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Wednesday October 26, 2011


Piros Pleads Guilty

Hookahs to be banned in res. halls; ban may reach to all of campus

Former SXU VP admits to stealing close to $1 million from the university for a decade By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief Saint Xavier University’s former vice president of business and finance pleaded guilty Friday for embezzling more than $850,000 from the university in false claims for over a decade. “This ends a very difficult and trying time for the community,” said President Christine Wiseman. Susan Piros, 56, was in charge of managing and administering financial and business functions at SXU. She stole the money from a federally-funded program. Piros has agreed to pay restitution to SXU in an amount that is yet to be determined. SXU filed a claim with their insurance provider and the claim has been satisfied. Piros fraudulently received at least $854,493 in reimbursements

from SXU between 1998 and July 2009 using school-issued and personal credit cards, according to the release. Piros is looking at a maximum of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The written plea agreement in exchange for Piros’ admittance of guilt considers a federal sentence of 37 to 46 months in prison and sentencing is set for Jan. 13, 2012. Knowing that expenses under $10,000 only needed her approval, Piros frequently sent in fraudulent requests for reimbursement in amounts less than $10,000 for “school-related” expenses, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s office. Annually, during the months of July and August, she did not submit any reimbursement requests when SXU did its yearly audit. Piros was charged with theft in a criminal information that was

filed on Sept. 28. The release states that Piros fraudulently received at least $4,095 for personal expenses out of about $700,000 she searched for in reimbursement using her school-issued credit card. At least $26,486 was fraudulently obtained after Piros sought reimbursement of $284,000 that she claimed was made on behalf of SXU on her personal credit cards. Wiseman is expected to make an appearance at the sentencing to remind Piros of the devastating ramifications of her conduct. Some have attributed much of SXU’s financial woes to Piros. Like many universities across the U.S., SXU has seen its share of financial stress, which has included mandating involuntary furlough days for staff members, where they must took a ten-day unpaid PIROS > page


SXU Hosts First Zumbathon By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor Get on your feet. Feel the beat. And dance your way to a cure! Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance exercise program that has created a craze throughout the nation, has hit Saint Xavier University and has teamed up with members of the university to put on the SXU’s first ever Zumbathon. The event, called Party in Pink, is part of a nationwide campaign to help spread breast cancer awareness. “A Zumbathon is a dancing fundraiser event that benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,” said Kelly Mihalik, a junior nursing major and one of the main organizers of the event. All around the university in the form of flyers, table tents, digital signage, the SXU website, on Facebook and even on CBS Chicago’s webpage, the news about this fundraising effort has spread like wildfire to the members of the university community and beyond. The Zumba Party in Pink will occur on Sun., Oct. 30, from 2 – 4 p.m. with doors opening at 1 p.m. The inner workings of this huge event sprouted when Jessica Thiel, one of the Zumba instructors

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Two SXU students light-up on campus. Photo: THE XAVIERITE

By Genevieve Bonadonna Editor in Chief Hookahs will be banned from residence halls starting Jan. 1, 2012 and may soon be banned throughout all of campus as discussion about second-hand smoke inhalation and fire-safety of the device remain a focal point in ongoing discussion in Student Affairs. “Right now, we’re looking at other institutions to see what they’re doing and the trend is to outright ban them,” said Dean of Student Affairs Elieen Doherty. Hookahs are a multi-stemmed instrument used for smoking in which smoke is cooled by water. They will be labeled as drug paraphernalia in the Residence Life Student Handbook beginning in Spring 2012. Doherty said SXU is in the early stages of gathering information and no definitive

answer as to whether a campus-wide ban will be put into effect has been determined. When informed of the forthcoming ban, several students expressed disapproval. “Wow, that’s really stupid—I smoke my hookah as a way of socialization. I’m not hurting anybody,” said Paul Pulley, a freshman political science student. Criminal justice freshman Loren Lorenz said it was hypocritical of SXU to ban hookahs but not ban cigarette smoking. “It’s no different than smoking a cigarette, at least in terms of second-hand smoke,” Lorenz said. Current rules prohibit people from smoking within 25-feet from doorways across campus. Not all are against the ban, however. “I say good riddance,” said senior psychology student Emily HOOKAH >


Obama adivsor speaks at SXU By Kelley Lindsey Senior Viewpoints Editor

SXU student Kelly Mihalik and her mom, who inspired her to help organize the Zumbathon. Photo: KELLY MIHALIK

at SXU’s Shannon Center brought the idea to Jen Kjos’ attention. K j o s t h e n a s k e d Ke l l y Mihalik to help out with the event which sparked to life under their supervision and organization. “Of course I was on board right away since my mother is a six year survivor of breast cancer,” said Mihalik. “I got a variety of volunteers from the University Housing Staff, Student Government Association, Student Nurses Association, and Student Activities Board to help out with this wonderful event.” The event is open to the public. There is a registration fee

of $10 for SXU students and $15 for non-SXU students. Registration will occur at the door. The first 50 SXU students will receive a t-shirt. “This will be an amazing event because there are so many people affected by breast cancer and I think that spreading awareness in any way, shape, or form is a great idea,” said Jessica Munoz, a sophomore biology/pre-med major. A woman has a one in eight change of getting breast cancer in her lifetime. Approximately 2.5 million ZUMBA >

Has the vampire love affair gone too far? pages 6-7



Former White House Press Secretary and longtime Obama advisor Robert Gibbs spoke at Saint Xavier University on Thurs., Oct. 20. At around 7:15p.m., Gibbs took the stage in the gym of the Shannon Center to address a the audience after being introduced by SXU President Christine Wiseman, who gave a brief outline of the duties that the Press Secretary must fulfill. Gibbs complimented the students of SXU in the beginning of his speech, saying that he found the students he met with before the speech to be “Engaged, excited, and curious.” Mike Wurster, a junior business administration and organizational communications major, found Gibbs equally engaging.


“Coming from an advising position of both the Democratic and Republican parties, Gibbs offered up his views on the thrilling happenings which took place every day at the White House. I was excited to hear him talk, but never thought that he would be so personable and relatable to issues that I’m concerned with, such as Occupy Chicago.” Gibbs spoke on many topics, but split his speech into two main sections. The first was about his experience of being White House Press Secretary from Jan. 2009 to Feb. 2011. Gibbs said his White House experience was “truly remarkable” and that “things happened that you could not have possibly imagined.” This struck a chord with senior history major Emily Borchardt.

Both men and women’s cross-country finish in top-10




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The Xavierite

Troops to return home

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

By Macy Zamudio News Editor

The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655


Editor in Chief Genevieve Bonadonna Deputy Editor in Chief Tony Bara News Editors Ruby Venus Macy Zamudio Genevieve Bonadonna Viewpoints Editors Tony Bara Kelley Lindsey Grant Vargas Viewpoints Correspondent Kane McKeown Features Editors Janeen Wilkey Becki Brown Sports Editor Greg Pilafas Sports Correspondent Alan Paape Photographer Melissa Wrobel Business Manager Molly Knapper Copy Editors Allison Horn Mary Crane Contributors Crystal Contreras Shane Kenney Tony Gustin

On Friday, Oct. 22, President Barack Obama publicly announced plans for American soldiers to finally return home from Iraq by the end of 2011. According to the Huffington Post, Obama said, “As a candidate for president, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. So, today I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year.” The United States’ controversial war in Iraq began in March of 2003 under the Bush administration. American forces invaded Iraq under allegations that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, which later proved to be discredited. Extending nearly nine years, the war in Iraq has greatly impacted the U.S., costing the country 32,000 wounded soldiers and the deaths of more than 4,400 military members. The combined cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is more than $1.3 trillion. According to Yahoo! News, Obama said, “Over the next two months, our troops in Iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board convoys for the journey home.” While 40,000 militar y members are supposed to be returning by the end of the year, the U.S. is planning on retaining 150 to 200 troops in the country PIROS >

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vacation. Wiseman, however, was quick to point out that such blame cannot be placed solely on one individual. No n e t h e l e s s , W i s e m a n warned, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Students, like junior Sophia Mirza, have wondered how an individual in a position of such power could abuse its trust for such a prolonged period of time. “It really gets you to start questioning things,” the elementary education student said. “If a vice president—someone at one of the highest levels in an institution— could get away with stealing for so long, what’s to stop others?” Since firing Piros, SXU has taken a series of initiatives to

•Denmark’s government plans to introduce a new bill that will allow same-sex couples to get married. Currently, same-sex couples in Denmark are allowed “registered partnerships,” a civil status, but are denied from marriage. “The first same-sex weddings will hopefully become reality in Spring 2012,” said the new church minister, Manu Sareen. “I look forward to the moment the first homosexual couple steps out of the church.” Obama announced plans for American soldiers to return home. Photo:

as part of embassy security. Troops will also be present to help Iraqi civilians against possible threats from Iranians. Even before Obama took office, President George W. Bush approved a deal setting that all U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011. Obama did, however, attempt to withdraw troops by Aug. 31, 2010. Although Obama did not declare an American victory, he did state that soldiers would be leaving Iraq “with their heads held high, proud of their success.” He also mentioned various wins by American forces, most notably the killing of al-qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. With soldiers returning from

Iraq, relationships between the two countries are looking optimistic. Ali al-Moussawi, Iraqi government spokesman, said, “Both countries achieved their goals. Iraq wanted full sovereignty while the United States wanted its soldiers back home, and both goals are achieved.” A White House official said, “This will allow us to say definitively that the Iraq war is over, and that the partnership between the US and Iraq will be a normal one between two sovereign nations.” As the United States moves forward, Obama said, “After a decade of war, the nation that we need to build and the nation that we will build is our own.”

help further prevent another individual to take advantage of the position again. Such initiatives include requiring multiple levels of approval for requests, centralization of the review for all contracts by the Business Office, constant review of credit cards, monthly review of financial statements and separating the duties of Accounting, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts. Ray Catania took over as Chief Financial Officer in 2010 in the institutionally revamped Business Office. “I take my role here very seriously,” said Catania. “This new administration is striving towards better transparency, more openness and consistent communication on all levels. Catania said with all the new protocols in place, the abuse of

power Piros committed would be “incredibly difficult” to get away with now. Not trusting the administration after it allowed a vice president to steal money methodically for over a decade, perhaps, is a route that some students may choose to take for the time being. Still, there are those who have taken a “move along” approach. Junior criminal justice and anthropology student Thomas Keeling has taken a more positive outlook in light of the Piros situation. “We have a new president who’s done a damn good job given the circumstances she was thrown into. We’ve got to keep a broader perspective here,” said Keeling. “We’ll get through it.”

Webmaster Mike Catania Assistant Director of Campus Life Student Media Peter Kreten Journalistic Adviser Moira Mis

A Zumbathon banner. Photo:

1 women in the United States alone ZUMBA >

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have had breast cancer. Mihalik said, “My mother was one of those eight that received the diagnosis of breast cancer, I’m happy to say that she is a six year survivor. The goal of this Zumbathon is to fundraise and

World Bits

raise awareness so the number of women and men who are diagnosed seek treatment and the number of survivors increase.” The goal of the Zumbathon is to increase the survival rate of breast cancer victims. Breast cancer is the second leading form of death by cancer in

Photo Credits from Front Page Bar: 1) 2) www. 3) SXU Athletics

women, with a new case diagnosed every three minutes. “It’s all about the girl power,” said Brittany Gurtowski, a freshman nursing major. “The Zumbathon is not only doing this for a great cause but it’s also putting emphasis on staying healthy and active by dancing your way to a cure.”

• At least 279 people have been killed in an eastern Turkey earthquake as hundreds still remain injured and trapped in the ruins. The 7.2-magnitude earthquake caused 80 buildings to collapse. Growing concern for tens of thousands of people remains as many were forced to spend the night outdoors in near-freezing temperatures in the mountainous Van region. • Russian officials are open to the idea of a rail tunnel that links Russia to the U.S. The tunnel would run under the Bering Strait for 65 miles, which is twice the length of the UK-France Channel Tunnel. The tunnel would cost around $10-12 billion and take 10-15 years to build. GIBBS >

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“I thought the lecture was very interesting and provided good insight on the difficulties and how hard it is to predict a day at the White House. His anecdotes were entertaining as well,” Borchardt said. Gibbs detailed the most difficult days on the job, including crises such as the BP oil spill, pandemic flu, a Rolling Stone article that resulted in a change of commanders in Afghanistan, and North Korean missile tests. He stated that these were the toughest briefings of his career. The second part of his speech was dedicated to the upcoming election in 2012. He admitted that the level of dysfunction in Washington right now is unparalleled. He predicts that going into nominations, Mitt Romney will be strong, but he has good and bad. The good is that he is the “most consistent and steadiest.” The bad is that “no one really loves you.” He thinks the 2012 election will be the most important of our lifetime. He thinks it will be “exceedingly close.” At the end of his speech, Gibbs answered pre-selected student questions that covered the image of America in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and how to get young people more involved.

Any undergraduate students may write for The Xavierite. Other interested graduate students, faculty, administration and staff may write a “Letter to the Editor.”

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Service applications now available

The Xavierite

Family Weekend back to drawing board By Kane McKeown Viewpoints Correspondent

SXU students on a SBST in Savannah, GA. Photo: ESTHER SANBORN

By Ruby Venus Senior News Editor Interested in helping others? Feeling the need to show a little compassion for others? Want to get out and do service to those in the greater community? Well then, Saint Xavier University’s Spring Break Service Trips (SBSTs) might be right for you. The SBSTs allow for SXU students to do service for people in need. “ They are opportunities for students to be immersed in a different world while giving back,” said Julie Keller, a senior communication sciences and disorders major who went on multiple SBSTs in past years. This year, there are five available destinations for students to travel to and serve at: the Darst Center in Chicago, IL; Baltimore, MD; Glenmary Farm, KY; St. Louis, MO; and Joplin, MO. Esther Sanborn, director of Campus Ministry, explains how Glenmary Farm in Kentucky was a former SBST site in 2007 and how the one in Baltimore, MD has replaced the site in Savannah, GA. “Last year, Regina Byrnes, a nursing student who graduated from SXU, was volunteering with the Mercy Volunteer Corps in Savannah. This year, Aarika Zarnik, a biology student who graduated from SXU is volunteering with the Mercy Volunteer Corps in Baltimore, so she is our contact over there,” said Sanborn. The site in Joplin, MO was put in because efforts to rebuild and recover from the tornadoes that hit the area are being facilitated by the HOOKAH >

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Sisters of Mercy in that area. Approximately five students with two staff members are sent to each site. SXU students enrolled in the spring semester are eligible to apply to go on a SBST. There are approximately 25–30 spots available for students to apply for. “These trips are excellent experiences for students to see the world in a completely different way. They create life-long memories for students,” said Keller. Students can pick up applications in McDonough Chapel, Student Affairs (L-208), and Campus Life (L-103). “Service trips are a unique opportunity to work in solidarity alongside others and allow people to experience something they may not have experienced otherwise,” said Lauren Bryk, a sophomore early childhood education major who went on a service trip last year. Applications are due on Nov. 11 in the Chapel with a $50 deposit. Financial assistance is available to students who request it. Students are encouraged to attend these trips and cost should not be a deterrent. Keller said, “These trips are amazing, and I don’t know anyone who did not enjoy them. I would suggest everyone going on one of these trips while at SXU.” For more information about the Spring Break Service Trips, application process, and financial information, contact Esther Sanborn at or ext. 3419.


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Family Weekend had been planned to take place over this past weekend here on campus and would have included numerous scheduled events in which parents and their students here at Saint Xavier University could have participated. Due to a lack of interest and funding, the entire event was cancelled earlier last week by its founders, SGA and Campus Life. Both organizations, according to Samantha Maher Sheahan, Director of Campus Life and Assistant Dean of Students, are actively planning for next year’s Family Weekend and trying to avoid the same pitfalls that led to this year’s cancellation. “Registration was open until [the week of the 9th through the 15 th].We cancelled it after the deadline we had stated had passed,” Sheahan said. “We cancelled because we didn’t have enough people registered to be able to sustain the program. We were hoping for about 50 families but less than 20 families signed up.” There were a number of concerned parents, some who had already registered, and some who had not, who called in to question this decision. Sheahan stated, “There were parents that called about the cancellation, but even if we had extended the deadline, which we could have done, we still would have had less than 30 families registered. And 50 families really was the minimum we wanted to have so we could fund all the events.”

The weekend’s planned events this year included sessions on study abroad, career sessions, the financial aid department meeting with parents, a faculty reception for both parents and students, a tailgate party before the home football game, the football game itself, activities for children (charmingly called “Cougar Cubs”), a casino night, a tour focusing on the Mercy aspects of SXU, mass, and brunch with President Wiseman. Registration for Family Weekend was done online and stipulated a 50 dollar fee for each parent that would be in attendance. T h i s fe e i n c l u d e d t h e student or students, a t-shirt, and admittance into all of the scheduled events except for brunch with the President, for which an extra 15 dollars per parent would be required. Notification of the event had gone out primarily to first year students and their parents during the month of June. Following that, all other students should then have been notified of the event. Despite this, there was a severe lack of families that had registered by the deadline. Funding for Family Weekend was provided for in part by both SGA and Campus life, but the primary source of funding for the events would have come from the registration fees. This cumulative lack of interest in the event led to a deficit of funds which in turn left SGA and Campus Life with no alternative other than to cancel the entire event. Not to be deterred, plans for next year’s Family Weekend are already being solidified. On tackling the most

Halloween Bash approaching By Macy Zamudio News Editor For those students who are still looking for something fun to do on this year’s Halloween night, there’s no need to look any further. On Oct. 31, Saint Xavier University’s Resident Housing Association will be hosting their annual Halloween Bash at the Andrew Conference Center from 9:30p.m. to 11:30p.m. With the last few days of October finally approaching, Halloween plans are most definitely on the minds of many SXU students. However, being college students may possibly impede old Halloween traditions that are usually celebrated. Luckily, the Halloween Bash can serve as a new form of entertainment for students to enjoy their Halloween. Amber Prskalo, president of RHA, described the Bash as follows, “The Halloween Bash is basically a fun gathering for students. Both residents and commuters are welcome to come, and the event is free to attend.”

Describing this year’s festivity, Prskalo said, “There’s going to be plenty of activities at the Bash. Food and drinks will be served, games will be played, costume contests will be held, and there’s always social interaction among everyone. Many prizes will be given for the costume contests and games.” This is not going to be the first year Resident Housing has hosted the event. The Halloween Bash has been held in previous years. Prskalo added, “The event has taken place for the past couple of years, but with each year, it just keeps getting better.” After a long day of classes and studying, an amusing event such as the Halloween Bash can definitely help students unravel from their strenuous schedules. What better way to enjoy the night than by hanging out with friends, participating in fun activities, indulging in refreshments, and wearing one’s wacky costume! For more information on the Halloween Bash, students may contact RHA at rha@mymail.sxu. edu

important issue, money, Sheahan said, “I’m hoping we can potentially come up with a tiered pay system. Where there’s a smaller fee for initial registration and then if you want to add pieces to it, you could. For example, you could add the tailgating, you could add the game, and so forth.” She went on to hypothesize that a parent with a commuter student may not feel so inclined to spend the amount of money they had originally been asking to “hang out” at school when they could do the same thing for less money any other weekend. “It still will have to have a nominal fee of 15 to 20 dollars,” Sheahan said. “I’m hoping the tiered pay system will help. Some parents may just want to come and hang out with their student, not necessarily go to every scheduled event, so it may make Family Weekend more flexible.” The schedule of events will be largely the same, as too will the time of year. Sheahan said, “The plan is to get the word out to the upperclass students earlier than this year. There were fliers everywhere but I’m not sure if people knew it was also on the web and so on.” Fo r n e x t ye a r, st u d e n t organizations will be contacted to help as well as participate. “We will be doing more work with individual student organizations and groups and things like that to make sure that in spring people know when the date is in fall so parents can plan for it,” Sheahan stated.

Cougar Bites •Film Presentations: Tony will be presented by Invisible Children sponsored by MSPJ on Oct. 27 at 5p.m. in McGuire Hall. Skin Deep will be presented in McGuire Hall on Oct. 28 at 12p.m. •Events: Multicultural Night in the Butler Reception Room on Oct. 27 at 7p.m. featuring cultures from around the world. Trip to Chicago History Museum on Oct. 29; sign-ups in Campus Life (L-103). Zumbathon! in the Shannon Center at 2p.m. on Oct. 30; $10 for SXU students & $15 for non-SXU participants. All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

An SXU student takes a puff of the good stuff (tobacco). Photo: THE XAVIERITE

Klyczek. “It’s impossible to walk outside in-between classes and not get hit by puffs of smoke.” Hookahs present a firehazzard, according to Doherty, when students bring the devices

inside when they are still freshly lit. Melissa Perry, a senior nursing student, then questioned why hookahs—not cigarettes—were being unfairly targeted. “If it’s a fire-safety issue,

couldn’t the same be said if I threw my cigarette into a bush and it caught on fire?” Perry said. Perry also mentioned how hookahs have cultural relevance, where they are used especially in

India and the Middle East. “Hookahs bring with them significant cultural significance. The administration should keep that in mind,” Perry said.

•Sports & Athletics: Women’s Soccer vs. Trinity International University [HOME] at 5p.m. on Oct. 26.

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The Xavierite

VIEWPOINTS > Editorial <

Hookah Hooplah By The Xavierite Staff Smoking kills, marijuana is a gateway drug – these are lessons that have been shoved down our throats since grade school, with varying degrees of effectiveness and efficiency. But what has ever been taught about hookah? Not much, that is for sure. What even is hookah? Hookah is flavored tobacco that is smoked through a thin hose that picks up the moisture from the water within the main body and the heat and smoke itself from underneath the coal that ignites the tobacco. But what you should learn besides that, and quickly, is that hookah is going to become banned in residence halls starting the first of January. The question of “why” probably comes to mind for many of the readers. It is also a question that has flitted about the office here at The Xavierite as well. It is difficult to understand the reasoning behind this considering that hookah is not easily qualified as a “drug.” Of course, a drug is what it is, but it is one that is most likened to the ways that both alcohol and cigarettes are drugs. Let’s focus on just comparing hookahs to cigarettes since SXU is a dry campus. What we are really saying, though, is that there are more dangers involved with smoking cigarettes than with smoking hookah. We here at The Xavierite would be belittling ourselves, and the readers as well, to start quoting all the facts about how many deaths cigarettes cause. That’s common knowledge by this point. But good luck finding any faculty, staff, or security harassing people who smoke cigarettes on the quad. Or even worse, people who violate the boundaries rules and smoke cigarettes right outside the doors of the campus buildings and

dormitories. Why focus on hookahs when such a small population uses them on campus? Why not concentrate on the larger amount of students who smoke cigarettes so close to the Warde Academic Building’s doors. Whatever happened to the 20-foot smoking ban passed by Congress? This law prohibits smoking within 20-feet of a campus building. Has SXU disregarded this law? Yet, being harassed is exactly what is happening to those who smoke hookah. Currently, hookahs, like cigarettes, are banned from being used indoors and specifically in dormitories. That makes sense, there is a state law against smoking indoors, and hookah does indeed involve smoke. Still, the real issue with hookah stems from it aesthetic similarity to a bong and its ability to actually be used as a bong – illegal substances and all. Notice in the description of hookah above, hookah does not involve the use of illegal drugs or anything else legally questionable. People could use it in ways that are outside of its intended purpose, but that seems somewhat nearsighted considering that people can just as easily roll their own cigarettes, substituting marijuana for tobacco. We do not think SXU is actually filled with such deviants. But we are concerned at how one-dimensional these anti-drug measures are becoming. The ban does not yet extended to the campus entirely, but so far, it is planned to ban them entirely from the residence halls. But this does technically ban it from campus since students in dorms have no place to store the device. And no commuter student is going to drag the entire thing back and forth just for a period of relaxation with their friends. We just have to question the need for such regulations when cigarettes seem to be a more prevalent issue.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Such letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

K���’� R����, M������, ��� O���� B���������

What Your Halloween Costume Says By Kane Mckeown Viewpoints Correspondent

Halloween is upon us; one of the few times of the year you can dress up in some ridiculous costume without immediately being socially excommunicated. Well, I have some bad news for you all. For the majority of the readers of this paper, you are at a very unique age for this holiday. You are too old to trick-or-treat without dirty looks and too old to throw eggs and shaving cream without legal repercussion. Yet, you are still too young to really appreciate the sublime beauty in sitting at home, costume-free, handing out laced candy bars to arrogant teenagers. That leaves you squarely in the age range where it is still completely socially acceptable to dress up, but puts you in the odd position of having nearly nothing to do with your newfound look unless you are getting together with friends for some kind of party. And maybe dressing like an idiot and partying with your friends is exactly the thing you should be doing at this age. But the costume you choose to wear can really say a lot about you, despite what you thought you were saying.. The Typical Halloween Costume (store bought Super Hero, Witch, Vampire, Cowboy, etc.) What you think it says about you: “Halloween is cool, but I don’t need to go crazy with a costume. I’ll just run to a costume shop and pick

up a Captain Jack Sparrow outfit. As long as I’m dressed up, I’ve got this holiday covered.” What others will say about you: “Alright, I counted. There are three vampires, four witches, two gladiators and at least seven pirates. I think one of them may have been going for Captain Jack Sparrow. What? They were all Jack Sparrow?” The Cheap DIY (found all the pieces of your costume at the thrift store or in your attic) What you think it says about you: “Look at all those people, running around in their store bought costumes. Ha! I made a costume more authentic looking and spent way less. And the best part is, I don’t need to worry about quality since my costume is made from real fabric, not that weird plastic stuff everyone else’s costume is made of.” What others will say about you: “I really hope Jenny bought those clothes specifically for Halloween, they look ratty. I mean, she pulled off a really good hippie, but that’s partially due to the fact that her outfit smells like a dusty carpet and old sweat.” The Lavish (buying high quality clothing and skillfully hand-making the clothing for your costume or buying a high quality premade costume) What you think it says about you: “Halloween is my favorite holiday, I refuse to under-appreciate it by wearing some flimsy store bought thing. Look at this Venetian Masquerade outfit I made. Oh, the embroidery is stellar, and the half mask, a perfect representation.

Who wouldn’t appreciate this?” What others will say about you: “That girl has got to stop taking this so seriously. This isn’t the Renaissance Fair. I mean, why the heck did she put so much effort into that thing? She’s wearing it for what, one or two parties? She totally wins the prize for most overdressed Beer Pong player.” The Funny as an Idea, not as a Costume – Typically Male (Postman with a package over crotch, Giant Baby, Giant Hamburger, Genie Lamp that says “Rub Me,” etc.) What you think it says about you: “Oh man, this costume is sweet. How freaking clever is this? Everyone is going to get such a kick out of this! I don’t get why people take Halloween so seriously. They’ve got to lighten up, man.” What others will say about you: “Oh my god. Did you see Travis? He’s dressed as a breathalyzer with a tube over his crotch that says ‘Blow Me.’ All the other girls are avoiding him like the plague. Why did I even invite him? Ugh, he’s so stupid.” The Sexy Blank – Female Only (the sexy version of literally anything – Sexy Baseball Player, Sexy Pirate, Sexy Super Hero, Sexy Lamppost) What you think it says about you: “Oh, look at this, I love it! It’s stylish, it’s cute, it’s super sexy. I can finally let loose a little bit and show off some skin. Practically every other girl is going to dress like this anyway, it’s not like I’ll be called a slut or something.” What others will say about you: “Dude, check out how slutty that girl looks! I’d get her number.”

Horror Movies: Bloody or Brilliant? By Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

So what do you get when you add fall, Halloween, and longer nights? Scary movie season! It is that favorite time for those of you who love horror flicks. Scary movies have long since drawn large crowds, so people can experience what they fear most without the danger. The original Dracula (1931) was thought to be so terrifying that audience members fainted, and were taken out in ambulances. Over the years America has grown desensitized, so now producers have to up the ante. They have given us such great franchises like Saw, Final Destination, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th. Who cannot deny the fun of watching horrible actors, dumb plotlines, and predictable scares? Now this is not a rag on all horror movies because there are some very nicely done films out there, but rather speaking out against mindless drivel produced. Everyone is afraid of something,

and the movies find a way to package that fear; and then turn it into a fun experience. As consumers of this product we can choose what we want to see, and right now senseless gore is in demand. Is that really what we want to see, or are we simply going with the flow? If I am going to spend ten bucks on a movie, it should be worth every cent. The horror movies over the past twenty or so years are so blatantly formulaic and predictable it is sickening. How sad is it when you can accurately foretell the order in which characters die? To start off right the useless support character that is sort of likeable dies, followed by comical death of the not so bright character to make it easier to watch. Why do minority characters always get picked off in the middle of the movie? Aside from character stereotyping, the characters always do the dumbest things possible. How many times have you been watching a movie and yell, “Do not go down the hallway,” and the like? It makes me want to slap the director, producer, or writer who put that scene in. Another classic trick that is

far too over used it the climatic music right before the big scare. Say a character is walking down that dark, scary hallway, and the music just keeps getting more intense the further into the abyss they go; then BAM out pops the frightening entity just as the music hits that final high note. I hate this because I know what is about to happen, yet it still spooks me. As for the actors who sign up for these movies, they are just as bad as the tricks. When you boil down the performances there really are three types: the ones who run and scream, stand around and cry, or the quiet one who turns out to be the killer. How is it even possible to enjoy a movie with ever yone wailing about and constantly over dramatizing? So when you are looking for a good movie to watch this Halloween season, try looking under the suspense subgenre. The action might not be as fast, but at least the plot does try to insult the audience’s intelligence. P.S. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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The No-Spin Truth about Zombies By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

ALERT: The Center for Disease Control has recently issued an emergency guide on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. I say about time. The threat of the undead rising to devour the living has existed since George A. Romero first made us aware of it in his 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead. We need to be ready. With that said, I would like to separate zombie fact from zombie fiction. The existence of zombies is not in question. They are out there. But certain shows and movies such as The Walking Dead, of which I am a fan, are trying to spread panic by their overblown depictions of a zombie apocalypse. Pa n i c w i l l o n l y c a u s e confusion and disorder, and when the zombies do come, we will be at quite the disadvantage. We need to face this threat in an orderly, rational manner. They can only take over if we let them. So without further ado, allow me to present some of the problems I have with popular culture’s depiction of zombies. First of all, there is always a dilemma on how you can become a zombie. Some movies say you need to get bit by an existing zombie. Others say there is an airborne virus that brings the dead to life. The logical answer is that both

of the above are true. There needs to be an original zombie or set of zombies after all, and therefore those zombies couldn’t have been bitten. Hence, it begins with an airborne virus bringing the dead to life in a specific location. That is why quarantine is the most important factor in preventing the wide spreading of a zombie infestation. I am sure that the CDC already has a quarantine plan that they would kick into action if the zombies came all of a sudden. Which leads me to my next point; in most of these zombie movies, it seems like one day everyone is normal and then the next ninety percent of the world is either dead or a zombie-fied, and a few small pockets of human resistance remain. Nothing spreads this fast. Even if the CDC messed up and failed to quarantine an area, zombies move extremely slowly, and they probably would not be getting aboard airplanes. There would be plenty of time to isolate and destroy the small pocket of zombies before they got too far. But what if they did somehow manage to spread and infect large portions of a continent (and it would have to be a continent because it would take them forever to cross an ocean)? The movies seem to make them almost invincible, not as invincible

The Center for Disease Control has a zombie emergency plan. Photo:

as the phony vampires in Twilight, but still pretty indestructible. Insofar as it takes a headshot to kill a zombie, this is true. A zombie is controlled purely by one area of the brain, the area which controls basic life functions. If that area is shot off, the zombie simply ceases to operate. Now, I have seen movies where a headless zombie is moving around or just an arm or leg continues to kill after the body has been eliminated. This is impossible. A zombie still needs the brain to function, so a single arm could not move by itself. So rest assured, if a zombie is going to attack you, it will attack you intact, or not at all, the exception

Women’s Halloween Costumes Get Sillier and Sexier By Kelley Lindsey Senior Viewpoints Editor

Just when I thought that Halloween costumes could not get more ridiculous, I saw an advertisement for a sexy crayon costume. Yes, you read that correctly. Now coloring has to be sexy, along with everything else, that is, if you are a woman. It is seemingly impossible to find a costume that is not preceded by the word “sexy.” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about being sexy. But the ubiquity of these costumes is frightening. When you are a child you are told you can be anything you want. When you become an adult, you can be anything you want…as long as it is conventionally sexy. I have two major problems with the sexy costume epidemic. The first problem is the complete unfairness of it all. A male is not expected to be a sexy superhero, a sexy soldier, or a sexy zombie. They can just be a superhero, soldier, or zombie. Why does the double standard exist? Is it because men are automatically sexy? Or is it because women are expected to look sexy, whether they have just woken up or are dressed as Big Bird from Sesame Street? I am willing to bet that it is the latter on that one. That is not to say that men do not have pressure on them

Maybe her date can be a sexy coloring book. Photo:

to look good. There is a certain pressure for men to look and act in a certain way. However, that is entirely different issue and one that is way less prominent. The second is that it puts pressure on women to dress provocatively. If you want to dress a certain way, I absolutely and wholeheartedly encourage it. However, if you feel like you will be ridiculed because your costume has more fabric than a dish rag, then you are not dressing that way because you want to. Do not get me wrong, dressing modestly does not make someone better than one who chooses to

show some skin; neither does it make them worse. It is simply a matter of a person’s personal preference. But when you walk into a costume shop and search online and nearly every woman’s costume has the word “sexy” in front of it, I think it is very telling of how sexist and distorted our society is, and the unfair values that it promotes. Plus, what these costumes portray as sexy is usually what the average white straight guy finds sexy. It does not take into account what other people of all genders find sexy. I have already had some males say,“Trust us; we do not mind this trend at all!” And to that I say: this is not about you. It is about women being forced to live up to every male’s fantasy, instead of being able to indulge in her own on the one day a year we are supposed to be who or whatever we want. The standards women are held to are absoluetly ridiculous and demeaning; it is about time we stop spreading the idea that women’s only purpose is to serve the male gaze. In summation, I want to say that I think everyone should dress exactly how they want to on Halloween, and every day of the year. Do not feel like you have to live up to anyone’s standard except your own. You should ear whatever makes you feel sexy. Or scary. Or powerful. Or whatever you want to feel like, no matter what gender you are. Have a great and safe Halloween!

being a dismembered zombie head which can still bite you if you go up to it. But you would be a fool to let a zombie successfully bite you. Here’s why. As mentioned, they move very slowly. Even if you are on crutches, just hopping on one leg will successfully outrun them. Now the movies will tell you that the entire military can be wiped out by zombies. In one scene in The Walking Dead, for example, the zombies have apparently defeated a tank. This is laughable. Zombies do not think. Even if they reached the tank, they would not know how to get in.

Thus, the military would quickly quell a zombie invasion before you even knew about it. So don’t become hysterical. Popular culture exaggerates the threat zombies pose to society. It’s media hype more than anything else. As long as you remain calm, read the CDC’s zombie preparedness guide, and go on with your daily life, the zombies cannot win. The only danger is if terrorist groups use a biological zombie weapon in order to spread the virus worldwide, then we’re all in very deep trouble.

Campus Poll

What would you do if zombies invaded campus?

Katrina Morgan, sophomore, bio/prehealth

Dorian Lostan, freshman, criminal justice

“I’d run and cry frantically. Oh man, let’s not even go there.”

“Grab as many weapons as I can and take them out.”

Meghan Schmidt, senior, biology “I’d grab as much food as possible and get the heck out.”

Shaleta Lathon, sophomore, psychology “I would box myself into my room so I wouldn’t die.”

Shonice James, sophomore mass communications “I would shoot them and run, then call 911. Damn, I’d get out.”

Bob Mason, senior, mass communications “I’d go to the mall and take stuff to use in my defense.”

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When Love By: Becki Brown Features Editor Halloween used to be a time of terror and mayhem, but lately it has been evoking other feelings. Things that go bump in the night give some people heart palpitations for a different reason now. To make a long story short, people are taking this love of Halloween a bit too far. By no means am I indifferent about Halloween. As a matter of fact, I’m a bit obsessed. I love the whole idea of a night dedicated to the occult, the creepy, the dark, the macabre, and the strange. Plus, hey, free candy. Who doesn’t love free candy? What bothers me is the people who have gone a step beyond loving aspects of the holiday. They have moved on to loving something else: the monsters that embody the spirit of Halloween, namely vampires and werewolves. I know monsters need love, too, but if one more girl tells me that she is going to marry Edward Cullen, I just might scream. First of all, this whole” lust for the undead” thing didn’t really kick off until Twilight came out. Before that, if someone said they were in love with the living dead, they would be called a freak or maybe be institutionalized. Now, it is socially acceptable for girls to say that they want to run off with a dead guy that is only alive because he feeds off the blood of the living.

The characters that people are so obsessed with now aren’t even accurate portrayals of the actual creatures that they supposedly depict. The original vampire stories are a lot different from newer vampire stories. Originally, vampires were dark, mysterious creatures who would seduce young people, bite them, drain their blood, and turn them into their undead slave. These stories were used to warn young people from having premarital sex. If they let some stranger “bite” them, they would become something less than human, an adulterer. Nowadays, being in love with a vampire is glorified. Edward Cullen is viewed as a teenage heartthrob even though he is hundreds of years old and very dangerous to young ladies’ lives and reputations. What has happened to werewolves is no better. People turn into werewolves during a full moon after being bitten (again with the biting) by someone already infected. Then, every full moon, the werewolf would transform into a terrifying beast that would in turn look for other people to bite and turn into terrifying beasts during other full moons. This sounds like a story to keep children out of the forest at night, and it was. Just like vampires, werewolves were effective tools for parents to use to keep their children from misbehaving. Werewolves did not run around shirtless. Well, I guess they did in their wolf form, but not their human form. They were not there to be your friend. They were there to maul you to death when you wandered off at night. Here is what bugs me about things like Twilight. First of all, nowhere in vampire folk lore have I EVER seen it say that vampires sparkle in the sun. Burst into flames: yes. Die horrible, agonizing deaths: yes. Look like they have had a vat of

glitter dumped on them: no. Real vampires do not sparkle. Second, werewolves canno transform at will. Jacob Black can. I understand that eventually in the series they finally say that he is a lycanthrope, not a werewolf. A lycanthrope can transform at will, as opposed to a werewolf, who is forced to transform every full moon. I’m completely fine with the idea of lycanthropes, but people need to stop calling him a werewolf because it’s just not true Now add preteen/ teenage girls into the mix. This is where things really start to get crazy. Girls are practically worshiping the metaphorical ground that these fictionalized, inaccurate portrayals of vampires and werewolves walk on. Obviously, they have never watched Tim Burton’s Corpse Brid because otherwise they would know that the living cannot be married to the dead. As much as they hope and wish, they will never be able to marry a vampire or a werewolf. It would be illegal. Also, what are the odds of actually finding a monster that is going to fall in love with you instead of trying to suck your blood or eat your brains? Honestly, you have a bette chance of finding “the perfect man than finding your own Edward or Jacob, unless Edward or Jacob is your perfect man. In that case, yo might have bigger problems to deal with.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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e Gets Scary

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I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s not going to work out. Photo

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Is the Book Always Better Than the Movie? By Janeen Wilkey Senior Features Editor What if I told you there are some movies that are just as good as the book? Sounds crazy, right? Do not worry, not all movies are as good as the books, some are just plain terrible. But there are three that are pretty close. The first is a classic: To Kill A Mockingbird. This classic book about prejudice during the Great Depression was turned into a film in 1962. Gregory Peck starred as the main character’s lawyer father, Atticus Finch. After seeing this movie, I cannot imagine seeing anyone as Atticus Finch. Just watch the trial scene on YouTube if you don’t believe me. The movie itself is pretty faithful to the book and is enjoyable. The next movie that was just as good as the book is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Before you start throwing tomatoes at me, let me say that the movies can never capture the rich history and magic of Tolkien’s world. There is no way because the audience would have to sit for a long way. Now that that has been said, the movies again are pretty faithful to the books. There are some things cut out, but again the audience would be in the theater for six hours if every detail from the book had been kept in the movie. It is an entertaining trilogy that lives up the books. Now, you are sitting there wondering what book I will

mention next. Well, to save you from suspense, it is The Hunger Games. This trilogy is pretty popular right now, and is about the United States in the very distant future. If you have not picked up the books yet, I highly recommend them. If you are already a fan, you are probably thinking why I think the

Do you agree that this movie was just as good as the book, or has Janeen lost her mind? Photo:

book and movie are equal since the movie does not come until March 2012? I love this series so much that I am confident that the movie will live up to the book. Yes, I was upset about whom they cast as Peeta, Gale Katniss, and the other characters, but seeing pictures of people in their costumes got me excited. I do admit that part of me is a little worried that the movie will not live up the the books (just look at Harry Potter), but than again it will not change my opinion of the books.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If, however, the movie is terrible, you have my permission to send nasty emails to my account. Of course books are usually better than the movies, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the movies and say that some are just as good, because they are. So, do not be hesistant about seeing a movie based on your favorite book. Sure, it could be a complete flop, just look at the Twilight series (and yes I am a Twilight fan, unlike other members of The Xavierite - but do not hold that against me).Than agian, you could be fairly surprised. Just remember, the movies are someone else’s interpretation of a movie. It may be different from yours, but do not go after the poor director with a pitchfork. Sometimes the author themselves is part of the movie process, and if they approve, why shouldn’t the fans? Oh, and for goodness sakes, do not get fed up just because a character’s hair is different from the book. Unless the hair in question has an awesome super power- it is just hair. And this goes for features of a character. And this is coming from someone who is STILL mad about the fact that Harry’s eyes are green not blue. Ok, time to step off the soapbox. The point is, yes movies do not live up the books most of the time, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy them.

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Robert Gibbs: A Recap of Panel Discussion and an Interview By Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s former White House Press Secretar y and current a d v i s o r, a n s we re d st u d e n t questions during an exclusive panel discussion held before his Oct. 20 lecture at Saint Xavier University. The Xavierite conducted its own brief interview with Mr. Gibbs after the discussion as well. The White House Insider shared a great deal of knowledge and expertise about the upcoming 2012 presidential campaign. When asked which Republican candidate would be the toughest for Obama to defeat, Gibbs said, “It is hard at any given time to come to that conclusion…I would bet Mitt Romney right now, but the polls can change.” H e we n t o n a n a l y z i n g Romney, dubbing him “the safe prom date” since his poll numbers have remained constant while other candidates have risen to the top for conservatives. “For a long time, Republicans have been dissatisfied with their candidates,” said Gibbs, “and no one is getting excited.” Thus, although he believes Republicans will probably rally around Romney, they would prefer someone else. “Rick Perry still has a chance,” he said. Tu r n i n g to O b a m a ’ s campaign strategy, Gibbs was asked how the president would rekindle the charismatic enthusiasm many people felt for him during 2008,

Robert Gibbs addresses students in the student panel before his lecture. Photo: University Relations

amid the current economic gloom. In reply, Gibbs said that Obama needs to “make sure that each and every day he fights for the values he fought for as president.” These “animating values he has haven’t changed,” continued Gibbs. He mentioned that one of those values is fighting for the middle class and for those who aspire to reach it. Addressing the fact that Obama has been losing popularity, Gibbs said, “It’s hard to live up to the perfect version of yourself” if you are president. “I feel as though in many ways this election is an extension of the last. Four years later people are anxious about the same things,” said Gibbs. That is why, he implied, Obama’s “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” narrative will continue. “It is not a slogan but it is what animates him and the country,” said Gibbs of that narrative. He believes that enthusiasm will grow in the coming months for the Obama re-election campaign. Nevertheless, he admitted that “this will be a very, very close

election” because of the great “anxiety” felt across the country. His belief in this anxiety was reflected in his view of the Occupy Wall Street protests. “I do not know what Occupy Wall Street’s central message is,” said Gibbs, but “it embodies the immense frustrations Americans have felt for a long time.” He stated that the economic calamity that is largely responsible for this frustration arose gradually, citing the fact that median household income has actually declined over the past decade, while prices have risen. “Saint Xavier students are essentially paying 2011 tuition on a 1999 income,” he pointed out. Gibbs also compared the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Tea Party, saying that “each extreme represents a level of dissatisfaction in our country.” Gibbs maintained that changes must be enacted both in Washington and on Wall Street in order to address these extremes. He implied that the dissatisfaction very much impacts how Americans view career politicians and Washington on both sides.

Five creatures that go bump in the night By Brian Maloney Features Contributor 5) Werewolf- It’s the dead of night. The full moon is high and the transformation has begun. A man, innocent most of the time, but that one night with the full moon, he becomes a werewolf out to spread to disease that he has. Depicted in Harry Potter, Van Helsing, and just about everything you can think of, werewolves are as Halloween as pumpkins. 4) Vampire- The vampire is just as old as the werewolf. Shown as Dracula, Nosferatu, and even The Count on Sesame Street, these monsters are everywhere. Teeth sharp as a canine, wings of a bat, and undead of course, they rule the night. The list of different types, sizes, and world areas of the vampire just go on and on and on; I hope it stays that way. 3) Skeleton- Who here has never seen one? Exactly. The skeleton is most likely the second most famous image of Halloween, other than the pumpkin. Obviously, it was just a bone structure, but Halloween took this one and ran with it. The skeleton is the classic monster. 2) The Grim ReaperShrouded in a cloak black as the night, standing with a scythe sharp as a knife, the Grim Reaper has come for the dead. It’s been called the Angel of Death, Thanatos, Azrael, or just Death. It’s

everywhere: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Final Destination, Dante’s Inferno; EVERYWHERE! Death is definitely one of my favorites. It is so awesome, it even got its touch on Christmas as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. And don’t forget the hilarious version in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Death can be funny or scary, but Death will always be there. What monster is scarier than Death? What species beats out the werewolf? Who’s more undead than the Skeleton? 1) Zombies- “The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of 40,000 years, and grizzly ghouls from every tomb, are closing in to seal your doom. And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver, for no mere mortal can resist…the evil of the Thriller!” Nothing sums up why the undead win better than the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Nothing , and I mean nothing, is as thrilling as fighting for your life against a horde of zombies. George A. Romero has made them the most famous and fearful creatures. Think about it. Michael Jackson, Call of Duty, Devil Wears Prada, Zombieland, 28 Days Later, World War Z, the Resident Evil universe; the undead are everywhere! Almost all of us have had that classic conversation: “What’s your plan for the Zombie Apocalypse?” Marvel Comics has a universe surrounding zombies,

“The country sees Washington politics as a game, and they would like someone who never played that game,” said Gibbs as he explained the popularity of Republican candidate Herman Cain, a former pizza owner with no political experience. He later qualified his belief saying, “I think you need some level of experience, but not getting involved in the game will be a huge benefit.” In terms of reforming Wall Street, Gibbs said, “I think back to the times when CEOs made less. For instance, Henry Ford wanted to pay employees well so they could afford the cars they worked to produce.” He believes this is a better mentality. Tu r n i n g to h e a l t h c a re , Gibbs addressed the Republicans’ threat of repealing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act if one of their candidates wins the presidency. If a Republican becomes president it “will be a race between implementation [of the plan] and repeal,” he believes. Fur thermore, he cited America’s increasing health concerns, giving the rising rate of childhood obesity as an example. “What will Republicans replace it [the bill] with?” he asked. “We must ask ourselves what we’re willing to have and what we’re willing to pay for,” he further emphasized. Gibbs also discussed how policies, like Obama Care, and the upcoming elections are impacted by social media like Facebook

and Twitter. “It is important that everyone participate in this marketplace of info, he stated. “ The burden of finding information is no longer on you…it’s there,” he continued. On the down side he said, “an embarrassing video can go viral in minutes.” He explained that the president takes all of this into account and is always aware that people can see everything he does at almost all times. During both the panel and interview, Gibbs also discussed his time as White House Press Secretary. He recalled the job as giving him “a grueling view of what is important” to the country. “I would have to switch from tremendous exhilaration to terrible pessimism in several minutes.” He described the 2010 BP oil spill as his “most challenging moment.” “I never thought we would have been speaking of it several months later; it was remarkable because it was like the oil-drillers shook up a soda can, submerged it one mile under water, and then popped the tab, and we were supposed to know the leakage that was coming out of the tab. It was incredibly difficult to become informed on this subject,” he said of the spill. When asked why he resigned his position as White House Press Secretary, Gibbs blamed “the grueling pace” of the job. “I needed a break, to get a rest,” he admitted.

Too old to trick-or-treat? Mike Doesn’t Think So!

Brian thinks zombies are the best monsters out there, we have to agree. Photo:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is exactly what you think it is, and the Left 4 Dead video game series allows you to play as the survivors and the undead. The Walking Dead is on AMC Sunday nights at 8 p.m. I mean come on, The Beatles have a cover group called the Zombeatles!!! There are organized Flash Mobs centered on being zombies! Whether they are running or walking, screaming “Brains!” or just groaning, infected or undead, the zombies are classic to Halloween and deserve the title of number one. WARNING: If the zombie apocalypse were to occur, go to a Wal-Mart in the South. They have food, entertainment, guns, shovels and bats, everything you need. Oh, and beware, dyslexic zombies eat Brains!! Look online for a zombie survival guide, or go read Tony’s article in Viewpooints (the gun isn’t as good as you think).

You are never too old to get candy! Photo:

By Mike Catania Webmaster

Trick (No pun intended) question…you’re never too old! As I have been getting older and older, more and more people keep questioning me every year, “Why are you still trick-or-treating? Aren’t you a bit too old for that?” My response is, “So you’re too old for candy now?” Who really put a timeline to when you should stop Trick-Or-Treating (TOTing)? Sure, it may not be the coolest thing to you because you may have parties for the “Older Kids”, and the younger kids can go out and get candy. Not to mention they dress up in ridiculous outfits, running house to house ringing doorbells and in turn get delicious treats from strangers. While doing all of this you are with your friends.

You know what? This sounds like a terrible time, and I don’t see how anyone would ever find TOTing fun. So while you are spending your time in a cramped space at some party with people you don’t know, I know as a fact that I will be outside in the fresh air, with people that make me happy, to guarantee me a great time. The whole purpose of Halloween is to go out and have a good time in the spirit of the Spookys. So be sure to dress up as your favorite something and get some goodies. So remember this one thing… There is no age limit to when you should stop TOTing! I would join everyone if it wasn’t for my night class. And just to prove a point, I will TOT anyways during the 15 minute break I get in the class. So get out there and have fun!

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Mens and Womens Soccer Closing in on end of season Dungeons By Shane Kenney and Dragons Sports Contributor for Jocks

The Saint Xavier University men’s and women’s soccer teams were both in action this past week. The men pulled out a 3-2 victory over Olivet Nazarene University on Saturday, Oct. 22 under the lights at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field. The women lost a pair of tough games on Thursday, Oct. 20 and Friday, Oct. 21. Freshman midfielder Luis Medina was outstanding as the men held off the Tigers of Olivet Nazarene, recording a goal and an assist. Senior forward Matt Klancic put the Cougars on the scoreboard in the 18th minute of action with a goal from ten yards out, set up by an assist from Medina. Olivet tied it up 1-1 with a goal off a header shortly following the goal by Klancic, and the score was tied at halftime. The game remained tied well

into the second half of play, until senior midfielder Al Palar put the Cougars up 2-1 with a goal off a free kick from twenty-yards out in the 82nd minute. Medina sealed the deal with a goal less than two minutes later, assisted by senior midfielder Adrian Guzman. Olivet scored a goal with nine seconds left to play, but it was too little too late for the Tigers as the final score read 3-2 in favor of the Cougars. SXU improved its record to 8-8 overall and 6-2 in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference, and will play its final regular season home game on Wednesday, Oct. 26th with a CCAC match-up against Trinity International University. The game is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. The Cougars will also hold a ceremony before the game to honor this years senior class. The women lost a heartbreaker on the road at Robert Morris University back on Thursday, Oct.

20. The Cougars scored first in the 23rd minute when junior forward Elysha Peele took a lead pass from senior midfielder Joanna Janulis for a breakaway goal. Robert Morris scored in the 58th minute to tie the game and scored off a penalty kick with less than six minutes to go, resulting in a 2-1 victory for the Eagles. The following night the women again lost a close game, falling 2-0 to Olivet Nazarene University. The game was scoreless throughout the first half, but Olivet netted a goal just over eight minutes into the second half of play. The Tigers scored again with five minutes left in regulation, sealing the victory. Senior keeper Ashley Shugar had four saves for the Cougars. SXU dropped to 8-8 overall and 4-4 in the CCAC, and will play its final regular season home game on Wednesday, October 26 against

Fantasy football By Tony Gustin Sports Contributor

Ashley Shugar collected four saves against Olivet. Photo: SXU ATHELTICS

Trinity International University. The game will begin at 5 p.m. Prior to this game as well, the Cougars will honor their senior class. Come on out and support your Cougars in these games.

Week 7 wasn’t a week for close games. Before the week started there wasn’t a person in the world that would say the Kansas City Chief’s defense would finish in the top five with six interceptions off of the Raiders, two which were returned for touchdowns. Rookie Demarco Murray will be the main priority in everyone’s waiver wire this upcoming week after breaking Emmit Smith’s team record, rushing for 253-yards and a touchdown. Boom Player: Arian Foster

Cross Country Teams finish in Top-10 for both men and women By Tony Gustin Sports Contributor On Saturday Oct. 22, Saint Xavier’s cross countr y teams participated in the Great Lakes cross country invitational. Beginning with the women’s team, they finished in sixth place out of thirty-three teams that competed in this race. Azusa Pacific was the winner of this race, they were followed by Olivet Nazarene University, Shawnee State, Aquinas and Roberts Wesleyan. For the women’s team Junior Rachel Dean finished in third place, out of 337 runners, in the 5K with a time of 18:08.29. Azusa Pacific’s runners Lauren Jimison and Poppy Lawman were the only two runners to finish ahead of Dean in the 5K. SXU’s next best finish was

Junior Ashley Shares, former star runner at Moraine Valley Community College. Shares finished in 37th place with a time of 19:12.91. Jackie Ott, Jordan Wallace and Elise Prieto all had impressive runs rounding out the top 65 racers. Over on the men’s side, they finished in ninth place out of the thirty teams that competed in this race. Shawnee State won this race, and they were followed by Aquinas, Saint Francis (Illinois), Olivet Nazarene University and Siena Heights, this was the top-five finishers in this race. Brian Corcoran has been the name to watch all season. Corcoran was consistent with an impressive finish of 8th place in the 8k race with a time of 25:17.00. Senior Matt Rychel also had a solid day finishing in 46th place with a

Senior Matt Rychel finished in 46th place. Photo: SXU ATHLETICS

time of 26:09.46. Saint Xavier had three more runners finish in the top-100 in this race. They were Senior Brandon Hummer, Freshman Kyle Counter and Junior Ricky Olmedo. Coming up on Nov. 5, both the men’s and women’s teams will participate in the CCAC meet at Aspen Ridge Golf Course in

Bourbonnais, IL. This race will start at 10:30 a.m. for the women’s team, and the men will begin this match-up at 11 a.m. This will be the final race before the National Championship in Vancouver, Washington on Nov. 19. Both of the cross country teams will be looking for momentum heading into the Nationals.

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(RB) People were skeptical of Foster reaching the height of success he reached last year. Now his name is always brought up when talking about the best running backs in the league. He can hurt you in the receiving game. This week against the Titans, Foster ran for 115-yards and two touchdowns. Add to that 119 receiving yards, 78 of which came from a big catch. For the worriers out there, it looks like that hamstring is holding up just fine. Bust Player: Chris Johnson

(RB) The biggest bust of the season is Chris Johnson. If you forgot, Johnson is the guy that was holding out before the season because he felt that he deserved “Adrian Peterson money.” You cannot still be complaining that you are rusty from missing training camp; it’s time to perform. Running backs do not last long in this league. Is he done? He only had 10 carries for 18 yards and 6 receptions for 27-yards this week against the Texans. Surprise Player: Plaxico Burress

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Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. • Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Located in the north side of the Saint Xavier University Shannon Athletic Center. Enter from 103rd St. near the SXU electronic marquee.


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(WR) Everyone is going to be riding the Tebow train after his comeback win, so I will take a different route. Burress has really been a ghost so far this season. Fantasy “experts” like Matthew Berry had you sending Burress to “dumpsville” before week 7 began and he goes out and scores 3 TD’s. He only had 25-yards but he might be the new redzone guy for Mark Sanchez. Look what Burress did with Eli Manning in New York; he’s capable of sizing up any defender.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Xavierite

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Athlete Spotlight: Phil Riggs

By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor Q: What is your major? A: My major is communications. Right now, I did an internship with a steel company and I’m doing a marketing campaign for a new aluminum product. Either marketing or sales will be what I would like to go into, but I am not sure. Q: What made you get into basketball? A: I played basketball as long as I can remember. It was just one of those things where I was always one of the taller ones. My dad played and he kind of wanted me to play. I went to the same high school as him and he wanted me to play there too. Q: What are your hobbies outside of basketball? A: During the summer I like playing golf and I also like playing Frisbee golf a lot. I am trying to finish up school and get through the season. I have also been seeing so many doctors since my back injury; I do not get that much free time. Q: How do you like playing for Coach O’Malley? A: Coach O’Malley is a good guy. He

knows the game and he has been around the game so long that he knows what he is talking about. I have really enjoyed playing for Coach O’Malley. He has given me a lot and I have tried to give it back to the team and to him as well. Since I have been here I can’t remember him missing a practice. He definitely stands by what he says. Q: What do you think the experience will be like playing at Notre Dame? A: It’s going to be great; we usually get a couple chances a season to play a more notable team. Last year and the year before that, we got the chance to play Chicago State. Going into Notre Dame, being a smaller private University, everyone in the Midwest is a Notre Dame fan and it is really exciting to go in there. Playing against a team that you’ve been a fan of and admired their program for so long, it’s going to be exciting. Hopefully we will have a lot of support from friends and family and people around and go out there and see where we stand with those guys. Q: Which team do you get extra pumped up to play? A: Robert Morris. They always have the best talent in the conference. Those games usually determine a lot. My sophomore year we had to beat them in the conference tournament to get into the National

tournament. They are always in the top of the league so we have to beat them in order to make it. Those games are always meaningful. Q: Being 6’ 6”, what is the tallest person you have gone up against?

A: You see some pretty tall guys, in high school I played a seven footer at Rock Falls. Last year, we played Saint Francis who had a kid who was about 6’9”. Sometimes I try to avoid going down there with the big guys and I try to stay on the outside. Every now and then though, Coach O’Malley will have me go down there and stick it out with them.

The St. Xavier Cougars dominated the Quincy University Hawks on Oct. 15, 2011 at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial field to improve their record to 7-0, and more importantly stay atop the NAIA. Last Saturday, the team looking to hand the Cougars their first loss was the Taylor University Trojans, a team that had previously beaten the Cougars seven times in 13 meetings. The Cougars came out of the gate on offense and immediately put points on the board. Tom Lynch made a 27-yard field goal to give the Cougars an early 3-0 lead. This was only the third opening drive that produced points this season for the Cougars and the first one since Sep. 10, 2011. This field goal would only be the beginning of the scoring frenzy in this game. On their next two offensive drives, the Cougars found the end zone twice, first on a Corey Wennmacher 30-yard touchdown reception from Jimmy Coy and second on a Nick Pesek three-yard run up the middle. Just over five minutes into the game the Cougars took the early 17-0 lead. On the ver y next Trojan possession, Bryan Tyzenhaus and Michael Prosser sacked the Trojan quarterback Nick Freeman and forced a fumble, Pat Appino scooped up the ball and returned it 43-yards to the Taylor four-yard line. The very next Cougar offensive possession also featured Appino. The Cougars handed the ball off to the defensive tackle twice and he powered it into the end zone for yet another Cougar touchdown. After a Jimmy Coy interception set up the Trojans inside the SXU

thirty five yard line, the Trojans finally got on the score board. With less than ninety seconds to go, Jared Perkins caught a three yard touchdown pass from his quarterback Nick Freeman. This would be the last points of the first quarter, and after one the Cougars had a 24-7 lead. 42 seconds into the second quarter of play, Tom Lynch converted on his second field goal of the day. The Trojans went three and out on their first possession of the quarter and found themselves lined up in punt formation. Nick DeBenedetti blocked this punt and gave the Cougars great starting field possession. The Cougars scored three touchdowns on their next three possessions. Jimmy Coy connected with Shane Zackery on three yard and 13-yard touchdown pass. Coy also found Corey Wennmacher

A: I remember my sophomore year when we played Holy Cross at home here and it was my 20 and 20 game. My old man came in for that game and I will always remember that. That game was pretty special to me. The other game was at Loyola at the conference tournament and we were winning and they were trying to make a comeback. There was one play where they turned the ball over and there was probably a minute left and they just had to start fouling us. That is when we realized we were going to be going to the National tournament. Those two games definitely stick out during my time here.

Jimmy Coy. The Cougars’ lead now stretched to 62-20. Chris Stutzman ran a Tom Lynch kickoff back 98-yards back for a touchdown to give the Trojan fans something to cheer about. But after the Trojans second failed extra point of the day the score was 62-26 Cougars. Lynch capped off the third quarter, scoring with 48 and 42yard field goals. The 48-yard field goal was a record breaking kick for Lynch; with this kick Tom Lynch became the leading scorer in SXU history with 322 points. Lynch also converted his ninth extra point on the day in the fourth quarter after a Sean Bryce 49-yard touchdown off of a screen pass from Joe Gill. With four field goals and nine extra points, Lynch not only broke both the schools and MSFA’s previous single-game scoring record for a kicker, but the NAIA’s as well.

Freshman Clayton Fejedelem and senior Tom Lynch were both named MSFA Mideast League Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Week. Photo: SXU ATHLETICS

on a 27-yard touchdown pitch and catch. The Cougars now lead 48-7, but before the end of the first half Taylor added two touchdowns of their own and going into the half the score was 48-20. The Cougars did stop pouring on the offense in the second half. They scored two touchdowns in the third quarter, Nick Pesek had his second rushing touchdown of the day, and Cole Midgett caught a one-yard touchdown pass from

A: We have one the greatest facilities here at Saint Xavier with the Shannon Center. The Robert Morris place at Loyola is always a fun place to play and they always have a lot of fans and they have a big band play as well. Olivet Nazarene is a fun place to play at too; they have a big bowl so all of the sound echoes, and so those are games that we definitely look forward to each year.

Q: What are your most memorable games?

Cougars Take It to the Trojans By Alan Paape Sports Correspondent

Q: Which court do you like playing on the most?

Taylor added a touchdown at the end of the game and when the final horn sounded the Cougars came out victorious 75-33. With the win the Cougars improved to 8-0 and stay atop the NAIA. The Cougars will be on the road next week in Ann Arbor, Michigan to face Concordia University.

Volleyball win streak snapped

Junior Kayla Mullaney tallied nineteen kills against Ambrose. Photo: SXU Athletics

By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor The women’s volleyball team is now 23-4 on the season and just recently had their eight game winning streak snapped. The win streak dated back to Oct. 4, when the Cougars defeated Calumet College of Saint Joseph. The Cougar s had their winning streak stopped by Saint Ambrose University (Iowa) on Friday, Oct. 21. This game was played at the Palos Courts in Palos Heights, IL. The Cougars dropped this game in four sets with the final scores of 17-25, 25-23, 21-25 and 23-25. This was the first loss since Oct. 1, when the Cougars fell to number thirteen ranked Taylor University (Indiana). This was a non-conference game for the Cougars, but this game would be only the fourth loss this season for the women’s volleyball team. The Cougars played excellent defensively combining for 92 digs. The Cougars were led by the

strong play of Kayla Mullaney who tallied nineteen kills and fourteen digs. Kim Scudder and Colleen O’Hara each had nine kills in this contest as well. Jaclyn Major set up the offense nicely with a team-high of 36 assists as well as eleven digs in the game. Christine Bowe was an important piece of the defense in this game with 22 digs. On Oct. 20, the Cougars defeated Ashford University (Iowa) in four sets with the final scores of 27-25, 25-17, 20-25 and 25-9. This was a big win for the Cougars as they had pushed their winning streak to eight games. Kelly Knudsen continued her dominant ways, this game posting seventeen kills to go along with three digs. Colleen O’Hara and Kayla Mullaney were behind Knudsen, with thirteen and eleven kills respectively in this contest. Senior Ashley August had twenty-two assists to go along with nine digs, and senior Jaclyn Major added nineteen assists with her four kills. The Cougars also dominated in the kill category with 57 kills in this game, and Ashford University managed 37 kills against the Cougars. The Cougars are closing in on the playoffs as they only have five games left in the regular season. This team has been dominant all season, and with only four losses, they will look to continue defeating opponents heading into the playoffs in a few weeks. The next match-up for the Cougars will be on Thursday Oct. 28, when they take part in the McKendree University Tournament. They will play two games this day, starting with Iowa Wesleyan University at 2 p.m. and Mount Mercy University at 6 p.m.


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The Xavierite

Coach O’Malley Gets His Sixth Call To The Hall Men’s basketball head coach Tom O’Malley gets inducted into his sixth Hall of Fame

By Greg Pilafas Senior Sports Editor The Saint Xavier men’s basketball head coach Tom O’Malley has been coaching for the past forty-six years and is now headed into his forty-seventh year. Coach O’Malley has very impressive accolades over that time and has coached four different teams during his head coaching tenure including: Leo High School, Reavis High School, Evergreen Park High School and Saint Xavier University. When Mr. O’Malley first got into the game of basketball, it was not his overall goal to become a head coach. “Actually it wasn’t really. In fact, one of my high school teacher’s brother had met with me the year before I graduated and I was prepared to go take a job at Carson Pirie Scott as a manager.” “He convinced me that it would be better if I started teaching and coaching at Leo High School instead,” said O’Malley. Beginning with Leo High School, Coach O’Malley joined the basketball team and was named the captain of the team in a very short time. This was where Coach O’Malley got his first head coaching position. Tom went onto college at Loras College in Iowa where he received his degree in economics. He later traveled to Loyola University where he received his master’s degree in education and administration. Tom was named the head coach of the Leo High School Lions basketball team back in the 1960’s. He also added teaching to his resume when he taught economics, Spanish and history at Leo High School. Tom went on to Reavis and Evergreen Park High Schools where he earned 474 wins during his thirty-two seasons at three different high schools. He has 815 wins total in his storied career throughout the four schools that he has coached at. His tenure with Saint Xavier began back in 1997 and he will

now be entering his fifteenth season as the Cougars head coach. As the head coach of the men’s basketball team, Coach O’Malley has 341 wins in his fourteen seasons with Saint Xavier. He has led the Cougars to twelve twenty-win seasons, which included three thirty-win seasons in that time. He has also been named Coach of the Year a staggering twenty-four times throughout his illustrious high school career. Coach O’Malley has entered into six different Hall of Fames in his head coaching tenure so far. He is in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) Hall of Fame, the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Hall of Fame, the Leo High School Hall of Fame, the Chicago Catholic League Hall of Fame, the Chicago 16-inch softball Hall of Fame, and most recently, the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame. This year’s Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame class included great names such as: Barry Sanders, Bobby Hull, Jim Calhoun, Glenn “Doc” Rivers and Pierre Pilote. There were twenty people inducted into the Hall of Fame back on September 21, and all of them have had remark able career accomplishments. When asked about his feelings when he heard the news on being inducted into the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame, Coach O’Malley stated, “Well I felt just like I still do. It’s a great accomplishment over a number of years, but I don’t think of it as a personal accomplishment. There are so many great young people that I had to deal with in that period of time who are co-conspirators and they are people, as well as I, able to receive that award.” “I am a believer in faith, family and friends and I believe that through the course of those years I have been able to develop a lot of great friendships, which are even more important sometimes in the wins.” Coach O’Malley has been such an important person here at Saint Xavier and has taught life lessons to so many different people; he has also created many

Coach O’Malley getting his players set up for a great play. Photo: SXU Athletics

Coach O’Malley receives his Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame Plaque. Photo: SXU Athletics

Coach O’Malley is surrounded by trophies and awards. Photo: The Xavierite

memories along the way. “Here at Saint Xavier, it has just been one highlight after another with three 30-win seasons. I look back at the first recruits I had and the coaches we have now who have been such important people in my time as head coach.” “It has just been a culmination of great people and I don’t think of myself as a genius as far as X’s and O’s. I think I learn from other people and that is what we are all about. We are all about learning,” said O’Malley. Outside of coaching though, Coach O’Malley always keeps himself busy with various hobbies that he has. “Well my wife would probably say golf is my favorite hobby, golf is something that I like because it relaxes me.” “It is competitive, but yet it is relaxing too. I have always been competitive in sports, I played 16inch softball until I was 60 years

old, I played basketball until I was 58 years old. I spent a lot of years playing these sports and it’s not only an exercise but it is also a relaxer.” “Sports also takes away some of the pressures of other things as well,” said O’Malley. Coach O’Malley will be entering into his forty-seventh year as a head coach and over his span as a head coach; he has never once missed a practice or a game. That is the kind of responsibility he is trying to pass on to his players as well as his three children and his thirteen grand-children. For this upcoming season, the Cougars will be looking to build on their success from last season. They were eliminated in the CCAC Semi-finals last year. This year Coach O’Malley envisions a great season coming for the Cougars. “I feel very good about this season, we have seven people

returning and we also added some really good young people that I think will make us a very well knit organization.” I’m concerned with defense, I thought last year that our defense had not been as good as it has been in previous years. We are working very hard at becoming a better defensive team, and I felt we lacked a bit in the shooting area last year.” “Our three-point shooting in particular was not as good as it has been in the past. Overall as a team we need to improve our statistics, to play better defensively and to shoot the ball better,” said O’Malley. Coach O’Malley will continue on his head coaching journey for many years to come. He may have to make some room for more hardware in his office though.

October 26th, 2011  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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