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Wednesday, March 28th, 2012


Hastert talks civility Loan Rates Could Double By July in U.S. government By Karina Palencia News Editor

Saint Xavier University students may face a student loan crisis if interests rates are allowed to double. The student loan market is “too big to fail,” according to Rohit Chopra, the student loan ombudsman for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau as reported by The Huffington Post Wednesday. At a conference hosted by the

Consumer Bankers Association in Texas Wednesday, Chopra said student loan debt in the U.S. exceeds a staggering $1 trillion. According to Chopra, students borrowed $117 billion in federal student loans last year. Students continue to borrow money from several sources, including both federal and private loans. Student Stafford Loans will double to 6.8 percent if Congress does not renew the low interest rate.

They are set to expire on July 1. About 2,200 undergraduate students are borrowing both subsidized and unsubsidized loans at SXU. “There are 2,212 students that have borrowed the subsidized loan and 2,213 students that have borrowed the unsubsidized loan this year,” said Susan Swisher, director of financial aid. Kelli Shaffer, a freshman

polling place, they were denied being able to vote because they were supposedly not even registered. Weeks before the primaries t o o k p l a c e ; S GA w a s s e e n encouraging students to fill out registration forms so that students would be able to participate in Illinois’s Mar. 20 primary. A SGA member told applicants that the filled-out forms were going to be taken to an office downtown so that they could be processed. Once voting time came, the

only thing a student was required to do was show their driver’s license; however, this was not the case. After showing their license and stating their name, several students were told that they were not registered, and thus, could not vote. In an interview via email with The Xavierite, Michelle Thompson, senator of SGA and also the person in charge of the voter registration forms, shared her knowledge of the

3 SGA addresses voting registration confusion


Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert speaks to a filled McGuire Hall on Thursday.

By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief The former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, J. Dennis Hastert, was among five panelists who discussed the role of civility in government at Saint

Xavier University on Wed., March 21 in McGuire Hall. Speaker Hastert began with a personal introduction describing his growing up in Chicago and entrance into politics before HASTERT >



As many Illinois citizens flocked to their polling place to cast their votes last week, some Saint Xavier University students who registered to vote through the university’s Student Government Association (SGA) were not allowed to participate in the state’s primaries. According to those students — who wish to remain unidentified— once they arrived at their designated

Two SXU sophomores take home pageant crowns By Karina Palencia News Editor


Pageant winners Victoria Martello and Jordan Hamrick acknowledge the crowd.

Discrimination complaint at Miami

Martello said. For his portion, Hamrick did a spoken work on his own material called “The U.S.”. This spoken work was a message to have people think for themselves and see what is put before them, which is society. The night’s winners both shared their overall experience of this year’s pageant. “I had such a great time; especially spending time with Spencer, one of the participants in the pageant. Spencer and I had so much fun, encouraging and motivating each other backstage, he even let me borrow a suit for formal PAGEANT >

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all male pageant in which he also won the crown. For Martello, this pageant just adds to her growing list of pageant wins. “This is the third pageant that I have previously done; before, I have won the princess title but this is the first time that I have won the queen title,” said Martello. During the talent portion of the night, Martello and Hamrick both gave performances that had a special meaning to them. For her segment, Martello performed a lyrical dance for the audience. “It was the first time I danced since my grandma passed away and it was special to me,”

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Twelve Saint Xavier University students competed in the university’s Ms. Scarlet and Mr. Grey pageant on Thurs., Mar. 22—but only two took home the crowns. Sophomores Victoria Martello, a nursing major, and Jordan Hamrick, an organizational communication major, both won the pageant. Pageant coordinator Shonice James said that she had high expectations for the pageant. And after Thursday’s event, James felt that those expectations were exceedingly met. In addition to the many enthusiastic students attending, President Christine Wiseman was also present. Wiseman served as one of the judges of the pageant and crowned the winners. Commenting on Wiseman’s support of the pageant, James said, “She is the best president ever.” Unlike other participants of the event, Mr. Grey and Ms. Scarlet have previously participated in other pageants. This is the second time Hamrick has participated in such an event. Hamrick’s first pageant was the Mr. Jefferson pageant - an






‘Very receptive’ crowd for lecture on Du Bois By Joshua Humphry Senior News Editor Saint Xavier University students and faculty were informed about some lesser known facts about W.E.B. Du Bois at a lecture given in the Butler Reception Room on Mon., Mar. 26. Aldon Morris, a professor of sociology and African American Studies at Northwestern University, gave the lecture entitled “W.E.B. Du Bois: The Forgotten Founder of American Sociology.” “I think it went really well,” said Elijah Ward, an associate professor of sociology and African American studies and organizer of the event. “I am very pleased.” The talk focused on Du Bois’ contribution to the establishment of scientific sociology in the United States while working at Atlanta University, a major university for African Americans scholars at the time. It also examined how Du Bois and German sociologists influenced each other. Du Bois was a scholar and political activist throughout of the early half of the 20th century. He is perhaps best known as a major member of the early Civil Rights movement and a cofounder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Du Bois, Morris argued, was

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By Macy Zamudio News Editor


the founder of the American school of sociology, not White sociologists of the University of Chicago and other major universities as the founding of scientific sociology was previously accredited. To further this argument, Morris gave examples of the major contributions that Du Bois made to the field of sociology including many methods now considered commonplace in the field such as the usage of scientific method. After the lecture, which lasted from 12:00p.m. to about 1:00p.m., Morris held a short question and answer session where he answered questions asked by the audience. He then stuck around to talk with lingering and curious audience members. Turn-out for the lecture included most of the small seating area set up in Butler being occupied and a few students sitting on the chairs to the side of the room. Morris’s lecture did run a bit over its 12:00-1:00 time slot forcing a few students that had class to leave early, but the audience that stuck around was active during the question and answer session. “The audience consisting of students and faculty were very receptive,” Morris said about his experience as a guest lecturer at SXU.

Softball continues to dominate

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Xavierite

World Bits WA D.C. (NYTIMES)— Support for the war in Afghanistan has seen a dramatic drop among Democrats and Republicans as more and more Americans say the U.S. should not be involved in fighting there, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. 69 percent said the U.S. should not be involved in the war, a 16 percent increase from four months ago.

FRANCE (BBC)—Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former International Monetary Fund chief, was charged in France with “aggravated pimping” for his involvement in a prosecution ring. He was released Monday under a 100,000-euro bail. Strauss-Kahn has admitted to attending parties where prostitutes were provided by a gang. The disgraced former IMF head could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Though prostitution isn’t illegal in France, profiting from the prostitution of another person is against the law.

MEXICO (HUFFPO)—Eighty percent of homicides in Mexico go unpunished, according to a recent report by a Mexican think tank. Prosecutors and police forces focus on less serious crimes that are easier to solve, the report said.

HASTERT > from



sharing his views on the root causes of the incivility and vitriol between the political parties in Washington. He recalled that when he first entered Congress, representatives on both sides of the political aisle communicated in person. “Everyone was in Congress all the time and Congress had a great melting pot of ideas…you got to know each other,” said Hastert as he described those days. The advent of televised Congressional proceedings changed this “camaraderie,” according to Hastert. Many Congressmen and women stopped going to Congress in person; instead they watched the proceedings on television. For this reason, those who did give speeches in Congress “acted in front of the TV” and “it wasn’t the discourse in Congress that decided the vote; the discourse was in front of the TV,” said Hastert. As a result, Hastert believes that political opinions began to stiffen as they were already often decided before any sort of conversation. He then addressed the rise of the “religious right” as a further step in the polarization of Congress. The right to life issue, specifically, “polarized people on a moral basis, and you saw the beginning of a parting of the waters of the middle way,” Hastert maintained. Additionally, the former Speaker brought up the McCainFeingold Act of 2002. Hastert cited that it gave outside groups, often on the extreme right or extreme left, more power in funding political candidates by taking control of money away from the political party, which had previously brought some level of balance and compromise to politics. From that moment, the people on the far right and the far left began to put out the political ads and create “the energy to elect people,” said Hastert. “And so you find the centrists of the party on both sides hollowing out and finding the discussion and the influence of the party to the far right and left,” he continued. Finally, he brought up the influence of cable television and 24/7 news on polarizing the government. Since these 24/7 stations

MARIANA TRENCH (AFP)—Director James Cameron plunged to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest point, on Monday. It took him just over two and a half hours to reach the bottom and a mere 70 minutes to ascend to the surface again. The mission was seven years in the making and marked the first time a person descended into the Trench in more than half a century. Cameron, the first person to ever complete a solo dive to the Trench, reached a depth of 35,756 feet.

SOMALIA (WAPO)—Former Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf died Friday of complications from pneumonia at 78. Yusuf served as president of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia from 2004 to 2008. His administration struggled to assert control after he took power in 2004, when Somalia’s first government in 13 years was formed. Yusuf called himself a “man of peace” at his inauguration and urged Somalis to begin the process of forgiving each other.

constantly need news to put on, they zero in on every occurrence, and extremists on both the left and right end up analyzing it. As a result, “politicians and people who elect politicians get caught up in this [polarization],” he argued. Haster t then turned to offering ways of getting beyond this political vitriol. He used his experience as House Speaker to describe strategies for civility. “I spent ninety percent of my time as Speaker around a table bringing people from one position and a second position together to try to find a middle way because you can’t ever get anything done if you only deal with the extreme,” he stated. He then offered six strategies to bring Congressmen and women together: understand that everyone in Congress “represents something or some set of ideals” important to their constituents, develop respect for each other, establish trust, have a constructive discourse to find a middle way, be fair to all sides and listen so that solutions “bubble up from the bottom.” The conversation was then opened up to the rest of the panel, including, Daniel Hynes, J.D., the Illinois comptroller from 1998 to 2010 and Barack Obama’s challenger in the 2004 Senatorial primary race, Mary MacLaren, a Saint Xavier University trustee and former Colonel, Ryan McLaughlin, a Republican political consultant and Susan Sanders, R.S.M., Ph.D., Vice President for Administration and Planning at Saint Xavier. All panelists agreed political apathy and failure to vote reduces the political dialogue in the nation. MacLaren said, in regards to the apathy, “There’s so much bombast in today’s campaigns that people get turned off.” McLaughlin, a campaign strategist, argued that because so few people vote, campaigns isolate those that do and cater to them only. Because of this, the middle-ofthe-road people, who often do not vote, are ignored and the political extremists dominate the discussion. His solution: “the more people who vote, the more dialogue. Hynes agreed, criticizing those who do not vote. He cited the fact that early voting exists so people can vote on their own time. “It shows how pathetic people

Dennis Hastert addresses the crowd.

who don’t vote are because there is really no excuse,” he bluntly stated. Hynes also lambasted the fact that corporations can contribute millions of dollars to campaigns and the effect this has on political advertisements. “If you are not willing to run a negative campaign, you will lose,” he said bemoaning how this turns off many “good people” from running for office. Later in the discussion, Hynes made perhaps the most controversial statement of the evening. He proposed fundamentally altering the First Amendment to limit free speech in terms of limiting the amount of money that can be spent by a political campaign. “The First Amendment, as important as it is, I think you can have exceptions to it…to protect the sanctity of our government,” he stated. This caused a reaction from one person in the crowd who stood up to “defend the First Amendment.” Speaker Hastert and McLaughlin also disagreed. At the end of the evening, the topic turned to whether religion is a polarizing force in politics or whether it promotes civility. Two opposing viewpoints came from Hastert and Hines. Hastert maintained that religion has always been a force in politics. “I think it’s important that religion is part of the system… people who make good moral decisions, many times, most of those people have a religious background,” he argued. Hynes argued the opposite

• Improv show [McGuire Hall] on Wed., 28 at 9:16p.m. • Intramural Volleyball league [Shannon Center] on Thurs., Mar. 29 at 7:15p.m. • Palm Sunday Student Mass [McDonough Chapel] on Sun., Apr. 1 at 8p.m. • Holy Mass [McDonough Chapel] on Mon., Apr. 2 at 12p.m. • Living Station of the Cross [McDonough Chapel] on Tues., Apr.3 at 7:30p.m. • Annual Budget Appeals Due [Campus Life] on Wed., Apr. 4 at 4:30p.m. • Spring Film Festival [TBA] Wed., Apr, 4 at 6-8p.m.


saying, “Whenever you connect your belief to religion, it makes it seem like you are judging others…it creates a chilling effect on the conversation.” The event concluded after this topic. A couple students were asked about their feelings on the panel. “I knew something would happen when Hynes brought up changing the First Amendment. You don’t mess with the First Amendment because it will not get changed,” said Ellis Ramos, a sophomore international studies major. Yvonne Schmitt, a senior social science secondary education major, said, “A lot of [the discussion] was very valid. I found it interesting when they said that good people don’t get into politics.” After the discussion, The Xavierite caught up with Speaker Hastert as he was walking to an exclusive post-lecture reception. When asked if he sees anyone other than Mitt Romney becoming the Republican nominee to challenge President Obama in November, Hastert responded that Romney will most likely be the nominee. “[Romney’s] the only guy that can win the presidency. The others—Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul—are too polarizing,” Hastert said. He was also asked if he thinks that the nominee will be chosen before the Republican National Convention in August and said that one probably will be. He also admitted that the vitriolic campaign between the Republicans is weakening their party.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Xavierite

Recycling Efforts Continue with Terracycle


Freshman Pat Kim, a sociology student, recycles with Terracycle.

By Macy Zamudio News Editor As a proactive way to help the environment and also raise money for charity, Saint Xavier University students are being highly encouraged to take part in the university’s terracycling efforts. Although the terracycling program has already had a strong presence at the university, one of the program’s main organizers— Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ)—would like SXU SGA > from



were filled out correctly. “I made sure with the ward office that they were sent downtown on the Monday after I turned them in. I tried to go through most of the forms to make sure they were filled out correctly, but there could have been some things I missed,” Thompson wrote. Besides mentioning that SGA followed all the right procedures, Thompson also added that any problems experienced should not necessarily be blamed on the student organization. “After we turn them in, it is in the government’s hands, not ours,” wrote Thompson. In the same interview, Brittany Jones, president of SGA, expressed the organization’s apologies to any student who experienced such an unsettling mishap. “I apologize to any one who was inconvenienced by this situation,” Jones wrote.

acceptable items are sent to the terracycling company, Dean stated that MSPJ diligently sorts through all the various items put into the bins. “We’re in charge of sorting it and sending it to them. The R.A.s are also involved and help us advertise it. They bring all the garbage so that we can sort through it once a month,” Dean said. On a personal note, Dean remarked on why she thought that it is important to participate in such efforts. “It’s a good way to give to a charity and to help the earth at the same time—you’re raising money by recycling,” said Dean. Students may contribute to terracycling efforts by placing their items in select bins conveniently located in all of the university’s dorm halls. If one wants to know more about terracycling or wants to see any of the products that the company makes, one may visit the company’s official website at www.

By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief A transgender Miami University of Ohio student is petitioning against his school, claiming the university will not let him be a resident adviser in an allmale dorm, The Huffington Post reported Friday. Junior Kaeden Kass, who was born female but now identifies as male, filed an official complaint of discrimination against Miami after the administration offered him the job in an a female dorm. “Miami has made a commitment to honoring, valuing, and respecting diversity, and then I hand them a situation where they have a chance to practice what they preach, and they completely drop the ball,” Kass said to The Post. The Post reports that several

colleges across the country are faced with the exact situation as Kass’. Several colleges—such as the University of North Carolina and the University of Pennsylvania now have gender-neutral housing options for students. “I knew I would be stirring the pot if I applied, but I didn’t want to not take opportunities just because I thought I might run into controversy,” Kass said to the Miami Student, Miami’s student newspaper. Miami’s coordinator of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Services, Demere Woolway, told the Miami Student that she is very displeased with the university’s actions thus far with Kass. “I think it’s really unfortunate that we weren’t able to find a housing situation that was what

Victoria Martello, sophomore, nursing.

Katrina Morgan, sophomore, psychology.

Jordan Hamrick, sophomore, org. comm.

Jazzma Crofton, sophomore, English.


participate in the voting process. As they entered Maguire Hall, the audience received programs. A red dot was placed on 60 programs and that red dot determined which audience members would receive clickers to vote. Regarding the voting process, James said, “We only had 60 clickers and this was the easiest and fairest way to determine who can vote. It was made completely random on purpose.”

Because of the overwhelming enthusiasm that this year’s pageant stirred among the SXU community, James said she hopes that the pageant may become an annual event for years to come. “I was so encouraged to receive an email from President Wiseman the next morning saying that she was so inspired to see all those talents the students had and she would like to showcase those talents at university events,” said

James. In the email Wiseman sent, the president congratulated everyone who participated in the pageant. Meanwhile, Mr. Grey and Ms. Scarlet hope to use their winning platform to help others. Both Martello and Hamrick plan to go to different grammar schools to speak out about the bullying epidemic. “I feel really strongly against


FROM page

wear,” said Hamrick. “I expected this pageant to be a good experience and it was a very great experience because I was able to make new friends and speak to people that I have never spoken to before,” said Martello. The winners were chosen through audience voting and the judges. However, not everyone in the audience had a chance to

LOANS > from



graphic design major, is concerned about these interest rates because she has just started university. “These changes are going to be a huge factor in determining what is needed to pay off the loans in the future,” said Shaffer. Public loans are more forgiving then private loans according to Students have a longer time to be paying off loans with an increase in the interest rates. “I think that if there are any changes that are needed to be made, they should be made slowly instead of jumping right in there by doubling the interest rates,” said Shaffer. According to the Post, students who borrow about $23, 000 will pay $5, 000 more in a 10 year plan and will have to pay $11,000 more in a 20 year plan. About 130,000 students have written letters to Congress concerning these issues on the student loan interest rate. “If education is so important like it’s expressed all over the U.S., then why are they trying to make it harder on us to pay it off, “said Shaffer.

Miami transgender student claims housing discrimination


incident and also on what she knew of what occurred with the forms. “I wasn’t aware of this at all but I turned them in on time and I made sure that they were brought downtown,” Thompson wrote. Regarding the registering process, Thompson wrote that she told applicants what to do in case they experienced any complications after they submitted their forms. “I told everyone who filled one out that they needed to contact the number that was on the form if they didn’t receive a letter in the mail. The only thing I can think of, is that they filled the form out wrong, which would keep them from being able to vote. Other than that there shouldn’t have been any problems,” wrote Thompson. Thompson also assured that SGA did all they could to make sure that many of the registration forms

students to become more informed on what exactly terracycling is. “It’s a program created to recycle things that normally aren’t recyclable,” said Rachael Dean, president of MSPJ, as she briefly summed up the main purpose of terracycling. Besides mentioning the program’s main mission, Dean also further commented on what occurs to the items that are collected through the terracycling bins. “We collect all these items and we send them to the company. The

company then sorts through it and they make things out of what we gave them,” said Dean. The terracycling program, as Dean said, creates different items from many of the things that have been put into its bins. Several of the items manufactured include pouches, backpacks, totes and even notebooks. However, not all items can be put into the terracycling bins. Dean commented on which products were acceptable to throw in. “Some of the main things that we’re always collecting include chip bags, Capri Suns, Lunchables, candy wrappers, and cheese wrappers,” Dean said. Along with helping the environment by participating in such efforts, Dean also remarked on another special perk that the terracycling program has towards the university. “A big incentive for us is that for every item we donate, money is given to the charity that we picked. We picked a charity that donates books to schools for children in Africa,” said Dean. As a way to ensure that only

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was appropriate for this student,” Woolway said to the Miami Student. “I personally feel that we should be able to house people on the basis of their gender identity and not just their sex.” Kass explained to the Miami Student why he did not want to be placed in an all-female dorm. “I’m just as male as any other guy walking around Miami,” said Kass. “As soon as I am forced into an all-female space, my [male] identity gets erased. I just cannot handle being invisible like that anymore.” A resolution to the situation will take at least two months, officials at Miami said. David Hodge, Miami’s president, said an outside party investigation could continue on until at least May 5. bullying,” said Martello. She added, “I want to use my crown for good and to reach out to others. My family and all my friends that I have met along the way have made me who I am today and I am so incredibly thankful for them. I feel so blessed for all the opportunities SXU has given me, truly.” “I enjoyed working with all the girls. They were all super and beautiful,” said Hamrick.

SXU art professor passes away Michael Rabe, associate professor of Art and Design, has passed away, according to an email sent out Tuesday afternoon to art students. “A memorial service is being planned to celebrate his life and his many contributions to the University,” the email said. More information will be forthcoming in the Apr. 11 issue of The Xavierite.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Xavierite

VIEWPOINTS > Editorial <

Civility in Government By The Xavierite Staff Last week , many Saint Xavier students, faculty, staff and community members had the opportunity to listen to former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert engage in a roundtable discussion regarding civility in government. Hastert has the unique life experience of being the longestserving Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, from 1999 to 2007. He compared his task to that of a school bus driver, trying to keep everyone settled down and behaving themselves, all while keeping the bus moving forward and staying in the center of the road. The table included Daniel Hynes, who served as Illinois Comptroller from 1998 to 2010 and ran in Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate and Governor of Illinois. Also included was Mary M a c L a re n , a S a i n t X av i e r University Trustee and Executive Director of the Executive’s Club of Chicago. The final speaker was Ryan McLaughlin, an advisor to many Republican candidates in state and national races. Our very own Sister Sue Sanders, Vice President for Administration and Planning, Secretary of the Corporation, and Professor of Public Policy for Saint Xavier, was present as well. Sr. Sue served as moderator and didn’t fail in asking the table many thought-provoking questions. To open up a dialogue, Sr. Sue asked the group whether or not they believed citizens fail to vote because we’re alienated by the incivility of our elected officials. Speaker Hastert responded by saying that in the past few terms, the office of the president has been denigrated by enormous obstacles. Clinton had his scandal, Bush had his wars, and Obama has the economy to deal with. American citizens have come to see their president as a problem to deal with, rather than a leader of our nation. In fact, we even refer to our leaders by their names (or offensive nicknames) rather than “President Bush/Obama/etc.”

The lack of official title coupled with their names shows the lack of respect we have for our president. We have almost come to see our politicians as celebrities, rather than elected officials whose job it is to lead us and make significatn decisions that affect each of our lives. Part of the problem is the huge amount of money spent on campaigning in recent decades. Campaign spending has reached the hundreds of millions of dollars, which is outrageous, considering the size of the deficit in the U.S. This massive spending, couple with 24-hour cable news coverage of the campaigns, has turned elections into circuses rather than political events. Cable news pundits need pointless information to fill 24 hours of coverage, so what little reporting was going on in the first place is immensely watered down just to fill up the space. Citizens simply cannot sustain enthusiasm for an election when we are constantly bombarded with information that lacks any real meaning. We care about things that affect our lives directly. But when everything is presented as urgent, we start to believe that nothing is. The concentrated pool of registered voters who actually show up to the polls on election day is small enough. But these people are so bombarded with mailings and phone calls leading up to the elections that they become tired of paying attention to it all. We at The Xavierite believe that no matter how exhausted we are from all of the information, no matter how disillusioned we are with the personal characters of our elected officials, that is absolutely not an excuse not to vote. We m a y b e l e s s t h a n enthusiastic about our choices, but we cannot cop out and refuse to be a part of the process. Because the truth is, we are part of the process whether or not we admit it. We still live in the U.S. and we are still significantly affected by the decisions of politicians. The least we can do is use our power as citizens to choose who is making those decisions, so that we can influence our own lives and futures in this country.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

My Week as a Hijabi Annie Kelly

Viewpoints Contributor

On Wed., March 21, Shaima Al Awadi, an American-Muslim woman from Iraq, was beaten and left with irreversible brain damage which later killed her. A note found next to her body read, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.” In a time where Muslims are being discriminated against, hated, beaten, and murdered in America, we need to open our minds and hearts to learn to accept all those who may be different from us and celebrate our differences. In an act of solidarity and to educate the SXU community about Islam, the Muslim Student Association of Saint Xavier University hosted Islam Awareness Week on March 12-16, and I participated. I signed a pledge to wear the hijab (head scarf) for the entire week, and I wouldn’t change my experience for the world. On Monday, I was approached by an individual who didn’t approve of me showing my support. The situation turned tense, as these emotion-ridden topics often do. However, instead of having a civil discourse, this individual went on a diatribe about their feelings about

wearing a hijab. While these feelings and opinions are valid, was this the right way to handle them? Later that evening, I went to a local clothing store with a friend to purchase long-sleeve shirts to wear for the rest of the week as part of adhering to the modest dress rules of the religion. I picked out several pieces and made my way to the fitting room. I told the white, non-Muslim woman behind the counter that I had five pieces, to which she vehemently responded, “Let me count these!” and ripped the clothing from my hands. Unfortunately for me, she counted six items as one was missing a hanger. “You people are always being shady and hiding things in your scarves!” My mouth dropped as she singlehandedly affirmed every bigoted and prejudiced thought I was trying to demolish. She never questioned my white, nonMuslim friend, who carried a similar amount of items. I was certainly left discouraged from these experiences, but I put the hijab on the next day and every following day for the rest of the week. On Friday I attended lecture and prayer in the new prayer room, and later attended a panel discussion with Muslim and nonMuslim girls.

During this panel, I listened to Muslim women who have been wearing the hijab for eight years, five years, and a woman who was still deciding whether or not to wear it. I also listened to my fellow pledges about their experiences wearing the hijab for the week. I learned so much about the amazing pride these women have toward their religion, the hijab, and the pride they show for simply being themselves. I am very fortunate to know these amazing women. I cannot imagine how people can hate an entire group and not give them so much as a chance to prove them wrong. These amazing women prove the bigots wrong every day with their cheerful, proud attitudes in the face of prejudice. There is an international movement that has risen up in response to Shaima’s death called International Scarves in Solidarity 2012. It will take place on Apr. 21, 2012, and will be in honor of Shaima Al Awadi. All are welcome to show their support. It is my hope that these experiences spark a civil discourse among people who can gain something positive from this. We can and should learn from one another and learn to reject bigotry and prejudice and open ourselves to the beautiful differences found among us.

Passionate Pixels: video game attachment Hadrian’s Wall Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

It would be reasonable to say that anyone would be affected if they lost a friend, whom they have shared trials and tribulations with over many years and was willing to make hard sacrifices. Remember all the times that they would fight back-to-back with you but ultimately there was one challenge that they would not return from? The loss you feel is real...or is it? I was not talking about a physical friend, but of a virtual friend. Video games have an odd place in our social world because now they are much more than pixels and points. They have beautiful ar t work, orchestral music scores and dramatic story lines. Movies already have these aspects, but video games allow and depend upon direct involvement and decision making. Those two aspects create a whole new level of connection to our entertainment, yet many people see this connection as immature and a waste of time. People can have an emotional relationship with a song that lasts only a few minutes or a two hour movie, but it is just bizarre to be attached to a game series that could last a decade. I just finished one of the most innovative and complicated game trilogy ever, Mass Effect. Over the

course of five years and hundreds of game hours, I made decisions that saved and lost millions of lives, forged tight bonds with my crew, and shaped the galaxy. Most modern games have a similar dramatic story in which the world and lives depend upon your actions, but Mass Effect made it truly personal.Every conversation and action has multiple possibilities, which the player must choose with every play through. The individual player is much more deeply rooted to the story because the consequences are the result of that personal choice, which is made based on their own morals and goals. No other media can mirror make this true reflection of the consumer because the producers can only hope that people will empathize with the hero based on a few shared characteristics Self reflection is the ultimate goal of media. From the first finger paints in the prehistoric caves in France to non-linear digital editing, we have found so many ways to capture and express who we are. Fiction is one of the greatest ways to explore our perception of and reaction to the world, be it a future earth or some mystical land unknown to cartographers. By creating these new environments it enables people to experience fantastic situations in a safe manner because there is no actual feedback, aside from the generation of emotions and ideas. I think mainstream society is afraid of the idea that people can

develop a virtual version of reality. With the latest generation of motion capture and top-end graphics, video games can almost look frightening like life. The slightest facial gestures in characters make it feel like the player is in a conversation with an actual person. This character is always talking to and interacting with the player. Now expand this face-to-digital face interaction over hundreds of in-game hours. Gamers could have spent more time with virtual characters than some of their human friends. Even casual gamers can experience this, if they have been following a particular game series for a few titles because someone does not have to be a game junkie to have logged at least a hundred hours. Being around someone for that long of a time, you begin to become attached to them. It does not matter in what state of existence the relationship is contained because ultimately it is all in our head. Social connections are mental constructs designed to make sense of our interactions. When players watch some of their most beloved characters die or leave, they actually feel it because those connections are real. It is only a matter of time b e fo r e m a i n s t r e a m s o c i e t y acknowledges this because they have accepted near every other form of media’s emotional connection to its audience. Still go outside and party with friends though. I am not justifying locking yourself in a room and playing til the sun comes up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Xavierite

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Miss Representation: A Closer Look at Women in the Media Journal of the Apocalypse Genevieve Buthod

Senior Viewpoints Editor

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking part in Jizleth Rios’ senior communication project. She hosted a screening of an excellent documentary, Miss Representation. The documentary was an incredibly refreshing antidote to the mainstream media that constantly streams in our faces. This never-ending flow of media includes the commercials on TV to the magazines in the checkout lines to the movies, shows, and news programs we watch. The informative documentary was particularly good at giving context to information I hope most of us are already familiar with. Maybe I am naïve in thinking this, but I assume people are already aware of how intensely sexualized girls are in mainstream media. The range goes from the creepy, but seemingly benign use of children in shows like, “Toddlers and Tiaras,” covered in makeup and forced to learn that their primary value lies in how “beautiful” they are. Many people see the use of women in music videos and movies as body props, usually barely-

dressed young accessories to the men who take the lead roles. When girls see themselves represented like this in movies and TV shows, it clearly lets them know that the world has very particular role laid out for them that they are expected to fill. And when your role is already defined for you from birth (as toddler beauty pageants would have us believe), breaking free from that role and shaping your own identity can prove very difficult. The psychological issues and self-objectification that many young girls today experience from seeing themselves presented so callously in the media is reason enough to be alarmed. When girls believe that their only value lies in their ability to attract a man, it completely robs them of the chance to develop anything meaningful out of their life. It makes them too focused on their appearance and their ability to fit snugly into their role as a proper woman, rather than focusing on achieving success in whatever area our passion lies. We come to believe in society’s low opinions of us and extreme concentration on our bodies. Girls as young as ten are expressing dissatisfaction with their body image. Girls this age should be focused on school and having fun exploring whatever may interest them in life, not how they look. Unfortunately, the expectation to have a perfect body distracts

from women’s talent later in life, as well. Female news anchors have long been treated as cute sidekicks and are expected to look as youthful as possible, rather than the main focus resting on how they present the news. The documentary helped me realize that this is a bigger problem than the simple frustration of double standards in professional fields, like reporting. In the film, Katie Couric and Rachel Maddow both spoke about their experiences and struggles to be taken seriously. Couric talked about how tiring it was to hear people’s constant comments about her legs because it showed they barely registered the fact that she was trying to bring them the news! In Maddow’s words, she works very hard on the words she uses in her show, and she would appreciate if people would hear them instead of focusing on their opinion of how attractive she is. The U.S. is currently 90th in the world in terms of women in political leadership. We fall behind Iraq, Iran, China, and Cuba, all countries that the U.S. is fond of demeaning for being behind us in terms of government. And even when women do fight the enormous uphill battle and gain a position of political power, they are utterly trivialized and sexualized in order to draw attention away from their work in

The ups and downs of nice weather The Unbarable Truth Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

We seem to have gone straight from autumn to spring this year. Sorr y, make that autumn to summer. Although it has slightly cooled off now, we were in the mid eighties temperature-wise last week. This March weather is truly unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. I am unsure how to react to it exactly. I cannot say it is all good or all bad, but I can come up with reasons it is both good and bad. Let’s start on a positive note and look at some of the reasons this deranged weather is good for us. First, you can actually do stuff outside. Saint Xavier looks more like a campus now that I see people playing Frisbee, reading on the grass, rollerblading and being hissed at by geese as they walk to class. Yes, there are actually human beings visible now whenever you go out, not just before or after class. Next, for those of you who

like to tan, you can get out of those radiated coffins in the tanning salon and expose yourself to good old natural radiation. Happy cooking! Third, you don’t have to wear layers of clothing anymore and bake in the Warde Academic Center’s main stairwell. Besides that, you can make it to class faster. Yes, I have found that jackets and sweaters slow me down. Finally, and this is not so much about the weather, the darkness is gone. Now you can still enjoy daylight after all of your classes, except for the ones that end at 9:20pm. Those are hopeless. But let us dispense with the pleasantries. This weather has some definite downsides, and here they are. First, I like birds as much as the next person, but I do not like hearing them at 4a.m. Unfortunately, the warm weather has encouraged our feathered friends to chirp incessantly for hours. One night I heard them at 1a.m.! These ruthless animals show no mercy on their mammalian neighbors.

Nice weather means the geese are back, and they’re up to no good. Photo: The Xavierite

Speaking of birds, the geese are back. Actually they never seemed to have left this year. But in any event, although I don’t mind them, I think they are planning something big. The other day I saw a lone goose on the roof of the Warde Center. On the roof! It stood there surveying the area for about an hour. Then, all of a sudden it began to make calls, and other geese flew with great furor past my classroom window. The leader then ascended from its perch to fly at the head of the flock. Have you ever seen the movie The Birds? I am not making this stuff up. They mean business. Next is the matter of balancing your schoolwork with the nice weather. It is the worst kind of torture to be working on an annotated bibliography as the sunshine is pouring into the room and you hear the laughter of your peers outside. This is why there is no balance, and why even the best students end up falling behind in their schoolwork during nice weather. Finally, since we have already gotten used to 75 plus degree weather, we will complain that it’s cold when real spring weather arrives. It cooled down a little bit this past weekend and I already hear complaints. We should be happy with 60 degree weather right now and many of us are not. So there it is, the good and bad of warm weather. What do you think? E-mail us your thoughts at

the political field. When Secretar y of State Hillary Clinton was beginning her career, headlines and reports commonly read, “Mrs. Clinton goes to China,” as opposed to “Senator Clinton…” I cannot imagine the same disrespect being shown to a male politician. I came to realize that this situation cannot and will not change until women’s voices are heard in mainstream media. It dawned on me that things could never be this bad unless the source of our information was drastically skewed. And, no surprise, it is. Women currently hold just 3 percent of positions in telecommunications, a d ve r t i s i n g , m a rket i n g a n d broadcasting. And only 16 percent of all directors, writers, editors and producers are women. With so few women’s voices being a part of the media that always consumes us as a society, is it any wonder women are so often considered sex toys rather than professionals? If more women were involved in the advertising, broadcasting and filmmaking fields, we may see a very different portrayal of women across all forms of media, from magazines to movies to the news. Women in the news may b e c o n s i d e re d a s o u rc e o f valuable information, rather than a walking mannequin that’s covered in makeup and highlights, struggling to be heard while still in a supporting role to the male

counterparts. Movies may actually have strong female protagonists with more than two dimensions, and these movies may be marketed to the mainstream, rather than just female audiences. Models and celebrities in ads may not be photo shopped to unnatural facial and bodily proportions, setting a strict and alien beauty standard for real people. I recommend the eye-opening documentary, Miss Representation, to everyone. It is available in Saint Xavier’s library, so it is very easy to access. It is important because it reminds us that the fight for equality is not over. There is no time to rest and relax thinking that we are finished —we’re not. If you are a woman, it is important to see the changes that need to be made so that we are accurately represented in our culture. And if you are not a women, there must be a sister, a mother, a friend, whose present and future you care enough about to want to make the world a better place for her. Education is the first step. Look into this documentar y, support alternative media like Ms. and Bitch magazines, and refuse to accept the current misrepresentation of women in our world.

Campus Poll How do you balance work with relaxing?

A.J. Phatschbacher, freshman, history “I go straight to the library and don’t sleep.”

Victoria Hoobyar, sophomore, English “I just really try and keep my work and hangout planner seperate.”

Gen Sullivan, freshman, undecided “I get business done first but space it out with relaxing.”

Ryan Jones, sophomore, psychology “You just don’t work.”

Aja Baxter, junior, criminal justice “I stay and do the work at school until it is done.”

Rob Furlan, freshman, undecided “I do my work early in the day and take the rest of day off.”

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By Allison Horn Copy Editors

The Xavierite


Chevelle is a rock band that was founded in 1995 by two brothers, Sam (drums) and Pete Loeffler (vocals, guitar), and a local friend, Matt Scott (bass, backing vocals). Matt was soon replaced by Sam and Pete’s brother Joe Loeffler. Chevelle started out by playing parties and outdoor events, which led to bookings at Chicago clubs. In 1999, Chevelle released their first album, Point 1. Three years later they signed a contract with Epic Records and released their album Wonder What’s Next, which was released in 2002. This album went platinum by the following summer, partly because of its single “Send the Pain Below,” which is still one of their most well known songs. That song became a number one hit on modern rock and mainstream radio. That summer, Chevelle toured with Ozzfest and brought out a concert album titled Live from the Road. They came out with another full length album in 2004, titled This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). The next year, Joe left the band and a month later was replaced by Dean Bernardini. However, it was still a family band since Bernardini was their brother-in-law. Chevelle has an aggressive, heavy sound, which was inspired by the abrupt and unsteady riffs of Helmet and the soft/loud vocal dynamics of Tool. However, when Bernardini joined the band their sound changed a bit. They had more energy in their music and had more optimism that replaced the internal bickering of their past music. This new sound is heard in their next two albums (2007’s Vena Sera and 2009’s Sci-Fi Crimes). A year later Chevelle celebrated their ten year anniversary in the music business (since the release of their first album) with a pair of live shows in Chicago. They released these concerts on a DVD, titled Any Last Words. Last year Chevelle took a break from touring to head back to the recording studio and released their most recent CD, Hats Off to the Bull, in winter. Chevelle has a unique sound to their music that sort of seems like a controlled chaos. Many critics have said they sound a lot like Tool, but rather than always sticking to the experimental side of creating music, Chevelle writes radio-friendly tunes with subtly deep meanings. Since their lyrics have meaning behind them, the vocals are well heard rather than being outweighed by the use of their instruments. Chevelle is a good band and you’d be hard-prssed to find anyone who actively dislikes them. They have a sound that is heavier than alternative rock but yet they are not so heavy that people who do not like heavy music will get annoyed of the music. Since they just released their latest album in December, they are now beginning to tour the U.S.

By Becki Brown Features Editor


By Kane McKeown Senior Features Editor

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


OK Go is a popular indie rock band that is perhaps best known for their incredibly innovative and wacky music videos. In fact, they won a Grammy for their music video featuring their song “Here It Goes Again.” It is the video where the band members are on treadmills; it became the most downloaded music video in history, so chances are, you have seen it. That being said, you should be proud to be part of (or at least go to a university that is technically situated in) Chicago, the city in which this band originated. OK Go started in 1998 by Damian Kulash (on vocals and guitar), Andrew Duncan (on guitar) Tim Nordwind (on bass) and Dan Konopka (on drums); although, before Kulash formed OK Go, Duncan, Nordwind, and Konopka were actually part of another Chicago band, Stanley’s Joyful Noise. They got a fairly substantial following due to their powerful live performances and opening shows for other, more popular musicians. And by this point, they had not even recorded a single album. They have released many singles, live albums and EPs but they have only, so far, released three full-length albums (although if you like their full-length albums, you might as well check out their other releases). The first was simply titled OK Go and was released in 2002. From that album, the band picked up some modest publicity with the song “Get Over It.” Between the first and second album, Duncan left the band and was replaced with Andy Ross. It was with his contribution that the band got started on their awesome, low-budget music videos. The videos are actually what ended up propelling them to the popular status they hold today. “A Million Ways” was the first of their music videos to catch the eye of countless Internet fans and was featured on their second album Oh No. One of the more recent OK Go music videos that has gone viral is the video for their song “This Too Shall Pass,” which featured an impossibly elaborate Tom and Jerry mousetrap-esque contraption that is more than thrilling to watch. It is good to see a band that really knows how to use popular media to their advantage. It gives the fans something to enjoy other than just their music and it helps the band get attention from all over the globe—everybody wins. In fact, they have gained such attention for their ability to create outlandish videos that Chevorlet actually sponsored their newest video and ran a segment of it as a commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. It features a car and hundreds upon hundreds of instruments. I will not ruin it for you, go look it up. For being a band that got their start in Chicago, they do very few shows in our city. Although, they were part of last year’s Lollapalooza lineup. Follow them on Twitter or keep an eye on to stay current with where they are playing next. But until they swing back around to Chicago, at least we have some awesome videos to watch.

Formed in the year 1967, The Big Thing was a rock band formed by a student from DePaul. However, in 1968, the group changed their name to Chicago Transit Authority. They released their first album, The Chicago Transit Authority, in 1969, and shortened their name to Chicago soon after the album’s release because of legal action taken by the actual Chicago Transit Authority. By the time their second album Chicago, which is often referred to as Chicago II, was released, the band found themselves gaining popularity. Chicago is known for classics such as “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?,” “25 or 6 to 4” and “Saturday in the Park.” One of the things very unique to Chicago is their blend of horns with their music, which adds a bit of extra flair to their already entertaining music. In a time dominated by wailing guitars and stellar lyrics, a phenominal horn section gave Chicago an extra something special to make them stand out. However, the band faced a time of great sadness in 1978. They had a falling out from their long time manager. They also lost one of their founding members, Terry Kath, to an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound. Kath’s death almost marked the end of Chicago but with some encouragement from freinds and fans, the musicians were able to carry on with their great music. The band is still touring. Founding members Robert Lamm (vocals and keyboard), Lee Loughnane (trumpet), James Pankow (trombone) and Walt Parazaider (saxaphone, flute, and woodwinds) are still with the band. They are joined by Jason Scheff (backing vocals and bass), Keith Howland (lead guitar), Tris Imboden (drums) and Lou Pardini (vocals and keyboards) for their current tour.

Sources:,,,, allmusic. com,, and, thecomaboys. com,

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The Xavierite

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The Coma Boys By Genevieve Buthod Senior Viewpoints Editor The Coma Boys are a true Chicago band that describe themselves as “Rock’n’roll with guts and soul!” The band consists of the Reverend Trent Stevenson as vocalist and songwriter, Brandon Reed as guitarist and songwriter, and Patrick O’Keefe on the bass. The band recently lost their drummer to a bizarre gardening incident. In their own words, the band mixes the grit and spirit of 1960s and ‘70s punk rock with various genres, from soul to blues. The have a high energy stage show, catchy songs and great hooks. The Coma Boys got their name from the song “Coma Girl” by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros. Their other influences include the Rolling Stones, the New York Dolls and David Bowie. More specifically, the feel of Johnny Thunders in terms of guitar playing and The Doors and the Stooges in terms of stage presence and performance style. In fact, the lead singer, Reverend Stevenson, describes himself as a poor man’s Iggy Pop. The entire band takes their performances very seriously, and he has injured himself more than once just trying to entertain the crowd. He is not afraid of on-stage gymnastics and a botched cartwheel once ended with his head cracking into the side of the stage, and a loss of consciousness for a minute. Luckily, the band is heavily performance-based, so the extended open vamping covered until he was able to get back up and finish the set with the rest of the players. He says that Alice Cooper is another big influence as far as stage theatrics, and really, the only good way to get back onstage after coming down is to flip right back up. The Coma Boys stand out in a sea of other bands because they make a commitment to playing authentic rock’n’roll. They actually care about their music and work hard to communicate this passion to their audience. It is difficult to walk away from one of their shows without a strong opinion, you could say that much. They believe that it can be fairly difficult being a steadily working band in a city as big as Chicago. While the competition is fierce, however, they have no shortage of opportunities to play. They regularly perform venues such as Martyrs and Quenchers and they have an eponymous EP coming out this summer. This EP is an effort to stay true to the band’s punk roots, and its five tracks were selected from many others for their high energy and clear message. The EP was produced by Mikey Vujasin of V Note Studios, the same recording studio that produces the albums for Beneath Me, Vujasin’s well-known band. Chicago deserves a high-quality, passionate local rock’n’roll act and we have found it in the Coma Boys. You can listen to their new EP, The Coma Boys, on their site, thecomaboys. com if you would like to learn more and help them on their mission to restore rock to its glorious subversive roots.

By Lauren Dwyer Features Contributor

Kanye West

By Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor


Disturbed, the home town heros of Chicago Metal. David Draiman is the frontman and vocals, Dan Donegan is the guy with the g-fiddle (guitar), Mike Wengren bashes away on the drums and John Moyer summons thunder from the bass guitar. At the start of the new millennium, Disturbed launched their debut album, The Sickness, which featured some of the hit songs “Stupify” and “Down With the Sickness.” The band built off their momentum in the Metal community, and released a second album, Believe, in 2002. This album quickly ran to the Billboard’s number one spot on their charts. Following Believe, their next two albums, Ten Thousand Fists and Indistructable, hit the number one spots again. Disturbed’s lasted album, Asylum, was released in 2010, but it did not manage to top the lists; nonetheless it was a good album. With millions of CDs sold, what is it that makes this band such a sensation? Drainman’s vocals have a smooth flowing, clean and booming sound and fills the halls of Valhalla. The guitar chords sound like an angry car engine that is ready to run something over but in a good way. Every hit of the snare drum creates a crack that penetrates into the ear. The strumming of the bass feels like a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, fortunately it is not. What is really appealing about Disturbed’s discography is that each album has a unique narrative that flows through all the songs. The first album, The Sickness, mainly focused on either internal conflict or a very close external relationship. In Disturbed’s second installment, Believe, the songs focused on opening the mind to new ideas and coping with spiritual crises. Looking at the album cover, which is a melding of four different religious symbols, would tell anyone what the album is about. Ten Thousand Fists, their third album, speaks out against corporate greed and calls for public resistance to their influences. Indestructable, it is all said in the name. This album is a direct injection of adrenaline to the heart because all the songs are about self-empowerment and their performance is loaded with energy. Disturbed’s latest release, Asylum, deals with loss both personally and culturally. Throughout all of these albums the band has been able to refine the original sound and style they started with. As lead guitarist Doregan said, “We took our signature foundation and we tried to build on that. For every album, we’ve pushed ourselves even more than in the past.” Unfortunately, Disturbed has not set any tour dates this year but that does not mean they are sitting on their bums for the rest of the year. They may be recording another album or scouting another venue; rest assured whatever they do will rock some socks.

Yo reader, I’m really happy for you for reading these articles…I’ll let you finish. But Kanye West is the best Chicago musician of all time! One of the best musicians of all time! Yeah, you heard me. Obviously when people think about Chicago musicians, the first person that comes to mind is Kanye West. Why is that? Because Kanye West is the greatest. Sure, he may be rash and hard to swallow at times, but he is a musical genius. This hip-hop hero was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia to Ray West and Dr. Donda West. His father was a former Black Panther, and his late mother was an English professor before retiring from her day job to become Kanye’s manager. After his parents’ divorce, Kanye and his mother moved to Oak Lawn, Illinois. He was a successful student at Polaris High School, and attended Chicago State University for a short time before dropping out. Kanye first started out as a producer before he really made it big with his own solo albums. He first began producing for lesser-known artists such as Foxy Brown and Jermaine Dupri in 1999 before graduating to the big leagues. In the early 2000s, he produced albums for DMX, T.I., and Ludacris. He even produced a very well liked song for Jay-Z called “This Can’t be Life.” Kanye released his first album, The College Dropout, in 2004, after working on it for four years. It was very well received and even hit triple platinum eventually. After the success of The College Dropout, Kanye released four more albums. Of course, all of them were successful, because he is Kanye West and Kanye West is always a winner. However, the sky is not always blue and the sun does not always shine in his world. Unfortunately, in 2007, Kanye lost his mother due to complications from her cosmetic surgery. At her funeral, he performed his single, “Hey Mama.” And yes, Kanye has had many controversies. One of his biggest outbursts happened during a live benefit concert for Hurrican Katrina relief. When the camera was turned to Kanye, he blurted out, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Oh, Kanye. Also, who can forget his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift while she was saying her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards? However, this controversy was not all that bad. After all, the Internet gained a new form of memes and jokes. Kanye may not be the most upstanding citizen in the music industry, but he is an excellent musician, which is something that cannot be easily disputed. He is constantly reinventing himself with each album and never giving his fans a chance to get bored of him. I certainly am proud of this Chicago music icon.

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The Xavierite

The Hunger Games: A Favorable Tribute

Film adaptation will please book fans as well as moviegoers By Janeen Wilkey Features Contributor A word of caution: This review may contain spoliers. Picture a world in the distant future where teens are forced to kill each other until one is left in the name of public entertainment. Sounds like something that should come out of a history book but it is the premise for the popular book The Hunger Games that came out in theaters on Friday. The story starts off in Panem, where teens are picked each year to fight in the Hunger Games, which is run by the evil Capital. Jennifer Lawrence gives an amazing performance as the main character, Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers to be in the games. Josh Hutcherson brought the

character of Peeta, District 12’s male tribute, to life. Woody Harrelson made Haymitch, the only winner from the previous Hunger Games that came from District 12, actually likeable. One concern about the books and movies is the amount of violence. After all, we are dealing with teens killing each other. The violence was not glorified or downplayed. In fact, it was just the right amount of violence. The challenge any director faces when adapting a popular book series is staying faithful to the books while at the same time making the movie able to stand alone. As a huge fan of the books, it is safe to say that Gary Ross stays incredibly faithful to Suzanne Collins’ original novel.


Katniss (Lawrence) and Peeta (Hutcherson) are the two tributes from District 12.

The minor changes from the book actually add to the movie and make it better. For example, in the books, we never hear of the Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane (Wes Bently) until the second book when he is dead (spoiler alert!). However, we see him front and center in the movie with the other gamemakers and President Snow (Donald Sutherland). OFFICIALTRAILER.NET Scenes with Katniss is a skilled archer, which helps her greatly during the Games. the gamemakers really showed how development. It deepened his this scene better. the tributes were just game pieces character and showed that people Another minor issue was to them. really do not want to be controlled the camera work. The camera The movie also did well an by the Capital or President Snow. was incredibly shaky during the emotional level. It captured the As good as the movie was entire movie. While this helped heartbreaking scene when Katniss there were a few little nick-picky during the fight scenes, it was just volunteers for her sister, Rue’s issues I had. annoying during the rest of the death, and the sharp contrast First, the chemistry between film. between the rich Capitol and the Peeta and Katniss in the cave scene All in all, if you are looking Depression-style District 12. was not what I expected. for an action-packed movie with A nice added twist was Fans of the books know this as heart and morals about or world, showing the start of the rebellion scene is critical to the relationship I highly recommend this movie, as in District 11. between Katniss and Peeta, but the well as with the books if you have I was also touched during film rushed this scene. not read them. the end when Cato (Alexander Even though the movie does Ludwig), one of Career tributes, run at two and half hours, the had a moment of character filmmakers could have fleshed out

The Shins are back! By Lauren Dwyer Features Contributor Last Tuesday, The Shins released their latest album, Port of Morrow. This is their fourth album to date and they are not losing any steam on their musical creations. Many people have heard of The Shins before; they have been around for quite some time now. These guys are one of the top indie rock bands that are on the scene today. They released their first full-length album back in 2001. However, they formed long before that in 1997 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band consists of James Mercer (vocals, guitar), Jessica Dobson (guitar), Yuuki Matthews (bass), Richard Swift (keyboards) and Joe Plummer (drums). Port of Morrow proves that The Shins are still going strong and staying true to their sound. This album has nothing but great tracks on it. The first track on the album, “The Rifle’s Spiral,” is excellent. It begins with a

bit of a psychedelic feel. This song eases and builds its way to the vocals. The lyrics are deep and thoughtful. Unlike many verses in songs, these lines are anything but transparent. The Shins take a more poetic approach in their songs. I definitely recommend reading their lyrics while listening to the tracks to get the full effect of their songs. If you are the type of person who is really into crooning out some excellent lyrics, check out their song “40 Mark Strasse.” In this slower ballad, with a bit of an upbeat chorus, Mercer sings to a girl that he is apparently stalking and in love with. It is a bit of a twisted love song, since he tells her “My mother says you’re dirty/ They’re gonna find you dead,” but I am sure he means well. After all, he does admit to her, “Nights I’d often watch you/Float across the ground.” Sounds like true love, right? Anyway, no matter how creepy Mercer comes off in this track, it is a good one. The chorus is my favorite part and I absolutely urge you to check out this song. Overall, I love this album. The Shins have definitely done it again. The Shins have already started touring and while they will not be playing Chicago anytime soon, they will be playing at two major music festivals: Coachella on Apr. 24 and Bonnaroo on June 10. If you are a fan of The Postal Ser vice, Arcade Fire, or The Decemberists, check out The Shins’ new album Port of Morrow. And hey, while you’re at it, listen to their old stuff too—you won’t regret it.




Save Your Semester April 24 • 2 p.m. • S203

Midterms are over, and there are only a few weeks before final exams! If you’re not satisfied with your performance in classes, perhaps it’s time for some new strategies. This overview of techniques for managing time, reading texts, attending lectures, taking notes and test-taking will focus on specific strategies for immediate use.


Start Your Semester Right Jan. 18 • Noon • L217 Skills Identification Workshop Jan. 19 • 3 p.m. Jan. 30 • 3 p.m. Feb. 15 • 4 p.m. Career Services Conf. Room Time Management Jan. 24 • 2 p.m. • S203 Take Note! Jan. 31 • 2 p.m. • S203 Financial Aid Feb. 2 • 1 p.m. • S202 Feb. 2 • 6 p.m. • S203 Career Exploration Workshop Feb. 8 • 3 p.m. March 8 • 3 p.m. Career Services Conf. Room What Did I Read? Feb. 9 • 2 p.m. • S203 Test Taking Tips Feb. 15 • 2 p.m. • S203 Understanding APA Style Feb. 20 • 3 p.m. • L211

Scan QR code for more information.

Workshops are open to all and are 50 minutes in length.

Understanding & Managing Stress Feb. 22 • 2 p.m. • S203 Strong Interest Inventory Feb. 23 • 3 p.m. March 19 • 3 p.m. March 28 • 4 p.m. April 13 • 2 p.m. Career Services Conf. Room Improving College Study Skills March 13 • 2 p.m. • S203

The Academic Success Workshop Series is coordinated by the Division of Student Affairs. Call (773) 298-3123 for information.

The Shins’ newest album, Port of Morrow.


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The Xavierite

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You Know It Has Been Done Before, Right?

By Kane McKeown Senior Features Editor The Hunger Games are looking to be a series of books (and now films) that will be taking over the pop culture gap that Harry Potter has left us with (and can we get a round of applause for not letting Twilight take control for too long?). Exposure is the word here. If someone says literally anything about The Hunger Games, you are, even if only slightly, aware of what they are talking about or you are a terrible liar.

This new pop culture frenzy is everywhere; it is impossible to avoid. Even if you somehow managed to avoid it this long, well, sorry to say, by reading even this much of this article, you are now somewhat informed. And this is not really a bad thing. It is a wonderful thing to see an entire nation go insane over the written word. Books have been hit hard lately, what with all the controversy between tech-savvy kindle owners and purists who lament the inevitable switch.


And I thought I had a hard time getting through high school.

Apples To Apples By Becki Brown Features Editor Weird. Boring. Inspirational. George Washington. The 1920s. My love life. These are just a few examples of cards from the insanely wacky and insanely fun game Apples to Apples. For those of you who do not know what Apples to Apples is, I am more than glad to explain it. Every player (or team if you decide to play on teams) is given red cards with different nouns on it, such as the Cold War, William Shatner, or black velvet. Players (or teams) take turn being the judge, who chooses a green card with an adjective, such as old, angry, or sparkly, on it. All of the other players (or teams) then select one of their red cards that they think would best represent the green card. The judge picks which red card they think is the best or favorite of the given red cards. Whoever’s red card gets selected wins the green card. The first player (or team) to win a certain number of green cards is declared the winner. This game can be played with anywhere from three people to the number of people declared maximum occupancy by the fire marshal. The more people you have playing the crazier it gets, but it also a bit more difficult

If nothing else, this has brought m a ny b o o k s t o re chains to their knees (just think of Borders). So, seeing that people are still involved in the world of literature in a big way brings a smile to my face. What is even better is that the premise of the book is interesting. The story is compelling, meaningful, and incredibly unoriginal. Alright, calm down. I can feel the anger rippling through the air around you, hypothetical and dedicated fan. But let me explain.

This is the premise of The Hunger Games, when boiled down to its most basic elements. In a dystopian future in which the country is controlled by a totalitarian government, the people are subjugated to the will of the highest powers and anyone who opposes will be eliminated. To prove the strength of government, a group of 24 children are raff led off to enter into a tournament in which they will fight until only one is left alive (inquisitr. com). Now, read closely while I describe the premise of Koushun Takami’s Battle Royal, which was published in 1999, a full eight years before The Hunger Games. In a dystopian and war-torn world, the totalitarian government of the Republic of Greater East Asia subjugates its people under harsh militaristic law. Anyone who opposes will be silenced by deadly force. Ever y year or so, the government selects a single class of junior high school students to compete in the Program, an event in which the participants must fight to the death until only one is left alive ( Now, by looking at the name of the author, you might think this is just something exclusively foreign. Although its popularity was most widespread in Japan, the book spread around the globe, spawned a comic book series, and

to keep track of everything going on within the chaos and laughter. This game is fun to play with people you know well because it is easy to find cards that you know your friends would pick. Personally, I always pick the Batman card. ALWAYS. Another great thing about Apples to Apples is that you can play it with anyone. I have played it at my family reunion, The Xavierite/WXAV Christmas party, and at random social gatherings. The game is really easy to set up and put away, which makes it more convenient than bulky board games. Honestly, I can tell you how awesome Apples to Apples is for days and days, but you cannot fully understand the fun that is playing Apples to Apples. Next time you are hanging out with friends, suggest that you play this game. Someone is bound to have it, and you will have a blast.


inspired two films translated in five languages. The book itself was even recommended by Stephen King in 2005. I am not saying that Suzanne Collins stole the idea from Battle Royal. In fact, she has gone on record saying that she had never even heard of Battle Royal until long after The Hunger Games was published ( What I am saying, though, is that the idea is not all that original. Of course, nothing is truly original anymore. Whether it is a movie, a

song, or a book, chances are you can point your finger at a previous movie, song, or book that appears to be incredibly similar. That is the downside of the modern era. By this point in human history, it feels like every story has been told at least once before. Still, if you really enjoyed The Hunger Games, then chances are you will appreciate a cult classic like Battle Royal. If nothing else, it is fun to compare the two. What are you waiting for? Get reading!

Greetings from the Student Government Association! By Garrett Saulters SGA Senator

with night class a chance to work out at night.

TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARD Congratulations to Dr. Gatti in receiving the Teaching Excellence Award, voted on by the students at Saint Xavier University. We greatly appreciate all of the hard work and time devoted to us students and again, congratulations.

LANDSCAPING As many of you can tell, Pete Skach and the rest of grounds crew are restructuring Saint Xavier’s landscaping. They are changing the flow of the land to keep water from accumulating on the sidewalks.

SHANNON CENTER HOURS The alteration of the Shannon Center’s Hours of operation is still under discussion. However, if this is passed, it will not be in effect until next semester to ensure that these elongated hours are included in the Shannon Center budget. This will open more jobs to students as well as give students

RoboRally By Kane McKeown Senior Features Editor When it comes to fun games to play with a group of your closest friends (or family, if you do not much like your friends), you want to makes sure you choose a game that is challenging, fun, and at least a little bit competitive. The board game RoboRally has a perfect combination of those three items. The premise is this: you are a supercomputer in charge of a fully automated factory, but you are very bored, so you decide to pit the robots against each other in a deathmatch race to pass the time. You, as the player, take control of one of said robots and try to finish the race before your opponents, or each map’s various traps, kill you. The game is made up of a series of rounds, each round is split into five turns. At the beginning of each round, every player is dealt nine cards. Each card has a direction on it, such as “move forward two spaces” or “rotate right,” and the player has to decide what five directions they want to give their robot. Once that is settled, the round begins and, each turn, a direction is followed by the robot. By carefully planning your route, trying to anticipate your opponents’ moves, using all the various contraptions on the map, and having a bit of luck, you may just win the race.

FLEX MONEY Rumors are going around that SGA voted on having flex money lowered to $150 and at the housing meeting it was said that if there were any problems, to bring it up to SGA. However, SGA was initially dealing with flex money being $100 and we compromised in order to get those 50 extra dollars. It is due to the $50 going from flex dollars to the meal plan for Subway.

Of course, the opponents’ robots, and the map, could shoot, push, or otherwise mess with your robot at any time, making your round’s series of directions useless or deadly. RoboRally is a board game that takes a lot of skill. It is an analytical game that requires critical foresight and a deep understanding of the people you play against and their possible strategies. Winning a game of RoboRally is something worth bragging about. But do not just let this brief article be your only proof. The game was originally developed by Richard Garfield, the man responsible for creating Magic: The Gathering, one of the most successful card games of all time. Also, were you aware that games could win awards? RoboRally has been the recipient of four Origins Awards, which herald exceptional game development.


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The Xavierite

Cougars Battle all the Way to 5 Sets, but Fall in the End SXU basketball

By Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor

The SXU men’s volleyball team had a great battle with the Milwaukee School of Engineering last Wednesday night. They kept things close throughout almost all of their sets; unfortunately they lost in five sets. The guys yet again got great performances out of their key players Aaron Porter and Justin Cousin. Porter ended up with 17 kills and nine digs. Cousin had 10 kills for the Cougars. The Cougars are playing competitively, but they just are not getting the matches to fall their way. They now have a 7-17 record on the

season. This is not the record they envisioned to have when they started out the season. To their credit, though, they have played well and have players in place to be able to build a very good team for the years ahead. Freshman setter Jimmy Boyce had 34 assists for SXU against MSOE. Boyce had this to say after the game, “We really played hard. We saw a lot of good things and we also saw some bad things as well. The bad things are going to have to be fixed before we get into the upcoming tournament.” On the other side, you look at Sophomore Justin Cousin who has been a dominating force and

spark for the Cougars throughout the entire season. Cousin had this to say, “They were a good team, and we played tough. If we can just cut out a few more errors here or there the game would have been ours.” SXU has now dropped their last three matches and will be looking to snap their losing streak this upcoming Wednesday, March 28 as they will take on Carthage College at the Shannon Center. The last time they took on Carthage was back on February 11 where they were swept in three sets. The Cougars were embarrassed in the first set, as they lost it 25-10, but then made things closer in the next two as they lost 25-18 and then 25-19. The Cougars will be

lands 3 players on NAIA AllAmerican team Greg’s World By Greg Pilafas

Senior Sports Editor

Jim Boyce.


looking to have better success this time against Carthage. The Cougars will be starting their MAMVIC tournament on Friday March 30 into March 31. Come support your Cougars!

The Final Four has finally arrived, but who will advance on? By Nick Pecho Sports Contributor The Final Four teams are locked in! In one game Saturday, the Kentucky Wildcats will play the Louisville Cardinals in an intrastate rivalry that puts Cardinals coach Rick Pitino against the school he once coached. The Cardinals lost to Kentucky 69-62 on Dec. 31 but they’ve played their best basketball over the past month. Since losing to Syracuse at the end of its regular season, Louisville has won eight straight. In the other semifinal, it will be the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Kansas Jayhawks. These teams are meeting for only the ninth time

in their history but for the second time this season. The Jayhawks won the first game 78-67 in Lawrence, KS, back on Dec. 10. Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger sat out of that game with back spasms. It’s about time we get to witness two of the best forwards and soon to be lotter y picks battle on the blocks to prove who is the most dominant in all of college hoops. Sullinger (who had 19 points and 7 boards against Syracuse in the Elite Eight) and Thomas Robinson, the Midwest Region’s most outstanding player (who had 18-and-9 against North Carolina), were just too dominant to be kept out of the Final Four. The winners of each game will play for the national title Apr. 2.

Kentucky has previously won seven national titles but none since 1998, the year after Pitino left. Kansas has three championships, Louisville has two and Ohio State won its lone title in 1960 and is making its third trip to the Final Four since 1999. Where this year’s final four matchups differ from the last, taking place at the Superdome in New Orleans, are the underdogs who have made March Madness so special. Even though there are no Butlers, VCUs or George Masons this year, there are plenty of good stories to tell—starting with the battle of Kentucky’s best, with Pitino vs. his old school. With Kentucky being the only number one seed left in the tournament, they have the upper

hand right from the start. Can the Cardinals beat them? Baylor couldn’t and the Bears’ roster is full of talent. Indiana couldn’t and the Hoosiers had beaten the Wildcats earlier this season. Iowa State couldn’t and it was not close. The Wildcats have marched through the NCAA tournament on a mission, insisting they are not even watching other games. It is unacceptable to come up short; reaching the final four is a must. They don’t call it March Madness for just any reason; don’t be shocked if Louisville pulls away with this one or if both games come down to a last second shot. Who will meet in the 2012 NCAA national championship game? It’s up for the taking.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams may be done playing basketball for the season, but awards are still being handed out. The Cougars had three players earn NAIA All-America honors. From the men’s basketball team, sophomore Brad Karp earned second All-America team honors after an unbelievable season. Karp led the Cougars in scoring this season with 23.6 points per game. On the women’s basketball team, senior Marissa Young and freshman Morgan Stuut each made the All-American team. Young received second team honors and Stuut received an honorable mention. Young led the team in points with 17.3 points per game and Stuut averaged 15.2 points per game for the Cougars. Stuut earned freshman of the year honors after her amazing opening season. A big congratulations goes out to the three Cougar basketball players who earned a spot on the NAIA All-America team; great job all!

INDOOR SIDEWALK SALE at the Campus Bookstore! We are celebrating Spring with an indoor sidewalk sale at the Campus Bookstore! A wide variety of items will be priced to sell. Choose from apparel, gifts, supplies and Cougar spirit items just to name a few! Stop in and take advantage of huge savings! Sale Dates: March 28th through April 5th Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. • Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Located in the north side of the Saint Xavier University Shannon Athletic Center. Enter from 103rd St. near the SXU electronic marquee.


3700 West 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60655 (773) 298-3115

Bookstore Bites Easter gifts and children’s books are now available to help fill those baskets!

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Saints Punished for Being ‘Un Saint-Like’ NFL Cracks Down on New Orleans for Bounty-Gate

By Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor

Last week the New Orleans Saints were punished for having “bounties” out on different players throughout the last three years. The “bounty” program, which was in place under then defensive coordinator Greg Williams, was condemned by the NFL and

brought great consequences to the Saints. The “bounty” program that the Saints were running included extra cash payments for “knockouts” or “cart offs.” There were even times when specific players were targeted. There is speculation that the Saints specifically went after Brett Favre in the 2009 playoffs.

Head Coach Sean Payton has been banned for 2012 season.


The Saints were hit extremely hard with punishment by Roger Goodell and the NFL. Head Coach Sean Payton will be suspended without pay for the entire 20122013 season, assistant coach Joe Vitt is suspended without pay for the first six games of the season, General Manager Mickey Loomis is suspended without pay for the first eight games of the season, now Rams defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, is suspended from the NFL indefinitely. Finally the Saints are being f ine d $500,000 a lo n g with forfeiting their second round draft picks in 2012 and 2013. This comes as a shock to most football fans. The yearlong suspension for Sean Payton comes as a complete shock. Many may ask and wonder why Sean Payton is the one getting one of the most severe punishments. Well, the answer to that one is a very simple one. Payton supposedly knew that there was a “bounty” program being run on his team and he was even told by upper management to make sure it stopped. Unfortunately, it did not stop and now Payton is taking a hard hit. It hurts the Saints, yes, but they should be able to carry on. However, it is interesting to wonder how easy it will be for head coach Sean Payton to get his job back. It is hard to imagine that he won’t get it back, but there is also that slim possibility that he will not.

Payton has brought a lot of good to the New Orleans Saints, but this year they will have a lot of a different look- at least from the sidelines. A new leader for the Saints could mean a different way of playing. That new leader may be Sean Paytons’ former mentor and boss, Bill Parcells. On Monday, Payton and Parcells reportedly discussed the possibility of Parcells being the interim coach for the Saints during the 2012-2013 season. It is undetermined if Sean Payton has pitched the idea to Saints owner Tom Benson at all about Parcells filling the coaching void for the season. If Parcells does not take the position than the Saints will have to go into a different direction. It appears that Sean Payton is still influencing the Saints even though he will be suspended this entire season. His suspension starts on April 1 and continues on until after the Super Bowl has been completed. The team is going to have to rally around its field leader, Drew Brees, to have a successful season. It is times like these when so many bad is glooming over the team that it could affect the style of their play. Thankfully, though, the Saints should have the right mindset thanks to people like Drew Brees and other team leaders. That is not to say it will not be difficult, because thanks to their most recent situation they will be under a

microscope all year. Having their GM Mickey Loomis suspended for the first eight games of the season could potentially hurt the Saints. The main man in their front office will not be able to oversee the team or be able to make moves. This is not to say that the assistant GM will not be able to do the job the same, but it always helps to have the main man in charge at all times. Now what I believe to be the worst punishment is the indefinite suspension of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. To be indefinitely suspended from the NFL is nothing to be taken lightly. Roger Goodell said that he will review Williams’ status at the end of the season and then go from there on what action he will take with Williams. In my professional opinion, Williams should be allowed back into the NFL. However, it should be on a limited basis and not ever as a coach again. If he wants to be some type of advisor I could see that, but there have to be some consequences. His “bounty” program did not start with the Saints—it goes back much farther than that. I predict the Saints will have a good season, but with the loss of their head coach they could potentially lose their way if they get hit with a couple of tough losses. I guess that is the price you pay when you do wrong in the Roger Goodell run NFL.

Athlete Spotlight: Mary Kusner By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor Q: What is your major? A: Communications. I would really like to go into writing or something with pr in the media; I really like stuff like that. Even sports writing would be nice. Q: Being six feet tall, are you normally the tallest player on the teams you’ve played on? A: In our conference I usually am the tallest, but when we go further out of state and down to Nationals, there are girls that are 6’ 5”. They are a lot wider and taller. Especially when we play Division 1 schools, I am definitely not the tallest. Q: How difficult is it for you to make a free throw at an opponent’s court? A: I have struggled with free throws in my career here, but I definitely worked on them and I got a lot better at them this season. I think even with home court advantage, free throws are a lot of pressure. It takes a lot of focus to knock them down no matter where you are. Q: What was your favorite and least favorite court to play on?

A: My favorite is obviously Saint Xavier. I love it because it is really open and it is not like a bunch of walls with no windows. My least favorite is Trinity Christian because it is just a dark gym with no windows, it’s smaller and I hated it. Q: Looking back at your career here at SXU, is there any season that stands out? A: I would say my sophomore year when we went 31-2 and we beat Union that year, and we also had a lot of other great accomplishments. I would also say this year just because I really liked our specific team and I think that we all got along really well which made it really easy to go to practice everyday. It also made it really tough though when the season ended for us. Q: How do you feel about the future of this team? A: I think just like every other year, people are going to say that just because they lost the seniors, this team is going to be rebuilding this season. I think that as usual we are going to do good and next year they are going to have a good record. Everyone is going to keep getting better and I think that they are going to be just fine. Q: How key was it to have the four seniors around for all four seasons?

A: It helps because working with the same girls, you really know who does what well and how to work well together on the court. I think that really helped the team chemistry with us knowing each other on and off the court. To start off as freshman and to end as seniors was very helpful. Q: Have you ever attempted to dunk the ball? A: I have not, but I try and touch the rim. You would think that I would be able to, but I am only a little bit off like an inch or so. Maybe if the rim was just a little bit shorter, I would be able to dunk. Q: What is one team that you really enjoyed playing? A: It is always fun to go against Robert Morris because you do not really know how they are going to play. Sometimes they come right out of the gate and they are really hard and it is an exciting game. It is always an exciting game when we play them. I like it because it is really fast paced and we can work on our pressure and work on a lot of things in that game. It is fun playing them.

Tugce Canitez on Westmont. She was up for player of the year and she really did not play that much when we played them. She is really good and I did not get to guard her; I was hoping I would. She is really big; I think she is a little bit taller than me. She thinks that she is all that so I would love to guard her a little bit and give here some elbows. Q: Do you have a sports idol? A: Well I really like the Bulls so obviously I really like Derrick Rose. I love the way that he plays. He is quieter and he just goes out and does his thing. He is not cocky like LeBron or anything, but I also really like Joakim Noah because he plays my position. Q: Who has been your biggest supporter/fan? A: I would definitely say my parents, my sister and my grandparents. They went to all my games for all four years. My sister used to play basketball so she really gets into it. She gets the game and my parents go to all of the away games and so do my grandparents. They are definitely my biggest supporters.

Q: Is there any one girl that you like matching against?

Q: Clock winding down and you are down a point, who do you want to have the ball in their hands on your team?

A: I would love to play against

A: I would say, if we are down

one point, I would want Marissa {Young} driving to the basket. She is really good at finishing her layups even when she is getting hit. Another option would be someone passing it to me down low and I will just do a little hook shot or a turnaround jumper. For the entire interview on Mary Kusner, visit

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The Xavierite

SPORTS Men’s Baseball Continues To Roll; On Four Game Win Streak By Tony Gustin Sports Editor The Cougars split a pair of games against Judson University on their home field on Tues., Mar. 20. Sophomore right fielder Chris Klein came up big with a combined four hits including a double and four RBIs. Not only did he have success at the plate, he had success on the mound he was pitching on and gave the team a big win. Klein is now 4-0 on the season. He won the game coming out of the bullpen, pitching the final two innings only allowing two hits, no walks and a pair of strikeouts. The first game of the set extended to extra innings but unfortunately led to a 4-3 loss in the eighth. A high note of the loss was a solid pitching performance from sophomore right hander Scott Vachon. He threw seven and a third innings, blowing past 11 batters and gave up four earned runs. The Eagles’ right hander Tyler Ware proved to be too tough for the Cougars offense to handle. He struck out 12 batters and surrendered one walk in over six and two thirds innings After falling to a 2-1 deficit, Adam Koglin tied the game with an RBI single, which was scored

by junior catcher Tony O’Shea. Judson sophomore Billy Wright ended the game in the bottom of the eighth with an RBI double. This really was a heartbreaking loss for the Cougars, but it really fueled their fire, especially offensively for the next game of the set. They exploded with 10 runs and beat Judson by a final of 10-8. The teams combined for 23 hits and 18 runs, which is always a good show for the fans. Klein went 3-4 with a run scored and two RBIs. Koglin was a big contributor to the effort, going 2-4 with two runs scored and two RBIs. Freshman first baseman Andy Kovarik had an RBI single during the opening stretch of the game. This was a great way for the team to open up after a loss, coming up with a 4-1 lead. Not only was this a big win for the Cougars, but it showed a lot of promising things looking into the future. This is a team that can overcome a loss and get back on the field and make you pay and win the next game. It also shows that this team is no joke at the plate. Putting up double digit runs in the second game of a set shows the endurance and the mental strength of the players that are on this team. The win brought the Cougars

to a record of 16-8 overall, and 3-1 in the conference. Going into the game on Saturday, March 24, the team came out to play winning both games against Holy Cross University and improved their record to an impressive 18-8. St. Xavier has proved that they are a dominant team on their own field. There is always a loyal crowd at these games to support the team, which also helps lift the spirits of the players. There is nothing like playing at a stadium you are comfortable at with all of the fans in the crowd cheering for you to win. It helps you get out of the situations like coming off a loss in the first match or even falling down in the scoreboard in the middle of one. Against Holy Cross, Klein and sophomore outfielder Brad Myjak led the way at the plate. Myjak had an explosive game, one-hitting two bombs out of the park and a double which led to another double digit performance for the team winning the game 10-8. Myjak hit the homers in two consecutive innings to help the Cougars improve the lead. Junior left hander Mike Klett took the mound, pitching all seven innings and recording the win. He is now 2-2 on the year after allowing seven hits, two runs, two


Brad Myjak looks to steal a base.

walks and three strikeouts. The Cougars did not start the second game how they wanted to, going down 2-0. Junior right hander Lucas Fritsch threw all seven innings and improved to 2-0 on the year. Klein led the way going 2-3, with two runs

scored which helped the Cougars to win 9-4. The next game for the Cougars is a match-up with Robert Morris University on March 28 at 1 p.m. This will be a home game for the Cougars as they will be looking to extend their win streak.

Softball continues to dominate opponents with strong pitching By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor On Sun., Mar. 25, the Cougars matched up with the number 25 ranked Marian University on the road. The Cougars pitching staff shut down the Knights in both games, SXU won both games by a combined score of 7-0; this win gave SXU their eighth straight win. In the first game of the doubleheader, the Cougars won 1-0. Starting pitcher, senior Amie

Brown threw a complete game giving up just three hits and three walks en route to a shutout of the Knights. The lone run scored was scored by freshman center fielder Shannon Lauret in the first inning off of a wild pitch. The Cougars only managed one hit in this game, but the one run proved to be the differential in game one. In the second game the Cougars dominated, winning this game 6-0. The Cougars were led

Ashley Hunter has been an RBI machine this season.


offensively by freshman designated hitter Samantha Saunders who had two hits and two RBI’s for SXU. St ar ting pitcher Megan Nonnemacher pitched a complete game shutout; her stat line was seven innings, eight hits given up with seven strikeouts. The win put Nonnemacher at a record of 9-3 on the season. In a double-header match-up with the Bees of Saint Ambrose University (Iowa), the Cougars dominated and won both games on Saturday, March 24. In the first game, sophomore pitcher Megan Nonnemacher pitched a gem; she tallied a complete game shut-out, only giving up two hits and two walks to go along with her five strikeouts which led to a 1-0 victory for SXU. The Cougars got six hits off the pitching duo of Rachel Robinson and Nicole Walshon from Saint Ambrose. Two of those hits came off the bat of junior second baseman Ashley Sullivan who had two hits and a run scored in three at-bats. Shannon Lauret had the lone RBI for the Cougars as she drove a ball up the middle in the fifth inning to give the Cougars their only run of the game. In the second game against the Bees, the Cougars took another win away with a 7-5 victory over Saint Ambrose. SXU got great offensive production in this game from several players. The offensive production started with freshman left fielder Megan James who had two RBI’s, one run scored and one hit in her

four at-bats. Senior catcher Ashley Hunter also had an RBI on two hits for SXU. Junior third baseman Kate Mollohan had one hit and an RBI for the Cougars, and pinch hitter freshman Holly Hilden had a run scored and an RBI for SXU. The Cougars scored three runs in the third inning of this game after SAU scored two runs in the first inning; the Cougars led 3-2 until the sixth inning. The Cougars scored four runs in the sixth inning to give them a 7-2 lead, but they would give up three runs to the Bees in the top of the seventh. That was not enough as SXU won both games, moving the Cougars to a 6-0 record at home this season. Back on Thursday, March 22, the Cougars beat the Fighting Saints from the University of Saint Francis in both games played. The Cougars got excellent pitching in both games as SXU gave up a combined two runs in the two games. A m i e B row n p i t ch e d a complete game shut-out in the first game for the Cougars; SXU won this game 3-0. Brown continues her hot streak as this win put her at a record of 5-2 after another complete game. Brown gave up seven hits and she also tallied seven punch-outs, but the key was giving up no runs to USF. T h e C o u g a r s we r e l e d offensively by Ashley Hunter who had an RBI single in the first inning and then an RBI double later in the fifth inning. The Cougars also got another run batted in by starting pitcher Amie Brown who had an

RBI groundout in the sixth inning. In the second game against the Fighting Saints, the Cougars defeated the University of Saint Francis 3-2. The Cougars found themselves in an early hole after Kaley Jendraszak of Saint Francis had an RBI single in the first inning with the bases loaded to score two runs for USF. The Cougars got a run back in the bottom half of the first inning after Ashley Hunter had an RBI double to give the Cougars their first run of the game. The Cougars forced starting USF pitcher Caitlyn Balandis to throw a lot of pitches and that proved very beneficial for SXU. The Cougars tied it up in the second inning with a Shannon Lauret RBI single. The game would remain tied until the fifth inning when left fielder Megan James had an RBI double which plated sophomore outfielder Katie Houlihan. When asked what the key was to the home winning streak, Ashley Hunter said, “I think it is keeping our defense solid. Defense always saves games and should be the one thing the team strives to be perfect at for each game. Offense will come and go sometimes, but if you stay consistent with your defense, even if you’re down a couple runs it’s what keeps you in the game.” The next game for the Cougars is a match-up against conference rival Trinity Christian College on March 29. This will be the final game of March for the softball team, and the game is slated for a 3 p.m. start.

March 28th, 2012  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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