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The Xavierite Presents SXU Year in Review 2012-2013

Regards from President Wiseman

A Summer Message From John Pelrine

Dear Students ,

Dear Graduates,

Some of you are graduating in a few short days – the culmination of years of study and effort. Your degree is significant because it represents a life transformed by the power of higher education; critical thinkers who can sustain a democratic society because they have learned that serving others wisely and compassionately IS the ultimate common good. On Sunday, May 11, I will hand you diplomas that signify your transformed life – and our hope for a future that some of us will never see. Others of you will continue on here with us for another semester, another year, another degree. You have been part of a community enlivened and emboldened by a student-centered vision of higher education that promotes “thought leadership.” Because that is what higher education is all about. Every profession and every job needs thought leaders because they are the entrepreneurs, whether we are talking about Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga or Vernon Davis. They have learned to be curious about what’s possible and passionate about what they do. Although thirty percent of Americans aged 25 to 29 now have college degrees, that is still only a fraction of the entire population in this country. A college degree will continue to set you apart, and my 85-year-old, high-schooleducated mother reminds me every day to be grateful that I had the opportunity to earn one. Because she never could. Be safe this summer; relax and spend some important moments with friends and family. But come back to us next fall and get your degree. I will be here to greet you in September! All the best – Chris Wiseman Christine M. Wiseman, J.D. President

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You have achieved a significant milestone and all of us in Student Affairs wish you the best as you move into the next phase of your life as a graduate of Saint Xavier University. We hope that you found your years at Saint Xavier to be rewarding, fruitful and motivational. You have received a great education and are ready to make a positive contribution to the larger world. Remember that the mission of SXU has prepared you “to search for truth, to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to serve wisely and compassionately in support of human dignity and the common good.” You are ready to grow as a professional and to pursue new and interesting career opportunities that serve the needs of your family and the larger community. Be sure to stay connected to Saint Xavier by becoming active in alumni activities. Join us for sporting events or take advantage of other services and events available to you as an alumnus. We would love to hear from you and encourage you to keep in-touch with us about life after college. Please contact us at at any time. We look forward to hearing about your milestones and also welcome feedback on your time at Saint Xavier. Once again, congratulations! Sincerely, John P. Pelrine, Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs Athletics Campus Life Career Services Counseling Services Learning Center and Disability Services Public Safety Residence Life Student Media Student Success Program

Join Us in Saying Goodbye To... Tony Bara-Editor in Chief

I broke a cardinal journalism rule this week—I submitted this letter past the deadline, a deadline that I set myself. Why would I commit this heinous offense? Truthfully, I will miss being editor in chief more than anything at Saint Xavier, and it is hard writing this. When I started at The Xavierite three years ago, I had no ambition to one day run the entire newspaper. I considered myself fortunate to have landed a job as deputy viewpoints editor and was thrilled enough seeing my opinions published each week. Back then, Mark Landuyt was chief, and he really showed me the ropes of newspaper layout. As a senior, he seemed so adult-like, able to plan out and coordinate an entire newspaper. I felt I could never do that. I felt like a little kid.

Sometime late that year, I learned the deputy editor in chief position was open. I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt like going for it. My advisor, Peter Kreten, took a chance and promoted me. On my first day as deputy chief, I came to a stark realization—a year from now I would be qualified to run the whole show! All that year I practiced management, watching and learning from then-chief Genevieve Bonadonna. By the year’s end, I felt confident to become, as Ruby Venus later dubbed me, “the Czar.” This year, I feel I have really grown as a person in my role as chief. Although I have had to deal with last minute disasters, organizational nightmares and Kim Kardashianlevel drama, I feel I am a better man for it. I pride myself on our accomplishments this year, like this first-ever 32 page issue, and I hope I have steered the newspaper in the right direction. Now, I step aside and pass the torch to Becki Brown, whose passion for this newspaper rivals my own. I know she will do great and will serve our readers well. As for me, I will continue to write part time for another semester. I thank the entire Xavierite staff, past and present, and our readers for making this great experience of mine possible.

Greg Pilafas-Deputy Editor in Chief

It is really hard to believe that two years have gone past so quickly. I remember when I was in the new student orientation class and Peter Kreten, the director of student media, came over to my table and introduced himself and I told him that he would be hearing from me soon because I wanted to write for the student newspaper, The Xavierite. I transferred over from Moraine Valley Community College where I wrote brief ly for their school newspaper, The Glacier. Following that experience, I wanted to work for a college newspaper and be able to do more for the school paper including layout and design. Following the orientation class, I e-mailed Kreten and he responded and set up a meeting with me. I was very nervous because I had really wanted to work for the paper. During the meeting I discussed my previous work and how I enjoyed writing so much, he then offered me the position of deputy sports editor in which I gratefully accepted. I love sports and it is my passion to write sports for everyone to see and for the athletes to get the recognition that they deserve. I was promoted to senior sports editor and then after my first year at school, I moved up to deputy editor in chief. I still wrote for sports and I loved every minute of it. I have changed the layout of the sports section to feature mainly all Saint Xavier sports, because with being a college newspaper we should always cover our college teams. I have met some tremendous people along the way including people that I worked with at The Xavierite, people in the Saint Xavier Athletics Department who helped me so much and the athletes who made my job so much more enjoyable. I want to thank everyone for taking time out to read my articles, because it gives me a sense of pride when I know someone is interested in the work that I did. Also, thank you to everyone I have met along the way that was so influential in who I am today!

The Xavierite Staff is Most Likely To...

Tony Bara Editor in Chief Most Likely To Be President

Greg Pilafas Deputy Editor in Chief Most Likely To Stay In Journalism Forever

Nicole Rosales Senior News Editor Most Likely To Win America’s Next Top Model

Grant Vargas Senior Viewpoints Editor Most Likely To Move To Canada

Becki Brown Senior Features Editor Most Likely To Become A Famous Writer

Amanda Magee Senior Sports Editor Most Likely To Have Something Named After Them

Nermeen Shaabneh News Editor Most Likely To Get a PhD

Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor Most Likely To Win An Oscar

Lauren Dwyer Features Editor Most Likely To Appear on Television

Frank Markasovic Sports Editor Most Likely To Get Married First

Joshua Humphry Copy Editor Most Likely To Take Over The World

Brittany Klyczek Copy Editor Most Likely To Own A Company

Nicole Callsen Webmaster Most Likely To Become A Millionaire

Ray Galvin Robert Lachowski Business Manager Distribution Manager Most Likely To Invent Some- Most Likely To Become Pope thing Groundbreaking

Jessica Cruz Photographer Most Likely To Solve World Hunger

Saint Xavier 2012-

Prestigious Visit

On November 1, Saint Xavier welcomed political commentators Mary Matalin and Donna Brazile to discuss the 2012 presidential election.



Pacelli Closes Before the school year began, it was announced that Pacelli Hall, Saint Xavier’s oldest free-standing dormitory, would close for the 2012-2013 school year due to a lack of resident students.




Starbucks on Saturdays

After months of trial runs and petitioning by the Student Government Association, Dining Services agreed to open Starbucks on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2013: News in Review Safety Concerns

Student safety concerns caused the university to shut down it’s off campus Parkside apartments. Students were relocated to alternative residences.


New Provost Chosen


Bookstore Management Change Follet Higher Education group became the SXU bookstore’s new manager after partnering with the university. They bring with them a host of online educational resources as well as cheaper textbooks.

Dr. Paul L. Devito was chosen as the university’s next provost after Angela Durante announced she was stepping down. Devito, who spent 33 years at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, will begin his new position on July 1.



Blizzard on Campus

A blizzard dumping 10 inches of snow engulfed the Chicagoland area on March 5 forcing all afternoon and evening classes to close. The snow day resulted in a giant snowball fight on the Quad.

The Xavierite Staff creates their playlists of songs that came out in 2012-2013.

Greg’s Playlist

Brittany’s Playlist

“Die Young”-Kesha “Hey Porsche”-Nelly “Feel This Moment”-Pitbull and Christina Aguilera “Pour it up”-Rihanna “No Lie”-Drake and Two Chainz

“Matataku Hoshi no Moto De”-Porno Graffitti (Japan) “Hjertestarter”-Nephew (Denmark) “Don’t You Worry Child”-Swedish House Mafia (Sweden) “The Bravery”-supercell (Japan) “Yet I Can’t Stay”-Ari The Lion (South Korea)

Josh’s Playlist “Cauterize”-As I Lay Dying “A Rumor of Skin”-Stone Sour “Stay By My Side”-Draw the Emotional (Japan) “Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant”-Coheed and Cambria “Prancer”-The Dillinger Escape Plan

Kristen’s Playlist “Radioactive”-Imagine Dragons “Sail”-AWOLNATION “Ambulance”-My Chemical Romance “Gun.”-My Chemical Romance “The Phoenix”-Fall Out Boy

Becki’s Playlist “I Will Wait”-Mumford & Sons “Survival”-Muse “Stray Heart”-Green Day “When Can I See You Again?”-Owl City “Save Rock and Roll”-Fall Out Boy and Elton John

For more awesome new releases, local bands and aspiring artists, listen to WXAV 88.3 FM or at

Over the 2012-2013 school year, I saw new movies. I only saw three in theaters; the other three I saw on DVD. All of them were totally awesome, and in case you weren’t lucky enough to see them, here is some quick information to convince you to give them a watch. -Becki Brown

Wreck-It Ralph. Released 11/2/12.

Warm Bodies. Released 2/1/13.

I like video games, but I was apprehensive when I heard that there was going to be a Disney movie about video games. I had heard from friends that I did not need to worry about any sort of emotional damage to my childhood, but I was told I could receive many tugs at my heartstrings. Boy were they right. I saw this movie about a month ago, and my heartstrings were thoroughly tugged. Wreck-It Ralph was the perfect mix of emotions, racing, video game references, sass, and redemption. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, although there are some intense scenes that even I thought were scary.

Have you ever imagined Romeo and Juliet except Romeo was a zombie? If you have (or even if you haven’t), then you should watch Warm Bodies. R, a philosophically thinking zombie, falls in love with Julie, one of the last human survivors of the zombie apocalypse. He even saves Julie from the super zombies, the even more uncaring version of a regular zombie. I wrote about this movie already in my Shakespeare on the Silver Screen article, so you should check that out for more of an in depth comparison. You should also check out Warm Bodies for some zombie-esque fun and warm, fuzzy feelings.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Released 12/14/12.

Rise of the Guardians. Released 11/21/12. Even though this came out at the end of November, I didn’t see this until mid April. I had heard that it was a really good movie, but I had never gotten around to it. I thought that this wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to Wreck-It Ralph. I have never been so wrong before. I enjoyed this just as much for very different reasons. I was hit with a kind of nostalgia totally different from what I expected. I felt like these characters were actually there. This is what Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy looked like. This is due in part to Dreamworks, who has figured out how to recreate the effect of muscle and veins moving under skin. It looks real.

This is the only movie I saw in theaters during fall/winter of 2012, and I wouldn’t have traded it for any other movie. The whole time, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, whether it was from the dramatic chase scenes, the stunning scenery or the beautifully powerful score. As soon as I heard the first few notes of music, I was hooked. I felt like it connected to the Lord of the Rings trilogy so well, which is something that can be difficult for prequels. At first I was sceptical of the fact that they were making one book into three movies, but I am looking forward to it now. There has not been a dull moment!

Skyfall. Released 11/9/12.

I used to love watching James Bond films when I was young, but I stopped watching them once Casino Royale came out. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it; I just didn’t really have time for it anymore. Over spring break, I saw Skyfall at my dad’s house, and I could say that it was one of the best Bond films I have ever seen. The whole plot was amazing. It took the skepticism of the usefullnes of agents like Bond in a technological era and turned it against itself. I thought the clash between the old ways and the new technology was presented in a very well thought out manner. If you like spies and haven’t seen this movie, you really should.

Jack the Giant Slayer. Released 3/1/13. Jack the Giant Slayer is the perfect mix of new and old fairy tales. The film is based on the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk as well as Jack the Giant Killer, but it adds new elements to the story mash up. Between the fantastically interesting plot and the charm of both Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor, I was one happy camper during this movie. The whole cast was great. I loved the heroes and hated the villains, something that I think all movies should be able to do. It was slightly predictable at times, but it made up for it by throwing several unexpected twists as well as some beanstalks.

SXU Men’s Golf Successfully Completes First Season Tim Carroll Sports Contributor It was an eventful inaugural season for Saint Xavier’s men’s golf team. They finished the season with two total victories. After starting the season with a little rust in a sixth-place finish, the Cougars bounced back with a win at the Olivet Nazarene Invitational at Balmoral Woods Golf Club in Crete, Ill., on September 24 and 25, 2012.

The team showed that their victory was not a fluke on October 1 and 2, when they finished second in the William Woods University Invitational at Tanglewood Golf Club in Fulton, Mo. Junior Kirby Brown shot a seven-under 65 at the par 72 course on the first day to start the event on a positive note. When the spring schedule rolled around, it started much the same as the fall had. Following a seventh-place finish, the Cougars were led by junior James Kerr’s

The Saint Xavier University golf team had a successful first season.

Men’s/Women’s Volleyball

Amanda Magee Senior Sports Editor The women’s volleyball had a very successful season this past year. The Cougars finished the season with a record of 31-13. They went 18-1 in conference, earning second in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC). They also took second in the CCAC Tournament, giving them a spot in the NAIA Volleyball National Championships. The Cougars did not progress in Nationals after losing to Madonna University in the opening round. This appearance at Nationals was their second in the last three seasons. Individually, many of the women found success too. Senior setter Desiree Aramburu was named the CCAC Volleyball Player of the Year and earned first team all- conference recognition. Senior outside hitter Kelly Knudsen and senior middle blocker Colleen O’Hara also earned first team honors. Senior libero Christine Bowe and senior outside hitter Kayla Mullaney earned second team allconference honors.

SXU Women’s Volleyball.

SXU Athletics

Also, Aramburu and Knudsen earned more honors, being named to the 2012 AVCA NAIA AllMideast Region First Team. But, this would not be their final honor of the season. They went on to earn honorable mention recognition on both the 2012 Tachikara-NAIA Volleyball All-America Team and 2012 American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) All-America Team. The men’s volleyball team ended their season with an overall record of 6-21. In the East Division of the Mid-America Men’s Volleyball Intercollegiate Conference (MAMVIC), they took fifth out of seven teams with a conference record of 3-9. At the end of the season, four Cougars were given all- MAMVIC honors. Freshman middle blocker Sam Kull was recognized with second-team honors. Junior outside hitter Justin Cousin, sophomore setter Dan French and sophomore middle blocker Sean Blackwood each earned a place on the honorable mention team. Congratulations for all of the success that both the men’s and women’s volleyball teams found in the 2012-2013 school year!

SXU Athletics

Saint Xavier Cross Country

74 to a team win at the Tri-Match between SXU, Arizona Christian University and Baldwin-Wallace College (Ohio) in Phoenix, Ariz. April brought further success for the golf team. Sophomore Kyle Bahnick won the Purdue North Central Spring Shootout on April 15 at Briar Leaf Golf Club in LaPorte, Ind. He shot 72, three strokes ahead of freshman Zack Trent and junior Brendan Ryan, who tied for fourth by shooting 75. Two consecutive team events in April ended in second-place finishes for the Cougars. Brown again led the SXU scoring with a 73 at the Olivet Nazarene Spring Invite. Kerr and Brown tied for second-place individually, matching each other’s 69 at the St. Francis Spring Invite. The Cougars concluded their season with a third-place finish in the CCAC Championship at Balmoral Woods Country Club in Crete, Ill.

Will Weyant

Greg Pilafas

Xavier unfortunately fell, 83-73, to end the season for SXU. Junior guard Brad Karp led the Cougars with numerous awards throughout the season including being named the 2013 Capital One Academic All-America College Division Men’s Basketball Team Member of the Year, winning the CCAC player of the year distinction, eight CCAC player of the week awards and being named to the 2012-13 NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball All-America Second Team. Saint Xavier will have some big shoes to fill going into next season as they will be losing four key seniors in Roosevelt Green, Anthony Grant, Dominique Harvey and Mike Beutel. Green finished the season averaging 11.6 points per game (fourth on the team), while racking up 237 assists which was roughly seven assists per game (best on the team). Grant also averaged double digits in scoring with 13.2 points per game (third on the team) while Harvey averaged 10.7 points per game (fifth on the team) and averaged 6.3 rebounds a game. Beutel averaged 1.3 points per game and 1.4 rebounds per game. S w i t ch i n g g e a r s to t h e women’s team, they drew St. Thomas University (Fla.) in the opening round of the State Farm-NAIA Division II Women’s Basketball National Championship and SXU went on for the big victory, 70-49. The Cougars then battled the Cougars of University of Saint Francis (Ind.) in the second round, where Saint Xavier’s season

Sports Contributor

crossThecountry Saint Xavier University teams had great runs in the 2012-2013 season. The men’s team successfully finished in third place out of twelve in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) meet to end the season. The women’s cross country team was able to do the same thing as the men finished in third place out of the twelve CCAC teams in the conference meet. One Cougar whose name was always talked about during the season was Brian Corcoran. Corcoran was able to get recognized on the CCAC All-Conference team. A few Cougars were able to get recognition not necessarily for their running, but for academic success. Mark Catania, Shane Kenney, and Ricky Olmedo were named to the CCAC All-Academic team for their

success inside the classroom. The one Cougar that shined in the CCAC was Ashley Shares. Shares was able to make it on the CCAC All-Conference team joining Corcoran as the only Cougars to make the list. Amanda Magee and Shares were able to get recognition for their academics getting named to the CCAC AllAcademic team. The Saint Xavier University cross country team has had some successful seasons under head coaches Ed McAllister (men’s) and Lisa Ebel (women’s). Both of these teams have some great pieces that they will look to build on going forward as they look to continue their success in the future. We hope for continued success for the cross country teams going into the 2013-2014 season! Good luck to everyone who is leaving following the end of this season and also good luck to the people who are coming back next season!

Saint Xavier Basketball has Tremendous Season

Deputy Editor in Chief The Saint Xavier University men’s and women’s basketball teams enjoyed terrific seasons that were highlighted by many accomplishments and honors. First, both teams made a trip to 2013 NAIA National Championship Tournaments, with the women travelling to Sioux City, Iowa, and the men taking a trip to Point Lookout, Mo., for their first time at the NAIA Division II level. Beginning with the men’s squad, they finished up their season with a 29-6 overall record, 22-2 in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) and 15-1 at their home base, the Shannon Center in Chicago. The women’s team went 25-7 overall, 17-5 in the conference and recorded a 12-4 mark at home this season. Both teams won their annual tournaments around Christmas time with the men defeating Marian University (Ind.) in the championship to claim the SXU Midwest Tournament and the women defeated University of Saint Francis (Ind.), who was previously undefeated, to take home the SXU Christmas Tournament championship. The men’s team made their first ever appearance in the NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship and drew University of Saint Mary (Kan.) in the first round where SXU rolled to an 82-60 victory. The second round of the tournament pitted the Cougars against Indiana University-Southeast, where Saint

unfortunately came to a halt after an 82-69 defeat. Sophomore guard/forward Morgan Stuut was named the CCAC player of the year and also earned a spot on the first team while fellow teammate Suzie Broski picked up second team recognition. Stuut was also named to the 201213 NAIA Division II Women’s Basketball All-America First Team. Stuut, in addition to her previous accolades, was also named a State Farm/WBCA NAIA Player of the Year Finalist. She also earned NAIA Player of the Week honors during the season which is an extremely tough award to receive. Saint Xavier will miss seniors Romisha Taylor and Maureen Riley as their playing career at SXU has ended. Taylor had a teamleading 85 steals and also led the team with 154 assists which was an average of about five a game. Riley averaged 4.5 points per game while shooting 45 percent from the three point line this season. All of the players on both of the Saint Xavier teams have had great success throughout the years as both teams will have some players leave, but will also have some great players who are coming in that will look to make an immediate impact. These teams have had great success and the move down to the Division II level will provide SXU with new competition going forward. Saint Xavier had many great accomplishments this season and next season should be no different. Congratulations to the Cougars on a tremendous season!

Recipients of the Cougar Awards! MVP: Making its long awaited return is the winners of the Cougar Awards. The Xavierite staff chose the most valuable players for men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s volleyball, baseball and softball. These players led in their respective sport and deserve this honor of being called the most valuable player.

Rookie of the Year: The following players have played tremendously in their first season with the SXU Cougars. Each one of these athletes shined in their sports. This is a difficult award to win, but these ‘rookies’ played great and have very bright futures as there will be some departing seniors.

Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Men’s Volleyball


Brad Karp (JR, Guard, Men’s Basketball)— Led the team with 21.4 points per game, and 9.0 rebounds in a game. Won conference player of the week eight times.

Morgan Stuut (SO, Guard/ Forward, Women’s Basketball)— Led the team in points with 17.8 per game and pulled down 11.3 rebounds in a game.

Justin Cousin (JR, Outside Hitter, Men’s Volleyball)— Led team with 250 kills while chipping in 132 digs which was fourth on the team. Averaged 2.69 kills per set.

Chris Klein (JR, Outfield, Baseball)— Batted .313 (fourth on team). Nicole Nonnemacher (FR, Pitcher, Softball)—. 418 batting average and 21-3 as a pitcher with 238 K’s.

Josh Mawhorr (FR, For ward, Men’s Basketball)—Averaged 6.3 points per game and 3.8 rebounds per game. Played in all 35 games for the Cougars this season.

Caitlin McMahon (FR, Forward, Women’s Basketball)— Played in all 32 games for the Cougars while averaging 6.1 points and 5.3 rebounds in each contest.

Sam Kull (FR, Middle Blocker, Men’s Volleyball)— Second on the team with 234 kills while averaging 2.25 kills per set. Led the team with 101 total blocks.

Alec Barnhart (FR, Infield, Baseball)— .324 batting average with 15 RBI’s. Amanda Hainlen (SO, First Baseman, Softball)— 7 home runs.

Roosevelt Green (SR, Point Guard, Men’s Basketball)— Became Saint Xavier’s leading assist man and averaged 11.6 points per game in his final season at SXU.

Suzie Broski (SO, Guard, Women’s Basketball)— Averaged 16.2 points per game and 4.7 rebounds per game while starting in all 32 games for Saint Xavier.

Dan French (SO, Setter, Men’s Volleyball)— Led the team with 757 assists including 7.28 per set. Second on the team in digs with 137 and chipped in 68 kills.

S c ot t Va ch o n ( J R , P i t ch e r, Baseball)—7-0 record as a pitcher. Megan Nonnemacher (JR, Pitcher, Softball)— 22-2 record as a pitcher with 1.05 ERA and 182 K’s.

Most Consistent: The following athletes have shown tremendous consistency and dedication in their respective sports. These athletes have performed very well and time and time again, they are always coming up huge for their teams. These athletes have earned the right to be called the most consistent player on their team.

Back 2 Rome Campaign Falls One Game Short

Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor

The Saint Xavier football team was coming off of a Cinderella season where they had a number of impressive accomplishments and big games. All of which led them to the National Championship game in Rome, Georgia against Carroll College where they defeated Carroll by a score of 24-20 and won their first National Championship in school history. The 2012-2013 season started off in much the same way as the previous year with the Cougars starting off 4-0 and outscoring opponents 145-48 over that span. However, it was that fourth game of the season when star quarterback Jimmy Coy was concussed on the first play from scrimmage, knocking him out from not only the rest of that game, but for many more games to come. Backup quarterback Joe Gill would then take over in the game and have a solid day throwing for 362 yards and 3 touchdowns. It was the next week, Homecoming week, that would prove to be a very

tough task for Saint Xavier as they took on one of their big rivals the University of Saint Francis, who at the time was ranked No. 10. The Gill led Cougars struggled to get into a rhythm throughout the entire game and ended up losing by a score of 25-13, the first Homecoming the Cougars had lost in years. On November 3, No. 1 Marian University came into town and the Cougars absolutely dominated in the ballgame blowing out the Knights by the score of 23-6. Coy was finally back healthy and the Cougars were then propelled from there going into the playoffs. The Cougars dominated the first two teams they were matched up with in the playoffs, William Penn University and University of the Cumberlands, as they used a combination of strong offense and lights out defense to get the wins. It was December 1 that the Saint Xavier Cougars took on No. 3 Morningside College, a team that many people even the people of Iowa believed would not be able to withstand the mighty attack of the Cougars. However, it was just the

opposite. The Cougars scored first, but it was all Morningside from there as the Mustangs crushed the Cougars, 47-19 and fell one game short of meeting Marian University in the National Championship, the team that would go on to be the National Champions. This was one impressive year for accolades for the Cougars. Coy was named NAIA National Player of the Year. He was a huge reason why Saint Xavier made it as far as they did. Coy also is currently being given a shot to try out in a Chicago Bears rookie minicamp this May, which is an opportunity of a lifetime! Shane Zacker y also had an amazing season as he was a finalist for the National Football Foundation’s (NFF) ScholarAthlete Award. Zach Dolph set the single season record for tackles in a season. Nick Pesek also had an impressive season this year ending the season with 1,125 rushing yards, a new single season record.

Saint Xavier Men/Women’s Soccer Greg Pilafas Deputy Editor in Chief The Saint Xavier University men’s and women’s soccer teams had nice regular seasons, but fell in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) tournament. The men’s squad finished at 13-6-1 overall and 8-2-1 in the conference, and made it to the second round of the conference tournament where they fell to Olivet Nazarene University (Ill.), 3-1. The women’s soccer team finished with a 10-8-1 overall record and a 6-5 mark in the CCAC under first year head coach Evan Strehlau. SXU made it to the first round of the conference tournament and fell just short against Judson University (Ill.), 4-3. Both teams garnered some awards following the season with the men having five guys earn AllCCAC selections. Senior defender Sam Vanaria, junior keeper Kyle Held and sophomore midfielder Luis Medina all landed on the first team while senior midfielder Kyle Breitenbach and junior defender

Dale Judickas earned honorable mentions. Held was tough in goal for the Cougars posting seven shutouts en route to an 11-4-1 record. Breitenbach finished with a teamhigh eight goals and chipped in 19 points which was good for second on the team. Medina was fourth on the team with five goals, Vanaria had one goal and one assist while Judickas contributed three assists and started all 20 games for Saint Xavier. The SXU women’s soccer squad had two girls earn a spot on the 2012 All-CCAC team in freshman forward Lexi Cozzi and freshman defender Kelly Trojak earning second team recognition. Cozzi had seven goals which was tied for the team-high; she also had a team-high 15 points while Trojak contributed one goal and one assist while starting in all 19 games for the Cougars. Saint Xavier University will be looking to build on good seasons going forward to next season. Both teams have brought in some good recruits this offseason!

Student Government Association Over the past school year, the Student Government Association (SGA) accomplished a variety of goals. During the Fall 2012 semester, SGA played a vital role in getting Starbucks to be opened on Saturdays. They also helped register over 175 new voters from the SXU student body before the 2012 Presidential Elections. They also organized various activities around campus including the Homecoming Tailgate, the Commuter Appreciation Week and the Election Night Party at Gilhooley’s. SGA also worked alongside Administration to handle various difficulties including the Shuttle System and Wifi, printing and IT issues. Additionally, SGA served on various committees including the Commencement Speaker, Student Laureate and Teaching Excellence committees. Spring 2013 semester saw SGA involve itself in a myriad of different causes. Among these were sending around a petition for a lowering of the prices of textbooks to be sent to the Illinois State Legislature in Springfield, making SXU a smoke-free campus, improvements to Mycourses, and voicing student concerns about the quality of dining and Gilhooley’s. SGA were also involved in the process of merging with the Student Activities Board (SAB) to create a new organization, the Saint Xavier Council (SXC).

A Look Back on SXU Student Organizations

-Kelly Mihalik and Joshua Humphry

Unscripted Improv Club Saint Xavier University’s Unscripted Improv Club has been very busy this year. They have hosted at least one show a month this year. The shows have included spectacular night shows and commuter-friendly afternoon shows. Each show has had some sort of theme, which ranged from Twitter to movies to Star Trek. They have also had special entertainment before the shows, including beat boxing, rapping and yoyo-ing. The members of Unscripted Improv also enjoyed being able to give back to the community in November through their “Bring a Can if You Can” show. Admission for that show was one nonperishable food item, and by then end of the night, they had several boxes worth of food to give to the less fortunate. Another special event that Improv Club hosted was their final show, a farewell to President Mike Wurster. During the show, a PS3 was raffled off to a random member of the audience, and several alumni of the school and the club joined the current improvisers on stage. Overall, this has been a busy year for Unscripted Improv Club, and they hope that it will not be the last. For more information about Unscripted Improv Club, please contact Becki Brown at brown.r03@mymail. -Becki Brown

Mercy Students for Peace and Justice The Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ) is a student organization at Saint Xavier University that looks at social justice issues in the world. They do events throughout the year which is “aimed at raising awareness of different social justice issues and empowering students to make positive changes regarding these issues,” said President, Secretary and Peer Minister of MSPJ, Lauren Bryk. Sister Joy Clough is the faculty advisor for MSPJ while Bobby McGreal is Vice President, Pat Kim is Public Relations Director and Joe Godowski is the treasurer and SOLD Representative. MSPJ focuses on several different issues in the world and even though there is a small staff, they continue to have great events. “We focus on the earth, immigration, nonviolence, poverty, racism, and women’s issues as these are social justice issues important to the Sisters of Mercy,” said Bryk. Some of the events that have transpired this year are the Hunger Banquet, working with University Housing Staff in Regina Hall for a Terracycling program, Water Week, Baby Bottle Project and bringing students to the Broadview Detention Center for a prayer vigil. “I believe our most successful event this year was the Hunger Banquet. The Hunger Banquet is an MSPJ tradition. This meaningful, eye-opening, and empowering dinner is aimed at giving those who attend a new perspective and understanding of social class, hunger, and poverty,” said Bryk. In regards to the Terracycling program, “We collect Capri sun wrappers, lunchables, mars bar candy products, chip bags, and most wrappers made with foil, such as granola bars or rice krispy treats to send in to the Terracycling company to be made into products that they sell,” said Bryk. The MSPJ staff looks to build off an astounding year filled with many great events, as they will be looking to continue with MSPJ traditions going forward while incorporating some new events. Anyone interested in joining MSPJ can reach Lauren Bryk at bryk. -Greg Pilafas

Residence Housing Association The Residence Housing Association (RHA) is a governing body that serves as an advocate for the residential community of Saint Xavier University. RHA is comprised of an Executive Board (EB). The positions are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and Community Representatives (CR), the positions are as followed: 2 Regina Hall CRs, 4 University Apartments CRs, and 4 Quad Hall CRs. The purpose of RHA is to assist SXU campus residents by addressing issues and concerns, reviewing and recommending policies, and hosting on-campus events to foster the growth of the community. Resident Housing Association has a positive effect on the campus here at Saint Xavier University. We strive to meet the needs of the students through advocating for them by using the appropriate administrative avenues and serving as a liaison between RHA and the residents. In the past year, RHA was integral in the creation of the ResCenter in Regina Hall. Without them, it is unlikely that the Res Center would exist. They also helped voice student concerns about the shuttles, improved the selection of the vending machines in Regina and Rubloff and organized the successful Spirit Week including the first Color Run. -Samara Lynch and Joshua Humphry

Campus Ministry In the 2012-13 school year, SXU campus ministry has been busy holding all kinds of retreats and events for students. All throughout the year, the ministry held service opportunities each week to serve food to the homeless and to tutor needy children. Early into the Fall and Spring semesters, the ministry held the Quest Retreats for first year and transfer students. During the retreat, students are encouraged to make friends with others and form bonds. There were talks from the student leaders as well as small activities to keep everyone thinking and busy. A few weeks later, they had hosted their Awakenings retreats. This retreat focused on bringing out self-spiritual awareness. Like Quest, students listen to talks from their peer leaders and partake in reflections. The campus ministry had also hosted both a men’s and a women’s retreat. These are both newer than the Quest and Awakenings retreats, but their popularities have been growing each semester. The most notable events actually occurred during Spring Break when students signed up to travel across the country to help repair homes, serve in soup kitchens and help with hospice work. Some of the trips go to local farms to help with the workload of the farmers. The campus ministry has been busy this past year but it has also given gifts to both the community and the students of the community. -Kristen Mabry

Student Activities Board The Student Activities Board (SAB) was busy all year planning events and activities for Saint Xavier students. Christine Bowe, SAB’s president, discussed some of the organization’s highlights this year… In October, diversity dominated at SAB’s Multicultural night as students were exposed to African and Hawaiian dancers, Chinese calligraphy and a Henna tattoo artist. Bowe explained that “The goal of Multicultural night was to expose SXU students to different cultures through enriching performances and ethnic delicacies.” Community service was encouraged at this year’s “Spring Service Day” at Midlothian Meadows. Students picked up garbage in order to clean up the forest preserve. In April, the second annual Ms. Scarlet and Mr. Gray pageant drew a large crowd to McGuire Hall. Students displayed a number of different talents with Juniors Malcom Lee and Kara Lightbourne emerging as the winners. Finally, also in April, SAB’s Formal was sky high this year, having been held on the 66th floor of Chicago’s Willis Tower. Students danced to a “roaring 20’s” theme with women dressed as flappers and men in fancy shirts and ties. These were just the top tier of a host of events SAB hosted this past year. Overall, the organization kept old traditions while successfully experimenting with new activities. The Xavierite congratulates SAB on all of their accomplishments. -Tony Bara

F.I.E.R.C.E. Anime Club Since 2009, F.I.E.R.C.E Anime Club brings out the best from the East Asian cultures, such as Japan, Korea, and China. F.I.E.R.C.E. does not just mean “showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity”, but it also stands for “Founding Interest in the Eastern Region’s Culture and Entertainment. The club strives to bring attention to different aspects in each culture through watching anime from a multitude of genres. F.I.E.R.C.E Anime club has hosted numerous events around campus. Last semester, the club hosted its first ever “East Asian Culture Night”. Its purpose was to bring a greater understanding to the East Asian region. Activities for the night included crafting paper lanterns, dancing and playing Asian-inspired games of Jeopardy. During the 2012-13 school year, F.I.E.R.C.E Anime Club has hosted two video game tournaments in the Andrew Conference Center and games played include the following: Mortal Kombat, BlazBlue, Mario Kay and many others. The club also hosted a Ramen Social in February 2013 were anyone could gather, eat ramen and talk about anything they wanted with their fellow peers. F.I.E.R.C.E Anime Club meets on Fridays at 3 p.m. in room S101. If you have any questions, please contact F.I.E.R.C.E Anime Club at fierceanimeclub@ or Alex Long at -Brittany Klyczek

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