the Costa Blanca. For more info 658957404 or

UK offside over pollution THE UNITED Kingdom has been issued with a ‘final warning’ by the European Commission after falling foul of air pollution limits. by JACK TROUGHTON Britain joins Spain, Germany, France and Italy in being served warnings over its levels of nitrogen dioxide levels – which is released into the air from factories and vehicles, especially diesel engines. Commissioners say strict limited were repeatedly exceeded in 16 areas of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow. And the five countries have two months to take action or could face legal action in the European Court of Justice. The commission maintains more than 400,000 people die prematurely in the EU every year as a result of poor air quality - and that millions more suffered respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. When air pollution limits are breached, under EU law member states have to implement air quality plans to reduce them. Friends of the Earth said it was “shameful” that the UK had breached the limits and has called for new domestic legislation to protect people from pollution once it leaves the European Union. And asked whether the UK would remain bound by any legal proceedings after Brexit, Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein said: “For as long as the UK is a member of the European Union, rights and obligations apply. European law applies fully.”

Factories belch out smoke

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 13


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Spain issued final warning over air pollution The warning, which has been issued directly from Brussels, adds fuel to a debate that is already on the political agendas of both Madrid and Barcelona. by JAMES MARTIN In November, Madrid activated a pollution protocol that reduced speed limits and suggested no parking zones certain town areas for three days. Then in late December it introduced an alternate travel day on license plate numbers. Barcelona have estimated that over 3000 people die a year due to poor air quality, caused by the pollution. The city is preparing incentives for owners the worst polluting vehicles, such as offering them free bus or train passes for three years if they get rid of a polluting car and then do not buy a new one. It is thought that none of these measures will be enough to satisfy EU requirements, although Brussels is aware that action is required at all other levels of government.


64-year-old gives birth to twins A Spanish woman, after having fertility treatment in the USA, has given birth to twins at a hospital in Burgos. The twins, a boy and a girl, were delivered by caesarean section last Tuesday morning.

“The twins, a boy and a girl, are in good health as is their mother after a planned caesarean section,” read a statement issued by the private hospital. “The mother underwent fertility treatment in the United States and was cared throughout her pregnancy by staff in Burgos”.

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 15


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017



Bar lease for sale in Albir Brand new interior decorated to the highest standard with a fitted kitchen. Established clientele Main sports bar in Albir Seats 70 plus Huge terrace with sun all day 5 year lease with a renewable 5 years available Perfect for functions Central location All fixtures and fittings included in the price

40.000€ Serious enquiries only 634 335 676

Bohemian rhapsody ART LOVERS were transported back in time to the streets and cafes of bohemian Paris and the dawn of the 20th Century at the second meeting of MAFAS. by EDWARD GRAHAM DR ANNE Anderson was the second guest speaker of the Marina Alta Fine Arts Society at the Parador Hotel in Javea and introduced a string of aspiring artists and their muses. The time travellers were also introduced to the Moulin Rouge, cabaret clubs, the Can-Can...and the taste of absinthe. And the next meeting of MAFAS is on Thursday 2nd March at the Parador. Former West Sussex Police officer and private detective Malcolm Kenwood presents ‘Fakes and Forgeries’. Malcolm lectures to law enforcement officers on art and antique thefts and an investigator of such crime; he will reveal through case studies the tricks used by criminals to try and pass of their works as legitimate and how they are able to imitate artists dead and alive.

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 17

Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017


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Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, fear the fake friend that hugs you...


Email> and include your name and where you live.

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Don’t let this happen to you THIS IS a true, sad story that could happen to any of us here. My wife’s cousin has died and although she was intelligent, born in Spain and had made her will, her flat, investments and life savings are going to be ‘lost’ because she kept all the details secret.


for fun!

flat, correspondence or her bank accounts. We have never seen a copy of her Will and we don’t even know the name of the beneficiary – and nobody seems to care! We assume the bank is paying the standing orders and will continue to do so until the money runs out! However, this will be quicker than you may imagine and few people realise that after six months if a property is not registered in the new owner’s name, a fine is imposed at the rate of 5% of the property value. After a further three months this rises to 10% and so on until it reaches 50%! There is a moral to this tale – don’t let this happen to you: 1. Make your own Spanish Will 2. Tell the people who will benefit 3. Advise them to obtain their DNI now to save time (you don’t have to be a resident to do this) 4. Give them a copy of the Will or give one to a close friend, but make sure they have the relevant address and phone numbers- T. Mitchell

1. Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne? 2. Name the largest freshwater lake in the world? 3. Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility? 4. What is someone who shoes horses called? 5. What item of clothing was named after its Scottish inventor? 6. What kind of weapon is a falchion?

7. Which word goes before vest, beans and quartet? 8. What is another word for lexicon? 9. Name the seventh planet from the sun. 10. Who invented the rabies vaccination? 1. Dom Perignon 2. Lake Superior 3. The Moon 4. A farrier 5. A Mackintosh 6. A sword 7. String 8. Dictionary 9. Uranus 10. Louis Pasteur

Aurora preferred to live alone: a solitary existence, with no children and even her brothers and sisters had all passed away. It was only after concerned neighbours called the police that they broke into her flat and found her remains. Not knowing the details of any Will, we decided to apply ourselves for the death certificate and to the Registro General de Actos de Ultima Voluntad. The documents duly arrived and we now had a list of each Will she made including the date, Notary and the town where he practiced. Using the final date we contacted the Notary and he explained that if we could prove who we were, our relationship to the deceased, and if our name appeared he would officially open the Will. However, he warned that as a Will is private and confidential he could not disclose anything if we were not included. The final result was that our names did not appear, nor our children or our children’s children! Two years have now passed and nobody has come forward to claim their inheritance: we don’t have access to the

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 19


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017


Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 21

Lost Pension – My Story

Lorraine Howard Marketing Manager

THERE HAVE been many articles written regarding lost or frozen pensions recently, both in the papers and social media.

I AM sure many people think the stories of people coming across hither-to unknown pensions are at best exaggerated and at worst just false. If I did not work with financial advisers, I would also assume the stories were just advertising gimmicks. Having written many articles urging people to contact us if they worked for a company with a pension scheme for two or more years to see if they have a pension fund, I thought I should probably take my own advice. I worked for a bank in the city of London for two years, although I was only a member of the pension scheme for eighteen months, so I asked my colleague to investigate if I had any money in the scheme. I did not expect anything to come back, or if so, only around a couple of thousand pounds. Imagine my surprise, when the

scheme administrators, sent back the value - an amazing Twenty Six Thousand Pounds!! This will now provide a very nice boost to my pension, when I am able to access it. In the meantime, it is invested and will hopefully grow further. Pension Scheme administrators only have to make one effort to trace members before the money is absorbed into the scheme. If you worked in the UK and now reside here in Spain, there is every possibility that your money is waiting for you to make a claim. I urge you to think about your past jobs and contact us to see if your retirement could be made that much more comfortable. Call us on 965 704 338 to arrange a free no-obligation chat, or just pop into our Benijofar office, next to the Citroen garage on the main street.


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Spotlight on...ROEBUCK on... WEALTH

“Traditional Values and Service” As the Financial Services industry continues to evolve in accordance with the latest innovations in digital technology such as the internet and social media we see more and more organisations telling us to go online and “sign Up”. All these companies have masses of data on file

about our spending habits, where we live, where we shop,which car we drive etc. We are then “encouraged” to go online with any queries and it has become increasingly difficult to speak with a human being and if we do they could be on the other side of the world in a different time zone.


What with all the data breaches online, data theft, cloning, spam email and scams from cold callers…isn’t it time we got bad to “The Good Old Days”? At Roebuck Wealth we believe in Good Old Fashioned “Traditional Values and Service” with face to face advisers that care about your personal financial goals and objectives and take time to listen and not rush you into a “sale”.

We We We We We We

don’t cold call don’t run seminars don’t use scare tac tics don’t stand in shopping centers don’t give away free stuff don’t confuse you with jargon

We DO give Face to Face advice We DO give all our advice in writing We DO explain everything clearly We DO review your plans regularly We DO what is best for you not us We DO care

“Traditional Values and Service” - Wealth Management - Lump Sum Investments - Existing Investment Reviews - Pensions and Retirement Planning - Savings Accounts - Legal and Accountancy Advice Office: 965 058 488 Email: Web:

Legal&Money let’s talk...

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 23 Brought to you by


Carlos Baos

Beware mortgage floor rates BORROWERS ARE successfully winning back money from banks after wrongfully being charged a mortgage floor rate but they must still be wary. CLIENTS ARE being warned to be careful with the lender’s calculations of interest after the floor rates were ruled illegal under Law 1/2017. As we have report our clients, it is really difficult for the bank to fight in court the legality of the mortgage floor clause, the only real possible legal defence for the financial entities is to try to prove that the borrower is not a consumer or that the bank explained in detail of the potential risk, and the economic, legal and financial implications. And lawyer Carlos Baos admits: “I have never seen it”. Also the judgement from the Supreme Court of Spain, mainly after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) court order of 21 December 2016 (EDJ 2016/226005), makes a defence even more difficult. But consumers affected by the mortgage floor clause, still must be careful with some new issues: RDL (Law) 1/2017: Under the name and appearance of a Law for the protection of the consumers affected by the mortgage floor clause, this RDL 1/2017 was approved, and it establishes a kind of out of court negotiation process, which only protects the banks as it gives them an extra four months before consumers can claim against them. And it does not force the banks to make an offer and does not say how the calculations must be made, nor does it monitor the process by any authority. Its only aim is really to make consumers to go to the bank and allow the banks to make an offer regarding overpayments and come to an agreement without the control of the court and lawyers - which risks the banks not paying all of what the consumers are entitled to. The money offered by the banks to the consumers is always wrong. On all the court cases and negotiation we have dealt with, the banks have never calculated

properly their liability. They normally only show a table where the interest paid appears and the interest that should have been paid, and they offer to reimburse the difference. This is not the real obligation, the bank must make a new mortgage table (cuadro de amortizacion), showing what should be the monthly payments each month, and how much of it would be for capital and how much for interest. It would appear that the bank not only must repay overpaid interest and reduce the capital accordingly.

We know what the banks have done up to now, and we advise all people affected not to come into an agreement with the bank without review the figures offered by them with a professional, or risk losing that you are entitled to. Contact us, we are experts, and we will help you. The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues. White & Baos Abogados. Tel:+34 966 426 185. E-mail: White & Baos 2014 – All rights reserved. Send your questions to


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Spotlight on...

Five Common Situations That Can Only Be Resolved Using A Retrospective Licence / Certificate Of Antiquity

Spanish building licences are notoriously difficult; painstakingly slow to obtain and you can never be sure if they might be rejected. Here are 5 common situations that can only be resolved using a simple Certificate of Antiquity or Retrospective Licence. ONE: Planning Laws for detached properties make garages, permanent carports, or any kind of roofed buildings that are violating the minimum required distance to the plot´s boundaries a reason to decline a license. National planning laws for detached properties require a minimum distance between a window and a neighbour’s boundary of 2 metres. Regional and local laws may allow between 3 to even 5 metres or more, there are many variables depending on different factors. A Certificate of Antiquity is the only document that can-+ previous works unobjectionable for the planning department at the Town Hall. TWO: Most glass or bricked enclosed terraces and porches are built without a proper licence.

Spanish properties traditionally tend to have patios and courtyards, along with semi-opened spaces like porches and partially covered terraces to provide shelter from sun and maximise on the outdoor lifestyle. These semi-opened spaces are physically easily closed-in, but the bureaucracy is not as easy. These works, however small you might consider them, are adding to the registered square meters of the property and often permissions are declined. A Certificate of Antiquity is the only document that can make these works unobjectionable for the planning department at the Town Hall and can also be used for updating the Title Deeds. THREE: Rarely do we find a swimming pool that has been correctly declared in the property’s Title Deeds or have the correct type of license. Of the small percentage of pools that do have a license, most often than not, they’re missing the Certificate by the Architect to sign off on the completion. Nowadays a Certificate of Antiquity is the only document that can be used in order to

add a pool into the property’s “Escritura” Title Deeds. Those with a building licence alone is not sufficient. FOUR: Any shed, exterior built cupboard, semi-opened kitchen and other covered buildings or works such as a car port, must have a proper Major Licence “Licencia Mayor” when the interior height measures over 1.5 metres. This means the paperwork and legal fees for obtaining a licence can well exceed the cost of actually doing the building works itself. Only one Certificate of Antiquity or Retrospective Licence is enough to cover all the extensions done, on any scale. FIVE: Underbuilds with living accommodations are rarely done with the correct licences and again, these can only added to the Title Deeds using a Retrospective Licence. A Certificate of Antiquity/Retrospective Licence is the only document that can prevent prosecution for any interior alterations done at the property or alterations that don’t meet the planning standards. In all those scenarios the docu-

ment needed is a Certificate of Antiquity also known as a Retrospective Licence. Once issued, this document acts as licence, protecting the owner against possible sanctions from the Town Hall or can be highly recommended to avoid putting off potential buyers due to the existence of illegal extensions in the property. It will also be needed on completion of the sale in order to update the property’s description in Title Deeds & Land Registry. •In Murcia area the condition in order to obtain a Retrospective Licence is that the building work already done is a minimum of 4 years old. •In Almeria area the building work needs to be over 6 years old •In Alicante area the building work needs to be over 4 years old, before the 20th August of 2014 Only building work that hasn’t been fined or objected or can use a certificate of antiquity to protect against any future fines. Only properly qualified and registered Spanish Architects are permitted to issue Retro-

spective Licences, so if your solicitors are studying your case, ask them to contact Martinez de la Casa Architects to provide the Antiquity Certificate and we will make the whole process easier, faster and cheaper with our fixed published prices and guaranteed deadlines. The cost of an Antiquity Certificate / Retrospective Licence for pools is 190 € +IVA and extensions or complete properties only 270 € +IVA. Discounts are available if you also require an Energy Performance Certificate (121 € IVA Inc.), Habitation Licence (from 118 € IVA Included, Registration Tax not included) or any other of our services, done at the same time. Martinez de la Casa Architects guarantees the delivery of the Certificate of Antiquity within 10 working days after our survey. For all enquiries or to arrange an appointment if you want to have your pool or extension certificate now and protect yourself against future law changes that may affect you, please call 665 810 411 or visit to see an impressive list of nearly 200 client’s testimonials.

Life Xpat

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No surrender

CHURCHILL’S RALLYING cry of fighting on the beaches was a call to repel foreign invaders and not describing the class war that breaks out in the comedy ‘Sand Castles’. by JACK TROUGHTON Javea Players bring this social documentary alive from Monday 27th March to Saturday 1st April – and the group’s report from the front line will take audiences to the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in the surreal world of beach huts. Small but perfectly formed, the huts really are an Englishman’s castle; in 2006 a prime example sold at auction in Dorset for £216,000 and renting one can sting £300 a week in Hove. Written by Bob Larbury – who also penned ‘The Good

Life’, ‘A Fine Romance’ and ‘As Time Goes By’ – Sand Castles is focussed on turf wars...well, at least the sand in front of the beach huts on a fictitious but very English beach. The ‘haves’ like to think the sand in front of their minipalaces as private property. When a group of ‘havenots’ discover all the beach is public property and invade the space, hostilities break out and comic chaos results. Sand Castles is being performed at the Javea Players Studio. The fun begins at 8pm each night and tickets are

10 Euros; including a programme and pre-show drink. Pictured are members of Javea Players at Arenal Beach; discovering some very English weather in Spain. Seats can be reserved on the Players’ website www.; or for anyone experiencing difficulties, by calling Tony on 86 552 8551. A special pre-theatre dinner is available at La Cocina Restaurant – two course are 15 Euros, three courses 19 Euros, including wine and available from 6pm. Call 96 579 5140 for reservations.


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Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017



Cryptic Crossword ACROSS 1. Nevertheless, there’s no variety (3,3,4) 7. It has been known to be tickled to death (5) 8. I left the priest in church (7) 10. Told but possibly not needing to be (8) 11. Given a start in life (4) 13. What the unsatisfied audience may shout!! (6) 15. Afternoon service? (3-3) 17. He employs us with hesitation (4) 18. Continues to make money (8) 21. Drunk, but not canned! (7) 22. A small island passage (5) 23. The aggregate is an impressive sum (5,5)


DOWN 1. A fool disposed to be distant (5) 2. Possibly it rarely is about books (8) 3. Play for the village (6) 4. Invest capital in kitchen equipment (4) 5. Became acquainted with brick-carriers’ ways of working (7) 6. Surprise someone more than they can say? (6,4) 9. Gets blooming old? (4,2,4) 12. An inclination to write and sing (8) 14. He makes a new reactor (7) 16. Believe one side of the account (6) 19. Stand by a new lease (5) 20. Blueprint for a tail-less aircraft (4)


Quick ACROSS 1. Taking Hostage (10) 7. Perch (5) 8. Secluded (7) 10. Stronghold (8) 11. Overtake (4) 13. Tell (6) 15. To this (6) 17. Every single (4) 18. Perverse (8) 21. Defensible (7) 22. Overwhelm (5) 23. Contrition (10)

DOWN 1. Recognises (5) 2. Explode (8) 3. Apprehend (6) 4. Compassion (4) 5. Recount (7) 6. Promotion (10) 9. Jarring (10) 12. Under obligation (8) 14. Permission (7) 16. Contrive (6) 19. Expiate (5) 20. Clever (4)

This weeks crossword answers and Suduko solution can be found on page 30.

You can play these wordwheels by whatever rules you like. But there is at least one nine letter word hidden in each wordwheel (and thus using every letter in the wordwheel). For many players the fun element and biggest challenge of the wordwheel is to find a nine letter word. Other than that, the rules are up to you - but generally you should restrict yourself to only finding words that contain the central letter, as otherwise you will find huge numbers of words in many puzzles!

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Printer Problems

Hi Aunty, I have a HP 3050 printer, but when I press the scan button to scan a document, it says it cannot located the computer. Yet it is connected to the computer with a USB (?) cable, and prints from the computer fine. Any ideas? Reply: You may find that you do not have the correct HP software on your PC for the scanning operation. Go to the HP support website, and locate and download the software for your printer. Once installed, you should be able to scan from the printer to the computer. Response: Many thanks. Such a simple and obvious solution!


Friday, February




Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

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3 FEB - 9 FEB 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 29



Look at your opposing sign of Libra to see that Mercury trines with Jupiter and sextiles Kora. It would seem that you are sticking your heels in and not giving out the message others are waiting to hear. This is because you have good reason, and they have short memories. Where were they when, for once in your life, you needed that helping hand? Consider it as a step back if you don’t go for what is on offer right now. You have put your cards on the table, but then you have nothing to hide; whilst you have been doing some good work on your innermost self too. Don’t listen to those who seem to think that you are easily led, once you do make up your mind then you surely will stick to your guns. The midweek action of Mercury, in sextile with Saturn brings up an issue that was never really dealt with; because those responsible wanted to brush things under the carpet. The time has come to walk away with your head held high before any finger of blame points your way. While you are at it clear away anything that holds you back! While the Moon wanes so too are you beginning to lose faith in something ever happening. Do not! Whilst you are as stubborn as hell you are also not a quitter in anyway. Remember all that brought you where you are right now and know that, for you the current Mars and Pluto squaring is going to see that somebody has to eat some humble pie! The Sun is exalted in Pisces and the energies of peace and contemplation are welcome, especially as it would seem that you have lost your way of late. There is to be no running away, but this is the right time to rethink something that will see you happily moving on. The grass may be greener, but if you don’t see this for yourself right now, you will never know. This is a time to study and to open up your innermost channels of communication to enable you to take things on, on a different level. Mercury sextiles Kora, who in turn is calling time on the past and gives you a leg up to see a brighter future; one in which you gain the expertise that you need to. Show yourself there is a better future, you deserve it!

The delaying tactics of those around you seem to be a way of egging you on into making a decision you may very well regret. Take time to slow things down and prioritise on your wants and needs. This is not selfish but it is self preserving your interests. Mercury sextiles Uranus, and there could well be a welcome surprise on the horizon for you too! Deep within you have itchy feet and are very unsure of what the immediate future is going to bring you. When all is said and done you have planted your seeds and they will grow because they can. Grasp the opportunity of change with both hands because you know that you are doing the right thing. Mars squares up to Pluto to back you. At last it would seem that someone has finally come to their senses and is following your sage and friendly advice. The opposion to Kora sees your planetary leader Jupiter somewhat at sixes and sevens, but unified in protecting you from saying the wrong thing at the right time, because this could have devastating results for all concerned! The wisdom of Saturn and the positive actions of Mercury combine to somehow get a message across to those who are insensitive and non compliant with your needs right now. Time to be that mountain goat and climb your hill, if that is what it will take to get your message out. OK so they should have more respect but you have to respect your rights A time to have your say and to see that someone gets their come- uppance! Don’t be reckless if you think that holding back is the way ahead, but please do not miss out this time around, either. In your personal quest for the truth that you always seek, remember that you have to be true to yourself and put the worries of others on hold if necessary. The entry of the Sun at the beginning of the week starts you off as you should continue, with a sparkle about you. Life moves on, and you are seeing things very differently these days with eyes wide open. Be unafraid to say no if that is the answer you have to give, and prioritise on you, because you truly are an inspiration to all those who really need you.

Kenny Corris 686 361 594


Email your letters to me at:

KENNY, WHAT is a rising sign, and is it as important as people tell me that it is? Jan de V. Hi Jan! Yes the rising sign is vital when consulting through the horoscope. It is determined by the nearest sign that rises to the easternmost horizon at time of birth. Such information together with other pointers allows an individual horoscope to be affected. We are often very true to our ascendant since it represents our outward self. It is the face that you show the World and it calibrates people’s first impression of you. Hopefully, but not always, we are a balance between our Sun Sign and our Rising Sign. I am Taurus with Leo rising, which makes me expressive, strong and eloquent on the outside, but inside I am a true Taurus...stubborn as hell!

If It’s Your Birthday This Week Take what has been said to you with a pinch of salt! It is odd that those who judge you are often those who do not really know you....nor what you are capable of either! Turn those dreams into realities in this ever changing Astrological year!


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Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017



Present Subjunctive (2)

I THINK I may have dropped into the conversation at some point that we have actually now started studying the subjunctive. BELIEVE ME this is no small thing. If ever you want to get out of a social situation and make people dislike you, all you have to say is “I’m studying the subjunctive at the moment”. You can kill a conversation dead in a matter of seconds and never be invited again! You don’t need to tell them you’re just reading about it in a newspaper article, they’ll never know, and they’ll never dare ask because you will be elevated to the heights of superior learning and understanding. So, as you should have picked up from the previous two articles, the formation of the present subjunctive is based on the first person singular of the present tense. There is a fair bit more to explain about this but the formation isn’t our biggest problem. There are six

irregular verbs so I might as well tell you what those are straight away to get them over with. They are: estar (esté); ir (vaya); ser (sea); haber (haya); saber (sepa); and dar (dé). However, that is not likely to mean anything at all to you if you don’t actually know what the subjunctive is in the first place. So, here is an attempt at explaining the unexplainable. We use the subjunctive in Spanish to talk about things that are in some why hypothetical rather than real. If I say “I hope” something or “I suppose” something; if I what to express ideas such as “whenever” and “whatever”; things that may or may not have any actual existence, I need to use the subjunctive. If I insist on your doing something but don’t really know whether you are going to do it or not, I need the subjunctive. Perhaps the best thing now is to look

at some actual examples of the above. The subjunctive verbs are printed in bold: “Espero que estés bien” - (I hope that you are well). I don’t know if you are well or not, I am simply expressing my hope that you are. “Supongo que el concierto sea a las ocho” (I suppose the concert is at eight o’clock). I don’t know for sure and am expressing my supposition. “Hablaremos cuando termines el trabajo” (We’ll speak when you finish the job). I know you’ll finish it, but I don’t know exactly when. “Insisto en que me digas la verdad” (I insist that you tell me the truth). I can insist all I like, but you still might not tell me the truth. At this stage I have probably

raised more questions than given answers. There is still quite a lot to cover. We need to see how verbs conjugate in the present subjunctive and we need to understand a lot more clearly when we should use them. What we have done so

far is have a quick overview of a subject that is one of the hardest things for us to grasp in Spanish, simply because there is no real equivalent to all of this in English. More to come next week, if you can possibly wait that long.

This weeks solutions Cryptic Solutions Across: 1 All the same; 7 Trout; 8 Minster; 10 Informed; 11 Born 13 Encore; 15 Tea-set; 17 User; 18 Proceeds; 21 Bottled; 22 Aisle; 23 Grand total. Down: 1 Aloof; 2 Literary; 3 Hamlet; 4 Sink; 5 Methods; 6 Strike dumb; 9 Runs to seed; 12 Penchant; 14 Creator; 16 Credit; 19 Easel; 20 Plan.

Quick Solutions Across: 1 Kidnapping; 7 Roost; 8 Retired; 10 Fastness; 11 Pass; 13 Relate; 15 Hereto; 17 Each; 18 Untoward; 21 Tenable; 22 Drown; 23 Repentance. Down: 1 Knows; 2 Detonate; 3 Arrest; 4 Pity; 5 Narrate; 6 Preferment; 9 Discordant; 12 Beholden; 14 Licence; 16 Invent; 19 Atone; 20 Able.

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3 feb - 9 feb 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 31

Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

I AM very hairy, they could have filmed ‘Gorillas In The Mist’ in my shower, save Sigourney Weaver trekking all the way to Rwanda. I’ve tried a few crackpot coiffures - the Teddy Boy pompadour & duck’s a**e look with enough grease to run a JCB - never mind your Denis Compton’s ‘A Little Dab’ll Do Yah!’ What about the surfer dude look back in the 60’s- I was a skinny 6’3” with bleach blond hair – I looked like a giant maniacal cotton bud. Of course in the current climate it’s tempting to take a pop at The Trump Topknot, but I’m bored rigid with the whole farrago. He got elected, get over it, & (not the most apt of verbs) pulled women voters - north of 25 million - not too shabby for a misogynist (just saying). Unisex hair salons are a righteous aberration - it’s not normal – there has to be a demarcation line. For example the background music, chaps want Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, rugged stuff – not some middle class gal from Cheltenham getting in touch with her inner ‘Gangsta’ & please, please no lovelorn Adele. That would have the scissor sisterhood banging on about what ratbags all men are, apart from the studmuffin who plays Poldark. Blokes wouldn’t expect women

to sit in a barber’s shop discussing the finer points of the Duckworth - Lewis method of scoring rain delayed cricket matches (although why Vera & Jerry Lee were involved, I know not). Deep joy when the Sweeny Todd cut-throat razor toting tribute act would enquire rather creepily – “Something for the weekend Sir?” but I knew with my wonky eye & general dishevelment buying a lottery ticket made more sense, better odds. Forgive the smugness but I’ve yet to succumb to the final follicle frontier, the comb-over. The obvious King of the Pate Scrape is Sir Bobby Charlton, but as he cuts a dignified figure amongst the venal crassness that is modern day football – they’ll be no ribbing from this neck of the woods. So where do we aim our barbs? Oh all right, back to The Donald who swears his barnet is kosher. If it is he should be the next undercover 007 who in the nations interest, commits acts of duplicitous derring-do – so for the sake of spook anonymity even his natural hair should resemble a wig. Any hair raising happenings from you?


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Casper’s Bar

CASPERS BAR and Kitchen, Albir has reopened under the new ownership of Ste and John, previously from Jarrow Lad, Benidorm. The couple bring an exciting new menu with lots of British classics and new twists, such as sweet potato fries, wraps, home-made soups and barbecue pulled pork. There are daily specials, including Fishy Friday. The large sunny terrace has the sun on it all day and with heaters for the cooler winter months. The interior and kitchen have had a total make-over and are now sparkling clean with a new modern feel. Come along and enjoy the quiz night on Thursday and traditional 3 course roasts for 9.95€ every Sunday.

Spotlight on... Casper’s Bar

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3 feb - 9 feb 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 33



Cheat’s chicken Kiev

Homemade chicken Kievs don’t have to mean hours in the kitchen. Just add spuds and salad before serving Ingredients 6 garlic cloves, 2 peeled small bunch flat-leaf parsley 85g fresh breadcrumbs 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 4 tbsp garlic & herb soft cheese PLUS 4 tsp olive oil Method Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Whizz together the 2 peeled garlic cloves, parsley and 1 tsp olive oil in a food processor. Add the breadcrumbs and seasoning before pulsing briefly to mix. Tip onto a plate.

Cut a slit (roughly thumb-length) in the side of each chicken breast, at the plump end. Spoon ¼ of the soft cheese into each hole and press the edges together to seal. Rub 2 tsp oil over all the chicken breasts before pressing the herby crumbs onto them. Place the coated chicken in a shallow roasting tin. Scatter round the remaining unpeeled garlic cloves and drizzle with the rest of the oil. Bake for 20-25 mins until the chicken is cooked and crumbs crisp and golden. Squeeze out the soft, roasted garlic from the skins and serve with the chicken.


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Spotlight on... Temptations

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Aromatherapy Aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egypt, where plants and flowers were distilled to extract their essential oils. In the early 20th century a French Chemist, Rene Gattefosse, badly burned his hand whilst working in the laboratory, in an attempt to cool the burn he plunged his hand in to a vat of lavender essential oil. He found that the burn healed extremely quickly, without blistering or scarring, he then went on to research the healing properties of other plants. Each essential oil from a flower, plant, root, leaf or piece of bark contains up to one hundred different chemical components which have a physiological effect on the body. Prior to your first aromatherapy massage, you will be offered a complimentary consultation; you will be asked various questions about your medical history, general health and lifestyle. Essential oils will then be blended to your individual requirement. You can choose either a one hour full body or a 30 minute back and shoulder massage. Towels will be used at all times to protect your modesty.

Aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of massage, relaxing and toning of muscles with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Absorption of these oils can help combat stress related conditions both physical and emotional. In addition many physical symptoms can be alleviated such as insomnia, and menopausal disorders. Aromatherapy can boost the body’s immune system protecting it from illness, encourages lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation. It promotes relaxation and has an uplifting benefit on mood and emotions. At Temptations all treatments are carried out by a fully qualified and insured therapist with over 15 years experience. Alongside Aromatherapy Massage we also offer Reiki treatments, Reiki workshops and Swedish massage. Temptations offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments. To book an appointment please contact Temptations on 966461788,

on... TRUCKS Life Spotlight on...HELENS Xpat



Helen’s Trucks

3 FEB - 9 FEB 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 31

HELEN’S TRUCKS has been in business now for over 15 years and is based in Crevillente and they specialise in smaller loads and light removals, moving goods between the UK, Spain, France and Portugal. THEY BRING that personal touch to transporting your belongings from A to B. Helen and Robert who make up the team at Helen’s Trucks along with Henry and Peter, have said the market has changed significantly from the peak a few years ago when so many more people were moving to Spain from the UK. Now they find that most people are leaving the bulk of their furniture and white goods in their property when they sell and are looking to transport only the most precious of their belongings and heirlooms back with them when they return to the UK. With vehicles ideally sized not just for the loads they carry but to manoeuvre through narrow Spanish streets and access ways Helen’s Trucks are perfectly equipped for what they do. At Helen’s Trucks it is a personal, friendly, quality service their customers get. Helen and Robert both believe it is

very important to meet their customers face to face even when giving those initial estimates. “That way we can find out what the customer really wants and needs,” said Helen. That helps build up trust with their customers that they can safely leave their treasured possessions in safe hands and an advantage with Helen’s Trucks is that their customers know as Robert puts it, ‘that Personal touch goes a thousand miles.’ If it is not possible to deliver it straight away or you need your items stored then Helen’s Trucks have secure palletised and containerised storage available at very good rates for both short and long term. The warehouse is alarmed and insured also, for peace of mind. Wrapping and packing can be undertaken by Helen’s Trucks but if you prefer then they can supply all the necessary cartons, paper and tape for you to do the work yourself. All their removals are itemised and an inventory produced

. . . t i f o t r a Be p

and the entire load is kept together and not split. Communication with their customers is another key element to success at Helen’s Trucks. Understanding details like parking and offloading availability, access to properties and so on is vital to ensure a successful on time delivery and if there are unavoidable delays caused by weather conditions for example then Helen’s Trucks make sure their clients are kept abreast of the situation. Helen’s Trucks offer you the flexibility of being able to pick up at short notice and a personal service bringing that human touch to meeting your needs. Helen summed up the Helen’s Trucks philosophy saying, “It’s all about making moving easy and stress free.” You can contact Helen’s Trucks on 965 400 616 or 667 815 081 or UK 0843 207 9161 and email at helenstrucks1@yahoo. There is also a website at www. and on Facebook at Helens Trucks.

Price List Channels Suitability

1 Star Aids *

2 Star Aids *

3 Star Aids *

4 Star Aids *

5 Star Aids *






Domestic Groups Social Active Social Situations 1-1 Conversation Family Gatherings Restaurants Large Groups TV Cafés Parties Business Meetings Shopping Small Groups Social Gatherings Outdoor Sports Public Places Noisy Places Music

Price Euros €595 Single Aid €695 Single Aid

€1,090 Pair

€1,290 Pair

€845 Single Aid €1,590 Pair

€995 Single Aid €1,890 Pair

Demanding Situations Public Meetings Concerts Theatre Orchestra €1,150 Single Aid €2,200 Pair


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Alfaz Fantasy Football League After last weeks avalanche of goals it was all quiet in this weeks Alfaz Fantasy Football League with Defenders the top scorers. Most of the Premier League sharp shooters fired blanks at the Weekend. There was one F.A.Cup Replay and 9 Premier League games which gave the A.F.F.L. 23 goals,8 clean sheets,35 yellow cards and 1 red which was Hull’s Clucas fortunately none of our Fantasy Managers selected him. As we enter the last third of the Season it’s getting tight at the top of the A.F.F.L.. Andrew’s team Big Tymers who have held on to the top spot for the last 6 weeks have now only got a single point lead over Wayne’s team Gunnawinitthis year.Chris’s Always Hoping stay in 3rd place while Dave’s Juke Box Mackems continue to close the gap on the front runners.At the other end of the table Kevin’s El.Portet Elite have been cut

adrift since week 8 and I can’t see any light at the end of the Tunnel for them. Julie’s team The Gers raced away at the top of our Mark Carter Ladies Section last week but this week they have been caught up by Joanna’s Hup Hannah City who are now only 2 points behind.Down at the foot of the table Angie’s Blues failed to score mainly because all of her team are Manchester City Players and they don’t play till Monday Night.Kim’s Ginger United have opened up a gap of 33 points over Amanda’s Bog’s Dollocks in their quest for our 20 euro voucher which is sponsored by Quick Save the only British Supermarket in Albir. Ant & Brad’s team Ant &Brad are still in pole position in our U.K.T.V.SPAIN Junior League they currently have a 33 point advantage over Callum’s team

F.C.Barcalona who have moved into 2nd place taking over from Leo’s 6 in a Row while at the other end of the table Anna’s Radji United are now 54 points behind Charlotte’s Arm Wavers United. There is no changes at the top our bottom of our Leonard Knowles Construction Golden Boot League.Dave Juke Box Mackems have moved 90 points ahead of Lee’s Walkden Town at the top while El.Portet Elite are still over the trap door at the bottom 27 points adrift of Radji United. We have 2 teams going into the hat for our Monthly Wyndham’s Wine Draw and they are Nick’s Black Cats who top scored with 49 points and our lowest scoring team Charlotte’s Arm Wavers United who finished up with a minus 2. Manager of the Month for February is

being kindly sponsored by Caspers in Albir who provide a really good English Menu at reasonable prices.With just a couple of weeks to go Kim’s Ginger United hold a 14 point advantage over Bryn’s When Skies are Grey. Higgin’s Hotshots & Tower F.C. are also in contention for this super meal for 2. Phil’s Flixton Sunshiners made it through to the last 16 of our Ex-Pats K.O.Cup Competition when they beat Mark’s No Bad Losers by 24-15. This week the F.A.Cup ties take place and has I have mentioned before based on past History it’s important to keep Players in the Cup to score extra bonus points as the Competition progresses. At the moment our website is still work in progress as we are striving to get every thing up to date.

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3 feb - 9 feb 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 37

La Vila enjoys a well deserved break WITHOUT A match last weekend the La Vila squad took a break before their next home game against Rugby Murcia; currently bottom of the division. by TONY FOX This is on Sunday 19th February at their Villajoyosa stadium with a 12.30 kick off; the home side needs not only to win but also to increase their points tally to ensure that they will be seeded number one in the play-offs. This seeding is vital to give the league leaders an easier route to their goal of first division status. Last week I wrote that rugby was not a game for wimps and was played with a passion to win. The feast of six nations matches on Saturday and Sunday had all of this in spades! If health and safety were involved we would not have witnessed those great matches which, even with heat of the moment clashes, were played in a true Corinthian spirit. In the second tier of the competition Spain got off to a flying start beating Russia 16-6 by virtue of 2 unconverted tries and 2 penalties to the 2 penalties of Russia. How long will it be before the International manager calls on Matias Jara, La Vila’s ace try converter to enhance their points tally? Spain’s next game is away to Romania on the 18th. of February. Below Javier Carrion the La Vila player chosen for Spain (centre) alongside fellow internationals Cesar Sempere and Matias Tudela.


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

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Spotlight on...CAR on... BROKER SPAIN

2nd year for Car Broker Spain FEBRUARY 14TH marked the 2 year anniversary of the opening of Car Broker Spain in Benijofar and since then this small family run business has gone from strength to strength. AFTER WORKING 6 years in Citroen Benijofar, Andrew took a huge leap and opened his own car showroom. He has built his reputation on selling quality, reasonably

priced cars and customer service. Basically, almost everything to do with buying, owning and selling a car is covered at Car Broker Spain. Testament to the fact that both Andrew and the advertising he does in the

Round Town News is successful ( now called Xpat news ) we have clients from as far away as Gandia and Castalla in the north to Almeria and Marbella in the south. This, combined with our revolutionary JetWax

treatment has grown the business to the point where we now have extra staff. This achievement has been gained with the help of Danny and the team at The Round Town News and we will continue to use them under

their re-branded name, The Xpat News. For more information or to book an appointment call 966 367 634 or 626 006 074

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Brought to you by

3 FEB - 9 FEB 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 39

Carrying Gas Canisters in the Car GAS IS used all year round in Spanish homes, and although piped supplies are becoming more popular, many people still rely on bottled gas for their heating and cooking needs. ALTHOUGH THE gas supply companies will deliver the bottles to your home, many people ďŹ nd it more convenient to pick up their own supply at many of the outlets across the country, exchanging the empty bottles for full ones, but in order to do this, we have to think about the safety and security implications of carrying a potentially lethal canister. Depending on their size and weight, the canisters can be very heavy as they are ďŹ lled with pressurised gas. At home, care should be taken as to where they are stored, in well ventilated places, away from heat and ignition sources, far away from toxic materials and always in an upright position. In the car, it is equally crucial to

take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. Spanish law states that you can carry 2 gas bottles in the car, and they must be carried in an upright, vertical position. You must also take necessary measure to ensure that the canisters are secured in the vehicle and cannot move during the journey. The law also states that when you are carrying gas canisters, it is forbidden to park the vehicle in an underground car park. You should also check with your local supply company for their recommendations for storage and carriage, as gas canisters can pose a major threat if not handled correctly, but are perfectly safe if the advice is followed.


Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

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3 FEB - 9 FEB 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 41



SPANISH 10.995€












CAR OF THE WEEK! 14.995€












BIKES 2.995€




VESPA 150 S 1963 35750 KM




Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 43

Xpages 44

Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017


Book your advert today adverts@the

All Major Credit Cards Accepted - 0.15â‚Ź per word + IVA

UK-SPAIN-IRELAND Chris Young transport All european destinations

Removals with the personal touch.

Full/part loads. Parcels, flat packs, luggage, door to door service, short/long term storage. Competitive rates, PETS CARRIED WITH CARE.

965 696 750 | 0044 (0) 744 791 8589

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APPOINTMENT SETTERS WORK FROM HOME OR OFFICE HOURS TO SUIT PAID WEEKLY CALL: 604187042 BETWEEN 10am and 4pm 30 year old Spanish auxiliary nurse with own car. Speaks English and German. Looks after young children and old age pensioners. Cleaning service also available. 672 797 329

LEAKTECH WATER LEAKS ACCURATELY DETECTED & REPAIRED CALL 966194179/627752965 MR FIXIT For all your electrical, Plumbing, General & Appliance & Boiler Repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434

SPANISH MOVES Small removals and deliveries. Spain/UK Budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. www. Pet transport also arranged in our air conditioned pet/people carriers. Telephone UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 960130537



Xpat Friday, February 17, 2017

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CALL 744 484 973 TODAY!

A fantastic opportunity for an inspiring individual to become part of a busy business in Benidorm & Quesada. The applicant needs to be computer literate, well organised and have excellent customer service skills. The position involves various administrative duties to include booking appointments with clients and upkeep of the business diary. You will also maintain databases, and read and action emails.

This is a position of 16-20 hours however the applicant must be flexible to work hours to suit business requirements.

If you can apply in the first instance by sending your CV to for the attention of Tracey. Interviews are to be held locally, and the successful candidate(s) will be available to start from February/March 2017.

3 feb - 9 feb 2017 Friday, February 17, 2017 Xpat 47

The Xpat News - North Edition 905  

The Xpat News - North Edition 905

The Xpat News - North Edition 905  

The Xpat News - North Edition 905