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Wednesday November 2, 2011


Anti-Abortion Messages Written on Sidewalks By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief In a move that sparked campus-wide controversy, Saint Xavier University’s Students for Life group took to the sidewalks last Wednesday, writing anti-abortion messages across campus. “We wanted to promote discourse,” said Alex McArthy, vice president of Public Relations for Students for Life. “We hoped that the chalk messages would bring awareness—I think we achieved that.” All around the quad, Regina Hall and on the north-ends of the Shannon Center and the Warde Academic Center, messages like:

PRO-CHOICE=NO CHOICE and ABORTION STOPS 3,500 H E A RT S E V E RY DAY we re inscribed on sidewalks. Several students became outraged once they discovered the writings, pouring water to wash out the messages and turning to Facebook to vent their frustrations. “It was incredibly insensitive to have such a triggering topic displayed in such open view,” said Sam Cruz, a freshman nursing student. McArthy said the group purposely put the messages in plain view. “Really, the point of this demonstration was so our message CHALK >



SXU’s Students for Life group left anti-abortion messages on the sidewalk last Wednesday. Photos: The Xavierite and Michael Grimm

Demand for On-Demand By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor

Over 150 participated in SXU’s first Zumbathon Sunday. Photo: The Xavierite

Zumba turnout ‘astounding’ By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor The month of October is coming to a close and the rhythm of the music is getting the students of Saint Xavier University into the groove of Dancing to a Cure. On Sun., Oct. 30, SXU sponsored its very first Zumbathon, called Party in Pink. The event is part of a nationwide campaign by Zumba Fitness, a latin-inspired dance exercise program that has been becoming more and more popular throughout the country. Throughout the month of October, in locations spread throughout the United States, Zumbathons or the Party in Pink events have taken place to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research and treatment. “It’s for such a good cause, I wouldn’t miss it. I’ve been doing Zumba since January so that was an added incentive. It’s exercise in disguise,” said Jessie Kelly, a senior elementary education major who participated in the Zumbathon. The idea was first brought to

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the Shannon Center’s Jen Kjos by Jessica Thiel, one of the Zumba instructors at SXU. “My first reaction was, ‘what’s a zumbathon?’” said Kjos. “The response was unbelievable.” As the idea was brought to Kjos’ attention, she asked Kelly Mihalik, a junior nursing student, if she would be interested in helping out with the event. Mihalik jumped on board immediately, recruiting several student volunteers as well as the Student Activities Board (SAB), Student Government Association (SGA), University Housing Staff (UHS) and Student Nur ses Association (SNA) to help organize and run the event. “I was thinking maybe 100 people would come,” said Mihalik. “Over 150 ended up coming. As someone who has such a close connection to breast cancer—my mom is a six year breast cancer survivor—it really warms the heart.” The event took two months of planning with Kjos and Mihalik working closely with the Zumba instructors and SXU volunteers. ZUMBA >



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Missed your favorite TV show because of class or work? Don’t sweat it because you knew that you could hit that shiny black button on the Comcast remote and watch it On-Demand? Well, for Saint Xavier University residents who live in the residence halls, this may not be an option anymore. Late last week, several SXU resident students began to realize that they could no longer access the On-Demand function on their cable boxes. “I tried watching NCIS OnDemand one night and it said I should unplug my cable box and try again,” said Julie Keller, a senior communications sciences and disorders major who lives on campus. Keller said she could hear the On-Demand menu, but no picture was popping up on the display. In the university apartments, On-Demand is fully active as it is part of the general contract that each apartment receives.

“This interruption of OnDemand was not planned,” said Ann Almasi, associate director of Residence Life. “On-Demand is not actually part of the oncampus contract that we have with Comcast.” Almasi said the residence halls are part of a commercial contract that Comcast offers for multiple units, whereas the off-campus apartments are under individual contracts as individual residences receiving the basic package, which includes On-Demand. Several maintenance requests about the loss of On-Demand coverage alerted the Department of Residence Life to double check with Comcast about the services provided to the students. Because On-Demand was not part of the contract for residence halls, there was nothing that could be done to rectify the issue. Almasi said, “We never really were supposed to have OnDemand, it was just an added bonus that we could get it. The cut off was not intentional and we may get it back sometimes depending on

the signal strength we receive.” Some students felt strongly. “I think it’s pretty bogus because I can’t watch my shows, X Factor and Blue Mountain State, now,” said Jawad Salman, a freshman biology/pre-med major. Others were somewhat upset but got over the issue pretty easily. “I was a bit upset to find it gone. It was nice to see shows that I was interested in, but never had time to watch because of my schedule,” said Luci Farrell, a senior organizational communications major. “It was upsetting to see it gone but I have my Netflix.” A l m a s i st a te d t h a t t h e maintenance requests were a good way for students to notify Residence Life that there are errors in services. “We’re tr ying to provide students the best service we can, just like in Regina Hall, we were able to rewire the building to get all the cable issues rectified, and Morris Hall will be getting amplified services in the next week due to some interruptions in services that were occurring,” said Almasi.

Dominance continues Saint Xavier University’s football team defeated Concordia University 63-3 Saturday to improve to 9-0 on the season. The win notched SXU’s 31st straight regular season win, tying NCAA Division III University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for the longest active regular season winning streak. Senior defensive end Michael Prosser now sits at no. 2 all-time on SXU’s career sacks and career tackles for losses list. Next week, the Cougars will face their toughest competition of the season as they face no. 2 Marian University. Check out page 12 for more coverage.

The Xavierite remembers the 90s pages 6-7

The football team (9-0) has reason to be fired up. Photo: SXU Athletics

Playof fs loom ahead for soccer teams page 11

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Xavierite

New Student Loan Plan Revealed By Macy Zamudio News Editor

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Editor in Chief Genevieve Bonadonna Deputy Editor in Chief Tony Bara News Editors Ruby Venus Macy Zamudio Genevieve Bonadonna Viewpoints Editors Tony Bara Kelley Lindsey Grant Vargas Viewpoints Correspondent Kane McKeown Features Editors Janeen Wilkey Becki Brown Sports Editors Greg Pilafas Tony Gustin Sports Correspondent Alan Paape Photographer Melissa Wrobel

President Barack Obama revealed on Wed., Oct. 26, a plan that could possibly give college students some relief from their student loans. The president announced this new loan plan while addressing an audience at the University of Colorado. During his address, Obama tried to connect with the student audience by mentioning the hardships that both he and First Lady Michelle Obama had to endure to repay their student loans. The president remarked that it took them nearly ten years to finish paying off their law school debt of more than $120,000. According to The Huffington Post, Obama said, “I’ve been in your shoes. We did not come from a wealthy family.” The president received applause and cheers from the audience following his statement. C o m m e n t i n g o n t h e president’s plan, Susan Swisher, Saint Xavier’s director of financial aid, said, “It’ll help those already in repayment and those going for repayment.” With Obama’s plan, the maximum required payment on student loans will be reduced from 15 percent of discretionary income annually to ten percent. A student’s debt would also be forgiven after 20 years, not 25. Although the student loan plan was originally slated to begin in 2014, Obama’s proposal

President Obama. Photo:

will now go into effect in 2012. The president’s plan will also help students who have been borrowing from the Federal Family Education Loan Program and those who have a direct loan from the government. Both the loans from the Federal Family Education Loan Program and the government will be consolidated into one. This new consolidated loan would have an interest rate of up to a half percentage point less than the previous ones. An estimated 1.6 million people could be affected by the reduction of the maximum required payment while an estimated 5.8 million borrowers could be affected by the consolidation of the loans from the Federal Family Education Loan Program and the government into one.

White House officials also said that the student loan plan would not cost taxpayers any additional fees. According to the Education Department, students who will take out a loan in 2012 and those who already took out a loan between 2008 and 2012 will benefit from the student loan plan. The president’s news occurred the same day that the College Board issued a report on the country’s college tuition costs. According to The Associated Press, 56 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree at public universities have an average debt of about $22,000 once they graduate. Among the students who graduate at a private university and earn the same degree, 65 percent have an average debt of $28,000. The Associated Press also reports that, surprisingly, the nation’s total student debt has surpassed $1 trillion and that the rate only keeps on rising. A statistic from The Huffington Post also showed that student loans are the second leading source to household debt. Obama’s announcement came at a time when student loan debt is becoming an increasing concern among many civilians. The issue has even become one of the main rallying cries by protesters at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Obama’s loan plan, however, could help him gain support from young voters for the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

World Bits • The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted Monday to approve Palestine’s membership bid. The move is expected to cause the U.S. government to deny millions of dollars in annual funding to the body. Palestine received 107 “yes” votes, with 14 countries voting “no” and 52 abstaining. The decision gives Palestine full membership status. “It’s good news,” said Palestine Liberation Organization member and former ambassador Husam Zomlot. • David Cameron, the UK prime minister, has threatened to withold UK aid to governments that won’t reform legislation banning homosexuality, saying the Commonwealth needs strong values. C a m e r o n s a i d t h o s e receiving UK aid should “adhere to proper human rights.” • The famous cornfields in “Field of Dreams” are being sold to a company that promises to preserve the site’s baseball legacy. The company, Go the Distance Baseball LLC, will develop the site near Dyersville as a baseball and softball complex. The price was not disclosed.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Xavierite

Old pipes causing foul stench

Smoke billows from old pipes near the Campus Media Center. Photo: The Xavierite

By Macy Zamudio News Editor Due to a leakage in one of the university’s pipelines, a rather ominous-looking steam has been emitting near the Campus Media Center throughout the month of October. Besides the steam, students also reported smelling a rancid stench as they passed by the site. “I walk over to WXAV and smell this raunchy acid. It’s disgusting – not quite to the point of vomit, but close,” said freshman Brandon Swanson, majoring in mass communication. As the weeks have passed, the steam is getting progressively larger. A yellow “caution” ribbon was put around the area so students would avoid going near it.

“There are underground pipes that carry steam to a number of different buildings around campus. The steam is used to provide heat to the buildings,” said Peter Skach, director of Facilities Services in regards to the cause for the sudden emergence of the steam. Skach continued, “Some of these pipe sections are old and develop a weak spot or shift underground. When the weather gets cold and we put steam through these lines in response to the colder temperatures, sometimes a pipe shows a leak. When this occurs, the steam escapes causing its release into the air.” Although several students may feel that the steam may pose a possible hazard, Skach dispelled such beliefs and confidently said, “There is no danger to this

occurring.” This is not the first time the campus has experienced pipe leakages. Skach said, “This problem has occurred in the past. The problem occurs due to the age of the underground pipes as well as the ground shifting around the pipes.” Reparations for the leaking pipe are scheduled to take place. Regarding the repair, Skach said, “We are scheduling the repair as soon as possible. The problem [will be] repaired by first digging up the area that has the leak. Once the leaking pipe is exposed, it is either welded to seal the leak or that section of pipe is replaced.” Once the necessary repairs are made, the leaking steam will stop, along with the unpopular smell that accompanies it.

Multicultural night hoped to ‘open eyes’--and succeeds By Janeen Wilkey Senior Features Editor This past week was Diversity Awareness Week at SXU. One o f the e ve nts was Multicultural Night, which was on Thursday, Oct. 27, in the Butler Reception Room. About 100 students came to watch three different cultural dances and music on that night. “I wanted people to open their eyes to the different dances and music other cultures had,” said Shonice James, SAB president. “We wanted to gear this event toward everyone, especially freshman.” Freshmen are required to attend one diversity event for Transitions, and in addition they are reading the comic Persepolis this year for Transitions. The comic has a strong Persian background, so part of the entertainment for Multicultural Night coincided with that. The evening started out with African dance from the Mbari African Dance group and percussion from the Seneka Percussion. These two groups combined their performance together to make for a fun show. “I liked the African dancing the best,” said Alyssa Lisek, a freshman accounting major. Next, James raffled off 20

diversity awareness week t-shirts, and raffled off more at the end of the night. These shirts were handed out at other events during the week as well. The raffle added a bit of fun, but there was plenty of shirts left over that everyone was able to get one. There was also a henna tattoo artist in the room to do henna for anyone who wanted it. A group called the Swing Kids performed a traditional Polish dance, and performed two other dances that night. The Persian dances came next. The two dancers performed four dances from different areas of Persia, one of which was Iran. The Swing Kids came in again and performed a few Greek dances. After this, the food was ready to serve, after a delay due to one of the delivery trunks was in an accident. The food was from Chi Tung (Chinese), Chartwells (Mexican), Reza (Persian), and Papa Joe’s (Italian). The food included hummus, farfalel, enchiladas, chips, rice, orange chicken, egg rolls, and pasta. Students were able to enjoy the food before the last performance of the night, which was the Swing Kids who performed theri signature dance: the swing. Overall, the event went pretty well, according to James, “In terms of student attendance, half of the

The Swing Kids perform at Multicultral NIght. Photo: The Xavierite

students were freshman and other half were upper classmen.” “I want off what happened last year, but put my own spin on it,” continued James. “I found all three groups on my own, but finding the Persian dancers was the hardest.” Ac c o rd i n g to S h aw n i t a Montgomery, a freshman graphic design major, “I really liked the event. It is interesting and makes me want to join more cultural clubs here on campus.” All the diversity week’s events had their own goal or purpose, which ranged from awareness, celebrating, or informing. The overall purpose of the week, according to Gabriela Torres, assistant director of Campus Life, was, “to increase awareness of the diverse cultures of students and let students express their diversity.” The film Tony, hosted by Mercy Students for Peace and Justice had 140 people in attendance. “Next year, I want to involve even more member s of the SXU community in this week,” commented Torres.


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could be seen. We weren’t looking to put a flier in some obscure corner of the university. Nobody would see it,” said McArthy. Madeline Lyons, co-founder and former president of Students for Life, acknowledged the group has received negative feedback but said responses overall have been supportive. “Students and especially community members were emailing us saying they were happy to see something positive being done on campus,” Lyons said. Like Cruz, many questioned how such a hot-topic issue could be displayed in what has been perceived as an inappropriate channel. “I feel like [Students for Life] could have gone about it better,” said junior nursing student Jessica Joseph. “It’s too big an issue for the sidewalks.” Other students pointed to SXU’s Catholic heritage as justification for the writings. Jamel Williams, a freshman math secondary education student, said students should be able to express their beliefs openly if it fits with SXU’s Catholicity. “This is a Catholic institution. We should expect it,” Williams said. Students for Life originally planned on making the chalk writing a campus event over a month ago but Eileen Doherty, dean of Student Affairs, said the idea was more appropriately classified as a demonstration. After filling out the demonstration form paperwork, the demonstration was approved for the end of Oct. Individuals cannot form a c o u n t e r - p r o t e s t w i t h o u t being affiliated with a student organization. If an SXU recognized group were to form a counterprotest, it must go through proper demonstration procedure. Because SXU is a Catholic institution, students feared a pro-choice group would not be approved as a student organization, exposing the larger concern of only certain voices being heard. “It seems kind of unfair that only one side of the story is being told,” Cruz said. But Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life Samantha Maher Sheahan said no one has ever approached her about forming a pro-choice group. “I can’t say we wouldn’t allow a pro-choice group to exist on ZUMBA >

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The event raised over $2400 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. There were approximately 40 SXU students, excluding the volunteers, and five faculty members who came out to support the cause and dance toward a cure. “The overwhelming response was astounding. It’s great to see so many people come out. It’s unbelievable,” said Mihalik. The Zumbathon was two hours long, comprised of several 20-minute sessions, wherein the Zumba instructors each took a turn teaching one or two routines. The organizers of the event also honored cancer survivors who were present at the event with pink

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Students for Life. Photo: The Xavierite

campus. We would work with them. We want more groups on campus,” said Maher Sheahan. Maher Sheahan said how a university enforces its Catholicity depends on the institution, referencing all-encompassing women’s groups at universities like Loyola Chicago University. Still, others were offended by Students for Life’s way of spreading its message. One student thought the anti-abortion messages could be triggering to students on campus who may have had abortions. “When doing something like this, we have to think of all involved,” said Connie Quinns, a senior nursing student. “If someone who had an abortion saw those messages, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for them.” Lyons said the goal of the demonstration was not to offend others. “There’s this assumption that because we’re a pro-life group, we try to shove our opinions down other people’s throats,” said Lyons. “That’s not the case.” National Pro-Life Chalk Day is an official demonstration that usually takes place in Sept. across the country for chapters of Students for Life. The group is already planning another Chalk Day next semester. “Next time, we’re going to go bigger and include the other side of the Warde,” said Bernadette Haley, president of Students for Life. Doherty said students seeking to host a demonstration on campus must go through the proper channels. “As a University, we support public discourse around important issues. Respectful and peaceful demonstrations can be a sign of a healthy, engaged student body,” said Doherty. S t u d e n t s f o r L i f e w a s formed last year and has 50 active members. The group meets every other Wednesday in the Andrew Conference Center at 9:30p.m. and is open to the public. For any questions, comments or concerns, people are encouraged to contact McArthy at mcarthy. bead necklaces and presented one survivor, who had fought breast cancer for over 20 years, with a commemorative plaque. “I’m a breast cancer survivor. I’ve been told that regular Zumba exercise helps keep the cancer from reoccurring. So, it’s a combination for me—good exercise and a good cause,” said Marikay Gazda of Homer Glen. The ev e nt was deemed a success by the organizers. Kjos expressed the success of the program saying, “The goal was to raise $2,000; we surpassed that. This is so important, especially considering it was our first year and we didn’t know what to expect. We’ll absolutely do it again next year. The future looks bright—I’m extremely ecstatic at the moment.”

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

VIEWPOINTS > Editorial <

Chalk talk missing point By The Xavierite Staff Newspaper editorials are designed to represent the collective opinion of a newspaper staff, and The Xavierite has managed to follow that design. But this week’s topic of abortion is not typical. The writers on our staff are torn on this emotional issue, as are the rest of the students at Saint Xavier University. As many of you know, the reason this delicate issue has been brought up at our university is that the pro-lifegroup on campus, Students for Life, sought to spread their message by writing their views in chalk on the university pavement last week. This immediately aroused passions on both sides of the abortion issue. We at The Xavierite were not spared from this. Some of us condemn the pro-life group’s message, and some of us sympathize with it. But there is one thing that we can agree on: the issue of abortion needs to be discussed in a calm, collected, and intelligent manner, and what happened last week was anything but that. Both sides missed the point. We agree that there exists far more mature ways of advancing the pro-life argument than chalk drawings. We also agree that there are far more mature ways of arguing against that message than pouring water over the chalk drawings and posting angry Facebook statuses. Through its chalk drawings, the pro-life group only infuriated the pro-choice people on campus and eliminated the possibility that any minds might be swayed to their cause. The pro-choice response was equally ineffective. When people poured water over the chalk and later wrote derisive complaints under the cover of Facebook, the pro-choice side likewise made itself incapable of swaying anyone’s minds. In essence, neither sidewalks nor social media sites are proper ways to discuss such a delicate issue. Thus, both the pro-life and the pro-choice sides are guilty of using the wrong forum

and method to promote their arguments. Both failed last week. We know that the difficult part about abortion is that it is hard to find a middle ground, and therefore, debates often become extreme. There is no guarantee that a middle ground exists on this issue, but if we are to even try to reach one, we must control ourselves and have a civilized debate. Acting combative will only make each side angry and more polarized. We need to respect each other and respect the fact that each person holds beliefs that mean a great deal to him or her. After all, when disrespect re p l a c e s re s p e c t , a n d t wo entrenched sides go at it, the consequences can be disastrous. We need only look at how the debates between Democrats and Republicans often lose control in Washington and the government fails to operate, or how The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Movements are so hostile toward each other—and those debates mostly focus on political and economic issues. A b o r tio n is way mo re polarizing because, for pro-life people, it is a question of morality, while for pro-choice people it is a question of individual liberty. Despite this, it is issues like abortion that test our humanity. Do we fight to the death like wild animals, or do we use our developed minds to engage in civil discourse? We at The Xavierite believe the latter. Thus, we encourage discussion of this issue in the proper forum, where there is mutual respect and a willingness to understand the other side’s opinion. This forum could be a moderated debate, a t able discussion or even an information session where each side presents evidence in support of their argument. S i n c e S a i n t X a v i e r i s an academic institution, any academic medium through which ideas are exchanged intelligently would be appropriate. But please, pro-choice people and pro-life people, take this dispute off the streets. Let’s take this inside, guys.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Such letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

Why is Blink-182 Still Relevant Ten Years Later? Nostalgia By Jake Cashman Viewpoints Contributor

Blink-182 is on tour again, this time with My Chemical Romance, and they made their customary Chicagoland stop at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre on August 20. I attended, along with my 23-year-old sister and my 12-year-old brother. Blink-182, is, of course, that band that somehow transcended the 1990s, defining what it was like to grow up through toilet humor. Ever yone remembers hiding “Enema of the State” or “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” from their parents; the image of the music video for “All The Small Things” has the three skinny, snot-nosed band members running down the street naked. I look at Blink-182 now and wonder, “Why does every 12-yearold kid love this?” Better yet, I ask myself, “Why do I still like this?” I thought long and hard about this. Why does something so inane and immature still hang in the back of my head, pervading my subconscious like some punkish elevator music? Anyone who knows Blink-182 knows that the most talented member of the band is Travis Barker; his drumming is literally the only aspect of Blink’s music that gives it musical credence. The man can drum better than any modern artist, and, at live

concerts, he does it while hanging upside down and spinning in three dimensions. Conversely, the lyrics of Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge combine to come out less poetic than the word scrambles on the back of a cereal box and the band relies heavily on power chords to drive its music. For anyone who has never played guitar, power chords are basically the training wheels of learning guitar. The band is not that talented. Still, Blink-182 has maintained success for about 20 years and they sell out all of their shows. Why? They must mean something to a large group of people. For me, and I think for that large group of people, Blink-182 condensed the different phases of growing up into one, 40 minute album at a time. In the decade of the nineties, when there was no real draining conflict that America had gotten lost in, when there was actually (get this) a surplus in the national budget under President Clinton and when there were superhuman baseball players such as Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire destroying record books, the process of growing up still hurt, despite the relative lack of problems our generation had to deal with. I guarantee, whether everyone cares to admit it, that every single one of you readers have sat in your room, listening to Blink’s fake suicide ballad “Adam’s Song”, singing “I can’t wait/ ‘til I get home/ to spend the time in my room alone.” If not, you found

some similarly dated substitute. We, as a generation, may not have struggled against all odds growing up, but we were still utterly confused by the world. That answers the question of why we liked it. Why do we still? I believe that our nostalgia not just for Blink-182 but for all trends nineties cannot be categorized in the same way our parents feel for artists such as Jimi Hendrix and The Who. While their generation had several defining moments, spreading from the assassination of JFK to the moon landing to Vietnam protests, our generation has one. The day that shaped the perspective I view everything was September 11th, 2001. America became embroiled in two wars. Baseball players that made us all watch in concentrated awe turned out to be bigger cheaters than Bernie Madhoff. Now we sit and watch as Congress and President Obama insult one another over how to keep the budget deficit from swallowing our country. We know that it is our generation that will continue to live with the scar of four planes hitting three buildings and a field in Pennsylvania at a time when we were still young enough to be struggle with long division but old enough to understand that something had changed drastically. I know that my experience dealing with September 11th has BLINK >


Knowing when to put down the video game controller By Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

Video games are an ever growing part of our culture, yet they are still misunderstood by so many. I am not just talking about people bulling others over the fact that they play video games but rather that gamers do not know how to use games in the long run. We live in a ver y media saturated society, where kids grow up surrounded by technology. This early exposure does not mean development of an understanding for the technology from a social stand point. I played my first game when I was around four. The only thing I understood about the game was that I flew around and stuff blew up, which was awesome. Fast forward a couple years, now nine years old with the classic Nintendo 64 in hand logging eight or more hours of game-time a day was easy. Golden Eye, Super Smash Brothers, and Star Wars ran through my veins. It was fun, but it seriously cut into any social life I had. Jump to 13-years-old, now it is all about Halo. It is sad how many thousands of hours I played that series, but at the same time it was good for me. My early teens was a

very hard time, as I am sure it was for many of people reading this, because we were still trying to figure out our social identities. I was one of the kids on the lower hierarchical social ranking, so getting picked on was nothing unusual. As soon as I got home the magical world of video games took away all of the troubles. I became the galactic hero fighting off alien hordes and the savior of humanity. I felt invincible when I played. Xbox Live, on-line gaming, exposed me to a whole new world in which I could compete against other people. It allowed me to build up some self confidence, albeit small amounts. I began to develop a different look on the world because of the changes the on-line gaming community made in my life. Video games helped teach me communication skills, self confidence, and constructive imagination, more importantly though, they taught me the value of reality over the virtual. Real life is so much more rewarding because the effects of your achievements are t angible and carr y real consequences. If you can turn back the clock, and redo anything in the past how can life hold any meaning. A l l t h e c o l l e c t i o n s o f achievements in every video game cannot amount to the value of living one day of life to the fullest potential. Having a night out with your best mates or sharing a sunset


with that special someone will feel more righteous than having a hundred match win streak or finally beating that last boss. I know when I am waiting to give that last breathe, I will be able to say I lived life well because I made differences in people’s lives versus gathering megabytes of useless data. When standing before a grand statue or monument, ask the question. “What is it the world remembers of them?” It will not be their bobbing-for-apples record I can tell you that. To anyone who still thinks that the digital world is better than the physical I tell you now, with a 100 percent certainty, that notion is false. The laughter, the warmth, the tears, the pain, and everything in-between are what you are meant to experience. We have existed as social beings for thousands of years and to shut oneself out with a digital wall is against our very nature. Video games and other devices provide a means to safely explore ourselves and temporary escapism, but sooner or later we all must answer to real actions. I am not saying to give up playing video games, rather fill your day with a variety of experiences. I still love a game night as much as the next person but I also know when to put down the controller.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Xavierite

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Is Time Moving Faster Or is it Just Us? By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

We are already more than halfway through the semester. Many of us have already registered for spring classes, and Christmas break is less than a month and a half away. What is going on here? We just started the year! Where has the time gone? I feel like I am asking myself this question more and more as the older I get. It seems that the speed of time has been increasing since I began high school and is getting faster and faster every year. There is probably some professor reading this saying, “Ha! Wait until you get to my age!” But why is this the case? Some theories say that there is no such thing as time, that it is all in our head, a method by which we perceive the things and events that BLINK >

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defined my life in every way. If it never happened, I would probably have ended up as an English teacher in Chicago instead of moving to Washington, D.C., to work for the federal government. Our generation was handed a big problem nearly ten years ago. We still do not know how to fix it. Bands like Blink-182 represent

move around us. After all, human beings invented clocks, and clocks are ultimately a way to measure the movement of the earth around the sun. Since our lives are finite, we seek to measure them in some way, and time seems to be a good way. But enough of that. I am not qualified to delve too deeply into such theories, so I will let you look them up on your own time if you are interested. I will seek a somewhat simpler explanation as to why time appears to move faster the older we get, although I still believe that time is based on perception, at least as far as human beings are concerned. Let us try and think about this logically. Although it seems like time is always moving fast for us, there are periods when we wish that it would move much faster. For example, if you are taking a night class about the history of Idaho and your teacher is a terrible

lecturer, you want time to move faster! You just want to leave that room. Now let us think of the opposite, periods in which we wish time would move slower. Maybe someone is really interested in the history of Idaho, and the teacher is playing a fun review game. That person is enjoying the moment so much that he wishes time would move slower. He never wants to leave that room. I n t h e s e t wo o p p o s i t e examples, time becomes what you make of it. In the first example, you internally perceive time as moving slowly because you think to yourself, “man, this will never end.” In the second example, you internally perceive time as moving fast because you think to yourself “man, I don’t want this to stop!” Now let us apply this to try to explain why time appears to move faster as an adult than as a child.

When you are a child, your youth, the relative lack of responsibilities and the fact that you do not need to organize every aspect of your life, makes time appear almost unlimited to you. I remember that as a gradeschooler, I never thought about tomorrow or my future. I perceived both as being a very long time away. Time moved slowly for me because I felt it was limitless. After all, little was structured. Yes, I went to school every day, but there was no syllabus to follow and no long term projects to complete, for the most part. Later, as I began to progress through high school, time seemed to speed up. No longer was I ignorant of the future. After I earned my drivers license I remember thinking how close I was to adulthood. As a result, I began to think of college, of a career path, of the real world. Life became even more

organized as I entered college. Then came the syllabi, the term papers, the career planning, and the long-range scheduling. I perceived, and continue to perceive that there is not enough time to do everything I want to do. Time moves faster in my head. So I am realizing that in this sense, time is based on perception. The older we get, the more we plan out our lives. As we think about everything we would like to accomplish in our limited time here, we subconsciously lead ourselves into believing like there is not enough time. Thus, I will use the old cliché that sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes you need to tune out all the stress, plans, objectives, regimens, meetings, problems and excitements of life If you try to convince yourself that you have plenty of time for everything then maybe, just maybe, you can slow time down a little bit.

a time where the best of days were filled with “your mom” jokes and music about being awkward around girls. To be clear, times were simpler. Whatever trend in music or movies you loved, they do not apply any more. Instead of singing, dancing and dreaming of becoming the next Spice Girl, girls are exposed to oversexualized idols such as Miley

Cyrus that contribute nothing to their psyche. They want to become women way too early and they want to lose the innocence that the fans of Spice Girls were seemingly required to have. Times are strange, and being a kid nowadays is different. So, as I was watching Travis Barker do his elevated drum solo (seriously, look it up on YouTube), I looked at my 12-year-old brother and

realized I could never understand what it would have been like to have been born ten years later. I realized that I can never understand what its like to grow up always having the Internet in your pocket. I cannot understand what its like having the September 11th attacks, the largest such attack on American soil, consistently spoken of in a matter-of-fact tone. While we would all like to

go back to the days of listening to bands like Blink-182, we cannot. But we can still hold on as hard as we can. And we should. But we have to look to changing the future as well. We will just do so while listening to Blink-182’s “Dammit” on our iPods, forever ignoring the irony in being 21-years-old, adults by all measures, and singing the lyrics, “Well, I guess this is growing up.”

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Sonic’s 20th Birthday

By Kane McKeown Senior Viewpoints Editor

Yesterday marked the release of Sonic Generations’, Sega’s call to action for Sonic the Hedgehog’s twentieth anniversary in the video game industry. So, in the spirit of appreciation, let’s go through Sonic’s history as a series of video games. In 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog made his American debut on the Sega Genesis as a direct rival to the very popular Mario games. What Sonic the Hedgehog lacked in the sheer size of the game’s landscape and difficulty was more than made up for by the quick-paced action and ease of acclimation. It was so well received, both in its origin country of Japan and here in America, that Sega pressed forward. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were all releases that kept true to the original’s game play and improved on it with graphics, complexity, and even a semblance of a plotline. While all four of these games were being released and loved by many, Sega released some lesser known Sonic games for the Sega Master System and the Sega Game Gear, most notable for the poor 8-bit graphics and the extreme difficulty of them compared to the console releases. Sega Saturn gave birth to Sonic R, a clunky 3D racing game,

and Sonic 3D blast, a misleadingly titled top-down game that left much to be desired. Sonic CD was also released at this time and took Sonic back to his 2D roots with much success, becoming a cult classic. Sega Dreamcast, the last Sega console, thrust Sonic into the new world of 3D gaming. Sonic Adventure was met with cries of joy by die-hard fans and chastised by Sonic purists for breaking from the tried and true 2D side scrolling game play. Sonic Adventure 2 was soon released with some but not many, of the original faults fixed. The game aged well, but was less appreciated at its release. No game was less appreciated than Sonic Shuffle, though, a poor challenger to the Mario Party series. For those who still wanted to play Sonic in his 2D glory, Sega released a handful of Sonic games for the Gameboy Advance around this time. Smoother graphics and new game play schematics kept many fans entertained. Nintendo Gamecube saw some strange releases. Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders 2 were hoverboard racing games that were fun enough to be stand alone racing games but failed to meet the collective expectations of Sonic fans. Sonic Heroes had potential, but added a unwieldy team schematic and awful voice acting. Simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog, this game was released on the Xbox 360 and the PS3; it showed off stellar graphics and a

deep story plot, added new styles of game play that was exciting and challenging, and still somehow managed to retain odd controls and camera angles. The Nintendo DS was home to a Sonic role playing game, the first and only of its kind. It also saw the release of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, games similar to the GBA releases, with little buzz. The Wii then was home for two Sonic Storybook Series games, creating possibly the most hated camera angles and character controls in Sonic’s 3D history. Sonic Unleashed was sold for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and finally fixed a number of problematic issues but added a forced alternative mode of play that caused a distraction. On the online console arcades was released Sonic the Hedgehog 4, a 3D graphically rendered side scrolling game that brought Sonic back into comfortable, and much loved, territory. Sonic Colors was released on the Nintendo Wii and finally began stripping from it all the errors of the past and adding what worked. And that brings us to Sonic Generations. Released on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, this game is a recreation and reimagining of all previous Sonic titles, all rolled into one game that looks to contain every aspect of what’s worked well. This is ver y possibly the strongest addition to Sonic’s 3D career. I highly suggest that you pick up this title. It is way past cool.

What do you miss most about the 90s?

Nicole Callsen, sophomore, nursing

Darryl Brown, senior, chemistry, Spanish, biology

“I miss the kid shows but not the “Thomas the Tank Engine. And the cartoons. Man, the cartoons!” terrible clothing.”

Jasmine Clark, freshman, Laura Yach, sophomore, criminal justice nursing “The Disney Channel and Saturday “I miss toe socks and The Big morning cartoons.” Comfy Couch...essence of cool.”

Griselda Feliciano, Pacelli Michael Murdie, sophomore, Hall director, grad. assistant vocal performance “The great mustaches and sweet “Spice Girls, without a doubt. pop rock. Backstreet Boys, baby.” And Rugrats.”

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video Games Video games have been around for a few decades now, but during no period of time have they developed at a more radical pace than they have since 1995. Perhaps this is best seen with some examples. Super Mario 64 really laid the groundwork for third person games with its introduction of controllable camera angles and an expansive world in which to roam. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time continued in the development of this genre with the target locking system and ability to switch between first person and third person modes, although the sounds were sometimes clunky and the graphics allowed for polygonal characters and huge gaps in the scenery immediately outside the navigable world. But now, by example of the soon to be released The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the graphics can be made to look fluid and even akin to a water color painting in its majesty and clarity. And Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, a recent release, is choked full of life-like graphical representations of not only people, but scenery, all the way from expressions on the characters’ faces to the shadows casted by the leaves of a small plant. First person shooters have had a major overhaul as well. Doom II, released at the tail end of 1994, took simple 2D, pixilated graphics, and inserted them into a rudimentary three dimensional plane. What each graphic represented, be it a shotgun or a crazed behemoth, was recognizable at best, an odd accumulation of shape and color at worst. Flash forward to the very recently released Battlefield 3. The graphics are near identical replications of true, military grade weapons down to the effects of overuse. Buildings crumble if the supports are destroyed, your character’s ears ring as grenades blast off too closely, and even the trajectory of the bullets fired are affected by gravity. Genres like racing, fighting, and role playing games are steadily developing as well. Games like Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed, and Final Fantasy all have made some positively breathtaking leaps in the last decade or so. The old versions were much loved for what they were at the time, and still classics to this day. Still, the new developments are overwhelmingly impressive with their attention to details like the effects of collisions on your car’s frame, the accurate motions of a fighter’s body as it contorts right before a powerful roundhouse kick, and the new models of actual game play such as battle systems and weapon customization. Is there a clear divide as to what time video games hit their peak for overall graphical splendor and replay value? That is a person by person choice. Regardless, it is difficult to deny the progression of video games’ artful evolution. - Kane McKeown

Fashion The 90’s has so many style icons, it is hard to pick just a few. But I think the easy first choice would be everyone’s favorite petite supermodel, Kate Moss. She is a perfect example of grunge done right. She was all about the baggy sweaters mixed with fitted pieces and the iconic 90’s square neckline. Next, of course, is Chloe Sevigny. She practically defined the style of the decade with her pairing of floral dresses and classic Doc Martin boots. A close third is none other than Gwen Stefani, lead singer of the awesome ska band No Doubt. She pioneered the uniform of crop top plus cargo pants plus platform sneakers, and showed girls everywhere that it is ok to wear stick-on jewels and glitter all over yourself. Next comes Liv Tyler, circa Empire Records. That mohair cropped sweater and plaid skirt, topped with super-90’s brown lipstick, could have been the look of the decade. This list would not be complete without a mention of My So-Called Life’s Angela Chase, with her mid-calf skirts, boyfriend plaid shirts and oversized sweaters with combat boots. Let’s not forget, the original Goths came out of their darkness in this decade. Plenty of black lace, cross jewelry and leather to go around, as seen on Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. And in case you thought I forgot about them, Mary Kate and Ashley have always inspired us to wear entirely-matching ensembles in synthetic fabric with jellie sandals and slap bracelets. If you are in the full swing of nostalgia, the good news is that these inspiring ladies are still working today! The Olsen twins are now designers, as is Chloe Sevigny, and Liv Tyler. Gwen Stefani and of course Kate Moss continue to be fashion icons. But if you still want a throw-back, you can dig out an old issue of Sassy and head to your local thrift store. -Genevieve Buthod

As Bob Dylan states, “T remarkable concept of time e for worse. We always hope fo see, all around are topics tha We have started from the ear things have progressed as time video games, technologies, TV through all of these changes, stay the same.

Photo Credits:, sidere org,, sportsillustrat,


Any way you look at it, sports were better in the 9 the three major sports, baseball, football, and basketb entertainment. Looking at the NFL, all of the rule c to make the wrong hit on defense and risk getting fined. for? It is not to make sure people are safe and the quarterb two squads of eleven players hurt each other. Sure, that so but these players know what they are signing up for. Wh pounds of pads on, it is because you are expected to get hit b something grabs national attention like Devin Hester retu the league enforces a rule that makes that nearly impossib Now on to the NBA. There are two words that wr for basketball compared to now and they are Michael Jord fortunate enough to witness the best player the game has greatest dynasties in any sport. With six championships o of famers in the mix, it is hard to make a case against the C shame to see the NBA in the state it is in today. Seeing the of cancellations and the threat of losing the entire season p its reputation. The topic of Major League Baseball from then and to say that having a bunch of players juiced up on steroid feet was good for the game, but it was good for entertainm players like Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy So to crush the ball out of the park, they were the center of a not get me wrong I am not saying I hate sports today, I wa cannot say I do not wish I could see Michael Jordan hittin country on fire.

Music Female Artist Served as a Role Model to Young Girls o 1990’s: Britney Spears: While Britney may have started the hyper-sexualization of America’s female youth, I argue that her music was something that was both catchy and more intelligent than today’s equivalent. Brittney often spoke of dealing with relationships in somewhat provocative ways, which was okay because she was eighteen when her first album was eighteen when her first album Baby One More Time debuted. Lyric sample: “Oops I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game…” o Present: Miley Cyrus: Her major work started with her signing onto Hollywood Records at age fifteen, after already spending several years singing and serving as a fairly young role model on Hannah Montana. It is difficult for her to be a role model when her and her fans are probably dealing with the same issues at the same time. Lyric sample: “Put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song, the butterflies fly away…” o Winner: 1990’s- Spears actually seems to have thought about something other than butterflies when writing her music. Male Artist That Probably Should Not Have Had A Singing Career o 1990’s: Aaron Carter: The younger brother of one of the Backstreet Boys, Carter somehow got his singing career started with a cover of the 1965 song “I Want Candy”. His debut album Want Candy”. His debut album Aaron’s Party had several other hits, such as the title track “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” and my personal favorite “That’s How I Beat Shaq”. Lyric Sample: “It’s like boom (boom), I put it in the hoop, Like slam (slam), I heard the crowd screaming out jam (jam), I swear that I’m telling you the facts, Cuz that’s how I beat Shaq.” o Present: Justin Bieber: I honestly had to look up facts on this kid because the only song I knew of his was the incredibly repetitive “Baby”, in which he tries to set the Guinness World record for most uses of the word “Baby” in one song. He gets points for featuring Ludacris on this song, but gets those points taken back for being Canadian. Lyric sample: “Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh, like baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhh…” o Winner: Draw- Bieber’s career will end, just like Carter’s, when his voice drops. Artist That Employs Noise and Nonsense as Music o 1990’s: Korn: For the few who actually like this band, I apologize, but you have to agree that they often resort to gibberish beatboxing-type lyrics and guitars making sounds that are not supposed to technically be music. When they are not doing this, they are not bad. Lyrics Sample: “(Sung by a person): Boom na da mmm dum na ema, Da boom na da mmm dum na ema.” o Present: Skrillex: At the heart of the rise of dub-step is Skrillex. Dub-step a type of music that takes techno music and adds so much bass it could shake the engine out of your car. While I do not personally indulge in their music all that often, I know enough to say that Skrillex sounds like someone turned on all the power tools at a Home Depot, and then dropped them in a box together. Lyric Sample: “(Made by the bass): WUB WUB WUB BWAAAAA, WUBB WUB WUB BWAAA BWAAAAAAAA” o Winner: Korn--only because they actually do use real words at times. You may have noticed that I pick artists from both the eras that are somewhat regarded as untalented, in general as aberrations of the music industry. This is because you can only truly know something when it is at its worst moments. By these standards, the 1990’s is the victor in this competition, only because it was slightly more meaningful even when it was absolutely terrible. -Jake Cashman

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Xavierite

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Times They Are A Changing.” This evolves as it goes on for better or or the better, though. As you can at have changed throughout time. rly 90s to now, the present. Many e moved on whether it was sports, V shows and many more. Yet even you will see that some things will

Then: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1991): As the Midnight Society gathered around the campfire, the show’s loyal followers followed point and huddled around the TV every Saturday night for Snick. Creepy, scary, freaky…no adjectives adequately describes this gem. Take a stroll down memory lane and catch an episode again. Boy Meets World (1993): Many of us grew up watching Corey (Ben Savage) and Topanga’s (Danielle Fishel) relationship thrive and perish…and thrive again. Such is life. Boy Meets World is the type of show you can look back on with a smile, and a nod of understanding. My So-Called Life (1994): Rich writing laid the foundation for this one perfect season. Angela Chase (Claire Danes) was an unusually perceptive, sensitive, and insightful 15-year-old dealing with life through profound musings and secret longing. One of the best cancelled shows television has ever seen. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997): Revolutionary, inspired, and so badly needed, Buffy is one of those rare shows that lives on years after going off the air. The witty and brilliant writing helped create some of the most complex and layered characters you’ll ever see on TV. Though many believe seasons two and three to be the show’s best, all seven seasons offer its own distinct taste. But for Buffy newbies, be warned of The Dawn Years. Freaks and Geeks (1999): Another show dismissed before its time. Poignant and hilarious, Freaks and Geeks has been heralded by critics for its astonishingly real portrayal of high school. The star-studded cast had nearly flawless chemistry. Honorable mentions: Seinfeld (1990), Twin Peaks (1991), Gilmore Girls (1999)

-Mike Cantania

Now: The Wire (2001): Rarely does a show set out to accurately portray how the inner city system works. If one were to watch just one hour of television, it all starts here.,,, sharetv. Arrested Development (2003): The Bluth family—with its eccentric, varied, and… strangeness… gave us some of the best laughs for three,, sand3. seasons. Another show done in too soon. m,, Lost (2004): Before “the others,” The Smoke Monster, and Ana Lucia, there was the first season. That glorious first season. Dexter (2006): Yes, he kills people but how could you root against him? He kills those who deserve it! Society is doomed. Mad Men (2007): Ambitious and groundbreaking, let’s be glad networks have not yanked this one off the air. The 90s was a golden era for cartoons. It brought The characters are the driving force—and us classics such as Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, 90’s. Over the years each of have enough depth to remain that way and Dexter’s Lab, all of which still have a very large fan ball, have decreased in raw for awhile. base almost 15 years after they first aired. I can remember changes have players afraid Honorable mentions: Curb your waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch Tiny Toons, Sylvester What do people watch football Enthusiasm (2000), Firefly (2002), 30 Rock and Tweety Mysteries or the Little Mermaid (yes, it did have a TV show backs are protected, it is to watch (2006), Veronica Mars (2004) too). ounds like a brutal thing to say, -Genevieve Bonadonna But cartoons were not just for kids. Beavis and Butthead, King hen you are putting pounds and of the Hill, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast all began in the 90s. There by the force of semi-truck. When was a cartoon for everyone, regardless of age or sense of humor. urning kickoffs for touchdowns, Then came along a show called Spongebob Squarepants. It was ble, again because of “safety”. a transitional show, and honestly, one of the last good cartoons. ap up why the 90’s were better Spongebob created a segway from the old classics to a new generation dan. Living in Chicago, we were of cartoons. s ever seen and also one of the New cartoons have not been up to par with their 90s over eight years, and several hall counterparts. Their image quality has improved. I’ll give them that. Chicago Bulls of the 90’s. It is a Newer cartoons have also been able to include CG technology into e owners’ greed leading to weeks their design, but it can only do so much. The image quality has puts a damper on the league and improved, but the overall quality has gone down. Cartoons used to be funny and intellectual. Now it seems like they are all dumbed now is controversial. It is hard Everyone has different tastes down. ds and blasting the ball over 400 when it comes to movies, but I think Honestly, it seems like TV writers have realized that older ment. Before everyone knew that we can all agree that the 90s had some cartoons were better, which has led to dozens of remakes and osa were using illegal substances pretty awesome movies. Here are some continuations. My Little Pony, Beavis and Butthead and Teenage Mutant attention and fun to watch. Do of the movies of Then and Now: Ninja Turtles have all been remade, and it is only a matter of time atch them religiously, but I also before more shows are brought back. It has even been rumored that ng “the shot” in Utah to set the 1. Batman Forever (1995): This Nickelodeon will start to bring back or continue its older shows, continuation of the ever popular including Rocket Power, Doug, Angry Beavers, and Hey Arnold! -Tony Gustin Batman franchise had Val Kilmer as I don’t mind the fact that they are thinking about bringing all the Caped Crusader and Jim Carey these old shows back, but I wish that writers would come up with and Tommy Lee Jones as the bad guys. their own ideas. There are a few good, newer shows, such as Regular While the acting and special effects are Show and Adventure Time, but they are small in number. If only there a bit sketchy, it is still a fun movie. was a way to find a happy medium between old and new. 2. The Dark Knight (2008): This Do not even get me started on what they have movie with Christian Bale, Michael done to Pokémon. Caine and Heath Ledger was a huge -Becki Brown success and is still popular. Whether it is the acting, the setting or the action sequences this movie trumps Batman Forever in my book. 3. Titanic (1997): This tearjerker remains the big romantic movie of this generation. With its beautiful story, music, and cinematography, it is no wonder this movie has not been topped. New Technologies: 4. The Notebook (2004): If there was any romantic movie Microsoft Operating Systems (Main Ones): that could come close to Titanic, it would have to be a Windows 95, Windows 98 Windows 2000, Windows XP, (which was a combination of Windows movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book. This movie is 95, 98 and Millennium Edition), Windows Vista, and now Windows 7. heartwarming and another tearjerker. 5. Toy Story (1995): It is the animated film we all grew Macintosh Operating Systems (Main Ones): up with and loved. The voices of Tom Hanks and Tim The Mac computers we know about today have changed dramatically just like their Microsoft Allen bring Woody and Buzz to life in this cute story that counterparts. They have been through many changes and shifts throughout history. In 1996 they had asks what would happen if toys could talk? the first officially named Mac OS ever called Mac OS 7.6. However the names you are more familiar with 6. Toy Story 3 (2010): Many of us who saw this film were not in development until 2001 with the first Mac OS X called Cheetah. In time, the OS X worked were either getting ready to go to college or were already its way up to the now Lion OS. there, so we could connect with Andy and the toys. After all, who wants to give up their childhood? As great as this Through time, we started with a now very primitive form of computer operating systems, to our high-tech movie was, Toy Story is still the best of the three movies. systems of today. The ironic part is that in a year or two, these systems will become primitive as well.




The very first flat screen plasma TVs were introduced in ’95. It may have been the talk of the decade, yet I can place a lot of money that not many people had one on account of the fact that one of those TVs went for $15,000! Now look at us these days. People now have only one option, and that is to go with a flat screen. Now the box TVs your grandparents once were proud to own is rotting in the attic somewhere. One of the greatest inventions since sliced bread has been introduced in 1995 as well. The almighty USB technology. This addition to the world has made life easier and better. It made many parallel and serial cables obsolete because of how fast USB can transfer data. Imagining transferring music or video files via the old ways? Oh, the horror! But in all honesty, it has created a very nice way to plug-and-play many devices without the use of adapter cards…anyone remember those? -Mike Catania

All six of these movies are great in their ways, but in terms of whether or not the 90s had the best movies or did the 2000s, the winner is the 90s. The 2000s have one winner, The Dark Knight, but the 1990s had Titanic and Toy Story. -Janeen Wilkey

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Muppets in the Media By Becki Brown Features Editor

Within the past 35 years, the Muppets have grown to cover not only television, but also the silver screen, amusement parks and pretty much any other form of media you can imagine. Here are some of the milestones in Muppet History. September 24, 1936-Muppets Creator Jim Henson is born. September 5, 1976-The Muppet Show airs. June 22, 1979-The Muppet Movie premieres. March 15, 1981-The Muppet Show airs its final episode. July 26, 1981-The Great Muppet Caper premieres. July 13, 1984-The Muppets

Take Manhattan premieres. September 25, 1984-Muppet Babies airs. May 16, 1991-MuppetVision 3D opens in MGM Studios at Disney World. December 11, 1992-The Muppet Christmas Carol premieres. February 16, 1996-The Muppet Treasure Island premieres. July 14, 1999- Muppets From Space premieres. Nove m b e r 3 , 2 011 -T h e Muppets premieres. The Muppets will be coming to theatres 13 years after the last theatrically released Muppet movie came out. While this is not the first time there has been a long gap between movies (or even TV shows), we will have to wait and see if the wait was worth it.

The Muppets Movie poster. Photo: IMBD. com

The Magic of Autumn By Janeen Wilkey Features Editor It may be hard to remember what month it is, or even the season, amidst all the books and studying that goes on till December. If you take a look out that window, you may have noticed all the changing colors and bare trees. Welcome to autumn. There seems to be something magical and wonderful about this time of year. Sure, you could say the same about the other seasons; summer means no school, spring is one step closer to being done with finals, and winter means having a reason to stay inside. But, autumn trumps all of these and here is why. 1. The colors. Autumn has rich, deep, beautiful colors. Just look outside and you will see red, yellow, orange, and green all around. Spring just has green and winter is bare and white. Autumn has beautiful colors that make it

Autumn colors at their finest. Photo:

unique. Oh, and don’t forget about all of those leaves! Doesn’t it make you feel like a kid again when you stomp on the fallen leaves and hear that crunch? And don’t resist the urge to jump in a pile of those colorful, crunchy leaves. 2. T h e h o l i d ay s . I a m talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both these days involve food; who doesn’t love a holiday that revolves around food? Plus, on Halloween you get to dress

up while Thanksgiving gives you some breathing room before the chaos of finals. 3. The food. Autumn just seems to have the food. There are apples, apple cider, pumpkins, soups, and candy. It is the kind of comfort food that we crave and fits perfectly with this time of year and gives us a reason to indulge a little. 4. The weather. Yes, the weather in Chicago is insane, but just think about the perfect fall day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SGA Message By Sa’Rah McNeal Vice President of Commuter Affairs Greetings from the Student Government Association! We hope everyone is having a great semester so far! SGA has been working diligently to enhance your experience at Saint Xavier, and we are quite pleased with the progress that is being made. Here are a few updates: Pizza with the President Come out and enjoy free pizza and fellowship with President Christine Wiseman. Students will be provided the opportunity to voice any questions, comments, or concerns to President Wiseman, as well as to SGA members. The event will take place on November 8 at 12 p.m. in the Butler Reception Room. We hope to see you there! Campus Printing: Duplexing The new duplexing system is a way to help students, who print frequently, save money, and it will also reduce the amount of wasted paper. This system allows you to print double-sided documents at the same price of single-sided documents. This printing option is currently available on the computers in the library, and will eventually be made the default setting in the near future. Subway and Starbucks The air is crisp, and it is not too hot or cold. All you need is a jacket or a sweater. In fact, you can bring out those boots and cute coats, and layer up for the weather. 5. The activities. If you are in need of some fun or have downtime, there are plenty of fall activities to keep you happy. First, there is pumpkin or apple picking. Who doesn’t love sitting down to carve a pumpkin and stopping the squirrels from eating it? Or, if you love being scared, there is always a visit to a haunted house to get you into the Halloween mood. There is also football. Whether you just

Your Guide to Easy Fall Layering By Genevieve Buthod Features Correspondent Everything is easier when we have the right tools. That said, it’s good to have a few basic pieces for your fall wardrobe. A solid cardigan is a great starting point, along with a few knit pullovers and a thermal or two. Jeans will always be a good staple, but it can be more fun to experiment with skirts and leggings. Tights, knee-highs or thighhighs are a great combo and give far more styling options than a simple pair of pants. An over-sized sweater can be instantly transformed into a dress when paired with leggings and a cute pair of booties. Ah, boots. A fall classic. So many options to choose from— riding boots, combat boots, embellished moto boots, anklelength, calf-length, knee-high. No matter what, adding a

Colorful fashion example. Photo:

pair of fall boots is a very quick way to dress up any outfit. Once you have the basics together, you can start combining them any way you want. That’s the beauty of having so many simple options—they can all be put together in various ways, and you really can’t mess it up. I could tell you to keep a balance of neutrals in there, but I’ve never been one for boring styles. Experiment with different tex t u re s a n d p a t te r n s , a n d remember that you never know what works until you try it out. Don’t be afraid of looking like you’re trying too much, at least you’re breaking out of the sweatpants routine! P.S. You don’t have to put away your summer clothes just yet. Maxi skirts look great with tights and boots, as do lighter summer dresses. Tights and shorts can look great, too, with the right color combination. Think more muted tones, rather than summer’s brights.

As ever yone may have noticed, Starbucks, located in Morris Hall, has opened and is in full effect! Many are excited to have this popular franchise here on campus. In addition, we are still anticipating the opening of Subway, located in the Shannon Center. Once permitting and city-enforced inspections are completed, Subway will be ready for business which is hoped to be sometime next week. We hope that everyone enjoys the new food venues on campus, and we also encourage those with meal plans to continue to spend them wisely. Birthday Shout-Out! We would like to give a shout-out to one of our senators, Garrett Saulters (freshman, chemistry major), who celebrated his birthday on October 27! Two other SGA members also had birthdays this month. Senator Darryl Brown (senior, chemistry a n d S p a n i s h m a j o r ) , a n d Executive Secretary/Treasurer Amanda Werniak (junior, elementary education) celebrated their birthday on October 3! SGA is here for you! Let your voices be heard. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to stop by the Student Organizations Center outside of the cafeteria to talk with an SGA member. Email us at want to sit in front of the TV to watch the game, or get a game going with some friends, football and autumn just go together. There are plenty of other reasons why autumn is the best season but these are the top reasons. Even if you prefer spring, summer or winter for whatever reason (and I do like these other seasons, but I’m partial to autumn), we will not hold it against you. Just think about this list when you poke your head out of those books and look outside the window.

Tweets of the week The Xavierite Staff has searched through Twitter for the perfect tweets...

“Suicide bomber targets NATO convoy in Kabul, Afghanistan.”

@cnn Oct. 29

“Maybe it’s a Muslim vampire, or a liberal monster like Al Frankenstein, or a biased newsman like Werewolf Blitzer.” @ColbertReport Oct. 30

“Apple to release a cross between the MacBook Air & MacBook Pro? (PrAir? Airo?)” @Time Oct. 31

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A home in Sydney By Lisa Varley Features Contributor Ever since I came home, it feels like I’ve been reliving high school graduation. Friends and family have asked the same question, again and again, like a broken record. “So Lisa, how was Australia?” “Great.” I usually reply, “The Kangaroo was delicious.” Compressing the past 174 days of my study abroad experience into a catchy, 60 second attention getter is more difficult than it looks. Between the 20 hour flight to the southern hemisphere, going to classes, getting caught in a prank war with my housemates, sleeping in the desert, being chased out of “the bush” by cockatoos, finding the world’s smallest penguins, spending my 21st birthday getting hopelessly lost in Melbourne, and winning an all expenses paid trip to the Fiji islands… sometimes I don’t know where to begin? U n l i k e m o s t o f t h e international students at my host school, I traveled to Sydney without joining a host program. Since

English is my first language I thought I could handle living in a new country with ease. The first two weeks were still a little bumpy though because I assumed the biggest challenges would be adjusting to the summer heat in February and the time difference. Studying at my host school was a tough, but interesting experience. It’s a larger school with about 15,000 attendees and about half of that number is comprised of international degree seekers or exchange students. I found that courses in Australia spend less time in class, have fewer assignments, and use a more rigorous grading system than their American counterparts. For reference, a grade of ‘credit’ or 65 percent is equivalent to a grade of B on the American scale. The professors and teaching assistants were always very thorough with their critiques on assignments but they were always willing to meet up with students when they were stuck. Once I wrapped my mind around spelling with the ‘Queen’s English’ consistently and using alternative phrases like as compulsory instead of mandatory, courses became easier. 40 minutes south of my host university, central Sydney’s warm atmosphere and beachside beauty would capture anyone’s heart. Even the city’s central business district

Waya Leilei Eco Lodge, Fiji. Photo: Lisa Varley

retains these charms with its open, innovative layout which fades ‘the rocks’ of colonial Sydney with highrises designed with the 21st century lifestyle in mind. On any given day, wedding photographers, backpackers, street vendors, parkour acrobats or aborigines playing nine-footlong didgeridoos can be found around the Opera House and Darling Harbor. Every once in awhile, a macho tourist with a tiny surfboard can be found wondering why his hamburger has pineapple, egg, and beetroot on it. (It’s not true Australian fast food if your meal doesn’t include one of those three items on it.) Theoretically, a Saturday morning could start with lattes in Redfern, wine tasting at Manly beach around lunch, and a signature ‘teapot’ at one of Kings

Cross clubs later that evening if you’re keen on experiencing the real city. Most Australians are very easygoing people but I quickly learned to never talk about New Zealanders during a rugby conversation. An old rivalry with ‘the Kiwis’ will instantly combust any local into a patriotic outburst. So, could studying abroad right for you? In my opinion, college is the best time to test drive life in another country. It’s much easier take off a couple years now, before you become locked into your career and have bigger responsibilities to take care of. There are plenty of scholarship options and destinations to fit any budget and Facebook has made it easy to keep in contact with friends and family at home.

However, if time constrains are an issue, I highly recommend backpacking with your best friend for a few weeks. Whether you’re considering taking a vacation or traveling around to improve your networking and language skills, backpacking is a less expensive and time strenuous alternative to studying abroad. In one sense, it’s like a fast paced course in a country’s culture. Some of my best experiences c a m e f r o m m e e t i n g o t h e r backpackers in Fiji. Waya Leilei Island only had electricity available between 8-10p.m. What started as a culture shock episode where the whole dormitory scrambled to charge their camera batteries, turned into a day out snorkeling together, deciding to merge travel plans with friendships of a lifetime.

Pokemon: Gotta Remember Them All By Kelley Lindsey Senior Viewpoints Editor Even if you would like to deny it, I bet that most of you reading this enjoyed the Pokemon franchise in some way, whether it was the trading card game, the video games, or the TV show. I personally still know all the words to the Pokemon TV show theme song. Those of us who grew up in the 90s knew all 151 original Pokemon. Our younger brothers and sisters, now, as of the current generation, can memorize up to 646 different Pokemon! That just blows my mind. What blows my mind even more is the things Pokemon are being modeled after nowadays.

Amongst the most ridiculous are a washing machine, a lawnmower, a fan, an alien, a chandelier, and a puppet. The majority of the original generation of Pokemon were based, at least in part, on an animal of some sort. This makes sense seeing as they serve the same functions as animals do in their universe. At the risk of sounding like an old fart reminiscing about “the good old days”, I have been a little bit disappointed in the most recent four or five generations of Pokemon. I understand that it is a business and the more Pokemon there are the more money there is to be made. On the other hand, when it seems like product development

B&B are Back! By Brian Maloney Features Contributor “Heh heh.” “Uhh…cool.” On Thurs., Oct. 27, at 9 p.m. on MTV, the great duo returned. No, not Batman and Robin. Beavis and Butthead. The show has been gone since 1997 and now it has returned. I know what you are thinking: “It’s probably worse than before and they just killed the whole idea.” Wrong. The show’s first episode of the eighth season was awesome; simply wonderful. In fact, it’s almost better since they have so many years of society to mock. The best part of the half hour was most definitely the music videos.

The two joked about Skrillex, MGMT, and LMFAO. And of course, an episode of two of the worse shows on television: True Life and Jersey Shore. The episode also featured a spoof on the Twilight series and how onions make you cry. With that odd arrangement of things, you could just tell Mike Judge isn’t just using society to make jokes, he’s doing it on his own AND he’s bashing the stupidity of society. The show’s return was great. I suggest that every Thurs. at 9 p.m. you’ll be tuning into the only good show on MTV at this moment in time. If I could compare the show’s return to a sandwich, it would be a good sandwich.

has devolved into the creators writing down a list of objects they saw on their way to work and somehow making them into Pokemon, it seems like it is time to step back and think about quality. I will admit I have found some of the newer generation Pokemon to be the cutest and coolest in the whole pokedex. I just cannot take a lawn mower attacking me seriously though. The games have gotten more and more complex as the games have progressed as well. This is to be expected, but some changes, such as changing the type of some moves after third generation, seem to be for the sake of making the game harder than simply battling and collecting Pokemon. This is

Original Pokemon game. Photo:

admirable in a way, but if something is not broken then do not fix it. In the end, people our age will never love the new Pokemon as much as the first generation because it is not what we grew up with. In our minds, a holographic Charizard card will always be the

coolest, Mewtwo will be the most powerful, and Pikachu will be the cutest. That does not mean we cannot learn to love the new ones. The point of this article, really, is that nostalgia for our childhoods can be a lens that we look through when looking at things we used to (or still) love. This is not necessarily bad. We just have to come to terms with the fact that even at our young ages of late teens and early twenties we can still be nostalgic for a simpler time when things were better than they are now. Like when your hardest decision was to choose Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. (P.S. The answer is Squirtle).

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Women’s Basketball Preview

The Xavierite

Men’s Basketball Preview

By Brandon Swanson Sports Contributor

By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor

The Cougars will come into this new season returning three starters from last year’s 24-7 squad. The team looks to build off a great finish to last season as they ended 9-1 in the CCAC. The Cougars at one point last season achieved the no. 5 spot in the National rankings. S i mp l y p u t , t h e re w i l l be a lot of hype and many expectations surrounding this very talented women’s basketball team. The Cougars will also tr y to work towards a tenth straight appearance in the NAIA Women’s Basketball Division I National Championships. T h e C o u g a r s w i l l f a c e three of the top six teams in the NAIA at the Rotary Classic in Jackson, Tenn., in Nov., so the Cougars will be tested early and often in the season. The women are definitely up to the challenge and are excited to meet the high expectations that have been set for them. “We all have a lot to live up to and I am excited to take on this challenge. I love my team and we work well together. We have a great coaching staff and they really push us to excel,” said freshman guard, Maloree Johnson.

The men’s basketball team is poised for big things this season. The team has added some new players and also has veteran players that will help lead the Cougars this year. The Cougars will have all of their starters returning this season and the team will be even better than before. The men’s basketball squad has been ranked number 24 overall in the NAIA preseason poll. Last season, the Cougars had to face number one ranked Robert Morris and they ended up in the semifinals of the CCAC tournament. This was a tough way to end the 2010-2011 campaign for the Cougars as they finished at 19-13 overall. The most recent recruits for the Cougars are point guard Sean Crary from Crown Point, guard/forward Jack Krieger from Plainfield North and forward Brandon Marren from Andrew. These three men will be sure be in contention for a starting position this year and they will be a huge addition to the Cougars’ roster. The Cougars also have six seniors on their team this season that will look to make an impact in their final year at Saint Xavier. Also,

Marissa Young and Brittany Jones. Photo: SXU Athletics

The women work very well together and that should go a long way in achieving their goals this year. This year should be an exciting season for all the girls, but especially for the seniors. “I’m most excited about c o n t i n u i n g t h e t r a d i t i o n o u r p r o g r a m h a s m a d e a s a nationally ranked team and making the most of my final year representing SXU,” said senior Guard Michelle Tourtillott. The Cougars hold tremendous promise and will no doubt be thrilling to watch the entire season. Can’t wait for the season to get underway.

Intramural Volleyball Champions By Tony Gustin Sports Editor The intramural volleyball league has come to a conclusion with Tips All Day winning the championship. They finished with an undefeated record of 6-0. Week four, the climactic championship week, was held on October 24. The final match was Tips All Day vs. I’d Hit That. The game was very close throughout and was said to be a very fair match. I’d Hit That took the first game by two points with a final score of 28-26. In game two Tips All Day came back with the response and won by a five-point margin. It came down to the final game where Tips All Day came up with the big win. They won the final game by

four points. This is Tips All Day third time winning the Volleyball Intramural Championship. The consolation match w a s h e l d b e t w e e n T P L M a n d A m b a s s a d e x t r o u s . Ambassadextrous started out on the right foot spiking there way to a 25-22 win. To make things interesting TPLM came back in game two and won 25-23. Once again the series was decided in game three. Ambassadextrous came back and won the match with a final score of 15-10. The team Teardrops surrendered a forfeit for the final week but finished with a record of 1-4 for the year, the same as Ambassadextrous. Second place finishers, I’d Hit That, finished at 4-2, while consolation winner s TPLM

The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series after seven games with the Texas Rangers. Texas had their chances, but could never finish the deal. Game 6 will go down as an instant classic, and David Freese is now a household name. This was the 11th World Series title for the franchise and the second ring together for manager Tony Larussa and star first baseman Albert Pujols. The Cardinals came into the playoffs as the national league Wild Card. They overcame a deficit of 10 ½ games at the end of the season to win that spot, and then continued to eliminate the National League favorite Phillidelphia Phillies. Manager Tony Larussa has retired as the manager of the

Cardinals. Larussa is 67 years old and finishes third on the all time wins list, 35 wins behind John McGraw. The Cubs signed Theo Epstein from the Boston Red Sox as president of baseball operations. Epstein has big plans for the organization. It is going to be a massive reconstruction project. He admits it is going to take a couple of years to be a contender. His first move was signing Jed Hoyer from the San Diego Padres as the new General Manager. At 37, Epstein brings a fresh face to the organization, something the Cubs have needed for a while. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of years. The Blackhawks are off to a hot start. They have 14 points with a record of 6-2-2 after the win against the Columbus Blue Jackets

Dungeons and Dragons for Jocks Fantasy Football

By Alan Paape Sports Correspondent

Ed Gilgenbach. Photo: SXU Athletics

Coach O’Malley will be entering his fifteenth season with the Cougars; they have had strong records in the past under his guidance. Senior Phil Riggs thinks this team is very good coming in. “It’s pretty much the same team from last year, plus a couple guys that are going to come in and make an impact right away. “ We h a v e s o m e r e a l l y good senior leadership with Ed Gilgenbach and Zach Opheim this year,” said Riggs. The team is ready for big things this season! Make sure to tune into WXAV this year for coverage o f b ot h m e n a n d wo m e n ’ s basketball or visit

Week 8 was a week full of surprises and very close games. Seven out of twelve games on Sunday were decided by ten points or less. Coming into the week I don’t think any football fan would have predicted how close some of these games actually were and some of the upsets. The Saints laid an egg against the Rams, the Vikings upset the Panthers, and the Cardinals and the Dolphins almost pulled off upsets of their own. Boom Player: LeSean McCoy

(RB) McCoy has had a stellar year already but no one figured that he would explode against the Dallas Cowboys because the Cowboys entered the game with the best run defense in the league. McCoy rushed for 185 yards and two touchdowns and also had 15 yards in the receiving game. McCoy is the only running back in the NFL to have a touchdown in every one of his team’s games. Bust Player: Tim Tebow

(QB) After all the hype surrounding Tebow after his comeback victory in week 7, it would be interesting to see if he could pull of another victory against a surprising Detroit Lions team. The Broncos got The intramural volleyball champions, Tips All Day. Photo: SXU Athletics blown out by Detroit 45-10 and finished at an even 3-3. bring. Tebow was to blame for most of Congratulations to all of the Registration for all upcoming the loss. He was 18-39 for 172 teams and players of this great intramural activities can be done yards with one touchdown, one league. Everyone is already looking online at, keyword: interception, and fumbled three forward to what next season will Intramurals. times. If Tebow continues to perform like this the rest of the season are fans going to continue to want him to start? With the Bears at 4-3, they are on Saturday. The offseason acquisitions are trying to fight for a wild card spot. Surprise Player: Christian Ponder impressive so far. Tough guy Daniel That Monday night game may very Carcillo makes an immediate well determine their fate for the rest impact every time on the ice and of the season. The NBA is still fighting a Andrew Brunette is meshing well lockout. Commissioner David with his line. It’s a good sign for the long Stern announed another two weeks run of the season when your third of the season cancelled. All of the games through (QB) In only his second career line plays like the first line of most NHL teams. Dave Bolland is a true November are gone and there is start Ponder is proving why the now no chance for a full 82 game Vikings selected him with the 12th leader. Bolland flys under the radar season. More and more players are overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. behind guys like Jonathan Toews committing to deals overseas so Ponder improved on his week 7 performanceagainst the Packers and Patrick Kane, but he deserves they can continue playing. University of Houston’s with a 18-28, 236 yards and one the same amount of respect and is a player to watch for the rest of the Q u a r t e r b a ck C a s e Ke e n u m touchdown performance against threw for a record breaking nine the Panthers. Not many people season. The NFC Nor th had a touchdown passes and 534 yards expected Ponder to be putting up quiet week with The Bears and versus Rice this week. If Keenum these types of number after just Packers both on a bye. The Bears keeps posting numbers like this he two career games. We may have released safety Chris Harris and will put up a good fight to Heisman witnessed the beginning of the are preparing for a huge Monday Trophy favorite Andrew Luck from Ponder era in Minnesota. night game against the Philadelphia the University of Stanford. Photos: Eagles.

National Sports Round-up By Tony Gustin Sports Editor

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Athlete Spotlight: Rachael Dean Women’s Cross Country Runner Rachael Dean Continues to Shine

By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor Q: What’s your major?

A: Nursing, but I am not sure yet what kind of nursing. I may do emergency, but not sure. Q: Why did you get into cross country? A: I started running track in middle school. When I got into high school then, it was a requirement that if you ran long distance track, then you run cross country as well. Q: What has the difference been like between high school and Saint Xavier? A: There are a lot of differences actually. I would say the competition. In high school we would always go up against the same girls that are in our region or conference. In college, we race girls from across the nation and it is a much wider and more competitive level.

Q: How do you like running for Coach Ebel?

Q: Do you have any goals for your individual running?

A: It is good; I really like her a lot. She really takes individual time to understand each runner. We have a lot of different girls on our team, just in the way that we practice. I think she does a good job of putting everyone together and using everyone’s strengths. It is hard when there are ten of us girls and each one of us has a different mindset going into the race. She has to understand each girl and how they function, which is hard to do.

A: Last year I was an AllAmerican, so this year I am trying to do that again. Nationals are in about three weeks away and I want to finish in the top-30 there as well.

Q: What is your favorite course to run at? A: I like the Aquinas course up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a pretty flat course and I just like any course that is flat. Q: What team do you like racing the most? A: Olivet Nazarene, we have a lot of friends on the team. They are also a very good competitive team.

Q: What are your overall feelings about being named the CCAC runner of the week three weeks in a row now? A: It is good and exciting. It kind of gave me more confidence for Conference coming up. Q: Do you have a sports idol? A: I like Ryan Hall, who is a marathon runner. He is the fastest American marathoner. Q: Do you have any memorable races? A: Last year at Nationals I was in fiftieth place and I was trying to go for top forty. I just felt really good and I ended up

SAY NO TO SCRATCHES. WASHING BY HAND IS THE BEST. Stop taking your vehicle machine car washes We really care about your car here! You pay less and get a high quality hand car wash Located only 2 mins away from SXU Share a smile with a clean car!

Free Car Wash on your Birthday *with photo id The purpose of a car wax is not just to give the finish a shine. It also gives the surface a hard coating to protect it from the elements $5 OFF Exterior Wash Must have student ID (on most cars)

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coming in twelfth and that was really exciting. I never would have thought that I would have finished that high up. I was going for top-40 and I ended up finishing in twelfth. Afterwards my coach came up to me and gave me a hug and she was crying at the time. It was just a really exciting moment for me. Q: How is the balance between school work and cross country? A: It’s tough and also being involved with MSPJ (Mercy Students for Peace and Justice) it’s not easy. I think that is all about time management. I plan out my day and schedule everything beforehand. I have to allot time for this and time for that, and there is a lot of things that I have to say no to which is hard, but I know my limits. Q: Would you ever want to race Brian Corcoran of the men’s cross country team? A: Ha-ha, he would demolish me for sure. He is a great runner.

Men’s and Women’s Soccer Finish Seasons Playoffs set to begin for soccer teams By Shane Kenney Sports Contributor The Saint Xavier University men’s and women’s soccer teams concluded their regular seasons this past week, both having games on Wednesday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 29. The men were victorious in both outings, while the women picked up a double-overtime tie and a loss. The men defeated Trinity International University by a score of 4-1 on Wednesday, which was Senior Night. Freshman midfielder Luis Medina tallied the game’s first goal 19 minutes in, assisted by senior midfielder Samuel Sprauer. Senior midfielder Al Palar scored just over four minutes later on a great cross from Medina. Palar assisted senior midfielder Adrian Guzman on a goal in minute 32, which gave the Cougars a 3-0 advantage at halftime. The Trojans scored early in the second half, but Saint Xavier netted one last goal in the minute 75 to seal the victory. Sophomore keeper Kyle Held had three saves for the Cougars. The men capped off their regular season with a 3-1 victory over Trinity Christian College on Saturday. The Trolls got on the board first, but the Cougars were able to fight back and score three consecutive goals, in minutes 44, 54 and 83, respectively. SXU finished the regular season with a record of ten wins and eight losses, going 8-2 in conference play. The Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) playoffs will begin on Saturday, Nov. 5. They will take on Cardinal Stritch University (Wis.) at home. Start time is to be determined.

Pictured Above: Luis Medina. Photo: SXU Athletics

The women fought their way to a scoreless, double-overtime tie with Trinity International University on Senior Night. Senior keeper Ashley Shugar earned her sixth shutout of the season and was outstanding in goal, but the Cougars could not find ways to score. Despite outshooting the visiting Trojans 18-9, the score still remained tied at the game’s end. The women traveled to Trinity Christian College on Saturday, ending their regular season with a 5-1 loss. The Trolls scored early and often, making it difficult for the Cougars to make a comeback. Freshman midfielder Monica Chavolla scored the lone SXU goal in minute 74 of play, pounding it into the back of the net. SXU finished the regular season with a record of eight wins, nine losses and a tie, going 4-5-1 in conference play. The CCAC playoffs will begin on Saturday, Nov. 5. The Cougars will take on Judson University on the road at 11 a.m.

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SPORTS Women’s Volleyball Team Sweeps Weekend Tournament By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor The Saint Xavier women’s volleyball team dominated at the McKendree University Tournament over the weekend in Lebanon, IL. The women have improved to 28-4 on the season and they are ready for the playoffs to begin. On Oct. 29, the Cougars faced off against Central Methodist (Mo.) and host McKendree University. On Oct. 28, the Cougars battled Iowa Wesleyan in the first matchup and that game was followed by a bout against Mount Mercy University (Iowa).

Senior Kim Scudder. Photo: SXU Athletics

In the first match-up against Iowa Wesleyan on Saturday, Oct. 28, the Cougars won in three sets with the final scores of 25-15, 25-14 and 25-12. This game was dominated by the Cougars and they blew by Iowa Wesleyan. Kayla Mullaney led the team in kills with thirteen and Kelli Shaffer added ten kills in this game. Ashley August, Desiree Aramburu and Jaclyn Major set up the offense very nicely with a combined 35 assists. Christine Bowe played well on the defensive side with a team leading 15 digs. This would be the first of four wins for the Cougars over the weekend. In the second match, the Cougars defeated Mount Mercy University in three sets. The final scores were 25-17, 25-23 and 25-9 all in favor of the Cougars. Kayla Mullaney was on the attack in this game, posting a team high 15 kills as well as six digs. Desiree Aramburu had a monster game with 26 assists and ten digs. Christine Bowe had another strong outing on defense with a team leading 22 digs. This game was the second win of the weekend tournament. On Sunday, Oct. 29, the Cougars faced off against Central Methodist in the first of two matches on the day. The Cougars won in three sets with the final scores of 25-17, 25-20 and 25-23. The Cougars had strong

offensive production with three players having double-digit kills. Kim Scudder had 14 kills, Aubrey Wanta had 11 kills and Colleen O’Hara also had 11 kills. Ashley August was huge in this game with a team leading 31 assists; Jaclyn Major also added 13 assists of her own. Christine Bowe held down the defense again in this outing with fourteen digs. This was the third win for the Cougars over the weekend. This win would put the Cougars at just one win away from a clean sweep of the weekend McKendree Tournament. In the second game on Sunday, the Cougars defeated host McKendree University in three sets. The final scores of this game were 25-18, 25-18 and 25-23. The Cougars played excellently on the defense in this game with a combined 56 digs for the team. Kayla Mullaney led the team in digs with 21, Aubrey Wanta chipped in 18 digs and Christine Bowe had 16 digs. The Cougars also got some strong offensive production in this contest. Kayla Mullaney, Kim Scudder and Aubrey Wanta combined for 36 of the team’s 49 kills in the game. The Cougars dominated in both the kill and dig category; the Cougars had 49 kills compared to 32 from McKendree, and the Cougars also had 72 digs compared to only 47 digs by McKendree.

Junior Kelly Knudsen has been huge for the Cougars this season. Photo: SXU Athletics

The Cougars played tremendously over the weekend and did not even lose one set in the McKendree Tournament. The

Cougars will head into the postseason now, but no match-ups have been announced.

Cougar Football Cruises to Victory Over Cardinals By Alan Paape Sports Correspondent The team traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan for their ninth game of the season and this time the team looking to knock the Cougars out of their no. 1 ranking was Concordia University, a team that has not won a game this season. Last week, the Saint Xavier Cougars continued their domination of the NAIA with their big win over the Taylor University Trojans on October 22, 2011 at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial field to improve their record to 8-0, and more importantly retain their number one national ranking. The Cougars’ trend of scoring early and often continued in this game. On the very first Cougar drive of the game, Jimmy Coy capped off a seventy nine yard drive with a seven yard touchdown pass to Cole Midgett. The Cougars would not score again until the end of the first quarter. After a holding penalty on the punt return, the Cougars found themselves backed up on their own fifteen yard line, but eight plays and eighty five yards later Coy punched the ball in himself on a one yard touchdown run. The Cougars now lead 14-0 after one quarter of play. The Cougars offense did not cool down in the second quarter.

On their first two possessions, the Cougars scored on a K.J. Franklin one yard touchdown run and on a Chase Catton sixty nine yard touchdown reception from second string quarterback Joe Gill. Before the end of the second quarter Gill would throw two more touchdown passes, a ten yarder to Shane Zackery, and a nineteen yarder to Patrick Kelso. At the end of the first half the Cougars lead 42-0. The Cougars’ all around domination of the game seemed not to take a break during halftime.

Zackery returned the second half opening kickoff fifty one yards to the Concordia twenty six and a fifteen yard face mask penalty spotted the ball at the Concordia eleven yard line. Two plays later, Sean Bryce ran the ball in to the end zone for his fifth rushing touchdown of the year. At the end of the third quarter the Cougars lead 49-0. The Cougars started off the fourth quarter also with a touchdown. Bryce ran the ball in from seven yards out, for his second touchdown of the game.

This capped off an eleven play, fifty one yard drive and on this drive the Cougars did not attempt one pass. Concordia put their first points on the board on their very next possession. After driving down the field sixty yards on six plays, the Concordia drive stalled and Noel Miller chipped in a twenty six yard field goal to bring the score to 56-3, Cougars. The Cougars would add one more touchdown in this game, which would come via the special teams unit. After a Spencer Nolan punt was fumbled by Concordia

From Left to Right: Mike Johnson, Chase Catton, Patrick Appino, and Michael Prosser. Photo: SXU Athletics

deep inside their own territory, Nick DeBenedetti scooped up the ball in the end zone for the ninth Cougar touchdown of the game. This would be the end of the scoring and when the time on the scoreboard read zero the Cougars improved to 9-0 with a 63-3 victory. With this victory, the Cougars improved their regular season winning streak to thirty one games. Gill had one of his best games as a Cougar with 202 passing yards and three touchdowns, Bryce lead the rushing attack with 94 yards and two touchdowns, Chase Catton caught five balls for 107 yards and a touchdown, and Midgett caught a whopping ten passes for eighty six yards and a touchdown. On the defensive side of the ball Michael Prosser led the attack with six and a half total tackles, four and a half of which were tackles for a loss. The Cougars’ next game will be their biggest test of the season, as they travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to take on the number two ranked team in the nation, Marian University. This will be the second time the Cougars found themselves in a number one versus number two matchup this season, the first was a 42-31 victory over the University of St. Francis of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Cougars hope to continue their record-breaking winning streak on Nov. 5.

November 2nd, 2011  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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