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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


Meal plan makeover in Fall By Joshua Humphry Senior News Editor SXU students should expect to see increasing meal plans along with a decreasing amount of flex dollars available for the 2012-2013 terms. In order to cope with changing economic times and changes on campus, all student meal plans will see a five percent increase for next semester. This increase to the meal plan price amounts means that starting in Fall 2012, students will be expected to deposit more money into their meal plans in order to become financially clear for each semester. The five percent increase will

raise meal plan amounts by $60$100 depending on which dorm or apartment a student lives in. Students living in SXU-owned off-campus apartments will be the least affected by the increased meal plans while students on the Grey plan will see their meal plans increase the most. In regards to the flex dollars, students are receiving a 50 percent cut to the amount of flex dollars available for spending in the Bookstore, the vending machines, copiers, and the laundry machines. Consequently, the halved amount of flex dollars means that students will have to pay closer attention to how often they use the PLAN >



Senior gift involves Lake Marion By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief The Saint Xavier University graduating class of 2012 has chosen beautifying Lake Marion as its parting gift to the university. Although specifics are not yet available about exactly how Lake

Marion will be beautified, Senior Class Gift Committee Member Luci Farrell has revealed that fixing the fountain or building a gazebo are possibilities. To raise money, the Senior MARION >



SXU Mourns Loss of Michael Rabe

Art professor Michael Rabe.


By Macy Zamudio News Editor

Friends, colleagues, and students mourn the loss of the professor who was widely cited as being a truly dedicated teacher. Dr. Angelo Bonadonna, an associate English professor at SXU, was a close friend of Rabe’s. Bonadonna holds fond memories of the art professor and commented on how the two became friends. “I have such affection and gratitude for having worked with him. One of my first connections with him was that we both loved Macs. This was back in the day when people were more interested in PCs. We really wanted to build the presence of Macs at

The Saint Xavier community suffered a loss last month with the sudden passing of professor Michael Rabe, an associate professor in the department of Art and Design at the university. News of Rabe’s death was announced to the SXU community on Tues. Mar. 27 to art students and later to the entire campus the next day, Mar. 28. During the time before his death, Rabe was on medical leave due to his weakening condition with his ongoing battle with cancer.

the university,” Bonadonna said, “Everything was integrating with him – artist, historian, techy—he was many things.” Bonadonna also warmly remarked on the Rabe’s unique personality. “It was always so relaxing being with him. He had this mischievous, funny, gentle way of talking—such a mellifluous voice. It was smooth and he’d always have the habit of raising his head and smiling at you before he finished talking. He wasn’t a softie—he was very principled. Michael had the voice of diplomacy, strategy, and shrewdness,” said Bonadonna. Professor Monte Gerlach, a fellow associate professor of art and design, also shared his memories of his colleague. “I knew Michael for the last 27 years. In a lot of ways, I didn’t really know a lot of his personal life but I did know of his teaching methods and his dedication. Michael’s dedication was probably one of his most redeeming qualities—he was RABE >



Two nursing students save injured cyclist hit by car GSA to host events for ‘Day of Silence’ Two Saint Xavier University nursing students proved to be good Samaritans after helping an injured cyclist on Wed., Apr. 4 at the intersection of 99 and Central Park. Juniors Halee Vacha and Megan Wiechman were driving when they heard a loud noise and saw the cyclist get hit by a car in their rearview mirror. A s Va ch a p u l l e d ove r, Wiechman darted out of the car to tend to the victim. “By the time I got there he had crawled over to the side and was laying on the wood chips,” said Wiechman. Both women recalled their nursing training and assessed the victim’s “ABC’s,” a nursing


Halee Vacha and Megan Wiechman.

acronym for airway, breathing and circulation. “We had to check these first because they are the basic needs for human survival,” the women explained. They then made sure he was alert and oriented and assessed his pain. The eighteen-year-old male victim said his leg hurt; he had a few scrapes and road burns but there were no serious problems as observed by Vacha and Wiechman. According to the nursing students, the victim wanted to leave, but they did not let him until

an ambulance arrived. After waiting with the man for ten to fifteen minutes the ambulance arrived and paramedics checked him out and released him on the scene. The driver who had hit the man stayed on the scene the entire time. She had allegedly been texting while driving. W i e c h m a n a n d Va c h a attributed their ability to handle the situation to the nursing program. “I have greater confidence that the nursing program prepares us for these real life situations,” said Vacha. Wiechman added, “clinical e x p e r i e n c e h e l p e d m e fe e l comfortable talking to the boy while staying calm and knowing what to do.”

Arianna Huffington and Mary Matalin to speak at SXU in November

SXU celebrates Water Week

speak on campus. “Since the spring of 2007, we have selected speakers that represent a diverse political, ideological, historical, and genderbased experience that we believe gives our audience something unique,” Thomas said. “Women will be an important voting block in this upcoming HUFFPO >

The gift of education and sister schools


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Continuing the successful Voices and Visions Speaker Series, Saint Xavier’s University Relations department and the Student Government Association (SGA) are sponsoring the series’ next special guests – world-renown journalist Arianna Huffington and

famed political commentator Mary Matalin. Both guests are scheduled to visit SXU on Thurs., Nov. 1—8 five days before the presidential election. Karla Thomas, executive director of media relations, commented on several key factors that made the university select Huffington and Matalin to come

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By Macy Zamudio News Editor


By Macy Zamudio News Editor As a way to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges facing the LGBTQI community, Saint Xavier University’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is preparing a series of special events to be held on Fri., Apr. 20—a day observed by the nation’s gay community as the “Day of Silence.” Colleen Kennedy, GSA’s SOLD representative and treasurer, shared several details on what the organization is planning on doing throughout the week leading up to Apr. 20. “We’re going to be giving out buttons in the diner that’ll say ‘Ask me why I’m silent’ on them. Students will also receive a paper that they could show to their friends or professors explaining why they’re silent,” Kennedy said. Initiated in 1996 at the University of Virginia, participants of the Day of Silence vow to refrain from speaking throughout the entire day. According to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the participants’ silence symbolizes the silence members of the LGBTQI community must endure due to bullying or any other forms of harassment within their schools.

The debate rages on...

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By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

Since 1996, other schools around the countr y—middle schools, high schools and colleges alike—have had thousands of students participate in the Day of Silence. Along with passing out awareness buttons throughout the entire week, GSA members are also planning on writing various chalk messages on the university’s quad. Jacob Golembiewski, vice president of GSA, explained what several of the chalk inscriptions will have on them. “ We ’ r e d o i n g a c h a l k demonstration on the quad that will have different LGBTQI statistics. We’re also going to be writing the names of victims who have committed suicide, such as Tyler Clementi, because of discriminatory attitudes,” said Golembiewski. GSA members will also be collecting used shoes and placing them on Schmitt Quad as a way to symbolize those affected by antiLGBTQI treatment, in addition to writing chalk inscriptions. Both Kennedy and Golembiewski said that this would be the first time that GSA will be holding such a demonstration. Golembiewski remarked on how the organization came up GSA >



Softball on fivegame win streak

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

World Bits FLORIDA (BBC)—There will not be a grand jury in the Trayvon Martin murder case, a prosecutor revealed on Monday. G e orge Z im m e r m an, 28, a neighborhood watchman, gunned down the 17-year-old unarmed black teenager as he was walking home from a local store. Protests have erupted in support of Martin, with many saying it was a racially motivated crime.

BRITAIN (AFP)—More than 200,000 documents relating to the sinking of the Titanic were published on a website Monday, marking the 100th anniversary. The collection includes a list of passengers as well as the wills of Edward Smith, the Titanic’s captain, and US tycoons Benjamin Guggenheim and John Jacob Astor. More than 1,500 passengers and crew died aboard the “unsinkable” ship, back on April 15, 1912. The database can be accessed for free until May 31.

SEOUL (NYTIMES)—Reports are saying that North Korea is preparing for its third underground nuclear test, according to a South Korean government spokesman Sunday. The unconfirmed reports claim that North Korea was digging new tunnels at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site in Kilju, following up on underground tests conducted in 2006 and 2009. Meanwhile, North Korea is still assembling a long-range rocket for a satellite launch later this month.

• University Awards Ceremony [Butler Reception Room] on Wed., Apr. 11 at 4:30p.m. • Film Festival [McGuire Hall] on Wed., Apr. 11 at 6-8p.m. • Regalia Distribution [Butler reception Room] on Thurs., Apr. 12 at 10a.m.-8p.m. • Flute Choir [McGuire Hall] on Fri., Apr. 13 at 7:30p.m.

HONDURAS (HUFFPO)—San Pedro Sula was recently named the world’s most violent city, according to a study done in Mexico. Honsuras’ murder rate is estimated at 86 per 100,000 inhabitants, which puts it ahead of war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

• Residence Housing Lottery [Andrew Conference Center] on Sat., Apr. 14 at 8a.m.

SOMALIA (WAPO)—A blast hit a vegetable market in Somalia’s third-largest city Monday, killing at least twelve people and injuring 30 more, officials said. Al-Shabab, the country’s top militant group, claimed responsibility. “What they did was contrary to Islam and our culture...We are committed to clear (Al Shabab) out of the country,” said Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali. The blast was supposedly caused by a roadside bomb.

• Chorale [McGuire Hall] on Sat., Apr. 14 at 7:30p.m. • Guitar Ensemble and Jazz Combo [McGuire Hall] on Sun., Apr. 15 at 3p.m.

The Hunger Games on List of Challenged Books By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief For the second year in a row, the popular Hunger Games trilogy was listed as one of the most challenged books, according to the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. A challenge is defined as “a formal, written complaint filed with a library or school requesting that a book or other material be restricted or removed because of its content or appropriateness,” reports the Huffington Post.

The study cites all three books are “anti-ethnic; anti-family; insensitive; contain offensive language,” and have references to “occult/satanic; violence.” The trilogy ranks at No. 3 on the list, up from No. 5 last year. There were 326 challenges, a dip from the 348 experienced last year, according to the library association. The Post reports that the most challenged books were Lauren Myracle’s tween novels ttyl, ttfn, l8r and g8r, being challenged for being

sexually explicit and “unsuited to age group.” The Color of Earth series by Kim Dong Hwa came in second for its nudity and supposed sex education. Other books on the list include John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (said to contain offensive language and racism), and Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl series.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

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Meet your 2012-13 Student Government nominees

By Macy Zamudio News Editor

Election season has struck the Saint Xavier University campus.

Kelly Mihalik

With the spring semester almost coming to an end, many student organizations are beginning to choose their leaders for the 2012-2013 year. One of the university’s organizations – the Student Government

Brian Robin

Association (SGA) – is currently holding their elections throughout the entire week. As a way to inform students on who the candidates are, The Xavierite has compiled a small synopsis of each of the candidate’s

running platforms as a way to win student votes. The full-text to each of the candidate’s platforms can be viewed on the newspaper’s website at

Victoria Martello

Kelly Knudsen

Running for: President

Running for: President

Running for: Executive Vice President

Running for: VP of Public Relations

“I believe that every student voice deserves to be heard by the staff, faculty, and administration at this school, and that is why I know I can be a great president. The main focuses of my presidential platform include increasing the power of the voice of the student body, embracing the different aspects of diversity at Saint Xavier, enhancing the wellness on campus, and creating more of a commuter-friendly atmosphere. SGA is here for the students and I will love to be the voice of the student body and serve as the President of SGA.”

“I am running on a platform of continuity and community. The ‘continuity’ refers to my familiarity with SGA processes and my instrumental part in key SGA initiatives this year. The ‘community’ refers to a renewed commitment to commuter outreach, in an effort to create lasting bonds of commonality in both commuter and resident students. A more engaged SGA is one that hears and serves the needs of all students and I am excited to bring that SGA to Saint Xavier University.”

“I am looking forward to the year to come and being able to help the students, faculty, and staff of SXU with all of their concerns to the best of my ability. I will be a positive example of the eight core values and lead by example with structure, spirit, and grace. GO COUGARS!”

“Being part of SGA the past three years has made me look at the other side of student life. Seeing how much change we can bring and how we can really make a difference on campus is what gives me the urge to continue working on SGA. Having been the vice president of Public Relations before, I know that I would be able to handle all responsibilities handed to me. I will highly publicize all of the activities the student government holds and complete all necessary responsibilities in a timely fashion.”

Michelle Thompson

Darryl Brown

Amanda Werniak

Running for: VP of Financial Affairs

Running for: Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Running for: Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Running for: Executive Secretary/Treasurer

“I would love to have this position, because after starting many of my own organizations and putting together many events, I realize how important it is to have the supporting funds for an event. I want to be your VP for Financial Affairs so I can help fulfill your college experience. I would allocate the funds for the different student organizations on campus, organizations that put together various events for students to get involved. The events I will be allocating will help better your understanding of the kind of person SXU will help you become.”

“After serving on SGA for three years, I have come to realize that the motive of this organization is to enhance the SXU community for students. After serving as a senator for two years and the executive secretary/treasurer during the 2011–2012 academic year, I would like to again pursue the position. The position does a lot behind the scenes to ensure that SGA is organized and ready to address the concerns of students. I feel that a person in this position should be organized, committed, and trustworthy—three qualities that I believe I possess.”

“I have been a part of SGA since my freshman year and have grown to love it. I like meeting with faculty and staff, conversing with my peers, and getting to know the opinions of the student body on campus. I enjoy the work that I do and would love to do it again for another year. SGA is something that I am very passionate about and have grown to care deeply about. There is a difference between getting the job done just to be done, and accomplishing a goal that you very strongly about. I strive to accomplish those goals and work to make the campus a better place for students.”

“This year I hope to improve my contribution to this university and the student body by becoming the 2012–2013 SGA executive secretary and treasurer. In becoming secretary and treasurer, I hope to help to keep the student government increasingly organized in order to improve our abilities to address and examine student concerns. I know the importance of being an advocate for other students and value being in continuous communication and contact with Saint Xavier faculty and staff and use that relationship to improve conditions for students.”

GSA > from



with the shoe-collecting idea. “We tried to do something like this last year, but a lot of stuff fell through. We started talking about what we could do this year and noticed that a school was doing something with backpacks to represent LGBTQI students,” said Golembiewski. “We saw the impact of it and thought that it would be an interesting thing to try out. But, we realized that doing backpacks would be more difficult to do, so we switched the backpacks to shoe. It’s going to be a really interesting thing to do – I’m all for it. ” Following the quad demonstration, the collected shoes will be donated to Share Your Soles – an organization that donates used shoes to thousands of needy people around the world. Kennedy commented on the condition that shoes could be in so that they may be sent to the charity. “They could be anything from unwearable ones to old ones.

They don’t even have to match!,” said Kennedy. GSA’s Day of Silence will have a festive ending. After breaking their silence in the evening, the organization plans on holding a special celebration in Regina Hall that will be open to all students. “We’re going to be doing a carnival night called ‘Night of Noise’ at the Regina lobby starting at 7:30,” Kennedy said, “Everything from bags to board-games will be there. It’s going to be a fun, good night with free food.” Besides raising awareness of the LGBTQI community, Golembiewski and Kennedy both hope that the Day of Silence demonstrations will help students realize that they can make a difference through participating in such an important event. “I just hope that the whole day itself with the statistics and shoes on the quad will cause people to become more active. Some students think that there are no major movements out there to

SGA Elections take place until Fri., Apr. 13. Students can vote in the diner from 11a.m.-2p.m.

join, but the LGBTQI one is a huge one that needs more support,” Golembiewski said. Kennedy, likewise, felt that students should become more proactive with the LGBTQI movement. “Students are forgetting about how much of an impact they have —there need to be more activists. I hope that GSA membership will increase because there’s a lot of people who see the Alliance as just a gay club, but there’s more to it,” said Kennedy. “We really need to increase membership and if anyone is interested in a leadership position, they could always email us to inquire about it. Students need to have more conviction and join the Alliance.” GSA hosts meetings every Thursday at 4:00p.m. in L209. Students may stop by the GSA bulletin board to learn more about the LGBTQI community or to signup to be part of the organization. Students may email GSA at

HUFFPO > from

Sarah Schroepfer



election, so it was important that we allow women’s voices to be heard during this series.” Both guests have high-profiles when it comes to commentating on political issues. Huffington, the president and editor-in-chief of the widely-read news site, The Huffington Post, has appeared on various shows voicing her opinion on multiple political and social topics. She has also written thirteen books, many of which deal with politics. Matalin has also had a high presence in the media. The famous conservative commentator has appeared on several TV shows and has even worked for three U.S. presidents—Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. “They’re both accustomed in working together. Arianna co-hosts with Mary the nationallysyndicated radio program, Both Sides. In it, they both share their perspectives on many issues,”

Thomas said. “ Together, these women represent a powerful exchange of ideas and perspectives that will have the SXU community and surrounding neighborhoods buzzing with excitement and information about the election.” Thomas said she hopes the presentation will have a lasting effect on students. “We hope their visit provides a deeper understanding of two very different perspectives and that their exchange sparks discussions amongst the SXU community and surrounding neighborhoods,” Thomas said. Corrections: In the Mar. 28 issue of The Xavierite, there was an inaccuracy in the story, “SGA addresses voting registration confusion.” Only one student out of one hundred experienced a problem and it was not reported to SGA that they experienced being denied the right to vote. The story also featured quotes from a member of SGA, which were taken from an email exchanged between the reporter and SGA; however, those quotes were not given authorization by the SGA senator to be used for the article. We regret the errors. For more information, check out

Page 4 RABE > from



passionate about teaching,” said Gerlach. In addition to mentioning his profound dedication, Gerlach also remarked on the immense impact that Rabe had on his students. “Michael loved challenging his students. He wasn’t an easy professor but he tempered that. I’ve gotten nice feedback from former students saying how much they’d learn from him and how much they appreciated him,” Gerlach said. Senior Katherine Henschel, a former student of Rabe who’s currently majoring in graphic design, commented on the loss of such an appreciated professor. “Saint Xavier has lost one of, if not the best, art historians in the world of education. I am saddened to know that future SXU students will not have the opportunity to experience all Dr. Rabe had to offer, and I am scared that they will not walk away with as much knowledge of art history, as they MARION > from




would if he were here. There will be no replacing Michael. He was one of a kind, and I will miss him dearly,” said Henschel. Gerlach further emphasized Rabe’s teaching legacy by mentioning a surprising story that he felt truly epitomized the effects a professor can have on one’s students. “After Michael went on medical leave, I had to find a replacement for his freshman seminar class. I went to several universities trying to find one and

then I went to the Art Institute where Michael had taught for a number of years. The lady that I talked to was a graduate of the University of Maryland and she was also one of Michael’s students when he was at the Art Institute,” Gerlach said. “She said that he made her rewrite one of her papers seven times and even though she was annoyed with it, she did it. When she was applying to grad school at the University of Maryland, she said that she used that paper for her application, and that it got her in. I told Michael about that and he was touched that one of his students was taking over his classes.” Despite his increasing weakening state, both Bonadonna and Gerlach remarked on the strong will that Rabe maintained. “Even though it was apparent that he was becoming weaker, he would always tell you in a way that would somehow uplift you. It made you think—here’s the most positive person who has every right to

complain about anything but he’s trying to make things positive for others,” Bonadonna said. Gerlach, likewise, shared an instance that also demonstrated Rabe’s strength. “Weeks before he died, he offered to continue grading his students’ work—that pretty much sums up Michael’s intensity and passion towards work,” said Gerlach. Further emphasizing his friend’s impact, Bonadonna commented on the significant loss that Rabe’s death will have on the university. “Michael was the ideal presence in a university—he was one of the most genuine people you’d ever meet. To me, he was the ideal college professor you could have—he was what higher education was all about,” said Bonadonna. A memorial service for Rabe will be held Wed., Apr. 11 in the McDonough Chapel at 1p.m. All are welcome to attend the service and the reception that will follow.

1 Water Week Draws Attention to Water Shortage

Class Gift Committee is asking everyone, but especially seniors, to donate. According to Farrell and the SXU Class Gift Facebook page, the most common way to donate is to send a text of CLASSGIFT with your first and last name to the number 20222. Upon doing this, a one-time donation of ten dollars will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. The Senior Class gift is a yearly undertaking that allows the graduating class to leave their mark on their alma mater, according to Farrell. “ Pe o p l e s h o u l d d o n a t e because it’s a great way to give back. It’s nice to leave a legacy behind in some way. Years later for a reunion or visit, it would be nice to see what you have left behind,” she said. This year’s idea of beautifying Lake Marion was developed by senior Alexander McArthy. “I first thought of the idea my freshman year when the harsh winter caused the lake to completely freeze over, killing dozens of carp in the lake. Once the ice thawed, the rotting corpses were scattered around the banks of Lake Marion and were floating for weeks,” said McArthy. Upon becoming a senior, McArthy joined the Senior Class Gift Committee and pitched his idea of beautifying Lake Marion. His idea ended up being chosen. For further information about the 2012 Senior Class Gift, visit its Facebook page called “Saint Xavier University Class Gift,” or go to @ SXUClassGift on Twitter. PLAN > from

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite


vending machines and clean their clothes in dorm laundry machines. The reasons behind these changes in the amounts of the meal and flex plans have roots in the changes on campus and increasing costs. In the case of the increased meal plans, Chartwells and the university are trying to deal with the increased costs of maintaining equipment and fueling the vehicles

By Karina Palencia News Editor Saint Xavier University’s Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ) is in the midst of recognizing the importance of water with by hosting Water Week from Apr. 9-14. The goal of this week is to create awareness of the water shortage around the world and looks for ways in which people can help solve the problem by changing some of their behavior.   Water is essential to sustain every life form on Earth. Every person needs 50 liters a day to survive; Americans use 600 liters a day; Europeans use 300 a day; SubSaharan Africans use 10-20 liters a day.   MSPJ wonders how YOU can help save water. Chrissy Arroyo and Emily Borchadt, the co-chairs for MSPJ,

are working on the various events in the diner, this week. MSPJ students are wearing their spray painted shirts to bring highlight the water shortage. Information and facts about the water usage are located in the diner, on table tents. MSPJ has a series of event planned for this week. Through these events, student can participate in the Pyramid Project in which people can bring their plastic water bottles and create a pyramid that will demonstrate how many water plastic water bottles are used everyday. Those that bring plastic water bottles for this project will receive a free BPA-free bottle in exchange. On Mon., Apr. 9, MSPJ had a Taste test so students could test the difference between tap water and bottled waterand the following day, MSPJ showed the film called “The

Plastic Planet.” On Wed., Apr. 11, MSPJ will have a lecture from Dr. Tom Thorpe at 5p.m. There will be free pizza and drinks provided. MSPJ will have a weights demonstr ation, this weight demonstration will allow students to see and experience what people from a Third World country have to carry in as an everyday lifestyle in order to fill their water needs on Thurs., Apr. 12. MSPJ will give any remaining BPA-free water bottle to participants in the events on Fri., Apr. 13. Throughout the week, MSPJ will have a jar in the diner to collect money that will be donated towards building a well in a Third World country. Stenciled sprayed t-shirts with the Water Week logo in support t to Water week will be given away for any donation given for the well.

that transport the food. The increasing cost of fuels in particular has affected the cost of the meal plans. “This has a direct impact on shipping food to the University,” said Ray Catania, chief financial officer and vice president of Business and Finance, on the effect that increasing fuel prices have on the cost of meal plans. “Food providers pass the cost of transportation on to the end users. We cannot absorb all the cost increases.”

Other important factors that needed to be accounted for include the price of food and the cost of living adjustments for Chartwells’ employees, according to Catania. The stor y behind the decreasing flex dollars is more complex. The flex dollars were originally increased to grant students the ability to more easily purchase food from the Subway on Pulaski and 103rd. Now that the deal between the Pulaski Subway and SXU has

expired and a Subway has been opened in the Shannon Center that is on the meal plan, it was decided that an increased amount of flex dollars available for student use was no longer necessary. These changes in the meal plan and f lex dollar amounts available to students are necessary as tuition rates, housing fees, and student loans continue to increase, according to Catania. “In general, increases in tuition and fees and room and board are inevitable to meet the

Study shows link between income inequality and college cheating By Karina Palencia News Editor A recent study in the journal of Psychological Science said that income inequality could be at the core of the vast cheating epidemic at the college level. “More than half of college undergraduate students admit to cheating,” said Clemson University International Center for Academic Integrity, as reported in the Huffington Post Monday. Clemson University, along with additional universities, use online services like to check for plagiarism in student papers. A Doctoral student from Queen’s University, Lukas Neville, used search engines to research the origination of where the cheating came from. Cheating was more likely to come from the states that had higher rate of income inequality, according to Neville. Neville found that it is easy to access papers and other sources just by using Google. The Huffington Post reports that Neville compared survey data on the levels of trust in others and measure the income inequality from the U.S. Census Bureau. “Australia, Portugal and the United States have higher income inequality and lower levels of trust, compared to countries with less inequality,” said Neville. Those countries that have less inequality also have higher levels of trust, like in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Trust levels in New Hampshire, Utah and Wisconsin were found to be about 60 percent, while Alabama, Mississippi and West Virginia were found to have the highest income inequality and trust levels that fell below 30 percent, according to professor of social epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, Richard Wilkinson. Through the data Neville has collected, he has reached the conclusion that “there’s not much you can do about the level of inequality in society but trust in our colleges and classrooms.” “As educators, there’s not much you can do about the level of inequality in society,” Neville said, as reposrted by the Huffington Post. He added, “But we do have the ability to help foster trust in our colleges and classrooms.” ever increasing costs of education,” said Catania. For students wishing to find out more information about changes to the meal plan, flex dollars, or tuition in general, more detailed information is available on the SXU website. An email that was sent to students also addresses questions about the 2012-2013 housing. The housing lottery will take place on Sat., Apr. 14.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

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Beautifying Lake Marion By The Xavierite Staff It’s springtime at Saint Xavier University. How are you enjoying it? Do you take the opportunity to study outside? Are you one of the Frisbee players who make our campus look active on a beautiful day? Maybe you ride your bike or rollerblade around the school? The Xavierite has noticed all of these things, but we also notice another, less fortunate thing. It seems that few people take the time to enjoy our wonderful Lake Marion. This is a beautiful piece of nature right on our campus. However, sometimes it seems like it has more visitors from the surrounding community than it has Saint Xavier students. There should be people there all the time, enjoying the weather and the ducks and geese. It is an extremely peaceful place, good for studying as well. Indeed, it seems like we do not fully appreciate what a great feature Lake Marion is. For this reason, The Xavierite applauds and fully supports the 2012 Senior Class Gift of beautifying Lake Marion. As reported in our News section this week, the Senior Class Gift Committee is accepting donations in order to make Lake Marion an even nicer place to visit. So far, some suggestions of beautifying Lake Marion have been to fix the fountain or build a gazebo. We would like to offer a few more. To start, and this does not necessarily even need money, clean up any trash that might be in and around the water. It is a simple improvement that can make a huge difference. Another idea is to tidy up the path that goes around the lake. For some, the scattered dirt may seem unsightly. Perhaps look into paving the path or at least straightening it out in some way. As far as the landscaping goes, one idea pitched on our staff was to introduce more natural grasses to surround the lake. There is also the matter of the large ditch next to Pacelli Hall. It is rather unsightly. Perhaps the Lake should be expanded to fill up the ditch. Or

perhaps a garden or extra trees can be planted. Other ideas could be to install a decorative wooden dock, plant flowers, put fish in the water, place rocks, install a mini decorative waterfall or even build a bridge going across. Some of these ideas are probably a little pricey, but if people donate, anything is possible, which is our next point. First, we want to encourage every graduating senior to donate. It is only a one-time gift of ten dollars which you can send through a simple text. The money will be added to your mobile phone bill. It is quick and easy. But, more importantly seniors, it represents your opportunity to help leave a legacy at the university. We all want to be remembered, to have something to our name. What better way to accomplish this then, when you visit Saint Xavier years down the road, to be able to look at however Lake Marion is beautified and say, “I helped do that.” You have spent four years of your life here; help leave a monument to that fact. You will forever be a part of this place. In actuality, though, this university is home to all of us, so The Xavierite would like to encourage everyone else to donate as well. After all, if you are a freshman, sophomore or junior, you will actually still be around to enjoy the fruits of your donations. You will also have a good reason to show your school off to your friends in other colleges. Also, think about it: there are 4,709 students in attendance at Saint Xavier this year. If everyone donates ten dollars, we can raise 47,090 dollars! I m a g i n e h ow we c o u l d beautify Lake Marion with that kind of money. Some of the ideas listed above might begin to not seem so farfetched. So the Senior Class Gift is a way that we can all appreciate Lake Marion, by making it even nicer. Once we do this, future students will have even greater reasons to appreciate this gem. For more specific information about how to donate to the 2012 Senior Class Gift read our News article on the topic this week.

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Point-Counterpoint: Obama’s Health Care Plan

Point: Institutionalized Health Care is Constitutional Journal of the Apocalypse Genevieve Buthod

Senior Viewpoints Editor

President Obama’s health care plan is well within the confines of governmental responsibilities. The new plan is a government service that comes with a fee for citizens, so it is essentially a tax. Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution states, “The Congress shall have the Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts, and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.” The U.S. Congress can impose taxes for the common welfare. Healthcare for everyone could not be a more literal definition of “common welfare.” We pay taxes for all kinds of things that we need as citizens. Some services are most efficient and effective when institutionalized, rather than privatized. Examples of this type of service are the fire departments and national defense.

Every state requires a basic minimum of car insurance for drivers. Most people do not seem to take an issue with what is essentially governmental regulation on the related costs of car collisions. We a c c e pt t h a t we a re responsible for some societal costs, but not others. H e a l t h c a re s h o u l d b e considered a right due to everyone. Education is a right, so we pay taxes that help fund public schools. We even pay taxes to help fund “national defense” which some Americans may not entirely agree with. Once we come to accept that health care is a responsibility of a government to its people, we can see that Obama’s health care plan is an extension of good governmental practice. We simply need to see paying into the new health care plan as a form of taxation for a basic service offered by the government. Seeing this perspective will help us realize that we are also responsible for paying societal costs. Health care is a service all Americans need access to, whether or not they are currently receiving physical care. We all need the chance to go

to a hospital in an emergency but many of us also need the ability to pay for our medications and ongoing treatments. It is simply unrealistic to expect individual citizens to be able to afford all of their own health costs, even with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. If everyone had access to health services at all times, more people could be treated preventatively, which would save lives and bring down costs of emergency care. President Obama’s health care plan is contstitutional. It’s a plan to tax the people to provide a service that protects the general welfare. The Constitution clearly states that Congress has the right to tax citizens for social welfare purposes. Consistent, reliable access to health services is a legitimate expectation people of any nation can expect from their government. In the United States, a leading world power, it should be expected for our government to use their tax dollars for a common good. Practically as well as ethically, our nation deserves de-privatized health care. We need to see health care as a right for everyone. Our government owes that much to the citizens, and we owe to each other and to ourselves.

Counter: Obamacare stretches the Commerce Clause too far The Unbarable Truth Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

I m a g i n e t h e fo l l o w i n g scenario: It’s the first day of class in the fifth grade. The teacher hands out a rule sheet to the class that lists the powers that the teacher and students hold in the classroom. One of the rules is “students have the authority to keep the classroom clean and organized.” This understandable provision allows students to have a hand in the maintenance of their classroom. This rule works well for several weeks, but one day, in the middle of a lecture, a student named Jimmy gets out of his seat, runs to the front of the room, and starts rearranging the teacher’s desk. Flabbergasted, the teacher asks, “what are you doing, Jimmy?” He replies, “I’m keeping the classroom clean and organized— your desk was messy.” Two weeks later, Bridget, using Jimmy’s behavior as a precedent, starts randomly throwing classroom items—pens, books, tissue boxes—in the garbage and out the window. She cites the same rule about keeping the classroom clean and organized. By this point, that rule has been stretched so far that utter chaos has ensued in the classroom. Now take that example and apply it to the commerce clause in the United States Constitution which reads, “the Congress shall have power to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among

the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” This commerce clause, like the rule on cleanliness and organization in my analogy, has been broadened so much over the last few decades that the latest stretch, Obamacare, which requires Americans to buy health insurance, makes the clause’s original purposes unrecognizable. So extreme was this stretch that the Supreme Court had to get involved. Recently, in the case entitled Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida, several states sued the federal government for passing Obamacare, arguing that it is totally unconstitutional to force someone to buy something. In response, the lawyer representing the federal government argued that the law is constitutional because everyone will use the healthcare system at some point in their lives and require health insurance anyway. Essentially, he made the case that everyone is always part of a potential market for healthcare, even if they do not buy health insurance. Thus, Congress should have the power to regulate that market and force people to buy health insurance because if they don’t and get sick, the rest of us have to pay the bill. However, this interpretation begs the question: are there any limits on what Congress can regulate? Justice Antonin Scalia used a humorous yet not so farfetched example to illustrate the ramifications such a broadening of

the commerce clause might have— “everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli” ( If Obamacare is upheld by the Supreme Court, it will set a monumental precedent that the federal government can force Americans to buy something. With such a precedent, Congress could theoretically make us buy certain foods or other goods in the future if they tweaked the argument a little. This would constitute a huge power grab by Washington D.C. and redefine Americans’ relationship with it. For that reason the Supreme Court must, and I predict it will, rule Obamacare unconstitutional. Overall, the lawyer for the federal government really struggled to make his case, and most of the justices seemed to lean towards striking the law down. There’s no denying that our healthcare system needs to be improved. Too many people cannot afford the medicine and treatment they need. But the hastily passed Obamacare is not the answer. The federal government, like that class of children, has asked first for a finger, then a hand, then an arm. Unless it is stopped here, and a fully constitutional solution is found to our huge healthcare problem, a risky can of worms will be opened. The Supreme Court would be wise to bring this classroom back into order.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

Sister Schools--Sabawoon and Southwest

Genevieve Buthod

Senior Viewpoints Editor

I went in for an internship interview on Good Friday and I was asked what I look for in a job. It seemed like a standard job interview question, but it made me seriously consider my own motives for my work. I answered with my gut, rather than my head, but this response is probably ideal, in the interviewer’s eyes. I told him completely honestly that I want my work to be a full expression of my beliefs. I feel I am the best possible worker when the people with whom I am working inspire me and the goals we are achieving together. A perfect chance to live this ideal came along at the end of last semester, and I have been inspired ever since. The head of Saint Xavier’s Computer Science department, Dr. Jean Mehta, chose me for an internship to help build a website this semester. This internship is not a simple business arrangement with clients, however. Samina Niaz and SXU’s own Cynthia Kamp are our clients, the women responsible for outreach for their project. We are building a site for a refugee school in Pakistan called Sabawoon. “Sabawoon” is a Pashto word meaning “dawn” or “morning.” Many of the children at the school are from Afghan refugee families living in the northwest border province of Pakistan. The children go to school in the mornings, but they have to

spend the rest of the day working to support their families. The boys often work in the brick kilns in the area, while the girls are domestic servants in local households. The standard of children being working members of their families only serves to stress the importance of education in their lives. Many of the kids who go to Sabawoon go on to higher learning institutions, some even on scholarships. My par tner and I are supporting this effort by creating a pathway for Americans to gain awareness of Sabawoon and its impact on Afghani and Pakistani children’s lives. The site hosts a connection to a PayPal account donation system visitors can make a gift to support the school. I was pleased with the work developing over the semester, but I wanted to do more. I spoke with Cindy and she told me about Sabawoon’s partner school, Southwest Elementary. With a connection literally right here in our backyard, I decided I simply had to arrange a visit to speak with the Southwest kids about their perspective. Armed with a camera, notebook, and plenty of questions, I set out to learn as much as I could about Southwest’s connection to Sabawoon. Before meeting the students, I had a discussion with Southwest’s new Principal, Patti Bogdan. She told me about her decision to help

The first and sixth graders with the signs they made for their sister school.

the kids learn about the value of multicultural experiences. The kids at Southwest have already had aschool-supply drive, and Principal Bogdan is planning to initiate a pen-pal program between Southwest and Sabawoon this fall. After the lunch and recess periods, the kids met with me in a spare room so we could talk. I wanted to get a better sense of their understanding of Southwest’s relationship to Sabawoon. As I spoke with the first graders, I learned about their love for reading and writing.

They truly appreciated the gift of education in their lives and saw that every child in the world should have the same opportunity. When I met with the sixth graders, I was happy to hear the wisdom they expressed when discussing world citizenship and social responsibility. One student in particular told the group that we must learn our history if we are to ever hope to understand our present. We need to know as much of the context of world events as possible because we are the people who will soon be making decisions


affecting the rest of the world. Every step of the way in this internship, I realize more and more that this work is what I am meant to do. I am so happy to have found such fulfilling work while I am in an internship in my second year at college. This discover y is exactly what the purpose of having an internship. Through my work with Sabawoon, I have learned how to apply my skills towards something that I truly care about, a pattern I plan to follow for the rest of my life.

Letter to the Editor: Who is bullying who? “Plagiarism is bad, shame on you” were the words uttered by Grover Norquist, directed towards SXU student Grant Vargas. The man whom GQ, NY Times, and 60 Minutes call one of the most powerful men in Washington DC, founded the advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform. The remarks were in response to a scathing opinion story by Vargas titled ‘Grover Norquist: The D.C. Bully.’ In reality it is the opinion piece that is doing the bullying. The article published on February 15th lambasts Mr. Norquist because of a pledge he designed at President Reagan’s request in 1986. Providing no facts to back up his argument, the story casts an unfair light on Grover. The pledge to taxpayers binds elected officials and constituents, requiring them to oppose any legislation that causes a net gain in tax increases. Proving to be very successful, ‘The Pledge’ as it is referred to in DC, has been signed by thousands of candidates, governors, congressmen, and presidents. Mostly Republicans. Mr. Norquist and The Pledge became targets last summer after Republicans in Congress refused to break their promise to raise taxes on families and businesses during the recession. Politicians keeping to their word? Sounds like a dream. The Pledge makes this happen, at least for one issue. Surprisingly,


holding politicians accountable for campaign promises is ruining America, according to Mr. Vargas and others on the left. I just so happened to be working at Americans for Tax Reform when I stumbled across Vargas’ article, so naturally I had to show my boss. Grover, who has become one of the most high-profile personalities in DC, provided entertainment with his responses. I sat in his office as he thoroughly read Vargas’ article, which paints him as a heartless and power-hungry technocrat. Vargas suggests a visit to Grover’s house might yield homemade bombs, piloting instruction manuals, and a call to Jihad (in the first paragraph

Grover was compared to the 9/11 terrorists.) I hope this wasn’t a reference to Grover’s beautiful wife Samah, an immigrant from Palestine. Either way Grover has grown custom to such tastelessness, and has had a lot worse thrown at him from liberal politicians and news personalities. After reading it he looked up and stated, “It’s simply incorrect.” He then refuted all of Vargas’ points, saying The Pledge is not to him, but to taxpayers, that politicians voluntarily sign it, or not. He continued on, explaining he doesn’t wield the power in elections, it’s the voters, and in 2010 Americans across the

c o u n t r y s e n t a m e s s a g e to Washington. Unhappy with the bailouts, healthcare overhaul, and Democrat’s unprecedented spending spree, Republicans picked up more seats in Congress than any party has ever done in one election. “You see Mr. Vargas we don’t have a revenue problem, Washington has a spending problem” Grover enlightened. The truth is the only way to solve our budget problem is to cut the spending, not to give politicians more money to pass on to their friends and pet projects. We h ave b e e n t h ro u g h this before. In the 1980’s Dems promised Reagan $3 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases. The tax increases happened, the spending cuts didn’t. In fact spending increased. G.H. Bush, whom as Grover puts it “was a cheaper date” was offered $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases. You know how the story ends. Fast forward thru eight years of big spending with Bush and mammoth expenses with Obama and here we are 15 trillion in debt. Raising t axes “on the millionaires” is a front by Dems. The top 3 percent of earners already pay 70 percent of taxes in America. The 1980’s show us if the government wants more revenue, it should strategically cut taxes and erase loopholes, which bolsters production, sheltering wealth overseas less appetizing.

I could provide more examples and facts to fully dismantle Vargas’ baseless statements that lack evidence. What is more entertaining is how Grover kept accusing Mr. Vargas of plagiarism. Shaking his finger at the camera, as if speaking to his two young daughters, Grover explained it was naughty to take the talking points of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama without credit. Trying my hardest not to burst out laughing while taping, I realized he had a point. The majority of what Vargas articulated was regurgitated statements from Dems and Media Matters whom are angry they didn’t get the election money they wanted via tax increases. Plagiarizing or not, I felt compelled to defend the truth, and my boss. Speaking honestly, I am tired of individuals, on all sides of the political spectrum, whom simply repeat what they hear on TV. Let this experience be a call to action for us college students, America’s next decision makers, to actually research the facts of an issue, listen with an unbiased ear, and always look at today’s events through the lens of what has previously transpired throughout history. For a clip of Grover’s response visit the Xavierite facebook page. Alexander McArthy Senior, organizational communication and political science

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

Expressing Chaos: Our lives and Art

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Hadrian’s Wall Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

Life is beyond any linguistic translation, beyond any historical re c o rd s , b e yo n d n u m e r i c a l expression. The ability to attempt comprehension and examination of our existence is humanity’s defining characteristic, but the ability to express life is our flaw or possibly the greatest gift. In order to express something that is incalculably vast, microscopic, bewildering, mundane, abstract, and fundamental, we created something with the exact same qualities. Art ref lects life and our interpretations of it. Colors, sounds, and symbols even taste and texture are the mediums by which we create art, thus nearly every aspect of our lives are touched by art. It does not have to been displayed in a gallery and painted on canvas, preformed by a symphony, or written by epic poet to be art, for those are merely categories of art. Nearly anything we create is art because those creations serve to express our understanding of life. One of our most important art forms is language, which is a conglomerate of styled shapes and sounds that are given meaning based on a localized and agreed upon understanding of subjects and actions. Language changes and grows as our understanding of life changes and grows, just look at the

Scientists from Fermilab show off their art skills when they aren’t trying to solve the mysters of the universe.

size of a dictionary and speech of the 17th century compared to the current size and styles. The problem with language is that is it a limited ability to express life. Having the phrase, “Words cannot describe this,” is proof of this limitation, which is the creation, agreement, and recalling the definitions of words. Thankfully, life is uncontainable in the boxed confines of words but it at least provides a basis for cultural consensus on understanding our expressions on much more abstract subjects, such as emotions. Colors and sound are much more suited to expressing the abstract and concrete than any language because they can be either a perfect reflection or a dramatic interpretation. An unaltered photo of building is a perfect reflection.

Add any Photoshop touch to it and the perfect reflection now becomes a dramatic interpretation of how the photographer imagined the building. The same principle can be applied to sound waves. Showing mirror ref lections is easy, when compared to conveying abstract concepts through dramatic interpretation. The very nature of abstract concepts makes them difficult to express, yet we know it when we see experience it. Love is the classic example. Asking someone to explain love is will only result in confusing answers, yet we know love when it is observed. We try to make our limited and rigid system of words to describe our lives, and that is where sight and sound take over. Listen to a Blues improved song. The musician does not play written

Supreme Court: biased or not? Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

After following the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing of Obamacare recently, a long held belief of mine was totally shattered—the belief that the high court is unbiased. I have made my personal view that Obamacare is unconstitutional known in this week’s PointCounterpoint section, so that is not what I wish to discuss here. Rather, I pose the question: why do we pretend to think that the Supreme Court is unbiased when you have analysts able to predict which judge is going to vote how? Here is how analysts break the court down: Justices Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts and Samuel Alito are considered conservative and are expected to vote to strike down Obamacare. Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomajor are considered liberals and are expected to vote to uphold Obamacare (U.S.A. News). Justice Anthony Kennedy is the swing vote and could make or break the case (NY Daily News). In my opinion, out of all of the justices, Kennedy is the only one who is truly fair because he is unpredictable. You know that he must truly look at each case individually in order to determine its constitutionality. And that is really a major role of the Supreme Court—to

determine the legitimacy of laws by deciding if they follow the Constitution or not. I am not saying that the Supreme Court does not decide based upon the Constitution, but I am saying that they go into the case with either a permissive or skeptical attitude toward the law in question. Yo u n e e d o n l y l o o k a t the transcripts from the recent Obamacare case (officially called Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida) to see my point. Essentially, you had the conser vative justices grilling Obamacare’s defense and the liberal justices grilling its opponents. For example, justices Alito, Scalia and Roberts tripleteamed the attorney defending Obamacare, asking a barrage of skeptical questions when the law’s constitutionality came up. On the other end, Justice Ginsburg, on more than one occasion, came to the defense lawyer’s aid when he struggled against the conservative justices. Why do the liberal justices seem to favor one side of the argument and the conservatives the other? They should use the case to form an opinion. But it seems they have their minds made up beforehand. For example, Justice Clarence Thomas did not say a word the entire time. In fact, Thomas has not spoken during a Supreme Court case for six years! ABC news reports that Thomas said he is

quiet because “he goes into the oral argument sessions knowing how he will decide a case” (ABC). This is exactly my point. The justices’ minds should not be made up before the oral arguments. Yes, the judges know all about the case before it is argued, but they should use the oral arguments as an opportunity to really delve into every angle. Only afterwards, after careful consideration, should they make a decision. After all, they do not have to officially declare their decision for months after the arguments end, giving them plenty of time to think. Recently, President Obama challenged the legitimacy of the Supreme Court striking down Obamacare, which might happen. An article by the Associated Press argued that Obama was planning on using the fact that the Supreme Court is mostly conservative as a campaign issue for the upcoming election (AP). But this is hypocritical. I wonder if the president would be complaining about the court if it was mostly liberal. Indeed, the mere fact that we are using the terms “liberal’ and “conservative” to describe the Supreme Court is unfortunate and only further makes my point. Instead of using such politically charged language to describe the court, why can’t we use the words “just,” “fair,” or “impartial?” I truly hope that the high court gives us a reason to.

The Reading Room in the Library of Congress.

words or notes, but plays from the depths of his soul at that unique moment. The audience can hear and take on that same abstract feeling based on the expression of the performer. Even now, I’m having difficulty trying to accurately describing what happens in communicating nonverbal abstract expressions. Art is our expression of life’s events and our interpretations of them; art is actually an important part of our history. The raw data of names, places and dates is not enough to capture what truly happened. Human history is about people, there is no way around that, and words cannot describe who people truly are. Students are, for the most part, taught their culture’s side of history, so they miss half of the


story. War is a great example of this phenomenon. One side’s victory is another’s loss, and we must look at the suffering and heroism of both side to understand what really happened. The future can also be written in art. Everyone has an imagination and everyone looks forward to a better day, so they show these desires and projections via their individual art. This could be a conceptual drawing, a foundation of a building, or painting the yet-tobe-delivered baby’s room. We pour ever y aspect of ourselves into so many different art forms, often with actual functions, that we forget they are art. Cloths, architecture, food, and just about anything else in some way or another are an expression of who we are individually. We live art because art is life.

Campus Poll Will you vote in the SGA elections? Why or why not?

Mandi Hunt, freshman, business “No, I don’t know who the people are or what they are doing.”

Luci Farrell, senior, organizational communication “Yes. Even as a senior, I think we should.”

Colleen Kennedy, senior, international studies “Yes. We need to leave this place in good hands.”

Allen Sciafe, junior, biology/pre-med “Not yet. I know the person running will make a difference.”

Kevin Boevers, freshman, music education “No, no reason. Don’t care.”

Mariah Ellis, freshman, preMed “Yes, your voice must be heard.”

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite


By Lauren Dwyer Features Contributor

Firefly and Sci-Fi Fans

When it comes to sci-fi fans, Firefly tops the list for cult television shows. This short-lived space western phenomenon is an obsession for many fans. It only lasted for one season before Fox cancelled it in 2002. However, fans never let the series die. Firefly depicts a motley crew of space cowboys as they travel through space fighting crime and avoiding Reavers, a cannibalistic bunch, along the way. The story plots are excellent in themselves, however the show really is character study. Each of the characters had their own lovable characteristics. Yet, viewers did not get much of a chance to really get more in depth with them. Each of the characters were critical to the plot of the show and their surface personalities were relatable and interesting. Unfortunately, most of their pasts are a mystery to the viewers. First, there is Nathan Fillion’s character, Captain Malcom Reynolds, or better known as Captain Mal. After the show, Fillion gained a large cult following himself. Captain Mal was a character that had a secretive past, that quite possibly would have had surfaced over time if the series was allowed to live out its life. Unfortunately, the only things that we knew about the captain’s past was that he served with the Browncoats in the Unification War. Zoe Alleyene Washburne, played by Gina Torres, was the second in command on the ship, Serenity. Zoe and Captain Mal were wartime friends before they came together on Serenity. Husband to Zoe and pilot of Serenity is Hoban Washburne, but everyone just calls him Wash. Wash is played by Alan Tudyk. This character tends to make lighthearted jokes and comments even when the situations get tough. And then there’s my favorite character, Jayne Cobb, played by Adam Baldwin. Jayne is just the hired muscle. He truly is a loveable goon. Many fans of the show, including myself, own a replica of Jayne’s knitted hat, which was made lovingly by his mother. Jewel Staite plays Kaywinnit Lee Frye or Kaylee. Kaylee is the mechanic of the ship and as creator, Joss Whedon believes, she is the heart of the ship. Kaylee may not have any formal training like Inara, but she is a whiz when it comes to maintaining Serenity. Kaylee is the sweetest, most genuine, and wholesome character on the show. Other characters of the show include: Inara, a companion, which is the 26th century’s equivalent of a courtesan; Dr. Simon Tam, a medical researcher and surgeon that begs his way onto the ship after breaking his sister, River, out of a governmental research facility; River Tam, a child prodigy whom was saved by her brother; and Derrial Book, a shepherd who has a very hidden past which sadly was barely able to be revealed. Firefly was turned into a movie, Serenity, in 2005. It was made to wrap up any loose ends for fans. The movie left many fans saddened by the fact that it really was the end for Firefly as they killed off many of the characters. However, the cult following of the show is still alive and kicking. There are tons of fan sites, forums, clothing items and replicas that fans can get their hands on. Also, many other television shows pay homage to the beloved show, too. The Big Bang Theory, Community, and Stargate SG-1, are just a few shows that have all used references to Firefly in at least one of their episodes. Although Firefly may be gone from television, it has certainly not left the hearts of millions of fans. As Captain Mal said, “We’re not gonna die. We can’t die…You know why? Because we are so...very...pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.”


By Allison Horn Copy Editor

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton was considered odd when it first came out back in 1993. It was released by Disney, but was nothing like the other Disney movies that had previously been released. It was far from mainstream, especially with its darker color scheme and use of unusual characters—the main two being a skeleton and a rag doll. Despite how abnormal it appeared to be, it grew to be loved by many people. There is a ton of merchandise that has come out for the movie, including posters, clothing (for adults and babies), book bags, blankets and pillow cases, plush toys, mugs, action figures, stuffed toys, jewelry, and almost anything else you can think of. It was even re-released in theatres in 3D in October of 2006 and many singers and bands have done covers of the songs used in the movie. It is easy to see why the movie is so popular even years after it came out. First off, this movie is not age specific—it can appeal to people from all different age groups. Many people can relate to the message behind it, which is the importance of finding your own value in life, even if this means breaking out of your everyday routines. This is a concept mostly understood by teens and adults, but the movie is animated with a story book quality, causing it to appeal to younger kids as well. Of course there are scenes that depict Santa being kidnapped and tortured, but it is not done in a graphic sort of way, and good triumphs in the end, causing the movie to remain kid-friendly. What also makes this movie great is the fact that it combines two holidays in one! The overall tone and style seems to be focused on Halloween, but then Jack Skellington travels to a new town—Christmas town—to break from his routine. This specific town appeals to him because of the warm, homey feeling it gives off and the bright, explosive colors that are found everywhere. These two holidays are contradictory, so it is entertaining to see how Jack’s plan to bring Christmas to Halloween town plays out, especially since all the creatures in Halloween town are focused on how scary they can make the holiday since scaring people is all they know. It is also interesting to see a world that is completely run by the different holidays. There is no middle ground where people celebrate different holidays in different months like we are familiar with, but rather each town is holiday-specific. To top it all off, the music is brought to the movie by Danny Elfman, who is also known for composing the theme music for the Simpsons. He also was the singing voice for Jack Skellington. The lyrics he uses are poetic and full of emotion as they push the story along, while a lively orchestra plays to enhances Jack’s adventure. This movie is a classic and continues to be adored by many, which is why merchandise is still selling really well in support of the movie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

By Becki Brown Features Editor

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Invader Zim

Greetings, filthy human worm babies. You probably wonder why I have called your attention to this particular passage, but I know why. Using mighty Irken technology, I have brainwashed your tiny, stinky brain into reading. Look! See how you continue to read. It is because of me and my superior Invader intelligence. If you have ever seen Invader Zim, you know exactly what I was talking about just there. If you have not ever seen Invader Zim, you are probably very confused and/or scared. I am going to assume the latter for the sake of those who have never seen Jhonen Vasquez’s creation that aired on Nickeloden. Zim is an Irken Invader, an alien specially chosen to infiltrate a world to exploit and then capture it for the planet Irk. However, Zim also happens to be a horrible Invader, so he is sent to a mysterious planet in the far regions of the universe. That mysterious planet just so happens to be Earth. Dib is a large-headed human boy who is completely obsessed with aliens and the paranormal, and he is the sole person who can stop Zim from taking over the Earth and destroying it. Dib’s sister Gaz helps him from time to time, but she is mostly interested in playing her Game Slave or eating at Bloaty’s Pizza Hog. Zim is not alone in his conquest to capture the Earth. He is aided by his faithful, yet stupid, robot GIR. GIR is a SIR (Standard Issue Information Retrieval) unit, but his brain is filled with garbage, hence the G instead of S in his name. GIR usually ends up hindering his master instead of helping him, although from time to time an idiotic robot servant can become useful. Invader Zim is, for the most part, a hit-or-miss show. You either love it or you hate it. There is not much room for thinking that it is “just ok,” “pretty good,” or “better than nothing.” The humor is a bit strange at times, and it is easy to see why some people would not like it. It is weird. However, some people tend to like the strange and unusual, which explains the large cult following that the show has amassed. Sure, there is a casual following that fawns over the GIR hoodies and Zim shirts that can be found at Hot Topic, but there is a deeper, more fanatical fan base that could quote any and every episode at a moment’s notice. They are out there. They are waiting. They will take over the world in the name of our glorious Irken overlords.

By Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

Halo and The Seventh Column


Imagine what kind of people it takes to collectively play 235,182 years in a video game. The Seventh Column of Halo that is who! Just over a decade ago a game was released that would change the lives of millions in the time to come, and that game was Halo: Combat Evolved. When the original Xbox was released, Halo: CE was the front running title for the new platform. The players fell in love with the grand scale of the maps, the mystery of the story, and the multiplayer, all of which would go on to spawn a legendary series of games and books. The most important part of Halo is the diehard army of fans, which are collectively known as the Seventh Column. Personally being a part of the Seventh Column for a number of years, I can speak to the amount of dedication and depth these players go into. Bungie, the developer for both games, loves to work with very cryptic and metaphorical details. Finding and analyzing the hidden fragments of information buried within every game is one of the greatest labors of the Seventh. There are also tons of Easter Eggs scattered throughout Bungie’s games, and I remember being in private parties for hours trying to find the Golden Warthog and dozens more things. Aside from those dedicated to studying the shadows of the Halo universe, there are legions more devote to the multiplayer and community experience. Since Halo: CE, two to sixteen players could go duke it out in the highly customizable multiplayer maps and game-types. Multiplayer was brought to a whole new level with the advent of Xbox Live, which allowed players from world-wide to team up. With feature to build maps, tweak game physics, record videos and pictures, plus many more odds and ends, players could spend hours just building racing tracks or fortresses maybe watch old footage for that crazy moment. There are so many stories about the fun insanity of online gameplay, but the real story is that it took other dedicated players and friends to make those moments. Fans of Halo are unquestionably an army, but they are also a family. Players write fan-fiction articles and stories all over the internet, they constantly form groups for chatting and serious gameplay, and tens of thousands of machinima movies have been created. The members of the Seventh Column tend to be very nice people, as long as you do not run horde the power weapons. The relationship between the company and the community is amazing because they care more about experience and quality of the Halo than profits. Halo is more than a game, but it is hard to describe what it means to each player; yet it is easy to see the combined effect. See for yourself what it means to be part of the Seventh Column and visit the forums of

By Genevieve Buthod Senior Viewpoints Editor



ICP and Juggalos

Juggalos are the cult followers of the band Insane Clown Posse (ICP). They branch out and listen to other bands under the independent record label Psychopathic Records, but their devotion belongs to ICP, the label’s original group. The Gathering of the Juggalos is a music festival that began in 2000, and it continues to be a great starting place to meet Juggalos and their families. In fact, they consider themselves to be members of one big IPC-obsessed family and support other members of their community. Insane Clown Posse mentions the Faygo soda brand in many of their songs, so true followers are sure to only drink Faygo, and plenty of it. To find a nearby Juggalo, simply duck into the neighborhood Hot Topic, a shop known to host many of their kind. They have also supposedly been involved in many violent crime incidents and are officially classified as a gang by the FBI. But perhaps the most defining feature of a Juggalo is the face paint. They paint their faces with a primarily white, black, and red palette to look like frightening clowns. Some exactly imitate ICP members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, but many create their own look in order to “stay true to themselves”—the ultimate character test of a real Juggalo. These cult followers truly love their band, Insane Clown Posse, but they also love one another. Being a member of the “family” means stepping up to defend and protect all of the other family members. Once a Juggalo has found and established a community, ultimate devotion is key. They put as much effort into defending one another as they put into defending their obsession with Insane Clown Posse. And if nothing else, Juggalos across the world have one thing in common: scary cult love of a mediocre band.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

The Fairest Retelling of Them All

By Becki Brown Features Editor

What is Mirror Mirror exactly? Well, in a nutshell, once upon a time, there was a wicked queen named Julia Roberts. She was really mean to Snow White because Snow White was prettier than her, and the queen started having a midlife crisis. She decided to kill the girl in order to become the fairest of them all, but instead Snow meets seven dwarfs. The rest you will have to see the movie to find out. Lily Collins, who played Snow

White, also happens to be the daughter of musician Phil Collins (the guy that was in Genesis and did the music for Tarzan). Honestly, I do not think she will have to worry about living in her father’s shadow. She did a phenomenal job portraying Snow White as both beautiful and brave. She was believable in her fight scenes as well as her battle scenes, a feat that not all actresses can pull off. When I first saw her, I did notice her eyebrows (and so did


Julia Roberts is “One Bad Apple” as the Evil Queen.

School of Education

a few other people I talked to about the movie) and at first they were a bit off-putting. After thinking about it, I have to admit that I like them. She was not a f lawlessly airbrushed princess, which in my opinion makes h e r e ve n m o r e attractive. It also helps to set her apart from the evil queen, who removes any flaws and ends up making herself even uglier in a sense. Nathan Lane was in this movie. For most of you, this does not

mean a lot, but to me, it happens to be a pretty big deal. Na t h a n Lane, well-known for providing the voice of Timon in Lion King, happens to be one of my favorite actors. In this particular movie, he played Brighton, the queen’s right hand man. He delivers comic relief in tense scenes. At one point


This princess doesn’t rely on a prince to save her.

he is turned into a cockroach and, upon being turned back into his human form, retells his many adventures, including people constantly trying to step on him and a situation where a grasshopper “took advantage” of him. I have never not enjoyed a role Nathan Lane has had, and this is no exception. Mirror Mirror was definitely different than the Snow White Story most people are used to. Sure, the wicked queen is still wicked and magical, but there was a whole new aspect of magic that I will not go into detail about so spoilers can be avoided. These new aspects were pretty cool if I do say so myself. I also like the different spin

put on the dwarfs. Instead of the emotion-namebased, happy-go-lucky, mining dwarfs, they were gritty-reboot bandits…on springy stilts! I have to give kudos to the stunt people. They did some spectacular stunts on springy stilts (say that 5 times fast). I really did not have many complaints with this movie. I wish that they would have explained certain magic aspects that I talked about earlier. It was left to be interpreted by the viewer, but it could have easily been explained in just a few minutes. One other aspect I had a problem with was the very end. They included a song and dance

number which I could have done without. The music style did not fit with the rest of the movie, but I did like the lyrics. If I had to guess, the song at the end was just an excuse for Lily Collins to sing. Over all, I thought Mirror Mirror was charming and clever. The cast was a good fit, and the plot was not too fantastical to be believed. I was really glad I was able to see this movie, and it has to be one of my favorite adaptations of the Snow White story.


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The Xavierite

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The Worst Album Covers Ever Seriously, what were they thinking?

By Lauren Dwyer Features Contributor

Shut Up and Dance’s album, Dance Before The Police Come is just a cover that encompasses all that is great about the album. The music itself is something just unexplainable…it is just a work of art, really it is. However, the cover is what really seals the deal. Look at them! They are oiled up and armed with karate weapons. Yes, men, shut up and dance, dance before the police come. Dance your hearts out, men, because you clearly are about to have quite a martial arts battle.

Cher released this disturbing album cover in 1979. Take Me Home depicts Cher as some sort of Viking princess. You would think this would have something to do with the album, but of course it does not. Cher is clearly just beckoning to nerdy fanboys. Why these fanboys would be listening to Cher anyway is beyond me. Agree? Disagree with these picks? Email us at thexavierite@



The beautiful ladies of The Faith Tones are on the cover of this album. At first glance, I thought this album was from a Saturday Night Live skit. You know, the ones where Kristin Wiig has creepy baby hands…but, alas, this cover is real. The most offensive parts of this cover are the hairstyles. They are not only damaging to the environment (from the insane amount of hairspray), but also damaging to my eyesight.



Chicago Cubs By Peter Kreten Features Contributor Who is superior, the Cubs or the White Sox? This has been the question Chicagoans have wrestled with for over a century. I do not know why because the answer is easy. It is the Cubs. Yes, I am aware that the Cubs have not won a World Series in over a hundred years. Yes, I am aware that the White Sox won a World Series in 2005. Still, it does not matter. The Cubs are the best baseball team in Chicago. The Cubs history is one of the richest in the entire history of baseball. Did you know that the Cubs actually started in 1876, and at one point were named The Chicago Colts? They are also the oldest team, in all of baseball, which still resides in its original city. Some of the all time greatest baseball players have been Chicago Cubs. Gabby Hartnett. Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown. Ernie Banks. Ron Santo. Ryan Sandberg. These are just a few of the Hall of Famers that have worn Cubs’ uniforms. Attending a Chicago Cubs game is an experience like none other. It is an event really, which you will remember for the rest of your life. As you enter historic Wrigley Field, you will sense a connection between baseball’s past to its present. The field is one of the most picturesque in all of professional sports,

with the classic old school, person operated scoreboard. To the magical sounds of the early 20 century pipe organ. To the ivy on the outfield wall and the smell of freshly cut grass. True smells of summer. But all of the above mentioned reasons, pale in comparison to the only reason why the Cubs are truly great. We Cubs’ fans are the ultimate optimists. No matter how bad the Cubs are, we still believe that one day our prayers will be answered. It is a belief that unites Cubs’ fans across the country. We believe the Cubs to be the ultimate signal of hope. No matter how bad they are, there is always a sliver, that one day they will put it all together and surprise you. Ultimately the Cubs will win the World Series, this writer is betting 2015, and when that happens it will be the single greatest baseball story of all time. The ultimate underdog comes out on top; the celebration will be like none other. Don’t you want to be a part of that celebration?


Chicago White Sox By Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor The question of who is the best: The Cubs or the White Sox has been going on since before I can remember. To be the best baseball team in Chicago, however, you have to be able to back it up with stats and figures which is easy to do when it comes to the White Sox. The Chicago White Sox were established in Chicago as a major league organization in the year 1900. They started off as the Chicago White Stockings; however, they ended up just shortening it to The White Sox. The Sox started playing ball at Comiskey Park, one of the greatest places to play in baseball history. They now reside in the humble abode known as U.S. Cellular Field. There are many people that to this day still refer to the Sox park as Comiskey. However, the Cell is a beautiful stadium with much to do before the game gets started. To get right to it, the White Sox won their first World Series Title in the year 1906, where they won the series and made a run based solely on solid defense. Their next World Series win came in the same decade as opposed to other teams and it was the year 1917 where they had the likes of Eddie Cicotte, Eddie Collins, and Shoeless Joe Jackson. The White Sox had not won a World Series Championship since the year 1917, until they lit a spark and beat the Astros for

This creepy cover art is brought to you by Cerrone on his 1977 album, Supernature. Cerrone’s album features a futuristic disco sound. How the cover correlates with this sound is beyond me. This cover is just too much. Cerrone himself is missing an abdomen, or maybe it is lost in the abyss of his high-waist bellbottoms. And the surgeons on the floor obviously were no help to the skeleton laying on the operating table behind them. Perhaps they were just too busy playing dress up with their animal masks.

the Crown in 2005. That is the last time the Sox won the World Series, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. That White Sox team showed everybody what great baseball was all about. Superb pitching to go along with clutch hitting was the name of the game for the Sox. We have definitely come quite a way since the 2005 World Series, but there is nothing better than going to the ballpark on a warm summer afternoon and watching the Southsiders play ball. After all they can play some great baseball. They compete for the top of the division every year, and “We will win it next year” is not our motto. The White Sox are a great team to be a fan of because it does not matter if they do not sell out every game. They still give us fans hope each and every year that this year we will be able to go back and repeat as World Series Champs to show the world that we are the best!


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

Kicking creativity into high gear

By Kane McKeown Senior Features Editor The sad truth of the world (or at least America) is that everything seems to be driven by money. And of course, there is a reason for that; you will not raise a happy family if you cannot pay the bills or buy food. But the money making schemata that seem to embed itself in every aspect of our culture is really taking its toll on the world of art. And art is not just oil paints on canvas. Art is also music, theater, and, as Andy Warhol once said, “anything that makes a person

think.” But it seems like artistic creativity is boxed in when you think of all the terrible sequels that Hollywood produces because they know tickets will sell, good television shows that get cancelled after one poorly received episode, and how making a living as a art major is a running joke that every college has a version of. That is where comes in. It is a website that allows creativity to thrive. Kickstarter allows people to propose a creative project (what the project is, what they plan to do with it, how they plan to create or complete the project, how much

money it will cost, what the money will be used for, etc.). Then, other members who have similar interests, or just want to help an honest, creative cause, can donate money. There are plenty of projects hosted on the website right now that have accumulated millions of dollars in donations. This is not just some hipster website – it is actually the largest funding platform for creative works around. And Kickstarter, like its members, is of the opinion that art and creativity extend to many categories. Currently, these are the various

categories that you can propose a project in: art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film & video, food, games, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater. And each one of those categories is broken into various subgroups, so there is definitely a home for your creativity. As I stated earlier, it is not just a website for people with aspirations, it is also a website for people to support those aspirations. Have you ever wanted to play a steampunk video game in which you battle via blimps? What about a video project featuring interpretive dance on the poetry of Walt Whitman?

Or maybe a pair of nighttime goggles that enhance the likelihood of lucid dreaming is more your style? Well, go and donate! What’s even better is that your money will be rewarded. In most cases, depending on how much money you donate, the person or group hosting the project will reward you with various prizes or the actual end result of their project for your patronage. Kickstarter is available to anyone with an idea and the drive to see it to fruition. What are you waiting for? Go create your dreams, or at minimum, support someone else’s.

The Existence of Realism


For more of Brennan’s work, check out in the Long War. He is no longer here. Jason has no opinion on the Long War. It is a constant. It never changes. It always is. Sometimes, it seems as if the war is a rumor and no one ever leaves. Other times, the war is Do you like to write? gruesomely real; people leave and Send us your stuff and it may end all that come back are video feeds up in print! of gore on the city screens. Email us at thexavierite@yahoo. The Long War is a difficult com with your work attatched. thing to hold an opinion on as it We want to see your creative side, seems, and is, so very far away. so get to it! The smell of his father’s cologne, the embroidery on his A Man Made of Nothing mother’s favorite dress, the first By: Kane McKeown night he spent with Aubrey: these are the things Jason wants The sky is clear, perfect stopped, and life has lost meaning. desperately to remember and be weather for the hover transports. He sits in a quiet house, save consumed by as he lies naked in a The news reporters rattle for the hum of the numerous cryogenic case, waiting. Men speak to and instruct off stock numbers and weather electronics churning and calculating him through unseen speakers and patterns on the standing screens throughout. on each corner, competing with It is quiet because no one he complies but never listens. And advertisements blasting colors and speaks. There is nothing to be said. then there is cold. It is not a change sounds. Jason has a girlfriend; her in temperature. It is a state of existence that The fiber optic wires in the name is Aubrey Shell. trees’ leaves are just beginning to She sits next to him on the folds itself over Jason. It is a feeling shimmer in shades of gold and red. pneumatic couch, and he knows if of finality in the guise of ice and A Mech Man jolts and lurches she attempts to speak, she will only dreams. And he does dream. But he as it leads a group of tourists cry, so she stays silent. through the fringes of the busting The same is true of both his does not dream of life or things that metropolis, facts and statistics mother and his father, who sit even vaguely remind him of life. He dreams of colors and periodically chiming from the across from him. speakers embedded in its frame. He knows it is worse for them. emotions: sadness, terror, green, It is a perfect day on Kladio, The tension is too powerful mauve, white, guilt, wonder, beige, the moon of E-Theta, and life, in and, as all things under pressure hate, desire, brass, cerulean, misery. He dreams of his body. He its many forms, are continuing as must, it breaks. if nothing could stop the sheer There are tears and fits of dreams of his blood and his bones. He dreams that they are momentum of existence. hysteria, but it all seems to coalesce nothing and he is made of nothing. But this is not true for Jason in a ring around Jason. And then he stirs, unable Birch. He is absent. He, according For him, existence has to the letter in his hand, is drafted to remember colors, emotions,

his body, or any of the things he wanted so badly to remember. Jason only knows the perpetual loss and impossible cold that envelop him. Jason Birch is not a man. He is a thing that contains nothing but what is poured inside him. Jason Birch is thirty years hurtling through space, two hundred pushups in altered gravity, the echoing of footsteps in the metal corridors of the ship’s hull, the combustion that triggers the titanium-tipped round to burst from the barrel of a weapon named with numbers, the unfocused gaze of countless people who are also made of nothing. He is all these things and more. But he is not a thing made of nothing when the video feeds begin to upload into the hub’s database. After being passed by the cold, mathematical telepathy of hundreds of thousands of satellites and orbiting stations, the videos that arrive are painted with the texture of sand and mixed with the sound of static. But Jason still weeps at the sight of his mother’s face, the sound of Aubrey’s voice, and he is again a man. Videos: so short in length, but hundreds, thousands in number. He watches every one and his tears do not stop, they never waver, digging into his skin as a river tears through stone, because every video, despite the words from the ones he loves so dearly all blend into a thick fog of loss that hovers around

his head, seeps into his pores, and settles in his lungs. He watches the videos. His mother misses him. Aubrey loves him. His father is proud of him. Aubrey goes to school. His friend buys a house. His father grows a beard. Aubrey speaks of memories and friends. His mother says she is ill. His friend says this is his last video. His father says his mother is in the hospital. Aubrey tells of classmates. Aubrey tells of boys. His mother says she loves him. His father says his mother is dead. Aubrey speaks of a man. Aubrey speaks of her marriage. His father speaks of loneliness. Aubrey speaks of her children. His father says this is his last video. Aubrey says she misses him. Aubrey cries. Aubrey cries. Aubrey cries. Aubrey says this is her last video. And there is blackness and silence, more absolute than the void that the ship is careening through. And Jason Birch is a thing made of nothing, a creation of every moment of his existence. He knows this because he is alive. He knows this because he is dead. He knows this because he lived to watch himself die. Jason Birch fights in the Long War.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

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There Is No Better Time To Start Watching The WWE

By Tony Gustin Sports Editor Wo r l d Wre st l i n g Entertainment (WWE) is back in full force right now. A lot of people grew up watching wrestling to the fantastic story lines and characters like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Degeneration X, The Undertaker, etc. Those were the golden years for the industry, and those will never be matched again. We all know that and the WWE knows that. However, I am willing to say that right now the story lines and characters are the best they have been since the golden era, especially with people from that time making a big return into the story line. Wrestlemania 28 took place on April 1 in Miami to a crowd of over 70,000 people. The night was filled with matches that were so entertaining that even if you have never watched a wrestling event before you would appreciate it. The main event of the night featured the current face of the WWE John Cena pinned against a legend in the business, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. WWE did a great thing bringing The Rock back. They brought in attention of old fans who have not watched since he left and it is introducing a great character to young children who never got to witness “the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.” As predicted by many, The Rock took down Cena in his

hometown. A lot of people had speculation that The Rock would just return for this match and then go back to Hollywood to continue making movies that are never going to take off. The next night on Monday Night Raw, The Rock came out and assured fans that not only is he back, but he is here to stay and he wants to fight for the WWE Championship and win it back. Sure, The Rock versus Cena was the main event of the night and was the match that caught the most publicity, but, however, if you are a real wrestling or WWE fan, everyone is unanimous, that match was not the most entertaining. The WWE stuck to the theme of bringing back their legends and scheduled The Undertaker, who has never lost at Wrestlemania, against former Degeneration X leader, The Game, Triple H. They dubbed the match as “The end of an era” match. The match was to be fought in a “Hell in a Cell” format, which means there is a giant cage surrounding the ring so no one can escape. The big twist was that Triple H’s best friend “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels returned to guest referee the match. After vicious chair beatings, hits with a sledgehammer, and finishing moves left and right, The Undertaker remained undefeated and won the match in a dramatic fashion. This match will arguably go down as the greatest match in Wrestlemania history.

One of the weaker matches of the night, but also considered a main event, was WWE Champion CM Punk, who claims to be the best in the world, against another former WWE star Chris Jericho. These two had a heated rivalry going on for weeks to build up for this match. Punk is from Chicago and portrays himself as someone who does not drink or smoke. Jericho came back to claim that Punk was not the best in the world and that his family is dysfunctional. He got on the microphone and said that Punk’s dad is an alcoholic and his sister is a substance abuser. The feud was great, but the match was a little stale with Punk retaining his belt. Now with Wrestlemania over, the plot is really taking off. People like to bash wrestling for being fake and scripted, but that is not the point. It is entertaining and what shows on TV aren’t scripted anymore? It is pretty much a big soap opera for guys, but the characters are great right now and so is the story. The next night after Wrestlemania on Monday Night Raw, the worst kept secret to fans finally came true. As John Cena was trying to call The Rock to the ring to congratulate him on the win, former WWE star Brock Lesnar returned and came to the ring and performed his finishing move on Cena. Lesnar left the WWE to go fight in the UFC cage and has been


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

gone for years. This return is huge and it will be interesting to see who takes what side. The possibilities are endless and it is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon and start watching again.

The next pay per view event “Xtreme Rules” is actually being held in Chicago at the Allstate Arena on April 29. Fans should expect a great card featuring The Rock, Cena, Lesnar, and others.

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The Xavierite

Men’s Baseball Back on Track After 3 Game Losing Streak Baseball Riding a Three Game win streak; looking to continue hot streak

By Tony Gustin Sports Editor After three consecutive losses to the University of St. Francis, the Cougars were on their biggest losing streak of the season. However, they came back and hanlded Calumet College of St. Joseph in three straight games on April 6 and April 7. Game two against Calumet on April 7 was an absolute annihilation, with the final score being 17-1. Their overall record

Mike Pokers has been red hot this season.

rises to 24-11, 11-4 in the CCAC conference. The offense had zero problems during the double header of Calumet. Similar to how St. Francis had St. Xavier’s number, we had Calumet’s. The Cougars smashed out 32 hits over the two games. They won the first game by a final score of 9-2, really showing that their pitching is spectacular and also only giving up three runs in two games to the same team.


The team got two solid starts from junior left hander Mike Klett and senior lefty Michael Gaffigan. Freshman infielder Andy Kovarik had a monster day at the plate going 5-7, which included a grand slam in game two, two doubles, five RBIs and four runs scored. Senior shor tstop Adam Koglin was four for nine on the day with a double, two runs scored and three RBIs. Junior captain third baseman Mike Pokers also had a good day going five for seven with four runs scored and two RBIs. Senior second baseman Tom Simek piled on five hits that included a double three RBIs and crossed the plate five times. Sophomore left fielder Brad Myjak cranked another two run homer out of the park, as he usually likes to do, in the fifth inning of game one. Freshman center fielder Dan Wetzel posted a two run triple in game one as well. Calumet scored the first run of game one, leading the Cougars to believe that they were being faced with a challenge, but that was not the case; they absolutely dominated these two games. Now on to the three losses at St. Francis University. For some reason, St. Xavier just could not figure out a formula to beat this team. The Cougars have been strong all season so to see three consecutive losses is rather strange. In every sport, whether it be at the collegiate level or the

professional level, there is always a case where a superior team plays an inferior team but the inferior team just has their number. There is really no way of explaining that, it just happens and obviously the Cougars have moved on from those devastating losses and are back on the right path. In the first game of the three on March 30, they only recorded two hits throughout the entire game, which is something the team has not seen all season. They fell in seven innings, being shut out with the final score being 10-0. It was unfortunate that this game was the first because the Cougars never recovered from this one. Even if the score was close and they put up a fight the team would have been more prepared and motivated to come out and fight. Tony O’Shea and Myjak were the only two to record a hit in the game. USF improved to 20-10 after the sweep of the Cougars, which is also a respectable record. Scott Vachon had a rough outing on the mound but has been strong for the team all year. He pitched all six innings allowing 15 hits, 10 runs, one walk and one strikeout. The next two games were close, with the Cougars having home field advantage for both. Once again St. Xavier struggled at the plate, only recording nine total hits in the games. Simek recorded three of the

nine total hits on the day. The first game ended with USF on top by a final score of 3-1 and the night game was 4-2. Klett picked up the loss in the first game, dropping to 2-3 on the year. He went all seven innings, allowing seven hits, three runs and five strikeouts. Gaffigan recorded the loss in the second game, dropping to 2-1. He also pitched the entire game, giving up 11 hits, four runs, two strikeouts and did not walk a batter. Now the Cougars are heading out on the road and will not return home until April 15. They will face difficult matches in the form of Northwestern University, Trinity International University and Lewis University. The next game for the Cougars is a match-up with Trinity International on the road on April 11, with the first game starting at 1:30 p.m. When the Cougars return home, they will have a match-up with Purdue University - North Central on April 15 at 12 p.m. The game against Purdue University- North Central will be the second part of a home-andhome contest. The Cougars will play at Purdue on April 14 before returning home to play them here at home on April 15. Come on out and support your Cougars as the end of the regular season is vastly approaching. Good luck to the men’s baseball team!

Chicago baseball is back; Cubs and Sox start up on mediocre note By Nick Pecho Sports Contributor Since the end of the last MLB season, baseball fans on both sides of town have had a sour taste in their mouths. On the south side of Chicago, White Sox fans have been asking themselves: “That was all in? No more Ozzie Guillen? Are we rebuilding?” And on the north side, fans are saying here we go again. And the smart fans are saying “YES!” finally a new regime to take the Cubs where they should be. Fans across the Chicago land area are very eager to see what this season will bring them. With both teams counted out before the season even started, this season will be full of baseball surprises. Before last season the White Sox general manager Kenny Williams made quite the splash bringing in Adam Dunn to be the new designated hitter. He signed a 4 year 56 million dollar contract and he ended up recording one of the single worse season long offensive performances in history. This was so odd because Dunn has historically been an extremely consistent hitter throughout his career. The fact that Dunn failed led to the Sox cutting payroll for the upcoming season, which meant getting rid of luxuries like Mark Buehrle, Sergio Santos and Carlos Quentin. These moves were not very popular with Sox fans and could really hurt ticket sales for this season. That being said, the White

Both teams experience changes during offseason

Sox still have a top notch defensive team and an offensive line-up that could really do some damage if players have average seasons at the plate. The question mark remains will they have the pitching to compete? There are some new young starters in the field for the Sox as well as some young arms in the bullpen which is leading most to believe that the Sox are rebuilding for the future. GM Kenny Williams is very reluctant to admit that they are in a state of rebuilding and claims that they are trying to win the World Series this season. The team will also be playing under new rookie manager and former Sox star third baseman Robin Venture. With the White Sox out to a 2-2 start in two nail biting one run games with the Rangers, they start off the season one game back of the 2-0 Tigers who have proven power can win games already. This will be a long and difficult season if the Sox expect to win the division. On the other side of town it remains simple. The Cubs’ new owner, Tom Rickets, has decided it is time for a new baseball department and brought in former Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein. Epstein, now president of baseball operations for the Cubs, hired San Diego Padres general manager Jed Hoyer and also brought on assistant general manager Jason McLeod. These men are trying to give the Cubs a complete new outlook

Alfonso Soriano will need to step up for the Cubs.

on baseball. They bring a different mentality of how to work and how to play and it’s their way or the highway. Epstein has said several times that this season they are rebuilding but at the same time trying to win a world series. That is great to say but very unlikely. So far they have slashed lots of payroll in order to bring in new prospects and build up the minor league system which is a great place to start in the rebuilding process. The new Cubs have started the season 1-3 so far with two bad showings from bullpen against a very good Nationals team. The rebuilding option seems like the best right now because it does not look like the Cubs will have what it

takes to make a championship push at the same time. The bullpen looks like it is going to be a major problem for the entire season. In the opener Cub fans were hopeful after Ryan Dempster threw a gem, going over seven innings with 10 strikeouts. Then trouble, in the form of Cubs legend Kerry Wood, came in from the bullpen. All Wood had to do was record one out but he walked a couple of batters and threw a wild pitch. Cubs fans will always love Wood but when is time to give someone else a chance later in the game, instead of Wood and Marmol. Both are lacking in the control department, something


that makes every fan nervous. The Cubs should have released Marmol when they had the chance. With both teams in f lux this year it is a great season to just sit back, take your mind off winning and start watching the stars of the future for both teams. Look for changes in the way the teams are playing, the new baseball philosophies on both sides of town, and the effort you are going to see from all of the players trying to show they belong. I predict the Cubs will surprise and go .500 this season with an 81-81 record. And the Sox will surprise and win 90 games to win the division over the Tigers who will deal with injury problems.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

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Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Hunter By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor

mostly came here for softball, but I am glad I came here for the nursing program.

Q: What is your major? A: I am a nursing major. I want to get a job right out of college and I am hoping to go back to school a few years after that and get my nurses practitionerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license. I want to work in the hospital and I think I want to get into pediatrics, but I am not sure. Q: What made you come here to SXU? A: I had a friend who played softball here and she was a year older than me and I had communicated to coach Myra Minuskin through my friend. I

Q: When you first arrived here, was there anyone on the team that you asked for help? A: Probably Amy Kennedy, the girl that I was friends with beforehand just because she was the first one I knew. Once I felt comfortable though, I was able to go to a lot of people. Q: What is the best and worst field that you have played on? A: The worst field was Calumet Saint Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because that one is just horrible. It is super rocky and bumpy and it is right next to a building so foul balls can just pounce off the wall. I would say the best field is Lindenwood, that one sticks out for me. We do not play them a lot, but they have a super nice field. Q: How has the adjustment been bringing in eight new players to this team? A: It has been really hard. We really

By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor

A: Probably last year at the conference tournament when we lost to Olivet. It was more because that was the last year for the six seniors that we lost. That was the most heartbreaking one loss for me.

get myself mentally prepared.

Q: Who has been a big supporter for you?

Q: How key is it to have the whole pitching staff back this season?

A: Probably my parents just because they come to every game and they have come on all the trips. They are always asking how I do if they cannot come to the game and they always give me good advice. They are always really supportive of me.

A: It was good to start off winning on our home field. We usually have harder competition before we start our conference play. We came back from two tough trips and it was nice to have a little bit of a break and then it was good to come back and get the wins and be in top shape.

A: It is very important; they are in every play. They are what is starting the hitting and whatever pitches they throw is going to determine what the batter hits. We then have to try and stop whatever comes, but it is really important especially with the two seniors who are two leaders of the team. Megan is just really good too. We have fewer pitchers than other teams do, but they do pull through for us. Q: Is there any one team that you really enjoy playing against? A: I would not say one team, but there are certain games that are more fun than others and those are the ones with more competition. Teams are hitting really well, both teams are making good defensive plays and both teams are playing all around good games; those are the most fun. Q: Is there any one loss that really sticks out for you?

Q: If it was not for softball, what sport would you be playing? A: Volleyball or basketball because I played all three in high school. I really did not get offers for volleyball or basketball though, but I did for softball. I still enjoy playing volleyball and basketball though. Q: What are your hobbies outside of softball? A: Nursing school. I just like to relax and workout; obviously now I like to be outside because it is so nice. Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals? A: I always come early for early hitting. Before the game starts, I usually pray to myself. I just like to

Q: You came home and you won the first two games here at home. How important is that to start out winning on your home field?

Q: Did you choose the number 6? A: No, I wanted to be number 7, but there was a senior that had the number. I could have had it after my sophomore year, but I just kept the number 6. Q: Bottom of the seventh inning, bases loaded, two outs and you are down a run, who do want at the plate under that pressure? A: You can put a lot of people up there; I cannot pick one person because that is not fair. Every game that we have had, multiple people have stepped up and gotten the runs in. If that happened to me, I would hope that I would be able to do it and put the ball in play. To read the entire interview, please visit

Athlete Spotlight: Amie Brown

A: When the second game ended and everyone walked off the field, our coach told us that we had swept A : I a m a n e l e m e n t a r y them. It was an accomplishment; education major. I hope to teach we had come into the game being Kindergarten through fourth knocked out of the polls. It felt grade. If I find a job in junior high amazing that we swept them; I knew however, I do have concentrations that as a pitcher that my team was in math, science and English. behind me. It was the same for Megan {Nonnemacher}, Megan Q: What is the best practice knew that her team was behind her. or thing to do to improve your pitching? Q: Is there any style of pitch you like throwing more than any A: I have always been the type of other? person that if I am struggling, the next day I really want to work on A: My inside or outside curve ball is that pitch that I am struggling on. probably the most dominant pitch Otherwise, I will push myself out and favorite pitches to throw. to the outfield and throw from there to strengthen my arm. Q: What is the fastest you have thrown? Q: What is the balance like between school and softball? A: I have not been timed since high school. I probably threw about 60 A: Freshman year I kind of miles per hour. struggled between school and softball. Since then I have made Q: This team has lost two games the adjustment to make sure that since March 17, what has been the everything is done for school first key to the winning in that time? and then softball comes second. It has kind of balanced out since A: Strong defense. I feel that there freshman year. has been games that we had been losing and came back and won Q: On March 25, you guys swept them at the end. Aslo we are not number 25 ranked Marian a powerful team so we play a lot University. That was the first of the small ball. We get the job time they had been swept in a few done and we steal bases. A lot of years. What was that feeling like the time, we go on their errors and sweeping them? take advantages of their mistakes. Q: What is your major?

tried to welcome them in when they first came here just to make it easier because that is half of our team. Everyone is getting along really well and it was hard at first, but I think we have been playing really well. The more that we play together though, the more everyone begins sinking into their positions.

Q: You have thrown not one but two perfect games this season, how good does that feel for you? A: Being a senior, it feels very good knowing that I am going to go out with this. It also felt amazing because my family and boyfriend were able to witness both of them. However; this would have never happened if it was not for my catchers calling the pitches and my defense behind me. Q: Do you have any memorable games? A: Last year when we played Olivet, it was 2-2 in the bottom of the seventh and we ended up beating them and I got the win. Also, I ended up throwing to the last batter in the 2 game and struck her out to get the save. Q: What is one team you really enjoy playing against? A: Olivet, just going out there and knowing that you are just as good as them and knowing how the competition is going to be. You just go out there with a lot of energy because we want to beat them so bad. Q: What is one thing that you do to keep your composure on the mound if you find yourself in a jam?

A: I am one of those quick pitchers, so I usually do not take a lot of time between pitches. But when I am in a jam I will go to the back of the mound and breath and talk to my defense. I just try and relax and finish. Q: What was the transition like bringing in eight new players to this team? A: It was ver y different knowing the whole right side/outfield was underclassman. Getting to know them in the winter and in the gym, I feel like they have grown a lot since last fall. They are doing really well and they are making our team really good. Q: This team is 21-8 so far this season, what is the key to keep on winning heading into the end of the season? A: Solid pitching, solid defense and not making any errors at the wrong time. I also feel we need to keep playing small ball, we always talk about how we need to get our first two batters on for the three,

four and five batters coming up can bring them into score. Q: How do you feel about the future of this team? A: I feel that this team is so young and they are so talented, as well as the girls coming in; they are really talented as well. The past four years being here, we use softball as something to just go outside and get away from everything. I have been playing since I was seven or eight so it is going to be hard knowing that I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be able to step on that mound ever again. To read the entire interview with Amie Brown, please visit

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Xavierite

SPORTS Men’s Volleyball Ends; Finish with 7-19 Record By Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor

The Men’s Volleyball season came to an end after they lost in the first round of the Mid- America Men’s Volleyball Intercollegiate Conference (MAMVIC) tournament which was being hosted by the Cougars. The Cougars were the #5 seed in the tournament and matched up against the #4 seed Lourdes University. SXU played competitively throughout most of the match. Sophomore right side Evan Muys set a school record for SXU by

becoming the first to have the most kills in a match with 23. It was an impressive day for Muys and it was a solid showing from the Cougars, but it was just not enough to be able to get the win and move on to the second round of the tournament. The Cougars did get some positive news, however, as after the matches last Friday Aaron Porter was named to the 2012 MAMVIC East Division First Team while Justin Cousin and Muys were honorable mentions. The guys ended the season with a 7-19 overall mark but they really did play better

than what their record shows. The guys had some tough matchups when they went on the road this season, and then when they would come back home it was hard to get into a rhythm. This team had a lot of talent this season and it was showcased many times during the season. Freshmen such as Dan French and Jimmy Boyce were very key as they were the top setters this season and very instrumental in the seven wins for the club. Also, Sean Blackwood was a big name that played a lot as a freshman at the Middle Blocker position.

It is difficult to look at the below average record for the Cougars and believe that they had a great team. Well, the simple fact is that they are little fish in a big pond. It is not going to always be like this, but right now the Cougars are going to have to take it a season at a time and they will see improvements with each season. They have the coaching and the talent is there. Now the last thing that they have to do is put it all together. Before long they will be swimming with the big fish.

Spring season of intramurals coming to an end By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor The spring season of SXU intramurals is drawing to a close as is the spring semester. We have entered into the final month of spring classes as well as the final month of intramurals here on campus. This spring season has seen bean bags, volleyball, floor hockey and a 3 on 3 basketball tournament against Trinity Christian College. T h e re a re s t i l l s o m e g re a t intramurals to be played yet this season though. Starting this week is two events that started on Monday,

April 9 and on Tuesday, April 10. Irish Hurling took place on Monday and soccer took place on the soccer field on Tuesday evening. The object of Irish hurling is to carry a wooden stick called a Hurley and to try and hit a small ball at a goal. There is a goalkeeper in place to try and block shots, but if the ball goes over the cross bar, it is equivalent to one point and if the ball goes under the crossbar it is equivalent to three points. One of those events that have yet to transpire is Kickball, which takes place on Monday, April 16 at 6 p.m. in the Shannon Center.

The last event of the month is a fan favorite, Ultimate Frisbee on April 18; that takes place at 7:15 p.m. at the football field. Each and ever y one of these intramural events has seen some spectacular crowds turn out for them. The 3 on 3 basketball tournament against Trinity Christian College was a nice twist, which featured games played at SXU and then the actual tournament being played over at Trinity Christian in their new and old gym. T h i s h a s b e e n a n ot h e r awe s o m e s e m e s t e r o f S X U intramurals. Intramurals will be

sure to have some more exciting and fun events planned for the future as this semester has seen some new and interesting twists and turns. To go ahead and register for these events, please visit, keyword: intramurals. There is still open registration for the kickball and ultimate Frisbee. Be sure to register for these events, because these are the final two events of the spring semester. Congratulations to all of the participants of intramurals that won in their respective sports. Also, congratulations goes out to everyone who participated!

Bulls Finally Getting Healthy at Right Time Greg’s World By Greg Pilafas

Senior Sports Editor

The Chicago Bulls’ season is coming down to the end as the postseason looms ahead. The Bulls are finally all starting to get healthy. Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, CJ Watson, Richard “Rip” Hamilton and Joakim Noah have all missed time this season for various reasons. The reigning MVP finally returned on April 8 against the New York Knicks. Rose may have had a rough shooting game against the Knicks, but it is great to see the Bulls at full strength once again. This team has only eight more games to go and the Bulls can use this time to get back into rhythm and knock any potential rust as they push into the playoffs. The Bulls have to look ahead to the postseason and it is excellent to see this entire team back healthy. This team will need all hands on deck for the postseason.

Cougar softball team mowing down competition; on five-game winning streak By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor The Cougars are continuing to dominate opponents as the softball team has won five straight games dating back to March 29. In the five game win streak, the Cougars have had big blowout victories as well as yet another perfect game from star pitcher Amie Brown. The Cougars now have a record of 23-8 on the season so far.

In a double-header match-up with Judson University on April 5, the Cougars won both games by a combined score of 11-6. Both of these games were played on the road and the Cougars now have an impressive road record of 5-1 on the season. In the first of two games, the Cougars won by the final score of 5-2 over the Eagles of Judson University. The game was dominated offensively by senior

Ariel Hinton has been on a roll so far this season.


catcher Ashley Hunter who went 2-4 at the plate with a home run, a run scored and two RBI’s. Freshman left fielder Megan James chipped in an RBI for the Cougars with two hits, two runs scored and one RBI. Freshman designated hitter Sarah Saunders had an RBI single in the second inning which plated junior third baseman Kate Mollohan. Starting pitcher Amie Brown pitched a complete game, going seven innings strong with 9 K’s to go along with only two earned runs given up and four hits. With the victory, Brown improves her record to 9-2 on the season. In the second game, the Cougars once again pulled out a victory, taking this game 6-4. The Cougars were hot early, jumping out to a 5-0 lead before giving up four runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to the Eagles. Sophomore starter for SXU, Megan Nonnemacher, improved her record to 12-4 on the season after pitching a complete game, giving up only one earned run and also striking out eight Eagles. For Judson University, starting pitcher Sam Gladen also pitched a complete game, only giving up one earned run as well to go with eleven strikeouts on the day. The Cougars got the scoring started when freshman center fielder Shannon Lauret hit a double in the second inning to plate Sarah Saunders. The Cougars got another run in the third inning when Ashley Hunter scored an unearned run on a passed ball to

put the Cougars up 2-0. The Cougars got three runs in the fourth inning and the scoring began when sophomore first baseman Ariel Hinton had a single which plated two Cougars. Hunter added the third RBI in the inning on a single. Judson University committed four errors in this game which led to five of the six runs for SXU. In a match-up with Trinity International University on April 3 at SXU, the Cougars won both games by a combined score of 20-0. The Cougars won each game 10-0 and both of the games ended in five innings. In the first 10-0 victory, Amie Brown threw her second perfect game this season after going five innings with seven strikeouts and no runs given up and no walks. Brown threw her first perfect game back on Feb. 28 against Adrian College down in Clermont, Florida; the Cougars won that game 2-0 in eight innings. The Cougars scored one run in the first inning and they went on to score six runs in the second inning and three more runs in the sixth inning which led to a dominating 10-0 victory. Sophomore right fielder Katie Houlihan and senior catcher Ashley Hunter each had two RBI’s in this game to lead the offense. The Cougars needed just five hits in this game to score their ten runs. Trinity International University committed three errors in this game and SXU committed zero errors on the day.

In the second game against Trinity International, the Cougars once again won this game 10-0. Megan Nonnemacher pitched another complete game, giving up only two hits and one walk to go along with her 10 punch-outs. The Cougars once again used a strong second inning where SXU scored seven runs after scoring two runs in the opening inning before adding their tenth run in the third inning. Ariel Hinton had a team leading three RBI’s in this game after a double in the second inning gave her two RBI’s and a sacrifice fly in the third inning gave her her third RBI. The Cougars got the winning streak started back on March 29 when they split a double-header contest with Trinity Christian College. The Cougars lost the first game 5-1 before coming back and blowing out Trinity 15-3 in game two. The Cougars got a combined nine RBI’s from the duo of freshman third baseman Sarah Saunders and junior shortstop Ashley Sullivan who had five RBI’s and four RBI’s respectively. The Cougars racked up 16 hits in this contest compared to only five hits from the Trolls. The next match-up for the Cougars is a showdown with conference rival Olivet Nazarene University at Olivet on Thursday, April 12 at 3 p.m. The Tigers of Olivet Nazarene are the number 14 ranked team in the nation so the Cougars will need to come out strong against them.

April 12th, 2012  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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