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For The First Time in History: We Are No. 1

There is no question about it. The Saint Xavier Cougar football team is the best in the country. The Cougars have not lost a regular season game since the 2008 season. They currently have the second longest winning streak for collegiate football in the nation at both the NCAA and NAIA levels. According to, “The [Cougars] have become the first program in the 41-year history of Cougar Athletics to

garner a No. 1 national ranking when the NAIA national office released the latest NAIA Football Coaches’ Top 25 Poll” on Monday, Sept. 12. This also marks the first time since the 2006 NAIA Postseason Top 25 Poll was released on Jan. 18, 2007, that a team other than Carroll College and former NAIA member University of Sioux Falls (S.D.) has owned the NAIA’s top spot. FOOTBALL >

SXU ‘not catholic enough’ Under ruling adjunct can form union

By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief Saint Xavier University has failed to demonstrate “substantial religious character,” according to the National Labor Relations Board and as a result, adjunct faculty may now hold an election for union representation, under specific provisions of U.S. labor law. The ruling stemmed from SXU’s effort to block, on the basis of separation of church and state, efforts by adjunct faculty to unionize. News of this development was first reported in The Wall Street Journal in June of 2011 and most recently in a Sept. 15 Chicago Tribune article. “They’re using a test that not even the bishops use to determine whether or not we are Catholic—and they are finding us wanting under their own test,” said President Christine Wiseman to The Chicago Tribune. “Well, who are they to determine our Catholic identity?” SXU appealed the decision, saying the labor board should not have jurisdiction over them, a Catholic university. In order to avoid government involvement in disputes involving religion, unions usually face strict limits on organizing at religious institutions, according to SXU said that the NLRB action to allow an adjunct faculty union interferes with the school’s autonomy as a religious institution by ceding “jurisdiction over

Inside SXU’s chapel building. Photo: The Xavierite

important matters to a third party,” according to The WSJ. Factors that went into determining SXU’s religious character included funding, faculty and student requirements and the university’s purpose. Wiseman wrote to ChicagoUnionNews. com on June 13 saying, “This is an issue that could impact all religious institutions, and many of us are concerned.” The NLRB made the same ruling against Manhattan College—a Christian Brothers institution—in January, wrote The WSJ. “There is a greater discussion going on now among Catholic universities about what it means to be intentionally Catholic. Scholars will explore that. That’s what scholars do. That’s what university faculty do. It’s not what the NLRB ought to be about because that is not its job,” said Wiseman to The Chicago Tribune.



From left: Junior wide receiver Wes Gastel celebrates after a touchdown. In next picture, Gastel runs toward the goal while senior defensive back Michael Prosser chases down a defender. Photos: Rob Huizenga

Homecoming week: ‘get excited’ By Karina Palencia News Editor Homecoming week is upon us. At this point in the school year, the undefeated Cougars return home and the university has put together a series of events for all SXU students to take part in throughout the week. In the planning process, the Student Activities Board (SAB) helps to plan, organize and gather school spirit in honor of this celebration. “Homecoming week is something that I think every cougar should come and take part in,” said Victoria Martello, a sophomore nursing major. “We have an awesome team and should rally up all the Cougar Pride we have in us and bring it to the Homecoming game. Get excited, people!” Throughout the week, events will be held throughout the university. On Wednesday, Sept. 21, SXU will decorate the windows in the Student Activities Hallway from 12-1p.m. to promote Cougar Pride on the campus. Alumni Relations will also host a Brown Bag Service Project in the diner at 6p.m. on the same day, where students can help create bagged meals to give to the less fortunate. Later that night, SAB will host Cougar Fest in the Smith-Morris Quad at 7:30p.m. which features a night of entertainment with the band Final Say and food. On Thursday, Sept. 22, Hypnotist Christopher Carter will perform live in the diner from 12p.m.-1p.m. where he will ask students to participate in being put under in a hypnotic state.

At 7p.m., the same day, Cougars are encouraged to Pack the Stands for Women’s Volleyball at 7p.m. in the Shannon Center. SXU will hold its Heritage Ball honoring the O’Brien Medallion recipients on Friday, Sept. 23. In past years, this was called the Celebration of Excellence. This event is held at the Chicago Cultural Center from 7p.m.10:30p.m. and by invitation only. On Saturday, Sept. 24 the 11th annual Cougar 5K starts at the Shannon Center at 9a.m. This event is open to the entire SXU community. Kicking off the start of the football game SXU presents Cougarpalooza in the Schmidt Quad from 3-5p.m. where all students compete against their fellow Cougars in friendly competition. Students will also receive raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes. Ending Homecoming week is the Homecoming football game against Trinity International University at 6p.m., at the Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field. S o m e st u d e n t s fe e l t h a t m o re advertisement is needed to get students to participate in events. “I think its kind of pointless that we have something to do on each day and more than half the population in the school doesn’t know what to wear or do that day,” said Aastha Kukreja, a senior biology major. “Saint Xavier has no school spirit during the week, except for football games. They should do more advertisement.” All Homecoming events are sponsored by Campus Life, Residence Life, SAB, Student Government Association, Athletics, Alumni & Parent Relations, and the Division of Student Affairs.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Xavierite

Highs in loan defaulting WorldBits By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief

The Xavierite

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E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Genevieve Bonadonna Deputy Editor in Chief Tony Bara News Editors Ruby Venus Karina Palencia Genevieve Bonadonna Viewpoints Editors Tony Bara Kelley Lindsey

The default rate on federal student loans this year has increased significantly according to new data released by the Department of Education last Monday. Default rates at private not-for-profit colleges saw an increase from 4 to 4.6 percent among borrowers. Saint Xavier University is classified as a private college. “The economy is the primary reason for defaults on loans at this point,” said Susan Swisher, director of Financial Aid at SXU. “It’s difficult for people to make these payments because finding work is getting to be so difficult.” Data from the most recent cohort year, 2009—which covers a two-year period—shows 89 of 1,482 SXU students have defaulted on loans. That brings the total to 6 percent. Swisher said people at the highest risk for defaulting are students who drop out. Once a student is out of college, they are given a sixmonth grace period where they do not have to start paying back their loans. Defaults occur when debtors do not pay back their loan. If students do not make any payments on their federal student loans for 270 days without making prior arrangements with their lenders, the defaulted loan will negatively affect their credit rating and hurt them in the long run. “The worst thing you could do is to just ignore lender’s calls,” Swisher warned. For-profit institutions saw the biggest jump as default rates soared from 11.6 percent to 15 percent, almost doubling public colleges, which now stand at 7.2 percent. The overall student loan default rate now stands at 8.8 percent, a 1.8 increase from last

Students are defaulting at highest rate in two decades. Photo:

year and is the highest spike since 1999. 80 percent of undergraduates at SXU take out loans. The majority take both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. 2,296 SXU undergraduates took out subsidized loans and 2,117 students went with unsubsidized loans, bringing the total count to 2,395 students. “Pay attention to your award letters every year and be aware of how much you’re borrowing at all times,” said Swisher. “Always have a plan.” 57 percent of graduate students at SXU rely on loans, with 818 taking out subsidized loans and 972 using unsubsidized loans. The total reaches 975 graduate students. Despite rough economic times, Swisher said there are steps people could take to sidestep potential future loan trouble. “Just be a wise consumer,” said Swisher. Swisher and Jackie Griffin, assistant director of Financial Aid, are in the process of addressing the ongoing financial issues that are plaguing the nation. In the past, SXU has hosted Financial Literacy Sessions but they have suffered from a lack of turnout. The two are now planning on holding default management meetings within the next couple months. *Information from The New York Times was used in this report.

Viewpoints Correspondent Kane McKeown Features Editors Janeen Wilkey Becki Brown Sports Editors Vinnie Hughes Greg Pilafas Sports Correspondent AJ Paape Photographer Melissa Wrobel

Contributors Macy Zamudio Edgar Crespo Webmaster Mike Catania

• BBC conducted a global poll that suggests more people support the recognition of Palestine as an independent state in the United Nations than oppose it. 19 countries were surveyed and 49 percent backed Palestine’s proposal, while 21 percent said their government should oppose it. Next week, the Palestinians are planning to seek full membership at the UN. • Kevin Keller, Archie Comic’s first openly gay character, is getting married in a Jan. 2012 issue. When the character was announced in Apr. 2010, Archie Comics co-CEO John Goldwater said, “The introduction of Kevin is just about keeping the world of Archie Comics current and inclusive.” Not everyone is a fan of this move, however. Fox News quotes a senior fellow at the Family Research Council: “It’s unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution.”

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• Two American hikers who have been jailed since 2009 for allegedly crossing an unmarked border between Iraq and Iran are set to be released as soon as they can each post $500,000 bond. Iranian authorities arrested Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer two years ago, claiming they were spies. Last month, both men were convicted of spying and entering the country illegally and sentenced to eight years each. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said they could be realeased on humanitarian grounds in “a couple of days.”

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Experienced Mercy volunteer coming to speak at SXU

The Xavierite

Cougar Bites

RHA Election Results

By Macy Zamudio News Contributor Given the tradition of service and the heritage of mercy in Saint Xavier University’s core values, the Mercy Volunteer Corps are extending their reaches to encourage SXU students to learn more about their mission. John Farley, an experienced Mercy volunteer from the program’s headquarters in Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, will be available to answer questions about the application and selection processes as well as giving accounts of his own experiences with the corps to anyone who is interested in joining the program on Thursday, Sept. 29 in the SXU Diner 10a.m. to 2p.m. “The Mercy Volunteer Corps is a yearlong program bringing compassionate service to people who are poor or marginalized. Men and women provide full-time service to the poor, sick, and uneducated while living simply in community and growing in their spirituality,” said Sister Mary Loftus, RSM, of Mercy Care. The Mercy Volunteer Corps welcomes people of all faiths to join the program and to help spread the love, compassion, and service that Catherine McAuley started 184 years ago at the House of Mercy. Volunteers of the organization embark on a year of service beginning from August to July. Single or married men or women 21 years or older, in good health and have at least a high school diploma are eligible to join. Mercy volunteers are provided with housing for the entire stay of their service trip, medical insurance, and transportation to and from the service site as well as $100 to spend on necessities. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with the homeless, the elderly, Native Americans, the physically and mentally challenged, those who have HIV/AIDS, those recovering from an addiction, and many more. Volunteers have an opportunity to provide service at different sites across the United States including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Ser ving others, becoming more acquainted with one’s spiritual self, and making lifelong friends are listed as several of the many benefits joining the Mercy Volunteer Corps offers. For more information about the Mercy Volunteer Corps go to mercyvolunteers. org.

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•Homecoming: Various activities around campus in celebration of Homecoming Week featuring events such as window decorating, pack the stands, and Cougarpalooza. •Sports & Athletics: Women’s Soccer vs. University of Saint Francis [HOME] at 5p.m. on Sept. 21 Volleyball vs. Purdue University Calumet [HOME] at 7p.m. on Sept. 22 A resident votes for RHA CR. Photo: The Xavierite

By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor

The newly elected CRs are: Regina Hall – Janae Buege-McClain and Nolan Woods. Saint Xavier University ‘s Residence Pacelli Hall–Shernelle Bonds and Hall Association (RHA) held elections for Terence Masterson. Community Representatives (CRs) last week Q u a d H a l l s – S h a n i c e A r c h e r, from Sept. 12–15. Morgan Guy, Victoria Hoobyar, and Kara Resident students were asked to vote in Lightbourne. the SXU Diner for whom they would like to University Apartments–Teaonia see as their residence hall representatives. Thomas. “I voted for representatives in my CRs are expected to help with events as residence hall,” said Sam Cruz, Regina Hall well as be the voice of the resident population resident and freshman nursing major. “They on the campus. were people I knew and thought could do “I feel that with the attitudes and goals the job.” of each member of this association, this year Of the 824 residents, 144 voted for CRs. will be nothing but positive outcomes and “I didn’t get to vote because I don’t fun for residents,” said Amber Prskalo, RHA know what it is and what it’s for,” said president. Kathleen Sibayan, Rubloff Hall resident and For more information about RHA email senior nursing major.

Men’s Soccer vs. University of Saint Francis [HOME] at 1:30p.m. on Sept. 24 HOMECOMING Football vs. Trinity International University at 6p.m. on Sept. 24 •Mercy Day Mass Mass will be held at 3:30p.m. in the McDonough Chapel on Sept. 24 followed by a blessing by the Academy Bell •Service Projects S.T.A.T. Brown Bag Project in the Diner at 6p.m. on Sept. 21 School Supply Drive for Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 26-30 •First Year Events: Sex Signals on Sept. 27 in McGuire Hall

Viva los Latinos! By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor In following the tradition of diversity, Saint Xavier University is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with several activities and events held from mid-September to midOctober. SXU’s month long celebration started on Sept. 15 and will conclude on Oct. 20. “I think it’s awesome because it celebrates diversity and gets people involved in learning about other cultures,” said Alex Destout, sophomore nursing major. The activities and events planned for the month are listed as follows: A School Supply Drive from Monday, Sept. 26, to Friday, Sept. 30. All proceeds will go to schools and nonprofit organizations in

Hispanic communities. Latin Dance Lessons will be given from 4-5p.m. in the Student Lounge on Sept. 27 and Oct. 11. An Alumni Panel of Latino Leaders will speak on the influence that their identities have had on their careers and lifestyles since graduating SXU on Sept. 29 at 6p.m. On Oct. 4, Unidos will be hosting a Pack the Stands event where they will provide hotdogs and refreshments for the men’s and women’s soccer games. The Latin/American Studies Program will be hosting a film screening of Like Water for Chocolate at 6p.m. in McGuire Hall on Oct. 12. On Thursday, Oct. 13, a bilingual mass celebrated in both Spanish and English will be held in McDonough Chapel. Hispanic

sweet bread and coffee will be served after the mass. To close off the month-long celebration, Unidos will be hosting the Hispanic Heritage Month Closing Dance in the Andrew Conference Center, where students can come and show off the skills they learned throughout the month and have some refreshments throughout the night. Emily Borchardt, a senior history major said, “I love Hispanic Heritage Month,” when commenting about what she thought about Hispanic Heritage Month. For more information about Hispanic Heritage Month and the activities or events listed above, contact Campus Life at extension x 5060.

Celebrating 184 days of Mercy on Sept. 24 By Macy Zamudio News Contributor As the autumn breeze begins to sweep across the city of Chicago, the Saint Xavier community, along with other communities scattered across the world, are beginning to make preparations for the 184th celebration of Mercy Day. In speaking of the tradition behind the day, Sister Joy Clough said, “In the Catholic Church calendar, Sept. 24 was the feast day of Our Lady of Mercy, Mary. Someone on the staff noticed this, so they decided to name the house, the House of Mercy, after her because it opened on that day.” The House of Mercy served as a place of hospitality and education to those who were poor in Ireland, most commonly women and young girls. Four years after the establishment of the House of Mercy, Catherine McAuley

founded the Sisters of Mercy, which was named after the establishment. In 1843, the Sisters left Ireland and traveled to the United States where they first settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Three years later, a small group of Sisters of Mercy, under the leadership of Sister Francis Xavier Warde traveled to Chicago. At that point, Chicago did not have any concrete streets, hospitals, a sewerage system, and an education system. Addressing the town’s academic needs, the Sisters of Mercy founded one of Chicago’s first schools, the St. Francis Xavier Female Academy. T h e Sisters also served the community’s health needs by establishing Chicago’s first general hospital, Mercy Hospital, in 1852. Coincidentally, although they arrived on the 23, the Sisters’ first full day of serving in Chicago was September 24-Mercy Day. All of the sisters’ achievements throughout Chicago and the world could be

contributed to their following of the Mercy tradition. What is the Mercy tradition? Sister Joy explained, “The Mercy tradition is a tradition of service based on our faith and the Christian belief that as Jesus said, ‘Whatever you do for one of these others, you do for me.’ The Mercy tradition combines a sense of the importance of relating to God through faith and prayer with the compassion for and service of the neighbor, especially the poor, the sick, and the uneducated.” This year, Saint Xavier will be celebrating Mercy Day by having an exciting array of special events planned. The Mercy Day Liturgy will take place in the afternoon at the McDonough Chapel, a special blessing for Saint Xavier’s many community leaders will be held by the Academy Bell at 3:30 p.m. Students are welcomed to meet local

Sisters of Mercy, who have continued Catherine McAuley’s mission of service, in the Student Lounge at 4:00 p.m. All festivities will take place on Thursday, Sept. 22. All students and faculty are welcomed to attend any of the scheduled activities. Come out and enjoy the day’s celebrations as 184 years of Mercy history and tradition are commemorated and the Saint Xavier community is reminded once again why it is still important to continue spreading the Sisters of Mercy’s story. Mercy Day which is officially celebrated on Sept. 24, commemorates the day in which Catherine McAuley, foundress of the religious order, the Sisters of Mercy, established the House of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland on September 24, 1827.

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The Xavierite


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

>Editorial< It’s Homecoming Week...Isn’t It?

By: The Xavierite Staff

Well, it looks like this is going to be another plain and simple week at Saint Xavier University, with nothing to look forward to except the promise of the weekend. Wait. No, that is not right. This is SXU’s Homecoming week! Isn’t it? With the largest influx of new students this year, it should come as no surprise that the school has done everything in its power…to not change a single thing about the Homecoming’s lackluster schedule. The release of this paper means it is Wednesday. What has happened so far to celebrate our Homecoming? According to the officially released poster listing the events, you so far could have purchased posters, taken pictures for prizes, watched a powder puff football game, gotten your picture taken with someone wearing our mascot costume and played some team games with friends for prizes. Today, you can decorate your windows and hallways, do community service and join the Student Activities Board (SAB) for food and the chance to listen to a band named Final Say. For the rest of the week, you can get hypnotized, watch a volleyball game–– something that would have been happening regardless of Homecoming––attend two hours of games and music on Friday, and, of course, go to the homecoming football game. Now, many of us here at The Xavierite

are a bit confused about this schedule. Not even considering the quality of the events, there is just a supreme lack of advertisement for the entire week. Even though it certainly is a great decision for the events to be planned around commuter student schedules, being placed in the middle of the day in most cases, there just is not enough press for it. We would bet that most commuter students will simply come for class and leave, barely being aware of Homecoming at all. Even if SXU comes through with some really great events, what is the point if no one shows up because it wasn’t properly advertised? But even that is mild; it is not even just a simple matter of advertisement. This is a matter of total apathy toward what should be an event that inspires the entire student body to shout and pound their chests with pride. We at The Xavierite are not going to point fingers without first recognizing that we too dropped the ball, pretty severely. As mentioned above, it is Wednesday and SXU is halfway through Homecoming week. Last week’s paper should have had the full schedule listed and it should have had a news or features story centered totally around Homecoming and school pride. And for the lack of that, we apologize. But we are not alone in this blame game. We’ve got over 5,000 students going to school here. Where’s the student initiative, the drive? Who’s taking homecoming seriously

K���’� R����, M������, ��� O���� B��������� Disney Films: Viciously Killing People Since Before it was Cool By Kane McKeown Viewpoints Correspondent

You are hardcore. You want to see action, you want to see fire, you want to see gore. You want gut-wrenching violence. You want Disney cartoons. What? Oh, did you never realize how violent Disney cartoons were? Let me guess, you were still probably too busy trying to find all the weird sexual insertions, like the golden phallus on top of the castle in The Little Mermaid. Well, it is time to stop ruining your childhood with sexual perversion and start ruining it with rampant violence. When I said these cartoons are filled with violence, I am going to go ahead and assume you immediately thought of Bambi’s mother getting shot by a hunter or Simba’s father getting thrown off a cliff and trampled by wildebeests. Yes, those are violent and sad images in their own right, deserving of its own article, but I’m talking about the villains. The only person who hated the villains more than the protagonist was Walt Disney himself. In Snow White, the Queen is so jilted at Snow’s beauty that she hires the Brawny Man to chop her heart out with an axe. When Snow finds refuge with a family of dwarves, each named after their psychological disorder, the Queen takes things into her own hands and poisons her. Rightfully angry, the dwarves chase her straight up a mountain during a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes, the Queen falls into a bottomless chasm with an avalanche of boulders following her. The Queen dies by severe impact and total crushing. Bambi is a story of a cute little deer whose father abandoned him and whose mother was shot to death. The film then ignores all of that and eventually he grows

up and wants to get frisky with a doe. But he has to fight another male deer to win her. The fight is cloaked in shadows and harsh lighting, but Bambi bucks and slams his way to a victory after ramming the dark deer off a cliff. The dark deer dies with a broken neck upon severe impact. Too much falling from cliffs and not enough bloodshed, you say? Sleeping Beauty is the story of a girl who was put in a coma by Maleficent after not being invited to a party. The prince, who was to marry her, makes his appearance and fights Maleficent, who has now turned into a hell dragon. The prince nearly loses, but throws his sword, slamming it into her chest. Maleficent dies by mortal stab wound. Ursula, from The Little Mermaid, gets the short end of the stick as well. Or rather the sharp and jagged end of the bowsprit. After causing way too much chaos to win American Idol with Ariel’s voice and a giant gold fork, Prince Eric takes control of a wrecked ship and steers the broken bowsprit, the pole jutting from the front of a ship, straight through her heart. Ursula dies by impalement. Judge Frollo, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, tries to seduce a gypsy woman, which angers Quasimodo, the hunchback, who loves her. Quasimodo and the judge fight and Frollo gets thrown from the cathedral towers into a conveniently placed pit of fire. Frollo dies by incineration. Scar, from the Lion King, murders Simba’s father, takes control of the kingdom, and drives it to ruin. Simba grows up, and to take revenge, throws him of a cliff and lets ravenous hyenas have at him. Scar’s death is caused from getting eaten alive. The hunter John Clayton, from Tarzan, while trying to win back his love from the jungle man, gets ensnared in vines. Using his machete, he cuts away the vines until he gets caught and drops. Clayton dies by being DISNEY > page


and really owning it, putting our unique mark on it? Some of the events are good, maybe even a lot of fun, but they are executed in the wrong way. Window decorating as an event sounds like it can really get people motivated but why is it being done in the middle of the week, with only two days left? Why wasn’t that planned for last week, to get people preemptively excited about Homecoming? In fact, where are any of the decorations? People showed up for class on Monday and saw the same thing they did when they left last Friday. This is Homecoming! There should not be a single student who is not aware of it. Where is the abundance of flyers, where are the balloons, where are the wild whoops and cheers, where is the air of celebration? Every hallway in this school should look like SXU vomited scarlet and grey. People should have to fight clusters of balloons just to get to their classes. University pride should be so outlandish it should be annoying. We do not see it. It is almost as if there is an embarrassment over advertising the events that are scheduled. Actually, that seems accurate. Nothing has really changed the past couple years, considering the series of less than inspiring events. Why are we not scheduling events that encourage real participation? Not just from the people who happen to be around at the time, but from the entire student body. What is Homecoming if not a

celebration of what we do best? And what we are doing best this year is playing football. We are first in the NAIA, but where are the football players wearing their jerseys, hassling people to show up to the Homecoming game to show support? What about cheerleaders pouncing through the halls? Not happening. And let’s not focus just on the people deeply involved with Homecoming, although that should probably be a high priority on those people. Let’s turn our attention to the student body in its entirety. There is no buzz, none whatsoever. This school, from the students involved with university politics, students involved with sport teams, students who are simply here for class––is completely apathetic. Homecoming is supposed to be the cure for apathy, but all this week has done so far is highlight the fact that we are so incredibly disinterested, as a whole, that we cannot even be bothered to be excited about what is supposed to be the most lively week of the entire year. Suffice it to say, we here at The Xavierite are very excited about Homecoming this year. Disagree? Agree? The Xavierite wants your opinion. Write a “Letter to the Editor” and get your voice heard! Email us at *All writers must include their names. Students should also include their year and major. Staff must include their position.

This Just In: Facebook Doesn’t Cure Cancer

Mysterious statuses and sexual innuendos the latest trend By Kelley Lindsey Senior Viewpoints Editor

“I like it on the table.” “I am ten months and craving Twizzlers.” “Blue with pink polka dots.” I’m sure most of you have seen these puzzling Facebook statuses pop up on your newsfeed. Since their inception, it has been revealed that these statuses were a “girl only” game that was supposed to simultaneously mystify “the boys” and raise awareness for breast cancer. They typically start off with someone, probably a woman, receiving a message in her inbox. The message will start out with a caveat about how this is only for the girls and that the boys are absolutely not allowed to know what we are talking about. Somehow half the population not knowing what is going on is going to raise awareness. I have not quite worked out how this is yet. The message then continues with instructions on what to put in your status. The status updates are either misleading or mean nothing without context. Once again, this is supposed to raise awareness. No offense to those who have chosen to participate, but I think these “games” are absolutely ridiculous, for several reasons. By only having half the population participating kind of defeats the purpose of raising awareness. If you are passionate about a cause, you want everyone to know! The “girls only” aspect erases a lot of people. According to the American Cancer Society, around 2,140 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2011. Also, what about trans-women and trans-men? Since most people associate breasts with women, what about those women without breasts? And those men that do have breasts? It is easy to forget that breast cancer doesn’t just affect cis-women.

This also applies to the whole “I ‘heart’ boobies” and “Save the boobies” campaigns. I can appreciate the effort to put some levity in the breast cancer awareness game. However, this separates “boobies” from the women attached to them. Are they only worth saving because they are boobies? Or are they worth saving because there are human beings attached to them? I think we can all hopefully agree that the latter is what we need to focus on. The name of the foundation that sponsors the “I ‘heart’ boobies” bracelets is called the Keep a Breast foundation. That right there is a bit offensive. Keep a breast? How about we keep a life? A woman is no less a woman because she has lost a breast. These bracelets have become an excuse for ‘bros’ and frat boys to declare their love of boobs while looking like they care about breast cancer awareness. Of course this does not apply to all guys that wear these bracelets. A lot of times I find myself asking if the guy wearing it really cares, or wants a politically correct way of saying he is a boob aficionado. The Facebook games don’t really raise awareness. And that is OK if they were just being used as silly games. But to masquerade them as being for the cause is just asinine and frankly insulting to those who work tirelessly to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. If you really want to raise awareness, join in your local Relay for Life (there will be one on Jan. 1 at Oak Lawn Community High School). Donate to the American Cancer Society, the National Breast Cancer Foundation or to a local hospital. Even volunteer your time in a local oncology unit. Not all of us have time for more than sharing links or giving a few dollars but before you post the color of your bra or where you like your purse, think about how those few minutes could be better spent to help those that are suffering from this terrible disease.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Not-so Innocent Children

By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief The other day, as I was walking around Lake Marion, I noticed a group of kids, no more than ten years old, sitting alongside the path. As I neared them, expecting to hear talk about the latest animated sensation from Japan, I instead heard a medley of swear words. And I’m not talking “crap” here. The words they were using put them on par with Joe Pesci’s character in “Goodfellas.” Basically they were spewing out the heaviest swear words our English language can muster. I was surprised at first, but as I thought about it more, I realized that I wasn’t really. There is a kid on my block who since age 8 has been cussing with his friends as they walk down the street. It seems that kids are learning these filthy words and ideas earlier and earlier in life. But this in itself is only half the story. I am also noticing an increasing boldness and audacity in these kids, and not in a positive sense. This audacity is inciting them to disrespectful and even vicious behavior toward others. I know of adults who have been verbally harassed and pestered by these little monsters. Adults! It is much worse when they turn on a kid their own age. In those cases they become really

dangerous bullies. So what is the deal? I don’t mean to be the old man running out shouting, “get off my lawn” at little kids, but at the same time I wonder what is driving this behavior. In my Aug. 31 article, I discussed how the Internet is making bullying much easier and much more efficient. I would further argue that the internet helps instill a disrespectful attitude in many children by introducing derogatory material to them. Why the Internet? Why isn’t television to blame for this? After all, there is no shortage of violent children’s TV shows out there. The answer is that violence represents only half of the phenomenon. Children have had access to violent programs for decades, and violent bullies have existed for decades probably influenced, in part, by such shows. But much of the derogatory material I hear kids using today is not violent; it is sexual, and although sexual terms and activities are plentiful on TV, they are not as easily accessible to children through that medium. Children’s shows, thankfully, do not depict sexual material, and responsible parents control what adult programs their young ones watch. When it comes to the internet, however, the child enters a playground of explicitly obscene content that is difficult to control. Indeed, the possibilities to learn rude behavior on the internet are endless. From obscene videos and content on YouTube to

Concerning grade schoolers learning how to use the internet, do the pros outweigh the cons?

“I think they’ll mature, stop looking at all the bad stuff, and end up going into higher education with a lot of knowledge.”

Alissa Watkins sophomore nursing student

“Yes, I think it’s more stuff for them to learn. They’ll be able to use it for good more than they will for bad stuff.”

Justin Krenke freshman philosophy student

This kid is too tough to just wave. Photo

slang definitions in the Urban Dictionary, a young child can acquire a solid base of knowledge in vulgarism. This is especially true for this generation’s tech savvy children, who were born with a Smartphone in their hands. Their parents can try to set Internet controls, but chances are the child knows how to get around them. Even if a child does not have free reign on the Internet, he or she probably has a friend who does and is willing to share the material with others. The result is that the child seemingly “grows up” faster in the sense that he or she

Frederick Vaineo freshman undecided student

“Everyone should have access to the internet, but whoever has authority needs to keep tabs on it so they don’t end up on some porn site or something.”

Danielle Wylbur senior Spanish and criminal justice student

“Yes, I think the internet is so convenient, there’s so much information out there. Just put some parental blocks on the computer. Mike Warde Senior computer science student

A guide to buying your college books quickly and affordably By Edgar Crespo Viewpoints Contributor

Well now that the school year has officially started, it is assumed that all who attend Colleges, Universities or Vocational Schools have received their class schedules and purchased the corresponding books; however, is it possible your purchase was far too over priced? If you purchase from your school’s bookstore the answer is most likely yes: so wouldn’t it be better to be an informed consumer to ensure that you aren’t spending money unnecessarily? Something that college bookstores neglect to mention to new incoming students is that they are not obligated to purchase required books through their school book store. There are other places to pick up your books for a fraction of the book store price. Money is tight these days, and it’s good to know what options are available to weigh the cost benefit ratio and determine what is the best option for you. Freshmen students are a susceptible group and more often than not, immediately buy without a question of whether or not the purchase they are making would satisfy their needs as well as their budget. If there is any advice that a college freshmen would need, it is to become a bargain shopper and watch out for something that is just under their nose; so when in doubt, search online. There are always sites that you can find that allow you to find what you need. If you don’t want to keep your books and would like DISNEY >

“If they’re taught with parental lock on the computer to keep them out of bad sites,maybe.They’re too young to use the internet unless they’re with an adult.”

gains such an in depth knowledge of adult matters. What follows is a loss of respect for the real adult because that adult no longer seems as elevated and mysterious to the child. In essence, the child learns the vulgar side of adulthood without learning the responsibility and self-control that should come with it. This breeds the excessive rudeness toward both adults and other children on the child’s part. Here we have another example of the dark side of technology. It is interesting to see how this generation of children will develop as they get older.

Why do colleges neglect helpful alternatives?

Campus Poll

Timothy Strong sophomore biology secondary education student

Page 5

“The internet has more information than what you can pick up at a library. Besides, there are ways to block the bad sites.”

from page


to save yourself the headache of selling the books back then there alternatives that are based around renting books that you need for a semester and returning them upon the completion of the course. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find a particular item that’s required so another tip is to just search by the item’s ISBN number. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, ISBN numbers are typically a ten to thirteen digit number that an item is given as a form of identification. ISBN numbers make it incredibly easy to locate the book. Now I’m in no way bashing school book stores because they are a useful tool and when there is something that can not be found anywhere else for a reasonable amount, then it is there for you to utilize.

“ Freshman

students are a susceptible group.”

The best strategy to use is to have the bookstore as your last resort. Now you may be asking “why would a school withhold this information?” I pondered the same thing. I found it to be really irritating, but then I realized that it’s a logical way of thinking because, at the end of the day a school needs to cover its costs and this requires money. So if there is anything you get from this article, make sure it is that you become a more aware consumer for your own sake. It would be quite embarrassing for someone to read this article and neglect the useful information that has just been presented to them.

murdered. But now you now that is actually a really big part of the films. hanged. You know, that this is all just very Disney is a franchise known for its gooddepressing. How about we all go back to natured stories, the triumph of good over talking about the weird sexual insertions, evil, the sing-a-long musicals, and anything like how the word “sex” is written out in the else besides horrifying ways to die or be clouds when Simba talks to his father.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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FEATURES The Ultimate Album Review

Normally, we only do one album review, but Brian is giving six reviews in one go!

By Brian Maloney Features Contributor I have decided that Sept. 13 shall be known as “International Album Release Day” because of the plethora of new releases this year. In this particular article, I shall go over six of the newest releases from bands of many genres, starting with a band inside their own genre: Primus! Green Naugahyde is a thirteen-track trip into the mind of Les Claypool and friends and it sure is a scary, yet musically wonderful place. The first track that stuck out to me was “Last Salmon Man”. This track features some delicious bass chords that sound a bit like “Joker and the Thief” by WolfMother; that is, it sounds like that song, with a charming Primus twist. Speaking of twists, everybody loves twisted circus music! And the next track entitled “Eternal Combustion Engine” is just that! The track after that, “Tragedy’s A’Comin’” goes to prove Les Claypool on bass is the best thing since someone told Neil Peart about the drum set. The album goes on into my person favorite track, “Lee Van Cleef”. Another good song is “HOINFODAMAN” which lets the listener know that Primus sucks in the

Les Claypool

most delightful way. A bit farther into the album, a delightfully delicious track called “Extinction Burst” is driven by, what’s this? Percussion? On a Primus album? Yes, the best part of this track is its riveting drum beat. Of course, this beat is not to be outdone by Les’ wah pedal. The album then ends with a musical oddity in itself entitled “Salmon Men”. The beginning reminds me of the “Robot Chicken” theme song, which Primus also wrote. And of course, the lyrics of this song are the usual amusing nonsense. The next album takes us down a darker path: the path of The Devil Wears Prada. Their new fourth album is entitled Dead Throne and it is no stray from their dark path. The premiere and title track has some alluring parts, and some distasteful ones. The drum rhythms make me admire Daniel Williams and his double bass. The clean choruses are immensely pleasing to the ear. In fact, the clean vocals are the crown jewel of the album. Overall, this work is not the Zombie EP, which saddens me, but if you have been a fan since Plagues, or even before that, you should probably enjoy some tracks off this cd. Up next is a metalcore band which I enjoy quite a bit. “AM I NOT UNDERSTANDING

The Devil Wears Prada


THIS NOW?” What a way to “Mis// Understanding”, the first track of the album. In fact, this song just might be my favorite song of theirs yet. As the album progresses, the music decreases its heaviness and intensity. “A War Inside” is an aesthetic masterpiece of beauty. Other tracks are also great. In fact, overall, the album is a big success. Featuring meaningful lyrics and a huge improvement from an already solid foundation, I would like to nominate Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be by We Came As Romans for the sophomore album of the year. The next two albums are Staind by… Staind and The Sea Of Memories by Bush. First with Staind, their newest release takes the listener back to their old days with the sound of the first three albums. The main single, “Not Again” has a pretty heavy sound for Staind. Moving on to Bush, the new single of the album “Afterlife” is so lovely and catchy, I feel compelled to go listen to more Bush. The other single, “The Sound Of Winter” sounds like their old 90’s stuff with a touch of an aged, slower feel. Finally, the star of “International Album Release Day,” A Dramatic Turn Of Events by Dream Theater. The opening track, “On The


Backs Of Angels” deserves its own full-page review. Starting off on a slow, melodious guitar riff with waves of a keyboard floating in and out, the track leads into a fantastic lead up led by John Petrucci’s delectable guitar work. Followed by an angelic chorus line, the song begins to show off its true power. The next six minutes are Progressive Metal history. Go watch the music video and you shall understand. The rest of the album follows suit in the word of power. There are also some solos that make me wonder if Dream Theater is really human, or just robots sent on a musical mission… from God. The tracks are the usual lengths around ten minutes, but if you ignore the numbers and just get into it, you finish the album begging them for more. “This Is The Life” can make you cry, or at least look back on your life emotionally. Overall, I think Dream Theater continues to progress their unique sound, each album at a time. Go buy this album or YouTube it daily. New Rating System

Embarrassingly Indifferent Awful

We Came As Romans


Buy it


Dream Theater

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HBO Comes Down to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Wireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Page 7

Show About Drug Trafficking Is Worth Some Investigation By Jake Cashman Features Contributor

For those of you who still receive Netflix discs in the mail, I have a suggestion for you. HBOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s police drama â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Wireâ&#x20AC;? is by far the best television series I have ever watched. As someone who has delved into every episode of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Houseâ&#x20AC;?, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dexterâ&#x20AC;?, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Its Always Sunny in Philadelphiaâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Arrested Developmentâ&#x20AC;?, I can say with confidence that â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Wireâ&#x20AC;? is genius. Filmed and aired from 2002 till 2008, it follows the drug dealing culture in Baltimore, Maryland, and counterpoises the typical life of cops fighting the drug trafficking with the realities of those who sling drugs in this

city. The show is unique in that it takes an introspective look at what it is like to be part of the underground drug trafficking movement. The first season centers on Detective Jimmy McNulty being assigned to a task force whose mission is to take down a drug kingpin named Avon Barksdale. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Woodâ&#x20AC;? Harris, also known as Julius from â&#x20AC;&#x153;Remember the Titansâ&#x20AC;?, plays Barksdale. He is the center of the racketeering and drug industry in Baltimoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s infamous highrise projects; he is ruthless, and in a city that is as violent as Baltimore, every crime, scheme, and arrest that happens in the city has something to do with him. One endearing part of the show is that while its focus is never in one area of the drug trafficking scene, we never loose track of who is doing what, where and when.

Drug Trafficking is a very serious matter. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Photoâ&#x20AC;?

You can still read between the lines on Netflix â&#x20AC;&#x153;Photoâ&#x20AC;?

The scenes jump from McNulty or another cop gleaning information from a heroin addict turned criminal informant, to a scene in which we watch how the criminal informant and other druggies interact with the drug dealers, to seeing how the dealers get â&#x20AC;&#x153;the productâ&#x20AC;? from their higher ups, and so on. Interspliced in this wild scheme are so many wild characters that it makes your head spin. There is the stick-up man, Omar, who takes pride in living outside of the law. He walks around the streets, disappearing and reappearing at random, totting a shotgun like a baseball bat and robbing the drug dealers of money, just because he can. There is the aforementioned druggie/ informant Bubbles, who knows he should never have ended up on this path, but who is relatable because he still uses honesty in

his quest to survive. There are politicians who use drops in the crime rate to better their political standing. T here are union dockworkers that make extra money on the side by leaving containers of valuable goods around to be stolen. There is every perspective you can imagine. But what makes it the best is that amidst the jerk police bosses, and the honest drug dealers who are just trying to support themselves, the line between who is acting morally and who is immoral becomes blurred. And, as the season progress, the lines become so intertwined that you might find yourself rooting for a murdering maniac or a principled drug lord. Check out the first season of HBOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Wireâ&#x20AC;?, and see if you can stop yourself from watching the rest. I sure canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t.


Mercy Day ORLAND PARK CAMPUS Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CHICAGO CAMPUS Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mercy Dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Meaning QNt-JCSBSZ

Mercy Day Liturgy /PPOt.D%POPVHI$IBQFM

Encounter the spirit of the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, and our founding patron, Frances Xavier Warde, through narrative, visuals, music, and drama. These women of mercy transcend time and gift us across centuries with enduring insights of challenge and hope.

Gather with colleagues and Sisters of Mercy to pray for the continuing vibrancy of faithinspired education at SXU. Campus Ministry Director Esther Sanborn will offer the Mercy Day reflection.

All are welcome to attend the festivities at either campus.

Leadership Commissioning QNt"DBEFNZ#FMM Participate in the commissioning of SXU leaders â&#x20AC;&#x201C; trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Bless them for a leadership of service in the spirit of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy. Meet Some Mercys QNt4UVEFOU-PVOHF Join student leaders in conversation with local Sisters of Mercy whose leadership in a variety of ministries continues the legacy of Catherine McAuleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s compassion and concern for others. Light refreshments will be served.

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Homecoming Traditions and Events at Other Schools

Wellness Corner

For future health, nutrition or fitness questions, email Kelly Devine, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics





Student Picks




Gaining weight when you first go away to school is not uncommon. But fortunately you can help prevent that weight gain by following these tips… Good luck! • Weigh yourself once a week so you are not surprised by a fast gain in a couple months time

and drink primarily water based beverages (least amount of calories) throughout the day. This will keep you more hydrated and craving less snack foods. • Sounds silly but wear fitted pants or jeans. If all you wear to class are pajama pants, your less likely to realize you are full when eating. If you are wearing jeans every day and they start to feel a little snug, you know you need to head to the Shannon Center for some workouts! • And last but not least, the biggest offender of college weight gain, is the late night eating/ fast food consumption. Try and cut off your snacking at night to 10 pm (especially during midterms or finals!). Try and limit the fast foods or ordering take out late at night. Your waistline and wallet will thank you!


I’m scared of gaining the freshman 15. What are some tips you can give me to prevent gaining weight?

• Schedule your workouts in your calendar just like you do classes. The Shannon Center has many options to choose from such as intramurals, exercise classes, running programs, the track and exercise equipment and much more. Utilize these services! • Stick to an eating schedule. Try not to skip meals and start the day of right by eating breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day! Even if you don’t have time to head to the cafeteria before class, grab something quick to eat from your room. •Keep healthy snacks on you to eat in between classes so you don’t rely on junk foods. Some ideas are protein or fiber bars, trail mix, fruit, nuts, peanut butter and crackers, low fat popcorn or pretzels. • Skip the sugary drinks and energy drinks


Top Photos: Bottom:

time of celebration, there are still people in need, and they should not be ignored. A Texan tradition almost as important as the homecoming game itself, homecoming mums are an important part of homecoming celebrations. Yes. Mums. As in the flower. Homecoming mums consist of brightly colored mums and anything else that would make a beautifully obnoxious, oversized, school spirit filled corsage. Students decorate these bundles of flowers and ribbon, which can sometimes weigh more than a small dog and cost money going into three digits. I could not imagine students spending what seems like the equivalent of their meal plans on giant flower bouquets, but it would be quite a sight to see every SXU student walking around with their own personal homecoming float hanging from their neck. So what do you think Saint Xavier? Maybe it is time to start a new tradition here at SXU to go along with the Cougar 5K and Heritage Ball. Let’s think big. This is our school, and our homecoming. Let’s create something special.


Features Editor

Homecoming is here! Homecoming is a time for tremendous school spirit and lots of fun activities. Saint Xavier has several fun homecoming week activities, including the Cougar 5K and the Heritage Ball. But what do other schools do? Here’s a look at what other schools have come up with to kick off their homecoming spirit fest. At Dartmouth College the school has a Homecoming bonfire tradition. As tradition states, the freshman class builds the bonfire and then have to run around it a certain number of times. The number of times they have to run around it corresponds with their class year. So for example, the class of 2012 would have had to run around it 112 times. Make sure to bring some marshmallows… I guess. Loyola University Service Trip Loyola University in Chicago has an event where students can give back to their community by working at an area soup kitchen. They serve the people there and help with the clean up. This is a great opportunity for students to help others. It serves as a reminder that even during a


By Becki Brown

ellness Tweets

of the week

“NASA “discovers” “ Tatooine” just as the #StarWars Blu-Rays come out. Coincidence? We think not. #WellPlayedMrLucas.” @DeathStarPR Sept. 15

Teresa Richter junior, early childhood education

Nicole Callsen sophomore, nursing

Vince Dore senior, music education

Countries I’d like to visit

Top 5 Movies

5 Favorite Foods

Italy. I’m Italian, and some of my family still lives in Italy. Plus, I speak Italian, so I’d have no trouble adapting to the language.

Pulp Fiction (1994). This movie is a cult classic with so many memorable scenes. How can I not love this movie?

Sushi. Sushi is a bit of an acquired taste. There are so many different types I never have to have the same one twice.

Egypt. Ever since I was little, I would read books about pharoahs and mummies. I love everything about Egyptian culture.

Pandorum (2009). Pandorum’s plot has so many twists and turn that it leaves you guessing until the very last second.

Pasta. Pasta comes in so many different varieties. There are so many different sauces, too. Also, I’m Italian, so I can’t help but love it.

The UK. I’ve heard it’s really nice there. I’m also a HUGE Dr. Who fan, so it would be really cool to see where it is set.

The Matrix (1999). This movie may be “the one” science fiction movie that bridges the gap from the 90s to the new millenium.

Chicken Piccata. In terms of Italian cuisine, “piccita” means “to be pounded flat”, but there is nothing flat about chicken piccata’s flavor.

South Africa. Everything there is so different from how it is here. I’d just love to experience the culture shock.

A Clockwork Orange (1971). Not Enchiladas. Enchiladas can be filled only was it an amazing movie, but with so many different spanish foods that he possibilities are endless. it was also an amazing book.

Japan. Americans have an obsession Fight Club (1999). I can’t say any Calamari. Mmm squid. Don’t worry. with Japanese culture, and I’m no more. I’ve already broken the first It sounds so unappetizing, but it is absolutely delicious. exception. I want to see it for myself. rule.

Charlie Sheen says he’d guest star on ‘Men’: Wait, what?” @EW Entertainment Weekly Sept. 16

“#Netflix loses 1 million customers following price increase; stock tumbles.” @cnnbrk Sept. 16

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11 T H A N N UA L

COUGAR 5K RUN/WALK 4 "5 6 3 %":  4 & 1 5 & . # & 3        t   " .

Presented by The Shannon Center For more information or to register online, visit, Keyword: Cougar 5K or call the Race Hotline at  .

Follow us on Facebook, search: SXU Shannon Center

Page 10 FOOTBALL >

from page

By Vinnie Hughes Senior Sports Editor

The Xavierite


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

is a lot of pressure being number one because if you are not the best, then you want to beat the best. We as a team have to go out every game and expect other teams will play their best game. We have to stay humble and play with an edge.” Zackery also discussed how the team plans to keep the top spot in the NAIA. “We plan to keep the number one ranking by leaving everything on the field for every game and by never underestimating an opponent.” In a few short weeks our football team will meet the biggest test that they have ever seen. The Cougars travel to Indiana to take on rival University of Saint Francis, who is the no. 2 team in the nation. For the first time in NAIA sports history, the no. 1 and no. 2 teams will play each other in the regular season. “It’s going be a tough game but we still got to keep focused on our other games first. The environment there is insane, one of the craziest I have ever played at. This will be the biggest game we ever play, and it will define the rest of our season as well,” said Munizzi when asked about the matchup. Being the top ranked team is something to celebrate absolutely. But this team would rather be ranked number one on the morning of Dec. 18 than now. For those of you who do not know, that is the morning after the Championship game. Now that that the team has finally got through the glass ceiling for getting to the top spot, the only thing left on the check list is to win it all.

Starting center Matt Munizzi said after Saturday’s 55-30 win against Walsh University (Ohio), “It means a lot that we are number one because it is a testament to the guys before us. Guys like Maher and Kropp who made this dynasty for us. I am so glad we got here not only for us, but for them as well.” Mike Maher, former All-American receiver, and Anthony Kropp, former AllAmerican quarterback, led the 2010 Cougars to a record-breaking season finishing 13-1 overall and helped them earn their second straight trip to the national semi-finals. The Cougars are no strangers to great success and high national rankings. Head Coach Mike Feminis has more than 100 career victories with the team. The Cougars entered this season with back-to-back perfect regular seasons campaigns in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, the team reached peaked at the nation’s third best team according to NAIA rankings. “I know a lot of the kids on the team were here the last two years when the season ended in the semi-final game. The fire that was in them to get them to the top is nowhere near the fire that is in them now to stay there,” said Assistant Athletic Director/ Sports Information Director Rob Huizenga. After hearing word of the number one ranking junior receiver Shane Zackery stated, “Being number one is important because it is what we have worked so hard for as a team. It

Upcoming Home Games

•September 24 vs. Trinity International •October 15 vs. Quincy University •October 22 vs. Taylor University •November 12 vs. Jamestown College

Save on Homecoming 2011 at the Campus Bookstore! Welcome Alumni and guests to SXU’s Homecoming 2011! The Campus Bookstore is celebrating this year’s homecoming with a 25% storewide discount! Stop in and browse our selection of gifts, sportswear and Cougar Spirit items and pick-up something to show your Cougar Pride! One Day only Sale Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2011 Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. • Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Located in the north side of the Saint Xavier University Shannon Athletic Center. Enter from 103rd St. near the SXU electronic marquee.


3700 West 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60655 (773) 298-3115

Bookstore Bites New Fall Yankee Candle items have arrived!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Xavierite

Page 11

“Lockout League” By Greg Pilafas Sports Editor

There will be two days of playoffs before the Championship game that will take place on the 23. As for the NBA, if an agreement is not reached within a couple of weeks, the NBA will begin to postpone training camps and also cancel preseason games. The players and commissioner David Stern met on Aug. 31, in a meeting that lasted about six hours. At the end of the meeting both sides agreed to not share any of the details of the lockout meetings with the media. Both sides met again on Sept. 7. The talks went well and there was another meeting on Sept. 8. After the end of this meeting, however, things would head south as talks have broken off for the time being. It seems that both the players and the owners are united but will not give in to each other. The main problem of the lockout is the fact that neither side is willing to budge on the financial side of the NBA. There is a big debate that each side wants their money, but neither will move on giving the other more money. The owners want to implement a seventy-five million dollar ceiling so teams cannot pay all of their players more than that. The reason for this is small market teams are not making a lot of money and are only allowed to pay their players a small amount. Also, many of these small market teams are losing money. Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, for example, almost hit that seventy-five million with just four player’s contracts. Four of the top players on the Lakers: Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum combine to make sixty-eight million dollars per season. One side will eventually give in to the other, it seems like that will be the players because they do not want to be losing their paychecks. Let’s see how the next couple of weeks pan out for the NBA. We can only hope the two sides will somehow miraculously reach an agreement...but we aren’t holding our breath.

The NBA has been in a lockout now for over two months since July 1 and an end doesn’t appear likely in the foreseeable future. Numerous players, however, are playing in exhibition games held in places like Los Angeles and Baltimore. These pro-am events have featured great NBA players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. These games, however, feature both NBA players as well as amateurs. This new NBA “lockout league,” will feature only NBA players. This will be the first time since June in which the NBA players will compete in something like the NBA. The league started on September 12, in Las Vegas, and will consist of, as many as eight teams that will have seven or eight players on it. The games will be played under NBA rules, the only difference being that the quarters will be ten minutes long instead of twelve minutes long. The games will be played at the Impact Basketball gymnasium, which is about two miles off the strip of Las Vegas. More than forty players have already committed to play for this new league. Some of the players that are prepared to play in this league are Chauncey Billups, John Wall, Zach Randolph and Stephen Jackson. Other players that have committed to play are: Jermaine O’Neal, Jared Dudley, Courtney Lee and Mo Williams. The teams have been assembled, based on what teams they play for. For example, the Knicks players have been kept together and some of the other team’s players have remained together. The plans is to sell about 500 tickets for each game, and all of the proceeds will go to charity, as well as being able to stream the games on the Internet. The competition should be very high in these events, as both box scores and standings have been kept. There will be a championship game played on Sept.23, and there will be games played daily leading up to it.

Monday, September 19

Cougar Olympics 7:00 p.m. Smith Morris Quad

SGA Poster Sale 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Butler Reception Room

Need to brighten up your room? SGA invites you to stop by the Butler Reception Room to purchase posters ranging in price from $5 to $20.

Are you ready for a challenge? Come out and test your skills at the Cougar Olympics. Form a team with your friends or join one when you arrive. Prizes will be given to the top contenders of the night.

Wednesday, September 21

SXU Photo Scavenger Hunt 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. SXU Diner

Grab your camera, grab your friends, and stop by the Homecoming table in the Diner to sign up for the SXU Photo Scavenger Hunt! The hunt lasts all week and prizes will be awarded to the top pointscoring teams at Cougarpalooza.

Window Decorating Noon - 1:00 p.m. SXU Diner

Show SXU your school pride as we decorate the Student Activities hallway windows. We will provide all the supplies, and all you need to bring is your creativity.

Brown Bag Service Project 6:00 p.m. SXU Diner Atrium

Powder Puff Football 7:00 p.m. Deaton Memorial Field

Women of SXU come on out and show us your competitive spirit! To join a team, please sign up for this intramural event with the Shannon Center. Everyone is welcome to come on out and cheer on our teams as they play for this year’s trophy on Deaton Memorial Field.

Tuesday, September 20 SGA Poster Sale 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Student Lounge

Need to brighten up your room? SGA invites you to stop by the Student Lounge to purchase posters ranging in price from $5 to $20.

Pictures with Champ the Cougar 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. SXU Diner

Alumni and students will once again come together in the spirit of Mercy to serve our community. All are invited to assist in making brown bag lunches to assist local shelters and organizations who serve individuals in great need.

Cougarfest 7:30 p.m. Smith Morris Quad

Join the Student Activities Board for food and entertainment. The band Final Say will have us singing and dancing along. This will be an event you don’t want to miss.

Thursday, September 22

Hypnotist Christopher Carter 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. SXU Diner

Join the Student Activities Board as they host hypnotist Christopher Carter. Hypnotists have always drawn a curious

crowd in the Diner, one that watches what students will do under a hypnotist’s suggestions. Who will you know on stage and how wild will the show get? To find out, come out and see for yourself.

Pack the Stands- Women’s Volleyball 7:00 p.m. Shannon Center Come cheer on our women’s volleyball team as we pack the stands. Food will be provided before the game at the football field concessions area. Come out and show your Cougar spirit!

Saturday, September 24 Cougar 5K 9:00 a.m.

Come participate in the 11th Annual Cougar 5K or just come to cheer them on at the finish line. For more information, please call the race hotline at (773) 2983592.

Cougarpalooza 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Schmidt Quad

Cougarpalooza is a great time to compete against your fellow Cougars. Bring your friends, classmates or floor mates for an afternoon of friendly competition. Students will earn raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes by participating in events throughout the week! Music, food and fun will also be part of the day’s event.

Homecoming Football Game 6:00 p.m. Deaton Memorial Field

Top off a spirit-filled week by attending the Homecoming game and supporting the Cougars as they play Trinity International University.

Sponsored by Campus Life, Residence Life, Student Activities Board, Student Government Association, Athletics, Intramurals, Alumni & Parent Relations, and the Division of Student Affairs. Questions? Call Campus Life at (773) 341-5060.

Dungeons and Dragons for Jocks

By Greg Pilafas Sports Editor

Your weekly fantasy football review

Fantasy football is now into the second week and we have seen a lot of surprises so far this season. Teams that drafted Jamaal Charles or Chris Johnson may now be regretting their decision after two weeks. We have also seen surprise teams like the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs that have surprised us in a good and bad way. Some players that have come out of nowhere to really surprise us as well. Each and every week we will be taking a look at which guy shocked the heck out of us the most. Also, teams that drafted Cam Newton or Fred Jackson, are getting a pleasant surprise from these two guys. Not many people would believe the statistics that these two guys have put up in their first two games of this season. This week we will provide an article on who we think had the best week, who had the worst week, and who surprised everyone. Disagree with us? Agree? E-mail us at

Best Player

Bust Player

Surprise Player

Tom Brady (NE, QB) This guy has lit up the stat charts so far this season. A week after throwing for 517-yards against the Dolphins, Brady threw for 423-yards against the Chargers. Brady went 31 of 40 and also threw for three more touchdowns against San Diego. He leads the NFL with 940 passing yards and surprisngly right behind him is Cam Newton who has 854-yards in his first two games. Tom Brady will continue to shine in the coming weeks as the Patriots take on the Bills and the Raiders in their next two games.

Matt Cassel (KC, QB) The Chiefs have been the bust team of the year so far this season. Matt Cassel was not very good in their week two match-up against the Detroit Lions finishing 15 of 22 for 133-yards and also three interceptions. The Chiefs have been outscored 89-10 in the team’s first two games this season. Their two games so fas have been against the Lions and Bills, two teams not really known for their offense. The Chiefs have also lost star running back Jamaal Charles for the season to a torn ACL The future doesn’t look to bright for Kansas City.

Fred Jackson (BUF, RB) The Bills could also be the surprise team of the year so far as Buffalo has started out the year at 2-0. Fred Jackson, surprisingly, currently leads the NFL in rushing yards through two weeks of the season. Jackson finished with 15 carries for 117-yards and 2 touchdowns, he also added 2 receptions for 23-yards against the Oakland Raiders in week 2. The Bills won this game against the Raiders 38-35 in what could be the game of the season so far. Fred Jackson may continue to surprise us in the coming weeks especially with how well the Bills have been playing.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Women’s Soccer Stumbles

After a four game winning streak the Cougars fall to Marian University By Greg Pilafas Sports Editor The Saint Xavier women’s soccer team began this season with a .500 record at 4-4. The girls won four games in a row to get to 4-3 and then lost a tough game to Marian University (Indiana) to put them at 4-4. On Sat., Sept. 17, the women rallied hard against Marian University, but their rally fell short as the girls dropped this game 4-3. In the second half, the women were down in this game 4-1 and the Cougars would go on a two goal run, but could not come all the way back to overtake the lead in this game. Brittany DeRiggi and Morgan Graves scored the two goals for the Cougars in the second half that pulled them to within one score. Elysha Peele added the first score for the Cougars in this contest that tied the match at one a piece in the 21 minute. Peele would later have a chance to tie the game up in the final ten minutes, and a corner kick as well, but could not connect to tie the score up at four. Senior keeper Ashley Shugar finished up with six saves in this contest. The Cougars played tough against Marian University, but their winning streak has been snapped at four games. After tyhe game, Coach Ekeler said, “The positive for us is that we probably had our most consistent and healthy attack in 3 years against Marian. We earned our goals, built the attack the right way, and were

dynamic. Rather than roll over our girls really got stiffer and showed the type of fight that exemplifies Cougar athletics. “We took a 4-1 deficit and turned it into a 4-3 score that left Marian bailing water to end the match just to keep their win.” On Fri., Sept. 16, the Cougars defeated USF with the final score of 4-1. The Cougars beat the host University of Saint Francis (Indiana) on their home field in this contest. This was the women’s fourth straight win and put them at a record of 4-3 to begin the season. Morgan Graves was huge in this game with two goals and an assist all in the second half of this game to put it out of reach for USF. Graves scored both of her goals in a span of under three minutes. She has been great so far for them lately as she has scored her team-leading three goals over the Cougars last two games. Ashley Shugar was a key player in the goal as she got the win with seven saves in this match-up. Molly Sheehan also added a goal of her own early in the match on a free kick. “The key to the winning streak, and to our team’s success, is a few things. First it’s about being healthy. We’ve lost four key players to major injuries. The second part of our success is how our freshmen have stepped up to fill some of these voids,” said Ekeler. “In particular the play of Morgan Graves stands out because we’ve put a lot of offensive responsibilities on her and she’s not just taken them on, she’s thrived.” “Jo Janulis has been our most consistent and fit player; Lauren Ciszewski has been

Senior Brittany DeRiggi scored Saint Xavier’s second goal of the game Saturday. (Photo): SXU Athletics

an absolute force for us defensively, Tammy Contorno continues to show why she was a unanimous 2010 CCAC 1st Team Selection, and Elysha Peele has found a new level to her play.” So the combination of getting healthier, freshmen stepping up, and the above foundation have been our story. “Lastly, we’ve had some amazingly steady play from a core group of girls that have been our foundation and kept our eye on the prize through the lows and highs.” This team has lost some key players this year to some pretty serios injuries and

they have fought through so much to get where they are today. Each and every game someone new steps up to fill the void for some missing players and that is what this team is all about, each player stepping up when called upon. The women’s soccer team will take on the University of St. Francis (Illinois) on Wed., Sept. 21 at 5p.m. to kick off the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC). The match will be held at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field.

Cougars Conquer the Cavaliers By AJ Paape Sports Correspondent For the first time in Saint Xavier University athletic history, the school has a nationally number one ranked team. The Cougars looked to defend their ranking for the first time against Walsh University of Ohio Cavaliers. On Saturday night the Cougars showed the home town crowd exactly why they are the number one team in the NAIA. The game did not start off well for either team, after the Cougars won the coin toss and elected to receive the kick, they immediately went three and out without gaining a single yard. On the first Walsh possession the Cougar defense gave up thirty two yards and the Cavaliers found themselves in field goal range. The Cougars caught a break when the 46-field goal attempt by Walsh missed wide right. The Cougar s second of fensive possession started at their own 29-yard line. Quarterback Jimmy Coy orchestrated a nine play 71-yard drive, which was capped off by a 20-yard touchdown reception by junior wide receiver Wes Gastel. On the Cavaliers second offensive possession of the night, the Cougars defensive played significantly better than they did on the first series. The Cougars pressured Walsh quarterback Jim Shiplett and forced a three and out for the Cavaliers. With just over six minutes to go in the game Saint Xavier started their second touchdown drive of the quarter. On this

drive the Cougars had two big plays leading up to their touchdown, a Jimmy Coy 18-yard scramble, and a 20-yard pass completion to sophomore Nick Pesek. Jimmy Coy lobbed a ten yard pass to the back corner of the end zone, where wide receiver Shane Zackery made a leaping catch over a defender for the touchdown. The Cougars offense picked up right where it left of in the second quarter of play. Twenty six seconds into the second quarter running back Nick Pesek found a hole in the defense and ran five yards for the touchdown. With this touchdown the Cougars now lead by twenty one points. The Cougars also added two more touchdowns in the second quarter of play. Defensive end Jimmy Sandling powered through the Cavalier defense on a one-yard touchdown run and Jimmy Coy found junior wide receiver Corey Wennmacher on a 13yard touchdown strike. With these two scores the Cougars extended their lead to 35-0. The Cavaliers finally put points up on the board with 30 seconds left in the first half of play. After a huge 52-yard kickoff return the Cavaliers drove 36-yard on six plays for a touchdown. Just over five minutes into the second half of play Walsh scored their second touchdown of the game, when running back Toba Olarewaju punched the ball in from the five-yard line. The following extra point attempt was blocked by Michael Prosser, and the Cougars’ lead now stood at 22 points. The Cougars offense immediately answered back with a touchdown drive of their own. To cap off an eight play 65-yard

drive, Jimmy Coy hooked up with Wes Gastel once again, this time for a twenty three yard touchdown reception. The Cavaliers ended the third quarter with a field goal, and after three quarters of play the score was the Cougars 42, the Cavaliers 16. In the fourth quarter the Cougars brought in their second string and they put up two more touchdowns. Quarterback Joe Gill found Nick Pesek in the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown pass, and senior running back Sean Bryce added a two-yard touchdown run. The second string Cougar

defense also gave up two touchdowns. When the final horn sounded the Cougars had their third win of the season with a 55-30 victory. The Cougars’ next game will be their homecoming game against Trinity International University on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 6:00p.m. If you are not able to make it to the game be sure to tune in to WXAV 88.3FM or starting at 5:30p.m. with the pregame show and the game coverage following after at 6:00p.m.

Junior receiver Shane Zackery points to the crowd after a reception. (Photo): SXU Athletics

September 21st, 2011  
September 21st, 2011  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011