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Wednesday February 1th, 2012


Diner changes may soon come

By Macy Zamudio News Editor

Students’ suggestions regarding administrative decisions on the new diner hours are being re-examined, in conjunction with Saint Xavier University’s push to become more student-centered in its decision-making The diner being closed for two hours each day had been a concern for many students over the past three weeks. Based upon many requests and complaints about the diner’s hours of operation, the Student Government Association (SGA) has identified a possible solution. The proposed solution is to have the diner stay open during the middle of the day, so that students may have a place to grab a quick snack or drink. The solution will help to have the diner hours open for hungry students to have access to cold foods only, such as chips, drinks



The problem of college debt is a growing issue throughout the nation. With the 2012 presidential election barely on the horizon, President Barack Obama attempted to address this issue in a speech presented to the University of Michigan on Jan. 27. In his speech, he presented the audience with new proposals intended to solve this looming dilemma. According the The Huffington Post, much of the material in Obama’s speech reaffirmed many of the proposals he made during his State of the Union address. In his State of the Union address last Tuesday, he stressed the need for economic fairness by having a college education accessible to all. The main initiatives behind Obama’s plan called for several budgets to be created in different forms—a $1 billion Race to the Top competition, a doubling of federal

By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief

President Obama delivers his State of the Union address last Tuesday.

work-study positions, and a $55 million competition for individual colleges to increase their efficiency and value. T h e H u f f i n g t o n Po s t reports that the Race to the Top competition would reward states that are able to keep their college

Students attend March for Life By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor


Left to right: Madeline Lyons, Laura Yach and Rae Joyce Baguilat

participants from several colleges, high schools, and other youth groups. An SXU alumna, Madeline Lyons also attended the event in Washington DC. “Aside from the March for Life, we also went to the Students for Life of America Conference and it was awesome to constantly hear the chant, ‘Our generation will overturn Roe v. Wade’,” said Lyons. Lyons shared that it was her

Don’t be afraid of the red line

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Approximately 39 years ago, the case of Roe v. Wade declared that abortion was considered legal in the United States. The idea of taking the lives of those who did not even have a chance to live is a notion that does not sit quite well with some people. To rally against abortion, hundreds of thousands of people, including a few students from Saint Xavier University, came together march for life in Washington DC on Jan. 22. Those who attended the March for Life went individually with personal motivations in mind. Laura Yach, an SXU student who attended the March for Life said, “I went with my high school in the past and knew what it was like. I wanted to stand up for what I believe in, be the voice for the silenced, and to ponder on the issue of abortion and life in solidarity with others who wanted to make a difference.” Yach explained that the delegation from the area signed up with the other Chicagoland area groups that were comprised of

fourth year attending the event and that each year there were more and more pro-life supporters. Lyons said, “It just gives you goose bumps knowing our generation will abolish abortion.” A staff member and supporter of the pro-life movement, Rae Joyce Baguilat explained her reason for joining the March for Life. “I went because oftentimes, it seems as though we are all alone MARCH >




tuition rates down during this time of economic difficulties. Another proposed initiative would include an increase of Perkins loans from $1 billion to $8 billion, as reported by the New OBAMA >



In an effort to keep college affordable, President Barack Obama threatened to take away federal aid from colleges that keep raising tuition at unsustainable levels during his State of the Union address last Tuesday and again while visiting the University of Michigan Friday. “We can’t keep subsidizing tuition,” Obama said to the Michigan crowd. “Sooner or later we’re going to run out of money.” Nationally, undergraduate tuition and room and board rose 37 percent at public schools and 25 percent at private colleges between 1999 and 2010, according to The Huffington Post. Saint Xavier University’s AID




New Harry Potter and comedy clubs By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief Two n ew o rga n iza tio n s have sprung up at Saint Xavier University—Common Room and Comic Relief. “Common Room is actually a Harry Potter club intended to bring fans of the series together,” said Katherine Arvia, a freshman education major, and Monica Arambula, a freshman nursing major, the founder s of the organization. This club is named after the “common room” in the Harry Potter series in which the four houses of Gryiffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin all meet together. The organization is modeled after that type of meeting and will “sort” members into the four different houses. Arvia and Arambula also hope to include a mini “Quidditch” game in the club’s activities along with possible movie screenings, although they admit such screenings are expensive and may not be possible. When asked what inspired them to start the organization, Arambula and Arvia said, “We have always been really big fans, and the

Valentine’s Day is approaching

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By Karina Palencia News Editor


The State of College Debt

SXU says fed. aid won’t be taken anytime in near future

steps to starting the club here on campus were very easy.” So far about 50 people have joined the organization, but meeting times have not yet been set. The second new organization, the Comic Relief Club is a standup comedy club founded by Larry Sturghill, a junior criminal justice major and music minor. “What inspired me to start the club was seeing people want to do stand-up. I wanted to offer a different aspect of comedy to students,” said Sturghill. During the meetings members will learn different forms of standup comedy with the goal of putting on shows. Sturghill hopes to hold two shows this semester, a comedy roast and an open mike show in which students could perform whatever they want. “The only requirement is that it be funny,” added Sturghill. Comic Relief plans to hold a meeting in early Feb. Any student can start a new organization on campus, according to Emilie Boyce, Assistant Director of Campus Life. CLUBS >



Men’s volleyball wins first game

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Xavierite

World Bits NEW YORK (CNN)— Facebook is rumored to possibly file for public offering as early as Wednesday, with some experts saying the company could sell for as much as $100 billion.

3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

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MONTERREY, MEXICO (HUFFPO)— Police captured an alleged member of the Zetas drug gang who confessed to killing at least 75 people. Enrique Elizondo Flores said 36 of his victims were bus passengers, traveling near the Texas border.

MARCH > from



in the pro-life cause,” said Baguilat. “So, once a year, we get together to remember that we are not alone in this fight and that we must not give up being a voice for the voiceless.” T h e S t u d e n t s fo r L i fe Conference had over 2,000 college students from all over the nation in attendance at the youth rally and mass alongside 30,000 young adults. “Marching with over 400,000 fellow pro-lifer s completely reenergized my passion for being pro-life. We can and are making a difference in changing the hearts and minds of society and bring back a Culture of Life,” said Baguilat. The March for Life was a declaration of the participants’ stance on the issue of abortion. “I think that every person should have dignity and sanctity of life, and with abortion, that’s just not possible,” said Yach. Lyons added, “I believe that life must be respected at all stages, and abortion kills innocent human beings, that’s why it’s important to stand up for this cause.” While the SXU student organization, Students for Life, was not directly involved in the March for Life in Washington DC, those who are interested in joining the group can attend their meetings which occur every other Wednesday in the Andrew Conference Center. For more information, contact Bernadette Haley at haley.b01@ or Laura Yach at

DINER > from

• Sports Men’s Basketball vs. University of St. Francis [HOME] at 7p.m. on Wed., Feb. 1 AFGHANISTAN (BBC)—A woman has been arrested for allegedly strangling her daughter-in-law to death for giving birth to a daughter. The murdered woman’s husband is also a suspect in the case but has since fled.

Saint Xavier University

The Xavierite is published every Wednesday during the academic year. Any undergraduate student can write for The Xavierite. Other interested graduate students, faculty, staff and administration may write a “Letter to the Editor.”

Cougar Bites

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (NYTIMES)— Protests ripped through Belgium Monday as unions, angry over austerity measures, went on a nationwide strike. The strike shut down the rail network and caused several delayed flights. The protest coincided with a one-day meeting of European Union leaders in the capital.



or fruit. The hot food items will not resume service until 4:30p.m. SGA President, Brittany Jones said, “We feel that it is a compromise to the students that they will at least be able to get all of the outtakes items during this time,such as drinks, chips, the outtakes salads and sandwiches along with the array of other things such as Pop-Tarts and bagels and things that do not require the stations of the diner to be open.” Taking the first steps to getting students’ suggestions heard, Jones formally wrote a resolution which

Women’s Basketball vs. Robert Morris University [HOME] at 1p.m. on Sat., Feb. 4 Men’s Basketball vs. Robert Morris University [HOME] at 3p.m. on Sat., Feb. 4

SUDAN, AFRICA (AFP)—Over 500,000 starving refugees could flee violence in Sudan within the coming months, igniting a major food crisis, the UN’s World Food Programme warned Monday.


Men’s Volleyball vs. Missouri Valley College [HOME] at 7p.m. on Fri., Feb. 3

Women’s Basketball vs. Trinity Cristian College [AWAY] at 1p.m. on Wed., Feb. 8 Obama administration’s latest efforts to stabilize college tuitions by cutting federal financial aid from institutions that keep increasing their tuition. “I think they’ve done a good job, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad idea if they do it. Maybe then, schools would stop raising their tuition,” Merino said. Freshman Gina Savage, undecided major, also agreed with Obama’s latest plan. “I think it’s fair that he would want to do it. If colleges keep raising their tuition, then it’s going to get harder for students to go to college.” said Savage. However, Gerald Davenport, a junior majoring in mathematics, remains skeptical of the Obama administration’s proposal. “I think the administration has done a good job with the military and all, but as to making changes in the education system, I just don’t see it. Will he make a difference? Well, I just don’t see it.”

Davenport said what he thinks several of the Obama administration’s problems are as well as what should be done to fix the dilemma. “I don’t really think that they know how to make policies to get financial aid. I think that the biggest problems that Obama is facing are that his policies have to help out the middle class. Middle class Americans got to start rising up – that’s the only way it’s going to work,” said Davenport. The nation’s college graduate debt is constantly growing with a reported $1 trillion owed on student loans. The Obama administration has already helped struggling students by increasing Pell Grants and even changing the loan repayment process. Obama’s plans, however, will mainly aid future college students instead of the thousands of graduates who are already struggling to repay their student loans.

Director of Financial Aid Susan Swisher said SXU is in no danger of being yanked from federal aid, despite a six percent tuition increase within the last year. “We’re doing everything we can to make college affordable,” Swisher said. “We want to help and support the students because we know how difficult it is to be in their position.” SXU’s tuition for the 2011-12 fiscal year stands at $26,280, almost $9,000 less than the national average for private nonprofit four-

year institutions, which is about $35,000, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Obama said he wants more work-study jobs available to help students paying their own tuition and asked Congress to extend a tuition tax credit that will pay around $10,000 over four years, The Huffington Post said. SXU receives federal aid for its work-study program, the Federal Perkins Loan program and the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Program (FSEOG), which is given to undergraduates who demonstrate

exceptional financial need. This fiscal year, SXU was given $264,898 for the FSEOG and $363,059 for its work-study program. Tuition at SXU has been raised by an average of five percent over the past five years. The 2010-11 year saw tuition at $24,790. “It’s standard practice for schools to raise tuition. [SXU] has nothing to worry about,” Swisher said. Swisher can be reached by email at

she presented to SGA and it was approved by the senate to have a student worker in the diner during closed hours. According to Jones, “This does not mean that it will absolutely happen but it is our way of formally presenting the reasons we think a change should happen.” The resolution plan was sent to SXU President Christine M. Wiseman, Vice Presidents of Student Affairs John Pelrine, Vice President for Business and Finance Raymond P. Catania and Director of Food Services Joe Vetter. The current diner hours were originally decided as a part a large new contract with SXU

and Chartwell’s to accommodate for the cost of the Starbucks and Subway venues on the campus. “ The reason the new resolution plan doesn’t incorporate having hot foods, is because the cost of running the diner was too much for the light traffic of people coming in during these hours,” said Jones. “I think the new resolution is definitely feasible and an easy cost-efficient compromise to accommodate the students. “ Jones will be meeting with the university’s administrative members on Fri., Feb. 3 to receive feedback on the resolution. Diner hours will remain as is until feedback from the resolution

has been received. S GA i s h o p i n g t h a t a compromise is made with the administration and hoping that students can understand the reasons for the diner hours closing times and the efforts that they are doing. “If a student really wants hot food there are other places on campus such as Subway in the Shannon Center that they may go to. There is always somewhere open for some sort of warm food with the addition of personal pizza’s at Rhubarbs at night,” said Jones. For more information on this proposed resolution please contact SGA at (773) 298-3967.

OBAMA > from


York Times. In the same article, it was reported that the administration wants families to have a clearer idea of what costs, quality, and attendance mean by requiring colleges to create “shopping sheets” that would allow for a side by side comparison of financial aid packages. Echoing what was said in his State of the Union address, Obama said to the audience, “We are putting colleges on notice—you can’t keep, you can’t assume that you’ll just jack up tuition every single year. If you can’t stop tuition from going up, then the funding you get from taxpayers each year will go down. We should push colleges to do better. We should hold them accountable if they don’t.” Lidia Merino, an SXU sophomore majoring in biology/ pre-med, commented on the AID > from



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Xavierite

Knox appointed as executive director of external and legislative affairs; brings fifteen years of experience Press Release Saint Xavier University (SXU) announces the recent appointment of Joan Elizabeth Knox as the executive director of external and legislative affairs effective Mon., Jan. 23. Knox was selected after an extensive search, and brings to the position over 15 years of experience in fundraising and legislative initiatives. She will direct, manage and enhance strategic partnerships with the corporate partners who support SXU through student internships, job placement opportunities, and sponsorship of SXU events. Knox will also serve as the liaison to all elected officials involved CLUBS > from


with Saint Xavier in Chicago as well as surrounding suburban municipalities that include Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Orland Park and Tinley Park. She will report to the Vice President for University Relations Robert Tenczar. “Knox has a proven track re c o rd o f e s t a b l i s h i n g ke y partnerships with local and state legislators through her years of experience in fundraising and as alderman in Palos Hills for over 11 years,” Tenczar said. Knox, a native of Beverly, began her career in fundraising by launching Friends of the Palos Hills Parks (Friends). As founder and president of Friends, Knox lobbied to receive a $350,000 grant benefiting the city of Palos Hills.

She also collaborated with city officials and citizens to plan and construct eight new parks in the area. Additionally, Knox serves on the board of the District 230 School Board Committee of Education where she assists in determining and implementing necessar y changes and additions required by state law or changes necessary due to internal evaluations of current services and processes. “As an alumna of this school, it’s an honor to accept this new role at SXU,” said Knox. “I’m very excited about this opportunity, and I look forward to utilizing my years of experience in this new position.” Knox received her bachelor’s degree from Saint Xavier University.


The first step is to, along with at least 10 other interested students, “figure out the goals and missions of the organization and how to accomplish those goals and missions,” said Boyce. Students can then pick up a registration form from the Campus Life office, find an advisor and draft a constitution, for which a sample can be obtained. After the Constitution is reviewed, it goes on to the Director of Campus Life for approval. Once approved, the new organization will be considered an “emerging group,” and receive limited funding the first year of its existence, which


Harry Potter founders Katherine Arvia and Monica Arambula.

will increase the second year. “If you’re interested in forming an organization, it may be something others want as well,”

said Boyce. “It is a great way to feel more connected with other people,” she concluded.

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Clearing Capone’s Name By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor Saint Xavier University’s Robert and Mary Rita Murphy Stump Library will be hosting a presentation by New York Times best-selling author Jonathon Eig called “The Scapegoating of Al Capone.” The presentation will be held in the library on Tue., Feb. 14 from 6:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. followed by a screening of the film Scarface from 7:45p.m. to 9:45p.m. Al Capone was an infamous gang leader whose name is known worldwide. “For better or worse, Al Capone is synonymous with Chicago and St. Valentine’s Day. Over 60 years after his death, he is one gangster known worldwide,” said Library Director Mark Vargas. Eig will be presenting the Al Capone’s story on the 82nd anniversary of the Valentine’s Day Massacre, which arose from the prohibition era conflict between two prominent criminal gangs. The Southside Italians under the leadership of Capone and the Northside Irish led by Bugs Moran came into competition with each other and resulted in the murder of seven mob associates. Vargas said, “We are very fortunate to have the New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Eig speak on the reality and the myth that was Capone, including his involvement in the notorious St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” Eig’s work, Get Capone, relives

the true story behind the notorious Al Capone, based on government documents and personal letters newly discovered revolving around the gangster. “Many students have seen the 1980s remake of Scarface but few have seen the original 1932 version,” said Vargas. “It is the best and most controversial of the 1930s gangster films and is a legend in its own right.” Eig’s presentation will aim to explain why Capone was innocent and had nothing to do with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. He will also present how Eliot Ness and the Untouchables were praised with all the credit of taking Capone down, while the real heroes were given no publicity. Eig will also argue that the orders to capture Capone were directly given from President Herber t Hoover who was increasingly anxious about Capone potentially being able to slip away. Following the speaker’s presentation, the 1932 version of Scarface will be screened. This version was originally banned by the Hays Production Code for violence and was released only after the producer, Howard Hughes, made several edits, including a new ending to the film. Eig is the author of three books: Get Capone, Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson’s First Season, and Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig. “Students will be talking about both the lecture and film long after the events,” Vargas said.

Positive feedback for revamped website By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor Saint Xavier University’s newly revamped website launched on Dec. 2, 2011, SXU’s Founder’s Day. With the launch of this updated and improved website, navigation and functionality have been geared toward becoming a more user-friendly site. Since the revamped website launching, positive feedback about the user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal of the site has been received from faculty, staff and students. “It was University Relations’ goal to provide improved navigation and functionality. It was our goal to keep up with the evolving trends of web technology,” said Sara Christensen, media project manager of University Relations. Another advantage to the new look and feel of the main university website is that it provides prospective and current students with the most accurate, up-to-date information. This information ranges from course requirements to campus visit days. “I like it. It makes it easier to navigate between mycourses, mymail, and it is easier to see what is going on around school,” said Brad Myjak, a sophomore business management major. Student feedback leans towards the positive end because the updated website had become more streamlined. “We know that today’s students are very technology-savvy, and they can look forward to a more interactive website that meets their needs,” said Romana Amato, web content editor of University Relations. The new website features updated photos and video content of current SXU faculty and students. In addition to updated photos and video content, the SXU website features new

megamenus and more social media tools, as well as a financial aid calculator, to help students make better connections with each other and the university. “I like that they updated the pictures and that it’s easier to navigate,” said senior biology/pre-health major, Aastha Kukreja. The website’s design and features appear to have a more sophisticated and cleaner look. A.J. Pfatschbacher, a freshman history secondary education major said, “It looks a lot more professional in the way it’s laid out.” “The design features a cleaner look that incorporates sophistication and Saint Xavier’s commitment to excellence in education,” said Tommy Brassfield, webmaster of University Relations. “Essentially the website redesign empowers the university to take its web capabilities to the next level to not only streamline marketing messages and site content but also create an intuitive dynamic and user-centered site.” The website was set to launch on Dec. 2, 2011 and launched on time with no setbacks. Planning for this website redesign was fueled by the needs brought to the developers by the students, faculty, and staff of SXU. In early Spring 2011, University Relations met with different departments, offices and students in several focus groups to discuss best practices and what components of the old website worked and what could be improved. The feedback received from these focus groups was summarized, reviewed, and compared to best practices in the field leading to the design and restructuring phase at the beginning of the summer. “I think the website parallels the way that the university is heading,” said Kelly Mihalik, junior nursing major. “It’s updated and student friendly, and that is the new common vision of SXU.”

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

VIEWPOINTS > Editorial <

Race to the Top: College Edition By The Xavierite Staff

institution like Saint Xavier. Any federal plan to encourage At the University of Michigan universities to keep their tuition this past Friday morning, President rates down would seem like a Obama outlined his plan to re- benefit to students. hab federal aid for colleges and What we need to to consider universities. alongside this possible benefit is the This plan is meant to be a potential for lowering standards of response to the poor state our what is considered a good college country’s educational system is education. in right now, as well as a way to If access to higher education address the concerns of young is more affordable, it would only be Americans with rapidly growing positive if that education remained student debt. as valuable as it was before. Obama directly told colleges Schools experience enough in his address, “If you can’t stop pressure to keep tuition down. tuition from going up, the funding The Obama administration plans you get from taxpayers will go to create a competition similar to down.” The Xavierite believes that his Race to the Top program. this could be a dangerous aspect Competition seems like it of this new eduction plan. would be a good idea, but what Requiring schools to have worked for primary and secondary low tuition act as the bottom line education is not guaranteed to work for their qualification for federal for higher education. aid puts a significant stress on Schools in a financial bind those schools to ensure they do need to raise their tuition to not raise tution. compensate for the struggle of Given the importance of keeping the school together. federal aid to a school’s budget, These same schools who are however, the plan has a serious struggling are the very ones who potential to undermine the quality need the federal aid the most, and of education at these institutions. yet they are the schools most in According to President of the danger of losing it. American Council on Education, It makes sense that a college Molly Corbett Broad, the plan is e d u c a t i o n s h o u l d b e m o re too extreme to be practical. affordable, but this education plan The Obama administration’s seems like a haphazard way of going plan for edcuation fails to account about accomplishing that goal. for the fact that it is becoming State and community colleges increasingly difficult for colleges rely most heavily on federal aid, to lower tuition. and are also the most vulnerable Schools need to deal with to state-wide budget cuts. state budget cuts as well as find Colleges like these will be ways to help provide financial aid forced to find a way to stay open to a growing number of qualifying and out of debt, and they will also families. have to maneuver through the We here at The Xavierite competition created by Obama’s believe that if colleges promise new education plan. to keep tuition costs down, we The Xavierite believes that it as students may be faced with is unrealistic to expect this plan unnecessary challenges in our to help students. If colleges are classes. struggling, they can only pass this We may have to learn in onto the students in some form larger classes with less individual or another, even if it is not higher attention and less room for tuition rates. discussion. More classes may also No matter what happens, be taught by teaching assistants or students will feel the brunt of adjunct faculty members instead this new plan, even if it seems to of professors. only have negative effects for the T h i s p l a n b e c o m e s a institutions themselves. complicated issue because at The Xavierite opposes the first glance, it seems attractive Obama administration’s new plan to students for schools to have for education because we believe incentives to lower tuition. that it will negatively effect college It is very difficult to meet students, if not in the form of all of the costs of our education, mounting debt, than in the form especially at a private Catholic of a lower educational experience.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

Why Are People So Scared of the Red Line? Journal of the Apocalypse Genevieve Buthod

Senior Viewpoints Editor

I’ve noticed that whenever I go into the city, if I choose to tell people my intended route, I am strongly warned against it. I take the West 103rd Street bus down to the 95/Dan Ryan stop, a.k.a. the bottom of the Red Line. I’ve also noticed that Saint Xavier’s Shuttle service only takes students to and from the Midway stop on the Orange Line. According to Google Maps’ driving directions, the drive to the 95th/Dan Ryan stop on the Red Line is a whole five minutes shorter than the drive to Midway. The shuttle could save time and gas by changing its policy and taking students to and from the Red Line, and it would save students a lot of time by cutting out the 45-min. bus ride to get to the stop.

I’ve heard plenty of times that the Red Line is dangerous, but I’ve yet to see any reason not to ride it. My experiences at that stop and on the train have been seeing people pick up trash, help one another with strollers and wheelchairs, and engage in friendly conversation with those around them. I once had a medical emergency on the Red Line, and the other people in the car responded immediately by calling an ambulance and helping me get off at the 69th stop to get to the nearest hospital. Comparatively, people seem to keep to themselves a little more on the Orange Line, which is fine, but the atmosphere is definitely a bit colder. I shouldn’t complain about little things like that, though, considering the last time I rode the Orange Line I was graphically propositioned by a homeless man. When talking about this issue, a fellow student told me, “I’m not scared of the Red Line.

I’m scared of the people who ride the Red Line.” Not surprisingly, this student strongly requested to remain anonymous. In my mind, this statement pretty much sums up the rationale—if it can be called that—behind the fear of this color of the El. It makes me wonder what lies behind SXU’s stated reasons for not providing service for students who need a ride to or from that stop. I believe that everyone individually would be much safer if they chose not to feed their own bigoted fears. I’m getting tired of the barelyveiled prejudice implicit in the fear of the Red Line. Statistically speaking, I am at a far greater risk of violence right here at home on a college campus than in any nonwhite neighborhood. I will continue to ride the Red Line, and I will continue to tell people they’re wrong when they tell me I am unsafe in a neighborhood that is not primarily white and middle class. I’ve had enough real interactions with real people in life to know better.

Head-bangers need love too the mixing of blues and rock, Hadrian’s Wall which makes for an somber yet fast and aggressive style of music. The Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor themes mainly cover conflicts with the external world because they feel oppressed. Other times the conflict Music is one of the most is about their internal struggle of important ways people express feeling caged. Metal is very much themselves. From the multibillion about empowerment and fighting industries to a lone guitarist in a the status quo. bedroom, music is such a critical The shredding guitars, bone part of American society. crushing base, thundering drums, Once the current group of and banshee vocals are meant to be artists has been selected, a pop a rallying cry for others and to ward culture fad is based around them; off enemies. Metal is the means but that means someone has to by which people can feel strong be left out. There is no genre of enough to conquer their problems. music that has been mistreated and It does not matter who you are or misunderstood more then Metal, what you believe, if you want to because of its unorthodox sound. push back at the world there will Essentially, Metal is the always be an open spot in the ranks contemporary tabooed genre. I am of Metal-heads. not saying everyone should listen If anyone has ever gone to to it or jump in the closest mosh a Metal concert, they would see pit, but rather I just want people exactly what I am talking about. to understand Metal-heads. They The crowds go absolutely crazy and might look and sound threatening. create these controlled fight pits Metal is the sound born from called mosh pits.

The golden rule is to never let someone fall down because that is when real damage is done; if the band sees someone go down in the crowd they might even stop playing and make sure they are taken care of. Then they get back to moshing. When Dee Snider, the lead singer of Twisted Sister, spoke against the PMRC in 1984 he played on the presumptions that the court had about metal bands. Snider showed up in raggedy show cloths, giant hair, and makeup, then promptly launched into a refined speech about censorship. The fallout of this court case was the Parental Advisory labels on all CDs with explicit lyrics, which actually increased album sales. Fighting Metal music is fighting the idea of Metal, which only leads to making it stronger. The only way to destroy Metal is to love it and accept it into society because then what do they have to rebel against.

Letter to the Editor: Another side to pirating With multiple editorials in the past pointing out how selfabsorbed SXU students/Americans in general are, I was surprised to see no points in last week’s paper about the international community and how it would be affected by SOPA and PIPA. It all comes down to availability. Many publishers, studios, and the like don’t sell their products overseas until there is a market for them, but a market cannot develop without a few products already available. So people have to “pirate” media to obtain it, since there is no legal availability. There is also the question of who would buy something without knowing if they like it or not. Neil Gaiman, a rather successful author,

has pointed out in multiple blog posts and interviews that he’s had more sales in areas where his books were available for free. It’s the same as a library, or a friend lending out a favorite book or CD. Back in April of 2009, the Guardian (a UK newspaper) ran a story about a study finding out that pirates are more likely to buy media than others are. So if piracy actually helps companies make sales, and in some cases piracy only exists because it is the only option for people to access a work, it seems like companies are just being stubborn. They are not adjusting their business models quickly enough for a world where people go to the theaters less often and are more likely to tape shows than just watch them live.

Companies are not adjusting for an international world where seeing a movie just takes a good enough internet connection to buffer or download a video. They are not adjusting for an era where people find out about new media via mashup videos posted on Youtube or dramatic readings of books set to horribly inappropriate music. In a world where media crosses international borders as quickly as the data can be moved, talk of legislation affecting that data should be put in an international view, just like companies need to adjust distribution plans to be both digital and international if they want to keep making their profits. — Brittanie


Davis, English major,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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President Obama gives state of the election address The Unbarable Truth Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

Last Tues., Jan. 24, President Barack Obama delivered the 2012 State of the Union Address. Overall, the address had the tone of a re-election speech. With less than ten months until the 2012 presidential election, Obama began to make the case for why he should serve another four years, calling attention to his administration’s accomplishments and significantly moving to the center of the political spectrum. Obama began and ended his speech citing America’s foreign policy accomplishments in the past year. “For the first time in nine years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq. For the first time in two decades, Osama bin Laden is not a threat to this country. Most of al Qaeda’s top lieutenants have been defeated. The Taliban’s momentum has been broken, and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home,” said Obama as he began his speech (NY Times). He ended with a vivid description of the Navy Seals raid which killed Osama Bin Laden and used the cooperation among that Seals team as an analogy for how Americans must cooperate overall.

Indeed, foreign policy has been the president’s strong suit, and with 60 percent of Americans disapproving of his handling of the economy according to the American Research Group, he had better play to that strong suit if he is to draw votes in November. Despite his economic troubles, the president attempted to paint a brighter picture. He applauded the creation of 3 million jobs in the last twenty two months. Additionally, he praised the bailouts of the auto industry, which he claims have resuscitated that industry by allowing it to add 160,000 jobs. It is true that the unemployment rate has dropped 0.6 percent since August, but it still remains at 8.5 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics). It will have to go down much further before Obama can breathe a sigh of relief on that front. Most notable in the speech was Obama’s huge shift to the political center. He asked Congress to “pass the payroll tax cut right away” and to not impose any tax hikes for Americans making under $250,000 per year (NY Times). The president also called for the tearing down of unnecessary government regulations, another conservative tenet. On the energy front, Obama called for opening over 75 percent of America’s potential offshore oil and gas resources.

Obama gave his 3rd State of the Union Address last week

He even quoted Abraham Lincoln’s statement espousing small government: “government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more” (NY Times). Despite these more conservative moves, Obama made sure not to completely lose his liberal base. He promised to continue having government invest in alternative forms of energy, maintaining that America’s future depends on it. It is interesting that his resolve remains so strong after Solyndra, a solar power company he personally visited and in which the government invested, went bankrupt in November, embarrassing the entire

The Android and iPhone debate rages on Mike Catania Webmaster

When it comes to purchasing a cell phone, many people debate endlessly whether to get an iPhone or an Android. Getting an Android phone is the way to go. According to forbes. com, “Android comprised about 53 percent of the smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2011, followed by 17 percent with the Symbian operating system and 15 percent with iOS from Apple.” Anroid is clearly the winner. Android is still behind in the race against Apple when it comes to app downloads; however, Android is still growing in numbers every month. Now you may ask, “Why don’t we see a lot of the same apps that Apple provides for the Android?” One basic answer should suffice, “Even though Google has a huge market share in the app field, its Android market doesn’t make publishers nearly as much money as Apple does.” Apple is dominating in the paid apps market. The company earns about $4.9 billion in gross revenue while Android has only been able to earn $330 million. In my opinion when it comes to game apps, Apple takes the cake. Not only is their app market cleaner than Android’s, it gives a bit more variety to consumers. Can you say Temple Run anyone?

Many people want to stay connected in the world. This is where social networking plays a role. What phone will you go with? IPhones have a real difficult time giving this to us because while third party apps allow you to see news feeds and the like, Android gives you the ability to use widgets, which is an extension of the app you use. The iPhone has the ability to simply play basic media. The only reason for this is because the iPhone is, in all practial purposes, an iPod.

Apple is dominating in the paid apps market. The company earns about $4.9 billion in gross revenue. The ability to sync music and videos cannot be matched for even the Android. However, on the flip side, Android does win when it comes to streaming music. Once again, those widgets play a helpful role in making everything much more user-friendly. Streaming pandora, rhapsody, and even using SoundHound has be shown to be so much easier and more helpful. The iPhones’ row of icons that are displayed on the iPhone’s screen is only semi-helpful for new smartphone users unlike the Android. It is essentially like an iPod.

However, when it comes to notifications and the ability to customize abilites on your phone, Android takes the cake. Fo r e x a mp l e , w i t h t h e Samsung Galaxy S II you can toggle the wireless on and off with the flick of a finger and not have to go into settings each time you want to turn it on and off. I think that making the phone easier on my life , means less things that I need to worry about. When it comes to the Web and Data Speeds, it is a known fact that Android 4G beats iPhone 4S 4G. T h e AT & T i P h o n e 4 S delivers speeds as high as 5.3 Mbps (megabits per second) but average to 2.2 Mbps. In contrast, T-Mobile’s Galaxy SII and Motorola Droid Bionic present an average of 12 Mbps. So if you’re not the patience type of person to have to wait on a web page or YouTube video to load, I think you can see what to go for. There are many more pros and cons for each of the two. However, picking between the two is entirely up to the individual on their own personal preference and what they plan to do with the phone. I just think that many people buy the iPhone for all the wrong reasons. They just want the Apple product and do not focus on what they plan on doing with the phone. Android all the way! Sources:


administration. One of his more famous lines of the night was “if you make more than $1 million a year, you should not pay less than 30 percent in taxes,” as he maintained that the wealthy should pay their fair share (NY Times). With 64 percent of Americans approving of raising taxes on those making over $250,000 per year, this is a strategic move on the president’s part (CBS October 2011 Poll). Overall his move to the center, taking on both liberal and conservative ideas, appears purely political. He needs to win the independent voters to win the election, and independent voters

hate partisanship. The speech also contained a veiled offense against republicans when he said that he approved fewer government regulations in his first three years than his predecessor, who of course was none other than former President George Bush. But, overall the president’s speech was not partisan. As mentioned, it was politically dead center. He said all of the right things to paint himself as a clear thinking, middle of the road politician who is willing to work with both sides of the isle. For me, as a future teacher,the most interesting part of the speech was the part on education. For example, his plan to encourage states to make it impossible for students to drop out of high school before age 18 is an interesting plan, worth experimenting with. In the end though, these speeches always make big promises and repeat many issues year in and year out. Especially in an election year, we need to think critically about what our politicians, who are seeking re-election, are saying. The questions are, as they always are with these state of the union speeches: will the president follow through, and will people buy it?

Campus Poll Do you perfer iPhone or Droid and why?

Ashley Nelson-Gentry, senior, sociology

Elias Perez, freshman, math

“Droid, I think is more desirable, and not just a fashion statement.”

“Droid, I like the friendly user interface.”

Robert Hodo, sophomore, education “Neither, because I like the T-Mobile plan I have currently.”

Jawad Salman, freshman, biology “Droid, I have had it for a while, and it works.”

Rachel Nolan, freshman, Franscico Alvarez, senior, elementary education computer studies “Droid, because iPhones are too “iPhone, the apps are easier to use.” complicated.”

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re te a y of a l oco c da f ch anti o es om do box ost r ove d d l m n r a the oli ou ers lt y is “h i ow ake it l u f g t th m to air, ay abou s he ted to d t i wa n iga ol red I i h f s i a th bl n ei ark r c lov r is o eve prove r lm neve l ; t a n u e i H has to nne e, b aga oth y? A who on posed ke di jew ce cant a e n n e o nifi ’s D ne ma som up ine meo th ally s h to ings o t i com ur sig n w s s i o e a v s l c u e o h dy s Va lov spe e r e sa ay r, b to ou? A in are e peopl ir lif s s D es, an s i ’ fea r l y e e e e y o s o h r e v n e t t l i t she th e n you rh ake d the ve len all eir lo ove r that nd m r spen hav ause Va f the , y d r l th t. eal eve bec hea yea rs a , o ng of ow self, at r oving t in i not the othe olate i . thi h r y H t l a f er y t” ye ut is ly pr poin e I’m y out han choc f it? ple. your v e e e th B eful the aus e da ter t on res o t sim race gh ll m od ni lf e o forc ’t see ’s bec ly on y bet p $50 he ti t tha es, b t ir o st a s s int t don ybe it e on his d s, dro ntil t’s ju roach like. ld ju ve a g our g u. b i u t u Y p a t a s ju M here akes uran h or rap; h ap ld be e wo ely h LIE. to yo t m esta ont n a t y 14t hou if sh finit S A eans is da uld at i r s I l m h r sho Wh ttest for a ou’re brua r day “Wel I’ll de , IT she m for t s an g o e g y , e n r d h F h g i me n he wea en, en at h inkin ct an meth muc raini eo ga gian t h h l m t l e t e i w a so th erf ow en . W ut vid y a l w ntl gir Ge r you ing o ou’re l be p ll you wn, h ve be ying o bu this la . G fo ann at y wil s te ur o ou’ rk y h l ice sy p ed lma o it oe adv ady p ow w then he d l on y cause en bu screw f Hal ie s e alr I kn map, d if are al ys, be ve be ou’re tim o rlfr i g n ’ r hat ws a ou a you r y gu o, I ase, y a vic ou N d y ink t e dra tell y antic ’t wor elf, “ the c ou’re . t th ec t no rom don yours his is ard. Y 15th t negl ight I y t w t m c r ep ho Bu lling ll if ppy rua e no you e K ( av te eb lf. d sa we lin ’re kay, nd a arts F hat h t, an urse KISS st tel u o o e t s t i a u y y O e, j fe u ht g o rs lat g yea of yo ff her ppin to d , and t mig o c i e d o e cho omin thos ept o ime t u hav -han “Hey c n ys up For be sw ard t all yo and-i that wa h e r o , l h e t s a p ay i ve eles her w h im nts e s n’t d sn wa ’ll ha erth toget l sho m v l e is so you Ne walk at wi it, , this uy do e e h a v t g e ing do r ha ov lleg ou the l at you re co y tak can re h e’ te you .” the roca ink t ay, w d y p da An reci n’t th one d s! get to o, do for vebird for Als n you ay, lo lars o e’s D l do entin l Va



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re are 4th the f lowers 1 y r a u r y Febr enough ay. Eve l village, and D ’s e in a smal Valent wers. year is umed to feed r a d and f lo om the n , s e s l d a n r c o a c c e fr , th es ocolate St. Valentine day of ugh chocolat ld. h c c i t t u n a o e m o i ab th ular ro otball f eals wi rest, en s been hat ost pop cts to fill a fo field after fo as not alway e of which d m ldiers t not e o h s T l h n r l u e o a y d t a , b t o y t e r id D a o made b e men who d paper p ould cover fo t Valentine’s is romantic d n h e g u m o g h a n h t n e h tw tt one of gle you . forget t s abou sed tha hat sin alentine was r young men n and to t purcha many people ferent legend d e v e i o l o V f e f . i r b s ut n d p e I e B in is m sI riag e many laudiu or all young et mar to be thrown C r c r e o s here ar Rome. r e f T p rm fell ge r y in tur y Em awed marria ided to perfo e ordered him lentine u n a t e V n c e n c d r o l c h third in pris he out the thi o he de ctions While During e married, so II decision s Valentine’s a . n i d he e com wer her an out dius s o r u d d a r o h l f n a w c u C e e v o y a thos peror us II f g his lo ine’s d ith Em Claudi y statin Valent d e a l h t g agree w en Emperor e n r is that he . you Wh reason ering w im in prison card for the e d n n o O w . d. bably visit h ade a easons tine be kille , you are pro y who would xecuted he m r two r ebration. o f h t t. Valen w 4 S e d l o 1 a r e e l y c N o b f r g r a o y n o a nt t you a day f y Febru feast d with a tine we ed ever and this was ar y 14th the t a r in love before Valen lentine”. b e l , e u behind Just day is c e of Februar y h made Febr f fertility. ur Va oliday ’s o h e Y ds g n i n t m i l o c v o n idd ale day car “Fr d gi ival chur V r t t m ’s i s a t e e e e c a f h d n h t t h e i t e s t t t n e h a n n t g sig lieved n Vale uried i rcalia, eved th ond lar It is be d was b at it was beli spect to Lupe into the sec ted one billio r. n a . Out d e i yea is th own tima us a chased r s r ine d h o n g t e i c u o g s n a p i s n e a e l l a a e e h t e a r , r V day are ore tion s sen ers a her r The ot e the day a m e Valentine’s Card Associa ristmas card he most f low % of buyers 7 h g v t 2 i a g C e g n r to ay in wher llion reeti en and in orde in today’s d ing to the G mated 2.6 bi y far the day tine’s rs are m e y u i w d b t t Valen b r o s u s f o e i N c b o c y n , a y a A % a d e 3 d . r 7 ’s sed to li as there a lentine e’s day hristm type ho the church u s r e w o only C ach year, and hown that Va s on Valentin t fl s day tha d and te er n a car ntine, and a are sen studies have ho buy f low e e b s y Also . Vale s alwa eople w day ha d burial of St f the p ’s o e l n l i a t n e n of th eath a at Vale . d the d ieve th women y people bel hat celebrate spect. t a Man igious s a day d off a percalia a rel e t r a t s day of Lu e feast give th

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Xavierite

To: S

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e on I ”, day

y wh e? lov ions his er vat e s th r re that e lr y som s we e hav e i e I crim s u a in bec tner r a nd ll rp d a he wi e t n . S see wa he EVER ou to s ing , N ing y O st ow ”. N is te d n do”. n d n r. A es frie yea t dud s of e r tha nd e nti . e e stuff pou for th h t e ay ther r, ten ning . Sh r, o bea trai u o d a y n dy e ur for all y ted d yo n e a t l s, n , an a p esom gift r e a r v w e o a y at ha rds gs th r y , I en so a r c a ye be de hin eve all u’ve ma asy t you d d en e yo an ll e ove n’t c do ). H are a ally l , d sin i s t e s p o adi Stu ing I t dl le, noth , but of n p ds tiful .A im eet Day e y r S a au D It er sw e’s nd hu e a be e’s h ntin n p i g t n ale av dro len V Va . n’t fact. H s be h e u a ug yo do hro bout if he hat’s t t t ge Y a gh d s to ONL enou or, an o u ’t isn ve yo e’re p o w l n’t ents, tud es

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Day Ugh, it ’s Fe . brua ry 1 C st an pillo ue the ws?) d we p i n they k a ’re a ’ve b nd cut and re lread e plu d ca een y wr n i s T n d h iting h y s tedd at’s tore com b o abou xes, just s sin y be mer b t Va t a c c iz “hol h r lent iday ializing e thing e Decem s. Actu arre gif ine’ a ” ap t —thi the s (re lly, n ber. s i p s d a D e o e e l ar al l on’t n a y c , incr t o u i b r f e m e o l g i y o e d s ne o e cess friend anyw dibly ne t me w st two m ve, isn’t ay, whi ar y b rong ch is cess j a u o y s n ? , ack ths b t a da Like ar y a ecau dedi , n se y n e shou Maybe ever yda d impo owledg fore th . Signs cated to I e o i y ’ l r n m f tant a g over ? atten d be ce in li your si ctual da this dre re l adfu fe. B gnif y its so m tion to ebrated acting. ica el l ut sh .A an I uch ould nt othe f. hate niversa fter all n fact, I n r ’m , ’t we is ries abou But wai ? and we have almos be d t, do t b t o s l i p o p r ing o thda o e our that mon ooove a es Hallm ys. W cific da sitive I peop nd r ey. A ark hy s ys des am. L o a l c h o i e gn ould ve are e cordi manc ctuall Day e? y n Vale ated to xpec . give ntin ted g to a st Of cou believe to p t e’s D ay a udy by t rse not. hat Val ben It may b ay g e h j efit T a et n e Na w-dr hey’ tine from e unrea mak t o r ’ i s e ppin o D j n s u eap V o a st tr g $1 al Ret ver y rofit alentin nable t yin y is al a 5.7 o mill il Foun g to ste l ever profitab out of e’s Day single ion so yday b le o on V dation, al acro . Millio methin ecause t ut the i alen n tine into The pro ss the g ns of bu g that is hey’re j dustrie ’s l u o s tha sine obvi st tr imp people’s blem is be. s y t o s i e u n s s g orta t l do t to nce emotio hat the Righ his y se co our ns— t , r t i c h g line r u has ht, capi lture p ey know poratio ns p to b lace talis of t s e l m free So let t drawn! and a in Vale he ridic ay he l l n Febr u l t lou t i h n at b Day uar y ine be ut so e’s Day. s ! 14th draw mew or g n here ive m —give m the e th e a n e de ath expecta of V alen tion tine ’s

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V norm alentine’s Day i ally in sa c I do n ludes goin day for c o give y g o our g t feel tha out to di uples to g t this o out nner irlfrie an sh nd f lo a T wers ould be a d the exc nd express out to he typical h a s d n their angin t a a e d y r f eoty to t anc tha lo girlfri g ends y dinner a pe is for a ake her ou t you sho of gifts to ve for on u e ano or wi n t l e m d d ach o t o din an t exch talk ve ther. T This choic his is a da s teddy be about the o buy his g ner and t ange gifts ther. y whe ars an e. Th h i i thoug rlfrien r love at is i is ma n you d the e h . t d . o T . the This f lo he y be a venin b is a d g. challe uy your g r giant stu re is also t wers and ay to choco he ste irlfrie ffed a This nge s o n i l r n a s sup e the o m d i t o m e e t f s y l t a o pe fo imes a posed ther 3 r men nd take h becau wers and ls. t 6 take h er se mo to bu How 4 days ou o be a hol er ou st res y thei iday w t of th can y your t t r a ou to the urant he lo e s are Holid ve to each designate year? This re you ex slamm dinner of press ay,” ju is a h one d other he ed wi your olida ay ou st like if you lov th co r yt I t uples Valen have been Sweetest D are in a re of the yea hat is alm e to each for r o o lation t in a r elatio ay. mand ine’s Day, ship. and say th st as bad a ther, but w n I V a s ator y h ship w t buy h alent f ine’s this day y Sweetest D at about Men or me to b er f lower ith my gi D o a u y. a y n s ar rl is equ e u holid a ivalen ed to expr ay sho e simple c y f lowers, nd take h friend, Me es e t to a r l c your u signif ld not be eatures an hocolates r out to di issa, for ne “Hall s , d m i n a a day cant o g ark M where they want ifts and d ner if she rly two yea t would inner whate r for a ost of the her. y s o a u n . d are re little time, like t quire ver is the w o do on easies d to g t It doe hile until that stuffe h at. It t o out d th s it wil is not and m way out a l basi not make e next gif animal en lot of cally t com ake se ds up much not m b t e i e gon veral m in sto s in a ake se sense e purch es. This n r Now nse for th in a matte for a man d then th age and o ases t ere to u o sati do no at stu to go r of t their sfy ime ffed a t of sight. tg be ou lo nima I t houg ve for one et me wro any ‘extra . With th t and get m a l y i h s b h if y n e ’ anoth e sign is us g, th expe econo o ifican my in girlfriend eless. There u really lo er. Make is is holida nses that t a t h s a s t v e stat y whe ure th re no u e som really f f e celeb d ani e tha t nee re I th at the eone. shoul rate y m t d a it is i ed in d no other ou choco n, it j l when 364 d k people s . lates. r love, bu t be any s ust do h a y o t t s u e t here r out o es ld go Ever y really eotypes o f o one s t u he ye t and r rule is no hould it on a r e do no x s need Valen e t go u press for an in regards tine’s xpress the nnoti to Va y add ir lov Day. ced l ed th e It is n ings l entine’s D ot ne to their si ike gi ay. Th arly a gnific fts, ca s imp a rds, t is is a day ortan nt other, eddy but ju t as a bears n ann s iversa t do not g o ove r y, bi rthda r y or C the top hristm as.

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The Xavierite

Michaelson Takes a Mature Approach Beat the Weekend Blues By Lauren Dwyer Features Contributor Human Again Ingrid Michaelson For three years, I have been eagerly waiting for Ingrid Michaelson to release a new album, and my dreams have finally come true. L a s t we e k , M i ch a e l s o n released Human Again and let me tell you, that three year wait was worth it. If you’re not too sure of who Ingrid Michaelson is, she is the indie pop singer-songwriter from New York City that brought us great songs like “Be Ok” and “The Way I Am”. Human Again is Michaelson’s fifth album and showcases her maturity excellently. Michaelson has shed the incredibly gentle and even bubbly voice and has given herself some edge. In this latest release, Michaelson’s growth as a singersongwriter is apparent. In the first song of the album, “Fire”, this edge is very obvious. It is almost as if Michaelson is exploding into the next album ready to surprise her fans. Even though Michaelson uses a massive amount of repetition in the first track, “now I’m walking in, walking into fire/I’m walking into fire with you/I’m walking in” (wash, rinse, repeat about 3 times per chorus), she seems to make it

work. The instrumentals are what really kill it in this song and get your heart racing and amped for the rest of the album. In a few songs, Michaelson does retreat back to the same softness she had in her earlier albums (Blood Brothers and I’m Through), but for the most part she seems to be trying to reinvent her music, which is something I love to see from an artist. I’m glad she’s not stuck in her old ways and is trying to expand on her sound, because it is definitely working. She has hit it out of the park with this album. The top single of this album, “Ghost”, is truly a heartbreaking masterpiece. Michaelson’s voice

will give you goose bumps as she serenades listeners with a broken heart. This is the most moving song of the album and absolutely redeems any faults that the album may have had. Human Again is an album that you definitely should not miss out on. If you’re a fan of Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, or even Adele, then this is the album for you. If you’re ready for an album that will take you on a journey through the ups and downs of love and heartbreak, this one is for you. Michaelson is also beginning a tour in April and will be in Chicago on April 12th (and I definitely recommend seeing her live, because she is charming, funny, and overall an excellent live act).

By Becki Brown Features Editor Every weekend, a strange outbreak occurs at SXU. Many resident students are overtaken with the same illness. The illness in question goes by many names, but it is most commonly called “going home for the weekend” (GHFTW). There are some residents who are able to overcome this illness, but fall susceptible to another, almost as bad as GHFTW. It is called boredom. Those students who stay behind for the weekend are prone to boredom and general loss of a fun weekend. However, there is hope for those weekend dormers. There are things you can do to beat the boredom and to show those with GHFTW what they’re missing out on. Go bowling There are plenty of bowling alleys in the general SXU area. Brunswick bowling alley is located on 103rd and Cicero in Oak Lawn, IL. Bleekers Bowl is located on 95th and Trumbull in Evergreen, IL. Bowling is inexpensive and fun. It’s a great way to get out and do something.


Brilliant. Beautiful. “Human Again.”

Go downtown There are so many things to do downtown that it could easily

fill a weekend. There are plenty of free things to do. If you go onto explorechicago. org and type in “free” to the search box, pages and pages of results show up. It shows everything from free museum days and tours to free street theatre and workshops. There are also many places to go shopping. This includes both large chains and smaller businesses. Chicago is also home to a wonderful theatre district, so if you have a bit of extra money, seeing a play would be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night. If theatre isn’t quite your thing, there is also Second City along with many other smaller improv comedy venues. Catch up on things The weekend is a good time to catch up on things you didn’t get done during the week. This could be projects, papers, or even sleep. If your roommates leave for the weekend, take the opportunity to get your English paper out of the way after sleeping in until after noon. Without other people being loud and/or distracting, it is a lot easier to get things done. It also makes it easier than going to the library to study because if you forget a book, you don’t have to walk half way across the campus. You just need to walk a few feet and pick up the book.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SAMURAI JACK By Kane McKeown Senior Features Editor Jack is a samurai warrior who, after being sent into a dystopian future, fights killer robots and a shape shifting master of darkness. I do not believe there is a combination of words that is more excellent than that. Samurai Jack first aired August 10th, 2001 and ran for four seasons (tv.blinkx. com). Although a latecomer to the list of cartoons many may remember from their childhood, Samurai Jack has the unique ability to appeal to fans of all genres. The artistic choice of using no outlines is only bolstered by the amount of detail the show contains. Samurai Jack a fluid work of art. This is especially true considering the iconic imagery of classic samurai and martial arts films which tastefully find their way into every episode. The juxtaposition of that within a richly imaginative, futuristic landscape only furthers the artistic quality of Samurai Jack. And that does not even take into consideration the score, an epic combination

The Xavierite

of the traditional Japanese string instrument, the shamisen, and jazzy, electro rhythms, depending on the scene in question. The use of such a setting is not without purpose, either. Jack slashes his way through countless aliens and robots, all which bleed various colors, allowing Samurai Jack to be an action-packed, violent cartoon without offending any sensibilities by showing red blood. Yet, Samurai Jack manages to be lighthearted even at its darkest. Although some lean towards particularly dark, each episode is nevertheless filled with clever humor and sometimes even slapstick comedy. Something else this cartoon has is plot. Not episodic plotlines, but a continuous thread that follows Jack in an expertly depicted battle of good versus evil, leaving the viewer with hopeful anticipation for Jack’s victory over darkness. Along that path, many unique characters are introduced that are both funny and tragic. The only downside is its lifespan. As with most good television, Samurai Jack was cancelled before any true conclusion within the show. Regardless, it was an airing welllived. Samurai Jack deserves some recognition for the gem that it was.

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DEXTER’S LABORATORY By Becki Brown Features Editor Enter at your own peril, past the vaulted doors where impossible things will happen that the world’s never seen before, in Dexter’s Laboratory! Now imagine that with the well-known and equally well-loved theme playing in the background. We’re off to a good start. Dexter’s Laboratory ran for five seasons on Cartoon Network from 1996 until 2003. Even if you just look at the first two seasons, there were some many good stories. Omlette du fromage, the Muffin King, a talking dog that needs to show you “the thing,” and Dexter in Amish country were just a few classic moments from the show. Dexter’s Lab also introduced us to the monkey business of Agent Monkey in “Dial M for Monkey”; the super shenanigans of Major Glory, Val Hallen, and the Infragable Krunk, also known as The Justice Friends; and the bonking bonks of Clem and Mitch, the TV Puppet Pals. Standing alone, these shorts were great,

but if you combine them with Dexter and Dee-Dee’s crazy antics, you get a timeless cartoon classic. A big part of what made Dexter’s Laboratory so great was the voice actors. Dexter was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh, who was the voice of Chucky from Rugrats, and later by Candi Milo, who has done voices for As Told By Ginger. Other well-known voice actors from the show include Jeff Bennett, Dexter’s dad, was also Johnny Bravo. Rob Paulsen, who voiced Major Glory, was also both Yakko and Pinky from the Animaniacs. With all of these talented actors and connections to so many other great shows, there is no way that Dexter’s Laboratory doesn’t become that much cooler. The biggest reason I loved Dexter’s Lab was because of Dexter himself. He was such an eccentric person. He wore a lab coat and boots, and he had a HUGE secret lab that he somehow hid in his room without his parents noticing. Then, of course, Dee-Dee would blow his experiments to smithereens, but it was always amusing to see how it would happen, time after time.


Maps and Mourning Doves By: Becki Brown Maps. My bedroom walls are plastered with them. Maps of subway routes. Maps of foreign countries. Maps of museums just a few counties over. Everything. I’ve always wanted to travel. Spread my wings and soar. I know it sounds kind of cliché, but it’s what I’ve wanted every since I was little. When I was five, I got my first


Do you like to write? I can’t remember Send us your stuff and it may end a n ot h e r t i m e up in print! we traveled Email us at anywhere. My with your work attatched. parents never We want to see your creative side, did like traveling. so get to it! Besides, there is always so much to do. They work, and I take care of map. It was of a wilderness trail not the house. I make dinner, clean, too far from my house. My mom and dad took me watch my younger brothers, and do homework. there for my birthday. There is no time to travel. No I always loved looking at the time to soar. birds there. They were beautiful. I go to school, come home, I had always wanted a bird for a pet, but my parents didn’t want and repeat. Once a girl in my class invited it making noise when they were sleeping or working or whatever me to her birthday party, but I told her I couldn’t go. else it is that they did. I’ve always wanted to go to a Instead they got me the map. They had a container full of them party. To see where my classmates just laying around, and that was my lived. To see what other houses look like, but I couldn’t go. present. I couldn’t disappoint my A piece of paper. A map.

parents like that. I couldn’t leave my brothers to fend for themselves. I couldn’t leave them. They need me. I don’t spend much time in my room anymore unless I’m doing homework. I’m taking trigonometry this semester. It’s not hard, but it takes a long time to show all of your work. Every once in a while, I take a break from the problems and look at my maps. It calms me down, thinking of those beautiful places. I’ll go there someday when they don’t need me here all the time. Once the boys are in high school like I am now. They’ll be able to take care of themselves then. Until then, I’ll be here like I always am, like I always have been. Sometimes when I get tired of looking at my maps, and I look at

the birds outside instead. This time, there happened to be a mourning dove preening on the ground. It was beautiful. I watched it for what seemed like forever. I envied it. I admired it. I wished I could be it. I wanted that freedom. I’ve always wanted to travel. Maybe now would be a good time to start. There was a sudden crash as my brothers ran outside, slamming the screen door behind them. The dove flew off, and that’s when I saw the hawk. The dove didn’t see it. The hawk saw the dove. They flew out of sight, but I heard a cry. There are some things you can’t escape. I shut my book and went downstairs so I could start dinner.

Greetings from the Student Government Association By Amanda Werniak Executive Secretary and Treasurer This year the members of SGA are working diligently to enhance your experience at Saint Xavier. So far we are working on the following: STUDENT WORKER IN DINER Since being back from break, there have been major changes within the diner. Everything has been done with a positive experience in mind for the students. You may have noticed that the diner now closes from 2:15 to 4:30pm daily. According to statistics from food services, this time frame has

had the slowest amount of diner visitors in the past. Although this is true, SGA feels that students should be able to at least walk in the diner to grab an outtakes sandwich or buy a drink. The grab-and-go items need to be available for students who have a break between 2:15 and 4:30pm. With that said, we have sent in a resolution to have a student worker work in the diner during this time. That way the diner can be accessible for drinks and outtakes items all day. There will be no hot food or sandwiches from the deli section, simply food that has been prepared already. SGA is excited to hear the

result of our proposal and hopefully this change will be made. FACULTY & MYCOURSES It has come to our attention that not all of our professors and/ or staff are using mycourses to the fullest of its capabilities. SGA as a whole wants to promote the use of mycourses and hopes to encourage faculty to have more of their paperwork available online. Not only is this good for the environment but it is also a good tool for communication within the classes and organization skills. There is also a lack of grades being posted through mycourses. The “grades” option is put in place so that students can look at them any time and see how they

are doing in their classes. If the professor is not using this, students have no idea what their progress is. SGA feels that this is an important issue and we are hoping to get the ball rolling with the faculty’s use of mycourses. Further research will be done within the next couple weeks. Look forward to more updates from SGA on this topic. PICTURE CONTEST Get your photography skills ready! The diner is in need of some pictures on the walls so there will be a photo contest held. The pictures should be campus life related (students at an athletic event, hanging out on

campus, the campus scenery, at an organization’s event, etc.) T h e p h ot o s m u st b e a minimum of 2400 x 1800 pixel dimension. These will be hung around the diner for all of campus to see. The contest will be promoted within the next week and prizes for the winners will be given. Start looking for SXU pictures or start taking them! The deadline is February 17, 2012. E-mail the photos or direct any questions you may have to mihalik. SGA is here for you! Let your voices be heard. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can contact us via email at

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Xavierite

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SXU Bookstore T-Shirt Contest The Campus Bookstore is sponsoring a T-Shirt Contest this semester. The winner will have their design put on a t-shirt and sold in the bookstore. They will also receive a one of a kind sweatshirt of their winning design and a $50 Bookstore Gift Card. The 4 runners up will receive a $25 Bookstore Gift Card.

T-Shirt Contest Rules:

1. Must be enrolled in SXU for the Spring 2012 Semester. 2. Drawing must depict something about Saint Xavier University. 3. Cannot use the official Saint Xavier logo or seal. 4. Must be in good taste- No nudity or vulgarity. 5. Limit drawing to 4 colors. 6. Must be on 8.5” x 11” sheet of white background paper.

Deadline: Submissions must be received by: February 8th, 2012. All entries must be emailed as PDF’s to : Any questions, email

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Xavierite

Cougars Stay Hot at Home; Stumble on the Road By Alan Paape Sports Correspondent The Saint Xavier Cougar men’s basketball team started last week ranked no. 21 in the NAIA with a 15-5 record. The Cougars started CCAC play with a win over Roosevelt University back on Jan. 14 and looked to continue their winning ways in their next two CCAC matchups against Olivet Nazarene University, and Indiana University-South Bend. The Cougars took on the Olivet Nazarene Tigers at the Shannon Center on Jan.24. Coming into the game, the Cougars had a

perfect home record of 11-0 and they looked to extend that streak to twelve games with a victory. They came out of the gate slow, surrendering seven unanswered points to start the game. The Cougars found their groove as the first half continued on and took a 40-32 lead into the halftime break. The Cougars’ lead only lasted eight minutes and seventeen seconds into the second half and the Tigers would hold that lead for most of the second half. With just over four minutes to go in the game, the Cougars found themselves still down by six points. Sophomore Brad Karp would not let the

Cougars lose. Down six points, Karp scored the next eleven Cougar points, including three straight three point shots. Karp would need a little help from his teammates and with nine seconds to go in the game he got it from Senior Ed Gilgenbach who made the game tying layup to send the game into overtime. The Cougars dominated overtime and would go on to win the game 90-87 to stay perfect at home and in the CCAC. Brad Karp was 15-18 from the field with 35 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and a blocked shot. Guards Ed Gilgenbach and Roosevelt

Green combined for 32 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds and 3 steals. The Cougars’ next CCAC test would be on the road against Indiana University-South Bend on January 28. The Cougars have struggled on the road this year—they have only won four games away from the Shannon Center this season. To start the game, the Cougars found themselves trading baskets with the Titans. With twelve minutes left in the first half, the Titans took a lead did not let go. The Cougars lost 70-62. This was the first CCAC loss for the Cougars on the 2011-2012 campaign.

Anthony Grant.


The Cougars now have a 16-6 record overall and their next test will be back at the Shannon Center on this Wednesday February 1 at 7:00pm against CCAC rival, the University of St. Francis (IL). The Cougars have not lost at the Shannon Center this season.

Cougars lose track meet to Olivet; roll over South Bend By Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor Tues., Jan. 24 was supposed to have a lot better outcome for the Cougars than the 119-89 score at the end of the game. Sometimes you play games and you just are not as prepared as the other team. Sometimes you play games when you’re totally prepared and just get outplayed. Unfortunately, for the Cougars it was the latter that happened to them. Olivet Nazarene University had a five player rotation every 35 seconds throughout the game. It was something most never see. However, it kept the Tigers fresh, and they were able to keep

up their energy throughout the entire game. On the other side for the Cougars, Marissa Young scored her 1000 th point and Michelle Tourtillott racked up number 600 on her career. The Cougars seemed like they were keeping up with the Tigers throughout the first couple minutes. However, the Tigers’ three point shooting was spectacular. They went 21-51 from beyond the arc, and at times looked as though they could not miss. They shot 41 percent from three-point land and had things going their way all night long. Suzie Broski was the high scorer for the Cougars as she had 27 points. Romisha Taylor did

not stand out with her two points, but the eight assists were very impressive. It was a game the Cougars would like to forget, but they will be meeting up with Olivet Nazarene University on February 14 to try and get their revenge. The Cougars needed to get over the Olivet game as they traveled to take on Indiana University-South Bend. This game would prove to be a good bounce-back game as the Cougars took an early 6-0 lead in the early on, thanks to a couple of Morgan Stuut baskets. The Cougars would never trail. Stuut went on to lead all the scorers with 16 points, six rebounds and six assists. Marissa Young was

a close second as she finished with 15 points. Brittany Jones racked up a double double with 12 points and 13 rebounds. It was a very impressive game for her. Not only did she do all of that, but she also recorded a total of 5 blocks. It was part of the reason IUSB made a whopping five baskets before half, totaling just 17 points. The score at the half had the Cougars up 36-17. Their defense held IUSB to just 21 percent shooting in the first half. The Cougar defense was solid the rest of the way, as they allowed just 27 points in the second half and finished with a 63-44 victory. The next game for the Cougars

Men’s volleyball gets thrilling first win of season By Tony Gustin Sports Editor Robert Morris was the first victim of the season losing to the Cougars in four sets. Junior Aaron Porter led the team to victory with ten kills and four service aces. Not only was this the team’s first win but it was also a conference matchup in the Mid America Men’s Volleyball Intercollegiate Conference. Wins are always sweeter when they are conference matchups. Other highlights included freshman setter Jim Boyce having 30 assists and a couple of aces. Also freshman Sean Blackwood helped out the offense with 8 kills.

Evan Muys and J.T. O’Connell had seven kills each. Adam Sieger showed off his defensive skills with 11 digs. On Thursday, Jan. 26, the Cougars continued on to play number eight ranked Clarke. Not only did they prevail with an upset and beat Clarke, but this was also the second straight conference win. Justin Cousin was the story of the night with 16 kills, which led the team. With this win the Cougars moved to 2-3 in the MAMVIC. Porter once again had a good game finishing with 12 kills and seven digs. Muys contributed with eight kills and 14 digs, and Boyce had 26 assists and 10 digs.

This was no easy match for the Cougars. All of the sets were close, but St. Xavier took it in four. In the fourth and final set of the match it was Cousin and Porter who had two kills each to put the nails in Clarke’s coffin. Saturday the Cougars had two matches in Davenport Iowa. They won their first match against number 10 ranked Grand View University, but then had a tough loss to the number one ranked team St. Ambrose University. The loss to Ambrose wasn’t discouraging; the Cougars held in the match and showed that they can compete until the end with the very best. The team has some time off but

The Super Bowl is one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports. The big game draws people from all different backgrounds—from the die-hard football fanatics to the casual television watcher. The Game has something to offer for everyone, whether it’s the thrill of two teams putting it all on the line for a shot at history or the commercials that make you laugh. This year is the 46th edition of this great game and we asked the sports panel here at The Xavierite, myself, Greg Pilafas, and Brandon Swanson, about their game day traditions and predictions on the big game.

Ever since I can remember I have always watched the Super Bowl with my family. We always gets Paape. together and order tons game day food like pizza, wings, and nachos and we eat before the game begins. Once the game starts no one really moves from their respected spots because honestly there is no other day of the year where I am glued to my television during the commercials. I still enjoy the game more than the commercials.

E ach year the Super Bowl comes around I get together with friends and family. My Swanson. Super Bowl tradition consists of going over to a friend’s house, it is usually between 2 peoples’ houses that we choose, and then we go over and have a great time. There is always a ton of food, and even more laughs. The game is usually pretty good. If this year’s game is anything like the games the last two years it will be another exciting game.




will be Feb. 4 at the Shannon Center at 1 p.m. when the women’s basketball team goes up against Robert Morris University. This will be another conference game for the Cougars and another important game for them. Tune into for a full broadcast of the game.

2012 NFL Pro Bowl Greg’s World By Greg Pilafas

Senior Sports Editor

Dan French.


returns Saturday at the Lindenwood University Touranment in Saint Charles, Missouri. The Cougars open up against Graceland University at 3 pm. The next home game for the Cougars will be on Feb. 10 when they will go up against Lourdes College at 5 p.m. for a conference event. Come support the Cougars!!

Super Bowl Predictions and Traditions By Alan Paape Sports Correspondent

Marissa Young.

Ever y year when t h e S u p e r B ow l is coming up, I normally am not excited at all. I’m a huge football fan, Pilafas. but if my Green Bay Packers are not in the Super Bowl, I honestly don’t care. I really don’t have any desire to watch the Super Bowl. This year is going to be the same kind of deal because I’m not a fan of either team. It should be an entertaining game and it will be a rematch of the ages. I may or may not watch it, but I do love watching the commercials every year.


The 2012 NFL Pro Bowl ended with the AFC All-Stars defeating the NFC All-Stars 5941. A very high scoring game that was dominated by receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall. Fitzgerald finished with six catches for 111 yards and three touchdowns. Brandon Marshall finished with six catches and 176 yards with four touchdowns. This may be the game where all the pros go to play, but no one really plays hard in these games. It is not like baseball where the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series. The worst thing about the Pro Bowl is the fact that it is played the week before the Super Bowl so none of the Super Bowl participants will be playing in the Pro Bowl. In the case of the Pro Bowl, the winning team gets $50,000 per player and the losing team still gets $25,000 per player. This shouldn’t be the case; players go there to just have fun and get paid at the end of the game no matter the outcome. The Pro Bowl is something that should be the week after the Super Bowl and should mean something more than just money.

February 1st, 2012  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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